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lets get a green text/store thread going about when you have

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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lets get a green text/store thread going about when you have found passed out or drunk girls at party's.
I got raped once by a fat chick
She gave me a hand job on some girl's couch while we made out
good times
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>at a party
>found a passed out 17 year old girl in bed
>we knew her boyfriends brother
>called him
>her boyfriend came and drove her home
>she probably fell a sleep nice and safe at his home
>the end
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Props anon, seriously disgusted by the amount of sexual assaults on passed out girls. We are all human beings and it's about time we started acting like it.
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>Implying b goes to parties lol
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Tits or gtfo
vola r/9yvvcfnw
Bumping for interest
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Rather than tell a story I'll show pictures
I have one that kinda breaks the stereotype of weak women calling rape, actually. Here goes:

>be me
>at a party about 3 years ago, when I was 19
>lots of people here, lots of amazing asses to choose from
>get good and drunk as the night progresses
>still kinda drifting between girls, unable to decide which one I should invest in for this evening
>head toward the bathroom for mandatory self-realization piss
>lights are on, door is unlocked
>find a friend (who is a girl) out there, taking a piss
>"Oh hey! Didn't realize you were here, I'll just be going"
>she asks me to stay and shut the door
>I stay and we talk about random shit, having a surprisingly good time
>stay there for a really long time, just drinking and the two of us talking
>motherfucking chill/10
>she gets progressively more drunk
>ends up asking me to put her to bed

To be continued
seeing this my tongue painfully hard right now
At my wedding one of my wife's sisters got too drunk and passed out. Everybody just kind of ignored her sleeping on the lawn for a while then her dad took her indide and I think he fucked her.
Did she get too drunk to remember that you two had sex and then didn't cry rape because she owned up to her actions?
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Thanks for make the world a better place to live.
Can.someone keep.postig fucko ng pics omfg fuck ogf post moar
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>got a handjob once but she was fat and I regret it so it was rape by the modern definition
Everything checks out, here. Move along.
more pics like this?
Check motherless
All kinds of things are there
>rape isn't a human act
>rape: a concept conceptualized so that humans can classify one form of an act performed by humans (all sexually reproductive life) isn't a human act
Words mean nothing in the year 2017.
This never actually happened but...

>Took party bus into NYC for the night with 20+ friends
>All of us drinking on the way down, having a good time
>Get to club and one of my hot friends says she took a xanax and is too trashed
>We go into the club and she passes out immediately on my shoulder
>Trashed girls cousin, Ashley, who is my fuckbuddy at the time, says I should take the trashed girl to the bus, so I do
>Nobody on the bus just me and her
>She keeps groping me and feeling me all over, we're kissing a bit but I'm just trying to keep her from puking
>Eventually she pulls up her dress and opens her legs on the bus seats
>Beautiful vagina, nicely shaved landing strip and looks super tight
>Dripping wet
>Start to plow
>5 minutes in she cums and squirts a little bit, gets my shirt soaking wet
>"KEEP GOING" she is yelling at me angrily "I WANT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME"
>I keep fucking and get real close to her, hugging/squeezing her while I slam
>Say that I'm ready to cum, ask where and she doesn't say anything
>I assume I can cum inside of her
>Fill her up, my body is shaking, regret passes over me as I contemplate what I've just done
>I get up off of her and pull out my dick
>Wake her up immediately and she asks where we are
>Tell her what happened, tell her she wanted me to fuck her and that we had sex
>She's totally cool with it, still wasted, but says it was hot and that she remembers
>Asks where the condom is and I say I threw it out
>30 minutes later everyone gets back on the bus, including Ashley my fwb and this trashed girls "date" for the night
>We go home and the next day all 4 of us are hanging out

to be continued..
Part 2:

>I jokingly tell her I could pick her up and carry her to safety
>no intention, at the time, of actually getting with her
>she giggles and says yes
>I do a heroic douchebag voice and pick her up, then storm toward the guest room
>I put her there, she can barely speak, just laughs drunkenly
>she asks me to stay with her as I'm about to leave
>I spoon with her for a while, entirely unable to read into whether she would actually want this to happen or not, if she had been sober
>we lay there for a while, in silence
>finally decide fuckit.jpg
>I grab her left boob and begin kissing her neck
>she isn't resisting, spiff af
>I pull down her pants, finger her pussy until it's nice and wet
>I put her on her belly, asks her if she's ready to tuzzle with the muscle
>no answer
>I realize that she's passed out
>fucking fuck fuck fuck
>I've come to far not to go through with this
>I insert my massive HIndenburgh
>I keep plowing her, condomless, and cum hard in her
>we go back to sleep, with me hoping she won't be able to remember jack shit, and somehow not realize that she had her glove box filled with my man juice (I was really fucking drunk as well)

To be continued
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Not sure this totally qualifies, but it's close.

>Be me, married for 10 years
>Close friends, married for about the same
>Both of us have good looking wives
>We started showing each other pics of our wives, nude, topless, passed out naked after drinking and then fucking, etc.
>Start to joke about swapping wives some time
>Always a joke, as no way we'd take chance of them blowing up at us about it
>Couple weeks back, decide to go out of town together for a weekend, get a two room house on Airbnb
>Over drinks, decide that when the wives pass out after sex, we'll go into each other's rooms, and get 10 minutes to look first hand, fondle, touch, etc.
>Head to bed, bang my wife, cum on her back, clean up, read on my phone until she falls asleep.
>Get text from buddy, his wife is passed out too
>Say, okay, in 5 minutes we swap rooms
>At appointed time, we pass each other in the hall, both of us have lights on in our rooms. My wife was only covered from waist down, asleep on bed, huge boobs uncovered
>I get into his room, his wife is spread eagled, totally passed out, fully nude
>Grab her boobs, smaller than my wife's but perky
>Check out her shaved pussy, nice, still wet
>Kind of roll her over, check out her ass. Nice tight asshole
>Roll her back, touch pussy again, start to finger it
>Bend down closer to get a close look, decide to take a quick lick.
>Tastes good, start licking more
>Then taste cum, decide not to do more, he creampied her
>Take some photos, see my time is come to an end
>Head back to my room, pass buddy in the hall, we high five each other

Pic related, one of the pussy pics I showed him
File: 5684-carlton-jesus.png (229KB, 500x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Next morning:
>I wake up before her
>thank motherfucking Christ on a pogo stick
>grab whatever leftover bottles I can fetch and split on the double
>I'm nearly running to the bus stop, my regret increasing for every step I take
>I finally arrive at my apartment and get some proper rest
>I wake up to my phone ringing
>it's her
>she is definitely gonna sue
>I pick up the phone
>"Anon, I'm gonna be straight with you: Did you fuck me while I was passed out last night?"
>still hungover, not even close to having enough physical or mental resources to lie about it
>"Yeah. Hope you don't mind."
>derpiest answer in the known history of the known universe
>"I don't, as long as you promise to do it to me again soon, while I'm awake"
>my mind is shattered into a million microfragments

Mfw I raped a girl and she liked it
Mfw she wanted me to do it again
Mfw we become fuckbuddies and still are today
Mfw she's filthy af
but who was camera?
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>Get back to my room, turn out the lights
>Get into bed, my wife is on her stomach, still passed out
>Lean over to kiss her while starting my hand down her back to her ass.
>Face is wet, realize there's some cum on her lips and cheek
>As I get to her pussy, it's soaking
>Get up, turn the light on
>Pull back sheets, wife's pussy is soaked with cum
>Roll her over to her back, pussy is kind of gaping
>Immediately get diamonds, push her legs back, slide in, every time I slide my cock out, it’s covered in frothy cum
>Fuck for 2 minutes, then cum myself

Pick related, what her pussy looked like when I rolled her over
Post vids
I love cumming in dumb sorority chicks at parties. Knowing that if that bitch wasn't smart enough to get on the pill she could get knocked up, and even better, have no idea it was me... I'm diamond just thinking about it.
How's it feel being a cuck?
Ff dude with face
>Next morning, she sleeps in a bit, but when she wakes up she comes out to the porch says to me, “omg anon, I had the craziest dreams last night”
>”I had a dream that you were fucking me from behind, but your cock was like huge, like porn star huge. And while you were fucking me, you had two fingers in my ass too and were just pumping me with them. I started to cum in my dream, and you pulled your fingers out and brought them up to my lips and I just took them in my mouth and started sucking. It was crazy, cuz you know I would never do that, but it was hot in the dream. After you came, you pulled your cock out and wiped it against my lips too. I was so turned on. Then it was like I woke up from the dream but not really cuz I was in another dream where you were pounding me on top of me, but your cock was back to normal and you came again really fast.”
>”When I woke up this morning, I was still so horny, I started masturbating and licking my fingers, as my pussy had so much cum in it and it tasted even better than normal. I thought you had pulled out last night, but you must have cum in me first before finishing.”
>Our friends joined us on the porch just as she finished the story. The other wife said, “what are you two talking about?”
>My wife said, “Oh, I was just telling him about this dream I had last night where Anon had like a crazy porn star dick”
>My buddy laughs and says, “Must be something about this place, she (referring to his wife), woke me up with a BJ this morning, she never does that after we’ve had sex, unless I take a shower first” as his wife punches him in the arm.
>Later on, the wives were inside making lunch, he and I were outside drinking beers, and I noticed he kept smelling his fingers.
>I said, “Really man? Come on”
>He laughed and said, “I can’t help it, that was awesome. Want to try it again tonight?”
>Unfortunately, the wives didn’t drink as much, so it’s been a one time thing.
>Next day we are all hanging out
>Make a joke about how she tried to kiss me when we were in the bus
>We all laugh it off
>Later that day Ashley, my fwb and her cousin, tells me that her cousin doesn't remember anything and is really embarrassed that she tried to kiss me
>I freak out because we did more than kiss
>"Does she really not remember anything?"
>Nope, just you taking her out of the club and into the bus
>About 2 months go by and I think I'm in the clear
>See her on FB, a picture of 2 positive pregnancy tests with her fuckbuddy holding her stomach
>"We're expecting"

To this day I have never told anyone about it. From my understanding about what her cousin has told me, her and her fwb always used condoms and were safe. There is a huge chance that I cucked this guy and that the baby is mine, and nobody at all knows about it.
> cucked ? check
> kek'd ? check
My man
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top teir story anon. i loved it and im proud
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>have gf few months back
>we drink heavily
>I wan to do the sex
>"no 2 drunk"
>she passes out in bed while I watch futurama via Netflix.
>still horno
>spit on my dick
>turn her on her side and fucker her in the ass to "freedom freedom freedom OY!"
>finish and pass out.
>woke up with poops on ma dingus.
>Oh well had sex.
>I had an English muffin for breakfast.
Cum looks shooped.
check 'em indeed. well done.
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You honestly sound like a faggot.
Is she fat?
>be big brother
>get a call from friend
>sister his holding party while parents out of town
>drive over, get there about 11
>drunks all over the place
>start clearing everyone out and look for my sister
>find her passed out in her bed with a guy just starting to get undressed
>advise guy to leave while he can still walk
>clean up downstairs
>go back to sister. she's still passed out
>take her clothes off (NBD I've seen her naked plenty of times)
>get some white face wash
>squirt in her hair, face, and a squirt in her vag
>go home
>she calls the next day
>says she did something stupid and explains what she found when she woke up
>begs me to take her to drug store for Plan B pill
>take her, pay for it and ream her a new asshole for being so stupid

seems to have worked since she's been pretty good since then
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My gf likes it when I try fucking her when she is passed out. I cum in her all the time when she sleeps its my favorite trying to not have her wake up. My best achivement was getting balls deep in her ass when she was passed out.

Wait, is this one new? Dump more from this set pls, I've been looking for ages
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In high school I raped a drunk girl. I met her again in college and she didn't recognize me. We started dating and have now been married over 20 years. AMA
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Spotted the virgin
Why do you lie?
File: IMG_3577.gif (500KB, 500x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She clearly wants the D
does she know you are married to her?
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File: OYOYT6o.jpg (65KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stop samefagging you obvious retard. Maybe two of those replies aren't you blowing smoke up your own ass
>tfw did the same thing to my gf
>gf won't do anal no matter how hard I try
>sleep over when we get drunk at a house party one night
>she's clearly more wasted
>horny af
>she's curled on her side so I just start playing with her butt
>work my way into fingering her butthole
>surprised how easy it was to get into when she's passed out.
>give it a few licks too which is something she never let me do either
>pretty meh considering how sweaty and drunk, taste pretty bad
>roll her over flat and just start hawking globs of saliva in her pooper and on my dick
>slowly slide in and just start leisuringly pumping her ass
>cloud 9
>eventually about to cum, but pull out in cum in her crack instead so she won't know
>clean her up after basking in the afterglow and fall asleep.
>go about business next day like it never happened.
Still waiting on another opportunity. She's been tipsy/drunk plenty of times since, but at a point where she's still responsive and fidgety in her sleep.
That night she was literally dead to the world.
File: IMG_2441.jpg (2MB, 2816x2112px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Could have happened to anybody. Keep on truckin, dude.
File: IMG_3790.gif (1MB, 200x190px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be in college
>headed back to dorm with buddy
>find drunk chick stumbling around on my way
>she is incoherent and smells like whiskey
>get her to her room
>she is making zero sense
>my bud thinks we can take advantage
>i watch door while he fucks her
>doesnt even pull out
>my turn
>hesitant to use that cummy cunt
>try for her ass
>take a bit but i get it in there
>drain my balls in her asshole
>throw a blanket on her and skip out
>see her a few days later in library
>she has no clue who I am
straight up rape
fake as fuck
>I'm in a Party
>later I go to pee
>A bitch gets confused of bathroom
>After she approached me
>she starts masturbating to me
>But I just like the 2D girls and I say "get away for me!"
>I take out my penis and start to urinating on her face
>she run and I win
>the end
File: 1459884051930.png (85KB, 233x205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're on a sleep rape thread on /b/ and you're trying to preach to anonymous internet strangers.
>im at a party
>find a drunk girl at the party

that's how its done, also every nigger should be killed, segregation is the answer
did she ever talk about her being raped in highschool?
and if yes how did you react
>College party at my house
>Its a "formal" which means guys wear ties and girls in short skirts
>My GF finds a friend that she has known since high school.
>All Get pretty drunk, decide to invite the gf up to the bed room to smoke pot.
> Small room. 2 girls on the bed, me on my chair chilling smoking a bong.
>Friend lays down, decides she has had enough.
>Finish weed, gf'f friend laying on her back, skirt hiked, panties exposed.
>I start rubbing her over the panties.
>GF give me the look like WTF?
>Realize im in trouble pull the skirt back down, start kissing gf.
>She starts kissing her passed out frined, playing with the friends tits.
>I finger her pussy a little.
>Decide rape is bad so i start fucking my gf.
>she is sooo wet.
> leave friend passed out in bed, eventually she leaves while me and gf are downstairs.
>years later married my gf. We have never talked about it since
sauce.. the site on the webm not it
>moms pretty hot
>always fapped to her
>gets drunk while watching netflix
>start shaking her with no reaction
>spend the next 20 mintues, just groping the fuck out of her tits and ass
>at the point dick is diamonds and I'm on the verge
>whip it out and rubbing in back and forth on her lips
>explode all over face
>feels too good to give a fuck if she wakes up
>oh shit moment
>wipe her face and clean her up af as I can
>even wipe febreeze on her face to mask smell
>go to sleep sweating bullets
>wake to her making breakfast as asual
>feels good
>Went to one of the bars in town with my gf at the time.
>College town so there's the usual crap, different nights etc. Tonight was wet T-shirt night.
>She's tipsy so of course she enters, and she does well.
>Her pierced nipples go rock hard from the water and got her first place, a few drinks and admirers ...
>She was wearing some tiny shorts and fuck me high heels making her appear even taller. Still had the wet shirt on hanging out talking having drinks. Obviously there are some who want to get some.
>Every once and a while of course one of the guys would want to get a real peek which she was happy to oblige.
>Soon peeks turned into asking to touch and feel her tits and piercings which she allowed also for the most part... A couple guys took shots with her.
>She hangs out between our group and the guys who took the shots.
>You can see they want a piece of her.
>So it's almost closing time and we're all fixing to head out.
>She comes up with the couple of guys from earlier and a couple of their friends and asks if she can go hang out with them for a while.
>I say sure I'm heading back home and just ring me later.
>Don't worry I'll be good and tell you the details she says.
>So I wait and fall asleep.
>She rings at about 8 in the am and needs picking up.
>I go to pick her up.

Im the only person she's ever told. I should have an Oscar for my reaction.
Uber or Taxi driver, passed out fare. Nice. Plus you can see he is a shit skin. They rape when they can. On the job or off.
go cont

>I go to pick her up.
>And boy does she look used up. She's now wearing a shirt that is not hers, and she has hickies on her tits.
>So how was your night I asked. I'm a little miffed she didn't call but we kinda have an agreement so I'm ok.
>Wait till I get home and I'll tell you.
>I'm feeling a bit jealous at seeing the hickies on her tits but a little turned on too.
>We get home and inside.
>She flops down on the couch and groans. Now I can see her knees are bruised too.
>So, are you ok I ask? Ok just worn out she says.
>How was your night? Looks like you had some fun I say looking her up and down. She smiles sheepishly and says well some of it.
>They and their friends were a bunch of horny dogs she said.
>And even one of their girlfriends kept wanting to kiss me and on me. We drank some more until there were just three of us left she said. The two guys from the bar and one of their friends.
>They are all pretty tipsy at this point so the guys are flirty and more rubbing on her and she works that attention
>They propose a gang bang jokingly of course.
>She tells them no, and suprises them by telling them, no gang bang but I'll fool around abit with you..
You'd have to be a really fucked up evil person to rape a passed out person.

If there's a hell you'll burn with the best of them.
>Her rules were as follows:
>Each one by himself no double or triple teams.
>No dick in her pussy.
>Others had to stay and watch.
>Touching of her was allowed but again no dick in pussy.
>She was allowed to do what she wanted.
>They work out who goes first
>So the first guy steps up and wants her to suck him off. He's already tent poled his pants she said so she sits down on the couch and starts rubbing at his bulge and pretends to nibble at it through the pants as he put his hands down her shorts. suddenly a wet spot spreads out from the zipper and spreads to cover his crotch. Well I guess you're done she told him. Somewhat embarrassed she says he gets up off the couch.
>guy number two steps forward and pulls her shirt up to suck her tits. Get both my nipples she tells him and he obliges by suckling at them. She shoves her hand down his shorts and then proceeds to jack him off. As he nears completion she undoes his fly pulls out his cock and when he cums gets it over her chest and tits. She said he had a look of amazement on his face. I bet he did when he saw that cum dribbling down her tits as she rubs it on her like it was lotion.
more more more

>By this time she said she was getting horny herself so as number 3 stepped up she told the other two they could play with her while she was working the third guy but still no dick in pussy.
>By now she's really drunk and even hornier.
>The guy who popped too soon she says she took pity on and told him he was going to eat her out and it had better be good.
>Second at bat was to continue sucking and playing with her tits.
>Now she was going to make number three cum for her.
>So she's laying back on their couch, shirt off with cummy tits, no more one on one.
> The first guy is eagerly peeling off her shorts.
>He manages to slip one of her legs over his head to go down and knowing her she should be really wet by this time.
>Guy number two is trying to get in next to number one and past the leg to keep playing with her tits.
>Guy three is trying to work his way at her over the arm rest. Kind of funny to see but a real turn on watching them fumble over themselves for her.
>Number three is still trying to get in on the action and she said she feels a bit sorry for him.
>She tells the other two to move back and for number 3 to lie on the couch and proceeds to sit on his face and tell him eat. She's sitting with her ass to/in his face and head facing his dick.
>She said she was really worked up by this point and told the other two to feel her up and jack off at the same time. She drooled on number threes cock and started working it with her hand.
>The other couple are now grabbing at her tits and nipples, running their hands through her hair and trying to sneak fingers in her snatch.
>Number three is doing a pretty good job eating her out and since she was almost on the verge she was feeing generous so she bends over grinds her pussy deeper into his face and swallows his cock a couple of times.
>She can feel him start to squirm under him and says she knows he's going to blow any minute.
>One of the other 2 is rubbing his dick with her hair she says, the other still playing with and rubbing his dick on her nipples.
>Number three starts to cum and she pulls his cock out just in time to catch some in the face and her hair.
>She herself isn't quite there yet although she said number 3 almost made her go..
>So now she's going to masturbate it out while they must watch and continue jerking off and playing with her.
>The first guy who messed his shorts tells her he's about to cum again.
>She's about to go herself and tells him then cum on me let me see what you have left.
>He gasps something and blows another load on her neck and tits.
>This does it she says and she's herself o's hard from the feel of the hot wet cum as it ran down her tits and stomach down to her crotch.
>She said it tiring but satisfying to be able to control and turnout three guys like that.
>Afterwards she rounds up her cloths but can't find the shirt so she finds a random one laying around. She goes to clean up a bit in the bathroom and then lays down on the couch to pass out.
More plz
Or more likely her boy friend raped her when he was finally alone with her.
Wonder if she'll find out from friends that you came and chased everyone away and now wonders how you could do that to her. Like she'll think you fucked her
That's what I would have done tbh
They basically just handed him a present gift wrapped
The End. Sorry anon
>be me , 43 years old
>to lazy to green text , one finger typing on iPad
So I'll just crack on
Got daughter 16
Had many wanks over friend called eve
Tall , always looks hot ,tanned
Small boobs , perky , nice ass
Daughter out , I get callfrom her , her ,eve an some girls been drinking .
Eve drank some jack Daniels , feels unwell an can't stand up ,
Being dad of the year I go pick them up .
Eve got short tight skirt on, tight top showing waist , high heels
Help eve into car , feeling her thin waist an smooth skin
Eve sits in back ,
Eve lies down , see her tight black thong .
Drive home looking at her in mirror ,
Haven't been so hard in years
Get her home , help her into room an sit her on couch .
Thinking about how much I'd like to eat her pussy
Wife tells me to get her a drink of orange juice .
Get eve drink of orange ,
Eve passers out on couch
Daurgter gose to bed .
Wife and I watch tv
Wife phones eves mum , makes excuse for her staying over , eves mum strict so don't mention drinking
Watch tv with wife
Football highlights come on
Wife mumbles something about get eve blanket , cover her up make sure she's ok ,
Wife gose to bed
heroin on the right hand?
>come late to a house party
>wasn't even invited
>already in like everyone drunk high as a mothafuck
>go upstairs to a bedroom
>find passed out 90% naked couple
>know them both
>walk by and a spit like a litre Lougie on the side of her stupid face
>walking away
>I can't leave the bf wit out som spit
>spit on his weiner
digits are looking promising.
>spit on his weiner
You have some serious problems
>spit on his weiner
*autistic screaching
Need more
When I was in 8th or 9th grade I pretended to be passed out at a sleep over and let my buddies sister and group of her friends touch and take peaks at my junk. Does that count?
gonna need some moar
vola r/9yvvcfnw
Allright I'll budge.
>be me 19 I think
>girlfriend has friend over
>me and friend have a past but never got to far because of girlfriend
>just minor crushes
>me and gfs friend drinks a lot gf drinks a little
>gf friend starts throwing up
>gf goes to bed while me and gf friend lays on the couch
>gf friend lays on my laps feeling sick
>gf sister and her bf on other couch passed out
>I try to be slick and sneak a few kisses like a fag
>she kisses back but my drunk ass believes she's drunk passed out
> start feeling on ass and fingering her
>she's small and petite, really tight
>gf comes and gets mad gf friend is laying on my lap
>I apologize and take her to bed
>proceed to fuck gf thinking about gf friend

Me and gf eventually break up years later because I became to depressed after I left Afghanistan. Gf friend is now married and pregnant.
>Me and my friends at house party
>Find someone to prank or fuck up for shit and giggles
>Find a girl passout in a room
>Sharpie the fuck out of ther
>Friends search the room for something to have more fun with
>Find contact glue
>Get the girl naked (A friend licks her vago, his into that)
>Stick her hands together
>Stick her feet together
>Then sticks his vago lips together
>She ended up looking like a clapping monkey
>Atleast nobody raped her because we sealed her vago, we the good guys
More anon.
vola/r/9yvvcfnw how does this work?
>be me to lazy to green
>gonna green anyways cuz I ain't a faggot
>friends with this girl for over 2 years.
>really close to the point where her boyfriend thinks I'm cucking him.
>had a girlfriend at the time so I was invested into her.
>friend ends up braking up with her boyfriend and falling for me.
>bonified 9/10 but crazy
>still with girlfriend and still love her so can't do anything about it.
>months pass break up with girlfriend and end up drinking my sorrows with my friend.
>wasn't in the mood to drink but she was.
>at this point we've had sex multiple times but weren't together due to drama on both ends.
>she ends up getting black out drunk.
>go to my place after.
>I'm laying next to her tired af and she makes a grab for my manhood.
>starts sucking me off. Sloppy but still good.
>I ask if she wants to fuck.
>says yes.
>end up giving her 2 orgasms.
>next morning she leaves in a hurry.
>fast forward to being accused of rape but since I'm the only one that remembers it completely no evidence.
>go over to get my shit while shes not over and her mom asks what happened.
>tell her everything because at that point I didn't care.
>she tells me it wasn't rape and her daughter is stupid.
>top kek
Story went from getting really good to getting really disappointing
Wait ten minutes
Pull out cock an rub it looking at eve
Go over to her
Give her a shake an try to wake her , she don't move
I tap her face , pinch her arm . Still no reaction
I'm shitting myself , every noise makes me jump
She's lying on her side .
I roll her onto her stomach
I pull one leg off the couch so she's spread open
Pull skirt up , expose her ass , black thong just covering her
Stroke my cock , almost cum , stop stroking
Feel her ass cheeks , feel pussy over thong
Thong feels wet , pull thong to one side to look at pussy
Close legs , pull thong off open legs again
Take a big sniff of her thong ,
Smells like teen pussy . Absolute beautiful
Take good look at pussy and asshole
Rub finger over pussy , pussy wet af
Thinking she may have been fingered of something earlier in the night
Take a chance an inset finger into pussy ,
Wiggle it around inside her .
Pull finger out rub it on her asshole ,
Asshole very very tight , she clinchers a little but finger gose in
Take finger out , asshole looks amazing
Decide to lick her ass , spend about five minutes licking it
Turn her over , see her glorious pussy
Bald , puffy , wet
>looks like a paper cut on a peach
Lick her pussy all over inside and out
Think about fucking her
Shit out .
Expose her tits , suck on her tits
Cum on her tits
Lick her tits clean
Good times
Get her dressed , go to sleep on chair in same room
Eve wakes the next day , thanks me for looking after her .
Few weeks later daughter tells me eve thinks I'm cool for not telling her dad she was drunk
Eve nice to me all the time at our house , added me on Facebook
Going to try an fuck her for real , sort of getting a vibe from her that she either knew what I did an likes it or just thinks I'm some sort of cool father figure coz I'm not a old moaning cunt
File: 1485633311924.jpg (2MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3024x4032px
File: 1485633329107.jpg (2MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3024x4032px
File: 1485633351873.jpg (2MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3024x4032px
File: 1485633392402.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4032x3024px
File: 1485633421989.jpg (1MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3024x4032px
GG !
File: 1485633439768.png (2MB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 750x1334px
File: 1485633462938.jpg (2MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3024x4032px
File: 1485633481147.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4032x3024px
File: 1485633500436.jpg (2MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3024x4032px
fart on her>>720815656
Amazing anon. Good work.
more of her please
That's a nice blanket, I want
thats all i got
8/10 story

I'm sure there were more posted. >>720802570 is new I think, plus has the IMG filename. OP is still out there and has more...
>Asshole very very tight , she clinchers a little but finger gose in
Your sphincter doesn't clench when you're passed out asleep liar. Your muscles are relaxed
Asses that I've had to struggle to get into with lube, I've just slid right in with spit when they were asleep
> Be me, 26
> At family reunion
> Cousin is 16
> about 5'4", cute, thin build, c cups, big round eyes, freckles and a goth/alt style
> Into metal and vidya
> We talk, hang out by the pool
> She's in a bikini top with shorts, nice tight fit little body
> she's young, drinks too much
> Aunt is ok with it
> Cousin gets kinda flirty as she gets drunk
> She ends up disappearing, assume she's in bed
> I hang with other relatives a while, party winds down
> Go behind shed to piss
> She's passed out on her back in the grass, legs apart, bikini top half off but still covering her nipples
> quick, non invasive glance to see if she looks like the shorts have been moved. Realize it would have been pretty hard to put them back on if they had
> Pick her up and get her mother to help put her to bed because I'm not a desperate rapist piece of shit
> Have sex with gf
> fin
total BS, 2 sec reverse image search.
Dam it was such a good story as well, hoping that just the pictures fake
twitter.com sarahfairley2

lying cunt, punch yoursedlf in the face
File: image.gif (382KB, 392x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382KB, 392x500px
>about when you have found passed out or drunk girls at party's

um, that's called rape!

drink bleach.
You probably should disappear from her life.
I love it when they wake up afterwards, look down at the jizm dripping outta their honeypot and swear
a blue streak for about 10 minutes straight.
>me about 3 years ago
>Attending a "rave"
>Lots of booze, lots of drugs, lot of dudes
>Early morning and this guy come to our camp
>Piss drunk. Pulls dick out and starts pissing everywhere
>Passes out in my tent
>"Dude what the fuck"
>"Are you okay? Where are your friends? Do you need water'
>Accept that he is going be staying for awhile
>Friend and I are joking about how cute he was, how big his dick was
>Totally joke about molesting him
>The idea is turning me own
>Squeeze his ass. Friend doesn't say anythimg
>Slip my hand up his shorts. Friend doesn't say anything
>It's oddly silient. Friend won't say a thing just watches.
>I start to play with his hole. Doesn't move.
>Friend gets up like he's going to leave. Oh shit I knew this was weird.
>Friend shuts tent
>Oh shit
>We start trying to wake him up but he's out of it
>We take off his shorts
>Finger his hot tight fuzzy hole
>Friend is trying to kiss the guy while he jerks off. Gives up and just starts stroking it madly trying to cum on his face
>Im fucking crazy horny and can't think straight. I spread open his cheeks and start spitting all over his hole
>Moment of truth. He's incredibly tight. It almost made me come to my senses
>Fuck him. He's out cold but is making moaning noises
>I'm kinda drunk and it takes me awhile to get close.
>I start beating his ass up, I can feel myself getting there. My friend is just watching and jerking
>I blow my fucking load inside of him and collapse on top of him
>Friend wants to cum on his butt so I roll off
>After we came it was weird and we both had to get out of there. We didn't talk for a few days.
>Guy eventually stumbles out of my tent. Walking funny. Doesn't make eye contact. I think he remembers
>Ended up running into him later that day. He was pretty cool. Apparently he had gotten piss drunk because he caught his girl making out with some other guy. He had no idea what had happened to him. I don't feel guilty anymore.
>passed out drunk GIRLS
you fucking illiterate faggot imbecile
When I was 16 I was at a party with a girl I liked. I found her passed out on the bed, in her bra and panties. Everyone left the house besides her parents and I. Long story short, I tasted every part of her body, came inside of her pussy about 10 times. She got pregnant and doesn't know that it's mine, I have a son that's 8 years old now that doesn't know in his father.

> her glove box.

Fucking brilliant.
Would you have fucked him if his dick wasn't big?

Do you and your friend ever talk about it?
What ever, dude.
Probably. Idk we were just joking around and things just kind of snowballed. We eventually had to talk about. We do alot of acid together and one trip we got super self critical and things got weird. He literally believed that we were possessed by some kind of gay rape demon. He feels really bad about it still.

I don't really feel bad about it. It's not like I attacked him, beat him up, and scared the shit out of him. As far as I'm concerned he has no idea that it happened and isn't suffering from it so I'm good.

The thing is that now I totally have the ich to fuck with sleeping guys. I've cum on all my boyfriend's faces when they sleep and I tried to jerk off my straight buddy when he was passed out drunk at my place. I couldn't get him hard though
>be me
>be 2013, getting my degree
>rent a hpuse with my friend, my little sister, and another room mate
>one saturday night my sister is throwing a party.
>I'm pretty antisocial so I'm just chilling in the basement with a few friends, vidya.
>about midnight my sister comes and gets me, takes me to her bedroom
>there's a passed out chick on her bed
>I figure Great, she wants me to help carry this bitch out a car or something
>nope! She explains that this girl is from one of her management classes, is always making group projects hell
>says she wants me to "get back at her", alarmbells instantly start going offin my head
>getting my degree in criminal justice, so I know that there's almost nothing we could do to get back at this (unconcious, helpless) girl that wouldn't be illegal.
>while I'm thinking about it my sister pulls up the girl's skirt and just walks away
>I couldn't do that!
>I look backat the passed out 8/10 on the bed
>get hard
>yeah, I could do that.
>check tomake sure she's really out
>push aside her panties, slide myself inside
>proceed to madly plow away at this unconscious girlcs gloriously tight cunt for a good half hour
>grope her tits, pull her close, grind her down into the bed while I blow my load inside her
>eventually go tell my sister, then go back to vidya with the guys.

I eventually got a job as anassistant to the city prosecutor. I've helped send more than a few men to prison for doing what I did that night.
gay rape demon kek
8/10 story
>be me at my ex gf house party for her bday
>house full of her friends visiting from another town so they all sleep over on couches, floors
>gf normally gets blackout smashed super early and passes out by like 10pm
>gf friend also gets blackout smashed early and crawls in to bed with gf
>night winds down
>time for bed
>crawl in to bed between gf and her friend
>me and friend are face to face
>friend is still dressed in a short skirt and tight top
>small bed, snuggle up close, instant erection
>nudge her a few times to see if she is awake
>start slowly rubbing her inner thigh and work my way up under her skirt and rub her pussy over her underwear for a little while
>slide my fingers inside her underwear and touch and rub her smooth bald pussy and her clit
>pussy not wet and no possible way I could fuck her
>rub dick for a bit and then lose interest and fall alseep
Nice one, and highly believing in the 11th commandment you have done everything right
File: 1390520976313.jpg (25KB, 280x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 280x292px
>be me
>be 23 yo
>black .sorry ,
>not a niger
>have white values , job an stuff
>in friend zone with white girl I've known since school (Jenny )
>do anything to fuck he but she want to be best buddy's
> she hates Zoe her best friend coz she gets everything she wants , perfect life
>her best friend meets man of her dreams
>Jenny tries to fuck up their relationship an tells me all the time she wants to fuck it up .
> I get late night call from Jenny
> asks me to meet her in town centre outside holiday inn hotel
>I go like a flash thinking I'm going to fuck Jenny
>meet Jenny , takes me into hotel
>Zoe passed out on bed
>Jenny tells me her fucked up plan
> she got Zoe drunk
>took her to club full of nigers
>got pics on phone of Zoe with said nigers
>spiked Zoe's drink
>took her to hotel phones me
>ask Jenny what have I got to do with all this shit
> Jenny tells me to fuck Zoe
>Jenny tells me if I fuck her an cum inside her it will ruin her relationship
> look at Zoe
>fit as fuck to be fair
> have second thoughts .
>Jenny tells me if I do this we can have sex sometimes , maybe even become a couple
>Jenny tells truth about likening me but her dad hating blacks so can only date in secret
> we agree on the deal
>Jenny kissers me an moves me to Zoe
>I get cock out
>I see Jenny looking
>is it true
>don't know haven't seen many white dicks to compare my black dick too
> fuck Zoe cum deep in her
>Chat with Jenny , she's happy
> few months later Zoe pregnant , split up from dream boyfriend
>me an Jenny still fuck
>everyone happy
File: 1394906509547.jpg (55KB, 455x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 455x427px
You disgusting piece of shit
lies lies cakes and pies
>vola r/9yvvcfnw
what is this?
>43 years old
>can't use two fingers to digit
Whats the matter with old people and technology?
> A safe and trustworthy site
also nice trips
>be me
>that kid nobody likes in family due to pot ,computers
>feel awkward talking to people even family
>big party in perants house
>have a few beers in room by myself
>party ends around 2am
>go down for more beer at 3am
>see mums sister ,auntie Jane asleep on couch
>hot chubby milt 45 years old
>go over and see if she's passed out
>passers the pinch test
>open her legs see knickers covering pussy
>open her bottoned top
>get out big tits in bra
>take one massive boob out
>get cock out
>Start wanking feeling massive tit
>auntie wakes up , screaming , going crazy , wakes mum up
>mum gose nuts , whole family's thinks I'm a perverted fuck up
>find out later mums sister don't even drink
>be social outcast
>happy ending though
>find girl who is also social outcast
>do shit together
Be happy me
Be careful about asking questions that you don't really want the answers to...
Nice boi I hope you two are happy
>she probably fell a sleep nice and safe at his home
>not even pounding her anus hard while she's knocked out
you sick fuck.
Racist piece of shit
Noice b/ro! I totally feel ya. I have a 12 year old, an 8 year old, and a 2 year old. The 8 and 12 year olds are by the same chick, but even she doesn't know that I cucked her hubby. It's ok, he's a douche, and he's prolly sterile. I did then both a favor.

The 2 year old I kinda feel bad about. His mom is my best friend's 19 year old sister. Got her at a house party passed the fuck out. Being a single mom is tough, so I help her out when I can...
>got cancer
File: 1473285358294.jpg (779KB, 1867x2800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
779KB, 1867x2800px
It's funny how you put in the 'muh dick' in there to show off. We've all showered in boys locker rooms. Black dicks are the same as white dicks. You're still a nigger and so is jenny for wanting to ruin someones life.
8 and 12? How did that work? And how the hell would she not know???
>be me. 22 "bisexual". In shape.
>GF is kinda chubby but still cute.
>Throw a party. Get drunk. Had a blast. Almost everyone has left
>Gf goes to bed
>Just me and my buddy and our chick friend now
>She's drunk. Wants to cuddle between us
>Being super flirty. Jokes about how big she thinks my friends dick is. Starts rubbing his crotch.
>I'm a total dick and don't want to be left out so I start squeezing on her tits
>She's starts making out with both of us switching back and forth. It's kinda gay but super hot
>This bitch straight up passes out
>Can't wake her up. Super pissed. She just keeps moaning
>Start rubbing her pussy joking that it'll wake her up
>Start to finger her
>Fuck yeah this is hot
>Friend gets up and says he has to go to bed. He's a total pussy.
>Finger her. Play with her ass. Pull up her shirt and play with her nips.
>She just keeps moaning. Drunk moaning.
>Fuck it. I start pulling her clothes off. No fucks
>Suck on her tits. Bite her. She lets out a moan and a soft "what" but still passed out
>Bury my face in her pussy. Holy shit she tastes so fucking good.
>Seriously licked and sucked every inch of her
>I want to fuck her but I'm paranoid.
>Fuck it. Push her legs back and slide in.
>Holy shit this is awesome
>Fuck her for what felt like an hour
>Spitting in her face, purposely squeezing her too hard. I fucked her like I hated her which I kind of did
>Pulled out so I could cum on her face. Pulled her hair back and busted all up in her nose, hair, lips.
>Go to bed

She woke up the next morning and had a fucking meltdown I had to tell her to chill out or leave. Told her that she got really drunk and wanted to strip. Couldn't stop her. Reassured her that everything was fine and she had been totally safe and looked after. Everytime I see her all I can smell is her perfect little pussy. I'm planning on getting her drunk again and trying to get her to willingly sit on my face
you must have a tiny cock
I tried looking for a post I made and just realized this thread is an exact copy of the one I posted in last night.
Could you guys atleast give it a 2 days before copypasta'ing?
>post-graduation part, 2005
>guy dating a sophomore brings her to party
>she gets blitzed
>find her and fat girl passed out in bedroom
>walk into to make sure they're ok
>her hear slur, "Travis?"
>start to leave
>"Travis, c'mere. I want you to fuck me."
>she grabs my shirt and starts to fall out of bed onto floor
>i ease her down to the floor and tell her i'm not travis
>"I want...just fuck me. I don't care."

So I did. No condom.

I was sweating it for a while, sure she would tell everyone what happened. As far as I know, she never has. She married Travis. Poor bastard.
I will never understand cucks
Same here. It's literally incomprehensible. All I can imagine is something fundamentally is different about their mental/social development.

I guess sexual desires are so powerful they can break down barriers if you let the degenerate thoughts take root.
>family birthday party at my wife's house (we're divorced)
>25-year old daughter comes with friend
>friend shows up in a leather mini, over-the-knee boots, tight tube top, tight body, short black hair, nice face
>can't stop looking at her
>"dad, she's looking for a father for her kid. and she's young enough to be your daughter"
>... and the problem is...?
>both of them get drunk
>friend is all over me
>quitting time comes and friend can't drive so I take daughter and friend home. drop daughter off first
>take friend home and help her into house. kid is at mother's for the night
>she slurring for me to stay. I tell her why doesn't she just climb into bed and sleep it off
>I go to use the bathroom before I leave
>go look in on her
>skirt and panties are off. tube and boots still on
>she asks if I'm coming to bed
>tell her I will
>by the time I'm undressed she's passed out
>feel her up, go down on her, fuck her mouth a little (didn't want her to puke)
>fuck her pussy
>roll her over and fuck her ass
>cum in ass, roll off and doze off for an hour
>wake up and she hasn't moved
>get dressed and leave
>never heard anything about it
>find female friend passed out in the bathroom at house party
>she's slurring and can barely keep her eyes up
>call a car for her and pay for the ride since I'm not a rapist
>get a date and a BJ for it 3 days later
all in all it worked out
>vola r/9yvvcfnw
volafile the site
io the domain
welcome faggot

>She'd never had sex with her boyfriend
>Good Christian girl
>Saving herself for marriage
>Once he got her home he stripped her naked
>Spends the night raping her in every hole
>Leaves at sunrise
>She wakes up oozing blood and semen
>Has no idea how many men used her
>Blames herself for getting drunk
>She climbs into tub as she cries
>Weeping for her lost innocence
>Runs hot bath and slits her wrists
>As her life blood drains from her she gasps
>"Forgive me..."
Haha, nice backstage pads on her left leg. Xian anyone tell the venue?
That's what human beings do, you fucking moron, they rape and kill each other since the dawn of time.
Your sister is stupid
Dont cut yourself on that edge
Where the fuck do you see those?
>be 17
>be at house party
>party is on the last verse
>8/10 girl in my class is passed out on the couch
>me and another friend tries to get her to wake up
>suddenly a fucking rancid smell washes over us
>it's coming from her
>literally gagging at this point
>carefully lift up her skirt a bit
>she shat her pants
>liquid shit is literally pouring out of her g string
>me and other friend helps her into the bathroom
>strip her down and get her in the bathtub/shower
>wash the shit out of her crack and thighs
>call another friend who's driving that night
>ask him to come pick her up
>get her dried up and put her in the car

Couldn't even remotely think of it as a "hot" experience. She was incredibly grateful though, and we never spoke of it again. In front of her kek
no doubt about it
>not using it as an excuse to fuck her hard later
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