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post sexy miley cyrus webms, gifs and pics. for some reason this

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post sexy miley cyrus webms, gifs and pics. for some reason this skinny bitch is giving me a boner
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It sure has been a while since we've gotten new nudes of her.

I wonder what the hold up is.
She got back together with thor's little brother. The only reason she went crazy with all the tits in the first place is cause he broke up with her.
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what a classy and dignified woman, wait no, the exact opposite of that.
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Are you retarded?
"I go on /b/ and look at naked girls all day, but this particular girl is bad because the general populace thinks so!"

What kind of sheepery is this?
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So what? She's a brilliantly successful woman in good shape who appears to be down to fuck. What's the problem?
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projecting much?

I think she looks trashy because of all the tiny shitty tattoos she has.
why can't she be more like miley?
What a time to be alive. I remember when everyone was fapping to shitty pictures of Miley in tight pants and shit. Now she gets naked all the time just for the fun of it
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Miley is my favorite.
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It's so funny how people react to her overtly fabricated dirty girl image. You never hear about her getting pulled over by police or being arrested for drugs or going to jail or rehab. Her image is designed to carry her career. That is not actually who she is. And yet people are still so triggered by the sight of her naked and slightly hairy body. It's so entertaining and so sad at the same time.
>Acting like a degenerate should be revered

Guess which of us will have a gas chamber in the future.

Protip: It's you.
What I find offensive is all her tiny tattoos like childrens doodles all over her body, they dont make her look like a bad girl, just trashy.
this is the direction i'd like to see her take with her career
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Acting is her job and she is evidently very good at it. Are you as good at your job as she is at hers? I doubt it.
she should just drag fans on stage and fuck them already
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I'm in love with Miley.
But so what? She gets paid and the doodles are a part of that. I wish I could make a living simply by looking provocative.
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that's fair enough, personally I dont like them.
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She is the woman of my dreams.
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I've been in love with her since her days as Hannah Montana.
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She is a sexy bitch.
File: fvi8sfs3341g.jpg (2MB, 2248x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So perfect.
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I bet she drinks piss.
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I would happily drink hers.
I want to strangle her...
she's a typical Godless liberal whore
Does that make you angry?
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Pure beauty.
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I fall deeper in love everyday.
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o boy.png
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y-you gonna eat that?
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She ruined her skin with those awful tattoos
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Thread images: 57

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