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Tell us about your first sexual experience.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tell us about your first sexual experience.
i was raped lol
>beta skinnyfag
>get fat gf
>she was a huge slut
>but finally a gf
>fuck her in the back if my moms minivan

not even fucking kidding. i cringe about that shit lol
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> be 21
> be virgin
> got drunk
> pick ugly gurl
> shitty experience
> wasn't virgin anymore

first and only sexual experience, 30+ now
17years ago, drunk and with a fatty.

That's about it.
i just..... i can't. the fucking racism here. you people are ill literally shaking right now..... wow.....just. just wow. literally unbelievable. ill never understand this......place. it feels like after the past 2 weeks i have been here it just seems to get worst and worst..... blatant racism child porn spam animal abuse anti semitism holocaust denial woman hating homophobia fat shaming off topic adult cartoons the list goes on and on....... the n word literally hurled around like it was a casual insult...... are there even moderators to control this insane place??!!! disgusting.....are you even "humans"? or just jaded pieces of SHIT??!! i see why you people are callled the sewer of the internet...
Just turned 20 at the time banged this hot petite 22 year old hooker from Honduras on an air mattress in the floor of some bathroom it was around october so it was kind of cold out side and when put it in her in mish position OMG it was soo warm inside of her the feeling was so satisfying
Havent had one
>Drunk as fuck
>Ugly, easy going bitch
>Friend dared me to tap that
>Would defenitely not tap "it" if im sober
>Didn't remember much but her fugly face and body
>Would not tap that again
not even an edgelord, was legit raped when i was like 14 dude
>be 16
>find out older sister's friend is huge slut
>sister's other friend tells me she thinks I'm cute
>wait for her to get really drunk
>basically was really nice to her until she was sloppy drunk
>sit next to her on couch after sister had gone to sleep
>take a massive fucking risk and put her hand on my junk
>she starts jacking me and asks if we should go to my room
>i fucking love having a sister with cute friends
I need to fap, tell me your story anon. Im very interested.

>on an air mattress in the floor of some bathroom

This requires further explanation.
are you me? Not 30 yet but holy shit that's me
Story? m/f ?

posting that on B and expecting actual sex
If you're female tell the story
i got molested by my babysitter when I was 6. Still have an older women fetish from it.
nah im a guy, raped by a whore
sure give me a sec to type it
What do you need me to clarify? Why it happened in the bathroom floor?
>19 years old, 1 month before turning 20
>got way too drunk at a party
>8/10 girl there also way too drunk
>friend I was supposed to sleep at was passed out somewhere
>ended up sleeping at 8/10s house
>had drunk sex while barely getting it up
>next party I saw her at she avoided me like the plague
>wasn't that good I guess
>could've waited 1 month to become a wizard
It was w/my 11 yr old friend who wanted to see an older boy shoot cum. I was 13. We raced to my house, stripped quick as lightning he sat on my lap and stroked me like a madman until I shot.
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>Be 24
>Girl is wasted in a bar on New Year
>Take her back
>Fuck is going well
>Can't cum
>End up finishing myself off by hand
>Fuck again in the morning where I cum after a good period of time

I was expecting to pop in seconds, was surprised.
Somebody's a newfag from reddit

Fuck off nigger, we're full
so it was a gay experience?
This moron is flooding 4chan threads all over here time to gang rape his ass
>I was expecting to pop in seconds, was surprised.

Results of jacking off too much, same shit happened my first time too
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>be me, 14 y/o emo faggot, didn't kiss a girl until halfway through freshman year
>dad left when I was 11, surprisingly I'm not a nigger
>summer of freshman year, I get a chance to go on vacation to a Caribbean island to visit my dad for 2 weeks
>so I get there, feel manly, chilling with my dad, who's like a pornstar or some shit
>that's a blessing and a curse
>we look alike, have the same hair, except I look like a little white kid
>he knows pretty much every person in the country, he's alpha as shit, so I, in-turn must be alpha like him.

>>friend I was supposed to sleep at was passed out somewhere

underrated gramma skills...
How often was it?
>Time to gan grape his ass

You sound like a nigger
>be 17, find date for prom in another school
>chilling at her place, late at night
>her mother is in bed , but down the hall, we're up watching a shitty sci-fi channel movie
>she starts giving me a handjob
>starts blowing me
>after 10 minutes I'm about to tell her I'm gonna cum when it just happens all over her face
>she isn't pisses but disappears to go wash it off

>fuck her in the middle of the floor next night
Yes. Best cum of my young life as the only hands to touch my dick was mine up till then. He was very enthusiastic. Loved it when I came. I laid him back on my bed and returned the favor. He couldn't come. We did it any time we could, even with our parents in the house. I'll never forget the first time he came and later the first time he shot. It was nice to have a jackoff buddy at that age!
>be me, 2005, 19 yo, first year at college
>see that friends are getting MySpace accounts, get one my self
>one co-worker friend is friends with cute looking Mexican chick
>I make friends with her
>invite her over to hang out
>co-worker brings her to my place, hoping he's getting laid
>they show up, the girl is actually Filipina and looks like a little kid, prob 12
>she's ducked up on cough medicine
>we all start hanging out and drinking
>the Filipino kid is really in to me
>we end up kissing, my co worker pretends to be sleepin on couch
>clothes end up coming off, her body is very tiny and tight
>I get on top of her
>holy shit in finally gonna get laid
>my mind then kicks in thinking she is only a child, then my dick reminds me that I'm 19 and need to lose my v card and will prob never get a chance like this again
>"I want you in me" she says
>begin to slip my virgin cock into her tight little wet Asian pussy
>oh god this feels amazing
>her moans are so cute sounding
>all I can think is trying not to cum to early
> after a little while she asks "let's change"
>she turns around, bent over with her cute right little ass sticking up
>put it in her, nice and slow
>"oooooo" she moans, "harder. Deeper"
>I pounder her right little pussy hard and so deep I think I'm hitting her organs thinking"this is what push feels like"
>after about 3 mins can no longer contain
>pull out real quick and blow my load all over her back and ass
>"did you get any in me anon" she asked
>no I pulled out in time
Finally happy I lost my v card, even though she was only 15, but didn't care. We ducked a few more times for about a month, even made a sex tape. Met up with her again about 5 years later. I told her she was my first and she laughed not believing me thinking I was joking.
>Fuck girl i met off omegle after talking for a while and really liking eachother
>Date for months, she seems really happy about it but sometimes freaks out and feels like she is trapped
>breaks up with me
>still think about her every day. Something in that one lit my fire
Never underestimate a good gan grape
Yes continue
I Never do

I consider it a good thing.


Guy he replied to, but I fapped at least twice a day for years.
yes anon, I'm you from the future, I came across time to tell you not to be such a pussy anymore. Cause this is what will happen :
>you'll stay alone while all your friends go away
>they will invite you to their weddings and you'll have to go, fake to be happy for them
>you'll continue to believe that "it's ok, i have time, i'll find the one that will make me happy"
>yours friends will have babies and you'll start to think that maybe parenthood is not so bad, "maybe if i had a gurl to ask her opinion bout that..."
>then they won't call you or text you anymore
>"sorry anon, busy over here" you : "yeah i now what you mean" but you don't
>your mother has stop asking you about girl since a long time ago, your only sad you made her so disapointed
>your face when you'll die alone
>be me, 16, closeted sissy fag
>on CL just talking to guys to get my rocks off when a nice guy, lets call him david, sends me a pic
>hes kinda cute wont lie. Really excited but too pussy to meet up
>says hes in his mid 40s, wife and kids, borning sex life
>Mrs David is out of town so hes free. Now im interested
>finally, with enough alcohol get the balls to meet up
>immediately start making out, hes fondling me
>end up back at his place
>get fukd
>tell him im 18
>it is fun to raise and train baby beetle
I lost mine in a Singapore brothel.
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currently hanging out with a girl and it seems to be going well so all hope is not lost but thanks for the warning
>19 years old, 1 month before turning 20
>could've waited 1 month to become a wizard


Such a newfag.

Lurk more.
Or go back to tumblr.
>be me
>find asian girl online
>meet up
>she gives me exceptional head
>lets me finger
>finish then dip
>meet up with a girl who was engaged prior to meeting me
>never did anything with fiance because waiting for marriage
>fuck her for the very first time in her life
>calls me the next day to do it again
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> GO to some crazy local BBQ with my dad
> he goes off to get drinks with some latino chick
> leaves me alone with 2 8/10 QTz
> spend all night trying to talk about sex with them
> Gets late, QTz make some excuses and leave
> No sign of Dad
> Go back to apartment - hear strange animal noises coming from bedroom
> Peek round door, see my Dad pounding this 10/10 from behind
> he winks at me says "alright, son?"
> run to bathroom
> cry bcos beta faggot
> While later hear woman leave and dad knocks on door
> says son your pathetic
> closes door, hugs me from behind
> Can feel his wet dong on my back
> "Dad pls no"
> Rapes me on the bathroom floor
> makes me call him Alfonso
> that's not even his name
It's 30? Ok I wasn't as close as I thought
my gf put her thingy round my banger
If this is true this is actually the funniest rape story I've ever heard
>be me
>17 and spun out on meth.
>parents out of town for a month
>bad idea
>druggies practically living there with me
>been awake for 9 days
>throw dope party
>two little bitches comeover somehow.
>drinking smoking etc
>only tweakers are in the know about the dope
>sluts are drunk being sluts
>I'm just observing the room being an anti social dope head
>one starts talking to me about slipknot
>we end up going in other room and talking.
>other tweakers are trying to ruin it for me
>knocking on doors etc
>get blow job and eat her pussy
>trying out my new tongue ring
>put dick in and fuck her
>8 pumps then dump
>sluts get ride home
>spend next four days paranoid about was she underage,she got some boyfriends that's going to be pissed
>I'm going to jail
>nothing happen
>start driving for Mr. Jim's pizza
>slut comes to store
>hang out again and I tell her about the meth and paranoia
>we laugh and start fucking on the regular
>stayed together for a year after that.
She was my first love and she moved to Washington.
I seen her mom not too long ago and gave her my number to give her so we could catch up.
She hasn't called ...
Oh well,it was a fun ride.
>so it starts off really cool, i get to ride his motorcycle, talk to grills n shit
>can't let them get too close though
>he calls them all whores n shit
>alpha dad will be alpha dad
>he's like "feces very currency" alpha
>end up making out with a few chicks
>one was fairly dark, will always regret it, but at least she wasn't full nignog
>ff to 1.5 weeks in
>went to a bar with my dad
>he alaways has this deaf guy with him
>he's probably gay for me but i use some of my alpha powers so he doesn't get too close
>deaf boy drinks a lot
>im guessing it drowns out the noise, ya know?
>he gets drunk, fucks with people
>we leave him be, he'll die happy
>dad chills at a little diner, he talks to this guy who notices a nice bulge in his pants
>pulls out gun on him
>tells him to place his weapon down
>cops pull up
>pop goes to jail
>mfw I was leaving in 2 days
>uncle picks me up
>next day some old dude bails my dad out, celebration party
>brings 2 whores

not me, but kek
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Two girls at once, it was really bad but I can still say it was with two girls at once.
I was 16. She was 18 or 19. Two kids. Fucking terrible.
i dun a poo
every1 sed don't do a poo!!!!!
dun it anyway
went all over my bum
felt funny comin out
did another poo since then just 4 the feelin
keep doin poos!!!

Could be SSRIs too

shit sucks, sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. Not even after fucking for two hours. Christ.
top fucking kek
with.. with another person?
15 yo, with a classmate pretty damn sweet and shaved, no condom, I fucked her 3 seconds and then splash . Aaaaaaaah first times...
>>>719041443 (You)
>How often was it?

About once or twice a day for years, sensitivity had gone, especially with a condom on
>we leave him be, he'll die happy
Same here, I can make myself cum in 2 minutes using my hand, but with girl I can last almost an hour. Maybe it's because I've been fapping twice a day for 2 years or more.
>rock up a party
>immediately proceed to get fucked up as usual
>had no intention to hook up with anyone what so ever, just wanted to participate in a couple of drinking games and get loose
>drinking and dancing with a friend and see two girls eye'ing us
>start discussing a game plan but because im too sober I pussy out and leave the dance floor
>go outside and continue to knockback more drinks trying to get fucked up as fast as I can
>see the two girls leave the dance floor
>ask my friend what happened
>i dont know bro they left as soon as you did
>go up to them and ask them why the left the dance floor "why'd you guys leave you were killing it"
>"we left because you left"
>oh shit.jpg
>panic because this was literally the second or third time i'd actually tried to pick up or do anything (had only been successful once, which was the first time I'd tried)
>"shit well lets head back in" (something along those lines)
>"we wanna have a couple of drinks first before we go back in"
>grab my drinks from the cooler and bring em over to them

>you wan sum fuk?
>younger one is like 15
>dad says he got this one for me
>6.5/10 blondie
>dad gives me condom
>pussy in me feels like i should wait
>dad says I'm a pussy if i don't
>mfw she motions for me to go upstairs
>oh fuck oh fuck.png
>more fear than exitement
>dad pulls me aside and tells me that he'll disown me if i dont crush that punani tsunami
>si senor
>go upstairs with the grill
>put condom on, it's way to tight for my excellent hispanic schlong
>grill doesn't care, still rides it
>nervousness starts to kill boner
>theycallme Saddong Hussein.iso
>she pins me down
>feel beta, but somehow boner went up
>condom breaks
>she doesn't notice
>i don't want herps
>hear door knocking
>"you've got mail"
>zoom out of there 60mph
>go to bathroom get my dignity back
>ha nope
>tell my dad i fucked the shit out of her
I was 15, hot short girlfriend, huge ass, thick and in shape. She wanted to fuck for months but I was being a pussy and scared. Hanging out, her parents weren't home. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. She was wearing a short skirt and I could see her cute underwear from below and her nice ass as she walked up the stairs. Could smell her perfume too. She laid me down on the bed and took my pants off. Gets on top of me, starts kissing me while jerk my cock. Grabs my dick and slides herself slowly down on it. It hurts her bad...she had been with one other guy but he had a tiny dick. She rides my dick for not even a minute because it hurts too much. Doesn't matter, I came not even 10 seconds after I entered her....felt waaaay to fucking good and she was so hot!!
>16 years old
>ex girlfriend from since we both were like 12
>didn't see each other for couple of years
>reach back
>meet up for a couple of times
>both virgin
>come to my place?
>watch a movie, touch tits, ass, pussy
>biggest bush i've ever seen to date but still who cared back then
>try to get her naked
>eventually succeed
>start to lick that pussy
>try to get her to suck my dick
>didn't want to
>try to get her to fuck
>after 1 hour she finally gives up, she was a virgin aswell
>put condom on
>try for about 5 minutes to put dick into pussy
>finally manages
>it hurts her, blood
>i cum in about 20 seconds
>go to batchroom change condoms
>go at it again
>"fuck" for like 10 minutes
>cum again
When i was 20 I went to prom with a 16 year old i met online who lived 20 hours away, we took each others virginity
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>got home in the states
>fucked a chick a little bit later
>slight confidence regain
>no matter how many grills i fuck, i will never be fully satisfied with myself
>body count: 8, still don't feel better
what do?
What are u fukin faggot?
File: alfonso.jpg (29KB, 256x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>son your pathetic


>start drinking with the two girls, nervous as fuck but we start talking and shits going well
>talk for about 10 minutes and start to get really flirtatious with one of them, it was obvious her friend was trying to hook her in
>she ends up asking me straight up if I wanted to kiss her
>stutter and tell her "yeah"
>start making out with her for literally like 5 minutes straight
>she keeps asking sexual questions and rubbing my cock
>(literally the second time I've ever hooked up with a girl infront of my friends, or even this group in general, everyone's looking, watching, commenting, taking pictures and shit, I was known for being a quiet, and everybody knew I was a virgin)
>at this point her friend starts putting her hand on my lap, and edging towards my dick here and there, and starts hijacking the conversation, asking questions etc.
>next thing i know I'm making out with her friend too, and switching between the too over and over
>at this point im weirded out, and so is everyone that was watching, had a boner ripping through my pants and overheard a couple of guys and girls talking, laughing and pointing at it
>did not give a fuck
>one of the girls suggests we go upstairs
>grabbed both their hands and rushed them upstairs

>be me
>16 yo
>gf and me have done lots of dry humping and foreplay
>she finally decides she's ready to go all the way
>family is out for a couple of hours
>go to my room
>make out for awhile and slowly undress each other
>lay on bed and continue making out
>start playing with her clit and kissing down her body
>start eating her out for a good twenty minutes
>shes gushing at this point
>gives me my first blowjob
>nearly came after like five minutes
>she lays on her back and tells me shes ready
>get on top of her
>line up with hole and push in quickly
>can tell it hurts so stay still for a bit so she can get use to it
>tells me shes fine after a minute
>slowly start moving
>sliding really easy
>can barely control myself from just ramming her
>slowly start to pick up speed despite my brain telling me not to
>getting really close
>shes starting to really get into it
>just about to cum
>fucking bedroom door flys open
>moms in door way
"Hey anon what do you want for d-"
>start cumming
>scared shitless and fly off bed
>jizz literally shooting everywhere
>some hits mom in the face
>hit head on corner of nightstand and knock myself out

Ended up having to go to the hospital after my mom stopped freaking out. Got like twelve stitches. She wouldn't talk to me for almost a month after that.
>gonna stick penis in
>gf starts crying
> i lay next to her and try to comfort her
>boner keeps poking her
U need to go get her mate
Wish u the best with that chik
>5 year old gf takes me to back of daycare room for something random
>She tells me to lay down on nap mat
>Gets on top of me and starts dry humping me
>Doesent really do anything
>Years later wonder how the hell she knew about sex, and if she was being molested.
>Feels bad man.
>15 or 16, can't remember, near my birthday
>slutty butterface is into me
>a week or something before was my first kiss, blowjob, fingerpopping, titty-grabbin' pony show
>slip the head in, but she says stop
>couple hours later try it again
>smash it out as hard as I can
>fucking heaven, best pussy of my life
>even heard some pussy farts lol
>last probably 60 seconds
>I stop caring and cum deep inside her
>right after I'm done I have one of my first cigarettes
>feel like I just took a shit load of oxycodone
>my dick feels like it was wrapped in hot oil and silk
>top fucking tier pussy
>never had anything like it since
>she fucked my brother a month later and I only saw her one other time after a few years
>still has a golden pussy

She taught me so much. Even if she fucked my cunt brother, I owe her one. That slut was a fucking freak.
Fucked some girl who was molested as a kid. I didn't even nut. She started talking about how I was bad for her. Like 20 minutes of fucking in the missionary position while she was talking about me not being a good match for her.
>i see why you people are callled the sewer of the internet
And yet here you are
>>she starts jacking me and asks if we should go to my

how do you get raped by someone you're paying your autist?
hahah that sounds awkward. and she didnt stop you ?
They can crash in /trash/ if they want
It's bait, retard.

There's nothing cringe about that.
Thank you for your support.
never paid, dad just brought 2 whores in and gave me the youngest
its very strange how kids get the idea
my cousin made me lick her asshole we were only 8. It makes me wonder if she was molested by her dad. it would make sense as to why hes not in the picture anymore
checkd again

>sit down in this living room area they have upstairs
>continue to make out with both of them
>first girl starts getting jealous because now my attention's towards the second girl
>(to be fair the second girl was taking more initiative, playing with my cock more, guiding my hand inside her panties etc.)
>at some point the second girl gets on top of me completely blocking off her friend
>first girl starts to get really frustrated
>second girl pulls my cock out of my pants and starts playing with it
>second girl gets down and starts giving me head
>(literally the first time any girl has played with my dick, and the first time I've ever gotten head)
>first girl starts playing with my balls
>notice we're out in the open, and anyone that walked upstairs wouldve seen what was happening
>tell both girls lets go to the bathroom
>go inside the bathroom, lock the door and sit down on the edge of the bathtub
>getting head from two girls at the same time
>first girl asks if I have a condom
>theres goes the chance of a threesome
>continue to get head but im so nervous I cant even nut
>next thing I know the host is banging on the bathroom door
>"get the fuck out party's over"
>blue balled to the absolute fucking max

File: cigaro.jpg (7KB, 267x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 267x189px
> be me
> be 16
> just started hanging out with a girl I used to know
> total mental bitch
> biggest slut I've ever met
> 50+ guis before she was even legal
> she's got this dumbass boyfriend
> chill and smoke weed wth them most weekends
> "Anon we wanted to try a threesome..."
> Bitch likely has the herps, not rly interested
> plus she has sexy as fuck little sister (ikr, she;s only 13 but whatevs)
> 16y/o Boner disagrees. Fuck the herps
> End up doing 3some shit maybe 5 or 6 times
> never once get to cum
> her bf has a fuckin pole-dick, almost intimidating
> look on her face during sex - some inferiority complex develops later
> Srsly, don't get to bust once
> either someone flakes out, get interrupted or someshit
> After a while they break up - 3somes sign of failing relationship
> She's obv digging me as the replacement BF
> Start going with her little sister
> She gets pissed, ends up sleeping with most my friends as revenge
> cunts stop talking to me
> whatevs

> Still shagging her dirty little sister
> 15 years later.
Girlfriend blew me while my mom made dinner.
File: Capture.png (1MB, 889x609px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 889x609px
nothing else to say.
>be 18
>go visit a 27yo girl I met on a wow private server
>she sucks me and I came 10s later without even noticing it
>Was drunker than fuck and could barely get my dick up
>Ended up fuckin her for about 10 minutes with a half chub and faked an orgasm
>Girl fell in love with me after that pathetic act of sexual interaction
>Next day was sober and fucked her brains out, she was so confused and shocked as to why my dick was suddenly twice the size
>She immediately started worshipping me and my cock
We broke up a few months ago if anyone's curious
>Be 15
>On subway with friend
>We live by the end station so we walk through the entire subway when it stops
>Usually find wallets, cellphones and shit that people have lost
>Find a bag
>2 big bottles of cognac
>I take it home and save it for a good day

>Skip forward months
>Finally getting the place to myself
>"Yeah mom, me and friend will just play cod and rent a movie"
>She leaves
>We call some girls we always hung out with and tell them we have booze
>We get fucking wasted
>Girls show up and have a friend with them
>Chubby, 5/10, pizzaface
>Want to tell them to leave it at the door
>Don't though
>We all get pretty trashed
>Chubster is clinging to me all night
>Admits to stalking me on facebook and shit
>"haha, that's so funny" wtf
>Friend is a lightweight and starts throwing up in the bathroom
>Just falls asleep on the floor
>Throw him a pillow and a blanket and go hang out with the girls
>They start falling asleep so I tell them they can sleep in the guest room
>Fatty can sleep on the couch
>Go to my room and lay down
>Room is spinning
>Nope, fuck this
>Remember my dad always told me to eat before going to bed if I had been drinking

I don't even remember my first.

>wait for my boner to die down
>leave the bathroom and walk down the stairs
>host is watching me with hawk eyes, and hes pissed off
>walk outside the house and everyones watching
>everyone starts laughing, clapping, giving me highfives and shit
>fucking embarassed
>couldnt take the girls back to my place as family had guests over
>none of friends had a free home
>no nearby and discrete location for outside sex
>sit down and continue to make out with the girls till their cab came
>got their numbers, facebook's etc
>hit them up the next day when I was sober to drive
>nothing else ever happened

>got head from two girls
>couldve had a threesome
>didnt have a condom
>didnt even nut
I was raped
I will share the full story one more time, and usually threads get deleted when I post something

Age 6-8
Lived in Russia at the time
Parents leave me with the neighbors to baby sit me..
Young girl about 13 takes me into another room, she undresses and I am naked as well for some reason, she has me just lay on her body as I am smaller I can fit quite well, she is touching my penis and balls, I can still remember her pussy and the way it looked, can't remember the feel though, she had me touch it and with one finger, brush it

Her mom, was in her 30s, she had me undress and I would find myself naked in a room with two grown women, and her daughter who was 5-6 years older than me. We- we would do things and I felt like I was loved by them

Fast forward, to age 13 now live in America, ended up doing things with another boy and that haunted me and still does to this day. I can't forgive myself, and move on sometimes

Age 15, would put on a dress, and a womens bathing suit for some reason, my sister would just laugh at me and think it was funny but I would just put on a dress for some reason

>I struggle with my demons and especially the one what happened with the other boy, I don't remember how long it went on, but it fucking haunts me still, We were nearly the same age and all we did was touch, but I just can't let it go, I am haunted by my past in Russia and the US
wizard is 30

> calls others newfag
> eats all the copypasta

p.s. I was 17, a huge virgin, frigid as fuck

literally the most beta could, you could ever meet, had girlfriends and "friends" in the past but always managed to fuck things up when it came to it
Continue bruh
me and my sister lost or virginity(s) to eachother

I told the story last night, so I do have it greentext'd if there is interest.
our *
Lost it in a threesome with 2 thai hookers, 1 anal.
File: 1476599189938.jpg (42KB, 680x684px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 680x684px
>playing suck and blow
>french most girls in party
>they tell me I'm really good at kissing
>end up getting into heavy kissing on the couch with one girl
>take her to the owners bedroom
>owner says we can't do it in her bed
>we move on the floor with the blanket
>owner opens again and says we can't do it on the blanket
>I throw it back
>licking herclit and arching my finger
>she was a virgin so I couldn't even insert two
>people start coming in again and again
>door was probably opened 30 times
>one of my gal friends yells super loud outside the door 'ERMAGEER ANON IS LOSING HIS VERGIRNITEHH'
>my penis can't get hard
>someone comes in and tells me my ex is crying and puking in the toilet and I need to come tell her I don't hate her
>go there and tell her I don't
why are normies so autistic?
finished it


Mine was in Barbados.
Were you really?
We just did that one time with this girl but ye now if I put condom I'm not that fast lmao
How old was sister and her friends?
That's the thing about being a non-white. Nothing will satisfy you except maybe a chalupa.

do you live in florida by chance? cause I knew a girl by almost the exact description
backstory behind the whole night

>a friend had actually shown the first girl my instagram blablabla
>first girl instantly is like "i want him"
>friend +2's the girls to the party
>first girl literally rocked up to the party with the intention to fuck me
>friend had told her I was a virgin which made her want to fuck me even more
>both girls had just gotten out of relationships
>spoke to my friend as to why they'd started to get cold and eventually stop replying to texts after that night
>apparently I was trouble and I'd almost fucked up their friendship
>that friend continued to get me girls after that party
Me and a couple girls played kissing games one night in the closet as kids, learning how to french kiss even we weren't sure what it was exactly. I was the only boy and partner for 4 girls. That was neat.

That was almost 20 years ago. Still a virgin at nearly 30.
Yes. Greentext the thing. How did you end up there? How did you find the whore? Did she suck? Did you cum? Was she cute?
my sides

>be me
>18 yo
>have a 1 year crush on my friend's gf
>he is an asshole with grills
>she got mad at him cause he is a dick
>start chatting with her
>tells me she got new underwear
>tells me if a want a pic
>sends me a pic of her in her new underwear
>fucking diamonds
>tell her she looks sexy
>end up telling her that we should have sex
>she agreed and told me she actually had a crush on me
>she came into my house that week and gave me a 10/10 blowjob
>she broke with my friend
>we have sex everyday

She is now my gf
Dude, I do this all the time. I go for the chubby/ slightly ugly girls. They are desperate and willing enough. I've got laid 50+ times with this method.
It's time on move on, son. Choose to live for yourself, not the past.
Wow, not even married yet and she's leading her husband around by the dick. Hope the poor cuck called the wedding off before he lost half his stuff.

>be 16 emofag
>had many experiences but not fuck yet too pussy
>find scene 9/10 half italian half greek slut
>make out for 2 weeks
>moves from her school to mine
>start dating
>1 month and start hanging out in my place after school
>parents not home
>bring 9/10 home
>start making out parents bed cause comfy
>she was not a virgin
>taking both cloths off only undies
>graping cock
>taking boxers off "fuck me anon"
>beta me stops her and goes for condom
>comes back still hard rock
>puts condom and she graps my boner and puts it inside of her
>feels good man start pounding for around 20 minutes
>scene sluts cums 2 times me none
>mfw going for finger in the ass
>freaks out graps hand
>says no and start pounding her harder
>cums 3rd time thats her top cause she starts having pains
>push me off falls from bed
>she runs to the toilet
>staying there without cuming
>finally lost v card dont care about not cuming

i fucked her 3 more times before dumb her
Every first blowjob with a g/f i've ever had i had to fake an O.

in 3 hours ur boi boutta get it
>snuggle with GF
>she says her stomach hurt
>unbutton her jeans, tell her that'd help
>massage her stomach, slowly go lower and lower
>she's surprised at first but clearly enjoys herself
>my fingers slip and slide over her panties
>she grabs my wrist and pulls my hand inside her panties
>finger her for a long while, I can still remember her moans
>suddenly hear a key in the front door, mom came home
>thank god my room's in the attic, 2 floors over the entrance
>wash hand, run downstairs to stall mom
>later GF walks downstairs too, when she got a hold of herself
>back in room apologize to gf, she laughs
>next time we met, get a full on bj
so true, met this whale while at university, we'd always look over at each other, she was a fucking whale, but she was pretty, idk something about her just made me want to go balls deep real bad

she ends up telling me she lives by herself, in an apartment complex, 10 minute walk away from the university

started fucking her everyday after before or/and after uni, she gave me the best head I've ever had in my life, and she'd let me do absolutely anything I wanted during sex, and she fucking loved it too

I'd nut on her face or in her mouth regularly, and she always cleaned up with her tongue, and even continued to suck me off even after I nutted, she loved when ever I roughed her up, literally the best sexual partner I've ever had
File: 1456756061462.jpg (165KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 720x960px
>be 21
>she was 14
>convinced her to take the pill
>her parents go on holiday for the weekend
>must have come a whole carton of milk load, during that weekend
>lots of crazy shit happened
>sex eat sex drink sex repeat

will never tap that young pussy again, feels
first time was with 19 on the school toilet. 5/10. but no v anymore. so...kinda ok
>>host is watching me with hawk eyes, and hes pissed off

he probably wanted one or both of those girls and was pissed they both were copping your joint
sounds like a fukin grade A friend.
Keep at it. I think you're getting through to them.
stale pasta now fuck off
exactly what I had in mind
>be 16, sensitive guy
>did stuff before, but not sex
>random grill from Facebook starts messaging
>check her out, she's legit, but 4/10
>talk for awhile, wants to date, wants sex early on
>hang out with her that Saturday
>go to cabin in woods behind house to get away from parents
>start making out, removing clothing
>she's kinda chubby, but not fat, small tits, kinda butterface
>lay on floor, reach in pants, awkwardly put on condom
>put it in
>fuck for a few mins, get bored
>pull out, ask to try anal
>she says yes
>attempt to put in ass, not enough lube, condom breaks
>put clothes back on, bring her home
>dump her that night, haven't talked since
he had been having a shit night the whole night to be fair, couldnt control the crowd

so grateful, shaped up my appearance and game, since then its been easy
fuck this a chick in a pretty small toilet

>Go to the kitchen
>Eat an entire dry french baguette
>That should soak this shit up
>Waddle back to my bedroom
>Chubster is in my bed
>Ask her why she's in my bed
>"Uh I dunno"
>"Well you got to go sleep somewhere else"
>She leaves and I pass out on the bed
>10-15 minutes later she knock's on my door
>Ask her what she wants
>Tells me she wants to ask me something
>She comes in and climbs on top of me and starts making out with me
>"Sorry, I'm too drunk for this" which is the opposite of the truth
>"Okay, I'll just suck your dick"
>Okay.. fuck it
>Chubster is sucking my virgin dick like a pro
>I always feared I would explode in 10 seconds when it finally happened
>Doesn't happen at all, but feels really good
>"Wow you take forever to cum"
>She climbs on top of me
>Steals my virginity
>First thought was "Fuck dude, really, to her?"
>Super disappointed in myself
>But still excited as shit
>Pound her while she screams
>I definitely don't want to get caught fucking her
>The ridicule would be endless
>I shut her up, shove her face into the bed, tell her to shut the fuck up
>This turns me on like a fucking madman
>Blow my load right in her pussy
>Immediate wave of disgust washes over me
>Try to play it cool for a minute
>Nope, can't
>Tell her I'm going to the bathroom
>Knock and kick the door until my friend wakes up and lets me in
>Go to sleep in the bathtub
>Wake up, everyone has left

Spend the next days horrified that I knocked up the fatty. Feel sick, like I have a fever, I'm nauseous and nervous. Finally confess to one of the other girls that I fucked her, and she tells me not to worry cus she's on birth control.

Had no fucking clue what that meant but she assured me that everything is fine.
Yet to happen
File: 1466710973431.png (316KB, 540x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
316KB, 540x475px
i blew my friend over a game of melee if anyone wants to hear it
its gay tho
Just get yourself an escort. Shit is cash.
>be me, 17
>done stuff with chicks but no vag and didnt cum from bj
>visiting family in amsterdam
>walk close to red district with my cousins on first day
>bunch of hot chicks in windows
>decision instantly made
>next day pretend I want to walk a bit around the city on my own
>go straight to red lights
>too shy to enter the ones in plain view, go to back alleys
>girls are less pretty but whatever
>anxious and almost shaking from nervousness + hornyness
>can literally fuck any of those women
>so anxious i end up entering radomly in the most out of sight one
>bbw black woman inside
>weird accent, bad english. mine is bad too
>barely talk. she seems to guess exactly what's going on straight away
>she turns out to be very tender. kisses me and tries to reassure me while taking my clothes off
>sucks my dick for a while, then lay on her back
>i mount her. she directs my cock.
>"is this it ? am i inside ?"
>start pounding but so many feelings and dick is so hard i barely feel a thing
>she's still trying really hard. hold me tight and sucks on my nipples. i find it weird but feel more and more confident
>start doing doggy. pounding her huge black ass the best i can figure. start rubbing her asshole like i've seen in porn. can't cum tho
>she pulls my dick out and actually tries to shove it up her ass. i try my best but it's not entering.
>she turns around and gently pushes me on my back. start riding me
>huge black woman riding little white as snow me vision in the roof mirror
>she goes to town on my dick and i eventually cum
>she literally licks my face when i do and i instantly feel disgusted but let her cause she's been so nice
>pay her the equivalent of 20 bucks (t'was way back in 1998) and leave
>she waves at me from her window
>actually kinda sad to leave her so fast
>30 minutes later i fuck another chick. asian this time.
>get worried as shit about stds on the train back a few days later
>end up being good tho

the end ~
Fucking kek
first time I had sex

>15, 17yo gf
>snuck into her basement while her mom was showering
>too much of a noob to even get her completely undressed
>lasted a whole 5 minutes

first sexual experience
>be me, be 12
>at summer camp
>silly, obnoxious 9 yo girl has major crush on me
>can't ever get rid of her
>go for a walk in the woods and she follows me
>asks me if I want to make out
>puts her hand down my pants 2 minutes later but doesn't know what to do with a dick
>get caught fooling around with this little girl by one of the counselors
>"I won't tell anyone but you need to stay away from her"
>gr8 b8 m8
Don't be afraid to fuck boys
pic related?
>any tips
dont admit to being 15 on an 18+ imageboard
My ass hurt and my uncle is in jail. I hate monopoly
that's just a dick move
even if your friend was an ass to her
Lol me too bro
> Be 15
> Sleeping on pullout couch in basement
> sister and her friend come down to play video games, but try to wake me up by jumping on bed
> Sister's friend is wearing boxer briefs and a t shirt
> she's standing over me on the bed
> she's being playful and trying to brush the boxer briefs open so I can see her cooter
> I look away because I'm a beta fag that doesn't want to go to hell
> sister goes to get shower
> friend is playing video games sitting Indian style on the floor
> I can mostly see her cooter while laying on the edge of bed
> she sees me looking
> she's being cheeky and grabs at the bottom of her underwear and kid of pulls it over a little bit
> Surprised, I make a weird noise
> she knows she's got me now
> she exposes her cooter
> I freeze up
> she stands up next to bed and fully exposes her Cooter again by pulling underwear to the side
> I lay there still frozen not knowing if I'm going to be accused of rape or going to hell
> she rubs it on my face
> the smell caused an automatic reflex for me to stick out my tongue
> she trys to rub it on my tongue, but it was kid of awkward
File: 1456755419164.jpg (116KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 720x960px
You obviously are new to 4chan
File: V9iztYU.jpg (38KB, 324x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 324x380px
I'll tell you fast before you get banned

Lower your fucking standards, if you can tell a girl is slightly into you now, but she's kind of not all that, go for it. I regret the tons of missed opportunites I didn't take.

Some of these girls become hot as fuck after they're done with puberty too.

Just let that dick swing brother.
you can still browse the site after being banned now
you just cant post
I am aware mein nigger, but maybe the youngster wanted to ask questions
Damn real nice
What? How do you fake an orgasm from a blowjob?
I was 15. She was 36. Probably the best way to lose it.
so what's the point of banning?
most faggots just lurk nowadays anyway
>Be me
>be 16
>friend's 16th birthday party
>Be stoner friend so I bring all the weed
>everyone else brings drink
>Only me and one other dude smoking...the birthday boy
>Be surrounded by queers
>Later find out 70% of the people there were actual queers and no one knew
>Mad coincidence
>be 3am about
>sleeping my friends house and sharing bed with other dude. This dude was outed gay, but that didn't bother me too much.
>First time i've ever smoked and drank together
>Collapse on bed because my fragile 16 year old brain couldn't handle being this fucked up
>my cock lands perfectly in the other guys hand, weird fucking accident
>I thought nothing of it because I was fully clothed
>be me trying to sleep
>Notice a nice sensation on my cock
>Genuinely didn't figure out what it was for a good 5 mins
>Figured out once I felt someone trying to undo my trousers
>I roll over and give a slightly awkward laugh as if to say, leave my cock alone
>he took that to mean, blowjob time
>Not gay, but first blowjob and I was ruined
>Couldn't resist
>be me
>my birthday
>my friends paid me a prostitute
>cost 10usd
>30 min, blowjob and fucked her in 2 positions
>didn't cum
>never fucked a girl again
>I'm 24 now
also kissless
>new to 4chan
>baited by stale pasta

lurk moar.
>be 15 dating 15 y/o 10/10 private school blonde
>kicked out of my house because "bad boy"
>her dad was letting me sleep on their couch
>Valentine's night I texted her to come out to the couch
>made out and some hand stuff as usual
>mutually agreed we should "do it" because our friends already were
>had a condom a buddy gave me because too embarrassed to buy them
>put it on inside out
>couldn't feel whether I was in her or not because condom
>I wasn't
>finally found the hole
>she was virgin too so I had to go slow
>couldn't really get the hip thrusts down
>she got on top and wasn't too great
>tried doggy but a minute into that I pulled the condom to readjust it and it broke
>gave up and got mediocre head
>she spit and then we cuddled and exaggerated how great it was for both of us
All in all I'd say it was a 7/10 experience
Hooker. So were my other ~300 experiences.
File: 1287340522114.png (81KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 400x400px
>She climbs on top of me
>Steals my virginity
>didn't stop him this time
>He's cradling my balls and deepthroating me for a nearly 10 mins
>This was when I first discovered It takes me ages to cum, even for girls
>Never had this problem wanking, quite the opposite in fact
>He then starts sucking my nipple...
>Wanna tell him to stop, but it felt so good I was breathless
>Finally explain to him i'm not actually gay, therefore I will not be doing anything to him
>He whisper into my ear... "I'm a bottom"
>Not too sure what that meant until he rolled over a parted his arse cheeks
>He also mentioned something about bears
>Pretty sure that was refering to the fact I was the size and hairness of a grown man
>Go in dry, just hammering this queer
>He must've been use to it, because he showed no sign of pain
>Going for a good 7 mins, none stop.
>Pull out and lie down, because I've been struggling to support myself this whole time. Like I said still pretty ruined.
>He starts sucking again, just the head this time
>Cum in his mouth and he swallows it all
>Thought he'd be done by now
>Thought wrong
>Ask if I want my arse hole licked...
>Sounds gay, but thought why not?
>Might be a once in a lift time opportunity...
We get to a satisfactory conclusion with that and go sleep spooning
>Be me
>Be big spoon
>wake up again about 6:30 am
>Confident no one is awake so we go for it again
>He finally convinces me to give him a hand job
>Still couldn't convince me to take it in the ass, or to lick his ass
>Hand job turns into blowjob
>wasn't nice at all, but it only seemed fair
>Made 100% clear that he isn't jizzing in my mouth
>I got him to the edge and then wanked him off
>Jizz on hand doesn't disgust me in the same way
>He cums then sucks me off again and we get our boxers and shirts on to go sleep, so no one walks in on us naked.
>Didn't sleep
>however, I did receive a good 3 hour cock rub
>hard then soft then hard then soft...etc....
>Next experience wasn't until I fucked a girl.
>used to bring my girlfriend flowers every morning for a literal snog before school when I was 4. She never spoke to me again once we turned 5. I remember my older brother and his friends used to cover us with their coats with us in the middle so no one could stop us.

>This girl used to show me her tits after school behind a tree in the playground when we was like 9, I grabbed them titties.

>I did weird shit with my younger brother when I was like 8/9 and he sucked me off in my sleep one morning when I started high school at like 12.

>I fingered a girl discretely in front of all her friends at a party for about 6 hours when I was about 15. It probably wasnt that discrete, she didnt enjoy it.

I lost my virginity when I was 18 bareback with a girl who had only sucked me off up to that, I lasted longer then than I do now. I genuinely didnt do too bad, I dont think she came per se but it was OK.
File: 1484163289100.png (170KB, 850x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170KB, 850x400px
Was rapped by a fucking ugly whale
>be 23 years old
>super frustrated virgin
>can't take it any more decide to look for paid pussy
>manage to find a decent looking white girl
>arrive at her place
>pic of her online dose'nt match real life hooker
>still need to get rid of virginity
>go two rounds of fucking this chick cumming deep inside her twice(with a condom on but still)
>pay her then leave

All in all if i could go back i would do it differently. She was like a 6 to a 7 her online pic was like a fucking 7 to 8 of another girl.. long story short being a virgin has a very shitty stigma attached to it(esspicaly if your a guy) and if your not careful you'll end up fucking shallow women or end up fucking a girl by force to get rid the fucking very card
Any sign of magical powers ?
I forgot to mention it, but she stole my fucking hoodie too with the logo from my boxing gym because she wanted something that "smelled like me"

This kleptomaniac bitch stealing peoples innocence and clothing
I dont like this pasta
>be me
>be 43 years old
>be virgin
I'm not making fun of you, but whores and escorts is a thing. Why haven't you tried that?
Why do you think you're still a virgin?
>Why haven't you tried that?
Because I'd rather stay a virgin tbh
Cuz I don't want to fuck hookers and whores.
sharpie in pooper please
But you'd jump on the shot if a non-pro came your way?
Nothing cures these sort of things like retaliation. Just find those women and brutally rape them (anally or not).
File: GqOMIgq.jpg (197KB, 1041x1441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197KB, 1041x1441px
me 19, she 17
shit was cash, she just finished high school
anyone who pays for sex to lose their virginity is a faggot with no game
anyone who pays for sex out of lifestyle convenience or not currently looking for a gf is ok tho i guess
Yeah, and if she wasnt a disease encrusted whore. I don't see why it's so hard for people to fuck other people with similar sexual experience. It seems like the freshest virgins get fucked by the oldest disease-encrusted dicks, and that male virgins only get taken by cougars, sluts, pros and 10X moms. There is no justice.
I can respect that man. But like, let's not beat around the bush. Are you fat, extremely ugly, a massive cunt? Like how are you still a virgin. I'm ugly af and I've shagged a few different people of each gender. Some of them were good looking to...
-Invited chick to watch starwars movies
- fucked her but didnt cum
dumb phone poster
i was 7 years old. my 6 year old cousin knew about how to make babies. ends up in small orgy in my room. From there she and i had sex up until i was 9. she stopped the whole thing.
I can honestly tell by this post why you're a virgin at 40+. When you're 40+, every girl you're going to have a chance at has been around the block. At a certain point, you begin to reek of desperation. You can't tell, but chicks definitely can. You need to get it out of your system, because I can promise you that no pussy is going to come running your way.

Ask me anything you want to know.
File: MH.png (1MB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 768x1024px

> be 21 fucking 35 yr old, fatty, brunette w/ short hair
> only fucking her cuz my mom is a fatty brunette w/ short hair and she won't fuck me
> penetrate her. . . pussy don't grip nearly as tight as muh hand
> feels like fucking a bucket of warm water
> pump, pump, pump, can't cum
> go from missionary to cowgirl
> ride, ride, ride, I can't cum
> back to missionary, decide roleplay momcest will help
> Me: I wanna pretend that you're my mom
> Her: (stops moaning, looks disgusted) Why?
> Me: just kidding
> pump, pump, pump til I'm a sweaty mess and still can't cum
> put her on her belly and take baby oil and pour it in her crack
> move to penetrate her anally
> Her: (muffled) no bum
> Me: huh?
> Her: No Bum!
> rub her butt cheeks and kiss them
> make move to penetrate her anus again, she says nothing
> put it in, she breathes in sharply
> her asshole is A LOT tighter than her pussy
> she looks A LOT like my mom from behind
> start imagining that I'm fucking my mom in her ass
> finally cum and say "Mommy!" as I do

pretty disappointed in sex my first time

Still want to fuck my mom, but her looks have faded the past few years. . . . wanna fuck the 40 yr old her that I fapped to for years.
>be 28yo
>Are you fat, extremely ugly, a massive cunt? Like how are you still a virgin.
No, no, no. I live a weird life and had a fanatical weird reclusive religious cult upbringing.
>When you're 40+, every girl you're going to have a chance at has been around the block.
I know this fact better than you, methinks.
Sounds interesting. Care to share?
Promise me right now that you're going to lose it before you are 30. I believe in you, do you?
why your mom, wtf?
Yes, I lament the fact that the only female with a similar sexual experience is no older than 7 years old. I get it bro.
File: shortsharpshock.jpg (30KB, 278x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 278x278px
>be 14
>on vacation on a greek island
>sitting on bench by the beach reading a comic
>twenty something year old chic 7/10 sits next to me
>tells me to follow her at a distance cause shes a local and doesnt want to get gossiped
> end up behind a barn in a field no one around
> she proceeds to stroke my cock and i her tits
>she kneels to take my dick in her mouth..
>i shoot buckets down her throat instantly
>she takes it like apro laughing that she just figured out i was a virgin
>we decide to meet later that night
>she never showed
>went to that spot for 3 days afterwards
>finally time to leave
>heartbroken and in love
File: 1469154481495.jpg (38KB, 640x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 640x463px
>be 17
>high school
>dating this petite blonde
>1/10 on intelligence scale
>would have to explain everything when we talked
>breakup with her cause she's too dumb
>flirting a week after
>wants to hangout
>pick her up
>driving around rubbing her leg
>she's getting flustered
>>she's wants it
>go to underground parking lot
>pull her into my seat
>stick it in
>fuck her pussy for a while
>pull out, fuck her ass
>clean so I don't mind
>cum inside
>drop her off
>next day in class tells her friend she's worried she might get pregnant cause I came inside
>lay down on bathroom floor already diamonds
>jacked off 2 times prior to be safe
>she begins to mount
>praise be to Jesus
>3 storks in I'm gonna cum
>She gets off and I jack the last second to shoot to my chest.

>Am no more vergon
File: cwbe92zd.jpg (73KB, 406x474px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 406x474px
>people actually getting b8d by this
Then what are you waiting for? If you're waiting for a chick to just fall into your lap, that's never going to happen. It just isn't.
I'm not making fun of you, but you're stuck in a weird place. You're never going to be a ladies man, but there is no reason to be a virgin at 40. You got this, you just got to have more realistic expectations of the world.

Buying a whore in amsterdam is like buying a sandwich. There is nothing wrong with it. All women are basically whores anyway. But at least the whores in Amsterdam have medical proof of being disease free.
I did rape lol
>why your mom, wtf?

Don't know.

I can tell you that momcest is a HUGE porn genre.

The best selling porno of all time was mom/son themed. "Taboo" made in 1980 with Kay Parker.

Also my mom was the ice queen so probably have real mommy issues.

She has since decided that she's a lezbo and is part of the "late life lesbian" brigade like the bitch from Family Ties.
>Yes, I lament the fact that the only female with a similar sexual experience is no older than 7 years old. I get it bro.


Men are the true romantics. We want a woman truly worthy of worship who only beds the man she marries.

The reality is that they are all sluts. Our worship of them actually turns them off.

See "Blue Valentine" movie for an example
Rape hijab
>No sexual experience because Allah forbids it
>Can't tell anyone because her dad will kill her

A wellfucked goat is a happy goat!;)
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banged a czech hooker in a dingy basement (pic related) on feb 29 last year. was not worth it
m, 20, Just had it last night actually.

Felt alright, honestly wasn't as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

We did it safely (condom, no breaks + pulling out before) but I'm still kinda anxious about it after the fact.
Go to bed Achmed
thanks but no thanks
>ladies man
the ladies love me actually, as weird as that sounds. i don't reek of desperation(at all, to be truthful), i reek of pheromones. i get that instant connection with a lot of women in public without saying a word, but I waste it because I'm scared to seize the opportunity. I just kind of wish I could meet a girl the way everyone else does; at work, at extracurricular activities, through a friend but the RARE cases that ever lines up for me, theyre always married or dating. I'll just keep hope alive that one day I'll meet someone who isnt leaving the store I'm walking into or walking the other way, on the other side of the street and shit like that gnome sane
but thats one fine ass anon..why was it not worth it?? too expensive??
>be 18
>with gf at the time
>her parents aren't home
>have been fooling around for a while by this point
>she's also a virgin
>had just gotten my first BJ ever from her the previous day
>start getting sneaky sneaky waikiki between the cheeky
>she asks if I want to go upstairs (to her room)
>on her bed
>first time eating her out
>not the best experience - she's clean and all, but I'm not a fan
>sound like a beta, but make sure a bunch of times that she's ready for this
>"yeah, as long as you are"
>get her into doggy-style to start
>have tough time staying hard, nerves are acting up
>she blows me for a while and it helps calm me down
>first realization that condoms are fucking garbage
>I'm also about 8in, so I have to take things slow
>last about 15 minutes
>spend next week hearing her panicked about being pregnant because that must be a thing that girls that first lose their virginity do

We fucked like rabbits for the next few months that we were dating. It's not an exciting story, but it's what I've got.
my first what?
> be in college, 19 years old
> kind of weird, shortgirl with hair dyed black, petite with little bit of curviness is into me
> have a gf but it's long distance and wasn't that serious
> am watching anime on my computer with this girl, I start to get erection, she notices
> she moves to the floor between my legs and pulls my dick out of my shorts, starts stroking and sucking
> rock fucking hard, finish in less than a minute because it's my first blow job
> she ends up staying the night. We start making out and grinding under the sheets, pants come off
> she climbs on top and it we struggle for a long time to get it in, she's dry and I'm retarded and have no idea what I'm doing so it takes like 20 min to get in
> she rides for 2 minutes and I finish again instantly, she seems disappointed
> we fuck a few more times, I get better but lose interest
>Pic related.
Life isn't a movie though. This shit doesn't happen, at least not in 2016 where you can open an app every time you want some dick or pussy.

Why don't you just create a user on fetlife and say "Hi I'm Dude193 and I'm a virgin"

Theres tons of women who have that "take someones virginity" fetish. There are huge groups dedicated to it.
no, it was like a hundred euros for half an hour, but oral was more of handjob, and she started telling me to cum almost immediately after getting on top. plus she only had those cheap and insanely shitty red condoms that are way too tight (people who have visited european prostitutes should know the ones I mean). just wasn't a good time overall
>spend next week hearing her panicked about being pregnant because that must be a thing that girls that first lose their virginity do

Iv had a bunch of girls do this, they just get all hyped up because the Oxytocin that is responsible for love feelings is surging through her because you took her virginity.

For awhile they are stupid lovey dovey and entertain the thought of having your baby and growing old together.

Then months later they realize that there is a whole world of dick and they rip your heart out of your chest without so much as flinching, they almost enjoy it, it seems.
wtf man, get on tinder and unless you are horrible looking you will find something
I know who you are
File: _.jpg (135KB, 750x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dunno what you're getting at. yes t's related because that's the girl and that's the basement. i didn't take the photos, i just saved them from her old ad as a reminder
>>End up finishing myself off by hand

Delayed ejaculation . . . the bane of the porn age.

After years of jerking off with
- grip hundreds of times tighter than a pussy
- pump many times faster than hip thrusting
- focus on the sweet spot the way a hole can't
- edging to prolong the fun
- all of the above while looking at unrealistically pretty pornstarlets

. . . when you finally get pussy, it feels like trying to fuck a bucket of warm water and ejaculation is damn near impossible.

100 years ago men lasted less than a minute their first time.

Today men last an hour, if they can bust at all.

Moral: don't jerk it, fuck!
Was 12.
Girl was 10.
She was a little hoe.
Wanted me to fuck her.
Tried and tried but could not fit my dick inside her.
One day found my parents lube.
Got idea.
Lubed her up.
Slipped right in.
She let out a holler.
I kept pounding.
Too young to cum.
Pounded her pussy for like 10 minutes.
She's crying by now but steadily pushing back when I thrust.
Got bored with it.
Pulled out
Penis covered in blood
Never saw girl again.
True story.
>Be 23
>New girl at work, skinny slot
>Flirting with anything that moves
>Asks me round for coffee after work
>Starts making out
>Leads me to bedroom and opens drawer with like 100 condoms
>Struggle to put condom on and she climbs on top
>Boner starts to die within 10 secs
>She stops and is confused
>I take condom off and get dressed
>She is still asking what was wrong when I leave having said nothing
>Go home and watch anime
File: 1302490010163.jpg (40KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 600x600px
Yea my lady cant stand it when I last for over 45 minutes making her cum over and over again.

Real world problems.

sorry, I cannot predict the future.
File: 1475049470539.jpg (53KB, 700x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>18 y/old introverted and shy
>guy I used to "date" lends me his umbrella on way to school
>we talk about nihilistic stuff and joke about it
>he asks me out for a beer
>both get drunk
>not wasted, but not coherent either
>all of a sudden we're passionately making out in a dark alley
>he's fingering me and it feels so good
>he lays me down in the grass
>fucking chestnuts poke my back but I'm too horny to give a shit
>he can't really get it up but manages to stick it in me a few times
>no blood since my hymen broke when I fell from a bicycle when I was 7
>feels great anyway
>walks me back home

Still together after 5 years
>both virgins
>we goto bathroom
>fail many a positions
>carry her and let her slide in
>popped cherry
>blood on her legs, ground, me
>we stop because it hurt
>never came
Fun times
Weak pasta
Oh dear
>Been hanging out with this hot punk rock chick for a few weeks both are 17
>she ask me in her room if I could have sex with one celebrity who?
>I say I would be with her.
>Later that day she puts a wig on and says lets go to store anon
>She wore wig because she was on house arrest for driving moms car into pool.
>As we walk she says anon lets stop at your place and take a break on the way.
>I have a queen water bed this was the 80s
>Anon take of your glasses.
>She kisses me and pushes me back on bed.
>She unzipes and takes off my pants
> The Smiths start playing on the radio
>She starts to give me head,
>She stops and gets on her back and takes off her pants
>I get on top of her and reach down, she says no anon don't use your hands to guide it in.
>She was so wet she was dripping I came in 3 minutes and didn't stop and came again 10min later.
>had sex with her two more times a few hours later in her room and passed out from fatigue
>Theres tons of women who have that "take someones virginity" fetish.
>losing it to a succubus cum slut
You think I don't know that? LOL I know there are, and that's gross. Jesus, are regular, normal, natural encounters really considered a Movie?
>Be me
>25 and still virgin
>mum knows for some reason
>go home one day and everyone was out except her
>gives me something to drink since I had a bad cough
> Always took care of me and she looks like a 9/10 milf you see in the threads here.
>Suddenly I feel dizzy but dont faint
>She almost drags me to the bedroom.
>I couldnt move much but was concious of what she wanted and did to me
>Started striping while I was laying on the bed
> she said "I know youd resist on me thats why I had to do this, I am sorry my baby boy"
> thats all I want to say right now. It was horrible for me.
>Be 15
>Got first gf, 14
>Talk for a couple weeks on kik mostly bcus can't drive
>Finally get to see her
>Fucking parents driving us to some Halloween thing
>She was a Virgin but we had talked a lot about sexual stuff
>She stares at me weird the whole way there like she wants something
>Get our fucking candy
>The walk back to the car, it's dark
>We had been holding hands and she guides my hand to her ass
>Damn it's nice for a 14 year olds
>She tells me to squeeze harder and she moans when I do
>Get back into car, both of us is backseat with her little sister of 12
>Both parents in front seat
>Dark, she instantly starts making out with me
>She grabs my dick through my pants and I play with her tits
>She tells her parents she's "cold" and puts a jacket over her
>Gets out her tits
>My god they're nice
>Play with them most the way back
First sexual experience. Soon after we did anal (shit was good,no dirty ass) then we actually fucked with no condom. She had birth control tube so I just pulled out. Still with her.
File: 1483932589395.gif (896KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me 8
>sitting on toilet crying quietly
>gently dabbing the blood off of my swollen anus
>its hurts
>want to cry out loud
>but daddy says he will have to kill mommy if she finds out
>I love mommy
Had a difficult time staying hard cause the smell of vag was really off-putting the first time. That and after a few minutes when we changed positions the first time I notice she had bled everywhere. We stopped, showered, and that was it. Never even finished.
>Then months later they realize that there is a whole world of dick and they rip your heart out of your chest without so much as flinching, they almost enjoy it, it seems.
>quads of truth

That is actually exactly what happened.
> be me
> 15 yrs.jpg
> Sitting on my couch with girlfriend
> Insertfriskytime.exe
> She touches me
> Pulls my pants down
> I say no bc I'm young and innocent
> She hopes on my dick
> It feels like a roast beef sandwich
> She rides and then goes home
> Never came
> Nutted that night with hand
> Best tightly life
> Oh yeah.end
Jesus how old were you? That sounds like the most horrifyingly dramatic way to find out you're gay anon. I actually feel a little bad for you.
>Be 4
>Daddy touches my peepee
>Mom keeps quiet about it

>Be Me
>15 years old
>Never done anything with girl before
>Parents go out of town
>Free house
>Have party
>Invite 20 people
>8.5/10 grrl comes
>get super drunk
>party ends
>about to goto bed
>grrl in my bed
feels good man
First experience where i finished was with this woman i met off whisper and only talked to her for less than an hour and she wanted to fuck. Picked her up and took her to my place. Fucked her for 8 hours. Take her home and next thing i know she tells me she had a boyfriend.
File: 1466965171256.jpg (44KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Called it.

They really are good actors arent they.
That all they are brought up on now is fucking drama and disney princess teaching them all this fairy tale bullshit.

They tell you things that make you love them, then they love you back.

Then dig down and do some sort of mental gymnastics and fuck you over with the most retarded reasons ever.

They say it hurts them to leave you, then you see them out and about happy as clams.

Like they didn't just tear the soul of some poor guy.
I was 22. And it was fine, we still dated for a few months and that was the only time she bled. Got used to the smell too.
>I put the book back in the shelf
>I bump into her
>She drops everything she was holding
>I apologize profusely and bow to help her pick them up
>Our heads clash and our eyes meet
>We go for coffee
>I call her when I get home
>We go for dinner
>Afterwards I walk her home
>I pull her close and kiss her outside of her apartment
>She kisses me back
>I call her the next day
>We go to a movie
>Again I walk her home
>We kiss passionately on the doorsteps of her apartment building
>We're interupted by the grumpy old lady on the first floor
>We laugh and she looks at me with her beautiful eyes
>She takes my hand and walks me into her apartment
>We make out fiercely
>We fall onto her bed
>She's on top of me
>You prematurely ejaculate with the force of a thousand suns because you spent 40 years building this up in your head
>You lock eyes with her and she says

There's a reason you are where you are man. You're waiting for the stars to align, when what you need to do is just say "fuck it".
>my place with GF (8/10)
>no one but us home
>"I'm hungry Anon"
>"want me to make something?"
>"yeah... I kinda feel like eating some pancakes"
>no worries, I'll cook some up"
>she goes and chills in my bedroom (had a 360 and a PS3 in my room, play PC now, but shit was cash back then)
>finish making pancakes
>she's taken off her hoodie and is chilling on bed stomach down
>lay next to her with plate of pancakes
>start eating pancakes
>fuck the pancakes
>start kissing
>undress her
>undress myself
>she sucks dick
>I eat her out
>part A goes in to slot B
>last like 5 mins
>"sorry, I can still go on though"
>3 rounds later
>pancakes are fucking cold

had to make more pancakes, stupid slut distracted me with her vagina and made me waste a bunch of milk/sugar/flour and eggs.
> I was 16
> She was 36
> Best 2 months in my life
> After 2 months she move on to another 16 year old guy from my club
> When I was start dating younger girls I know what to do
> win
>first sexual experience

pretend ur gunna cum
grab tip of cock like ur catching the cum or just hide dick tip and act like ur getting rid of the cum

and that's good I guess, was it her first time too? because girls can bleed for their first, not all do, and some bleed more than others.
My first time was with a girl who was on her period, which was... interesting. Needless to say blood doesn't really phase me all that much. Can't comment on the smell because all the girls I've been with know how to wash themselves and look after their diet and shit, so idk... I like the smell and taste of pussy, what can I say?
>You're waiting for the stars to align
Meeting people in your daily life isn't "stars aligning". Also that was a seriously faggot ass movie plot you typed there, bud.
what, share knowledge pls
>start getting sneaky sneaky waikiki between the cheeky

Underrated, if this was a YLYL i would have lost, right there.
>16 at time gf was 14
>gfs grandparents go out of town
>gfs great grandma needs to be grandmasat
>gf is badically home alone at gfs great grandma is deaf
>bike 8 miles to go to stay the night
>arrive at 9
>gfs great grandma is asleep
>arrive and imediatly go downstairs
>go to guest bedroom watch movie
>five minutes later her shirt is off and im masaging her back
>15 minutes later were doing oral
>1 hour later and were fucking everywhere in the basement on the couch,on the bed, against the wall
>take a shower with her and do more oral
>talk for hours and fall asleep
>fuck again in morning and then leave
i think the point of that movie plot was to make it sound like what a 40-year-old sperg virgin's idea of romance would be
does it happen to you as well for no absolute reason ? Sometimes I browse after a week break and I discover I am banned
No it wasn't her first time, which I thought was weird given how much blood there was. But it was her first time since getting an IUD installed so maybe that's why. And lucky you, the girl I was with didn't really wash herself down there...
And I've good things about period sex, minus the bleeding and all.
You get the point though. There is a possibility you could find THE girl. But you would drown because you've spent your entire adult life without testing the waters.

You need to learn how to float before you can swim.
>my first sexual experience was with my neighbor/best friend
>both 13 at the time, i bloomed early and was pretty much done with puberty, so i was really tall and my voice was almost done cracking regularly
>she isnt the hottest girl in school, but i always had a crush on her mainly because we were in the rural area of our school with no other kids around
>we vidya'd like crazy, she was a complete bro-tier nerd (still is today)
>one day we were out in my backyard fucking around with my gi-joes in my treehouse (way too old for them but bored
>we have a swimming pool right below my treehouse, she says she wants to swim
>parents aren't home, no swimsuit so she takes her shorts and tank-top off
>babyfat+boobs+freckles+blackhair+carpetmatchesdrapes=boner for 13 year old me
>she hops in from about eight feet up
>i follow quickly after
>playing around leads to touching
>touching leads to feeling
>feeling to kissing
>kissing leads to very poor first attempt to stick it in
>she is wet, but poolwater sucks for lube, plus water is too deep to really get any traction
>head back into treehouse
>make out a bit
>attempt 2
>take it slowly
>could feel her hymen tear
>go slowly
>feels good, but awkward since we don't know what we are doing
>pull out cause no babbies
>she spends the night like she normally does
>bro is on deployment, so we sneak into his room to steal his porn
>watch some so we know what we are doing
>we fuck all night
>night turns to days
>days to weeks
>months and years pass, we never got pregnant (later find out she has a tilted uterus so she has like a 1% chance of ever getting pregnant)
>but during college, we just kinda drift apart
>we remain good friends, but there was never really much of a spark
got more in the current day if anyone wants to hear it
File: 1402209785790.jpg (41KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sneaky sneaky waikiki between the cheeky
I have a similar story anon

>sister's best friend is 22
>we're chilling together stoned in my living room
>she's gone and in the clouds
>slowly start cuddling, she's the big spoon
>I turn around to face her, she forces me to turn around, pins my arms behind me, and covers my mouth with her hand
>she bites the back of my neck and takes out my dick
>jacks me off from behind while mumbling dirty shit
>She chokes me when I cum, spins me around and makes me watch her swallow
>says she wants my virginity and that she is going to take me to her house to fuck tomorrow
>fall asleep in her arms and her hand grabbing my balls from behind
>next day she picks me up and we hang out, vidya, get lunch, and fuck

>Be6yo me
>Teenage son of friend of family has his way with me
>Tells me not to tell "our secret" or my parents will be mad at me
>I don't tell for years
>Find out he did it to other kids later
>Be me saddled with guilt that I could have prevented their rapes.


yea right mr shakespeare, u expect anyone to believe this shit?

kek copy pasta from half a year ago and these fucking newfags i just cant
Some of these stories make me glad im behind a vpn
>get a call a few weeks ago, she just got out of a really bad relationship, needs a place to crash
>have wife lol, but she knows her and they are besties, knows all about our past too
>she is currently renting our downstairs room
>she never sleeps there lol
>wife isnt worried about a relationship between us but she likes her quite a bit
>life is good lol
its better for women,dont u think?
>be 12
>girl likes me
>kinda a butter face
>take her inna woods and spend 10 minutes trying to get it in
>spend 5 minutes fucking her
what? so hot !
>be 12 emo white trash
>graduation "ball"
>school united with 3 different schools
>16 yo, blond, 7/10 approach my squad
>taking all our numbers but they were all too beta to do anything
>We text and throw glances at each other
>Next day she tells me she will be in town
>We meet up and i'm lost in the idea of sex
>Go out to Pizza hut, and she practically asks to be my gf
>I'm like fuck yeah...what do bfs and gfs do anyway
>Go to my place, parents out
>She crawls on top of me, kisses me and my neck
>Asks to spit in my mouth i'm like fuck yeah lets do it
>Was weird but my dick was aching
>She undresses, her body, dear god
>I undress she puts a condom on me
>She cowgirls me
>Feels goodman
>Can't nut thou
>She cames and asks if I did
>Tell her I didn't
>"Well you are not cumming in my mouth that's for sure"
>just vividly gaze at her and her body
>"Alright, put it in my butt, you don't need a condom"
>At first i'm like FUCK YEAH then when she goatse's i'm like...Uhh i'm not sure
>But she was offering and I decided to go for it
>We didn't even lube I was semi slippery cuz of condom grease
>I manage to get my dick in place and I just push until i'm all the way in
>The grunts dear god
>She was banging the wall with her fist as I get my dick in
>I just start hammering back and forth
>She is crying and complaining but doesn't tell me to stop
>I nut finally and pull out
>"You should've stopped you know!"
>"...Sorry didn't know"
>Few days later find out she's "Special"
>Feel regret
>Break up with her via text
>never see her again
12 to young to cum
Can i ask your birth date?
>Be 14 years old, almost 15.
>Mom is doing a hair show the next day, and wants me to model for her
>Get haircut and dye
>Mom asks girl that I've been in love with for years to model too
>She has to stay the night because it's a super early show and my mom's driving
>We're on again off again, but she's more interested in a much older guy. She's 15 he's like 17 or 18
>She already lost her virginity to him
>Bed time rolls around, my mom says I sleep upstairs in my bed, she sleeps on the couch downstairs
>Sneak downstairs and hang out with her
>I don't remember how it happened, but we start making out for like 20 minutes until she gets bored
>"You know anon, any other guy would be taking advantage of this situation right now"
>"What do you mean Ashley?"
>"Well you could slide up, or down, your choice"
>I immediately start going down on her. She told me later I was surprisingly good at it for my first time (End up always being good at oral later)
>Then she slides down my shorts and starts blowing me. I have a lot of precum ( I always have a lot of precum to this day. Used to be self conscious about it, but most girls don't seem to mind.
>"If you cum in my mouth I'm going to bite it off."
>She blows me for a bit, then I stop her and kiss her goodnight and go back upstairs to my bed. Not quite ready for this, especially since I still have strong feelings for her
>She follows me upstairs after a couple minutes, and straddles me

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Haven't had one. There were a few chances but I fucked all of them up.

>After grinding on me for a few minutes, she slides off my shorts and boxers, and gets on top of me and starts riding me really slow
>She says "You're a lot bigger than I expected"
>Bed is making a shit load of noise
>We get up and go downstairs to the couch again
>I fuck her missionary, and doggy for about 10 minutes each
>She tells me I can't cum because she's not on the pill
>I tell her we should stop then, and I go to the bathroom and finish myself off
>We call it a night
We fucked 3 more times after that, then she went back to her other boyfriend.

We ended up going to the same high school, that year, and she told a girl I like "He's big but he needs to be trained"
Got a few dates in high school because I was "big". I'm only like 6 inches, but I'm kinda thick

>be 19, sophomore in college, virgin
>tiny school with 2:1 female to male ratio, so not much competition.
>most women a 4 or below
>crush on a 7/10 gook, dumb but nice.
>figure gooks love green tea
>"hey, wanna drink some green tea at my place tomorrow?"
>"oh...sure anon!"
>She comes over early next morning, I start making tea.
>Just talking about schoolwork and classes.
>Lay out the tea, we each take a sip.
>Put my arm around her in the most cliche way possible.
>"I think we should go out, I can keep making you tea."
>She and I kiss.
>Within ten minutes of her entering my apartment, we are rolling around naked in my bed within two hours.

Ended up dating for two years. Gooks love men who can make green tea.
Just ended a 2 year relationship which had the same kinda circumstances, I'm leaving for college though so I'm gonna have a blast being single, would you be happy single?
>studying physics in local U
>friday drunk
>go to a pawn shop with my calculator
>got about 10 dollars (many years ago)
>went to specific prostotution area
>fuck a prostitute, maybe 40yo
>didn´t feel specially good, fapped almost anyday and my cock was disaponited
>didn´t cum
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