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New thread for faggotry.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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New thread for faggotry.
well hello satan
Read a couple chapters, see how you feel about it first.
Well, after meeting up with people in person there's not much left to do
Wait what. The other thread died and this one didn't?

ey boss

I'll check it out. There was an IRL meetup with those yucks?
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Fucking Delicious.jpg
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Probably a different set of yucks than the ones you know, but yeah.
We've gone to Anime Expo three years in a row now.
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Hmm maybe. I dropped out from avatarfagging years ago. Like 4 or 5 I think.

I know of a Grape.
I mostly jerked with Darwin, Soto, Bern.
That whole group of undesirables.
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Yup, same group. Holy shit those names bring me back. Fucking Darwin.

I can't for the life of me remember who I avatar'd as.. I had a few as well.
I had a couple, but like I said.
They're all at that fancy new chan or whatever, but i've either outgrown it or have become irrelevant.
>Probably both.
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I'm definitely the second one. Never liked the new chan, even if this one is confirmed honeypot.

I guess I haven't really outgrown it because I have a folder called avatars so ehhhhhhhhhhhh
All i've got left are these shitty eyeless edits.
I'll pop in every now and then hoping there's some sort of crazy shenanigans going on.
But it's basically boiled down to pseudo-flirting and crying about video game rankings.
Isn't that what it was before? Bern trying to get into Darwin's ass?

I wouldn't even know where to look, but I bet they made there own board or something. Doubt it would be hard.
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I've seen some shit.png
563KB, 2000x2178px
And yes, it's more like musical chairs at this point though

I can't talk too much shit though, I was involved in that as well.
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Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick meme bro
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I honestly don't remember what we did. Drug use over the last 4 years has really fucked my memory. I know I was dealing in the city when I was posting there. Told them a few stories about that. Then I probably just cried and jerked it to furries.

Best avatar.
Half the time I was just dumping Junji Ito comics, the other half I was scoping out the boi pussy.
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Sounds about right. Fuck them for making me realize I was gay though. Took a few more years of denial but they totally helped.
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My Face When.png
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I don't even dwell on it to be honest.

It just gives me more shit to fap to. All in all it was a pretty good experience.
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It wasn't bad. They were cool chaps and always had something neat to talk about if they weren't drooling over cock.
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I see your point.png
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Know if Clint is still around causing trouble?
Or is he just gone for good this time around?
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I'm not sure. I remember they had a thread here about a month ago methinks but I don't remember him being there. I don't remember anyone who was there to be honest.

Why not hop over to hotwheel's domain and ask them? Don't they bite unless ya want them to.
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Astonishing theory.jpg
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I just don't remember any of those nerds ever making the jump, i'm sure most everyone is asleep this time of night anyway.
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I would say that's a safe bet. I'm only up because I slept 15 hours and woke up at 2am. My sleep schedule is so fucked.
I know the struggle.
I've been working on waking up earlier which is easy enough.
It's just the going to bed thing doesn't pan out all the well for me.
File: lmao.gif (95KB, 200x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah once I'm up I'm up. Coffee or amphets take care of that. But when it's 2 then 3 then 4am I just feel beaten.
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