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I need help finding something good to watch ive seen just about

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I need help finding something good to watch
ive seen just about every good movie, series, or anime out there but now i have nothing to do
anyone have any good things to watch?
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btw ive seen everything good on netflix or hbo already
seen it
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gonna bump thread with some wallpapers
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Down Periscope
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jesus that looks bad
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Mob psycho,
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu,
Azumanga Daioh,
flip flappers,
boku no hero achademia,
hunter x hunter,
cant name any more
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ive seen all of them already
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wtf lol.jpg
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you've probably seen NHK ni Youkoso! then right?
If you want something to watch for a couple of years detective Conan is 800+ episodes and still going
one of the first anime i watched
have you seen..

Shura no Toki
Air Gear

China IL
your name is really good the only version thats out isnt great quality but its good. Great movie and i believe its the highest grossing anime film. Found from kotaku article so idk how true it is but great film nonetheless
Nice :3
what about prison school?
i doubt it would last me years
i watched all 700 eps of naruto in under 2 months
have seen
what youtubers do you recomend
i watched that a month ago
all his films are great
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have seen
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jesus christ man do you live to watch tv.
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i go to college 2 days out of the week but other than that ive got nothing to do
kabaneri of the iron fortress
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anyone read goodnight punpun
its pretty good
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Da Vinci's Demons
Sons of Anarchy
Parks and Recreation
American History X
A Time To Kill
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nope , ill check on it tho. what other shit do you watch, or better yet list all the shows you have watched.
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that da vinci show looks good ty
From 90's Vampire Hunter D / Cyborg 99
On youtube
that would take forever
recently i watched
the oa
the magicians
the newish hannibal series
and a bunch of animes and movies
pink flamingo
heres my wallpaper
>Thriller / Drama
The Americans
Deutschland 83
Generation Kill
The Wire
Breaking Bad
Top Boy
True Detectives
>British Comedy
Green Wing
Brass Eye
The Mighty Boosh
Garth Marenghi's Dark Place
Father Ted
Toast Of London
Chewing Gum
Monkey Dust
Black Books
The Office
I Am Not An Animal
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then ,beavis and butthead
Is there anything on Netflix worth watching?
have you got any friends? or are you a lone weeb?
yea there are some good shows
house of cards was good and
all the ones i listed here are pretty good

i have some friends but they dont really ever do anything fun
i live in a pretty small shit town with nothing to do
Stranger Things
The Crown
Black Mirror
thank you im looking through these rn
>but they dont really ever do anything fun

you should become that guy. that guy who arranges the fun shit for friends to do.
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ok dog I developed this method while dicking around. never actually used it but seeing as you watch so much You may be able to.

1. go to random.org
2. generate number between 1 and 248
3. multiply by number from step 2 by 50
4.go to https://myanimelist.net/topanime.php?limit=X and replace X with number on step 3
5.generate a number between 1 and 50
6. go to that anime.
7. watch that anime
8. ???
9. Profit!!
ive got no money for anything to do
we go hiking but we have been to every spot nearby a ton of times already and it gets boring
but your method doesn't account for the fact that 99% of anime is shit.
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File: Laura+Haddock+(4).jpg (248KB, 1056x1007px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah man. Lots of nudity, good story line, action, romance, oh and lots of nudity. Not sure if I emphasized the last part enough.
well give me a rough estimate on how many anime you have watched.
File: HsPkPzg.jpg (669KB, 5759x1079px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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anime series
over 200
get money , work 3 jobs

buy some interesting shit

dig in the hills


go to ram ranch with your friends
i watch almost every one as they come out each season
what the fuck is ram ranch
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i'm not op. just speaking my mind.

please don't be offended, i'm just not a fan of squeaky-voiced cartoon high school girls being pursued by awkward virgin boys, which is most anime.
i am op
ive seen far to many already
so many generic harem anime
>i watch almost every one
Oh no.

We've lost another one to the dark side.
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so far you guys showed me a few show im gonna check out

prison school
da vincis demons

im gonna need a few more to get me through the next 2 weeks at least
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i need a good netflix movie to watch...I have seen all the good ones I can find...and suggestions?
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imo anime starts of as a refreshing alternative to western animation.

but then the more you watch it, the more you realise how dull and repetitive most of it is, and how it's the trashy junk-food tv of japan.

some anime movies are the shit, mainly the classics from the 80s/90s. but otherwise it's hard to find the good stuff.

there are people out there who will obsess over literally anything new out of the land of the rising erection. i just want to find the genuinely good stuff but it takes too long :(
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love live, then love live sunshine.
thank me later.
>pic related to live love sunshine
exersize fam, start a garden

volunteer at your local shelter

play csgo
the last kingdom
mr nobody
there are alot of good ones on netfix
ive just seen them all already
this. fucking love this film to death.
i ride my bike alot already
i live in a desert no way im starting a garden
there are no shelters in my town
and i already play csgo and other games
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Thanks friend. Got any other movies on netflix? I just watched american werewolf in london and it was amazing.
I want to so fucking so badly , start over fresh in a new town with nothing more than my ID's and the clothes on my back .

be the hero we need
ok there are 12,400 anime series currently listed on mal. if you multiply that 0.01 (100%-99%) then you get 124. meaning that you have already watched every "good" anime there is. of course I know you were being satirical. but still you may have just watched almost every good anime there is. even if you haven't at this point I think that it would be less effective to people from a website who will probably just tell you things that you've already seen. then it would be just to hope for random chance to take you to a diamond in the pile of shit. You might also want to try french animation I haven't watched any french animation but I saw an absolutely beautiful scene on /f/ from a cartoon called Wakfu I can't promise you anything but you that might bring you something new. also you might want to take up another hobby. like drawing, writing or programming all of these are free and you can put as much time as you want into them.

not offended one bit.
idk man just look on netflix and watch anything with at least 4 stars and its usually good
heres a few
look whos back
world of tomorrow
the way
before i disappear
the confirmation
a long way down
the road
the giver
the little prince
there are a ton of good shows but as i said ive seen them all
>Good movies
Into The Wild
Donnie Darko
Pan's Labyrinth
Dead Man's Shoes
The Babadook
American Beauty
American History X
Memories of Murder
The Ring (Japanese)
The Blair Witch Project
The Place Beyond The Pines
Road To Perdition
Heavenly Creatures

I could go on forever but they're some decent ones, some of which you might not have seen.
i have alot of hobbies already
i just have too much free time even though i sleep 10 hours a day and go to school 20 hours a week
>i have alot of hobbies already
like what?
sucks but ive seen all of those already
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>original berserk (sub)
>cromartie high school (english dub)
>golden boy (english dub

all i watch is horror so all i can recommend
>the witch (2015)
>autopsy of jane doe (2016)
>he never died (2015) not so much traditional horror but it stars henry rollins and he was pretty good in it

>ash vs evil dead was pretty entertaining albeit cheesy
>trailer park boys seasons 1-3
>prison break

probably the weirded list on here as none of it is consistent but just stuff i've enjoyed
browsing porn
buying tissues
avoiding mom
you're probably not OP...
building shit out of scrap metal
music production
oh also masturbating
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also for movies the first from dusk till dawn was great. they made it into a series as well but nothing beats the original
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>english dub

ew you filthy casual.
CW's Flash
Shawshank redemption
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well If you have free time you might as well pick up more hobbys. also you could get a job (if you don't have one) those are extremely time consuming. Or if you put your time into making a business .
168 hours a week
70 sleep
20 college
78 free time
half of that i usually use for physical activity's
the rest for watching shit
ive got almost 40 hours a week of watching shows and movies
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you could learn graphic design and start making OC. to help old /b/
>anything with at least 4 stars and its usually good

from my experience, netflix ratings are shit. imdb is a better gauge.
try out charlotte it's a great anime
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utena anthy.gif
1MB, 500x221px
>ive seen just about every good movie, series, or anime out there
No, you haven't. Your tastes are probably shit, too.
anything under 4 stars on netflix is absolute ass
thats why i said that

seen it not that great

not really
nice quints fag
>not watching love live
you have shit taste kys
oh tell me what great taste you have
Welp, there's no reasoning with you. The electric Jew has turned you retarded.
idol animes are for weebs
same goes for generic harem
>anything under 4 stars on netflix is absolute ass
thats why i said that

but a lot of what's under 4 stars on netflix is decent, and a lot of what is 4+ stars is shit. hence why i said netflix ratings are shit and imdb is better.
show me something under 4 stars thats anywhere near watchable
You're arguing with an idiot, anon. Whatever you do, he's going to drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Cut your losses.
File: logic.gif (2MB, 400x222px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>idol animes are for weebs
>implying that takes away from its good story
>judging a anime by the genre that its in rather then the anime itself

why did you even make this thread if you are just going to shut everything down like you know better?
Hold the fuck up OP, have you checked out Sunny?
yea i have seen every season
its a good show
The ratings you see will be different from what others see.

If you didn't realise, Netflix star ratings are based on whether it thinks you'll enjoy a show or movie, based on your viewing/rating history.

For some people, the algorithm might be accurate - for other people, not so much.
>implying that takes away from its good story

Not OP - but name me an idol or harem anime with a good story.
konosuba is a harem comedy
and that shit is so cash
its only good because it just makes fun of harem anime every chance it gets
i already did
plus this
konosuba was classic
Well fuck if you're a childish cunt like me that would laugh at anything, (which we know you are) then maybe Crayon Shin Chan would be up your alley. All that great 2000's Adult Swim stink on it.
seen it years ago
its not that great
can we finally kill this thread? this kid doesnt want to listen to anyone
lol id listen if anyone would post some good shows
he's listening just fine it's just that he's already seen everything
File: 24845.jpg (34KB, 225x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the best show.
File: 1407218040726.gif (2MB, 286x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 286x199px
no, going back through the thread hes either shutting it down as uninteresting before he has seen it, the raiting isnt good enough for him, or hes going to say hes seen it and it sucked.
there is no pleasing this guy.

just go watch ed edd and eddy and go to sleep.
>gif related
Possession (1981)
On the silver globe
The fountain
Barry Lyndon
The Bling Ring
Children of Men
The Hunt
File: 1480196877761.png (748KB, 664x813px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
748KB, 664x813px
some people are just like that. but I had some fun in this tread.
File: 8eptogq.gif (207KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah this is clearly his version of bait, unfunny, but still is bait. Also post moar eddy gifs
File: strut.gif (1013KB, 500x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1013KB, 500x338px
this is now a ed thread
File: NOICE.gif (467KB, 498x381px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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984KB, 480x360px
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Thread images: 75

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