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Feels thread Post some of the saddest stories (happened to you

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread
Post some of the saddest stories (happened to you or didn't , fake or real )
Greentext preferable

Mine :
>be me 28yo beta
>using 4chan since 27
>literally 0 friends even on social media
>dad left us and mom will die soon because cancer
>no money for games or any kind of entertainment
>using library computer
>don't know if im going to eat something or not tomorrow
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>just got home from a bar
>slightly drunk
>considering suicide

ask me anything
tits or gtfo
Why dont you get a job?
File: Kaiji Life.webm (2MB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kaiji Life.webm
2MB, 960x540px
So I am secretly in love with one of my friends but she already has a boyfriend. The odd thing is I can't remember her face. After not seeing her for a couple days her image just fades from my memory.

Is this some sort of coping mechanism? This shit happen to anyone else?
How long have you two been friends?
Might be tied to some mental issues. Don't want to call you autistic, but that's something autistic people have to deal with. Some look into a mirror for extended periods of time to even remember their own reflection. It might be worth looking into if a face fades that quickly.
Ignore it. You don't love her, you just want to fuck her. Don't cuck your friend, though.
fuck off faggot , hope you follow her into hell soon lmao
nobody gives a shit
File: BadTimesAhead.png (1016KB, 1280x852px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1016KB, 1280x852px
Didn't need to (you) everyone to say that.
don't cut yourself on these edges, Anon

there's no need to be the cool edgy kid here, tell us your problems
I'm generous
>"careful not to cut yourself on that edge" meme
Hilarious and original im actually laughing , shut the fuck up faggot
is that picture propaganda for isis ?
and you'll just keep going

I am proud of you, lad, you're truly a giant faggot, but out of curiosity, why do you act like and edgelord, do you find it funny or something?
Half a year

I can remember other peoples faces just fine so I doubt its that. Its only with her despite thinking of her constantly.

That would be a much simpler and less painful scenario but no.
She dont really talk to me anymore
I brewed my own kilju, got drunk and found myself on 4chan

Goddamn what am i doing with my life
Don't worry, it will get easier after a time. For how long haven't you talked to her?
fuck , motivating as fuck
im actually arab and i live in the middle east
ill return my 4chan bros i promise i will return one day
(im probably gonna die some time soon because i live in syria)
File: Feels.png (30KB, 500x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dont know, its not really much time but i text her and she dont even text me back, it hurts so bad
I love her and she knows it. She's here on the count I tried killing myself a week ago. She says she cares but it seems like she's only here cause she doesn't want the guilt of having a hand in my suicide. She's laying right next to me I want to hold her and be safe but she has a bf and I know shell be mad. What am I to do. I don't think shell ever comeback and it feel natural
do you read Eblaite language?
If you were in front of me I would cut your throat.
I have no clue what im doing with my life.Been single and lonely since i broke with my ex,but i have no motivation to put in any kind of effort to find a new gf even though i have options....
File: sad.png (157KB, 662x236px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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same story bro , im syrian too
i hope we meet up there sometime
see you soon
On those Wizard/virginity age memes, isn't 20 the point of no return? What are people's thoughts on this. I have no friends, no social experience, and honestly minimum interest in the modern female
Well. Just don't text her anymore unless she answers. I know, it might look hard but you have to stop or it'll just be worse.
>been there, done that
Stop being such a faggot OP and get a job
Still not too late /b/ro,but you'll have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to find someone
>just work your life away
>you'll hate it too much to remember you want to die
But I've convinced myself I'm comfy... I don't think the life I want would be wanted by anyone else, especially a female
>be Earl Ragnarr Loðbrók or me, whichever you find more believable
>be 15 years old 13 years ago
>be learning rpg toolkit (a software development kit to make rpg games)
>shit was cool and shit
>uncle be developer for ibm
>be christmas
>mention him game
>uncle be happy, asks me to teach him some next time
>later on, before i get to meet him, his heart skips a beat... and all the ones after that
>never got to show him my toy
>feel in debt to him
>know i will never be able to pay it

And that's why I'm in Informatics Engineering and why I don't smoke
File: 1462237980865.jpg (40KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Muddling through the shitshow that life is and pretending that one day it will get better.

The same thing everyone else in this thread is doing, anon.
I know man, but i dont know what to do anymore because i really like this girl but i feel that she dont give a shit about me or she just bored of me, dont know what to do my dude
Cut her off.

I know it hurts, but it will hurt more if you don't.
>Be me, 26yo beta
>Working on an asembly line at a factory
>Asking take 5 months off of work to try new stuff in life, coz not happy with current job
>Gets approves
>2 months before the time off starts, girl starts working
>Dick gets hard when I see her
>Falls in love
>Cancels the time off so I can spend more time with her at the factory
>Starting trading stocks so we can quit our jobs and live and do w/e we wants
>Going great with the stocks, FeelsGoodMan
>Ask her out on a date
>She says yes, but not right now coz she is busy moving to my town so she has closer to work
>She says she will fit in the date after the moving
>Happiest guy on earth
>Gets more and more feelings for her
>Tells her that I will gladly help with the moving process
>She tanks me
>Moving day comes
>I tell her again, in case she has forgotten that I will help with the moving should she want to
>She tells me that her family and her boyfriend will help her move
>mfw she tells me she has a boyfriend
>Gets angry coz I thought she was into me, we liked the same things, shared values and had really fun together
>Be sad
>Bets all my money on high risk stocks
>Goes to hell
>Looses all money
>I am now broke, with a broken heart

FeelsBadMan, women are shit, feelings are shit.
Well if you're happy then its fine,but its usually a coping mechanism,no one wants me,so why should i even try
I see.
Have you ever asked her out or told her how feel, lad?
I hate to tell you but there's a chance that you have to just supress the feelings until they're gone if you don't want to be like this forever.
This will lead to suicide I've cut her off many times. Shit doesn't work I've ignored her I've done all I could. She's the reason I haven't tried even more than I have. She has taken everything I've loved and made it seem like nothing. I can't enjoy anything but her company.
If you feel so strongly about her,just tell her.At this point you have nothing to lose
I'm pretty sure it is a coping mechanism but I don't think I can be convinced at this point anything other than status quo is better. I can't see the benefit in trying to impress anyone or waste money and time on females for sex.

I know I have a skewed vision, and it goes both ways. Either women are whores, or they are pure traditional goddesses in my mind. I haven't found any of the latter and see no point in getting whores.

Coping, I know, but fuck it. No one ever tried to teach me different
This. Do it >>719806125
I've told her she says she feels the sane but is currently in a relationship. She says if it doesn't work out and she has time to think and consider me she will come. But idk it still hurts. Better than most guys get I guess
Rape is always an option, remember.
To give you some context, she is my classmate from uni and dont know how but we kinda just click you know what im saying? And we started to text and shit like that but now we are on vacations and i feel that she is bored of me and sometimes she dont text back and later opologyse bc of that but it just feel weird
I don't want to out her through what I have to knowing multiple people have ended their life on my behalf or with some influence by me. I love her too much to put her through it.
Been in a similar situation as you. Mainly chasing a girl from work who I thought was in to me but had a boyfriend on the side. All I can say is that the time will come when you get over it. Shit hurts but you'll just have to move on.
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393KB, 725x3079px
This gets me everytime. Gonna miss you /b/ros once it is all over...
>Just turned 21
>Friends are starting to be fake as hell and dead me
>Also in a dead end job going no where
>Started talking to a girl that told me she was 18
>Found out she's actually 16
>Hung out once, really felt a connection
>Parents found out about a month ago haven't talked to her since.

Is it bad I felt a connection with this girl even though the age difference. First chick I ever felt this way about and had it ripped away from me like everything else that was ever good in my life. Thanks /b/ros.
All right, I have my experiences with this kind of thing.
Back in school (Grammar school), I used to have the same thing for one of my classmates. We were friends. I'd dare say that we were good friends even. I somehow started feeling more than I should and got the point when I couldn't think about anything else than her. It wasn't just that I wanted to fuck her I wanted, well, her. I told her. Didn't really go well. She wouldn't then text me for about three months or so and wouldn't really talk to me that much anymore.
I am telling you, you can either risk it and tell her or just stop. Your choice. I know that I am not much of a help or that I am not elling you anything you didn't probably know already but this is all I can tell you.
No, it's not bad. That's not even that bad of an age difference, one of my friends is married to a guy 10 years older, she's 25 and they met when she was 21.
Its fucking hard finding a person worth the trouble,i know it mate,but its worth it.Nothing better than the feeling you're not alone in this fucked up world.Its not just about the sex
Sucks man, nice dubs though, checked. I also remember the good ol days, of jessie slaughter and cat videos, boxxie ruled, op was always a faggot, i was always a faggot. But /b/ actually asked the true questions, on a scale of 1-10 how is your mums tits? My dad left too, deal with it and dont be a beta bitch.
Thanks bud. Everyone around me seems to think so. It's killing me that I can't talk to her or see her.
File: i miss her.png (156KB, 1552x1720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i miss her.png
156KB, 1552x1720px
It's not bad.
Fuck man you have it tough. I complain about the smallest of things and yet people have it tougher than me. You'll push through and you'll be happy man, just keep pushing forward and pick yourself up anon. I wish you well anon, just know people will ALWAYS care about you :)

>be me (>>719805515)
>was christian and shit
>be 18
>get grillfriend who is christian and shit
>smart, cute, everything you'd like for in a grill
>have time of life
>be 19
>grillfriend gives me the it's not you it's me shit
>4 months later when starts to go out with "just a friend" from university realise she wanted the dick
>note: we hadn't fucked at all, both still virgins up to that point
>be at grandparents' field for holidays
>grandpa has several gnus for self defence and hunting
>grandpa leaves gnu on desk after cleaning it while he goes to talk with grandma
>see gnu
>sit at desk
>see round is chambered
>rm safety
>mount gnu /dev/rhand
>mv gnu temple
>man pause
>my brains would be an awful mess to clean, grandma wouldn't appreciate that at all
>touch safety
>mv gnu desk
>back the fuck off
>later on find other more permanent reasons not to die, like remembering the debt with my uncle (see above) and that that bitch ain't worth it bro

And that's why I'm alive

>This will lead to suicide
No it won't, don't worry. You will find somebody better later on. It will suck real hard, but it gets better later. You just have to plow through. See picrelated, it helped me.
21 year old beta autistic NEET, laundry list of disorders and disabilities. Dad beat me when I was a kid, then he divorced mom and moved to Florida with a bimbo. I didn't get to have any of the normal or fun experiences that a teenager does because my dad was a dick and never let me out of the house except for school. Got beat up and bullied all the time growing up. Laughing stock of my graduating class.

Just moved back in with mom because gf got sick of me. Waiting on some state-based agency to hook me up with a real job (not retail/food service shit) because I don't have the credentials to get one by myself.

Depressed whenever left alone with my thoughts for too long. Nothing makes me happy anymore, not games, not funny videos, not anime, I can't think of anything. I don't do anything but sit in my room and masturbate, and smoke weed when I can afford it. Don't really like alcohol.

Occasionally hang out with friends when they're available, roughly once a week for a few hours. I'm so depressed that all the laughter is forced. I also don't have a license or a car.

My parents both love my completely normal alpha brother better, the only thing that's shitty about him is how conceited and rude he is. He just harasses mom into giving him anything he wants. He also steals my weed.

Too anxious to go through with suicide. Just kind of waiting it out.
i'll miss you, too, friend.

i hope it never ends but, someday it has to, right?
It's been almost a year since that post, but I've realized a lot. I did to her what my father did to my mother. Unintentionally, but I still did it. I was emotionally abusive out of fear and unbelievably low self-esteem. I still love her, I love her and miss her more than anything, and knowing how badly I hurt her fucking kills me.

I hope she's happy.
I've been through this multiple times and this case is the strongest. I won't be able to take anymore of it. Its not as simple as some people think
All good things have to come to an end I guess
I think I gonna take your advise my dude, you are really helpful, i love you (no homo bro)
yeah, but, would you really call this a good thing? hell, maybe it's just bad enough that it won't end.
>arab bro
Where the fuck is my comment you faggot ass motherfuckers
I'm so sorry man. I'm in your shoes right now.
I don't know if I would call it a good thing but still I come back every single day.
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Uuuuuhhm if germany had to fight the US AND russia you would get shitfucked even harder then the last time around chump...and now even israel would fuck you up
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I hope it works out for you.

I got back on that tumblr I made a few weeks ago just as she posted for the first time since we broke up. Posted pics of the guy I assume she's dating. I guess she's happy now. I'm happy for her.

It still fucking hurts though. Even though it's my fault.
>currently off work until monday
>trying several dating sites
>make my profile seem somewhat interesting, or at the very least, not boring
>message women i believe to be within my league (4-6/10)
>not a single reply

i'm destined to be alone, aren't i?
File: Pepe.jpg (27KB, 618x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 618x412px
Sorry for you man, I send you my e-hugs and hope you are okay
File: 1479879749652.jpg (41KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not okay, and I'm extremely drunk, but I hope, at least, that I can help someone in these threads. Even if it's one person. Even if it's just making them smile for a few seconds before they go back to crying or feeling like shit.
Wanna know the crazy thing? Her parents never woulda found out if I didn't text the dude she was messing around with. He texted me to stop messaging her, (she never told me about him but I had suspicions) anyways i was like how about you back off, and that's when he went and told her mom. Fucking pussy. Sad thing was, she was going to stop seeing him because she knows she means the world to me. She even told me that her friends and family have never even seen her that happy before. I just had to go and open my fucking mouth and ruin the greatest thing that's came into my life.
I know the feels man, it has happened to me too.
I messaged a girl and got the respond "Thanks for showing interest, but I am not interested, sorry" and the other girls I have messaged does not even reply to me messages even though they are normal like "Hello :)" not like "Wanna fuck" or "Let me rape you"
I do not want to me alone, but I guess some people has to be.

I am a 6-7/10
Keep on keeping on mate, it's always darkest before the dawn.
Probably not going to get a job I was promised, which means I won't be able to afford a place to live and I'll have to leave my brothers place in a month. Feel like starting up my plan of killing myself before I turn 30 again. It's so very typical. Every time life starts to look up, things fall apart. I'm tired of trying. What does it accomplish other than getting my hopes up for them to be dashed again and again?
>No money for games or any kind of entertainment

Well given your situation, aren't you an entitled faggot?

Get your ass a job and save some money. Forget about entertainment you ain't even in that position yet.
Was she actually cheating on you?

Sorry, I'm very wasted and that rather long post kind of started running together when I tried to read it
Anyone have the greentext where each of Anon's posts contain a picture of a butterfly?
She was.

No joke, my friend wrote a program that uses Tinder's API to go through every chick in the area and would send him an e-mail when one responded. Dude is a neckbeard faggot but was still able to get laid. Dude put in as little amount of work as possible.

Just gotta play smart.
I do, but apparently the file is too large

fuck you 4chan
Anon, I'm sorry, but fuck her. You deserve someone better. Everyone deserves who is loyal.

I honestly wish Jess had cheated on me or otherwise fucked me over though, everything being her fault would make it easier to process. Forgiving yourself is far harder than forgiving someone else.
>half a year

Yeah there's definitely something wrong with you. You should know what someone looks like after half a year
Oh...Okay then...Sigh, what a shame...
>be me, 18yo beta at the time
>3 years on 4chan (yeah, yeah, I know...)
>only friend is an adorable chubby girl in my uni course
>I've been stress eating since uni started
>We get blackout drunk together, get some food. I get half of it down, have to excuse myself to vomit
>She starts flirting hard. I'm worried this will destroy the friendship, so I offer to make sure she gets back to her dorm safe
>Have to carry her. Put her to bed, get her water and a puke bucket, leave a note saying I'll be back at 11am to get some breakfast with her (more on this)
>She wakes up in the morning, freaks, tells everyone I raped her (no sex, whatsoever)
>I get six calls on my way back to her room ranging from questioning to flat out accusations and threats
>Can't muster up the balls to go back to class
>Can't muster up the ability to eat.
>Drop out, stop eating, drop from 250lbs to less than 150 in three months.
>Death doesn't even want me
>Check into hospital
>Girl calls me up to apologize and asks to buy me a few drinks
>Give up on women, aside from the occasional, terrible fling.
I want to just say that, but it's just so hard. I've never had such a great connection with someone other than her. She broke up with him that night shit went down.
I don't understand it

I saved that picture from a feels thread. This site is gay.
Fuck mate...that some hard shit right there. Fuck her. This makes me angry as fuck.
If you guys got back together, would you ever honestly be able to fully trust her?
File: fullsizeoutput_4792.jpg (654KB, 1168x3472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
654KB, 1168x3472px
Here's mine. Story about my son's death.

The team that is in the story is not the San Antonio Spurs.
It'd be hard, but I believe I would be able to.
File: 1484094541074.png (325KB, 382x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
325KB, 382x417px
>tells everyone I raped her
Dude, your 30's are your best years. I've had more fun in the past 8 years than I ever did in my teens and 20's.

Stick it out. It'll be worth it, I promise you.
You deserve better than that. Go find someone more loyal. Go out and pick up a new hobby, and start meeting women through there
File: 1481514004963.jpg (70KB, 383x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 383x383px
>tfw haven't been attracted to any women for 3 years running
what do
I like how you pointed out when you started using 4chan as if a year ago meant something.
Pretty hard to pick up women the only hobby im good at is fishing. Literally the only thing im good at in life.
I'll have to go back home, which is far away from everyone else I know. Not like it matters, as all my friends have left me. It was my hope that I could find a job here, get a decent place to live, and get things back on track. Meet some new people, get a girl, make life worth living. But now it's falling apart and I don't want to get any older when my life is this empty. If I'm going to die alone I want it to be on my terms.
We shared classes with a few of her friends, closest thing I had to friends, aside from her.

Apparently she woke up naked, which would have been her doing considering all I did was help her remove her puked-on sweater and give it a rinse in the washroom sink.

I want every woman to be her on some subconscious level. I close my eyes during sex and see her. This is why they're only flings, and why they're awful. Only once has it been more than one night, and only half the time do I even bother trying to finish.
What this anon said >>719810537
99.9% of the time, someone who cheats is going to cheat again.
Thread posts: 112
Thread images: 23

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