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g/fur? g/fur

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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g/fur? g/fur
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>pictures that make me thankful for grayscale
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I am a big fan of grayscale in most things
idk why

I just cannot into blue fur
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Maybe you're colorblind.
I'm not picky but I love this one
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I'm not picky *and / ;* I love this one
it's shit btw ;3
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love them
Why you leave me?

Shitty internet doesn't love me
I've actually had that problem all day. Was trying to play some D3 before work, but was suffering 1k+ latency.
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I like very hd porn of rimming
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Just said fuck it and went to my parents place for dinner. It usually shits out on me between 3pm and 8pm. So I just leave or read a book during that time of day.
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I'm starting to become a regular in these things. Bueno.
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You must have Comcast also. They pull that shit on me regularly. Need to switch.

Now get Namesync and becone a true fag.
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no bueno

addicto la pornografa
Mexicans around the world just shuddered.
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how am namesync. I've never heard of that. My fag levels are not high enough.

Pornografa es muy bueno. quiero mas pornografa.

Spanish speakers are also insulted that I just made the habitual mistake of referring to all Spanish speakers as Mexicans.
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I have Time Warner/Spectrum now which is pretty much the same as Comcast. I had Comcast in another place and it was about the same amount of bandwidth dicking.
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Here's some fat horse balls
I want a cute femboy to fart on my dick and then pee in his butt
I laughed hardily thank you
I'll be here all we-

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Good Lord those things are massive.

As an American, I was under the impression the language WAS "Mexican." Who are these "Spanish Speakers" of which you refer to?

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sigh I know what you mean
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Been a while.
Remember me?
doubt it.
Install 4chan X, either Google it or find it on the Chrome store. Then look for 4chan Namesync. I don't remember which is the working version.

If mobile, you have to use Firefox. You can just Google the mobile version.

Century Link fiber is available in the area. Only reason we have Comcast is my brother-in-law is cheap and keeps cancelling and renewing for the discount rate. Since I have steady income now, I'm planning on taking over the internet stuff from him.

Also, when are we going to see some Scratchypoo butt?
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Have some more
Me on the bottom
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How would one even find underwear with junk that massive?

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all I know is you're the least autistic one here so far
He probably tries, but it most likely doesn't work out
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I just take what I can get when it is available. Most internet providers suck in my area so it really doesn't matter.

You already have one
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I'll take it.

How's Redneckville?
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If that picture is any indication, I'm not surprised.

I need an up-to-date one. Without boxers.
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Mmmmmm, I dunno, that gives away the whole "anonymous" thing. Sketch.


Better ask Jesus really nicely then and maybe it might come to pass.
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Well the local hunters club informed me today that if my dogs wander onto the deer flats behind my house one more time he would shoot them on sight. So I have approx. 500 lbs of farm dog laying around on my kitchen floor right now 'til I finish fixing this fence.
>then god sees me
>no fuck you dogfucker here's 4 in of rain and tornadoes
>here I sit hoping I don't have to dash to the storm shelter any second
So. Eh, it's been better.
Didn't you used to have another avatar too?
That's the point

I don't trust Jesus. Not since he left me for dead in Tijuana.
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Alright, well, I downloaded it, I'm just looking for the place to put a name. I am not a smart man.

Hey look, trips.
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You can pee in my butt :3
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Thicc pokedick anyone?
You got better so there is that at least
Mobile or PC?
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But that's how you get pregnant
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Oh no, see if I'm on top then gravity will prevent pregnancy!
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PC, and I figured it out. I thought there was a settings tab for Namesync. I wasn't aware I just typed in the name during a reply. On the plus side, I figured it out, and I'm a real fag now. Yay.

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And a few others, I think, I don't really remember myself.

>Check doppler in your state.
Oh. Dude.

I get that they don't want your dogs scaring off the deer, but are they so indignant as to shoot them over it?

You don't catch a break, do you?
Post it. Bent over and sticking it out a bit. Like a slllllllllllut.

You should also give me away to contact you outside if 4chan, in case you disappear again.
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well they have two options
1 call animal control, which means calling to the county, which probably won't even answer the phone, then if they do decide they want to come out, they will charge a huge fee to the owner of the land to have them removed, or
2 shoot the bastards dispose of the body's with the other dead animal flesh and ignore the missing dog posters for the next few months.
It's hard because I want to sympathize with him I don't want my dogs going off but dammit building a fence to keep Great Pyrenees isn't cheap. I do catch breaks the problem is I spend all my gains on drugs and alcohol.

Yes I remember well now. Long time eh
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nila kissu.jpg
621KB, 1024x1280px
That's a myth, you'll definitely get mpreg with my pissbaby.
File: 1470861412302.png (610KB, 720x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But I am a decent upstanding person who would never engage in such behavior!

I suppose my steam could work. I don't use it a lot but am usually logged most the time.
Now post your butt.

I don't use mine. I just need something I can use to bug you for lewds when I'm bored and lonely.
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I guess you'll just have to piss on my chest then.
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I dunno, I've never seen you post your butt. How do I know this isn't some sort of homosecsecal ruse?
>use mine much
I'm on there only like once a week to update things and check sales.
Everyone's seen mine.
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It just logs in when I turn on my computer and I haven't bothered to fix it.
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Untitled (28).png
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Mm, fair point. Maybe later, I'm comfy.
just look at that dick.
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If not you then I'm definitely getting some other cute boy pregnant
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Thread images: 65

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