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Can we please get a feels thread going?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Can we please get a feels thread going?
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Fucking queer
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Hang in there /b/ros. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel.
I hope so. I feel like dying. I'm depressed as shit and I feel like everyone hates me. I kind of want to get in my car and drive a couple thousand miles and start a new life but I don't have the balls
I'm gifted with a big penis but I will never be able to use it because of social anxiety
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Be strong bro. You'll get through this. Don't give up and remember we are your second family who cares about your ass :) hope this cheers you up
who is she
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>mfw bawwbot is offline forever.
Thanks for the cheering up
long back story I don't feel like typing but the ghist is

>indirectly ask girl out to do something (as in I didn't say do you wanna go out)
>was for bowling (went awhile back again long ass story
>ask her again (been awhile)
>'eh maybe if I'm up to it [laughing emoji]
>say 'doesn't have to be bowling'
>'oh? lol [laughing emoji]
>I say 'what?'
>cause I don't get the oh? and the emoji attached
>opens it during school
>no reply since
>well there goes my fucks
God dammit. Fuck bullies. Fuck every one of them. Why do they have to ruin people's lives.
if anyone's interested I can type the story out and any advice anon's never had a GF and I don't want to lose her
I tried making a feels thread and I can't even get a bunch of strangers together to mope around with. fml
This shouldn't be tolerated ever. Just fucking deal with them at the very moment with brute force. Some people just don't understand words.
Go ahead and type it out. I'm listening and I'm pretty sure there's more lurkers here willing to hear you out /b/ro
My life is heading nowhere. I will kill myself.
mine too but I'm not gonna an hero because I'm afraid of the consequences, like what if that shit will ruin your afterlife
But why deal with it!!
sup lads ready to fucking kill myself lmao am i rite
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I'm depressed right now, had to move into my moms studio apartment for mental health reasons and I was broke. Today I felt horrible. I was lurking and I thought would speak up.

just pretyped it (figured I'd need since /b/ loves story time)

if you have any questions on specifics or need more info just ask

>rr to Dec
>me and cousin go bowling (we go often)
>post score on story (whooped his ass)
>girl messages me call her A
>A says you suck
>I know it's in a joking way
>the ghist is her saying she can do better and me saying she won't
>I say something like 'I'll believe it when I see it'
>we go bowling eventually with my cousin and his GF
>during the texting she called me 'guy'

if any anon can expain it please do

>she beats my ass by 1 FFS
>FF to this week
>friend gets ball and sends me scores
>send her scores and say 'at least you can beat anon'
>says 'I beat you'
>eventually say 'rematch?'
>'eh if I'm up to it maybe [laughing emoji]
>me not being to autistic know she probably doesn't wanna go with me
>but she never cared for bowling anyway

and well rest can be read in the previous post>>719701722
She put sugar in my John Deere... I can't even mow my lawn guise
I guess I'm alone with this problem? I wasn't joking.
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Long read but worth it.
You could be more specific. You seem to be pretty vague on your story and I think you just need to be a little bit more direct with this girl. Ask her straight up if she's down. Tell her what you feel. Be forward with her, but don't come off as desperate. Tell her you want to hang out, but if she doesn't reciprocate the feelings then try a bit more. At some point you're going to either face the facts that she doesn't like you in that way, or you're going to have to bust your ass chasing after someone that does not feel the same way as you. You make that choice but I'd say stick with the former. If she doesn't put in anything to all the work that you're doing even after you've explained to her your feelings then I'm sorry to say that is not a relationship you should stay in. You're only going to hurt yourself later down the road when she grows tired of someone she was only half interested in. Realize there are plenty of fish out there and you could easily fall for the next one that comes along. If not then that's your own hole you'll be digging yourself. Chasing a girl that doesn't care about you is not worth it. Ever.
the first time she seemed flirty with the emojis and stuff you don't know me and me expressing my feelings for her is out of the question since she never replied I'm just gonna assume she doesn't want to go out (since I offered by saying 'it doesn't have to be bowling') I've been posting this here for some time anyway and a femanon said she's probably keeping her options open and I'm not one to fall I kept myself at a distance from her for this very reason (but I didn't let if affect me while texting her) I could go on a rant about my self and my personality and how I work (if you know personality types I'm INTJ)
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Hey bros it's Friday :) no need to feel feels on a Friday night. Get out there and have a good time!!!
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for some people every night is feels night
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I know :/
I just wish you guys can try and overcome your feels.
yeah and what makes friday any different from another day? same sad shit every shit day

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My ex had perfect 10/10 everything. I fucked up and lost her. It isn't your fsult, but that pic reminds me of one thing I lost among many.
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Same here bro. I lost my ex because I was focusing on everything else except her. She was supportive and everything that I could ask for. Now she's gone. I pushed her away and it's my fault. I hate my life. I miss her 38G tits.
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fuck man this just describes my situation perfectly
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from previous feels thread
Guys, this is worth the watch. I promise.
I think that the things in feels threads that always get to me, regardless of how strong I feel are Dad stories. I just can't imagine losing my father, and for other anons to have suffered that, I'm sorry.
Don't know about personality types but I do know how far you have to go to let a gril know you're interested in her. At some point you grow tired of it and you should learn to let go. You have to learn to play your cards. If she sincerely shows no reciprocation in what you're feeling I highly recommend moving on. There are those rare chances where persistence comes through and the girl falls for the man that doesn't give up but I choose to move on because there are plenty of women who would want to be with a guy who wants them wholeheartedly. That ultimately comes down to how much you want this girl and if you're willing to make the gamble that she will want you too. You have to be able to read the situation to the best of your ability. I know you're not telling everything here on this thread so you must use your best judgment to decide where to go from here.
Like I said, I recommend moving on from a girl that doesn't really want you. If you (for whatever reason) decide that this is the only girl you can be with, then you must be willing to accept that things may not come out to what you expected them to be. You are gambling at this point... This is fine but you must also be willing to face the consequences if things don't end up coming up in your favor at the end. Be strong, /b/ro
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bro ask a different bitch. The thing is if you hit a girl up to hang out more then once and she still doesnt want to move on to a new one she will never give you the p.
posted this on a previous feels thread, but here we go
>be me, Thursday afternoon, roughly 5:30
>driving down country back roads with my friends
>Im not a hick, but I'm also not opposed to hanging out with the country type
>in our quartet, we're very diverse
>there's me, the jack-of-all-trades dudebro (aka Anon)
>there's the driver, a Russian Hillbilly redneck (we'll call him Adam)
>there's the guy sitting in the back left, a total wigger (we can call him Gabe)
>and finally, my closest friend, sitting directly behind me, who is mainly a junkie, but the "junky with a heart of gold" type (he'll be known as Trevor)
>so Adam passes a low maintenance road, then slams on the breaks after getting 30 feet past it
>he turns off of the road, ripping through a cornfield, then gets back on the road leading towards the low maintenance road
>now I've been on this road only once before, and that time we almost crashed too, so I wasn't so hyped about it
>suddenly Gabe pipes up from the back as we turn onto the road, saying how he has a bad feeling about this road
>in response, Adam guns it, heading down the road at 50
>his tires lose traction, and we start to drift, right as we approach a bridge with no fucking guard
>he over corrects the slipping, sending us veering off to the right and straight down into the creek
>it all happened so fast, like a crazy blur of screaming and flying shards of glass
>the front end of the truck slammed into the side of the hill leading down into the creek, and the side airbags blew up
>I was the only fucking person in the car wearing a seat belt, too
>ironically, me and Trevor argued over shotgun before the ride
>mfw Trevor is notorious for never putting on his seat belt
>mfw he would be dead right now had I not argued with him over shot gun
>anyways, back to the action
>so, the nose of the car is fucking buried in the side of this hill, and the tail lurches behind it, eventually flipping over onto its right side, my side
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this is in person I come off as a cold unemotional person but with the right person that all changes for them and they'd see a new me no one sees (but I'm not one to ever say that to people I know I'd just get a bunch of backlash) but yeah I'm not one to chase either looks like it's time to move on but keep her at a friend distance just in case what more do you want me to tell?

I'm not after the p either like most guys are
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>the airbag gives me enough cushion to take the force of the blow, but my neck still hurt like a bitch from the whiplash
>at this point, the car finally stops moving and the engine is smoking
>me, being the little bitch I am, panic, and start having an anxiety attack
>thats where Trevor comes in, telling everyone to calm the fuck down and get out of the car as fast as possible
>meanwhile Adam's freaking out about his truck, and Gabe is panicking just as bad as me
>I eventually settle down, recollect myself, and climb my way to the back
>Trevor, like a fucking superhero, is keeping the door open as long as physically possible, while Gabe crawls out
>I follow behind him, jumping down onto the frozen creek
>I hurt my ankle landing, while meanwhile Gabe just slams through the fucking ice like its no problem
>Adam stays behind to assess the damage while Trevor climbs down, instead of plummeting from the top of a flipped truck
>we climb up the side of the ravine, talking among ourselves and getting all of our stories straight.
>meanwhile, Adam is watching is car smoke itself to death
>we call up a friend to come pick us up, and start walking down the back roads, towards our town
>we get two miles before our friend picks us up
>I get dropped off at my house, I sit down, and I cry for a little bit
I almost died today, /b. None of us got hurt, but stuff like that just fucks with you mentally. It happened so fast, it all could've been over in a split second.
Fuck, man.
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That fucking picture
who the fuck is cutting onions in here?
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Fucking god damn it. My heart of stone has melted.
I told you
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tfw I might never be able to experience such profound love like that. Eternal love. Just kill me fam.
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Anyone still here?
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Trust me, fags. Things may seem bleak now, but something good might happen. For example, a few months ago, I fell in love with my coworker. She said she wanted nothing to do with me.

Now we're a couple. Life most certainly has bad times, but it has good times too. You just have to wait for them, my dudes.
Well just be honest with a bunch of anons on the interwebs. We don't know you and you don't know us so telling the story like it is will not matter in the end. I'm drunk af right now so I'll be up front with you. Idk how long I'll be around for, but I can tell you that you need to tell her what you feel. Telling a random anon on 4chan what you really feel will do nothing to change the situation, but telling her this will (hopefully) let her see what you really feel. If nothing comes from that then you'll know it's time to move on. That decision ultimately comes down to you and you'll be the only one who can make that choice. I can give you whatever advice I can but at the end of the day you'll be the one making the decisions that affect your life. You make the changes happen. You make your own story. I'm just some random fucktard who cares enough to listen on the interwebs.
This could be me if I actually still acknowledged my birthdays. Birthdays are the worst, because it reminds you you're getting older, still alone and nothing has changed your life still sucks.
Fiancé is 10/10 gorgeous, way more than my average looks and 5 and half inch dick. Graduated college, moved to her town to find work. Living with her fam. Constantly afraid I'll fail and she'll wish she had someone her own age (she's 5 years older than me, met in college she got held back for reasons), still cut myself sometimes and I dont even know why and I know its cringey as fuck to talk about, still think about putting my shotgun barrel in my mouth, still think about driving away and never looking back, understand it's fucking stupid because I'm fortunate compared to most and probably would be called a pussy for even posting this...

I don't know. Just feel lost. Don't expect a response but it feels good to type out. Never expressed any of this. We were physically intimate tonight for the first time in over a month and it got ruined when she got mad at me for something trivial.

If anyone ever feels like every step forward is two steps back, I get it. I'm not the most abject, degenerate, socially anxious fucker that some people are, but even those like myself who are lucky enough to have someone who cares about them (knock on wood that doesn't get fucked up), life can still feel like a fucking weight that breaks my god damn back.

Cry most nights. Don't sleep well. Not physically big or buff like the other 5 guys she's been with. My last and only other gf was emotionally abusive and so I have had much less experience. Fuck me man. Idk. One of those nights. fuck
>24 years old
>busy most of the time
>Not busy enough that I couldn't visit my family more often, but busy
>Mom calls me the other day
>Can you take Nan (grandma) out grocery shopping? There's a storm coming
>Give Nan a call
>she sounds really excited to hear from me
>She's always excited to hear from me or see me. I think i'm one of her favorites because I remind her so much of a young version of my grandfather
>Talk to her for a few minutes, tell her i'll be over shortly to get her
>Pick her up, take her around town
>Talking about the "good ol' days" while we do our thing
>Couple of gas stations, corner store, and a grocery store
>When she went into the grocery store I told her i'd come in with her
>Push the cart while she held on to the side
>Help her find everything, load it all up so the cashier could ring it in, carried it to the car and then to her house
>she's smiling from ear to ear the entire time
>Get back to her place, she gives me $40 and a pack of cigarettes for everything that I helped her with
>Say our goodbyes and go about my business
>Mom calls me again later that night
>Anon! You have no idea how much that meant to Nan. Bringing her around and helping her with everything.. she thought it was really special and so sweet of you. She won't stop talking about it.
Well Mom, isn't that what i'm supposed to do? Why wouldn't I help her? She's my Nan.
>she goes silent
"...Yeah.. I guess you're right."
>come to a realisation

No wonder my Nan is depressed and wants to kill herself. The only person who had ever helped her - selflessly wanted to help her with anything died a few winters ago. I didn't do that shit because I expected things in return, I did them because she needed my help.

My Nan doesn't get out of the house because she has nobody to go with and nowhere to go. Me driving her for an hour and a half wasn't just the highlight of her day, it was the highlight of the month..

and that makes me so sad

I wish I could be there all of the time, nan.
I'm just leaving out how I feel about her and details (I summed them up for a shorter story but if you want I'll give them) and telling her how I feel is not my forte, any tips on talking to her and also would be a good idea to jokingly ask 'so are you up for bowling?'
this picture: my everyday life
This. I'd go to that fucking party. Looks like a cool guy. Fuck.
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It never gets better.
you should just blow trevor already

but fo reelz glad to hear you're alive, don't go driving with your cunt friend again anytime soon knowing how he reacts to an unsafe situation. I used to be that guy, almost got some friends and myself killed.
>Being married is like having a colored television
>You never want to go back to black and white.

File: animated.gif (528KB, 1080x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No matter what I do I feel alone.

I try so hard every day, and have so since 3rd grade but not matter what.
I can't shake off this feeling of, for lack of better words, needy-existentialist dread.

We all know that feeling. Just wanting one person there with us. One person we can, not necessarily agree with, but that can validate the fact that we matter.

I talk to people sometimes about how I feel depressed but all that happens is that they either treat me like a broken unknowing child. Trying to shelter me from certain topics. Sometimes they just shrug me off. Or worst of all, they attempt to over shadow my problems with their own.

I don't care if I die. Or if I fall into a metaphorical hole. Life is a struggle and I'll continue moving along as I have for the years I've lived.

The thing is, I feel sad /b/. And I just don't want to feel alone.
I just wish I could take everything back. Start from square one.

All the possibilities of what I could of done and what I should have done are coming back to me, and it's just killing me.
If someone wants to talk about anything tonight, or want to vent off with cozy people, join us on our Discord channel -> https://discord.gg/RBvj7

You don't have to be alone, anon.
same my friend, same
File: sad Nicole.jpg (289KB, 1266x2191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad Nicole.jpg
289KB, 1266x2191px
File: sad ded mom.png (132KB, 1412x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad ded mom.png
132KB, 1412x810px
Same here, I sometimes hope an accident happens to me that kills me really fast because I'm too scared of an hero
Didn't feel much for a while. Depressed, just focused on my friend group of bros before met love of my life in college.

Finally felt feelings. Not used to regulating them because not used to them at all. Feel needy, want more affection, want more of her, she's had other bfs, feel like a pussy.

Tells me she appreciates that I am open with her.

Tells me I'm being a bitch, that I'm the female in the relationship, that I'm asking too much, when I say I want as much effort as I'm putting in and she refuses to do the same.

To feel or not to feel, that is the question.
im with ya if I die I wouldn't give a shit but I'm not lonely or sad enough to an hero
Not scared to kill myself, think about it often and think it would be easy. Not to sound cringey, just joke enough about death and suicide because of my dry, morbid sense of humor that it's been cognitively normalized to not be a big deal in my head.

Can't get rid of the hope it'll get better, so trudge through.

Every day is new, my heart is still beating, I don't have down syndrome and my dick still gets hard when I get turned on. Every day is new for you guys/girls too. Our blood flows for a reason and life doesn't cater to anyone. Fuck it all but keep going
Some feels music
Literally me in 2 weeks.
This may help someone feel better. Helps me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTQhQYvNF_0
this so much

just feel like shit everyday realizing how many missed opportunities i had.
wish i just had one of them just to see what would of been
I agree. I hate it when people say life is what you make of it, because we are products of our past and you had a shit past, good luck with changing your life. Some people just have to live under difficult more conditions than the rest of the society.
Nice thumbnail
why is it that women get to have all these emotions and feelings but the moment a guy show a single shred of it we get labeled a bitch or pussy
you get a whole cake just for yourself? I would order a fucking pizza

cringe compilations doen ever help me. I watch em for laughs every now and then but the format of arguing and yelling really just reminds me of when I was a child and my parents fought or how everyone would always scold me.

to this day I hate being at my moms because my sisters do the same. argue, yell, cry and fuck. I just get stressed and feel like i'm being yelled at too...
jesus. I get that. Parents were the same way, fought all time and scolded. Custody battle where I had to choose who I wanted to live with as a 9 year old and dad made me feel like shit constantly.

Rise above and hang in there bro you're not defined by the shit you went through, love you
File: 1386227602696.png (185KB, 277x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185KB, 277x595px
>Spend nearly 10 years slowly growing to hate myself
>Parents, friends, family all notice me drifting away
>Finally start to question my gender
>I think I'm a girl
>Feel much better
>Realize that my extended family will never accept me, that my mother will likely believe she ruined me, and at the age I'm at, I'll never completely appear to be female, and so I'd open myself up to hatred and violence
>Try to repress

New link, come and talk /b/ros
File: 1475118963476.jpg (106KB, 698x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106KB, 698x658px
>"One foot in front of the
other--through leaves, over bridges--"
>at age 16/17 start getting really bad anxiety and paranoia along with getting dizzy every couple months
> at 19/20 start getting dizzy almost everyday end up going to ER in may
> they find a tumor in my brain still have anxiety paranoia and depression at this point
>was unable to go to doctors because gfs dad had to take off work do to a leg injury i had to cover most bills
>be 21 almost 22 finally going to the doctors the jan 30 feel like utter shit the headaches and dizziness have gotten alot worse
>scared as fuck

Feel like god just does not really like me. Gave me a shitty start at life scared a shitty end might be coming up.
this pic + the conversation about failing your younger self

im crushed
i feel like im gonna do this when my parents die
can't imagine. I feel like most transgender people are full of shit psychotics who want attention, but those who feel like this legitimately have such a difficult threshold to break through. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin and so do you. Manifest it through a positive outlet
holy fuck...someone who understands. my dad would guilt me into calling him at 11 pm when my mom was asleep... but i understand. i let it not get to me. i wish you the same to friend, we are not defined by it :)

i'm actually watching the video and its not that argumentative. that girl who almost drowned...suing a man for reviving you? i had some laughs. thanks anon
Don't know your faith, don't know if you talking about god represents an actual belief or not, but if you do believe in god, the sooner you realize how small and insiginifcant we are compared to him, and the sacrifice he made for us so that we can be with him when we die despite our shittiness, the sooner these horrible situations seem less tragic. I know it sounds selfish. But fuck it you're beautiful and this is the hand you got dealt so make the most of it and I'll pray for you. I'm sorry.
Posting from my feels folder. Some of it is weird. Bear with me.
First time ever posting here honestly. Night guys be well
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150KB, 485x700px

Honestly, I wish I could take it back. There are days when I sit here and say "If I could get rid of these feelings, I'd be happy as a man." and I know it's a lie but it's one I can believe for a bit. Every inch of the way, I'm asking everyone who knows if they're sure I'm a girl, and I don't know if I'm hoping for yes or no. I don't even hate my body, you know, it just doesn't feel like me.
File: Tears.png (41KB, 563x407px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And I've found a few feels in my trans feel folder so here we go. This is actually me again
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Well that's dumb. You know for people to actually need you, you need to PROVIDE something.

What is it you do?
Go to work like a drone, come home and do nothing until bed?
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You know, the feels folder is one of the oldest folders I have on my computer, and looking back at it, a lot of it is "Oh I can't get a girl, I'm alone, my life sucks" and it sounds stupid.
wish it was as simple as saying "fuck those who don't accept you" or "find someone who you can talk to," but nothing is every that simple. However, take solace in knowing that if I were a part of your life/group of friends, I'd talk to you about it and help you figure it out, and there's others like me.

Just like everyone else who has no idea what the fuck is going on in their life. You're just one of us.

Don't take anything back, think/pray/talk do whatever to figure out who you are and die satisfied.
'one of those nights' seems to be every fucking night
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It's like, you know, why didn't you get up and do something? Why do you sit here and feel sorry for yourself? You have the power to change your fate, after all.
how long am i meant to cry over her? Its been sixth months and time hasnt done any healing at all
welcome, /b/ro.

Remember, you're here forever.

But you know, depression is a killer. It takes all those good feelings, it takes your home, and it saps it away. It leaves you without energy. You want to change, but you can't, and you can't explain why.
>was in Army
>met chicka from home town
>she was adopted
>has 1 single mother, no dad
>was stationed close enough to home
>250 miles from post
>could go home any time
>drove home every other week
>date chicka
>4 years later
>be out of Army
>be in college
>halfway through college
>miss Army hardcore
>want to rejoin
>facing 2 challenges..
>be 2 years from graduating
>also 4 years in relationship
>If joined army would reclass into different MOS
>probably never be stationed close to home ever again
>gf still in college for 2 more years
Don't know what to do. Absolutely miss Army, but.. stable right now. Would probably lose gf, for pursuit of my dream. But would probably never meet someone like her if I followed my dreams.
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It feels like battling a hurricane: hopeless. It's a very personal demon, and people say "Oh, well, get some support, make some friends" and it's not enough, and you even push them away.
you ever wonder if you really are the wrong gender at heart?

as kid i felt like girl but just went with being a boy. and as i grew up i liked acting more like a girl, at least alone as i was embarrassed, but coming to terms with being a man.

now that i'm grown i contemplate if hormones, since i was fat and ate lots of meat <theres a story there, wotn tell it> affected my mental state. taht and the fact taht to this day i do "fantasize" over women and have in my mind and idealized woman. and i feel i play out my fantasy through myself. i dont know.

i'm just asking, do you honesty feel some truth towards this comic? does it reflect yourself?

All the motivational quotes, all the 'get over it' in the world can't help you. You're lost at sea without a paddle and you don't know where to turn.
>me and cousin go bowling

Niko, it's your cousin, Roman! Let's go bowling
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