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In honor of our PEEOTUS, pee thread! If Drumpf can't make

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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In honor of our PEEOTUS, pee thread! If Drumpf can't make it mainstream, I don't know who can!

M or F, anyone can post, OC is of course preferred. Also, if you share this fetish with the President Elect, share a story or two!
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Bumping with the only OC I've got
Anybody? I know there's a bunch of pee fetishists lurking around here
the horror of the Cheeto-in-chief getting up to it has put every one of them off for life.

Haha it did make me feel bad for a min, like fuck, we do have something in common. Then I fapped and got over it

Great titties and a cool top :)
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Seen these two before, but they're fantastic
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I have seen no one defending trump in this thread. I deduce this to be some next level same fagging
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I wa surprised by that too! But there are at least 3 of us in here
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>the degenerates who have spent a deal cade trying to (((normalize))) faggots and trannies are now trying to shame Trump for a fake piss fetish
are those worms crawling out of her asshole or is she just so busted that her sphincter looks like a bowtie in a blender?
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Don't have pics but check this out


It's from a really perverted amateur and her "master". The other videos on the channel are also pretty good but don't involve piss.
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>being this buttblasted two months later
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>all this ass pain
>criticism from the intellectual left
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Prove it
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Nice, there's a lot of great stuff along these lines on pornhub too
I assume it's because it is easier to make childish jokes than to really talk about the other terrifying things in the (last I checked still unverified) report. Latching on to a meme is easier than thoughtfully engaging.

And/or it's calling him, and by extension Republicans, hypocrites for their puritanical attitudes towards any "deviant" sexual behavior while still engagins in that behavior. Anti-gay rights, anti-sodomy, etc. Hell, Trump himself made anti-porn pledges as a candidate.


>Trump is a hypocrite because of allegations made in a fake document

u wot?
>Still butthurt
How's this then?


The point isn't that specific document. The point is the hypocrisy. And it's not like he's the only person who adopted a "family values" mask for political expediency while not holding those values.
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Nah, it's just a funny excuse for a thread about my fetish
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To all those who say Kompromat is not possible with Trump
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Rival introduced on TV by none other than Mr. V Putin
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>posting fake news
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I piss on myself in the shower daily. I pretend it is a girl pissing on me. I spray hot water at my asshole and pretend I am her getting my ass licked by me.
How's this? It has video footage.
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>not realizing CNN is the leader of fake news
Tax returns please
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Once the audit is done. By all means, keep the groveling up. It worked well last year.
Can't wait for the Trump pissing video
>Once the audit is done

yeh right.
You can't even acknowledge the hypocrisy? Look, you can love Trump as much as anybody, but you have to admit some of his recent stances are hypocritical considering how he lived the first 70 or so years of his life..
I don't even like Trump but that was a straight up Buzzfeed video, kinetic typography style and everything.
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Keep doubting him and you'll keep being wrong.

There's no hypocrisy. He's not an uptight prude, he just doesn't want to promote more Jewish propaganda porn.
A girl like this is so incredibly adorable and perfect and to see her passing in this format is beautiful. Nit sure you, but love it.
Man, I always forget that trying to talk to authoritarians on /b/ is like pulling teeth. Fuck it. Enjoy your piss thread.


Nobody has been a bigger proponent of authoritarianism than Obama and the Democrats. They've taken up Bush's campaign to expand the executive branch with great enthusiasm. It's amusing to see Democrats complain about Republicans executives being authoritarians by using the powers Democrats like Obama and FDR created.
I think you misunderstand the context I was using the word in. I meant "authoritarian" in the psychological sense.

Robert Altemeyer has some good research on it that you should check out. He makes it understandable for folks without a psychology educational background.

And no, this is not strictly a conservative or republican thing. But it manifests in ways that are familiar in some of the fringe elements of the modern GOP.
Thread posts: 79
Thread images: 52

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