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incest story's? preferably with pics.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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incest story's? preferably with pics.
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my cousin sent me nudes
post nudes then
bumping for hot pics and stories. Willing to fap to your family members on kik
i'm tired goodnight hope u find someone else with nudes of there sister or cousin
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mutual oral sex with my cousin. was hot as fuck.
>those lips on my cock

she is beautiful. congratulations anon. no sex?
nah, none of it happened.
what he meant to say is "Im a fucking faggot who is lying to seem cool"
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fuck off

nah no sex, was gonna go for it, but she stopped me after she came from oral
>be me
>hot sister
>do sex with her
>shit was cash
anyone still here?
Got blown by my cousin as well
i sometimes take pics of my sis getting outa the shower under the door
please post everything you have
Oh, mhm. Sure ya did. Yeah I'm totally buyin' that.
Let's fap
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Definitely want more of these
green text attempt sry
>11 years old and sexualy curious
>sneak into my older brother's room to see a penis or the first time watched porn already and attempt a really amature blowjob while he sleeps accidental bite and wake him
>be me, 12
>discovered the joys of masturbation
>feels good
>develope strong interest in girls
>the pretty ones obviously
>don't have any strong morals and think mostly about rubbing my dick
>hot girls at school used hang out near the toilets as it was reasonablely private area
>used to watch them from the toilets as I masturbated
>they knew I was there but didn't know what I was doing
>would come out sometimes and rub my jizz on them
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pics or it didnt happen
My patience has been rewarded.
>posts clothed pic
post vids?
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i know yall dont like hentai but i find this so hot
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i am so sad
>Be me 13, furiously wanking when 7 yo sister walks in
>I duck down and hide
>"Show me what you were doing or I'll tell mum"
>I stood and wanked in front of her and she laughed when I shot my cum on the floor
>Started repeating, sister coming in and asking to watch me wank
>I got turned on with her watching
>Soon she kneels between my legs and says she wants to try
>Sis holds my cock and I show her how to wank me
>Just fantacising aloud I say "take it in your mouth and suck it"
>Sis opens her mouth and takes couple of inches of my cock in and starts sucking
>I push her head up and down on my cock as she sucks and wanks me
>Going to cum, tell her it's good for her and to swallow it
>Cock explodes with cum in sisters mouth and she swallows it.
>Feels amazing
>"Can we do it again? I like feeling your cock when you cum"
>Sis begins blowing me a couple of times a week, but soon almost every day
>Says she loves feeling my cock spasm in her mouth as I cum
>Carried on for 5 years, sis sucked my cock and I came in her mouth whenever she wanted
fake and gay
Just because you didn't experience your fantacies doesn't mean nobody else did. And how is my sister sucking my cock gay? Granted she turned into a cumslut but she loved sucking my cock and I loved cumming in her mouth.

ur such a fucking looser
have pics of her now?
Fake? May or may not be.
Gay? WTF?
>>"Can we do it again? I like feeling your cock when you cum"


know when to pull back. you fags always go too far in these things.
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I'm done
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fake and gay.
>be me
>no sisters, no femcousins
>oversized fat kissless virgin basementdweller
>almost as fat as my mom
>almost as ugly as my aunts
>have a porn calendar in my room, mom doesn't complain
>envy college guys who at least CAN TALK to a woman
>watch all those incest threads
>start posting fake stories about barely reasonable incests
>fags appreciate and fap to my fake stories
>add cropped porn images and claim it's OC
>fags ask MOAR and MOAR
>end college still kissless virgin
>got a job
>accept coffee from female coworker
>tell her I own house, car, and even a small cottage
>suddely she's interested in me
>fast forward one year, got on first base
>marry her, still virgin
>a few weeks later she's pregnant (OMG I DID IT!! my PENIS actually WORKS!!) and quits job
>and I'm still here creating shittier and shittier fake incest stories, as if my pleasure was someone discovering my ginormous faggotry
>will continue until wife eventually finds out what I'm doing in incognito mode

clearly underaged -- - MODS !!
>will continue until wife eventually finds out what I'm doing in incognito mode

Lost my shit here.

Learn to pluralize properly.

When I was 8 I walked in on my aunt giving my uncle w blowjob. Instead of telling me to leave she brought me over and taught me about male anatomy and how to make my uncle "feel good". This was the start of many years of the two of them having sex with me in various ways. My mom refuses to believe it happened and I'm not welcome at family events.

kek. WE refuse to believe that happened.

File: apuron5.jpg (602KB, 670x911px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know at least two people in my town that suddenly started to talk about similar shit, mostly coming from their braindamaged fantasies.

A 7 year old kid exposed to a single porn pic may immediately snap and start talking shit like that, possibly adding details and continuing to pretend it's true even decades later.

Here there have been people falsely accused of pedo crimes, which were eventually cleared many years after they committed suicide while in jail.

And there were also actual pedo crimes (mostly incest) which only came out 30 or 40 years later.
I sucked my brother off a few times when we were younger (me 14 him 17)

Also jacked off onto my sister after rubbing and licking her feet.
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If you didn't fuck her what's the point?

bumping with worthless encounter
>be me
>sleeping on the couch at her house (my uncle's, per se) after family get-together
>for some reason she's still sitting at the end of the couch, by my feet
>always wanted to fuck her, shamelessly and relentlessly
>decide to test the waters
>pretend to stir in my sleep, placing my legs on her juicy thighs and "go back to sleep"
>feel heat on my calves coming from you-know-what
>she starts to trace her fingers along my legs
>can tell she wants
>try to make it seem like her touching me started to wake me up, roll over (concealing the dragon)
>she panics and jumps up, fucking off to her room
>dat blue balls
>dat moment
>tfw i know she considered something
One day, anons. One day. Pic related.
My brother made me suck his cock when I was 9 and he was 15. He told a few of his friends and I'd have to suck their cocks too. I was his little brother, but also his cumdumpster.
Eat shit
>I was his little brother, but also his cumdumpster.

seriously. stop with the homosexual fantasies.
Worried you'll be forced out of the closet? Faggotron
>everyone overlooking these sweet trips
holy shit end yourself
anyone got full green text stories?
>Eat shit

You forgot a full stop there, buddy.
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my little sister drives me insane

real incest anon here. anybody who has had incest with sister would never post their face here.
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fuk moar of her
>before facebook years.
>not usa.
>been making love with sister for like one year.
>i have really pretty gf.(19)
>but prefer making love to sister.
>one day pretty gf wants sex.
>undoes my belt/pants.
>we're kissing.
>i dont tell her to go down on me.
>but she does.
>she stops before she sucks my dick
>asks me: "why does your dick smell like that"?
>i tell her i masturbated.
>but she made a face and eyes like she didnt believe me.
>awkward moment.
>doesnt suck my dick.
>we keep kissing.
>nervous. ask her to suck dick to play it off.
>says not in mood no more.
>eventually leaves me.
>didnt care a lot.
>friend was dating my younger sister and had talked her into a threesomes or moresome
>she agreed too it he tells me , but she doesnt want to know the guys and will wear a sleepmask
>figure why not and tell him i want in, he was like okay!
>at his place few days later i come over and sitting on the couch is my naked sister with another guy already sucking him
>i am rock hard and take a seat next to her and she starts to stroke me
> she was like ohh nice and started sucking me while other guy got behind her and fucked her
>i didnt last long seeing my little sis suck my dick and holding her head, she swallowed, but continued to suck
>once hard was getting behind her and pushing my dick into her, jesus she was tight, but felt so good too
>we all fucked her that night
wanna talk on kik?
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Me and my cousin used to blow eachother every weekend when he would stay over. We licked eachothers asses too. Only gay experience I've had and still gets me hard today. Haven't talked to him in a while but I kind of want to hit him up

i dont have kik. sorry.

Oldfag here, I'll try to keep it as short as possible but this is my situation right now

>girlfriend died from leukemia when daughter was just 9 years old
>never found another partner, me and my daughter grew much closer
>fast forward to when daughter is 15
>both sitting on sofa watching Gone Girl
>there's a sex scene, I'm feeling really awkward
>daughter just straight up asks me if we can have sex so she can lose her virginity with me
>wtf, I say no that's something she should do with a boy her own age when she's ready
>tells me she's not interested in boys, she loves me and thinks I should be the one
>tell her it's wrong to think like that
>a few days later I wake up and she's in my bed with me naked
>"honey what are you doing"
>"you know what", she even brought some fucking condoms with her
>despite everything I already have rock solid boner
>she pulls the sheet back and says "see, you want to"
>I am totally overcome with the sheer eroticism of what is happening
>brain is all over the place, I know it's wrong but in that moment I'm thinking with my dick now
>literally speechless, i don't know what to say
>tell her if we do anything nobody can ever know, she agrees and says it'll be our secret
>she puts the condom on me and straddles me
>the tip of my dick is in, she pauses
>oh shit she's gonna freak and I'm going to have to do major damage control
>ask if she's ok
>she says yes but asks if she can lie down with me on top
>she wraps her legs around my waist and I'm balls deep in my daughter, cannot believe this is happening
>she lets out a fucking amazing moan, the sound of it almost makes me cum buckets already
>eventually we both orgasm
>fast forward to now, she is 18
>she is now sleeping in my bed, when we're at home alone we basically act like a couple
>have sex several times a week
>she is blissfully happy, doesn't want a boyfriend even though I tell her she should have a normal relationship with someone
>nobody will ever know
>girlfriend died

fake. there is millions of stories that start like that.

again, anyone who experiences real incest knows right away when stories are lies.

good try anon.
fine why not
>be 20
>sister 15 at the time getting all her bumps in the right places
>she comes home from school after having a sex ed lesson last
>says she stole a condom from the classroom and shows it to me
>says she wants to lose her "virginy"
>laugh my ass off and tell her to get the fuck out of there with that shit
>she says fine come and get some if you want it
>realise free sex is on offer here
>go to her room she is wearing thigh high white socks
>tl;dr pop her cherry and fuck her everyday since then til she was like 19 and i moved away
virgin detected
What you think is immaterial. If my situation is similar to someone else's I can't help that. But if you think about it, in how many other circumstances would something like this happen? If her mother was still around I can't imagine this would have ever happened.
no 15 year old is that dumb.
same old boring story on each thread
Proof. You don't have it.
why is that girl posted on 4chan a lot??
so fucking fake
pffft i know its real like i care what you think
then prove it or say more
seriously, if not fake, your family was without a doubt religious or overly sheltered.
>Be 8 or 9 years old, maybe younger
>At grandmother's house - Aunt and cousins visiting for the weekend
>Older cousin (13 or 14) sitting in the house with me while everyone else is outside
>"Let's get married" she says
>She walks me through a wedding ceremony and kisses me at the end
>My dick not only gets hard immediately, but it begins to tingle - greatest feeling ever
>As we're kissing, she presses her hips against my dick and giggles
>Door of the house opens - her mom walks in, but we jump apart before she sees
>When her mom leaves, she tells me that it's honeymoon time
>We lay on the couch beside each other - me with her arm around her - while she grinds against me
>Aunt comes back in - we separate.
>A couple of minutes later, my mom walks in and tells me that we have to go
>Cousin pretends nothing ever happened, and we never pick up on it all again.
shes 20 lmao
we were very sheltered yes. and why the fuck would i take pics of something that could get me in shit.
you sir are a true dumbass
>we were very sheltered yes

fake. its all fake.
i never asked for pics retard. you're lying anyway

>Be a couple of years older
>Visiting my other set of cousins
>A girl and a boy.
>Boy is a year younger than me, girl is in middle school - I'm in 4th or 5th grade.
>We watch Shrek (it had just come out on VHS)
>Afterwards, the girl strips in front of us and flashes us a couple of times
>Family comes in - tells me it's time to go to sleep in the boy's room.
>Girl tells me to come to her room later that night - unless I'm too scared.
>Laying in bed next to this boy
>He whispers "If you play with my weiner, I'll play with yours"
>WTF pretends to be asleep
>A couple of minutes later, he reaches in my underwear and starts stroking my dick
>Plays with my balls - honestly feels good
>Circles fingers around my ass
>Dick is hard but confused
>Just pretend to be asleep and imagine his sister stroking me
>Fall asleep
>Next morning, girl is upset because I didn't come to her room.
>The boy grew up to be super homophobic
>Never talked about it - but it happened a couple of more times.
>be 32
>have ex wife and daughter, no custody, live in another city
>daughter is 6, lived with mom whole life
>separated while preggo
>ex is pretty crazy
>ex is caught drunk driving (again), jail time
>try to dump daughter on ex's parents
>"no way jose"
>suddenly i'm a parent with a studio apartment
>fast forward 5 years
>normal kid, nothing remarkable except the occasional accidental catching each other naked while changing, shower etc. (still in the same studio)
>one night watching a movie, cuddling
>notice daughters kinda loose pink boyshorts riding up
>start thinking about the most random things: rugby, sweaty men, cow smell, dirty toilets
>daughter adjusts and bumps it with her knee
>daughter noticed, looked up at me
>nobody ever was so laser focused on finding nemo like me
>no further reaction, continued watching
>ff 3 months, winter
>under blanket watching shrek
>same position, daughters knee ends up on my crotch
>not again
>of course boioioing happens, she notices
>looks up, i'm locked on my target
>her gaze burns me
>can't resist, look at her
>"daddy, do you think i'm pretty?"
>"of course honey"
>"is that why you have a boner"
>do a spit take
>milk shoots out of my nose
>I wasn't drinking milk
>"erm, ugh... ummm..." so eloquent
>"i heard that when a guy loves a girl, he gets a boner"
>amused, regain composure, as fatherly as i can: "no where did you hear that?"
>"i heard it... is that how i know a boy likes me?"
>more amused and somewhat relieved
>"that's not the only way, there are many other ways to tell. sweetie, do you like a boy?" mental note to buy a weapon
>shy "yes"
>"what's his name?" i mentally recall all her classmates
> won't tell, some prying
> even more shy "you" looks up
>"aww, every girl loves her daddy and every daddy loves his daughters"
>places hand on my boner over sweats "and that's why you have a boner"
>this is awkward i'm getting hard and throbbing
>shock strategy
>"do you know why guys get boners?"

m. night shamalamadingdong twist in that one.
not sure if real but fuck it, MORE
Kill yourself

because the same pedo keps returning here even after multiple bans
File: neil.gif (1MB, 374x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 374x352px
>"daddy, do you think i'm pretty?"
>"of course honey"
>"is that why you have a boner"


someone should explain why every fuckin' pedopic is always "19 rofl" or "20 lmao"
she has tits and is clearly old as fuck

fuck off
File: kek kerekek.jpg (23KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kek kerekek.jpg
23KB, 480x360px
>>nobody ever was so laser focused on finding nemo like me

this is the only good line of this entire faggothread

>implying that "underaged" means "no tits"
you're the one that said "pedopic"
pedo = prepubescent = no tits
Aren't 70% of marriages in Pakistan to first cousins? Something like that, google it. Hence high rate of birth defects.
File: .png (14KB, 192x97px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 192x97px
fuck off idiot do you even what a samefag is?
cry more. please. the tears help with the lubrication.
if you say so =) i care not
who the fuck cares about fake or not unless if its a good greentext, if you believe theres a real stories in this board then you suffer from severe autism or new faggot

few of them are real, its him> >>721110848
How the fuck do you have a whole shower under your door O_O
>got you, shock and awe
>"do you know what sex is?"
>now i got you
>"let's finish the movie and go to bed, we can talk in the morning"
>whew, bought some time
>next morning
>battle plan ready, get ready for some medical facts
>of course she brings it up, not even done with her cereal, fine
>start awkwardly, then start with "when mommy and daddy..."
>mom's outta jail and went silent, convo steers that way
>making excuses for shitty ex while trying not to tell her the truth
>"when mommy and daddy hook up a few times while drunk over the years and one of those hook ups leads to a pregnancy, daddy asks mom to marry him because he's a beta"
>don't tell her that
>"did you love mommy?
>"i did back then, yes" syke, fuck no
>"did mommy give you a boner?"
>awkwardly forced amused "haha yes"
>"did you and mommy have sex?"
>"of course, that's why you're here"
>back to cereal, i won
> few days pass, still winter break. having a kid triple sucks when they're out of school
>movie that evening
>same position, like she did it on purpose, knee bump while cuddling, then casually places her hand in that vicinity
>gently grab her hand and put it on my chest
>again not looking up
>coy little smile, she's so cute when playing nonchalant, i'm at a loss
>suddenly "can I see your boner?" out of nowhere
>more milk out of my nose
>no hesitation, no shyness, she's not watching the movie, she's scheming. wish she was a kid not a girl for a little longer
>"you like me, i give you boners, can i see it" now logic?
>it's may i, you little motherfucker
>"sweetie..." rub the bridge of my nose trying to proceed without damaging her
>"i already saw you in the shower" she blurts out, like that makes it ok
>"i saw you holding your boner"
>great, the little peeping tom saw me masturbate
>this is not going away
>if you believe theres a real stories in this board then you suffer from severe autism or new faggot

mine is. so i know at least one is true.
File: 1471587200665.png (1MB, 5280x3424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 5280x3424px
Had a dream last night that I made my sister strip naked for me and drink her own piss. Dreams are weird.
Post moar. Also, let's see a pic of your sis.
>older sister
File: 1471591640545.png (332KB, 1338x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332KB, 1338x1600px
File: naked-chubby-girl.jpg (64KB, 708x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 708x341px

<-- my sister while undressed
File: 1472635200101.png (816KB, 1280x6316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
816KB, 1280x6316px
Shit taste anon
i am done trolling for today. see yo tomorrow anons.
File: 147159234093811.png (2MB, 1728x1329px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1728x1329px
and your contribution is...?
>she's now kneeling next to me staring at me
>don't know what else to do, did,'t want to come down on her or fight
>heh that's how me and her drunk mom hooked up
>"you want to see it, fine, just like every other guy's"
>while laying on the couch, pull down sweats to reveal my half lazy chubby
>"it's smaller than..."
>"than what?!?" who am i talking to here, my ex?
>"umm.." realizes that she just confessed "guys on the internet"
>"well it gets bigger and harder... wait are you watching porn?"
>i'm scolding my daughter with my schlong out
>"i was curious"
>"those websites are for adults"
>mental note, get a book on how to childproof a laptop
>dick still out
>"can i touch it?" she's seen too much
>why am i considering letting my 11old daughter touch my penis?
>oh that's right, haven't touched a woman in literally 3 years
>she bends over and reaches for it reaches
>wtf my first instinct is to look at her as as she bends over
>too late, how does she know to stroke it?
>that's right, shower
>i'm hard now
>"ok, that's enough..."
>she pulls away
>"off to bed"
>"it's 8pm?"
>shit this probably happened in minutes not hours as it felt
>i turn the movie off "i guess you can watch some tv and then to bed" as i fake went to the bathroom to jack off

I still don't know why so many FAGGOTS love to write neverending "cont?cont?cont?" fake stories on their shitty iphones here.

Some advice for you:

> be brief: no more than two dozen lines

> be coherent: no shitloads of useless details

> be interesting: no unreasonable claims, no ramblings, no fagspeech

> don't beg for feedback

> separate important paragraphs with a blank line

> proofread before sending: loudly say "I don't give a shit" every line

> proofread before sending: loudly say "cool story bro" every line

> proofread before sending; don't awake grammarnazis

> always add some "pic related", many bonus points for OC

> final check: does your story comply with the 5W rule? "who, where, when, what, why?"
don't read it then, i'm just trying to establish the fact i'm the victim of an 11 yo sexual predator
>11 yo sexual
you're the type of retard who yells for mods in loli threads
you're the type of retard who yells for sauce in dick/trap/gay threads
yea just ignore this autistic faggot. youre writing a story on 4chan, not trying to win a pulitzer. keep going anon. i wantvto hear the rest of your story.
fucking retard
>weekends are hell
>the next morning decide we need to get out of the house (studio apartment with no extra rooms to hide)
>cold as shit, don't care
>spend a few hours walking around, shopping
get home, i start some culinary masterpiece for dinner
>she has a vagina, why am i cooking
>eat dinner, she suggests a move
>little predator
>i play along
>20 min in her skinny, pale, hairless leg assumes position
>"are you doing this on purpose?"
>innocently "what?"
>"are you trying to give me boners?"
>she doesn't pick up on my annoyed tone
>smile like she discovered something awesome "yes"
>"can i hold it again?"
>"why?" let's see your logic
>"i liked it and thought you liked it" she suddenly looked like a kid who was just told not to helicopter cats by their tails
>"no, i did.... i mean, guy's like their penises touched and..."
>"kissed? that's what you said yesterday right?"
>"well... it's usually adults who do this"
>"I can do it too"
>weird shit is running through my head. been on /b 6 (then) years, seen it all, but this never occurred to me. haven't seen a naked woman in 5 and touched one in 3 years
>"ok let's see" passing point of no return...

tldr: got a custody of 6yo daughter, she sucked me off at 11 and had sex at 14, she's 15 now, no indication of this back lashing on me, trying suggest local college after high school so she doesn't move away

hope that was brief enough
got sick of typing, gotta take her to school
bullshit, nothing of that ever happened
of course not. all the stories told on 4 chan are a work of fiction. no minors were hurt in typing of this hypothetical rambling. no local, state or federal laws were broken
Columfag here

give me a second guys and I'll stink up this thread with my shitty greentexts. But first let me pretend to be an admiring fan begging for more stories. Let the samefagging begin!

also, had sex with my sister.
ay anons how can i go around fucking my step sister

there are three and half billions women on the earth, but you can only fantasize about your sister because faggotry.
>In that vicinity

Matt Mercer stop writing incest on /b/
shes my step sister and because shes a 10/10 anon
>be 10
>In my room playing with action figures naked
>Am weird kid
>Female cousin comes over
>She picks me up and throws me onto my bed
>get crushed literally to death by giant fat black ass
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