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Today's a good day ,/b/! let's have a nice thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Today's a good day ,/b/!
let's have a nice thread
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what up op
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everything's been fine
Fuck you faggot
Suck my cock
I'm just staring into the eternal void of existence. Trying to contemplate why I'm so miserable in a world of such beauty and possibility. I think it is the immorality of my fellow man that haunts me and their hatred for God.
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but i'm not in any way homosexual
also, boondocks best show
Haha i see what you did there but this isn't opposite day :'D
Taking googly eye requests
That's the truth, nothing really matters, but in your own world you can make things matter!
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That's strangely comforting to hear. Thank you.
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Thats better
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as i've have thought the same thoughts that you're having i can relate and help others.
If someone can't help themselves, they should try and help others
That's called altruism. It is considered a mature coping mechanism for grief and strife. I learned it from this guy.
Just wakin' up in the morning gotta thank God
I dunno but today seems kinda odd
No barking from the dog, no smog
And mamas cooking breakfast with no hog.
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though it said autism for a moment xd.
but it's always good to find something to do in this time in the world

today was a good day
Were supposed to sing the song faggots y'all fucked it up. Now your whole days going to be fucked up.
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Stop being amazing or I'll shoot.
Hi anon :)
Yeah nah you're not funny
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it's only one thing, we can try again :)

watch gucci my anon
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I don't think he was trying to be.
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haha whoops, my mistake
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Just here to make people's days brighter fam, no need to pull a gun
Nope it's to late now. In real life you don't always just get to try again. It's over. You all failed. Not even sunrise and y'all have done and fucked up my entire day. Thanks faggots
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it's true that time only goes one way, but we have all the time in the world
Fml anyway.
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all life is precious to the one that does not love it itself.
but you still have a chance
i will answer all questions in a positive way
Do I? Do I really? Do I really have a chance? No I don't think I do faggot.
Quit preaching to me.
Go be somebody else's friend.
I'm fucking passed off at all of you.
Last post of the lyrics would of been 72000000 too. But y'all fucked up.
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Stay strong anon
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My girlfriend cheated on me today... after 4 years of going out
>fuck your good day
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it's all in the past, it's time to move forward
don't dwell on the past

you were too good for her anyway
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it will be okay. you are still loved.
nope she was much hotter than me
and stayed with me through depression
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Here ya go :)
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Just remember it's not your fault.
Life hits you hard sometimes, but on time like these it's best to depend on no one (maybe yourself if you're confident) and be the best of you for yourself, not for others
OK, I will try to get on.
Today I have not slept because I've been fucking around on 4chan all night like a faggot
I'm going to have a 2 hour power nap.
Fix my resume.
Print off 2 copies.
Hitch a ride with mother into town for her Dr.s appt.
Drop one off at the Chinese restaurant.
Drop one off at the pharmacy.
Come home drink coffee.
Print off another resume.
Go to Timmie's.
Drink coffee fill out application.
Drop resume off at car wash.
Come home
Clean house. Eat food. Drink coffee
Come back to 4chan
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i've been awake for more than 24 hours, but have been feeling alright so far.
Try "breaking" out of your circle, do something else. take a walk in the nature, read something interesting or find something you've wanted to try, always stay open minded!
nah im gonna do 2 lines of coke and then just sit and cut
I need to make some fucking money
I'm 25 had to move back in with mom
I've done fucked my life up bad
Fuck nature Fuck reading Fuck having an open mind
Fuck it
I'm just going to kill myself.
All cause you faggots couldn't sing the song.
Thanks again /b/
Daily reminder :

March of the #PARASITEGENDER - the biggest accumulation of fascist parasites that year
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Women - no culture, not civilised, no honesty, no intelligence, no responsibilities, just lies, falsehood and hate and pure, unhinged parasitism. Women are more animals than humans .... honestly. Man im happy, not to be part of the degenerated part of mankind, the utterly useless, the parasitical, the scumlike, the destructive and evil, the ever negative, the ever burden, the ever retarded, aka females. I am a man and more proud and happy and thankfull than ever about being part of the humane gender, the good half of humanity +
there's always something better to do other than coke or other addictive narcotics.
just take a break from everything, view your life for a moment and think where you are at, don't dwell on the past, it's not good 4 u.

at least you're following what you want to do.
What i think is you're obsessed with having a "normal" life (steady job, house, get spouse and spread your heritage). a lot of young adults stay with their parents for some time, but because other people are telling others what is normal and what isn't, but that's just their option.
What i'd like to do is train myself in construction so i'd be able to make my own house in the middle of nowhere
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>aka females
with no females there would be no mating, hence no people, quit cherry-picking a few and look at actual people
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That's only a factor until we perfect genetic engineering and cloning. Then we will use eugenics to erase womankind, negrokind, muslimkind, and faggotkind from the face of the earth.
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why would you look forward to it? You're first in line
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this was an ok thread
good bye!
>not using greentext
Well it hasn't happened yet so it's not a story. Thus, should not be greentexted.
But thanks for the fuckin' input
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 34

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