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Fluffy thread may or may not post OC! people might remember

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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File: Fluffy.png (31KB, 386x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fluffy thread
may or may not post OC!
people might remember Olive from some other thread
oh well
using the pic again because im lazy
Bump from mobile
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anyone got the comic where someone turns a smarty into a plush?
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There, uploaded plenty enough for now i guess. reCAPTCHA is starting to get annoying. You guys go ahead.
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File: poopy babbeh.png (507KB, 1072x642px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
poopy babbeh.png
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Is that the insane fluffy-fighting Olive from the stories or a different fluffy?
File: 1479263243127.png (226KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No i dont have that one but i saw it on here the other night maybe just keep checking or go to that fluffyburru <-- site probs butchered name probably on there
>>719834507 >>719834546
yeah, same anon that originally posted it the other night! different olive!
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Oh, alright. Was thinking about drawing the other Olive. She's in my backlog. Oh, that drawing backlog of mine...
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you are sick stop this now
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Is that you, dust_collector? If so, I have missed you.

If you think this is sick, gtfo off 4ch. If animated macabre shite triggers you, you shouldn't be here really.

Let us unwind please.
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meanwhile at hasbio.png
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That's sweet. Yes, it is I, Dust C. Ollector.

You're the author of these comics? I've seen them before. Your art style is unique, really. And that's a good thing, really.
Curtis: the park job

>this tale takes place during the first spring after I started my fluff control business
>At this point Curtis was only about 4ft long but still capable of taking down an adult fluffy
>I had just been paid by the city council to clear the city park of shitrats
>As per my contract I was allowed free reign over how I do so
>the city park is fairly small only a couple of acres only an iron bar fence separating it from the surrounding neighborhoods
>the night before myself and my father who is a contractor loaded a small dump truck with 3x10 plywood sheets
>Working in the dead of night while the fluffies were asleep and a couple of hauls of plywood later we managed to block off any escape route
>Hell all we really did was lean the sheets end to end against the fence but considering the strength and intelligence of shitrats it would be enough
Thank you. As they say - variety is a spice of life. Fluffy ponies seem to be the only thing I draw nowadays though.
Always wondered, are you a woman?
Curtis park job pt 2
>the next morning I gather my supplies
Thick gloves
1 wheel barrel
A couple cans of gasoline
A snare pole
1 cardboard box
a 22. Calibur pistol plus box of bullets
And of course curtis
>I load my supplies and hop into the dump truck borrowed from my dad
>On the way I drop by a local antique store and make a special purchase
>A civil war era Calvary saber still in good shape and more than enough to kill a fluffy
>as I arrive at the park around noon I see that the city has posted yellow tape at the park entrance labeled DO NOT CROSS
>I don't see why considering the city council made sure news of today's extermination got around
>people living around the park have been warned about the sound of gunfire coming from the park as well
>I unload my gear and strap Curtis into a harness with a retractable leash
>I cross into the park time to get to work
This is gonna take fucking forever to post I'm on many phone and apparently have to keep deleting my history to reset my ip cause ban accusations
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Yup. I'm a flower-gardening, meat-cooking, female-bike-riding, cat-petting woman.
Thought so. Your style has a certain feminine touch to it, but I was initially thrown off by the Lovecraftian business. Most women don't get a lot further than, you know, Cthulhu plushies.
Park jib part 3

>Almost immediatly Curtis picks up the scent
>I follow Curtis leading the way past the playground and I smell it before i see it
>The parks sandboxes both nearly filled with shit " I guess they've been using them as litterboxes"
> I tie Curtis's leash to the wheelbarrow don't need him eating any shit burritos
>I kneel down and there they are the "poopeh babbehs"
>Hello babbehs would you like a New daddy ?
>nyu daddeh?! They say
>WhY hooman want dummy poopeh babbehs?
>"i think poopie babies are the best"I say "but are there any munstahs here?"I ask
>Eeep why hooman wunt mumstah!
>I tell them I'll give it forever sleepies if there is one and those capable of doing so point it out
>In the center of the first sand box is a blue alicorn foal eyes not even open yet
>How long has he been here I ask them
>Munstah babbeh hewe fo tu bwite times a piss yellow earthy says
>I scoop him up and place him in the box I brought with me as the shiteaters peep and cheer that I gave it the sorry box
>Stupid fucks don't even know that its the only one of them that had a chance of surviving today
>dummeh hooman giv poopie munsta back su wikie cwean pooped pwace!
File: fluffy in yellow.png (2MB, 842x987px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fluffy in yellow.png
2MB, 842x987px
Ah, I wondered what made you think so. I was never much into chick-flicks and female-oriented literature (though 'the Pride and the Prejudice' is awesome). I prefer my lovecraftian horror and military history. That's probably because I'm a Slavshit whose country was always occupied by stronger nations.
Ah, The Yellow Sign.

There was a good collection of short stories a few years back focusing on the non-Lovecraftian Chambers "fanfic:" A Season in Carcosa.

Which country?
Ooh, Satan-trips.
Ever read Ligotti? I love Ligotti. I didn't read 'a season in Carcossa' yet though. Have to download it from somewhere, as postal charge is too damn expensive when converted to our currency.

And country-wise, I'm Czech.
I've been all over Ligotti for quite some time. I have the first edition of The Nightmare Factory.

I'm in the US.
>I turn to see a red unicorn standing at my feet puffing his cheeks at me
Gif Dummeh munsta bak it private wittapawl fo all smawties
>Fuck it gotta make it quick before he alerts any other fluffies
>I draw the saber and swing as hard as I can severing the smarties head
>No screams from him nor the poopeh babbies that witnessed it
Yay nyu daddeh gif meanie smawtie foweva sweepies
>Shit I think to myself gotta find a way to quiet them down
>Hey if you want to make daddeh happy you have to num this smartly
>I set his corpse in the first sandbox and immediately the shit colored foals swarm over him
>I don't know of it was the thirst for revenge or the fact that he was the first meal they've had that didn't come from an ass
>I place a piece of plywood to connect the sandboxes and allow the others to cross and feast
>"now all poopie babies have to be in this litter box when I get back or no new daddeh" I tell them
>The ones crossing to the first sandbox begin to hurry
>I set the first gas can next to the sandboxes and follow Curtis's lead to the picnic area
Which reminds me, did you know Ligotti had an unused script for The X-Files?

I read it. It's about what you would expect.
File: tentacles.png (408KB, 673x917px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408KB, 673x917px
I'm so jealous. I wish I had a physical copy of any of his books. He's just so great. What are your favourite stories? (Also, do you listen to Current 93?)
Sauce, please?
Many of his stories blend together for me, but that's possibly because I like to get fucked up reading them.

If I dig up my copy of The Nightmare Factory, I'll mail it to you. I'm getting rid of my books.

Lemme find the X-Files script.
Here you go:
http:// img.pathfinder.gr /clubs /files / 1856/3337.txt

Remove spaces from URL.
I have listened to some Current 93, but not Ligotti's collaborations with them.
File: artifact v2.png (488KB, 1004x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
artifact v2.png
488KB, 1004x644px

I'd post an emoticon, if I had any deeper knowledge of them, which I don't, so let me just tell you - you have my deepest gratitude.

(as for my fav stories, that would be 'The Voice in the Bones', 'The Tsalal', 'The Voice Whispers Nothing' and 'The Dreaming in Nortown'.)

'Fucked up reading them'? In which way?

'In a foreign town, in a foreign land' is really worth a listen.
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Y'all did a better job killing this thread than chocofag.
Consumption of absinthe, mushrooms, and so forth. I like my anti-natalism with a little edge to it.

I should look that up. Current 93 was never exactly my kind of thing but my tastes have evolved over the years. I mostly was interested in P-Orridge due to his craziness.
>and there they are looks like the workers from the city piled some bags of garbage next to the pavilions
>Roughly 20-30 adults and a shitload of foals
>The biggest group I've encountered yet
>"Hey fluffies!" I yell and the response is instant
Eeep a hooman!
Be nyu daddeh
Wunway fwuffies
>Then they come forward
>Two more unicorns both smarties one blue one green Flanked by about 8 toughies
Blue: Dummeh hooman dis fluffy wand gu way ou get biggest hewties
Gr: yeah Dummeh hoomah wait til wed smawtie git bak you git foweva sweepies nao gif sketti
>Sorry shitrats ref smarty got nummed by the poopie babies when he used the littterbox
>A shocked look followed by anger came a cross they're faces Then suddenly
Eeeeeee scawly munsta
>Wow took them longer than usual to notice Curtis who's now trying his damndest to get to thecfoals in his sight
>I unhook his leash and he bolts forward like a reptilian Moses he parts the sea of toughies and grabs the nearest foal
>Nuuu bestes babbeh yells a pink mare as Curtis gulps down the screeching foal
>Then he catches it the scent of the pheremone (in my headcannon adult fluffies emit a pheromone that sends monitors lizards into a frenzy when scared)
>Suddenly four feet and twenty pounds of reptile sls into the pink mare grabbing her by the throat
I don't believe you when you say you are the original artist.

But just to have my bases covered I truly love all the work he did. Everything is phenomenal and perfect at capturing that twisted feeling of a creature that shouldn't exist through botched science.
File: morning glory.png (597KB, 738x1208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
morning glory.png
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I like absinthe, but mostly the Swiss stuff. Ironically, the Czech one seems too artificial for my tastes.
Personally, I only ever get drunk. Other drugs seem too ominous to me, including weed. One of my colleagues was a heroin-addict for fifteen years and his stories do not sound very comfy.

When it comes to Ligotti-like Current 93, I'd recommend 'the Starres are marching sadly home', some track from 'Black ships ate the sky' (mainly those with 'black ships' in their name) and 'Haunted waves, moving graves'.
I noticed that fluffy threads only work during American day time. I assume its Because Europeans just aren't interested.
File: DSC_2814.jpg (482KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
482KB, 1920x1080px
I can understand that. I really am Dust, and this is a photo of a three-parter I'll (hopefully) post tomorrow. And I feel very proud to have fans like you. You guys make me want to try even harder.
I mostly stick to the American absinthes, the Swiss makes too many blanches that are boring. I recently celebrated an event with some pre-ban absinthe, about 1900-1910.

I suppose I must order some CDs.
>Curtis begins to thrash around eventually ripping the mares throat out
>She thrashed on the ground gurgling and bleeding out as Curtis charges at another foal
>This one looked like a Pegasus dumb fuck was covering it's eyes thinking it was well hid
>The little bastard explodes into a slurry of shit and blood as Curtis grabs it
>He quickly drops it not liking the taste of shit
>In the commotion I notice many of the fluffies and remaining foals ate heading towards the restrooms
>I can tell from here that the women's room door is propped open, must be the nest
Toughies giv lizawd munstah foweva sweepies
>Oh shit the toughies are on him and he's putting up one hell of a fight
>A quick strike of his tail has dropped one and lacerated the face of another as if getting struck by a whip
>Shit they just got up now all eight toughies are on him time to step in before he gets smothered
File: 1484678150715.png (381B, 126x107px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381B, 126x107px
it's amazing to have dedicated artists like you around. Keep it up!
File: sketty demon.png (2MB, 1001x915px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sketty demon.png
2MB, 1001x915px
Y'all are the best. However, it's like half nine a.m. here, so I'm off to bed. Hopefully I'll be sober by the next afternoon. This was a good thread. Cheerio.
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Night friendo. I'm actually falling asleep here as well.

This was a good thread, stay safe everyone
I will look for the book
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