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Let's try this shit again.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Let's try this shit again.
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Feel free to post dog dicks and whatnot.
Does it have to be multiple names?

How the fuck does Stair work?
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Well at least fucking sync works.
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Hi, Barry.
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Where the fuck is everybody?
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Well, it's 11am on a Monday so my bet is school/work. I took the day off thus me being here.
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Am I the only person who works nights around here?

Since when did the denizens of this bullshittery become relatively productive members of society?

God times have changed.
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I think it's always been like that, just more noticeable now because it's the start of a new semester so everyone's like "GOTTA BE A GOOD BOY THIS YEAR". Just wait a few months till everyone inevitably gives up on their New Years resolutions.
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New years resolutions are for fat people.

Why does his shirt say Red Hot Chili PoPeppers
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Probably copyright reasons.
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What, even the Nips FCC cares about that shit?

I mean, I get licensing rights, but isn't that just free advertising?
oh look, a thread of fags

Sup homos
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On the contrary, this is one of the few threads that isn't totally full of fags.

Who the fuck are you?
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endless urgh.png
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>"But I don’t want to go among faggy people,” Drunky remarked.
>“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Nef: “we’re all fags here. I’m a fag. You’re a fag.”
>“How do you know I’m a fag?” said Drunky.
>“You must be,” said the Nef, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
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>"Drunky didn't think that proved it at all; however, he went on `And how do you know that you're a fag?'"
>"`To begin with,' said the Nef, `a dog's not a fag. You grant that?'"
>"'I suppose so.' Said Drunky"
>"`Well, then,' the Nef went on, `you see, a dog growls when it's angry, and posts gFur when it's horny. Now I growl when I'm horny, and post gFur when I'm angry. Therefore I'm a fag.'"
>"'I call that being a tripfriend, not being a fag.' Said Drunky"
Note to self: Rewrite Carols "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,"

Title it, "Drunky's adventures in depravity"
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See now that doesn't make a lick of sense. If you're posting gay furry stuff you're a fag, whether or not you've got an angle on your dangle.
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Oh lighten the fuck up, I'm trying here.
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I cannot lighten up. I am already a pasty lily-white.
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Wait a second,

How does posting gFur without a hard-on make you a fag?

If I post Jackson Pollock paintings, that doesn't make me an art critic, it just makes me a guy posting drawings with the creative influence of a six year old.

I attest that posting or observing gFur without being aroused does not elicit faggotry.
If you are not aroused or do not enjoy furry art, you are not a furry. If you do not like the same sex as you and are not aroused by the same sex as you, you are not gay.
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Thanks, Eagle Eye.
You've really got this topic down to a science, haven't you?
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Cause you're posting gfur

If you get rammed up the ass by a big burly dude, you can't say "well I didn't enjoy it THAT much so it's not gay"

You're posting gay furry porn. Ergo, fag.

If you're posting gay furry art, you're a faggot.
I've never came to a gfur thread before, never intend to return. Just wanted to set some records straight.
t. Sfur preference holder
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You know that old adage about arguing with an idiot?

The same stands for people on 4chan.

You're just a bundle of special today, aren't you?
Does this mean that posting pictures of your same sex makes you gay?
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If they're naked and fucking, yeah
what a riveting topic

how's it going
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See, now this, this is a faggot.

Hi, Zaryss.
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at least i'm not an awful faggot, or well, i like to think that at least
hello there

yes, it's me
what's going on, mang
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Don't know what constitutes an awful faggot. Maybe the ones that try too hard to make it aware to others that they are, in fact, a faggot. Like, the Pink tie-dye t-shirt that's tucked into itself like a sports bra with neon bike shorts and frosted hair "Silly goose," type of faggots.

I don't think that's you.
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Just chillin and burnin time til my D&D session starts.
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Campaign Setting?
What class are you playing?
Character level?
Is your DM a knob?
yeah that wouldn't be me, in person i'm assumed by everyone to be straight until i tell them otherwise but i don't really bring it up unless someone asks me

neat, i've got a bunch of the third gen books for d&d that an old babysitter left here a long ass time ago and never came back for but i can't say i've played
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Why the fuck are you guys even arguing
thats not niceu niceu :(((((
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You're the right kind of faggot.

Jesus, we've got another highly perceptive observer.

Did everyone take a stupid pill this morning?
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VS002-04 (1).png
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It's enjoyable with a nice group

>Campaign Setting?
Custom. We're inquisitors
>What class are you playing?
Barbarian, path of the Zealot
>Character level?
>Is your DM a knob?

This is one of 3 games I am in.
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stopped reading.
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Take it up with the DM

I don't give a shit, as long as I can punch goblins
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Your DM is crap! He's playing what Wizards built as a monument to compromise.

Can't even build a proper Dropbarian in 5e.
it's not the centerpiece of my life and i'm happy keeping it that way, i'd much rather work on something like college

not really many people are into it where i live, so the group never really existed in the first place, either that or i just didn't have the right connections in school, most people would rather just watch or play sports though
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Well, they're constantly adding new shit in so you might have that option later. To date, my favourite character was actually in fuckin' Pathfinder.

She was a golden-scaled kobold nudist bard called Dragon Singer. She was a diplomat for a golden dragon and she was basically a jehovahs witness/groupy, constantly trying to convert people to the idea of "Dragons are Cool and you should Totally Worship Them"

She was extremely weighted towards conversation and performance. During one particular one I had a hefty bonus and rolled a natural 20. Was something like a 45 on my performance check, any watching gods would have themselves wept and accepted that dragons were indeed cool

I play online with a bunch of weenies who think I am a girl.
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What is going on in here?
don't you have to pay for it if you play online?

did you lead them on to think you're a girl or did they just conjure that in their mind
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Very Tired Kass.png
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>don't you have to pay for it if you play online?
Nah. Paying gets you more options, in case you wanna do something real fancy.

I made an internet persona back around 2007 on a manga forum. These guys are just people I met way back then and have been chatting to since.
oh i see, fancy like what?

nice, i assume it's gone alright since it's lasted a while
File: VS036-04.png (148KB, 214x536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dynamic lighting and stuff.

Yeah it's gone fine. We're just friendly cunts.
>dynamic lighting and stuff
that doesn't sound worth paying for
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I just don't understand how somebody can make sexuality the entirety of their personality.

I mean, I'm a very sexually open person. I was at one point known for my mating call, "Hey, I'm going under that bridge, whoever wants to fuck, come with me!"

But even then there was more to me than my love for coitus.

I just don't get how hooting fags expect to be taken seriously by anybody, much less themselves.

That's pretty solid.
At one point I was involved with a campaign group for so long that during our latest character rolling session, I couldn't help but try to do something totally off the wall, so I rolled as a black cat, took the penalties to my ability scores, and then dumped every point I rolled into intelligence and charisma. My int was high enough that I could talk, but I never let my party know this.

I spent the entire campaign nonchalantly doing things like breaking mirrors, causing people to walk under ladders and pass by my path.

During relations with an ambassador from a neighboring land, I climbed up into a nearby tree and dropped a heavy branch next to him. Later that evening, with a successful stealth check and sleight of hand, I was able to poison his drink with a toxin to upset his stomach and cause fever. When he was passed out and writhing from his illness, I went into his chambers and started whispering ominous prophecies to him.

This went on in a similar fashion for about four sessions, constantly torturing this otherwise helpful NPC, until he failed a Will save when more "unexplainable," events occurred and he drove himself to suicide. Shit was cash yo.

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I assume it's not much and if your group is really enthusiastic I don't think they'd mind contributing a dollar a month for cool effects and shit
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I think the best thing my character ever did was hop onto the shoulders of our goblin wizard and put on a trenchcoat and fedora and pretend to be a human.

I usually get very good out of combat rolls, but my in-combat ones are disgustingly bad. Anyone in our group who gets a streak of bad luck now refers to it as "Pitou luck" because me and natural 1's go hand in hand.

I nearly killed an ally after 4 natural 1's in a row.
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Michael Keaton 51.jpg
181KB, 1920x1005px
>fool kills the thread
why won't you guys stay in your home

It's full of diaperfags and scat/fart fetishists.

Which is why the guy who spams shit in these threads doesn't really deter anyone, cause going to /trash/ would just mean more shit.
File: Michael Keaton 46.jpg (33KB, 800x451px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Michael Keaton 46.jpg
33KB, 800x451px
Dead is better.
I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've been completely sober in like 3 years, ugh
File: 1289308551742.jpg (7KB, 225x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Finally sober? That calls for a drink
File: 1480232184680.jpg (717KB, 1280x1056px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I could drink some Fireball but eeh, thats almost worse than being sober. I usually smoke weed
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You remind me of Izzy
Not sure who that is but he must be a complete degenerate
i'm surprised this didn't die while i was out

i don't know, they're just awful things that should be forgotten, no matter how hard they try not to be

i guess that's reasonable, yeah
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