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greentext thread 1/3 >be me, sophmore year in high school

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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greentext thread

>be me, sophmore year in high school
>sitting in class, first day of school
>first period, so everyone just piled in and class starts
>history professor welcoming us back, the usual bullshit
>suddenly hear a loud knock on the door
>professor comes up to the door, opens it
>standing there is this giant female nigger, around 200lb, tard wrangler right behind her
>clearly has down syndrome, has that face, cant remain eye contact
>wearing some huge hoodie, sneakers, and has this frizzy ponytail tied with a rubberband
>professor is confused
>suddenly female nigger snickers to herself
>opens her mouth and says "ATTENDANCE PLEEZ"
>snickers again
>professor is like alright, gives her attendance sheet
>turns 180 degrees, walks to the door across the hall
>does the same exact shit, with the snickering and everything
>class quietly snickering and laughing
>little did I know this was the beginning of a ritual
>for the rest of my years in school, this happened to me every single morning, every single day, and every time the exact same fucking "ATTENDANCE PLEEZ"
>this autistic girl becomes popular around the school, everyone was always friendly to her
>but here's the fun part - no one ever fucking knew her name
>when she would walk down the hallway, most just said "hello"
>one day, probably junior year, my friend gets this great idea of a new greeting for her.
>she walks by that day, my friend goes "hey ATTENDANCE PLEEZ, hows it going?"
>she smiles and says "HELLOOOO, GOOOODD" and keeps walking
>entire hallway keks


>this goes on for months
>eventually our entire school does it
>nearly every morning you would hear and entire CLASS across the hall collectively say "hello ATTENDANCE PLEEZ" to her when she would walk in for attendance
>even seen a fucking teachers accidently do it once, and then turning bright fucking red
>end of junior year, principal finally catches on
>morning announcements
>"Today we will have a mandatory meeting in the lunch room at 11am to discuss a certain issue going on around the school"
>my test was at that time, im happy af cause i get to not do shit for what i hope is a whole period
>fast forward to 11am at the lunchroom
>principal comes in, entire student body is there
>starts givins us a speech about how bullying is bad, no one is really paying attention
>everyone thinks its just the regular old shit they feed us about bullying
>no one realizes this is about ATTENDANCE PLEEZ because everyone is so used to it by now
>principal brings out ATTENDANCE PLEEZ

>"I've recently found out that this innocent girl was the target of bullying for a very long time."
>everyone has confused faces since everyone likes her and no one picks on her. some people even by her snacks on occassion
>"she has been tormented and abused only because of her condition"
>everyone still has not a clue whats going on
>"you, the students, for the past year have been calling her one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen in my career"
>faces of realization slowly kick in
>"you have all been relentlessly calling her "attendence please"
>collective OHHHHHH
>"this is a person. this is a human being. she has a name. her name is... um... beautiful"
>omfg you cant be serious
>"come here little lady, come tell us your name so that everyone can address you respectfully."
>tard wrangler urges her on, she comes up to the mic
>silence, everyone is awaiting to know cause to this day no one fucking knows
>principal is fucking shocked, speechless
>tard doing her smile and laughing cause she is so happy
>everyone is in fucking tears
>principal dismisses everyone, doesnt say a word more
>this shit continued on throughout my senior year, all the way to the end
>still dont know her name
Keks where giveded, 8.6/10 expected better ending
bumping for more greentexts
That was so funny you made me cry. Someone screenshot this shit.
My sides
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Fucking zozzle
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Put my dubs in the screencap
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.Her name is Sally.
OP here, I got my yearbook, looking around for her atm actually. maybe ill find her
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no dice, sorry boys
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no prob still 9/10 kek
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anyone screencap this shit?
i wish
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Slow clap of glory

>goddamn 10/10
im too lazy to screencap, but i cant let this gold die
Wouldnt she turn 360 degrees to go across the hall?
Well fuck me
shit i forgot
Not even a chuckle/10
If you are reading this on reddit upvote this or your mother will die in her sleep tonight
See you faggots on r/4chan
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download (6).jpg
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Shit effort OP.
id disagree, seems to be pretty successful to me
Reading an autobiography usually tends to stroke an ego.
>We called her Attendance Please
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>be me, regular day
>browsing 4chan before work
>get a call from next door physicists
>"we need you to come and check something"
>"sure, what's up ?"
>they tell me to hurry
>arrive to observatory
>they want me to check a picture taken by a telescope or something
>picture of outer space
>"sir, we believe you know what this is"
And that's how I found my sides that this greentext made me lose
I envy you dude, high school for me was cringe as fuck
my hero
Wait, are there different levels of autism like you can be 1/4 autistic and normal or just full on autism???
it is greentext thread.
show me what you got pleb
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The most legendary, the Catfishman!
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This is a long one, but it's worth your while.

post more you faggots, I am dumping my greentext folder here.
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Thread posts: 56
Thread images: 29

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