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>in a long distance relationship with a deeply submissive

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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>in a long distance relationship with a deeply submissive girl.
>most of our interaction happens online. skyping,cam,you know the deal.
>i'm actually more than fine with this. always valued my personal space a great deal,don't want or need relationship that'd involve daily meetups etc.
>had number D/s relationships before. I've always enjoyed this stuff, but it has always felt like either or both act a role and play a game. not with this girl. with her,despite or because of the distance, it is all very real,effortless and raw. she is fully devoted to serving me.I'm fully devoted to taking her deeper. molding her into a good little slut.
>due to the distance, psychological aspect of it all is incredibly important. we've always been extremely..compatible,I feel I've done very good job in getting extremely deep under her skin. I take fierce pride from the hold I have over her. from what we've build.I've left her with permanent marks, literal and figurative. great joy and pride from this too.
>she loves pain. this has a great deal of obvious benefits. also an issue of sorts; punishments, too, always need to have their hooks deep in psychological aspect of it all; simply hurting her or making her hurt herself is a gift, not punishment.
>could use suggestions and ideas. it'd be nice to get fresh ideas for her..treatment and upbringing. tasks, punishments, etc. we've been at it for months. sometimes my bag o tricks feels too empty. wat do with deeply submissive girl over internet?
>would be nice to talk with ppl in similar situation and exchange notes so to speak.
>mostly the thread was born out of my thinly veiled desire to think about it all outloud to strangers.
>bumping thread with puddems pics
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but yeah again,
mostly it'd just be very welcome to speak of this with somebody in similar situation. i occasionally do so with a.. colleague of sorts and have found it very useful and valuable. but we both think inside our own boxes.
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Are you gear heavy in the whole operation of things?
and there was i thinking it'd be easy to fix a good, constructive discussion at /b.
mm, i guess so. i bought her Nora from lovesense recently. thing is pure magic. long distance-controllable vibe. besides that,cucumbers, few traditional dildos and vibes, whips, clothespins ice cubes..things.
Do either of you plan on closing the distance? My sub lives internationally, I fly out to see her every few weeks.
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nah. I've come to value the distance. I believe it a factor in how and why everything got very good between us. Kinda hasd...leaning towards long distance relationships in past too. living too close, seeing too often, having it a routine rather than an " event" and magic..i don't like it. plus I'm stupidly protective towards my own space.

do you consider distance largely as an unwelcome thing between you two?
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I've visited redpill 3, maybe even 5 times and watched a large number of porn movies, some of them pretty good. additionally, i've successfully discovered great deal of quality porn in various chans. based on ALL of this experience, I can safely say that surely Dom would never go or fly to sub. ofc sub needs to go to Dom!!! duh!! Doubtless any real tru dommy dom is so devastatingly insecure about his position that every single attempt to underline who THE DOM is must be taken, lest things shatter. no matter how retarded and impractical it might seem!
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get her to piss thru her panties, then stuff them in cunt and finally wear them again.
I have this attitude problem towards ""The BDSM Community"", certainly on internet. Just bunch of people who are all out to establish themselves as ultimate authrotah in everything BDSM. Guides, rules, do's, don'ts. It feels like reading cosmopolitan or shit like that. that's why, when it comes to net, I like to speak of this stuff in places bit removed from THE COMMUNITY.
that is actually pretty filthy.and a very nice idea. she gets to do does 'filthy'sometimes, certainly when need is there to punish her. she gets very wet...these juices, spit and vomit is what she has gotten to wear. i'm not much into watergames or golden showers and such, thoughts don't go here often.
but this is nice, yeah. I'll remember it for sure.thanks.
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moar pics plz she's a beauty
thats nice
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her name is puddems/gigerpuss
no bra pls?
actually my girl is super submissive but and we are doing a long distance and whenever we do it she always begs me shes been naughty and i should punish her but u never know what to say any tips bro
The distance doesn't really work so much for me and mine. It just kind of makes things impersonal and I can't really keep her on duty from a distance. I still have her do the things and normal routines I can control from a distance. It's much better having them house broken and realize it is your space.
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why not shower the thread with ideas,comments,suggestions,questions,discussion. these things are surely very cornerstones of /b
If you have any insertables that work long distance have her put it in and send her out into public and buzz her every so often.
Did you take this picture with your dick?
since you and her are at very beginning,my 1st advice is not to load yourself full of advice from internet.it is important to find and have your own voice and your own way so to speak. huge part of domming is just making sure kinks, dreams and nightmares already in her have room to grow. planing something is harder and slower and usually less good.

clearly she throws you pretty nice passes, just catch!
"yeah you've been a bad girl. what do you think happens to bad girls?"
"that isn't much of a confession yet. it means nothing. you say you've been bad. tell me how. "

have and force her to use her voice, too.
1. Learn basic programming
2. Learn basic electronic skills
3. Get a vibrator egg
4. Programm app that controlls the egg via mobile
5. Make app activate itself on certain sms text
6. Tell her to put egg in and skype call in public
7. Make her interact with people (store clerks etc.) and turn egg on
8. Profit
heheh..these work great, yes. google "nora from lovesense."
she got to wear it in church not too long ago.
see >>718972784
much of what you described is great, exciting and very much..in the cards already.
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You gotta tell us little moar, OP. Does she have fears?
long distance in this context is so weird. lack of touch or anything physical sets such huge demands for psychological side of it all.when distance is there, you ofc have toys and gadgets and bla bla..but ultimately, finding ways deep under her skin is all you have. constant need and challenge to fuck (with)her mind is there, nothing else is. I get so much out of it, it creeps me out.

also accidentally fell in love for 1st time ever.I wonder if some Dommy Dom bible guide on net advices against it.i bet this costs me all kinds of btard cred.:(:(
she is actually remarkably brave, heh. she fears great deal of things, but it never stops her. 30 minutes after meeting her for the first time way back when(this was online) I had all I'd need to ruin her life and career. I can't even describe how much she immediately stood out then and there.
...mostly since she isn't some naive inexperienced 18 year idiot old who " doesn't think of these things" she knew the stakes, is certainly smart enough to see and fear the worst case scenarios and just faced all of it head on. thrill seeker. bit self destructive about it.

she is afraid of lots of things. and goes through the fear well. it never stops her. knives. gun on head. public places. fear of getting caught before wrong people. fear for her career.
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contriboot, don't lurk!

I'm fapin ;)
it is entirely conceivable you aren't the first male ever to masturbate to puddems.
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Puddems 133.jpg
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I think I'm done, can't get you wankers to speak. ;p odd, I was certain this infamous image board filled with degenrates would be a great place for constructive and civil discussion

I'm sorry anon, I'm just here to fap to your hot submissive slave
Those are pics of Puddems, not his slave, you imbecile.

I know retard, I'm fappin to the vids on porn hub
put a red hot nickel ball on her pussy
slave as word or concept doesn't work for me. it impersonalizes things too much.i'm all about infecting her life, invading each corner of it. not stripping her of her personality. the whole "O" thing doesn't work for me.not enough places for hooks in a hollow O.
she often gets to hear how right now, she is nothing but her holes etc.

....and I'm not sharing my girl in a thread where most all else but my posts amounts to zero effort,lol. as mentioned like million times, the girl here is puddems. she is internet famous /soc girl or something like that. 10 mins in google and you have like 10 gb of her. shoo
sounds very counterproductive
lurk on gif, d, aco and soc as well, you will have better luck
eh,i guess if talking of this stuff in net, one should do it in relevant forums, bdsm subreddits etc. there is just something i mislike in those places. ppl stroking egos already fully erect. eager to explain in great detail what is and isn't allowed. you are supposed to play by rules of somebody else. " right so 1st thing you need is to write a contract between you and your sub" what the fuck
with the changes here, you might also have better luck on the witching hours of 11pmto3am

but yeah, harder to get threads on /b/ for this suject. the other boards have longer thread times, and you can probably find threads that have wandered to this subject

though this place does have good content every now and then. try in a few hours after people come home from saturday
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yeah I just might. for the most part, this is all about pretty thinly veiled excuses to get to talk and write about it a bit. I'm not one to write diaries, but currently feel need to think outloud by typing. it would benefit from occasional half decent pitches though,lol.
OP to punish her you should fuck other girls and make her look at pics and watch videos. Cuckquean the bitch
me fucking another doesn't work as a punishment for her. it'd require additions. like pretending the other girl is very important to me, or replacing her, etc.
thought has it's charms, but there isn't any theater, show, pretend or games between us.
plus finding girl for anything..suitable in this way would be a gigantic hazzle. not enough time. it isn't a bad idea as such though.
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bumpfor you
thank you for your service. o7
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you could make her go buy breast pumps and induce lactation for something.

or get those remote vibrators cotnrolled by an app, she's good? leave it on low for a few hours after she is asleep.

if she is bad, Crank it to 11
I was looking at ..don't know the english word... tiny vacuum pumps for clit/nips the other day. ended up ordering her just a tail instead.getting more into pet play.
warmly recommend this btw
works just as the brochure promises..so far anyway.
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