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What was the most fucked up shit you have seen happen during

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What was the most fucked up shit you have seen happen during your years in High School?

> Be a sophomore in High School
> Walk into cafeteria to get food
> Hear a loud scream
> Follow that up with a loud thud
> Asian student jumped from railing
> Spilling a lot of blood from his head
> Shaking like Michael J Foxx
> Security rushes in to create space for jackie chan
> School resource officer calling for emt's on radio
> Kid dies in Hospital
> Left a suicide note in his locker
> Killed himself because a pack of niggers wouldn't leave him alone

We didn't know right away why he did it until the janitor found a letter in his locker. I don't remember it word for word but it was pretty much an apology to his parents for failing them. He said america wasn't like how they told him blah blah blah
you won dude, nithing similar...

No crazy fights? Sluts getting fucked by football team? nothing? lol
2 skinny dudes got in a fight in the locker room after gym. Freshman skinny guy took the lock from his locker and whipped it at the sophomore skinny guy. It hit him right in the temple and blood was gushing down his face. It was quite the site. I don't remember what the fight was about.
I know a guy that fucked two girls in wc...

people would expect more crazy stuff from slav school.

i was doing exem after two shots of vodka... got 3 (1-5)... it was for fighting anksiety... ended with not giving a fuck about that exem...
Three freshman cheerleaders in lunchroom pushing pennies with thier nose race. Guys got a face full of Kim McCormicks pubes coming out of her panties. Pic of guys faces in the yearbook!
In elementary school I saw some kid bash another kid his head in with one of these iron safety poles from swings.
Googled for a picture of one but cant find any.
Also some kid watched one of these gangster movies and saw one put some dudes jaw on ridge and jump on it. He tried to imitate it on some kid he saw.

This was all in elementary but I went to an school forum extremely aggresive childeren
> 3 super nerds teamed up as buddies
> Wanting to elevate their status, they pick on uber nerd
> Fucking with uber nerd during assembly
> Principal droning on about nothing
> Uber nerd stands up walks over to super nerds who wouldn't stop fucking with him
> Uber nerd reaches back and uppercuts closest super nerd
> Sends him spinning and knocks him the fuck out
> Teachers scramble and all that could be heard in the silent awe was my laughing

Oh, and we paid some poor kid to eat shit straight out of the toilet. It was fresh, moments out of the asshole. I threw up just watching him chew on the bits of corn.

lmao jesus
I watched a kid roll a bowling ball down a huge hill into a busy highway. It hit the side of a wheel and bunch of shit started flying everywhere. I was gone soon after.
We got drunk and then go back to school, one clasmate fell a slep so we "stashed" him under table.teachers didnt caught us
Who is the girl?
>Be me in 11th grade.
>Student appreciation day.
>Games, music, fun, all that shit.
>Highlight was the inflatable slide.
>Standing around bored with my friends.
>Look at line for slide. Way too long.
>Fuck it.
>Look up at slide.
>See some black kid from 9th grade about to slide down.
>What could possibly go wrong?
>Fucker decides to climb on top of the wall that divides the ladder from the slide.
>Jumps on top of safety net like a trampoline.
>Fucker flies like Michael Jordan in Space Jam.
>Faceplants with the force of a 9/11 jumper.
>The fucking sound the impact made was heard all throughout the school.
>All students sent back to classrooms.
>Ambulance arrives.
>Retard is still unconscious.
Find out days later that he had brain damage for which he needed surgery as well as several broken bones on his face. Highlight of my highschool experience.
Never greentext story before
>Me and nigger walking to class late
>Turn corner
>See female nigger on the ground shaking
>Watch her for a good 30 seconds
>Nigger with me starts laughing
>Walk back to class
>IImmediately forget about it
>Like 10 minutes later some fag runs past my class
>Like 20 minutes after that paramedics run by
>Another nigger who was going to the bathroom walks back in class
>Says "Bruh isa dead gurl out duh"
>Everyone talks about it for the rest of class
>I didnt say anything
>Bell rings
>Switch class
>literally never heard anything about it again
>Dont even know who she was
Please be real.
I didn't see it happened but the whole wrestling team at my high school was on the news for molesting this guy in my class.
Most /b/tards haven't even been to high school yet.
It is :/

Please say thanks to him for increasing the quality of the human gene pool by not being in it
man, my highschool years were calm
craziest thing that happened was someone brought rats to graduation and let them loose, was kind of hilarious

all the fights I got into were in middle school and elementary
no one went and offed themselves, no shootings, nothing
Just a couple retards and a teacher walking out of the bathroom with the teacher telling them "If you want to touch each other like that, it's ok, but not at school"
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>Decide to go to anime club
>All stronger guys i wouldn't expect to watch anime
>Everyone is around a single chalkboard
>Older guy (seems to be pumped for some reason) comes to write X's and O's with arrows everywhere then proceeds to yell at us
>I ask if we are going to watch Steins;Gate
>Receive weird looks
>We end up practicing a lot of football and playing against other anime clubs
>Get really buff
>Obtain female friend
Everything went better than expected.
fuck off
Other shit that cant be stretched into a story
>4 niggers jumped a gym coach
>2 niggers got trying to steal from a gym coaches truck
>A nigger got body slammed by a nigger vice principal and had a rib broken
Fight me nigger :/
Guy lived.
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>be eons ago
>2420 - 403 to be quite precise
>be 13
>in mathlab class
>pic almost related
>had eaten 14 bowls of all bran cereals for breakfast
>i don't know why
>sudden urge of diarrhea within ensues
>synergical contortions of Higgs Bosom-like particles bouncing on in about in my colon resulting in diarrheatic fumed poop fumes rushing out of my tight buttocks seated on the chair
>singularity of the collection of the best worst putrefacting shades of ass smell is born
>everyone is suddenly panicking
>tryed to run as fast as i could but couldn't make it
>crapped my pants
>like fucking erupted diarrhea every in my pants
>never showed up to class afterwards for 2 weeks
Worst part was walking all the way back to home since i was living 50 minutes away from school
kekked and checked
>Art class
>Obnoxious fat white kid EVERYONE hated
>He would randomly try and act tough and fuck with people
>But immediately pussy out when someone got semi aggressive towards him
>One day we had a half nigger female sub
>He sat next to her but facing the wall
>He had headphones on so he couldnt hear anything
>Everyone starts conspiring against him
>One gets a chair
>Another goes to the lightswitch
>The kid turns off the lights
>Chair kid throws big ass helf metal chair right at fatie
>Nigger sub starts yelling to turn lights back on
>Fatboi sitting on the ground crying holding the bloody gash on his head
>be 16 in high school
>3 bullies go on lads holiday
>video comes out of them having a gay 3 way
>I hate these fucks so payback time
>spread video all over school
>police give speech to all students because 1 of the bullies was 15
>get arrested for spreading child porn
>at police station thinking I have ruined my life
>police let me off with a warning because of the circumstances

Go to school the next day everyone thinks I'm a badass for being arrested and bullies change schools out of embarrassment
I never really saw and fucked up shit like OP, but I have a million stories of administrative incompetence.

>High school has split classes. Half the year we have one teacher, then we get assigned a new teacher.
>One semester the administration forgets to tell our new teacher he'd been assigned to us.
>We sit there and do nothing.
>Not the glorious chaos you'd think. Just awkward silence wondering when this guy was going to show up.
>School cop walks into class
>Takes everyone 1 at a time into the hall
>Trying to get a confession
>Everyone hate the kid so nobody squeals
>We got him to think he just slipped and fell off the stool and hit his head
>He ended up changing schools
I found this website called 4chan.org and then everything
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Cheese Pizza made by Cheese for your cheesing amusement you niggerfattitsfuckcuckcuntcock bitch
During P.E. class a guy on a motorbike and a machine gun drove onto our football field and opened fire on our teacher. He was unharmed. Ireland here. Paramilitary/politics related
Fuck, forgot to quote

But fucking got dubdubs

Fucking jackpot you niggers
A guy was in the weight room and some hammerhead threw one of the small 5 lb weights at him, and hit him in the back of the head. He collapsed, unconscious, went into arrest, and nearly died.

A guy passed out at a party and another guy took a full-on dump on him while a couple of dozen people watched.

A "special-needs" student who wore a styrofoam helmet had a grand mal seizure in the quad at lunchtime. My friend was right there as it happened and screamed "Look at that son-of-a-bitch-go!" and the crowd burst into laughter. The special-needs guy died right there.
Saw my buddy Jeremy take a fat orange shit in a urinal and we went to see if it was still there at the end of the day but it had disappeared
Not highschool but still
>Negro kid named terrence
>Terrence would skip class in the bathroom all the time
>One day this nigger decided to draw and write in his own shit
>Shit was all over the walls and floors
>Later on the intercom the announce the boys bathrooms are being closed for the rest of the year

I have no clue found her on reddit
Underage newfag bullshitter detected MODS!
Double dubs, checked
>A guy passed out at a party and another guy took a full-on dump on him while a couple of dozen people watched.
Imagine kicking the dude in the face while he's squatted over the passed out dude

It's not like he'll kick your ass cause he's still pants to the knee and probably to the floor shitting over all himself

Everyone gets a laugh and justice has been served to the passed out who sleeps in pure alcoholic serenity

Is the teacher dead or what?
Reminds me of this fat hairy girl that sat in front of some friends of me and mine. She has ass hairs coming out of her butt crack when she leans forward so we called he the Kracken for 5 years. i still don't think she ever knew why.

Also my schools had a 30% Cuban and 15% Haitian population so race wars were a thing, middle school was like a prison in regards to race stays with race. kinda fucks up your perception as a child.
Holy fucks i got dubdubs in the same thread brb getting a lottery ticket

Yup. You win. Fuckin hell

How did you see her bush?
>a mentally unstable twat
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>Be 16
>Faggot Sophmore
>Be in 5th hours class, Math
>Decide to go to the bathroom to take a shit
>Enter into the bathroom stall
>I pull down my pants and take the biggest shit of my life on the floor
>Bathroom is closed off for the rest of the year
>FF to Senior year
>3 weeks until graduation
>Decide to fuck with the school one last time
>Go to the bathroom
>Take a shit on the floor again
>I pick up the log with TP
>Put it in the ceiling tile
>A few days later the bathroom smells of 3 day old stale shit
>The janitor finds it a few more days later
>Bathrooms closed again for another year
9th grade. Jr high
Had a crush on this girl until one day her hugging on a nigger.
Decided to get him first chance.
In class and had to piss
Get hall pass
Go to other side of a cool because the bathroom was better
About to go down stairs
Saw nig climbing stairs

Walked back a good 20 ft
Ran at door to stairs
Double foot fly kick door
Knock nig down 2 flights of stairs
Hits head.
Goes away in ambulance
Thought he was gone.
Had summer school
Nig did too.
Because of me
Was a nice guy
Called me friend.
Still feel bad about it.
>TWN im half this thread
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>in class
>Nothing's going on so I'm bored as fuck >hobo breaks through window
>Hobo picks up jar of peanut butter from some kids desk
> Hobo starts fucking the jar of peanut butter
>The hobo jumps through the window and gores himself, dieing slowly
>Paramedics to late
>The fuckers already dead
>Teacher goes on with her lession like nothing happened
>Fuck this.jpg
>Leaves classroom
>Spends rest of day browsing 4chan on phone
I was in high school and 11 grade I wasn't the most popular but had a lot of friends so me and 5 people all made A decision to pull a prank on the school and shit like that well what we did was we had Horse laxatives and my friend would help out in the kitchen for extra credit because he was failing his class and that would bring up his grade and your way this way he did was he putting horse laxatives into all the soup and about two hours my friend that's like extremely into fireworks so I bought 15 m-80 fire crackers and so after all the horse laxatives were in the soup we all went into the bathroom bathrooms and we set off the fire crackers in the toilets and flushed it what ended up happening was the toilets broke so no one can even use them and we went back to class cause no one found us so we went back to lunch 5 minutes later the bells ring and go to class about 30 minutes after that the Horse laxatives kick in and the hands started rising 1 hand 2 3 4 5 6 hands come up lol me in my mind I'm trying not to laugh my ass of back to the story, kids started flooding out of classes and I look over and in our door we have a little glass window and in the window I see kids running down the hallway to as you can guess it to the bathroom well they didn't know the toilets were broken and then kids start flooding up to the office and more and more and more kids started to have to shit so bad that they shit themselves and after school we all meet up at my friends house to tally up the score and we found out the cheer squad and football players had to cancel the football games because everyone was shiting there guts out and we found out that 60 kids shit them self but this was the best prank I have ever done
>dat pic
Hmmmm is that a real story?
Be me. Highschool freshman in a shitty school, first week in.
Fire alarms go off.
Glass shatters everywhere.
Gold spray paint over the walls "the captain goes down with the ship"
I get a bag pulled over my head and dragged out of the school
I get knocked out.
It kinda to good to be real
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Someone started leaving used condoms all around the school when the Cieling fan turns on a fucking used condoms fly's out, fucking found used condoms in the soup, finds out who is doing this, take a shit in a condom and puts it in his wallet while he is t looking, he was fucking regected from having sex with his girlfriend and she broke up. Payback mother fucker
>not even greentext
Most messed up thing I can recall was a guy being elected Homecoming Queen (back when there still were such things.)
During highschool years, all sorts of shit happened. But during school, the craziest things were 2-3 fights a week. People smoking in the bathroom, that kind of thing.

I used to fuck my girlfriend on the steps leading to the bleachers, it was fun. And I threw a tampon that I dipped in tomato sauce at some niggers and they almost flight each other.

I was high a lot, just chilling. Freshman year i was Goth. I'll probably remember something later now that you got me reminiscing. But for now, have a bump.
>ugly retarded girl has crush on me
>she's already dating even uglier mongoloid guy
>keeps winking at me and flirting in yard
>her boyfriend gets jealous
>friends laugh their asses of at me
>she-trogodlyte somehow obtains my cell number
>starts texting me at night
>"i love you anon"
>"hes just a friend anon"
>"you can have my virginity anon"
>never reply
>one day dribble cuntfarm attacks me on yard
>everyone out there on recess
>tard boyfriend goes insane
>bawls like a horde of sea elephants and attacks me
>tries to hit me with loose arms like a weird windmill thing
>punch him in the face
>blood everywhere
>broke his nose
>he shits his pants
>stinks as fuck and runs down his leg
>get called into meeting with both turnips and their parents
>my parents aswell
>councellor says love can be hard when you're young but violence is no solution
>try to explain I wanted nothing to do with the unholy union in the first place
>dad laughing his ass off
>trogodlyte dad looks mad
>I was high a lot, just chilling. Freshman year i was Goth.
No, you're just a try hard faggot and still are
Think I remember a ton of little cholas which is little ratchet looking gangster girls ganging up on an Asian guy and my friends and I just walking past them. Told a security guard about it but cholas are fucking annoying they're short in a group all the time loud ratched af.
... Who hurt you anon
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>tries to hit me with loose arms like a weird windmill thing
> Taking math test
> Room silent
> Teacher man let's out a weird whimper
> grabs chest and falls sideways out of his chair onto the floor
> class thinks he's joking at first
> girl goes to get school nurse
> Everyone starts freaking
> Ambulance comes
> No rhythm
> Sudden cardiac death
> we all got an A on the test
Today a kid threatened to jump from the roof of a HS in my town. I have video but don't know how to convert into webm
>be me, 10th grade
>transferred to new school that just opened up due to new zoning
>have to wake up at fucking 5 AM to catch the bus because first stop
>sit in back of bus, pop in headphones to chill
>every stop outside of our neighborhood was in the boonies and out where the mexican farmer's kids lived
>only white kid further back than 7th seat
>some mexifuck tries to challenge me for my seat, says I belong at the front of the bus
>tell him to kill himself
>his friends laugh, he gets triggered. Stands up to come kick my ass
>by a willful act of god, we hit a pothole while he's in mid stride
>he pops up, hits head on metal beam that runs across the roof, gets knocked out cold
>dead silence for a few seconds
>I lean over and spit on the back of the mexican's head, then put earbuds back in
>bus has to pull over, kid gets grabbed by EMTs from emergency exit, we continue to school
>rumors circulate that I beat the fuck out of him, don't deny them
>never get fucked with again

>be me
>Slav in America
>consider after school activities to kill some time
>see club called "multicultural club"
>wonderful, I was born in a different culture from the one I live in
>what could go wrong?
>Nothing but Muslim chicks, aside from myself
>Muslim chicks use it as a time to talk about monotonous bullshit
>I feel so amazing when I pray
>here's my techniques for fasting
>my mum used to read me this one surah as a child
>my turn comes
>talk about how I broke a car window just to use the lighter for my cigarette
>Fuck Gypsies and Bosniaks
>saw a man chase a bear with an axe
>eating sausages and cabbage pretty much daily
>they're horrified
>I'm outnumbered
>gotta call in backup
>find all the slavs I can at school for next week
>even let Estonian girl pretend to be one
>tell them to dress in tracksuits
>combat the hivelike appearance of the hijabis
>completely derail the next meeting
>but muh multiculturalism
>keep showing up to all meetings
>try to prove to us how peaceful they are, and tolerate our slaviness
>have a dinner planned for club members and family
>traditional dishes, traditional clothings, and traditional activities
>show up with my mother and brother
>my fellow Pole brings his father, who plays accordion
>such a pork-heavy buffet table
>Polka being played
>diverse, colourful attires
>general merriment
>Muslim chicks dress in drab colours, bring stern people
>conservative mannerisms, not trying any of the foods slavs brought
>all of their parents are scowling to what devolved into the slavic side of the room
>parents group up on their side
>sort of huddling
>all grab their daughters by the arm and storm out
>yelling outside the room
>I know for a fact at least two of them got hit
>another one suddenly started wearing face veil
>multicultural club continued without them
>mfw I facilitated their abuse
>PE class
>be chubby kid
>200m speed test
>i let out a fart as soon as i start running
>i think of it as my "turbo" to make me feel better
>everyone laughs at me at the finish line
>bullied rest of HS year
So did you get in trouble? Did they believe you weren't dating her?
>high school
>be 16
>some bully kid is trying hard to somehow startup a fight with me
>he's going on about this shit for an hour
>comes the part where he said something about my dad
>he's dead, im a teenager, think i have fucking anger issues
>cannot ignore anymore
>try to punch him, everyone holds me and the other guy back
>"Im gonna fuck you up after school" says the fucking roach
>FF to end of the day
>trying to go to my bus? school bus? idk what its called the one that takes you infront of your home where you pay a monthly fee
>anyway the kid shouts from the back
>we go behind the bus with a fucking crowd
>he's angrily talking to me, not starting a fight but actually is trying to back out without looking weak
>fucking roach is actually scared of tall but thin me
>hold his face with my whole hand
>grappling it like its a fucking orange
>throw him onto the sidewalk behind him while doing a retarded scream
>dont like the attention, slightly socially awkward
>cry for some reason and go sit in the bus
Fuck, i had a chance to be the bully there :/
Sounds like me. Every time I get really fucking pissed I cry, I dont know why. I'm not sad or anything but it's just what happens when I'm pissed off.
>4 years ago
>Didn't get lunch because the line was too long
>See some hispanic kid who's in my grade
>Then a couple minutes later I see him walking with a teacher to the office
>He has blood on his knuckles
>I thought he got in a fight
> I hear someone say he broke the window because some kids were fucking with him
>I check it out
>Huge hole in the window
> He got expelled and charged with vandalism
Not too crazy but it was a small town and nothing really eventful ever happened
File: hqdefault.jpg (16KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Stink bombs being set off almost every week at school
> goes on for nearly 3 years
> school finally sets up a bunch of hidden cameras (1998 before the proliferation of cams)
> turns out it was the planetarium teacher who is a hippie and plays greatful dead during planetarium shows
> fired
> Lockdown happens
> Sits down behind desk with other kids
> Hears gunshots
> Hears "Everyone stay back!" over announcements
> Girls start to cry
> Teacher goes and looks out window and runs back gasping.
Story was that someone was walking up the little hill that lead towards our school with a shortened barreled shotgun. Police were called and he supposedly started running. School officer opens front door gun drawn. Dude shot himself. I saw a little chunk of brain in grass when leaving school. Scarred me a little, It was pretty fucked. My parents kept the newspaper article but, that's with them.
>Biology class
>Dissecting frogs
>Hide frog limbs in foreign honduran kid's backpack
>Mfw he finds the frog pieces... 3 fucking months later. Dirty kid never cleaned his backpack
>Whole classroom laughs at him
>tell him to kill himself
I don't know why this made me laugh
Ok, here goes mine
>Be 15
>Thin but a little fit due to sports
>Did a little boxing
>Not cool guy nor the nerds or some shit like that
>Some bully wannabe bothering my friend
>Told him respectfully to leave him alone
>Says im gay and stuff like that to gain attention
>Didn't bother me
>Class ended
>Friend comes running to me leaving school
>Says that bully was talking to his friends that he scared me
>Gotta show that little bitch what be scared is
>Go were bully and his friends were
>Didn't paid attention to me getting closer
>Poke his shoulder
>Bully turns surprised
>Seconds later i one punched that bitch ass straight in the mouth
>Bully flight almost a meter away and fall like the bag of crap he is
>Friends are shocked
>Bully looks at me with teary eyes
>Turn around and go
>A year later became friends
>Got a little scar in the knuckle
> Parents send me to summer day care as a 6 year old
> Place has a system where older kids are praised over younger
> Goes outside to play after lunch
> Plays tether ball with a 10 year old
>Wins against ten year old
> Starts laughing
> 10 year old calls out a few names I didn't know
> Starts to freak out as I know what's about to go down
> A few 10 year olds come out and pick me up by the throat and stomach and hold me up
> Original ten year old starts to wrap the tether ball around neck
> All ten year olds let go of me
> panic.jpg
> I squirm and attempt to scream but, I can't as I was being hanged
> I lose consciousness
> I wake up inside of the camp building lying on a bed
> I am told to forget about it and to not mention what happened to me to my parents
> I go home and tell parents what happen and show them the marks on my neck
> Parents freak out and call attorney
> Sue the camp and receive a lot of money and watch the bitch who ran the place leave
> Had to go to counseling for years afterwards after being pretty damn shocked by it all
Really fucked with me for a long time still does a little.
Damn, that's quite some shit.
>in school was 16
>science class mixing chemicals and shit
>pretty shitty high school
>talking to 9/10 slut partner about chemicals and dissecting shit
>hear loud bang
>thought someone blew chemical shit up
>hear scream in hallway
>swing open door to see people running and screaming
>kid shot himself in head with shotgun in bathroom 2 doors down
>all back in class now do not come out
>peer out window in class i sat by door
>police and emt running down hall
>fire gates lower
>emt / police drag dead body sans head into hallway to bag it up
>learned more that day about science than i did all year in that class
>headless boy in body bag forever missed...

fucked up shit mang

shooting richland high school 1999
Wtf? Proof?
did you died?
Not that I can disclose with the deal we reached in court.
No but, I got a close. According to the doctor I visited by most means I should've at least got some heavy brain damage but, I lucked out.
Something like this happened to me accept the guy who ran the daycare was like an ex army guy. I don't remember it but apparently I would come home with fuckin bruises and my mother shut the place down. All I remember was having to hold books straight out from me for like an hour when I got in trouble. Apparently the guy beat me so much I just forgot about it..
SlavAnon, thank you for replacing fake bullshit "diversity" with something worthwhile. God how I hate stuck up fundamentalist assholes like that.
>In elementary school I saw some kid bash another kid his head in with one of these iron safety poles from swings.
They don't sound very safe!
Jesus, sorry man. It really hurt me. Luckily the camp is way out of service because we basically bankrupted the camp and the owner.
Considering you are on /b/ on a friday night, maybe you did get a little brain damage

one of us, one of us, one of us
>over 20 years ago
>be teen in China
>break hours
>playing football
>two school gangs come into field
>big riot
>caught up in fight
>friend gets stabbed in throat
>see other kids stabbed and beaten
>pick up knife and stab few people
>run away with friends
>friend stabbed in neck dies later
My school was pretty tame. In middle school a kid (we say this, but he was 6 foot 1, 185 pounds in 6th grade) sucker punched the principal in the nose. Broke it. Kid went to juvie.

In 5th grade they found a hit list in a kids locker. I wasn't on it, it was mostly the popular kids that made his life hell, he was an Chinese immigrant with a speech impediment. Now I go to college with him and he's the nicest guy ever with many job prospects.

Other then that, normal shit for a school with upper middle class and lower middle class population. Weaves get torn out in hallway fights, girls get pregnant by football players, gay kids in drama club commit suicide by walking on railroad tracks.
Yeah. I feel like your situation was worse. I don't think I was the only one who got beat, but you got ganged up on. That would be terrible.
Jesus, how were the gangs aligned? In the US gangs form by race, what street they live on, ect.

I've never really heard of 'gangs' in China aside from organized crime.
Chuvak, amazing work! A true Slav! I'd squat with you!
>Be me in 6th grade
>School trip going to a fair
>Everyone in my grade goes
>Arrive at fair
>We see a guy selling cotton candy
>dumb "rich" white kid buys some with mommy's money
>only one that bought it
>5mins. Later...
>last bathroom break b4 going back to school
>need to take a piss
>walk into bathroom
>see kid bring his cotton candy inside
>kid eats cotton candy mocking us
>starts spitting out blood
>starts gagging and coughing blood
>dumb plebs warns teachers
>everyone confused
>3 teachers stayed
>rest of us went back to school
>as we leave we see paramedics, ambulances rushing to save the dumb kid
>too late
>cops take the man selling "cotton candy"
3 years later figure out Cotton Candy had Insulation.
The guy got the electrical chair
Never saw the kid again.
I was a little shit in school ended up having no school wanting me and left to work in year 9 I have a few stories if anyone is interested
>lit school bin on fire
>stole my christian studies teachers bible and put nails through it and put it back in her desk
>egged one of my principles at assembly
>my mate was forced into deputy principles car when we were waggin
>spray painted heaps of the school
>pretend to kill myself when we had a sub teacher
I was a bully and got into a lot of fights.
I grew out of all that shit when I turned 17

give me a name to google
hmm.... A chick tried to sue two meathead twins for rape when all they did was double team her.
I wish this wasn't fake
fake and gay
One time a counselor got shot in a school I live by. Birney Elementary in Tacoma Washington. Craziest shit ever. The guy had been stalking her for a while. She was apparently super nice to and all the kids loved her.
I remember the Ukrainian kid at my middle/high school moved here when he was 4 (1999ish), so while he had memories of the motherland, he was pretty American. His Halloween costume one year in high school was his older brother's tracksuit, flat cap, gold chain, and a candy cigarette. All the teachers thought he was an athlete.

On multicultural day, he would bring in these little fried dough balls that were like donuts holes but better. He could also play the violin like a motherfucker.
File: india.png (32KB, 853x665px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 853x665px
> Be me studying abroad at random school in India
> Kid at school is so high that he couldn't stop moving
>Our visiting American teacher goes up to kid and tells him to leave and basically go be high somewhere else
> Kid cusses off teacher
> Teacher gets pissed and grabs kid by collar
> Kid pulls out small pistol and shots teacher in the arm
> Teacher shrieks in pain
> All of the students shriek
> I begin to leave my desk in order to gtfo
> Kid starts shooting teacher in the head
> I see teachers exploded head
> scarredforlife.gif
> Kid starts shooting at the exit of the classroom
> I run away from exit hoping not to be part of the body count
> Kid runs starts to reload
> Courageous kid yanks gun off the kid
Let's say I went home shortly after. It is so unfortunate that no one will know about this tragedy. Fuck India and your shitty media and schools.
I fucked with my school counselors head telling her I was raped and abused and was never fed.
had the cops rock up to mine a while later.
>i was doing exem after two shots of vodka... got 3 (1-5)... it was for fighting anksiety... ended with not giving a fuck about that exem...
That's the most slavic fucking school story I've ever heard
Haha no shit?
prep chick got shitfaced at a party got trained, friend stumbled upon a dude who had OD on tar at a party, had a keg stolen at gunpoint from a party some other shit.
>Be me
>Last year of high school
>Class in small room
>Take a seat, drop my bag and go to the bathroom
>Come back
>Some wigger threw away my bag and is sitting in my seat
>Get upset because that's my seat because autism
>Teacher yells at me to shut the hell up and sit somewhere else
>Wigger whispers: "Know your place, bee-otch".
>Turns out we're in the same group for group assignments
>Decide to get revenge
>In the coming weeks tell classmates how wigger is always talking about feeling down and what not
>Be very careful not to tell this to his friends
>Weeks later
>Have to go to his house to work on group assignment
>He lives in a student apartment building
>Put drugs in his drink when he goes to the bathroom, leave the bottle in plain sight
>When he passes out, type suicide letter on his laptop so his gf will see who's coming over
>Drag him to the roof (it's only one level anyway)
>Lock the door behind him
>Call police and give them some anonymous tip a confused guy is on the roof and I think he's gonna jump
>Gf comes over and notices the laptop and freaks out
>Police finally shows up
>People stop to watch
>There's a large group now
>Even a "negotiator" for the police to try to talk the wigger out of suicide
>Some fucking strike team shows up
>Storm the roof and grab the wigger who is still drowsy because drugs
>He gets put on suicide watch
>Classmates confirm he's depressed and what not
>There's a fucking meeting for the entire year and parents
>Before I show up I'm in the bathroom, literally haven't laughed so hard in years, tears of laughter
>Get to the room and teacher comforts me because eyes are still red from tears
>He comes back a few weeks later
>Everyone is very comforting on the surface but people are scared of him because he's a suicide nut
>He never took place on my seat again
Fake? That's pretty fucked, I don't really know India but, I am surprised that I can't find anything regarding this on google.
yeah. I was 14, got in a lot of shit with my dad. the school didn't care much but the counselor probably got in some shit
Not high school but on first day of middle school guy got shot in a park next to the school.

The next year one of the students was literally across the street from the middle school at a pizza parlor at most 30 feet away when a red car drove up and shot him 3 times in the face.

The kid surprisingly lived and was known as smiley the rest of his school career because his scars and dimples where he bullets entered looked like a smiley face.

Also in middle school, this really ghetto but hot girl always did stupid stuff to be rebellious.

One day while I was in P.E she walked out of the bathroom with her shorts and underwear at her ankles and her shirt above her boobs. She walked this way all the way down the ramp in public view of the P.E class and teachers before she ran off and hid. Man she was fucking gorgeous but she was never seen again.

I went to school in a ghetto part of L.A there's lots of stories man
That's awesome
Also trips
I really wish I could say that was fake but, this was India in the early '90s. They were in worse condition than now and nothing was ever reported there because no one had the funding to. It haunted me for a long time.
>be me, junior year
>English lit class, teacher was crazy
>talked all the time about Vietnam and how he and his war buddies played poker with dead "gooks"
>you never lose playing poker against dead people as they can't stop you from cheating
>I took one of their pinkies each game
>one day has a flashback and attacks the Chinese kid in the front of the class.
>teacher retired the next day
Definitely fake. We throw a fuss whenever an American is killed in another country, especially gun deaths.
Should have started Jerking off before passing out!
Any proof? Also awesome!
I went to you're school i think. Long beach area?
Story sounds similar to one of mine but its socal so yea
Nah this was at Luther Burbank middle school, northeast L.A the kid got shot at italianos pizza parlor
No proof, was late 90s. Weirdest part is they named the soccer field after the teacher a year later. Didn't see that coming.
Idk, I'll look into it, as I said this was in the '90s. I am not american and I never saw anything in the news about it. The teacher had been living in india for a long time before the incident from what I remember.
Mr Wolfe.
Did you learn about run on sentences?
Use an online converter.
Reminds me of when I was in elementary. Would call this guy "friend", but every time say "sike!" along with other teasing.
Move schools. Idk how many schools after, meet him again. Remembers me, he's nice to me, even after the semi-bullying. Feel bad
It was my sophomore year and this kid broke into school at night drunk and butt ass naked. The guy broke most of the trophies the school had won in the display cases and broke a couple of water fountains all while riding a floor waxer.
was this what the slav side looked like?

Late in the thread but got one

>School puts in new track
>Company fucks the job and puts on two layers of the hard, middle sandwich shit
>Hard as cement track, rougher than sandpaper on dick
>School takes refund rather than having the company do the track properly
>Fast-forward to track and feel day at school
>Principal is heavy, but fit
>always lifting, probably about 65 years old
>Principal runs in one of the races, 100m dash
>falls down
>It was a relay, the baton was smashed flat
>Scrapes all down the front of his whole body
>Broken arm
>Shirt in shreds
>The whole school goes silent
>Sent back to classrooms
>Principal retires that year
broke up with my gf, and I guess a week later at a party my friend used her three times in the bathroom, people were seeing them going back and forth, and he never told me I had to hear parts of the story from random people
Guy in my year left a rotisserie chicken in his locker for the entire year. He never explained why he had a chicken in his locker in the first place.
Near the end of the year he decided to clean out his locker (that's how we found out). The plastic bag he had kept it in burst as he carried it to the trash. School had to be shut down for the day
File: IMG_4946.jpg (134KB, 500x354px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>Sitting in religion class
>We're talking about the New Testament and going through all the parables
>Girl stands up out of nowhere
>Takes her shirt off
>Tosses it at our teacher
>Teacher is frantically waving her hands and telling everyone to close their eyes
>Girl who took her shirt off walks out of the room and ends up corralled by a few teachers
>Turns out she was on LSD and had no idea what happened

>Two weeks later
>Pictures of her tits circulating around the school
>Tries to hang herself with a belt
>Switches schools
>I have a friend who goes to the other school
>Send him the tit pic
>Starts circulating around the school
>She successfully hangs herself

>Live my whole life knowing it was probably my fault
>new nigger kid from Africa arrives in middle school, know no English.
>friend teaches him that the way to say hello is "would you suck mu dick"
>months later nigger finds out after much torment
>fights friend and friend gets beat to a pulp in my backyard
>friend goes inside to clean up, angry
>see my comb that looks like a switchblade, grabs it ready to cut the nigger
>turns out it's a comb, won't work

I felt really bad for the guy but I laughed so hard
Cool beans
You still got the pick?
So much shit to say -
>Elementary school - severe special ed magnet
>Kid takes a watery shit on the bathroom floor
>Jose the janitor hoses it into a floor grate in front of all of us.

>Elementary school - they now try to mainstream all the tards
>Kid with CP named Timmy, no joke, years before southpark
>They park him in the back where he moans randomly throughout the day
>Aid comes in and gets him every so often to change his diapers
>One day the aid has gone missing.
>Timmy shits himself horribly. It stinks like death. I sit in the back by him.
>Raise hand to tell teacher, she ignores me.
>Friend Sean yells out "Timmy shit his pants."
>Gets sent to principle. The rest of the class endures the shit smell for the rest of the day and we have to pull our cards if we mention it. Two more kids referred. A girl walked out of class and threw up. Jose the janitor hosed it into the grass

>one day we saw a turd the size of an arm in the toilet
>Won't flush
>Jose fished it out with a fucking net whilst wearing a mask.

>Silkworm science lessons (third grade or thereabouts)
>Silkworms get big and fat and pupate.
>Moths emerge.
>Class releases moths to the wild unaware that they are blind
>Jose sees moths on the trees and sprays them all with poison.
>Entire third grade class cries real tears over blind moths.

Middle school
>Girl acting really weird for no reason
>We just learned girls had periods. All the boys decide she's on the rag and start talking about it for a day or two. We tease her.
>Turns out she was pregnant. We found out from her older sister (who was friends with another anon's sister). She disappears and only reappears in high school. We all feel bad.
>Found out the dad was a fucking 6th grader at the time. WTF.

Middle school
>My friend loses his virginity in the bandroom to a 7th grader. No condom.
>Not sure if he is legend or was raped.
>Cried about it when he confessed to us.

High school (con't)
File: 1484973201198.jpg (31KB, 476x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 476x349px
Un fucking readable
100% true:
>My coach was arrested in an online sting trying to meet up with under age boys for sex
>it was all over the news and my teammates and I were messed up for a while, going through denial, etc.
>As far as I know he never tried anything with any of us guys on the team
Jose the janitor is the best person
this, you can only redeem yourself by finishing what you've started

News article???

She died?
he jacked off to you and your friends.

Never mind this must be it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marysville_Pilchuck_High_School_shooting ?
>outside by bleachers
>just finished a football match
>another match is going on the field everyone at bleachers
>just standing around chillen wit bros
>known dumbass kid drops from the top of bleachers
>hear "AW FUCK SHIT FUCK" as he drops from bleacher to bleacher
>finally lands on his back dust clouds everywhere
>kek too fuck
>chink principal says arent you guys gonna help him up?
>every kid starts laughing theyre assess off still
>imitate chink principal by saying " so no one is gonna help the retard up?"
>she hears but doesnt say anything
File: Semfac01.png (176KB, 734x589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176KB, 734x589px

He really fucking was. I saw that guy clean up more barf...

Anyway, HIGH SCHOOL (the real shit)
>Break into (empty) band room to ditch class, get high, etc.
>Admin finds out
>One senior takes the fall for all of us and is expelled.
>bro the max 4 life. Found out later his family sued the school over it, claiming racism (he was black)

>Drummer friend gets high at school. Drops acid. Randomly walks out of marching band practice whilst band director yells impotently at him.
>Returned the next day and told us a story about dragons
>Saw him on A&E intervention YEARS later.

>not at school, but w/e
>Got super drunk on Halloween with the lads. Start wrecking a neighbors house for no reason.
>Decide to smash pumkin
>All 8 of us stomp the shit out of it
>fat woman emerges from house
>friend goes up to her and starts yelling in her face, then throws up on her.
>"I'm calling the cops!"
>cheese it
>we hide the beer in some bushes
>police arive
>we all pretend to be asleep on the floor of one dude's parents' house
>get away scott free
>find the beer next morning. Get piss drunk and I piss in the fat woman't mailbox. Mate pissed in her gas tank.

>One night we get drunk as fuck and go to the school
>empty literally every trashcan into the quad
>thigh-high trash everywhere
>go to school the next day, all trash has been cleaned up by 7:30
>Continue doing same shit every so often
>They install a camera in the quad because of us
>Friend brings 1600fps pellet gun and shoots camera.
>We trash the school again
>This time, they don't clean it up and decide to make the student body do it at lunch to "make example" or some such.
>kids refuse to do anything and just stand there as the principle tries to make them pick up garbage
>garbage gone the next day
No. Birney Elementary in Tacoma WA
Only niggers and Jews wouldn't help someone in need.
Shit meant to say yes. She died
>be me
>be 16 in art class
>doing some random drawings I forgot about
>this Slovene loser in a leather jacket who isn't even in the class bursts open the door and sticks his head in the room
>he shouts at the top of his lungs "Shrek smokes weed every day"
File: king-conan1-variant.jpg (890KB, 900x1167px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
890KB, 900x1167px

More high school
>Senior Prank
>We break into the pool area (we had an olympic diving pool)
>Throw couch into the deepest part
>They had to get a crane to get it out

>Eating lunch in quad
>Hear crash
>see a head sticking out from a large window of the cafeteria
>Blood spraying everywhere
>I guess dudes had fought, one dude put the other dude's head through a window, then pulled him back in
>Permanently blinded him in one eye

>Had a crush on a half asian girl
>we talk, it's cool. Can't really get anything to happen
>starts to get distant
>police at school one day
>Math teacher who was also a volleyball coach being led away
>turns out he was having sex with around 6 girls.
>Asian girl missing. Call her and she admits she was getting oral sex from the teacher
>never talk to her again as I find it suddenly very disgusting

>me a senior
>sophomore girl digs me, wants my dick baaad
>all my friends think she's ugly and annoying
>she is
>fuck her, take her virginity, get extra nasty over a break
>school back in session, act like I don't know her
>she gets super hurt and depressed
>do this several times when horny
>After high school, she ends up dating a drug dealer. Gets killed in a drug deal gone wrong that was all in the news.
>Can't say more as it would reveal my true identity.
>feel guilty for how I treated her. Wish I could take it all back.
shoot ur cock off then maybe she can have it in hell
>only way to clear things up
>since u basically killd her

You linking us to the news story wouldn't give shit away how the fuck would we know who is you?
>be 10
>live in the ghetto
>live across the street from high school
>my granny, my older sister and I are walking down there to play on the basketball court
>I think it was a Friday or Saturday, can't remember. Definitely during summer
>We hear some commotion in the parking lot
>Yelling and screaming, tires screeching on pavement
>we start to walk home
>I glance back at the parking lot of the hs, now in view
>Everybody is going ballistic
>Someone is on the ground shaking
>In a pool of red
fuck the ghetto
almost exactly 18 yrs ago 22nd of Jan
your one old ass motherfucka lol
File: 2138827.jpg (12KB, 250x227px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> be nerdy weak-chin receding jaw austiste
> slouching in cafeteria, attempting to eat food without it falling out of my mouth due to inadequate chin.
> hear glass break
> see 20 year old sophomore ICP fan pill popper walking around cafeteria with blood dribbling down his arm
> dumbass punched a glass window cause his gf dumped him
> mfw
leaving someone in their own shit is abuse. you could have gotten the whole school shut down.
File: 1450078410843.jpg (69KB, 500x513px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>Junior year
>walking around just after lunch
>snacking on a pretzle
>See school police officer running like mad
>at the end of the corridor
>a kid with a prescription bottle full of pills
>says he'll down the whole thing if nobody backs off
>cop ain't having any of this bullshit
>whips out taser
>in less than a second taser barbs are in the air
>kid falls like a plank of wood
>sent to hospital for mental health
>turned out he had a serious personality disorder and was denied medication
>continued on my way eating said pretzel
>rest of the day was good
File: 1473404314207.jpg (178KB, 491x713px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 491x713px
>grappling it like it's a fucking orange

Holy fuck
lmao dubs niggerr
>and was denied medication
did he get it eventually?
lmao i wasnt even alive 18 yrs ago nigger
probably, haven't seen or heard about him since,
lol mods are cancer and they dont shit so underage b& is just a meme
No shit
>Find a suitcase full of clothing on the side of the road
>start driving on the highway
>begin dropping contents of the suitcase on the road behind us into the traffic behind us
>hilarity ensues
>cars start swerving all over the road
Still not sure if someone died kek
File: assassination.png (985KB, 1516x1060px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
985KB, 1516x1060px
>be 15
>on bus to school as usual
>2 of the weird kids sprint out of bus real frantically
>don't think anything
>all of a sudden massive commotion in bathroom
>the kid was actually chasing the other one
>stabbed him in bathroom, knife was 30cm long, in chest out back
>died in hospital hours later

was a bad feel tho man
That knife is more than double the size of my dick.
You went to kempner ?
>be in 10th grade
>on bus home as usual
>notice emergency hatch on roof is loose
>keep fucking with it
>the push away part of the emergency hatch flies off into traffic on the highway
>everyone laughing
>decide to climb out of hatch and sit on roof yelling at people to vote for me for school prime minister or some shit
>bus driver yanks me down
>blahblah that's dangerous
>puts the whole blame on some 8th grade kid that has never done anything wrong
>we all roll with it
>his family got a fine or some shit too

You guys should've killed the knife for hurting them
I saw a girl try doing a trick with one of those razor scooters and she tripped and hit her neck on the curb of the sidewalk.
My friend called the ambulance but by the time they got there she was dead. Her friend who was riding the same kind of scooter with her wouldn't stop crying. It was a really fucked up moment and it happened so out of the blue. One second me and my friends were chilling on his porch and the next we see this girl die.

Another time at highschool these two kids started fighting in the hall. We had two police officers that would walk around our school. Today was officer Stevens' day and he broke up the fight but one of the kids grabbed his gun and he had to wrestle him to the ground to get it away from him. There was a lot of kids there when it happened, good chunk of the faculty showed up shortly afterwards to disperse the kids.

Another time in my sophomore year there was this chick with huge tits that was really into me. I was still a virgin at the time and I had heard from multiple people she was a whore. She pulled me into one of the bathrooms and basically raped me until I got hard and came in her mouth. It was one of the quickest blowjobs ever lol

Another time I walked into one of the bathrooms and saw a bunch of kids rolling dice I knew a couple of them and they wanted me to join in. I had twenty dollars, doubled it in one roll and left the bathroom with 40 bucks in my pocket
It would totally say what high school I went to. I just have a creepy feeling about revealing that.

>indonesian class taught by uppity feminist bitch at all boys school
>extremely sensitive, would always blow up and carry on
>her trigger word was 'man power'
>all through the school people would murmur those words or chant them to fuck with her
>she's had enough
>literally grabs a kid by both the arms shaking him screaming, 'HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I SAID GIRL POWER.. OR. OR WIMP POWER HUH!?"
>we're all kind of shocked but is always a laugh fucking with her
>she starts crying and leaves classroom

>this happened consistently. I loved that class.
No one cares anon, time passed and everyone forgot about you. Now give us link to news

No, I'll just wait till I'm dead, then I'm sure we'll be repeating the cycle as our eternal punishment.
Nothing crazy really.

>be me, Australian high school
>year 8
>hear about this year 10 girl who thinks she's a vampire
>everyone laughs at her
>few weeks go by
>she fucking bites her classmates hand to the point that it's bleeding a lot
>vamp girl gets suspended for a week
>classmate's hand get infected

Like a month later she gave up the whole vampire persona.
My high school saw two suicides, at least two more suicide attempts, a drunken car crash that killed two new graduates, and the natural but unexpected death of our longtime beloved principal, all within three years.


In sex Ed, the teacher was talking about periods and a freshman was mad because the teacher (a male) wasn't speaking about tampons properly, so she changed her tampon in front of the class then was expelled.

Not a pretty sight.
>Luther Burbank

Remember when Ms.Beck got arrested at Jordan for fucking that Pooinloo and her husband threatened to kill the kid? God I probably had a chance with her.

You located in Burbank anon?
Oh actually no, there's another one that happened last year.

>be me, last year of high school
>playing UNO with friends in the school library because it's raining like crazy outside
>suddenly some year 7/8 kid falls out of his chair
>laugh at him, then so do my friends
>quickly realize the nigga is having a seizure
>friends go in oh shit mode
>can't stop laughing as people rush to help the poor kid
>elementary school, getting picked uo by parents
>2 dudes fighting apparently in the parking lot
>ex military dad and some other dudes go and break it up
>wasnt allowed to look
>apparently some black dude with a fuck ton of rings attacked this white dude and fucked his shit up

>like literally every few weeks we had to evacuate the school

>nig girl on xans passed out at desk during class change
>cops came and got her and everyone had to leave the room
>last sight was her being escorted out

>in process to get blue ribbon award
>kids caught snorting pills off the toilets in the bathrooms during the evaluation
>still get blue ribbon award

>bunch of people died for miscellanious reasons
Reminds me of the female sex ed teach who said men can't piss with a boner, so this kid who had a boner unzipped his pants and pissed a golden arch across the room into the sink (dont know if true story)
Not HS and not really happened at school but whatever
>Be me in elementary
>Train soccer in elementary's team, befriend kid 4 years older than me from team
>He stops going to practice
>Learn he has been killed by his older bro. He killed both his parents too, a la Amitiville massacre. Only sister survived cause she wasn't at home
>House still abandoned to this day, 20 years after it happened
What the fuck if this is real tell more
jesus fucking christ anon

i smiled
Now all the shootings are over meth or some other shit
>like literally every few weeks we had to evacuate the school

Nigga those were just drills, there wasnt a real threat you dumb boy
Yeah. Fuckin gay reason. I much more prefer the good old fashioned stalked a girl since college!
Only two things I remember:

I made out with this chick and the next day the whole school caught her getting banged in the ass by a senior on top of the gym. That shit was on everyones lips for a while. I'm glad I didnt go further with her. She was hella unpopular for some reason.

I banged a chick in the school bathroom after classes were over and before a football game. A janitor came in because my belt buckle kept hitting the floor loudly. The girl just said she was having digestive issues to the janitor and he left. Great pussy was had.

My brother ate a free Dennys meal and shat literally all over the bathroom. I didnt know it was him when I walked in, incidentally, and noticed the shit marks everywhere. He had explosive diarrhea. A pair of shit soaked underwear was left behind next to the toilet. He told me it was all him when I got back home. I still give him shit for that.
File: rapecondom.jpg (25KB, 370x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just reminded me of another few

>Friend at school I used to walk part of the way home with doesn't come for a few days
>Turns out the last day he went home, he found his father dead by suicide, hanging halfway out of the kid's bedroom window
>Dude was surprisingly resilient to this catastrophe, but went on to be a drug dealer in his early 20s and do time

>Had a friend with younger sister in the colorguard. Another mate's mom makes the uniforms.
>During fitting this sister says she might need it a bit big... because she might gain weight (she was a freshman btw)
>Sister "runs away" with black boyfriend for a few weeks, disappears later on, friend won't tell us shit.
>Sister returns the next year.
>Their parents have adopted a baby from africa.
>Official story: she got knocked up and her parents made her get an abortion, then adopted a baby from Africa because they are nice and they wanted the girl to see what was up
>We all knew that African baby was the sister's niggerspawn and the parents were too embarrassed to tell the truth

Back in middle school / high school
>Step dad of one of my friends used to take him and other friends around on Halloween to steal candy from children
>they would hop out of the truck and steal the candy, then the stepdad would speed them away
>Dad got busted for childporn
>Friend ended up going to the pen for attempted murder a few years later.
>be me 12 grader
>Talk with younger classmates because I don't give a shit who I talk to if it's not sitting in silence
>Talking to some short ass freshman
>Some dude idk walks up and starts pounding his face in.
>Blood everywhere.
>Random dude apparently has razor blades between his fingers.
>Short dude goes to hospital. Critical for 3 days
>Short guy makes it through
>Random dude ran away into woods behind school. Never heard about him again.

That's one story, at least one I remember. I have shit memory.

Smells like bullshit
not drills, actual bomb threats, but all the students knew they were a joke
>Music class
>demo mode
> whole class presses demo at same time and removes headphones.
> teacher loses shit
Not a great story but Shit was cash

Actually I remember when they were trying this "full integration" thing. The principle came in and told us we shouldn't talk about it with our parents because that would make us prejudiced and bigoted.
I didn't get that flag at the time. We were like 9 or 10 years old and thought grown-ups were all fucking powerful. I realize now they dumped the kids in the mainstream classes because of a teacher shortage.
File: slaviness.jpg (83KB, 562x467px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 562x467px
>try to prove to us how peaceful they are, and tolerate our slaviness

"slaviness" I keked
I remember that, I live not to far from there.
File: Vn5fBzq.jpg (68KB, 971x560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Posted her before but I'll retell
>Be me
>Sophomore in high school
>have a teacher who was boring as shit and never listened to fire alarms
>fire alarms pulled constantly, so no one listens
>one day doing reading logs in english
>Fire alarm.ape
>Teacher says to keep reading and ignore it
>Look out the door to see pajeet running down the halls screaming
>Teacher ends up evacuating the class after 10 minutes and realizing it was real
>Left school early and played vidya
>3 days later see a video of it posted on youtube to "When I got high"
Yeah it was serious fucked. It always comes up at weird times. I had a girlfriend who's mother was really good friends with the counseler. And one of my old teachers had a mother who was counseler there when I went to school there. Fuckin weird
>be my highschool's dealer
>bring xanax, vicodine, morphine, vicodine/norco, etc daily to sell
>a good friend asks to foreward a prescription worth of xanax
> he's worth his word, no doubt, friends for years
>give to him 90 2 mg xanax for $100, good friends got crazy discounts because i got supply for free
>friend takes a handful on the spot
>friend decides to surf his own car at 60 mph
>loses most of his memory, family, friends, girlfriend, all gone
>stays in intensive care for skull fractures and brain trauma for months
>never get paid for the prescription because he had no recollection of any drug use
>figure he bullshitted me out of paying, but too guilty to make him pay
>the rest of his life is changed from that one handful of pills

I got a nice leather jacket from the venture though...
You an EMTfag?
How does that smell like bullshit?

Kill yourself cunt.
You are scum and you should consider changing your attitude.

I remember sitting there in middle school. We had a super strict no weapons policy. I remember sitting in the locker room. The cholos would wear socks up past their knees (this was like 1996-1997). I was thinking... They could just put a lock in a sock and they have a pretty effective melee weapon. Even a 13 year old kid could do some damage to a grown man with one of those.
File: img-thing.jpg (22KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Might as well have some fun with this.

>Be me
>In my time in high school, there were literally 24 suicides.
>I witnessed four of them.
>NUMBAH ONE, the belt.
>School sponsored camping trip.
>Fun day, chilling on a river, campfire stories, catching bats after it got dark.
>Go to cabin, hijinks, shit talk about girls, brag about how many fingers we got wet, the usual.
>Wake up next morning, roll over, see legs.
>Kid above me hung himself with his belt after we all went to sleep.
>Gagged himself with a sock so no one would hear him.
>No note, no explanation ever.

>NUMBAH TWO, The pills.
>Hanging out at this girl's house.
>Ten people or so, booze, pharma, copious weed and a bit of coke.
>People split off to play, have fun, pass out eventually.
>Wake up to yelling.
>Stumble into upstairs bathroom.
>Girl who's house it is on floor.
>Foam dripping, empty bottle next to her.
>General note, pressure too much, nobody cares.
>Hooked up with her the week before.
>Had a bad week, listened to a lot of Stabbing Westward.

>Junior, now.
>Feel inured to this shit, 15 suicides later.
>Fuck it attitude thoroughly ensconced.
>Go on a run with a few friends, bring a few things back.
>Two 8balls later, decide we need to go back to our buddy who held most of it.
>Get to apartment, get call.
>It's his hysterical girlfriend.
>Run in, he's dead on the bed.
>Shot up enough to kill three people.
>Journals made it clear he hated, well, everything.
>Still feel bad for his girlfriend, basically woke up to his dead face inches from hers.

>Best friend.
>Awesome musician, great girlfriend, decent job, that guy that was always making it happen.
>Get off work, swing by his house to chill.
>Parking lot full of people freaking out.
>>Get out of car, instantly see my other friend by a tree.
>He's trying to hold my other friend up by the waist to keep him from suffocating.
>Obvious it's far too late.

Highschool's a bitch.
File: 1363292764337.jpg (17KB, 313x286px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 313x286px
Happened pretty recently for me but it really put things in perspective for me.
>be Senior
>Have cool maths teacher
>Is married and has a pretty good life
>Let me play vidya if I finished my work
>Pretty chill, even ripped bongs during class with some of the students, I shit you not
>Everyone likes the teacher
>a year later a story comes out he was fucking some girls and knew one of them and was arrested
you from nj? sounds like my highschool
This would be back in 2001. I discovered that the study body rigs their elections. I managed to get ahold of ballots and threw out a bunch of one candidate and filled out a bunch more for the other. Like to the point where I knew my candidate would win.

Only to see my candidate lose. So I figured someone else must have rigged the election then.
File: 1424825703262.jpg (23KB, 380x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 380x380px
>be junior year me
>every day in math, sat in front of special needs kid
>talking low functioning autism, tourettes, the works
>always hyperventilated like a fucking gorilla in heat when he got frustrated
>got frustrated every fucking day
>always shook back and forth and cussed under his breath
>one day, retard kid had enough
>couldn't figure out how to math
>he shouts like a fucking dragonborn shout
>spittle hits the back of my neck
>i turn around just in time to get hit in the face by his notebook as he tries to tableflip it
>I stand straight up to confront him
>by this point everyone is staring
>retard kid immediately realizes his mistake as he shoots straight out of his chair and sprints at lightning speed out of the classroom
>teacher ran out after him so she could bust him and take him to the principal
>I will never forget his spaghetti legs as they flailed about trying to gain traction

My brother and I wore something like these, because of where our family roots were from. We were both raised in GdaƄsk, but our mother migrated there from the highland areas. The more Americanised slavs wore the track suits, Ushanka, caps, etc. mainly because their parents didn't have them wear odd costumes for most major events.

Many squats were performed, and a lot of Kwas was prepared for the occasion.

Ukrainian kid did monologues from everything is illuminated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdd-JNJtsYc
Of course not, who has a peanut butter jar on their school's desk?
Relocate your physical ip address using a vpn to avoid any restrictions your government may or has already slammed down on your internet usage. Also avoid being spied on by your government.

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If you like your freedom, I suggest you get a VPN http://anonyourself.club
Some former students broke into my high school and stole thousands of dollars of electronics. Then they broke in again 2 days later and burned down the classroom with a road flare.
File: 1484976644507.gif (2MB, 400x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x398px
>he shouts like a fucking dragonborn shout
Hey who knows?
I've seen a girl deepthroat a banana at school before.
Senior year lockdown
Bullshitting about the cops and their OOOEMMGEE riot sheilds since mw2 just came out.
Rumors start circulating about multiple students with guns
Knock on the door and everyone goes quiet
Only black kid pulled out of class, quiet type, black not roodypoo, so we're all confused and trippin
Some time later lock down lifted
Turns out it was for brandishing airsoft guns while driving to school + weed and a bong and some liquor in the car when they searched it.
Juvie and lost soccer scholarships all around.
Forgot to mention, 1.8 million in damages.
I don't remember any suicides from my grade during high school. I think there may have been one from someone older than me (I would have been a freshman and they would have been a junior or senior and I didn't know them) who killed themselves. There was a few fatal car accidents.

We didn't have any brutal fights. The fights were fairly tame. Actually now that I look back I don't remember much in terms of violent bullies. I can recall one and he was a total pussy.

We had a few die in car accidents. I do remember being at the beach. (Southern California. A bunch of people from my town would rent houses for a week or two so you would go there and see people you go to school with). A couple of the girls had a blow job party and there was a line of dudes around the building waiting for their turn. I remember seeing the line.
>boys bathrooms are being closed for the rest of the year
> be me in HS
> we're in history class
> everyone is taking notes
> quiet af
> suddenly a fucking lamp falls off
> hit two kids in their heads, they start to scream as their faces are bloody
> fucking hilarious, tho. Lamps falling outta nothing just to ruin your day
Didn't happen to me personally but to my dad. True story. My dad is high school senior and group of friends want to drive out and get lunch. Most of the time my dad goes with them but today no for no real reason. 4 people in car, all good friends of my dad. They got hit by a garbage truck and 3/4 died, and the one that lived has massive brain damage. I wouldn't be alive if my dad had chosen to go get lunch out.
"Some guy"
You didn't see it happen since it was happening behind your ass!
He shoulda went for lunch. But he didn't, too bad. I wonder if the 3/4 guy was prepared for veggies that lunch session. Get it?
In 7th grade this girl wanted to be on the basketball team but couldn't get a ride home from tryouts so she rode her bike to school (like 10 miles along a major highway). She got hit by a car and bent the bike in half. Didn't see her again until 10 years later she was paralyzed in wheelchair from the neck down.

High school - uncountable number of bomb threats
9th grade someone set off a large pipebomb and blew a bathroom wall up.

10th grade someone started fires daily at school for a month during second period so we were always out of class.

11th grade riding home from school over a big coastal bridge and there was a guy just chilling on the bridge in the middle. My friend rolled down the window and yelled jump. The guy jumped and died. He had been there all day thinking about killing himself.

12th grade the German teacher (dude) was busted showing pornos and buying liquor for 3 guys in the german club. He had been teaching for 20 years and lost his retirement and everything.

12th grade - Guy in class was riding his bike over same bridge and got hit by a car snapping his neck and exposing his vertebrae he died. Found out his girlfriend was pregnant the week before.
> be me
> sophmore year school backpacking trip
> long day we set up camp
> walk to edge of dense woods to find a place to shit
> notice something
> hornetnest.png
> this thing is fucking massive
> giant hornets everywhere
> FF to middle of night
> kid climbs out of tent to take a shit
> suddenly screaming
> ohshit
> zip up tent so fucking fast
> retard smashing up against tent trying to get in
> 30 + bites / sting
> sent home early
> fucking red as a tomato and bloated
>Saw him on A&E intervention YEARS later.

Gonna need the name/link to episode.
>be me
>going to class
>6:50am im going late.
> see some blood in front of my high school.
>an stupid woman fell from bus, back tires went over her, she was pregnante.
>meh, im late, pass over her like 15cm away.
>she died, so the baby.
Not fucked up, but fond memories.

I had a period my junior year where I was like a computer fixer with another guy. We would get called into various offices and replace parts or get things working again.

We we discovered was that no one would notice if components went missing. All of the computers had external speakers and sub woofers at the floor but were all set to mute. Which is dumb. Pay money for the sub woofers and speakers and then have all the computers default to mute. So when working on those we would walk out with the speakers and sub woofers. I didn't take them but I assisted and my friend acquired multiple.

When the new PCs would come in, inevitably one of them in the lab would have a 'problem' and we would tkae it back to our makeshift workshop and 'fix' it. I remember each computer had 256 megs of RAM (this was 2000. That was a fair bit back then). What we would usually do is take one of the two 128 meg chips out and take it home. The computer worked just fine and its not likely they noticed much of a difference teaching kids Microsoft Word with half the ram missing. Sometimes to cover our tracks we would replace it with old ram. They never noticed. My friend was able to get like a gig of ram this way for his home PC (which was a shitload for the day. That would be like 32 gigs of ram today).
She's not ugly wtf
How long did that last
this is beautiful
What the fuck
File: ahahahahafaggot.jpg (15KB, 240x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 240x210px
>last hs year.
>guys chilling when teacher is not in classroom
>hears a glass break
>guy cut his brachial artery by accident
>blood spits out everywhere
>wiiuuuwiiiuuuwiiiuu taken to the hospital
>got some stiches, guy comes back to class for the rest of the day with shirt full of blood.
>normal day after that.
2002 King High School tampa FL. pretty much a bomb threat every single day for almost 5 weeks straight.
Not that great but
>gun seen in school
>school placed on lock-down
>stuck in classrooms for hours on end
>eventually people need to use the bathroom
>people start pissing and shitting into trash cans
>shit sucked

Also, happened after I graduated but heard about it from my younger sister
>school hires DJ
>as a part of the DJ cost, apparently he ordered pizza to be handed out
>retards start throwing entire pizzas into the crowd of people dancing
>my sister's boyfriend is one of them
>idiots rented $300+ dresses and suits, all ruined
>complete fucking disaster

Yeah my middle school and high school had shit like that. As much as I want to say there are exciting stories its mostly just stories of massive incompetence and adults who are incredibly slow and unable to figure out even the simpliest things.

Our schools are run by self centered idiots. There is no amount of funding that will fix the tard culture and will only encourage them.
I laughed until you said he died. That's one of the cruelest things ever, the kids final moments, scared while everyone was,laughing at him dying. Not funny man, I love me some gore threads but thats just sickening

Ryan braswell

Middle School was by far the most prison like experience of my life.
>Be in 9th grade
>Literally the entire SR class was made of assholes
>Teachers fucking hate them more than we do
>Senior trip time
>They all -ENTIRE class- get a week detention in auditorium for trashing hotel rooms, they even tore up a bathtub
>Nearing end of year
>overhear a couple of them talking about their senior prank
>One of them got a master key & their idea was to empty out all the lockers and put contents in cafeteria
>Bright idea
>Talk a kid they bullied hard into helping me
>Drive to another town to buy epoxy
>When they're done, our plan begins
>Epoxy every keyhole to external doors
>Bought too much, fuck it, epoxy doors closed
>School had to get saws to dislodge epoxy from around the doors & have to replace the locks
>Senior class gets the blame because of locker raid on that weekend
>They get detention for 2 weeks and had to pay $100 each or no graduation, parents probably had to pay for most of them
>Currently debating whether to tell them on FB who set them up
This happened 10 years ago in 7th grade
>be me
>sitting in class
>boring as fuck. No one paying attention
>suddenly hear someone scream "fuck you, fuck this"
>everyone leaves class to see what was happening
>school tard screaming at several teachers and the vice principal
>vice principal is black
>kicks the vp in the fucking dick
>proceeds to let out huge tard scream
He was expelled after that and everyone went back to doing what they were doing although everyone talked about it for a while
>Too long ago can't remember how old
>Hear commotion in the foyer after school
>Two girls arguing, then one slaps the other and they start going at it
>Pulling hair, scratching, slapping, typical chick fight bullshit
>Shorter girl pushing the other one away with her palm in the other girl's face
>Taller girl bites off one of the short chick's fingers
>Blood everywhere, girl howling, everyone fucks off
Mexican bitches be crazy
>friend and I decide to race cars on the edge of town
>I beat him off the line and get going a decent amount above the speed limit
>decide that was enough and slow down
>he passes me going fast as fuck
>keeps accelerating
>baseball game in a diamond near the road looks on in horror
>friend tries to make a 90 degree corner going over 120km/h in a shitty car
>tires screech and the car slams into a ground wire from a telephone line
>cuts into the car from the middle of the front bumper right up to the windshield
>no one even got a bruise

just for fun
>big ol fat lady math teacher who was a grump
>spent all my time playing videogames at night until 2 or 3 each night
>sleep through every class
>she wakes me up one class
>asks me why I'm so sleepy
>barely awake, tell her to ask her mom
>class erupts in laughter
>after that we would drag the charis/tables in the cafeteria around like we were orbiting her when she came by
>Be sciencing.
>Genetics lab.
>Breeding fruit flies.
Part one.
>We decide the solution to put them to sleep might get us fucked up.
>So we all snorted it.
>Results varied.
Part two
>Lab over.
>So many flies left.
>Get an idea.
>After school our resident ninja helps up break into school (we did this on occasion to drink on the roof/defile choice locations)
>Get scissorlift from theatre, drive through the halls to the shop room.
>Lift up to main ventilation duct, dump all the flies in.

Took almost a month for them to clear out.
Just, literally everywhere.

What country?
Maine, more specifically.
>In china drinking vodka with a friend, meet two russians who I sort of know cool guys.
>Keep drinking until properly drunk, move onto a 24/7 and keep drinking.
>Notice russians are smashed talk to them and we have a good time, asks if we could grab some grub in the morning and kill hangover, thought cool.
>They keep drinking, I need to go home.
>I'm about to go sleep, hear screaming and something hitting the acs outside.
>It was the russian he tried to jump from one balcony to another, didint realize he couldn't make it as his friend did before.
>He fell 6 floors hitting all the ACs on the way mine is broken theres blood on it.
>I run downstairs his body is mangled, he sort of has a grin on his face one eye popping out.
>Mutters something I can't really make out what.
>The police show up like 15 minutes late, the teacher threatens me on expulsion if i tell anybody about this, tells me to go back to my room, can't get that grin out of my mind, can't sleep, go to 24 keep drinking.
Jesus, poor kid. Where the fuck did you grow up?
You stupid motherfucker.
You could have used the pic to blackmail her for more titty pics.
I got a few good ones but thread about to die cuz its reaching limit. Will post if new cont thread made

I only went to a few parties in high school and at one of them I came across one guy who was a an asshole and was drunk and passed out and was all alone.

I said fuck it. Punched him in the face as hard as I could and broke his nose. Sort of rolled him on his chest. When he finally came to he figures he fell and hurt himself. Has no idea that I punched him.

Came across him a few years later, he was a total party animal. Had no idea who I was.
When was the shooting?
I was in 7th grade when that whole ms.beck shit happened. weird thing was I never saw or knew her. I saw a pretty hot blonde lady one day and wondered who she was, a week later it was all over the news
File: 1484376157780.jpg (69KB, 600x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure why but
>stinks as fuck
I'm dying over here
All this crazy shit. I just used to party and shit. Fucked my best friends girlfriend though.
>shooting richland high school 1999


File: quasimodo.jpg (2MB, 2560x1466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2560x1466px
This one takes the cake.

I was in wrestling, and we were driving equipment over to the middle school where a tournament was going to be, and I was in the second car. First car is gone. Whatever.
I turn into the neighborhood where the school is and theres a car wreck at a stop sign. Notice the wrestling guys outside and ohhh shit they're panicking. They hit an SUV with a baby in it going 90 in a 35, and one kid sitting bitch in the back wasn't wearing his seatbelt and smashed into the windshield face first. The mom was screaming and the dad was barely holding back from hitting the driver because it was 2 car loads of dudes, but the driver was mumbling and I think crying. The family ended up okay even though the car was all sorts of fucked, but the wrestling kid sitting in the middle ended up looking like Quasimodo. There was blood on the windshield and everywhere outside.
Secret knowledge: he was the one kid on the team we all hated. We felt bad.
Our class had 3 areas: a classroom, a shop, and an unused second classroom/shop in the back. Was used mostly for storage. Had 3 or 4 closet kind of rooms in them off the back with locking doors. We decided to blindfold some kid in our class during a class change when the teacher took off for a bit and duct tape his arms/legs and throw him in there as a joke. We forgot the door locked automatically when its closed. (It was cracked open before we did this). The only one with a key was the teacher, and he was out for quite some time before he got back. Locked this kid up for like half an hour or so tied up before the teacher got back and ended up getting a hold of his keys as he left them on his desk when he went to the washroom or something. Nothing crazy but that was fun
I would have killed you
Im not touching some seizing nigger
File: 1326826889650.jpg (14KB, 240x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 17
>had a really hot math teacher
>one day near the end of the year she decided to do a study drill in the library
>all the other students went to help the librarian but I stayed and sat next to her.
>went into full 'fuck this' mode and whipped my cock out and started wanking under the table.
>she asks me what I'm doing and I say "I dunno"
>started writing notes to tell her I'm really attracted to her, she replies with "don't do this, i can't.. etc. etc."
>ended up just going to the toilet to blow a load.
>the next school year arrives, and I found out she was fired because apparently she seduced a student
>mfw I realized that the librarian saw me wanking under the table.
Chronological order:

When I was in 2nd grade I bitch slapped a girl down the stairs because I thought it was funny and I had seen bugs bunny do it on TV

4th grade, in the library some genius knocked down one of the really tall shelving units, almost went to the ceiling, the very top piece of metal didn't have any rolled edges. The shelf came down and amputated the librarian's fingers on her left hand while she was on the floor reading a story book for some 1st grade kids

When I was in grade 7 some guy in 10th grade completely burned a protected wetland behind the school trying to cook some sausages.

In grade 9 a pack of wolves ran through the building and almost killed 3 tards, moose and bears also came by on occasion.

Grade 11 Someone's uncle died at a jazz band concert when I was in the middle of a trombone solo.

During college I had a professor who blew his hand off when he fucked up a science demonstration, also one of the students in the front row lost an eye from some sort of shrapnel.

One of the guys I graduated with went to Israel for some sort of cyber security education, he got killed in a rocket attack or something last year.
>be in middle school
>playing baseball on corner lot with little bro and neighbor kids
>this fat fucker keeps yelling at bro like this the final game of the world series
>bro hauls off with the bat and nails him in his father gut
>fattie lying on the ground crying "owie owie owie"
lets take all the aggresive children in a big area, with cameras everywhere and we'll call it a school as backup. In reality it'll be called the hunger games!
What HS did you go to? We might know one another lel.
Like a month left of the year
I fucked a coke whore. not the drug.

>be in marching band.
>get out of marching band because football team.
>eventually concert band season happens.
>quad drummer QT3.14. plays timpani drum in concert band. she's super bored.
>she brags all day about big cocks and takes great enjoyment on giving other guys erections in class.
in reality, she was a virgin who liked to boast about her "sexual experience" to be "one of the guys" in the band.
>one day she brags she would flash us for a coca-cola.
>$0.85 later, myself and two other dudes are in the instrument room with her during a basketball game.
>she flashes us.
>other dudes get excited and scared and leave.
>i was born through the fires of 4chan and i stay.
>she's impressed that i wasn't scared away by tits.
"fuck those guys," she says.
>"yeah, to think they could just buy you with a bottle of coke," i joke.
>she looks at me with a tell in her eye. she wants the D hard, but is scared.
i must interject that i lost my virginity in musical theater the previous year in a production of "crazy for you", thespianism contained all sorts of inside jokes that led to fooling around.
>"wanna screw?" I said, holding up a screw i saved from last year. it was painted pink with black spirals, which was one of the sexiest things that someone could give to another thespian.
>she licked her lips and asked what i wanted.
>we're making out like mad.
>some clothes come off.
>enough for us to bone.
>she's not on b/c
>wants me to cum in her panties.
>I do.
>i thought she was going to give me the panties.
>instead, she slides them up, rubbing herself through the spermy panties.
>WHAT WAS THE FUCKING POINT? my teenage mind thinks.

we end up dating for a bit. became closer friends. we split when we went to different colleges.
>slapped someone because bugs bunny
>some dude died during your trombone solo

Im dying.
I remember this kid fashioned a sling shot out of rubber surgical gloves and a prescription pill bottle. He cut a finger out and then somehow attached it to where he could load a small heavy object up in it and then pull back like a sling shot and launch it.

It was incredibly effective. This was 20 years ago. This guy was obsessed with learning methods how to make people die and make it look like natural causes (he was 13). He would pick fights with dudes who were way smaller than him and then get his ass kicked though.
>be me
>be friends with dude in late 90s
>go to nightclubs and raves with dude all the time.
>drugs are bad McKay?
A man who hacked to death a couple in their 60s and then went on a date was back in Brevard County court on Monday trying to escape the death penalty.

A Florida court threw out his death sentence based on an obscure, arcane point of law. Anthony Welch was 22 when he murdered Rufus and Kyoko Johnson.

"It was sickening and cruel," said Phil Williams, former Brevard County Sheriff. "It was a horrible death."

Authorities said Welch used a souvenir Samurai sword in 2000 to stab and beat the couple to death in their Suntree home. After the murders, Welch went on a date.

He was convicted and sentenced to death, but is back in the Brevard County Jail because an appeals court ordered a new sentencing . Welch could escape the death penalty and get life in prison.

Veteran prosecutor Gary Beatty said reopening a case so long after the fact has challenges.

"The most difficult part is collecting all your witnesses; the logistics of just getting everybody there that's gonna need to testify," Beatty said.

Family members are forced to relive the ordeal and testify anew, and a sentencing hearing can cost $250,000
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>be HS sophomore
>show up crazy early for AP chem lab
>after lab, hit treadmill for a bit before school to wake self up
>shower so i'm not filthy
>done showering, changing now
>hear noise from coach office
>creep and see sister working PE teacher cock in office chair
>find out sister is senior class slut
>listen for a bit then smile and walk away with boner
pic related it's her
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