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public bathroom debate thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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public bathroom debate thread
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What's the debate?
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who has filthier toilets, mens or womens public bathrooms?
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Really that's it? Lol well I used to work at grocery store. Women's were always more repulsive actually.
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Men's. They have bigger and smellier shits and urinals create splashback that coats the room and floor in microscopic piss droplets.
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I love this one

if proportions are to be believed that would make him 4'6" or so
I like the ones that have his as short and stocky.
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thickness is much more important
The janitors at my High School always said the women's bathrooms were the worst... in fact only one was ever open at any one time because the rest were being cleaned.
Like so.
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so is this your fursona?
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Michael Keaton 51.jpg
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oh hey fool

how are you
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Hello. I'm bored. Waiting for my friend to get out of work.
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I'm also waiting impatiently for the sun to go down so I can go and work on a painting. The God damned sun ruins every God damned thing.
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The sun you say?

Eh, I'm happy to be bored these days
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The sun, yes. You've heard of it maybe?. It's the magical fireball in the sky that burns angrily and smites us when we do wrong.
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incredibly slow today
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Yes, yes it is.
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I wonder where bufftiger is

I miss talking to him
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you are so autistic
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hey zaryss
hey snuffles
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Bloody pussy blankets tip it in the girls favour.
You people are sick with that animal shit...
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oh I have no idea what you could mean please tell us more
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I live in a university dorm with shared mens and womens bathrooms - let me tell you, the women are always leaving the worst messes - in both the toilets and in the showers. The showers are especially bad because the dumb cunts never clean their hair out of the fucking drains and everything always clogs up.
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I just can't look at anti_dev's stuff the same since I found out he has a bug catching fetish
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What's good?
Enjoying the rain and watching Young Justice which is both good
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I demand Scratchypoo butt.

Hey Luc.
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I'm around
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well hows the land down under
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not really personal but female bathrooms are worse. had first job in fast food first time closing. guy training me told me to always be careful with those tampon pouches because he knew someone that got stuck with a hypodermic needle. And another time he had to clean out a bloody miscarriage someone decided to have in a stall.
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Sucks. Trying to fit millions of dollars of equipment in a plant room too small to service them
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at work I assume?
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Women are pretty disgusting creatures.
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