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I wanna try weed so bad. tell me experiences from your first time.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I wanna try weed so bad.

tell me experiences from your first time.
nigga that's broccoli

Don't try weed. Shit drug for shit people.

If you really wanna be cool, drink, molly, cocaine, and PCP.
no it's weed, smh
This board is 18+ pl0x
>first time smoked weed
>didn't know how to roll a blunt
>helped buddy break up weed with fingers
>dumped guts out of white owl
>tried to lick and roll it but couldn't really figure it out
>buddy told me not to worry about it
>wasted a WO
>he breaks open another one
>getting pretty excited
>watching intently while he rolls the perfect blunt
>pretty impressed
>sparks it up
>we're watching Steven Universe while passing back and forth
>inhale shit's killing me
>coughing like a motherfucker but it's primo ganja
>feeling great
>stoned off my ass
>blunt burns past 1/2 mark
>can't go on
>laughing my ass off high as hell watching steven universe with my bud
>glance over, he's got his shorts down
>reaches up and grabs the back of my head
>shoves it down on his hard as cock
>I gag a little but it's instantly in the back of my throat
>just give in and suck my first dick
>always thought I was a hetero male until I smoked weed
>swallowed his load
>tasted good
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Group of friends invited me to smoke with them after football practice. Went to the local river bed. Smoked out of an apple. Felt nice.
ur hella gay
The first time I smoked, I only got mildly high. I just couldn't stop laughing for awhile. The first time I got stoned was a different story.
>smoking with brother and cousin in basement
>take several big hits
>expect to just laugh and feel a bit light headed again
>suddenly begin to feel very weird and dizzy
>oh shit, what is happening
>mind had never been altered in such an extreme way (had never even drank before) so began to get paranoid
>feel as if i'm going to pass out so go upstairs to bathroom and close door
>feel like skin is burning, throat becomes extremely dry, am laying on floor
>eventually brother and cousin come upstairs to see whats wrong and find me laying in bathroom
>brother tells me to get up and gets me some water
>i drink it, vision is now becoming blurry
>walk from kitchen to couch
>literal full blown hallucinations once i get to couch, not even really in reality anymore
>flashes of colors, clicking sounds every time color changes
>every time i move body, feel as if i can hear my bones click
>crazy visions, thought i found out what the word "remember" looks like. it was an hour glass tilted to the side. (kek)
>think about all kinds of crazy shit while hallucinating
>finally come back to reality after an hour or two

i've never that high since. i didn't think full blown hallucinations were even possible with weed
>Be in my 2nd year of College
>Met a few cool guys, get talking
>Ask me if I wanna chill with them on our break
>I said sure, what do you wanna do
>Asked me if I smoked weed
>No m8
>Asked if I wanted to try and I said sure
>Got down to a field just a few minutes away from the campus
>One of the guys Jaimie pulls out a fat bag of Amnesia
>Kinda nervous, wasn't sure what to expect
>All skinned up and lit up now bros
>Passes it to me
>Take a few long drags (I smoke cigs but I still coughed, was really good weed as it turned out)
>Start to feel funny and start giggling
>Colours more vibrant, everything hilarious
>Start to feel a strange sensation
>My ass is starting to tingle
>Laughing I ask if that's normal
>Jaimie turns to me and bites his lip 'Yeah, stud'
>He takes off my top and Mark and Harry begin to rub oil into my body
>I've always been straight but this feels good
>'Wow, you've got a great body anon'
>I take a fat bong hit as Jaimie unzips my pants and starts stroking my hard erection
>Harry is biting my ear, feels so good
>Mark is tossing Harry off, his warm breath huffing in my face
>Jaimie suddenly stands bolt up right and says 'it's time'
>Somehow I know what this means
>I instinctively get on to my knees, while Jaimie puts his ass on my mouth
>Mark puts his ass on Jaimies mouth, Harry on his
>Harry takes a huge bong hit and farts it through his ass and it travels through all of our bodies until it reaches my ass
>With a huge blast of ganja gas we fly out of the atmosphere ejaculating

And that's my first time smoking weed, and how it revealed to me how gay I am
Yea because such awesome people do PCP...
Fuck drugs dude, I started with weed, and now I go to a methadone clinic every morning at 5:15
>smoking weed and being a functional human being
>not wrecking your life with harmful addictive substances like heroin and alcohol
Nobody who smokes weed is a functional human being and you need to die for perpetuating that myth

Not true anon. There's no excuse to be lazy.

I know a couple who've been smoking it every day non stop since they were 13 and they have a big house, lots of money, good jobs, cars, successful children etc etc

Just depends if you're a lazy fuck to begin with.

Plenty of people out there who don't take nothing or even drink and they're dysfunctional
maybe the majority of them aren't going to be highly functional or successful, but at least a person who smokes all the time doesn't need it, nor are stupid or an endangerment to others while under the influence of it or without it.
Also, addiction is addiction, whether it is to weed, cookies, gambling, heroin, alcohol, DXM, ketamine, eating toilet paper, or anything else

What you don't understand is that physical dependence is separate from addiction - yes weed may not cause physical dependence, but it sure as fuck is very addictive, and if you dont understand these things, then you are just an idiot
Good for them, I can tell you right now that the guy you described is 1 in a 1000
First time best time
Got so high could not feel my anus
I hate this : if they don't fucking need it, then why the fuck do they smoke all the time? If they mentally (NOT PHYSICALLY) don't need it, then what is the fucking point?
smoked weed with big bro and friends, went to a movie and tripped balls. shit was cash
First time it was a brownie I made for my friends who were going out camping the next day. I was supposed to deliver it by 0800 but woke up almost 1000. The reason is, I started making it late at night so my parents wouldn't notice the smell of the butter and, since it was my first time making it, it took me several hours so I finished it around 0300.

The thing is, when I woke up I went to the kitchen and checked it up, it was in the oven. My mom and brother saw me and asked about that brownie and I told them it wasnt mine and they shouldn't touch it.

My girlfriend showed up so we went upstairs. Later then, We went downstairs to help cook lunch but... my dad had eaten 2 pieces, my brother one and a half and mom a half... I was like "fuuuuuck!"
Anyway... we tried it too.. My gf felt sleepy and went to bet and I stayed and watched all my family get high. Lol'd as fuck.

I told them the truth about 4 years later. XD
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>didn't realize was gonna smoke for the first time
>bro pulls out a loaded pipe
>meh fuck it why not
>went to some live-band jazz pub
>best time of my life
>went back to car after few beers
>smoked more
>damage control overload
>"dude how do i stop this do you have a potion or something"
>stare at wall for 5 mins
>went home
>told parents im drunk
>lectured me about drinking while i was stoned as fuck
>i said sorry, went to the fridge to grab a whole loaf of bread and went to my room

its fine OP just smoke it, it's not a big deal just like losing your virginity or going to college.
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>first time
>smoke some with bros
>cant feel it
>get pissed off
>force self to smoke more
>throat hurts from force smoking
>still feel nothing
>weed sucks

next day
>think maybe i did it wrong
>try again
>force myself to power smoke three bowls
>expecting to feel nothing
>extreme disassociation, hazy as fuck
>manage to follow friend down street to his house
>weirded out by my own body movements
>have to keep double taking at everything as my attention span was completely annihilated
>get to friends house
>he throws on some trippy colorful hippy pionk floyd shit
>play with his cats instead
>all of the sudden extreme urge to vomit
>puke brains out in sick
>was too dizzy to stand up for the rest of the night
>stayed up all night with the spins, dry heaving

just like you can overdo alcohol, you can overdo pot too
i kept getting really nauseated and puking the first few times i got super stoned
i didn't deny its not addictive. i'm just saying most potheads won't do stupid shit or harm people physically or financially to get more. (unless they are black). they are more likely to just wait for the next paycheck or scrape their smoking devices for resin or whatever it is they do. just saying it doesn't wreck lives
because its fun! why cant people smoke weed just to enjoy themselves? why does it always have to be another question, like wouldnt you rather X?
It can wreck lives anon.

Smoking weed and shit caused me to develop derealization/depersonalization. Fucked my whole life. I've had it for 5 years and its ruined everything.
My first time was when i was 18, i refused to have anything to do with it before then, hated that my friends smoked it and was generally a paranoid teenager, gave up when my allergys made me itch all night and somone said weed would help, i tried it, it did, good times to be had, enjoy your first highs, and dont plan them just let them do what they do
now look. i can't even type correctly since you upset me so much
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Molly too...

Anyway, the first time I tried weed nothing serious happened, but I remember that I walked in front of a mirror and I had that Max Payne 1 look on my face.

Things started getting interesting from the SECOND time I smoked weed...
I had a really good hallucination the first time I smoked
Faggot-tier x2
Sounds nice

My first time was by myself after buying weed from some black kid from my school.
>At home
>Bought a bunch of food to get ready
>Spend first half hour making shitty plastic bottle bong
>Blaze it
>Suddenly hits
>Everything has a trail like affect
>spend a load of time waving hand in front of me
>Lights were really bright and enhanced
>cooked a pizza and watched YouTube
>Went to sleep in a peaceful bliss
those times when you are new to weed and slowly fall into that blissful sleep while listening to the sounds around you causing images behind your eyelids are the best. comfy story
I learned, with time, to get that same sensation with meditation. Listening to sounds as if they're music is actually how it's done. I don't really smoke anymore.
Definitely don't do too much your first time. a buddy of mine smoke 2 or 3 bowls his first time. then he freaked out and told his mom that everyone was high.
what a total fucking faggot
Russian guy is here, first time smoked through the 'gravity bong', but we call it 'vodnik'. That shit got me so fucking high, i couldnt even imagine. That's not a bong, not a blunt and not a bowl. This fucking hell thing gets u high as a motherfucker.
Felt like a slice of butter melting over a big ol' pile of flap jacks, ya
I have always been interested in meditation, but I'm not sure if I have the patience for it. How long did it take for you to be able to meditate effectively? Any methods that you use that I could research?
This is how it looks
Low quality marijuana.
That weed looks trash
That's high quality shit, i growed it by myself, just hasnt cleaned up the buds cuz i dont give a fuck about it.
> How long did it take for you to be able to meditate effectively?
I've been doing it for a year and I can't say that I can get it right consistently 100% of the times, but I'm getting better. It takes A LOT of patience, especially for guys like me who are always thinking a billion thought per second, but at the same time it's especially useful for guys like me.

I suggest you listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HYY4eitC9c
you grew shit not weed
Got my lil brother smoked up, ask the questions
I have a full time job and 2 kids I take care of, and I smoke weed. Weed isn't bad. It helps a lot with stress and anxiety.
Ur life's shit piece of stupid crap, u cant tell how bad weed is only by her appearance
Yeah same here. I don't remember the first time. But I'll give you a story anyways.
>Be me
>About 12
>Smoke weed with friend but it's reg (didn't have a real hookup until a few weeks after)
>We're hitting the bong and feeling nice
>His dad's friend stops by
>His name is Al
>Asks us for friends dad
>Answer with a stoned "idk man. Kells not here"
>He sits on the couch and says
>"Oh. Damn. You guys wanna smoke this with me?"
>Pass him the bong.
>He pulls out the fattest joint I've ever seen to this day
>We pass the bong and joint around till they're fried
>He leaves right as it's setting in
>Feet tingling
>Tell friend to put on something funny
>Stomach turning
>He puts on The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
>5 minutes in and I'm tripping the fuck out
>Laugh my ass off the whole time
>Look at friend and the world is melting
>Laugh harder
>He laughs too
>Tell friend I'm going to the kitchen to get water and to keep and eye out for me
>Float to kitchen
>Fill up cup and stare at it
>I forgot how to fucking drink.
>Water sits in my mouth
>Spit it out and laugh uncontrollably some more
>Eventually learn to sip water
>See wolves in the dark
>Float back to couch
>Dude you have wolves in your kitchen
>"What haha"
>Did I get up?
>"I dont know."
>Me neither

To this day, whenever I visit we get super fried and watch Superbeasto. And Also joints are notorious for everyone who smokes with him. He'd always cough his ass off and then go "the weed is okay". It felt like I was on full blown shrooms. Crazy stoned.
Thanks /b/ro
>I like sports
>I play sports on the weekend
>Sports are fun
>End of story

What's the difference if I choose weed instead of sports you faggot?
This guy is dumb. Weed is great and it makes me feel like I'm not in the worst slump of my life
This. I've gotten real leafy homegrown shit and felt ripped off. But when I got home and smoked it, it's been some of the dankest.

Leafy‚Ȇbad weed
grind your own weed, do it with friends, try indica first because its more relaxing and you wont get paranoid. DO NOT try it if you have an existing mental disability like anxiety/depression. im a regular and often take breaks because i have none or because i simply dont want to its not addictive at all.
Have a nice day, dude!
Laughed a lot and ate an entire pizza. Good times.
I miss doing everything for the first time when high on weed.
>that first time you eat something tasty
>that first time you watch a funny movie
>that first time you listen to your favorite songs
>that first time you lay down waiting to fall asleep
I hate falling asleep when im high, always got a lot of shitty thoughts, can't control them.
Oh yeah! Fapping while high is something that can't be explained. I can only imagine how is actual sex while high...
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First time i smoked weed i went into cardiac arrest and felt like i was braindead for three months. Now i have trrrible memory and am color blind. Choice is yours.
Too fat
Wtf is wrong with children these days.
What don't u like?
Same here

U WOT M8? Fapping while high is great. Why don't you like it?
Sleep tight Explosion Girl
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