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I recently shared this story on facebook i was instantly shunned

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I recently shared this story on facebook
i was instantly shunned and mocked. Honestly i couldnt care less. I believe what i believe and everyone is free to do what they'd like.
Aliens are real and this is my encounter.

I will start with what i was told. and if enough interest, i'll explain my encounter thoroughly.
Can you just skip to your encounter?
>aliens are real
>they are among us
>and even more
>they are us.

>we were a dying civilization on a separate planet.
>our planet was actually dying as well
>but at the beginning of our existence
>A race stumbled upon us by chance

>Star Trek Style
>they picked us up in a small, selected amount
>they found a planet that was fit for us
>nuked all life
>placed others like bacteria
>rodents, pests, animals
Would you like my actual encounter or a TLDR?
Insomnia is a bitch and I need to find things to stay preoccupied throughout the night. Give me the whole thing mayn.
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Sing it /b/ro


>After arriving at our new home
>It was quickly realized that we weren't evolved enough yet
>Like a caveman species
you may have heard them somewhere
>Cro-Magna Men.
>they Knew we needed some kind of a push they couldn't just scientifically enhanced.
>they used the oldest trick in the book.
Bump... ... ...bump

>they mated with us
>they gave us their DNA

>they bred to a point we were all hundreds of evolutions ahead

>we were still behind. we saw them as gods.
>we created temples of worship to them
>we wrote about them how we could

>we had seen them use scripture but left us no tools to do it ourselves.

>so we etched the depictions of this story into the temples
>they would come down to teach us more things when we were ready
>they would give us tools we needed

>in 4 different parts of the world.

>we were tribes
>we were hateful towards the others.
>so they clustered us outside of our tribes
>clashed them and separated.

>racism is primitive

>They realized that they were enabling our negative behavior

>we could act out and make mistakes
>they would correct us like 6 year olds shitting themselves

>they had to leave
>and for the best

>instead of growing up on our own..

>we started sacrificing human life.
>we would blame others for their neglect
>we would wage wars
>even though we were taught against it
>still racist in terms of power.
>this wasn't working for us, and they knew it.

This wasn't working

>they decided to do things better

>they found ways to become like us, appearance-wise

>if they got into power, they would lead us like sheeple
>that clearly won't work at all

>they wanted to be close to kings, presidents, popes
>hope that their input was enough to change our ways.

>they were in disguise.
>pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
>thousands of years

>they are still here today helping us advance

>but they're becoming restless.
>after the centuries of attempts
>after the generations of crossbreeding

>they're losing the goal of their mission.

>the reason for our purpose as life in this universe..

you guys still interested or did i lose everyone?
I'm still checking back every minute, keep it going.
Still here
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Finish it

If you ever question your purpose.
if you get anything out of this long story that you may never believe or reconsider.
At least save this piece to remember forever.

>They came to us with the same goal that they had.
>If you've seen Star Trek..
>These Beings were the inspiration.

>We are to advance, not for power.
Not for money.
Not for ourselves..

>Our purpose, our MISSION..
>Is to Advance beyond money
>beyond war.
>beyond hate.

>we will come to a point where an argument is viewed the same as assault.

>Human life

>it isn't truly important..

poland ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
what evidence do you have

>When we advance beyond our hate

>beyond our greed

>beyond our emotions..

>we will be ready to leave this planet.

>after fixing the little harm we've done.

>We will move on, from planet to planet.

>Galaxy to galaxy.

>we will be like those who have saved us.

>we will teach others to fend for themselves and advance beyond what we've been through

>to achieve what we are destined to accomplish.

>we will unite not only the planet, not only the galaxy.

>we will create a Universal Peace.

>One Federation in this dimension.

>ALL life in this universe is sacred.

>All species are meant to grow and evolve.

>WE WILL advance to a point

>There is nothing but peace, communication, and unity.
Boo, boo OP. Advance at what?
So said the nigger
Skip to your encounter mate.

I am a tall white/human hybrid living between CA and OR

We are still here and we have been developing your race still

At this point your dna has been mixed with multiple other species

A lot of worlds and races have quite a lot invested in your people
my evidence?

Your existence is my evidence, friend.

This is our purpose.

Everyday, we're meant to better ourselves more and more to a reach this goal.

You feel it in your soul this is what needs to be achieved.
You know in your heart unity is the answer to all issues.

We will get there one day. Even if it takes thousands more years.


>they are among us

>and they are us.

>they are helping us in the only ways they can considering.

That is the end of my preaching..

If you guys would like to know how i was informed.
My stupid "close encounter"

that no one would ever believe or agree.
That only a complete idiot would consider a "close encounter"

i'll start with one request.
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I have reached many of these conclusions but you mentioned YOUR experience. What did you experience to realize this besides smoking pot and watching ancient aliens?
It's probably all the other crazy sci-fi I've been exposed to but this idea seems boring. I know that's probably not what you want to be reading after telling us this but lemme ask you something OP. What sets apart this intricate and even somewhat plausible explanation for our purpose/origin/aliens from any other that is just as intricate and well thought out? Why believe your version?

Well. my experience was mostly with pot.

Here goes my story guys.

I'm ready to be mocked again, but maybe this will speak to at least one person.
Maybe this will bring us one step closer.
quick reply before i start.


there is no difference besides this being the link.

every religion speaks of god coming down. GODS coming down.

a lot like those in a ship blah blah blah ancient aliens repeats.

A belief is a belief. you can agree with the one i have, or follow your own. We are all aiming for the same thing.
The story of my encounter.
Giving you guys the full version from start to finish.
I doubt you'll enjoy the ending. it's quite bland and short, but this is something that's changed my life and my views forever.
Where have I heard this story before..... oh!!! zecharia sitchins books
I served a 20 & back as part of a secret space program dark fleet

Lived on Ceres


OP speaks the truth
So, you have no evidence.

Your meaningless words are not evidence, let me show you what I mean. Imagine I'm claiming that aliens don't exist as you say, and I say my evidence is as follows:

Your existence is my evidence, friend.

Then I back it up with further non-forms of evidence.

Your personal feelings are not evidence, nor are the feelings you erroneously ascribe to others, so let me ask you again.

What evidence do you have?
No encounter story? I'm interested you should tell us

>I was in high school.

>common beta fag

>i didn't know how to deal with women, or my insecurities

>6 ft even, 140 lbs wet.

>noodle man with emofag style

>extreme cringe to the max

>Theres a faire/festival coming to town.

>i decide to go to blow time

>all i do is smoke weed and play league

>gotta get some sunlight and social encounters

>theres a cute little slumslut

>i live in lower level middle class.

>the white person ghetto

>not as low as trailers

>her dads a biker here
>staying in a camper
>she's a definite 8/10
>if you forget the fact she looks as loose as a storm gutter
>Well her and i fuck in her camper.

>her whole family is asleep inside it as well

>her idea of course, and i get in zero trouble.

>not important, just proud i fucked a huge bikers daughter 15 ft from him.
Lay off the weed, space nigger.

>this relationship has lasted about two weeks now

>her parents are going out of town for the weekend

>my parents are out of town for the weekend
>bribe her grandma into picking me up and letting me stay for some weed.
>she takes the deal and i go over on a friday afternoon

>normal stuff goes on, smoking fucking, talking.

>she wants to go to the local skatepark.

>we head down there and all seems well until her ex bf shows up

>Nick (actual name)

>i find out I'm actually bait

>I'm just there to make him jealous

>he has a new gutterslut girlfriend
>zero fucks from Nick

>he's cool though
>we smoke and skate
>the girls talk shit about us while we do our own thing

>She ends up ditching me there

>everyone leaves. i'm roughly 40 miles from home

>i don't drive, no car, no friends

>nick went home to his trailer

>I have nothing but some weed, pipe, lighter, wallet, skateboard
>no money though
>it starts raining
bridge about 300 ft from the park
>lay under it with my head on the skateboard
>small old bridge
>not like city shit
>it was supoosed to connect somewhere but never finished the other road
>its raining now
> i desperately need food, all day of smoking leads to hyper exhaustion
File: 1466554013198.jpg (19KB, 485x469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck that i like freedom fuck your aliens bro
most boring part, and ending here guys.

Thanks for tuning in, sorry for disappointment of encounter..

>i decide i'm going to steal a bag of chips from a local corner store
>i'm stuck here anyways
>zero fucks
>if i'm caught, maybe he'll show empathy

>on my way there
>old car stops beside me
>window rolls down slowly
>i'm ready to die

>old black man asks me if i can find weed
>i'm not from around here man, but i'll smoke you up for some tacos.
>he spends 20$ on tacos
>we smoke about an eighth of weed.

>while we're smoking.
>he's telling me these things that i've shared with you guys.
>he's spot on with the entire script
>this is before ancient aliens was broadcasting these theories
>even remotely
>at least 10 years ago from today
>he's got a big smile on his face when i ask questions
>he doesn't hesitate to answer them
>he lets me know that the gods are among us, but they aren't much of gods
>they're "us from the future" when we get there, we will be them. and they will be our family
>i'm stoned enough to listen to him completely
>i tell him whats going on with my situation
"i can't take you in, but here's this"
>he gives me 50$ and a ride home.
>i feel extremely lucky
>i thought i was going to be robbed and killed
>i was ready to die
>instead, he shows me that there's more to life than stupid religion
>its not about heaven or hell
>it's not about doing things by the bible

>it's about making this, earth, our universe heaven.

That's all i have for you guys.
Hope all is going well, and you enjoyed my time.
I'll linger a few minutes to answer any questions and read any troll posts.
I seriously hope you die
I honestly enjoyed this, its similar to my outlook on what life is meant to be
i do too. that'd suck if i was the only person that never died. Sounds like a lonely and painful life.
Eh, for what it's worth OP I was relatively entertained throughout most of it.
tl;dr, Just keep doing what we're doing and we'll achieve Space Communism.
OP here, thanks /b/ro

i'm glad you enjoyed my information and my "encounter".
i really hope you save some bit of this and whenever you're feeling lost. this gives you some direction.
worth a lot man.

I'm not very interesting
I'm not very creative
but if this gave you something to do and something to think about.

I achieved something.
OP here heading out. Thanks for bumping, reading, and countering.
Have a good night all and a good week as well.
made my night less boring
yes yes, run away from questions about evidence

do you seriously wonder why people dont take you seriously and mock you?
Thread posts: 53
Thread images: 6

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