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LIFE RESTART THREAD: I'm thinking of quitting my $100k/year

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I'm thinking of quitting my $100k/year job and trying something new. Taking suggestions.

Move to LA and try be a star?
Move to the coast to work on a fishing boat?
Move to the south and become a writer?
Move to Europe and backpack for a few years?
Hitchhike and hop trains in the US for a few years?

I have several thousand dollars saved up, a car and a condo I could sell for about $200k.

What do you think I should do?
Also, could just learn an instrument and be a busker.
Fucking don't you retard, youll regret it in a month and spiral into trying to convince yourself that you made the right decision

Right. But at the moment, I'm a miserable alcoholic.

I could live the way I'm living for thirty more years, accrue possessions and wealth, and still die miserable and alone.

What's the harm in just throwing caution to the wind and living life recklessly?
that sounds like a lot of work anon
How about moving to a major city and starting a career making more than just 100k?
Buy a large house nowhere and a bunch of bus tickets. Ask /b anons to be sissified in your basement, and film it. Instant millionaire.
You didn't post anything about yourself. Your fitness level, your education, your race.

For me though, I'd buy a small place in New Zealand and raise sheep.

And then do what with the money?

I have lots of money right now. It so far hasn't done anything to increase my happiness or satisfaction. That's why I'm reasoning that even if I try something retarded, like a fresh slate, and fail, I'll be in the same place I am now, except knowing I pursued something worthwhile.


It's not that bad. My last two vacations, I lived the life of a vagabond, traveling on foot, by bus, or by hitchhiking. I had lots of supplies (too many, actually) and explored small portions of the Pacific NW.

What I'm talking about doing is how I decided to spend my last two vacations. It beats the hell out of shift work and day-to-day alcoholism.
Assuming you have a college degree, join the military as an officer.
Go to Europe and backpack dude. If you can fund it so you're not just homeless in Europe, fucking do it.

That degenerate shit, I've found, is unsatisfying. For the worst drinking years of my life, I hooked up a fair bit and regretted it every time.


High school, some university, white, 6', 220lbs, typical shlubby male.

I've thought about farming, but land where I'm from is way too expensive to be practical. I've been learning about self-sufficiency the last three years and am not opposed to wandering around the wilderness for weeks at a time.
Don't sell the condo. Rent it out and live off any profits, and if your life change doesn't work out, you always have somewhere to come back to.

You should go for it. I did just that 12 years ago, moved to a tropical country and although the first 6 - 12 months weren't easy, I am much happier now than in my home country.

No, I dropped out of university. I hated it. I hated everyone I met there. And the military is very contrary to my personality. I'd almost certainly be discharged.


I can fund it, but am trying to convince myself to go at it with no backup plan, which is difficult.

Where did you come from and where did you move to?

And situation before and current situation?
Join the military as enlisted then. Legitimately the best thing I ever did even though I hate it most days

What are the benefits? I'm very uncooperative with authority figures, though I usually recognize where they're coming from. What do you like about it, and why do you hate it most days? I hate my life most days, so why should I join the military?

Btw, I'm in Canada.
Ah, well I can't speak to anything about the Canadian military, I'm in the US Navy myself. Benefits are you'll see the world and experience things you've never experienced shlubbing around your home town. If you're smart enough to make 100k doing whatever you're doing now, then you could go far in a military career. The only thing I dislike is some of the people who sit around doing nothing all day then bitch about actually having to do work at some point. Like that's what you're bring paid for, suck it up, faggot. But if I can swallow my pride as a racist minarchist and join an arm of the government, you probably can too.

And I could rent the price for roughly the price of the mortgage plus condo fees, but wouldn't turn much profit. But that's fine, at least I would still own it.

What's your end goal? Officer? Political career?

Things in Canada might be a bit different. Our dollar is worth less than yours. I work a unionized job in transportation, but deal with the same thing you're talking about: lazy, entitled co-workers who bitch about having to do real work.
My end goal? If I play my cards right I can retire when I'm 39 and move to a house innawoods where it won't matter what is going on outside.

What are you goals in life m8?
Mehhhh I'm gonna quit and move to a poor area to work at Wendy's to be white trash. Fuck the rat race
I would advise you have something to keep you busy at first. If you quit your job with no other intention than to "learn an instrument/be a star/become a writer" you will probably just end up drinking all day whilst vaguely persuing those goals.
Boredom is a large part of why people (I) drink.
You can a buy a $50,000 GPU server and steal passwords
Buy crack, sleep on the street, repeat...
Do your Jack Kerouac thing, or open a small business based on something you believe in (maybe buy a bar), or become a teacher.
How about becoming a chef in a small restaurant? Are you a foodie? I know one guy in his 60ties who didn't wanted to retire and had some 100k in his pocket. Now the restaurant pulls 500k a year.

Not sure. My hobby is writing, but that's fulfilling for me, not from a commercial aspect. But the commercial aspect is what makes it feasible.


Exactly! That's why I didn't quit two years ago. I made a deal with myself that I would quit drinking for one year before I quit my job because I would just drink my savings away and be way worse off than I am now...but I haven't been able to shake it, so I think I'll just thrust myself into a situation where there is no casual, bored situation that allows me to drink.

I'm essentially a luddite. Don't ask me about computers or other technology.

I saw a lot of that in Portland. It didn't seem to bad, except the part where twenty year olds are sleeping on literal concrete beside skyscrapers.
Fuck you. We have too many people here in LA. Go somewhere else faggot

I was gonna be a teacher but found the program and my peers so lazy and entitled that I essentially rage quit.


Very bad at cooking. As an alcoholic, I eat mostly fast food or microwave-cooked food.

Like, what if I just sold every, kept all assets liquid, and traveled around the continent for as many years as I could afford, keeping a journal, taking pictures, and keeping in touch with my family through letters?

I think I could go 10-15 years in that fashion, then settle down.

What do you do for a living? Anything interesting?
Ha. One of my hobbies is writing. Know how much time there is to write during a deployment? Because the answer is approximately all of the time

I have like twenty hours a week free right now. Yet I write for about an hour a week. The rest of the time is drinking, shitposting, and youtube.

Such a waste.

That's why I want to thrust myself out into the wild and disconnect for a few years to regain some perspective, and get a grip on my life. I can't seem to get out of this rut.
I save lives and property. That's it
Came from the UK (England) to Thailand. Couldn't get any work in the UK and had been involved in a lengthy legal battle over my 4th child which screwed me up. Decided enough was enough and decided to come for a year, and now in my 13th year here. Would never leave unless forced to.

I knew someone slightly in the UK who moved here so that gave me a slight start but he turned out to be a dick.
I have always been good at English, used to be an IT project manager in the UK so was pretty good at report writing etc, and had taught as a visiting lecturer at my local Uni for some years too.
I decided to try teaching English and found I had discovered my forte. It was pretty easy to get a job here at the time, but not so easy now, unfortunately for you. Worth a try though.

Fucked many many women here for the first 2 years, had a great time and then met my wife.
We've been together since 2007, and I have made a lot of money by working all God's hours (which I enjoy) and am happier now than I ever would be back 'home'.
I go back every year with my wife to visit my other 3 kids (all adults now) and my aged mother of 99, but I could never live there again, ever.

I'd say have a broad plan for somewhere, and go for it.
I'm the Anon who said to rent out your condo and not sell it. That way you always have a base if things go to rat-shit.
If you want to know more, AMA.


I spent a couple days in LA on my last vacation. Stayed in a cheap motel on Sunset, wandered up and down the boulevard drunk, watched some comedy, and that's about it.

I don't have the personality for Hollywood, but I absolutely understand the allure.

Thanks for the reply.

Though I fantasize about this a lot, I have only a very rough idea. I would intend to keep my condo and rent it out. Store my personal belongings (which aren't many) in my dad's basement, and pack a single bag and hit the road. I work on the railway and have hopped in the past. I'd hitch and hop across Canada and the US for a year or so, return to Canada and fly to Europe.

To my advantage is that I have no wife or children and no debt or legal obligations (other than the mortgage). Once in Europe, I would continue backpacking for six-twelve months, then stay in a city with a reasonably high English-speaking population (am not opposed to the UK or Ireland). Work as a bartender/server/whatever while I get a feel for the native language. Then slowly immerse myself and see what's out there.

I understand that leaves little prospect for long-term stability, but I have long-term stability right now and do not like it.

At that stage, 2-3 years on the road, what do I do? And when you went to Thailand, you had some legitimate qualifications. I don't. What do I do at that point?
>But that's fine, at least I would still own it.
Britfag in Thailand again. Yes, that's exactly the point. If you rent the place, just keep any surplus money in Canada, then you not only have a base, you still have a bank account, a Canadian address etc etc. Just get your tenant to forward you any relevant mail, or scan and email it to you. My UK pal does that for me.
Then you keep your resident status and your access to free medicine and other benefits etc. DO NOT tell the authorities you have left the country.
My suggestion for you is to immediately sell the condo, invest the $200,000 in headshots. Fill the car (may need to rent a trailer depending on size of car) and drive to Los Angeles to begin your rapid ascent to stardom. The "several thousand dollars" you have saved will easily shelter, clothe and feed you the 5 or 6 days this process will take. Additional advice: burn your bridges before you go. No looking back, star.
Cut all ties, erase all evidence of you existing, new game+ yourself.
> Btw, I'm in Canada.

Britfag again. I like Canadian. Here in Thailand I have met many nationalities and Canadians are some of the better people I have met.
You say you're an alkie. Makes me think - I have a Canadian acquaintance who is a pretty serious one. He drinks about 15 to 18 630 ml (22 fl oz) bottles of beer a day starting when he wakes up.
He's been in hospital twice now, once for about 4 weeks and this time in intensive case for about 3 weeks and then 3 weeks ago in the word. He's fucked and has no recourse to Canadian free medical treatment so he and his wife are in serious debt now.
If you are basically running away from your life (you may not be) then be aware that it is very easy to drink more if you are alone and in a strange place. That's what did for him because he refused to integrate, learn Thai or anything so he never socialised.
You need to be sure you keep you entitlement to free medicine and also I suspect you'd be better off in an Englsh speaking country.
Move in with me grow medical weeding
Go to rehab and then you can do whatever you want after that. Just get sober first, it's the only thing holding you back.

Right. I would probably just forward my mail to my sister's place (she lives in the same neighbourhood), but would not disclose where I'm actually living.

Now, as for a min wage job overseas, how much under the table work is there? Could I realistically walk up to a place after taking a basic bartending course, and say I'm not a citizen, can I work here?


kek! I knew somebody believed in me!


I'm not chronic yet. I drink 6-8 ounces of whisky a day. I've held that level for about two years, but have had two short bouts of sobriety in between. My strategy atm is to be away from cities for a few months so that I can break out of the routine of daily drinking.

I tried it in 2015 and went two solid weeks without alcohol while backpacking, but before the trip was over I declared that I didn't want to quit drinking yet, because my mind wasn't occupied with anything.

That's why I'm proposing the ultra risk of burning bridges/terminating regular income, so that I don't have the choice to back out.

I've invest $5500 in Canada's marijuana industry in the hopes that it's legalized in the next couple years. Could pay off 3 to 1.


I have considered getting a counselor, but the route cause of my misery is not something I'm willing to discuss, so I think it would be a waste of time and money.
why not spend all your money on knives and whiskey then kill yourself for thinking of quiting the decent thing you got going

kek, I've thought about recreating Leaving Las Vegas. I happen to love poker so Vegas would be a great final destination.
just try to meet people and build a community, maybe out on a ranch in california. ten send those people you trust and love into a nearby city and convince them to kill celebrities and write dumb sit on the walls in their blood. try music too.
Anon, you're poor as fuck. Get some real money and then go to New York and buy a dope fucking apartment, get every food imaginable in one day, and fucking breed.
or you could start a cult buy some robes do some sacrifices dedicate it to trump or some shit make national news when you tell your cult followers to start killing celebrities live on a ranch maybe, play some music. write a song maybe like the beatles helter skelter could be fun you know.
I'm always here to leand a hand, so give me money
[email protected] on paypal

Every time I tell people my actual beliefs, they strongly suggest I seek therapy or anti-depressants. It's bullshit.


Compared to NYC, yes. In five business days I could liquidate about $160 000. If I sold my car and condo, there's another $200 000.

$360 000 ain't shit in New York City. Plus I hate NYC as a concept.


I don't have any religious beliefs, nor do I think it's right to kill people arbitrarily. I would rather find a remote plot of land, learn to live off of it by hunting and some gardening, and die in peace in fifty years.
Well that's just too interesting. What are your actual beliefs anon?
I am the guy who offered to grow weed with you in us I can help you quit with Ibogane and I can help you get over trauma with ayahuasca or I can help,move to hancock Michigan
start smoking meth and devote your life to protecting the reptilian race from being exposed to the other residents of your trailer park
>And when you went to Thailand, you had some legitimate qualifications. I don't. What do I do at that point?
I didn't. Not to teach anyway. At that time, any fool who spoke English and could breathe could get a job, but not so easy now. It can be done, but you'd be on shit money.

Just typical nihilistic bullshit. Humans are preprogrammed and free will is essentially an illusion. Most people are self-serving, and even good people are drawn to inhumane, passionless activities. We are dominated by advertising and a consumer culture. Even interesting things, like artistic and creative pursuits, are spoiled by expectations of respect, commercial success, and understanding, and many are even driven by the desire to be popular and wealthy.

The beautiful and pure things in life are all natural, and exist in an increasingly small corner of each continent.

And even if you overcome all of that, when you're alone in the wood with your own creative pursuits, and are self-sufficient, fed, clothed, and sheltered, you still long for a mate which you will never find.

Nature has programmed me to be alone.
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