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what is the worst thing your gf or ex-gf has done to you?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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what is the worst thing your gf or ex-gf has done to you?
Cheated on me
came back to me
told me she might have given me std
told me shes pregnant
she then threatens to sue me for everything i have
tells me sex is better with new guy
I att suicide
in hospital she visits me
gonna ruin my life take everthing take our two kids
I hit her a few times
looking at 80 years for att murder
get 1 year in prison for assault
she then does absentee divorce
she gets everything child support kids sole custody the whole nine
takes me back and lets me stay with her during the divorce i had no knowledge about
I clean out my 401k into her account about 6000
she kicks me out with restraining order

Get off 4chan
the only thing I can apply on is broken heart and get cheated on me after 3,5 relationship. she was 18 and hooked up with a guy with psycho problems from 32 years old
STD. >>720001675
What the fuck man. No one told not to trust a woman as far as could throw her
>itt: pussies
left me for my "best friend" since 5-6 years.
>what is the worst thing your gf has done to you?
she never started existing
She's just constantly a bitch all the time.
We're ten years in here and she bitches about not doing things, bitches if I eat wendys, drink beer, play video games, if I mention how shit my job is she shits on me and tells me to get a better job.
Meanwhile she has an actual real almost 40 hour a week job for the first time in her life and she has stopped cleaning anything ever, uses and leaves 70 glasses and bowls everywhere, and complains about her job. Irony.
I wish I had been gay
After our mutual friend's birthday party, eat out a stranger. Apparently because I talked with the girl about autism in a dark room for a couple of minutes, so it's "suspicious".
Got a pity blowjob from the friend's friend later because of it so idunno.
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Cheated on me but it turned out alright for me

>I was 17, she was 15
>really loved her
>she liked how I spent money on her
>She was a 4/10 at best
>She let me fuck a total of 3 times
>We dated through when I left for college
>thought we were doing by the long distance thing
>Turns out she started seeing someone else just weeks after I left
>Took me a almost year to recover (I was a total wuss)
> Ruined my freshman year.

>Made up for it sophomore year.
>got fit
>My summer job at the pool let me get a great tan
>Came back to college and found I could pull tail for the first time
>scored three chicks in first two months (bringing my total to 4)
>numerous other bjs, hjs and make out sessions
>meet 8/10 qtpi with a fantastic ass
>she doesn't like me at first (her roommate and her nickname me asshole)
>I win them over
>turns out they BOTH want me now
>didn't realize
>date and fuck 7/10 leggy blonde
>cool chick (maybe there's something here)
>she's really into me so I'm considering it
>friend of mine says 8/10 qtpi likes me
>he tells me since he wants her roommate and I'm a distraction
>all I need to hear
>I go to 7/10
>she's just showered still wet
>throws herself at me
>I reject her and break it off
>go to 8/10
>tell her I know and I feel the same
>make out session ensues
>take her virginity less than two months later
>have many experimental sexperiences with her
>marry her
>have three kids
>she keeps it tight, really tight
>for 44 she's a solid 10/10 natural beauty
>90% of 20 something grills wish their bods were so tight
>ass to rule the world from being stair mill queen

Mfw we made love this past weekend twice which is just a typical weekend
Not reciprocated my love.

Seems like all I did was nice things for her, but she did nothing for me.
That's on you not her
So my ex was a squirter, so one night I came to her house for the first time and banged all night in the bed just soaking it up. Kept wandering why she had a lot of pictures of her parents on the wall. Come to find out that it was her parents bedroom and her dad had cancer and was at a hospital. Dropped that bitch. Anyone who squirts her juice on her dads death bed is a dirty slut.
>cheated on me
>loads of cyber sex involved
>said loads of vile things about me while begging for cock
>I dump her
>In my sleep deprived state, she drags me out into the woods
>sexually assaults me
>proceeds to realize this won't get me back
>decides her next course of action is to tell everyone in our small town I raped her

Fuck that whore, I hope she gets gang raped and killed. She ruined my life, simply because I didn't take her shit when SHE did wrong.
Told me i have a tiny in front of my friend
I once told my girlfriend at the time, "no thanks, babe." It still haunts me to this day. So ashamed.
Shut up you raped her and you know it
I was "dating" a super cute girl that I met at a party. She said she drifted around and needed a place to crash one night, so i let her sleep on my couch. After a week of that and massive sexual tension I finally decided to have sex with her. Two weeks later I come back to my apartment and hear her screaming her lungs out. I walk in and she's standing there with a knife, and as soon as she sees me a huge smile comes over her face and she stops screaming. She fuckin bum rushes me with the knife and tries to stab me. Luckily she weighed like 100 lbs and had the upper body strength of a small rodent, so I easily stopped her. She started screaming that I should let her release me to my "celestial self". She tried to kill herself too, so i calmed her down for like 2 hours and finally got the mental hospital in my town on the line. Got her admitted and visited her daily.
She got diagnosed as schizophrenic and transferred to a state-run mental hospital. I couldn't visit her anymore, but she still called me, then one fat she just stopped calling and refused to take my calls.
This was about 5 months ago, and I really caught feelings for this girl. Do I try and visit her or do I take it as a loss and move on?
Give her a pink sock and leave her where she is anon. True way to let them know you mean business
>I wish I had been gay

No you don't. All of my gay friends are far higher maintenance than any of my girlfriends have been. Every. Single. One.
Makes drama when I want to visit my mother for a few days.
This shit annoys me to no end.
Is it really wrong for me if I want to visit my parents for a few days from time to time if they live 400km away and I don't get to see them often?
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One day*
Not fat... Fucking auto correct I swear to fuck
Do something to get yourself admitted to that same hospital so you can be together

my ex girlfriend once made me bacon

it was turkey bacon


fuck her, kicked her ass to the curb
You're probably an arsehole, though.
The only loss was not giving that crazy bitch a pink sock before sending her to the nut house. Cut your losses man next time she'll end you in your sleep if given the chance. No pun intended on that last one
Fist my asshole
>married a hot Venezuelan bitch in college
>I had joined national Guard to pay for school
>what would have been last semester get called active
>go to Afghanistan
>come home a year later, we buy house and bang out a baby
>go back to Afghanistan
>come home early to surprise her
>catch her red handed fucking sone guy
>start beating the shit ouT of him
>feel horrible pain in my side
>wake up in intensive care
>turns out she stabbed me in the lung while I was beating her boy toy
>she took my son and ran back to Venezuela

Nothing to show for my toubles
Get out of here with your happy ending story and perfect wife. We're talking about the monstrous things women are capable of.

If this is true you are the dumbest man alive.
Why anon??
Broke up with me after telling me to get over depression. Said I was an asshole for three years after I did nothing but spoil her. Whatabitch.
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fuck the fuck out of that fucking fuck. FUCK!
Did you take anti-depressants? Sounds like my story
>complaining about saltiness in a salty thread

I'm trying to feel better about my choice in a girlfriend, not doubt.
I feel like if she can manage the schizophrenia on meds, I might be able to not fear for my bodily safety and we could be together, cause we really did fit together those 2 weeks. I mean, she was mentally unstable the whole time, so I don't know what that says about me and who I'm attracted to, but I really like this girl and I think about her constantly. 5 months of absentee obsession has really started to fuck with me

>Cheated on me

All this extra shit you did to yourself.. you dumbass.
A no sex until marriage girl. I was her first boyfriend. Dumped me because she said she was afraid we'd have sex after an extremely heavy make out on our 3rd date lol.

That's the worst thing a woman has ever done to you? What are you, 12?
As long as you're willing to be patient man. Mental health is complicated and fragile and anything can agitate something. Just be careful man and good luck to you if you do pursue her. In my opinion I would say don't do it but you do you my friend
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all cucks deserve such end after forgiving the cuckening
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most of this you did to yourself
Made me love her
Thank you for your service :^)
Military always get cucked. No woman is capable of waiting when there is a sea of willing cock for her to exploit and be exploited by.
This. Insinuating that I'd ever do physical damage to a female shortly after she broke up with me. So I should've applied a restraining order but my dumbass let her come back a month later. This second chance was about her making it work. Well it didn't. She was too afraid to face facts and apologize to my fam. I offered many chances to hang and date her but was pushed back. Then as innocent bystanders she bitches out my mom & sis for no reason. Broke up on NYD. Stay tuned...

Don't worry. It isn't a true story anyway.
>Had sex with one of my best friends within weeks of breaking up
>didn't tell me about it (I moved away)
>had sex with me several months after breakup, still didn't tell me she was fucking my friend up until that point
>told me a few weeks after

not the worst, but it sucked
ex tells me she's pregnant and when are we getting married
intense pressure from her, her mother & step father
suddenly she wants an abortion, ok
on day I take her, step father shows and stops her
ex had been fucking her step father for years was his kid

Falsely accuesed me of attempting to rape. She called the police and I was arrested. Once they started questioning her, her story fell apart. She then admitted I didn't do anything to her like that.

Fast forward 3 months, police show up at my work and arrest me. She claims that I had been peeping in on her in the shower. While being questioned I asked them if they had been in her bathroom. They had not. I told them to go there check it out and then ask her how can someone peep in on her from outside of the house when the bathroom has no windows.

Fast forward 6 or so months. She texts me asking me to please take her out on a date. I do not respond. Later that day the police call me asking if I could come downtown for questioning. Told me I would be taken if I didn't go voluntary. She had claimed again that I had been stalking her and tried to rape her in her neighborhood earlier that day. Her story keeps changing so they let me go. I get a restraining order on her. Have her arrested when she shows up at my job screaming and yelling at me. Never see her again after that.
Cheated on me for a week while living with me in my family's house while shooting up heroine with the same guy she was cheating on me with. Seeing as she introduced me to crack and a bunch of other hard drugs, I'm pretty sure it was in my best interest the relationship end anyway. Still a rough way to go though. I fuck her any time she's in town at least, apparently she hasn't been able to find a decent replacement for me since and despite knowing plenty of guys in my city she comes for my D
What was the specific phrasing she used when she confessed? "I had sex with" or "x and I made love" or what?
There's been cheaters, shit talking over the years, obviously worse. But that sticks out as the most amusing to me.
Not existing
The D stands for dollars, m8.
>Or dubs. Chekd
I think she said something like 'I've been with Dick all of last semester.' I asked what the hell that meant, if they were a couple and she said she wasn't sure, but they were sleeping together.

Two years later and they're still not in a relationship but doing something, kek. Last time I saw her she clearly wanted my D and even expressed that, along with a lot of regret. That felt good.
wow sex twice
treach me your ways, master
Albeit, worse things have happened, but I dealt with multiple crises as the calm, cool voice of reason. One time I immediately complained after she stomped from one room of the house to another and then let out a horrendously long fart when she got into bed. (She never did it again—her apparent contempt for me she had to demonstrate in some other fashion.)
So upon seeing me work an event on the 14th we chat later and she notices this. I don't think I was but I was definitely focused. So I thought she wanted to make up and I let her talk because she felt bad
One time she was eating canned asparagus and went to give me a kiss and spit a masticated wad of it on my mouth. Almost made me throw up.

Eventually the dumb bitch cheated on me and I threw her to the curb.
Virgin detected
Dubs confirm
Shhh adults are talking right now. Moat of us in our 30s and 40s have been here since around the time your mom sold her pussy on the night your mistake ridden ass ruined her figure and tits.
>casually dating girl online behind her bf's back
>things are great we feel secure
>one day she suddenly tells me she just had a threesome
>don't want to talk to the slut ever again
>she cries and i take her back like an idiot
>net stalk her social accounts and find out shes been talking to and liking dick picks
>confront her again
>3 years later and she's under my foot
i should've ripped that bandaid off a long time ago.
Lied to me about petty shit
Killed the dog with a claw hammer
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You're a dumb bastard.
Ex gf kept me in the relationship with black mail. Tried to hang herself on the phone with me once. She wasnt acting because you cant fake the horrifying sound of choking and fear she made.

She managed to get back on the chair but that sound still haunts me 10 years later.

I have a fear of friends dying now.

Anyway other than that i made a full recovery and im with a good woman now.
good job mate
damn thats fucked up I couldn't even imagine
You really can only have sex once a day?
Met a chick through a friend in college. She already had a bf, but he was an asshole to her so made her mine. She was 18, I was 25. Freaky as fuck and a solid 7/10. Let's me fuck her however I want. Ass, face, whatever. Find out she's bi so start having other chicks in the bedroom. Good times for about 3 years. Shit gets rocky about 2 years in because she's got daddy issues (he touched her and is in prison for fucking one of her underage friends) and is unstable as fuck. Breakup for a few weeks just shy of 2 and a half years into relationship. She comes back and says she still wants to be with me. Spend a few more months together. Suddenly shits not alright anymore and she says she wants to breakup for good. She leaves me for the friend that hooked us up together who was also married at the time. Turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost a backstabbing friend and hooked up with the 9/10 hottie I've been married to for almost 8 years now. Sometimes things work out in the most roundabout ways.
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How's middle school going?
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i've been that guy. i've cut off all people i used to know after a mental break. she might not be coming back.
>be high school fag
>interested in two ladies, one my age, the other younger
>choose 10/10 my age girl
>"Waiting for marriage, anon"
>give her all the orgasms. None received.
>1 year later
>get dumped
>go for younger one
>she's 15, so mother says fuck no
>date anyway
>"waiting for marriage, anon"
>fall in love, slowly start working in more and more
>she's super weird about what's ok
>hj, bj, eating out, and orgasms galore
>never seen each other naked
>not even a finger of penetration
>Grows into herself over next few years
>smoking hot with an ass that gets catcalled daily
>start talking marriage
>mom finally accepts
>planning a life together
>we'll tie knot when she finishes school
>5 years in, I'm graduating college soon
>breaks up with me out of the blue
>starts dating older guy within 2 months
>all three of us are involved in same activities and I have to see them together
>she tries to be my friend like everything is ok
>I waisted all of college on a "wait till marriage" woman who left me before our planned marriage

One could argue that I dodged a bullet there, but I often lament my lost college years. It wasn't just the sexual exploration, but the social one. When you already have a fiancé, you're not driven to develop and interact with others and "find yourself."

My now current girlfriend of almost 5 years quickly learned not to bring up marriage.
Boy, you sure got me! I should really get back to my language arts homework.
Honestly as someone who has a brother who has schizophrenia, my advice to you is to cut and run .

You will have a life of misery if you try and make it work .

That's a mega serious mental illness that never gets better , drugs just mask it .

Get out now for own sake
Part 1

>live together for 4 years, drifting apart
>suspect her cheating
>says she's tired of living in shitcago
>wants to move 3 hours away to parents
>yeah, me living with her and her half cripple parents
>she wants to break up
>figured fuck it, I can afford the apartment myself
>old landlord is a bro, thinks of my like a grandson
>he also like to cook, pretty damn good
>free food with rent
>me gusta
>let bitch leave
>she want the cat
>fuck no, only pussy I was able to touch for past 3 months prior
>she's pissed
>she leaves and arrange a date for her to get her shit
>have both landlord and best friend over as witnesses for moving
>expected her to try some shit
>claims she's taking the cat
>too many eyes, she leaves quietly
>drink with best friend to celebrate
>best friend nerdy chick, 8/10 easy
>we fool around a bit, start to date
>exgf caught wind
>tried to say I had cheese on computer
>now gf doubts it
>we still hang out, but she seems on guard a bit
If u get rid of all but 2 bowls and glasses then u won't have to wash as much
> single father
> meet friends sister
> hit it off
> date for two years
> live together for 1.5 years of it
> her and my ex are friends
> helps raise daughter
> families all get along
> life is going well and I think she may be the one
> then one day..
> I'm leaving for work and get a kiss and I love you as usual
> come home from shift to a half empty home
> no note, and a pile of the gifts I had given her
> find out later from her family what happened
> she met a guy twice her age that offered travel, not having to work, and some influence
> so she ditched on Me, My daughter, her Friends..
> feel so crushed I reexamine my entire paradigm on life

I'm doing better now as a person and in every other way except trust. I cannot ever trust again. I've tried.. That part of me is broken.
Aftet a couple of years the guy she was with traded her in for another younger girl. I occasionally wonder what her life is like now.. I've heard she has asked about how I'm doing from friends, but I have no personal contact with her. My life has improved, and I hear she has gone back to school (the plan she ditched to be pampered.)

I have this huge emotional chasm in my life.. And I don't know what else I can do but deal with it daily.
You seriously don't want to have this in your life. I know people who are schizophrenic and your whole life will be under the shadow of it.
My last official ex (haven't seriously dated since her):

-Cheated on me with a girl.
-Brought the girl to my house at 2am on a Thursday to break up with me, holding her gf's hand the entire time.
-Spent the next six months trying desperately to still be my friend, including using the key to my house I'd given her to come to my place when I wasn't home and leave playful pranks and traps with the help of her gf.

I know it's not much to complain about, but c'mon. You cheated on me, then dumped me in front of the girl you cheated on me with. GTFO of my life already.

She almost walked in on me fucking a girl a got with on the rebound. I wish she had, actually. Maybe she would have left my life sooner.
Dude what the fuck. Get back that fucking key. Or get a restraining order.
>tried to say I had cheese on computer
WTF does this mean?
Part 2

>few weeks later, home from night shift
>about to go to sleep
>loud pounding on the door
>"Open up, we have a search warrant."
>look out window, 5 cop cars
>toss on shorts and answer door
>"What do you want?"
>"We have a warrant to search."
>"Lemme see."
>read warrant charges:
>Possession of cheese
>supposedly searching of recordings of me I took raping chicks
>other illegal activity
>warrant was legit
>my address, my name, no way out of it.
>they push in
>take my computer, just upgraded it too...
>take my laptop
>take all memory cards
>take all flash drives, including one I have about 27.5 bitcoins on
>take all cameras
>they even took my phone
>they found nephews ADHD meds I had in cabinet
>watched him one in a while so I had a bottle with about 5 pills
>for times I babysit and he needs them
>arrest me on drug possession
>at least had a chance to get a cigarette and dressed before they hauled me out in cuffs
>as I'm leaving, spot best friend now gf just down street seeing what was going on
>her jaw was dropped
>put into car and hauled away.

cheese pizza
O hai, you must be new here! Welcome!
i just googled it, thank you
She then says she's so this but not get back together. I took her word for it but this could change. I then told her that if I heard anything sideways come my way I'd blab to her about finding Felicia piss drunk and having not only to wash her down after puking on her hair but drag her back to the couch where she vomited again.
Well, I wouldn't say this was an "ex" per se. Our relationship was complicated.

I was really close with this girl throughout high school. Always had feelings for her. In August of 2015, she hung out with me on my birthday and we ended up making out. She was my first kiss and she told me how much she enjoyed it. Fast forward to September, she comes over again and we end up having sex. First and only time for me, so far. It was her first time as well. It was somewhat enjoyable.

She would later tell me she regretted doing it and was all emotional. I told her that we both made a mistake doing it so suddenly, and she agreed. We were both good for a while after that and made plans to see each other again. Note that during this time we weren't "official."

Then a few weeks later she asks what our relationship is exactly. I told her I wanted her to be my girlfriend. She told me I was "too far" from her (I lived 35 minutes from her).

Then, she stopped talking to me. I heard from her on Halloween and she basically told me she didn't want to see me ever again. Some of my friends told me she used me for sex because she just wanted to do it.

The kicker is a month after this, she had an official boyfriend. The best part? This kid was from California and went to her college. We live in NY. Yet I was "too far."

I was fucked up by that for a while. But, I got over it. I still hate her for how she treated me, but fuck it. I hit it first.
We were happily together for 2 years until we wen't on a travel together for a month, then in the middle of the trip she cheated on my with a guy she barely knew a week ago, i had to deal with traveling back home all alone and desolated, then all our mutual friends sided with her just because they were friends with her before, not giving any fuck about what she did to me, great people
File: chloe.jpg (151KB, 959x959px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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all from same girl:
let me discover she cheated on me by fingering her and find some semen that wasn't mine
having her bro following me everywhere on parties and tell her everything I did (she was very jealous even if she was a whore)
told me I had to do everything for her if I didn't want to be a dad in 9 months (bitch forgot her pill on purpose)
told her parents I was to blame when they discovered she did drugs

pic related
I blocked her on both FB and TW since I made no headway. Then last Wednesday I find out about this. Instead of wishing me a happy birthday, she slanders me where I'm know her co-workers can see it. As of today I'm told, it's still there. This story links up with >>720005267
File: r4rr.jpg (35KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my ex disappeared from my life from one day to other after 6 years together and great expectations. next thing I see is her new profile picture hugging a guy in her bedroom.
this was a month ago, during christmas so you know how I felt since then.

before that we had our in and outs, I suspect some cheating, you never know with women. They can lie straight to your face and swear they didnt meet anyone but who really knows. Im really fucked up
Disappeared without saying goodbye.
So she cant get my taste out of her and I'm fed up with it. I think it's not only time to blast her on Twitter but also call to rip this ex a new one. THOUGHTS ????
- She wanted an open relationship for herself but not for me. Cried to her friends about how unfaithful I was to her.
- She had sex with a negro who gave her crabs so I go his crabs too.
Im >>720008183 , mine did that too. Just some random messages
>theres nothing wrong! Im still the same, we can keep hanging around! I dont know why are you feeling like this!

And didnt want to meet just for talking or explaining what happened
left me for my boss and i think she fucked at least one of my 2 best friends
go on
more of right?
Do you guys think after everything is fucked up, you should search for what she did, who was she seeing with, fucked, or anything?
Or is it better to fade away and better to keep it unknown?

I took some research in the past and it was really worse.
>Ruined my freshman year

Nothing after this is true
It's been nearly a decade, and I've since moved out of the house. (I miss it though. I was paying $600 a month, water included, to stay in a 3-bedroom, spacious place in a nice neighborhood mostly filled with old, quiet retired people.)

But yeah, I'm out of there and haven't heard from her in about three years.
I hung myself and she screamed at me then left me, then made fun of me on social media for weeks.
I was stupid enough for keeping a relationship just because I was too afraid of being alone, and she hurted me so much all those years. At the point Im even doubting if it was all my fault.
But the better I was with her, the more I care about her and give everything, forgive her, care for her psychotic rages or bipolarity and so on, the more evil she was.

Im such a loser. I cant even get a new girl anymore. Alone, without friends and spending my days playing videogames at home. 34yo already too. Life really sucks.
Was her name Lorena Bobbitt by any chance?
>taken to station, mind you, this is now about noon
>prints taken, at 1pm, get a chance for a call
>Since I was being nice, and they noticed it, asked a favor
>two calls, one to dad, one to boss
>they allow it.
>rack brain for numbers
>call father
>let him know I'm arrested on bullshit charges and at the station
>ask cop when I'm getting out
>charge too serious for I-bond
>need to go to court in morning
>pass info along
>make call to boss
>he knew exgf was a bit crazy
>told him arrested because of her
>couldn't make it into work that night
>not sure when I'd be back
>told me not to worry, he'd take care of it
>go back to cell
>up sometime to piss
>wake up to some guy screaming he dindu nuffin
>wake up to cop at the door
>offers bologna on white
>ask time
>2am, wagon will be there in 3 more hours
>fast foward
>court holding cell
>marched in
>bail 100,000
>bond out
>finally home on monitoring device around midnight that night
>finally get a smoke
>court two weeks away
>no work.....
Fucking haunts me, man. Every single day. She was the only person I've ever loved.
I am skeptical, but go on
I have no idea what you're being such a whiny bitch about Anon. Stop being so sensitive and move on
Sorry man! She was secretly preparing to leave for some time, that's why it's so sudden. And they usually leave you in the dark about it, to minimize their inconveniences when they actually leave you.

thats what I thought too, she didnt even want to meet because she didnt know what to say or get away with it. because there was no explanation, just being a coward and running away.
first days she answered my calls and started crying without any reason, so from that moment I knew I was really fucked.

You know what hurts the most? While Im staying at home every single day or weekends and saturday nights, she is with another guy like if nothing happened, still going out and having dinner/watching films.
Finish the job. That'll show her.
The dictionaries have been accepting "hung" in this usage for half a century now.
Pat 4

>still not home
>at fathers because he signed me out
>try calling gf, no answer
>try calling friends, no answer
>try a few more times
>friend finally picks up
>"fuck off you fucking pedo rapist"
>"don't let me see you again"
>day in court
>make too much money for free lawyer
>expensive defender
>drug charges dismissed
>fuck yeah
>ask lawyer about confiscated gear
>he doesn't know, not part of the case
>get anklet off
>free to go
>finally a chance to go home
>landlord at least did some cleaning after they fucked over the place
>make shit ton of calls
>find out how to get at least my phone returned
>finally get phone back, without micro SD card
>rest of my stuff is being held for data search

end result
>unable to get stuff back due to it being part of an "ongoing investigation"
>had to buy new computer, well, a $30 P4 pc so I could at least get back online
>lost most of my friends, at least those in the area
>still had about 3 left, but at least an hours drive away
>they escaped the fallout and knew the my ex was insane
>still really pissed about losing the bitcoins

>now im with a different girl
>wasn't long when we started dating the ex's mother sent her a message
>"He's evil. He's a pedophile. He's a rapist. You're better off without him."
>didn't work, already told my current gf the whole story
>still want to kill ex
That's the difference between correct usage and usage as recorded in dictionaries.

this is why im afraid of dating
Never date Latinas. They're all fucking nuts.
Each and every one of them are fucking crazy.
so you never got it back? How long ago was this, I'm fucking angry I need to know more?
Take the L bro. Just look at it like you dodged a bullet.
it's a fake story. They won't issue a warrant purely on hearsay
this was a while ago now, over a year. after trying to call for a while, eventually they said the items have been discarded due to not being collected. and I was calling on average once a week trying to get details. at least I got my phone back and the majority of my pictures and most of my files were in the cloud. I didn't trust it enough to put my bitcoin stash there, maybe I should have...
100k, america is fucking stupid
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Can this now be a feels thread pls
for cheese, sure Colarado, but generally the usual.

"However, when an affidavit is based on a tip from an informant, the Judge must take into account the totality of the circumstances, including the informant’s veracity, reliability, and basis of knowledge, and the level of independent police corroboration of the facts stated in the affidavit."

an exgf who had lived with me and spent time on said computer can be enough.
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We can do that bro
That's cringe not feels
10k got me out, bailbond held 10%, so they got a grand, and another 2k to the lawyer.
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It's okay anon, let it out. You can lower your guard here.
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>be with bitch
>4 years pass
>begs me back
>grass aint as green huh
>proceed to insult her in every conceivable way
>attacks me when I was trying to leave
>scratched my face to shit
>the centipede is a nimble navigator
>punch her in the face so hard she cracked drywall with knockback
>got off scot free claiming self defense after showing cops her vile txts
>got texts every 6 months begging me to come back
>never replied ever.
She's fucked at least 30 guys (assorted drug dealers and associated scum)
Still texts me. I have learnt to enjoy being alone and don't wish to cohabitate yet.
You should have knocked her first. One deserved punch in the jaw and you could have had your way.

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