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anyone have a sexual memory that stuck with them the longest?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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anyone have a sexual memory that stuck with them the longest?


>dating sexy girl in hs, me 17 her 16
>she's been dancing since she was 4 yo
>amazing body
>every wednesday, girls had to wear plaid skirts to school
>i had a bunch of friends come over and her
>in my room playing vidya
>i start reaching under her skirt and rubbing her legs
>after 30 mins she can't take it
>pulls me into bathroom
>lifts her skirt up, moves panties to side
>i had fucked this girl 1000 times before and i had never, ever felt her pussy this swollen
>could barely get a finger in
>moaning like a fucking dying animal
>still remember how wet and puffed up she was to this day and how that pussy felt
This one time a female human accidentally brushed my dick through my pants with the back of her hand.
This one time my cousin hugged me and I could feel her boobs against me
A fucked up one.. Was in my
Early teens and saew through a unshut door watched my mom riding my dad now i have a fetish for older women that resemble my mom I fuck them really, really hard.. I'm younger and enjoy fuking them moire than girls my own age.. Messed up a bit from that I guess
This one time a woman smiled at me and said hi. It was pretty great

You should take notes from >>718764641
He knows his shit.
>on baseball team in high school
>this one chick loves baseball players
>i'm a virgin she's a virgin
>invite her to a game one night
>we win
>she sticks around and we go for a walk, end up making out
>loop in a circle, it's nighttime now and we're back at the baseball diamond
>we go into the dugout
>i sit down, she starts taking her pants off

>bitched lost her virginity to me first time we hung out

god damn it i miss those days.
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I say "ay girl lemme see dat ass" to my male cousin in a mall and a girl walking by thought I was talking to her and looked at me with a mix of disgust and pity.
>walking down the street
>8/10 cuties walking towards me with her dog
>its a pomeranian
>my favorite kind of dog
>she smiles and says "Hi"
>holy shit I am going to greet her and talk about her dog in an attempt to start an actual conversation
>Its going to fucking happen and there is nothing that can stop it
>say "hi"
>about to say "Nice dog, I love pomeranians"
>dog makes a gurgling sound
>squats down and starts shooting a stream of diarrhea
>it gets all over her shoes
>she starts freaking out
>dodge around the dog shit and keep going
>don't look back

That was 5 years ago and still the closest I have ever come to starting a conversation with a random person on the street.

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>with cute gf
>bout to go friends house
>wearing booty shorts
>hey babe can you not wear panties
>why lol
>idk its hot
>haha alright sure and gave me a seedy but funny look like 'o u horny boy'
>going to friends house
>talkin and shit end up watching movie
>friend is super into it
>hands on her thigh using pinky to rub up and down
>she puts her hand on my dick and starts stroking
>friend leaves the room for toilet
>cute gf jumps on my lap and starts making out and start grinding
>dating a girl for a year in highschool
>Parents are super Christ-tards and wouldn't let us hang out alone
>Superbowl night and her dad goes over to Christ-tard party, her mom stays home with daughter, youngerdaughter, and brother
>anon come over, mom says its okay
>I go over and her mom is watching the game in the living room
>we go into the kitchen with her little brother (3yo)
>shes kinda christian, doesnt want to do the dirty but says in the butt is okay
>No lube buckle up
>took a while to get it in
>butt fucked her on kitchen table while little brother watched lazytown on ipad
>nut and try to pull up pants
>start buckling pants as her little sister (11yo) walks in to say something
>anon wtf?
>tighting pants christ-cock-gobbler, chill
>go to bathroom and clean up
>haven't talked to her since
>she started putting my number on college applications as revenge and I still get fucking calls 4 years later
>be 17
>fucking my first gf doggystyle
>suddenly remember a porn video i saw
>the guy was fucking a woman doggystyle, he reached for her mouth and fish-hooked her
>i thought it was hilarious
>without thinking, i fish-hook my girlfriend
>like, fish-hook her hard
>her moans turned into weird noises
>sounded like a person in those roller coasters that go up and down really fast
>she asks me wtf im doing
>i laugh my ass off and keep fucking her
>broke up 4 months later
>Bull for a cuck couple
>They want to get really kinky
>She wants to drink my piss, but I have to leave right away to avoid awkwardness
>We agree on the day
>I try to set up drinking water with meeting them.
>Finally meet up with them
>Horny as fuck
>Go to the bed room and talk with the husband while she gets ready
>She comes to the room naked
>Husband gets out the way
>Making out, necking hard
>Go down on her
>I make her cum hard twice licking her clit and fingering her hard
>I put my cock in raw like always
>Fucking her like no tomorrow
>She's so wet from coming twice that I can slam her as hard as I can
>She tightens up really hard, she's cumming again
>I cum right in her. My 2 day load
>A couple more pumps to make sure it's out
>I pull out, she's worn out
>Husband puts her panties on her so it leaks on them
>We talk and get dressed (she just has panties and shorts on)
>She says after she has errans to run
>I tell them I gotta piss
>She gets in the tub and opens her mouth. Husband stands and watches
>I put my cock in her mouth and start pissing
>When she can't drink any more I pull it out and piss all over her
>Hair, face, tits, everywhere. Husband helps telling me where I missed
>Back to her mouth to finish
>She is soaked
>She gets out and puts on a bra and a shirt while still soaked in my piss
>I admire my work and the husband reminds me about leaving.
>Zip up and leave
I will remember that day for the rest of my life
>gf hears friend shutting door
>jumps off real quick
>friend comes back in and continue watches movie
>she is diamonds rn
>teasing it for 30 more minutes
>whispers in my ear 'fuck i want you so bad right now'
>movie ends
>bye friend lol
>we walk home
>she starts rubbing that ass on my dick
>start making out
>she starts sucking my dick in the front room
>mom comes out
Why did you stop talking to her?
dude if this is true you are a legend.
Got my nut

She was also an egotistical bitch
I once had consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
That wasn't an accident, that was TSA.
and you're a weak minded faggot
Had big couch like pic for reference

>Be Christmas time
>Wife's younger sister comes to stay
>Sister has always flirted with me
>Wife and sister get in fight all pissy
>Be laying on couch under covers watching TV
>Wife sitting at other end of couch playing on phone
>Sister comes out gets under covers next to me
>Watch TV for a while
>Sister puts her hand on my stomach and slowly rubs it
>Moves down to my cock
>I freak but don't move
>She keeps rubbing and I'm getting hard
>Keep looking over at wife paranoid as fuck.
>Decide to turn on side because I'm pitching a tent.
>Facing sister now
>She slowly pulls my cock out of my shorts
>Starts stroking really slowly
>Goes on for a while
>Wife gets up, I'm about to have heart attack
>Says she's going to bed
>She goes up stairs
>Sister grabs my hand and puts it down her pants
>She's soaking wet
>Pull her pants off and go down on her
>Then fuck in diffrent positions
>I cum in her and we lay there for a while talking
>Go to bed
>Next morning get up wife bitching
>Wtf did you spill on the couch?
>We had gotten cum and other fluids all over the suede couch.
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I fap more to old sexual memories than I do to porn. I have one in particular: two hot as fuck 16 years olds grinding on eachother right in front of me, but I was too socially anxious to make any moves although I could have easily. Just jerked it to that memory a few hours ago.
>gf gets my dick out of her mouth
>mom leaves
>just stick it in me anon fuck
>pull off those booty shorts
>she bends over
>holy fuck ive never been so hard
>stick it in
>pulls dick out
>fucking soaked
>i continue to fuck
>she's moaning loud as fuck so i cover her mouth
>she gets more turned on by this
>i tell her to cum for me
>she fucking moans so hard into my hand
>she says fuck it just cum in me baby
>haha love you but no thanks
>pull out and she sucks my dick so fucking good
>i tell her i want to cum in her ass
>she lays ass towards me and i stick my dick in her ass
>cum diamonds
>starts sucking again
>die and go to heaven
>just kidding but fuck it was good
fucking best sex i swear
i got dubs 2/3 times lmao
last time me and my ex girlfriend fucked, just walked up pulled her shirt off and pulled my dick out and started sucking me off before we fucked, it was amazing, that was the last time before our 3 year relationship ended but there was something so out of character when we did it, almost like she knew it was going to be the last time. so she made it amazing. ill probably never see her again. was the best sex we ever had.
holy shit you creampied her sister? was she on the pill? you must have felt like a king
reminds me of last time i fucked my ex after we broke up

except she was on her period so she told me to fuck her ass for the first time and it hurt her like fuck but she wanted one more in

good times....good times

Your question is redundant!

>If you have sexual memories then one will have been 'stuck with you the longest'.
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>Female human
>was she on the pill?

Well she didn't get pregnant so probably, that or I just got lucky. Didn't even think about that at the time
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Joanna was her name, 17yrs old I'm 27.
>start kissing and playing around
>stoked because she is hot as fuck, a little thick but not a drop of flab or cellulite because teen
>get her hot and start fingering her
>proceed to eat her out from behind while she's on all fours
>nothing better than underage pussy
>between moaning and pushing back on my face and fingers
>whispers "fuck me already"
>being a pussy reply "can't you're too young"
>responds "you don't think what your doing now can get you thrown in jail?"
>good point, jump off bed
>her: where you going?
>me: to get a condom!
>smiles and starts taking if rest if clothes.
Proceeded to fuck this girl for several months. Never forget that night or any night with her. She would just call me at random and ask what u was doing and if I wanted to get fucked. Was a great moment in life! Pic related, looks sooo much like her.
Absolute fucking savage

>what did you spill on the couch!??
>your sisters cum
also how did you fuck her so good with your wife just upstairs? was she just really quiet? risky as fuck anon, i like your style

any plans to fuck her again? or did you ever try?
>>Wtf did you spill on the couch?
>>We had gotten cum and other fluids all over the suede couch.
holy shit, this guy fucks! am i right?
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Leak/see any snapchat users private pics/nudes with snap leak .cf! /b/ros use it before it's patched and don't share it.
i fucked my girlfriend in the middle of a roundabout at 11 one night
pulled down her yoga pants as a joke but i guess she wasnt joking
LoL if I would have said that my wife would have gone in the bedroom chambered the AR and shot us both.

I just played stupid like I didn't know said maybe her sister spilled something. She cleaned it up didn't say anything else
She tried to stay quiet. It was nerve wracking and a turn on at the same time. The danger of possibly being caught
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>like girl in high school
>we never dated but there was some tension
>fast forward 8 years, she just had a kid
>i hit her up on her birthday seeing how she's been
>asks if i want to grab dinner
>we go to a stupid expensive restaurant
>bill comes
>$300 of drinks and food
>"i got it" she says
>turns out her baby daddy who is rich gives her dough every month
>we fuck that night and i nut in her
>realize i just nutted in a girl that just had a baby
>shit shit shit
>go to get plan /b/
>it's $50
>she buys that too then leaves

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>>718767374 here
Had to dig for it but here's the text
yeah. it was nice. but hell, its over. so ya know, fuck it man. lol
you glorious bastard
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she still sends me nudes from time to time. here's one from the other day
One of my exes had a clit like a small dick.
>first time putting hand inside her pants
>find clit
>long as shit
>fucking disgusting, resembled a tiny floppy dick

>never had penetration sex for some strange reason, only nude grinding.
>one time the bitch got mad at me for not staying the night at her place (i had promised my parents to get back home to watch after my sisters while parents were away)
>threatened to sleep next to one of my best friends the night (all my friends were there
>"allright, whatever, do it then"
>leave earlier than i had thought, because mad as hell
>later on after the breakup said friend confirms she did actually sleep next to him
>on another occasion she had also sucked his dick at another friend's place while everyone else was sleeping
>mfw she never sucked my dick

All this happened between christmas 2009 and spring 2010

>be summer 2010
>at another friend's place, going to sauna, swimming in the lake, listening to metal, loud, and drinking alcohol
>she was invited
>avoid contact the whole time
>sit in sauna, alone, naked because that's how you do it
>she comes in, fully dressed, starts ranting about how she misses me and wants to get back together
>"not gonna happen, leave me be"
>get out of there
>never heard about her since that night
Like a boss!
are you gonna try to fuck her again? does she ever make jokes or shit at family gatherings?
Fucking normies, all these stories are actually hot and sexy. You're letting me down anons! Let me get this back on proper /b/-level with some 100% true humiliating, embarrassing, libedo destroying shit. I could go on forever with this shit.

>Be me 18, HS Senior
>Still virgin because geek
>Go out with friends and chick I've had oneitus for year with
>Heavy drinking, heavy drugs, as usual
>Flirt with her at all chances
>Think: this is gonna be the night to make it happen anon!
>Starts talking about her girlfriend who was along with us but I'd never met
>She's 6.5/10, big titties
>You should go talk to her anon, I think she'd like you!
>Talk to her on way to party
>Fix is in, by the time we get there she is totally DtF
>We're making out hot and heavy from the front door
>Sneak into this kid's parent's bedroom
>She's all over me, I dunno wtf I'm doing, virginfag
>trying to make this happen, can't get properly hard
>she wants it fucking bareback, tells me so
>Too fucking drunk
>Too hung up on The One, who is now in the other room hooking up with my friend
>She looks at me like "r u srs anon?"
>One last try, so fucking nervous
>"Uh, can you hold up a second anonette? I haven't done this before
>She's 60-0 in 2 seconds
>gets her shit back on, gets up slams the door behind her without a word
>Have a cigarette, get dressed and walk out into the party
>everyone is laughing at me
>she's told everyone I'm a fag
>The One looks at me like Howdidyoufuckthisup.png
>Go home, basically haven't spoken to those people since high school

I fucked her a couple of times since then. No she doesn't make jokes about it but we both fuck around playing grab ass as soon as we are out of site of others for a second. Occasionally she will steal a quick kiss.
i couldn't get hard my first time either bud nothing to be ashamed about
is she single anon? or does she do that behind her bf/husbands back too? that is a hot fucking setup you got going on. i take it shes hotter than your wife?
holy fucking kek nigger
Performance anxiety it happens
>be at a festival
>meet a group of people there, including a chick with her husband
>husband is a jerk, goes off with some barely legal chick out of the group, leaving his wife behind
>wife is a sweetheart, we hit it off
>visit her later on when her husband is on a "business trip"
>start banging
>chick comes every 2 minutes
>after the 4th time she is shivering on her whole body and begs to stop
>turns out her husband was a 3pump chump and hardly gets her off

i've never met a woman that was as sexually deprived as her again.
>does she do that behind her bf/husbands back

She messed around even when she had a bf.

>i take it shes hotter than your wife?

Hell yeah she is. As soon as my wife got that ring on her finger she got lazy and let her self go

If I ever get a divorce and her sister is still available I'm heading right for that.
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It was the craziest thing I've ever done. Not sure if I can build myself up for that ever again.
File: dontknowthatfeel.jpg (52KB, 655x833px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Even though you know she's a lying cheating whore who will fuck even her own sister's husband?!
When I was 6-7ish my 15yo baby sitter always showered with me. She had me help washing her pussy sometimes.
Pussies don't inflate when they're aroused you fucking moron. If anything they pulsate meaning they open more and then constrict.

You're a fucking virgin.
>>be at a festival

Went to a festival day 2 been dancing all hot and sweaty. Girl wants to hook up. Go back to tent pull her pants off. Omg the smell!!! We'd died in you bitch? Almost puke leave.
>when girls get aroused it's harder to get a finger in

Literally the opposite is true retard
File: 1454905987361.jpg (14KB, 236x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>cum diamonds

I briefly saw a girl's underwear in high school as she crossed one leg over the other. Does that count?
I think that's called a kidney stone /b/ro
>meet girl from pof
>go to her place to watch a movie
>start cuddling hoping for sex
>talk about kinky shit before texting, BDSM , hoping for that
>we eventually start making out
>move my hand to her throat and choke her
>start having kinky rough sex
>right in the middle of sex she starts telling me a story about how her dad raped her for years
>starts bawling and telling me details about the sexual shit she did to her
>i have no fucking clue what to do, shit was turning me off but i was balls deep
>she tells me to slap her in between crying and telling me these fucked up things about her dad
>finally has a massive full body orgasm and stops crying
>we cuddle after and she talks about what she was doing and thats the only way she can cum
>im freaked the fuck out, not sure what the fuck just happened or if it even turned me on
>then she tells me she has a boyfriend but he wont let her do that and she hopes I can fuck her while she does that so she can have orgasms
>leave and ignore her for awhile
>as i think about it more it turns me on
>message her to tell her im ok with it
>she ignores me and never replies
>still try talking to her a year later and nothing
File: 1443713553.95354.jpg (13KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Pussies don't inflate

Some do
what's the difference?
It's calcium not diamond?
>extra blood flowing to vagina (thinking about someone getting a boner, you'll understand that faggot)
>can never cause swelling

yup. virgin detected
Did she have a cute smile?
A Targaryen.
well, if you want to be technical there should also be some sort of painkiller appropriate for passing a stone. at least i hope there is...
My sister sucked my dick in the middle of the night, in the same room that 2 of my other brothers were sleeping.
hey man cougars have all the experience, also im pretty sure its freudian thing anyway, you would go for women your own age that resemble your mum as a general rule of thumb.
I have plenty, but my most favorite recent one, was where my gf's friend slept over, only one bed available, petite girl, I slept in the middle of the two of them, I roll over and cuddle her, and she's passed the fuck out, start rubbing her body down and eventually move to her pussy. She cums in her sleep. The next day I found out she masturbated and came for the first time in a few years. Feels good man.
A good tip to all the other anons out here.
If you're drunk or nervous, lick her or finger her while rubbing yourself, you'll get hard eventually.
I can almost never get it up the first time I'm with a girl.
I had one it was pretty big they used Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) uses shock waves to break a kidney stone into small pieces

I passed them a day or two later when I was at work. The pain was fucking horrible and I guess they scrapped going through the urethra so every time I pissed for the next week it burned like hell. Didn't give me any pain meds
same actually. learned this the hard way in college when i could only fuck the morning after a chick came over

i would pound them though, but also could be the booze and weed
shit anon, I'm sorry you had to experience that.
If I get whisky dickI like to eat the pussy that gets me rock hard especially when she starts moaning. Doesn't matter how much I drank
I'm sorry she's ghosting you anon, I hope she hits you up for some sex again, she's probably just super embarrassed.
I couldn't get hard the first time either on account of grinding with the chick on the couch so much I blew a load on my pants
I do, but this is /b/ so... Are you guys not all virgins now? Did the userbase of /b/ completely change?
Apparently /b/ro. This place has fucking changed.
actual sex isnt the only sexual thing you can do.
Anti anxiety meds will fix this. One side effect tho at least for me is it takes forever to cum
File: ab0x7yr_700b.jpg (30KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 400x400px
that's not a side effect, anon
This one time I slept with a girl in the bed, but didn't do any sexual things apart from spooning which she started with.
>Be me, a 15 year old walking hard-on
>Have a cold, still breathing in through my nose
>Blows some snot into her hair midway through sex
>Tells her afterwards. Never gets called again.
People grow up get older and get laid. Can't stay a virgin for ever, I mean you could but that would suck
File: hott.png (499KB, 327x531px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499KB, 327x531px

this is a good idea until you enter the world of one night stands and you don't want mouth herpes. throw a rubber on the tongue i guess
when i was 16 i took the v of my sister's 11yo best friend
I'd just end up choking on that shit. Went to go down on a med student once she wanted me to wear a dental dam to eat the pussy I was like fuck that I just won't eat the pussy.
File: desk.jpg (79KB, 1300x867px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 1300x867px
>like a month ago
>senior in college
>have party at my house, me and my roommate macking on these two chicks
>they leave
>next night i'm at a bar with roommate
>girl i was with snapchats me
>it's like 3 am
>asks if they can come watch a movie
>roommate and i celebrate
>our uber takes forever to get there, they get to my apartment first
>other roommate let's them in
>chick i was supposed to be with is sitting on the armrest of 2nd roommates chair
>go into my room, we put on a movie
>other bed starts making out
>girl turns to me
>"i'm not going to fuck you fyi (chicago chick)"
>says we can cuddle though
>i just stare at her
>she asks why my other roommate wasn't feeling it when she was flirting with him
>i just stare at her
>she says "we can still be friends"
>i met this bitch yesterday
>"i don't need friends" (i feel beta about this all the time in my head)
>then my roommate fucked the other chick and they bitch passed out so fast next to me
>>she asks why my other roommate wasn't feeling it when she was flirting with him
>>i just stare at her
>>she says "we can still be friends"

The appropriate response:
get the fuck out
I used to be friends with a girl whose dad and sister would loudly have sex while I was over at her house playing. Once while I was over I went to use the bathroom and accidentally walked in on her dad putting vaseline on his dick. First time I ever saw one.

I only learned about what was really going on after they moved away and my brother explained it to me. But I can vividly remember the sound of the bed creaking and the bedframe shifting.
I've done this a few times if a girl is playing games or tells me she doesn't want to fuck. I just tell her to go home I have other things to do Then just act really cold. Ive actually had a few of them do a complete flip and ended up having sex. But there a few who just got pissed off and never talked to me again. Not like it was a loss they weren't putting out anyways
>was 12
>first time fiddling around with a girl (she was 12 too)
>when I finally got her panties off and started
>fingering her, her pussy felt AMAZING.
>she was so wet that even slow fingering made
>the most delicious squishy sounds

didn't kick her out but she knows she can't come over
she was supposed to recently for another party with a bunch of her friends and only she didn't come
in my early twenties I hit it off with a co-worker in her early fifties who was on a break from her husband. they lived somewhere else but she and her daughter moved back closer to her parents. anyway, we start by passing notes (she was in the cubicle across from mine) and things turned sexual. once I found out that she was up for it, I told her that if she was interested in fucking me, she had to take her panties off and throw them into the front seat of my car, along with her address. her shift ended before mine, and after I got off work I found her still-wet panties waiting, along with a post-it with her address and "door will be unlocked" written on it. I haul ass over there, adrenaline pumping. I'm a ball of nerves as I climb her steps, heart is pounding as I turn the doorknob. it's dim inside; the only light is from her watching bdsm porn. she's fucking herself with a dildo as I walk over. she said something to the effect of "I didn't think you'd make it". I facefucked her until she had that thick, slimy drool running down her chin and covering her tits. I put her on her hands and knees and ate her ass until her alt-pussy opened on its own. I went in to fuck her, trying to take the toy out of her pussy. SEXIEST THING I EVER HAVE HEARD WAS HER MOAN NUH-UH, YOU FIGURE IT OUT... I assfucked her deep and hard, blowing my load in her hot Jewish guts after like 5 minutes. never went soft-made her clean me up then I went back in for more with my cum as lube. we fucked several more times that summer, always including at least some anal, always including some maledom/degradation, always including some perversity. she got me started on my smoking fetish too. she got back with her husband at the beginning of fall, moved back to be with him. #fml
Tell her to move the fuck away from you, not telling her to get out since your roommate it's getting it in with her friend, and hog the blanket
Had sex with my sisters best friend. Was damn good but just the fact that I slept with her was what made is memorable.
damn bro that was a smooth move

yeah she was pretty drunk and after talking to her during the movie she was going through some daddy/ex bf issues i was just like fuck it
i get it it's fine lol

but for real, her dad and brothers names are Ron, and her ex's name is Ron, and my roommate's name is Ron.
story time
Alright, never been like alpha our anything.
But this is probably best shit that ever happend to me.

Excuse my english. not first language.

>8 years ago
>Be me 20 years old
>Going to a HSparty with dj friend
>Act alpha backstage with free drinks
>Needed a smoke so going to smokearea
>Just talking with some guys and smoking when 2 girls walk in
>They are standing like 1 arm lenght from me
>Here her talking about a tattoo she got
>Look her way and she's pulling her dress up to her tigh to show her friend
>Thinking about snappy comment about tattoo
>Say "Nice Tattoo"
>She response positive and we talk like 2 minutes about a fcking rabbit tattoo
>Asks me if i wanne smoke weed on the toilet
>Walk behind in the cripple toilet
>Just enough time to lock the door before she jumps me
>2 seconds later completely naked and making out on the toilet
>She sits on my lap and she stops for a moment
>says "lets smoke some"
>Just smoking with this naked girl on my lap when she kneels in front of me
>Now smoking weed and getting a blowjob
>She is fucking incredible with her tongue. Never had a girl with this kind of tongue play
>After god knows how long she turns around en sticks my dick in het fcking wet pussy
>Takes the joint and starts fucking me and smoking at the same time
>After a while theres nothing to smoke anymore and press her against the wall
>Fuck her as hard as i can against the wall for a good 10 minutes
>"I'm about to cum" i tell her
>She turns around and starts sucking until i blow my load in het throat
>Put clothes back on and say goodbuy and we go our seperate ways.

I know this girl maybe 30/40 minutes total, and never seen her again.
Damn, don't tell me their last name is Swanson
>be me freshman year of university
>in love with a grill but things didn't work out
>met a dual-enrollment HS girl in one of my class
>hang out with her a couple times, find out she's a jesus freak
>for whatever fuckin reason she's super into me and so we start dating
>retrospect I rebounded hard
>first girl I secks, but she had been with another guy once before
>she didn't really care for sex in any position but missionary
>would generally just lie there and the first few times I was raw doggin it
>blow huge load all over her stomach
>turns out semen grosses her out and she doesn't really want me to cum directly on her tummy
>wait like 30 minutes
>she wants to go again so we go to the bedroom but before that she grabs like 12 rolls of toilet paper
>fuk, but when I'm about to finish start to get anxious because now I'm too conscious about not getting anything on her while she just kinda holds the fucking toilet paper on her stomach
>basically edge like 3 times
>continue fucking, and reasonably in the midst of this since she thinks that the sex just isn't doing it for me as is
>says she can tighten it for me
>proceeds to flex her vagina
>doesn't really do anything different
>more perturbed by the thought of it than anything, major turn off
>don't ever finish
>go home with painful ass blue balls

Maybe I'm just a fuccboi, but something about her tightening her vagina for me was a very disturbing action. I'm not sure where she would have gotten the idea in the first place. I've only been with two girls, but I don't feel like this is commonplace. any thoughts?

>tl;dr: girls flexing their vagina is fucking weird
>She was 17 I was 22 (legal age of consent is 16 in my country).
>I still lived at home. I come hem from work, she's there
>I walk into sisters room (right next door to mine) and tell them to be quiet because I had to work the following day
>See her in nothing but shirt and grey underwear. As I'm talking friend moves around, revealing more of her underwear. Sister tells me to go to bed.
>Wake up early next morning, parents are out, sister is in shower, friend comes into my room.
>Still wearing what I saw her last in (which I was masturbating to all night), climbs onto my bed like a cat
>straddles me and starts making out like crazy
>part 1 ask more if you want to continue.
File: 16972_068.jpg (137KB, 1024x682px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 1024x682px
>Okay, so be me a few years ago, can't complain about life.
>perfect girl, a small home we can call our own, make enough that we don't have to worry much about money.
>every so often she likes to surprise me with random kinky shit right, costumes, toys, bondage, etc.
>Take her out for a nice dinner one night, just having a few drinks some good food.
>half way through she is already starting up her dirty talk, about a surprise she had waiting for us at home.
>every now and then running her heels over the erect penis beneath the table.
>okay so dinner done, we're both about 5 drinks in and feeling good, she decides she can't wait to get home and gets the dessert to go.
>order a cab while she hits the washroom, get our coats and leave.
>riding in the backseat of some cabbies minivan, her licking and nibbling at my ear, grabbing at the penis pressed against the pants, sloppy drunk chicks are the best aren't they?
>Guy driving is trying to make small talk butt fuck him right? she's already on her knees on that dirty ass floor, pants unzipped and my dick in her hand.
>enjoying the feels, head back, the default bj position, just let her go to town working it and talking dirty, every so often catch the driver looking back in the rear view and just shoot him a grin.
>Only about 10 minutes into the ride, dick out for harambe and most likely gonna die in wreck, when suddenly feel a chill run over my deek.
>now picture this, us in the far back seat, her stuffed down on her knees on the floor, covering my dick with our tiramisu and then licking it clean.
>Tiramisu, makeup, and cock smearing all across her face, and thanks to the nice buzz we have going her dirty talking has gone up a few decibels.
>enjoying the backseat bj and doing my best not to let loose the flood gates before we get home
>>718777140 >>718777184
go ahead
File: QjZtNna0Uah6o.gif (2MB, 600x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 600x337px
this is fucking awesome
props man
I guess for me it would have to be my first blowjob since it was completely unexpected. When our mom left for work on the weekends my older brother sold drugs to people at his school. There was a girl in particular he hated because she almost never paid up front and even when she paid later it almost always wasn't the full amount. I honestly don't know why he kept selling to her at all. But one Saturday when was 14 she came over to buy ecstacy but of course had no money. Well today my brother finally had enough and told her to fuck off. She literally started bawling and throwing a fit. After a few minutes my brother smiles and says he'll give them to her if she gives me a blowjob. I was busy playing vidya on the couch...but I heard that. She went off of course at first about being disgusting and gross and her being offended and threaten to have people beat my brother up over it. But he offered her double the pills. She looked at me and looked at him and asked him if he had to watch. He said no but he wanted to see the "proof" before she got her pills. She took me in the bathroom(no one asked if I wanted it, but of course I did) and gave me my fist blowjob. No one but me had ever touched my penis before and she wasn't shy she started sucking and pumping my dick right away. I think she wanted it to be over as fast as possible,and it was. Being honest I think she got two real head bobs in before I came in her mouth. Looking back I feel stupid because when I can I shouted "I'm sorry" as I came in her mouth. She walked out as soon as I was done opened her mouth so my brother could see then swallowed, took her Baggie and left. My brother was laughing at her the whole time.
lololol been a while since a girl did that for me but can't say i don't like it
File: 17613_270.jpg (165KB, 1024x682px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 1024x682px
>Fuck i loved her, so anyways we about 10 minutes from the house, cab filled with a silent driver, sloppy sucking, and some overly lewd talk, good times.
>"look me in the eyes while you fuck my face in this dirty cab"
>"open up that slutty mouth and eat your dessert you kinky bitch"
>often our dirty talk even goes as far as to taunt the driver and the other fun things you say to rub your sex life in others faces.
>ready to bust when she just pulls me out of her mouth with that wet pop and just grabs my balls and grips the base tight as fuck.
>Enjoy it but god damn she has a death grip on me and no way she is gonna let me blast her in the face yet.
>vehicle finally comes to a stop, made it back alive somehow, driver tells us it would only be 12 bucks for the ride, look at fare total was somewhere around 30.
>exiting the van her keeping a tight grip on the dick leading me out like it's a fucking leash, toss the driver 15 on the way out, 3 bucks for the mess of tiramisu and spit left on the seat.
>reach the door fumbling for the keys while she's teasing me and playing with the my balls on our doorstep, trying to be discrete but you know how it goes when your drunk, it's still obvious to everyone.
>"your gonna love your surprise baby, can't wait for you to see it"
>benis won't be able to take much more of this, get the door opened, pulled into the house before she pushes me back onto the couch.
>orders me to stay put while she get's changed and ready, even nice enough to grab me a beer before heading to the room.
>drinking my beer, taking a breather and trying to figure out what sort of surprise she had in mind, since it could be fucking anything.
>yiffy suits, dragon dildos, a horse suspended by an intricate system of ropes and pulleys accompanied by a marching band, who the fuck knows.
>Waiting about 20 mins now and starting to get that anxious feeling as well as reaching the end of my second beer.
lmaooo too good
File: 17613_272.jpg (161KB, 683x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161KB, 683x1024px
>all of a sudden start hear moaning coming from our bedroom down the hall and hear her call out "I'm ready"
>love her but i swear to god if theres a dude in there fucking her i'm killing them both.
>keep my cool as i set my beer down, stand up and make my way towards that door and whatever hides behind it.
>There is probably no greater moment of happiness and relief in my life than when i opened that door and saw what she had in store.
>her standing there in a slutty latex outfit and heels, looking up at me while she was bent over some bitch she had tied down to the bed in a matching outfit.
>Didn't know who the chick was but later found out it was an old highschool friend of her's
>i guess she was talking to her for a few weeks before to plan the whole surprise, anyways
>not even 5 seconds into my pants hitting the floor before i was climbing onto that bed and pressing her face into her friends ass
>ok so to set the scene, two bitches in matching skimpy outfits, one tied to the bed, the other spreading her out and tongue forced into her asshole getting it ready for the penis that would be penetrating it soon
>so before i can even spit in her face she pulls her tongue from that fartbox grabs my dick with that kungfu grip and looks me straight in the eyes as she says
>"are you ready to fuck this cum slut baby?"
>ultimately the answer was yes (of course), simply give her a nod more focused on my dick pulsing in her hand than speaking, she finally let's go.
>reaching up she grabs my hair and whispers in my ear "yfw you read the first letter of every sentence." and i instantly came buckets
it's completely normal, most chicks do that at least the good ones do
oh my god you fucker
File: yup.png (386KB, 667x670px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
386KB, 667x670px
>had class with tall junior girl
>tan, probably 6 foot +
>shoves my head between her tits and cleavage
>smothers me
10/10 was not wrong to ask you to continue
omg did u died?
Continuing from>>718777140
>I almost pull away, she tells me that she heard me wanking the night before
>removes my boxers, I'm diamonds, she removes her shirt and we make out more, then I remove her underwear. I take out a condom form my wallet, she pulls it form me and puts it onto my dick for me
>She then lowers herself onto my dick and rides me hard in cowgirl. Then I roll her over into missionary for a bit, then as we start climaxing she rolls me onto reverse missionary, then as she's cumming, she sits upright back into cowgirl, then I turn her over again and fuck her in missionary until I cum. We sit there making out and giggling. Then we hear the shower door shut and she gets out of my room.
>This isn't the last time we fucked though. Want more?
The time at school when a guy in the year above me bent me over in the mens' toilets and tried to fuck me anally. He was huge, it hurt like hell.
Had a gf that liked to do that. I'd bust a nut in her and leave my cock in then she would start flexing and id get hard again real quick for round 2

>fucking girl
>she's a little chubby
>reach around her for the first time
>didn't know she had an insulin injector thing in her side
>get the tube caught between my fingers
>yanked that bitch hard

i felt very gross after that
He did died!

That was a ghost post
wait anon im confused

>"i don't need friends" (i feel beta about this all the time in my head)

so did you say this?
if so, why do you think thats beta?
Yo I can't put together what he is saying
Damn! That sucks dude.
It seemed like to much effort to try
>i had fucked this girl 1000 times before and i had never, ever felt her pussy this swollen
>could barely get a finger in
>moaning like a fucking dying animal
>still remember how wet and puffed up she was to this day and how that pussy felt


When a girl is really turned on it's not harder to get your dick in, it is easier. They are wet and the pussy actually dilates when she is aroused. This is why girls like it slow and gentle at first and then after a few minutes you can hammer them balls deep.
>broodwar viewing party at 3am
>flash vs zero finals
>bring cute blonde girl
>only other girls are fucking ugly nerds since it's a broodwar party
>she has never seen broodwar before, or any games for that matter
>get her shitfaced drunk
>tell her not to talk, convince everyone at the party that she's from korea, ex pro gamer (she's white btw)
>they believe me
>all the nerds are staring at her tits/ass all night while she sluts it up and sits on my lap
>flash wins ezpz
>get too drunk, stay at this dude's house
>get first bj
>got to watch great ZvT
>>718778228 >>718778271
tricky way of saying "walk the dino m9"
glad you enjoyed the OC i typed up
>Fast forward a few months, I'm minding her house (because I'm good friends with her stepdad and her trusts me) while he's gone.
>She lives a few blocks away with her actual dad but her mother and stepdad don't trust her to mind the house and her actual dad is always away because of work. So she's alway by herself.
>She knows I'm there, comes by to pick up a bikini. I let her in and I have to leave for work.
>Come back late, see her in the house, this time, nothing but a white shirt and black underwear which I can see through her shirt.
>We start talking, then progresses to making out on the couch and feeling each other up.
>We go to her room
>I sit on the edge of the bed, she removes my belt, unbuttons my shirt and removes my pants, she's till wearing her shirt/underwear Part 1
I caught on after reading the first post.
It was good to see the guy you fooled though.
Part 2
>I remove her shirt, make out with her some more, play with her tits. Then I remove her underwear, and as she's off me, I push down on her and start to finger her, she whimpers and squirms in pleasure. She's still tight.
>It starts to rain. That and the dimly lit room really set the scene
>She pulls a condom from her drawer, then she straddles me and puts it on, rides me for a long while, then I get on top of her, then we go doggy style, and I put her on her lying flat on her stomach, still ploughing her pussy and kissing her in that position. I the flip her over and fuck her in missionary until we both cum.
>>718778535 >>718778678
well done anon.
Fucked my wife in the ass on our honeymoon, no vag, straight from bj to anal. She was horny as hell off wedding night bliss (and a few drinks) and basically twerked balls deep the entire time, for like an hour. I nutted twice and then she fell asleep with my dick still in her ass while we spooned, so I gently helped myself to a third one without waking her up.

Best sex of my life, no contest. We do anal every once in a while, but that's the only time she's ever used her ass to work my dick like it's her favorite thing on earth. Seriously, shit was like that Abella Anderson breaking off a dick in her ass gif, but like, for a solid hour.
Part 3
>next morning, I wake up and she's in the shower, I get in there with her. We lather each other in soap, make out and feel each other up, she then turns around, hands pressed against glass and I fuck her from behind.
>Later that day, (I have the day off) she blows me while I'm watching NBA. Then at night, we fuck again, This time we fuck on her bedroom floor, my back against her bed, legs spread out, her legs wrapped around my waist and arms around my body/neck.
>Later that night, I sit cross-legged in her bed, she hops into my lap and we fuck again in that position.
>Final night staying there, I fuck her sitting on the edge of her bed, then for the last half, I stand up and fuck her while her legs are wrapped around me and we're facing each other. We then fall asleep together until we have to leave the house before her parents come back.
>Her parents don't know but I'm certain my sister knows even though she never brings it up nor has she explicitly expressed knowing that I fucked her best friend.
And part 3>>718778942
Enjoy my friend. Glad my sex life could give you some form of satisfaction.
Yo B Fags. I'm starting a YouTube page and I need your help. I'll leave a link to my recent vid and it fits late night thoughts! It's only one minute long so all I ask is for one min. Help me 4chan, you're my only hope!

https://youtu.be/kJ25v4pFJOo [Open]
it has. thanks for your contributions anon
>be in highschool
>Making out with this girl in my room
>Lights off
>Start rubbing her pussy through pants
>She gets horny as fuck
>Gets of bed takes clothes off
>Gets back in bed start making out
>Move down stuck titties for a bit
>Work my way down to pussy start licking clit
>She moans grabs my head and gyrates her hips
>Part her lips with my tongue
>Stick tongue in pussy
>Taste kind of strange
>Like metal or not sure but strange
>Keep going
>Shes moaning and gyrating.
>It hits me I know that taste
>Fuck it's blood
>Jump up turn on light look in mirror
>Blood all over my face
>Why the fuck you didn't tell me you on period!!!
>I was horny and it felt so good
>Oddly dick hard as rock
>Jump in bed start fucking her
>Bleeding gets worse
>Have blood on face on dick on sheets.
>Pull my cock out and tell her to suck it
>She goes down on me like some crazed freak
>Cum in no time.
>Take shower clean up room she goes home
>Comes over next day
>Wants to do it again.
>Ended up dating for a while she only wanted sex while on her period
>had lots of menstrual sex
File: 2007-12-06 03.55.01.jpg (105KB, 828x1095px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2007-12-06 03.55.01.jpg
105KB, 828x1095px
Ok, gross
awesome but also fucking ew

does /b/ still have an archive? this shit is funny
There are more girls into menstrual sex than you think. Met a few in college.
My pleasure.
that picture is so cringeworthy
My wife gets horny as fuck when she's on her period for some reason. But nope not going there..

Damn. In my first year of university. Need to get laid.
fucked my girlfriend on her period a bunch, they do get horned up
Fucked once my Ex-gf when on period, yes it is, uhhhmm, different
A little sticky?
tbh bro you're not missing much

i'm a senior and i get laid like once every few months, one night stands aren't that great

i'd rather have a girl that i can get increasingly freaky with (and that you know you can lick her asshole and not get a disease)
This is true. Having a steady fuck is always better because you can continue too push the limits of your own perversion


Yeah, I'd rather find a girl that wouldn't be just one night stand, b-but I've never even held hands with a female.

Just been in bed once with a classmate after a party. Obviously she just spooned me and I was there lying a dead man, haha.
meanwhile in fantasy land

>Be me, 8
>at cousins, 14
>in woods playing behind his house
>end up behind tree
>he says he wants to show me a new game
>derp, sure anon
>we get close and he drops pants
>has a semi
>it looks big to me already
>tells me it's called lollipop and I'm supposed to lick and suck until i get the cream
>gets me on my knees and brings it up to my face
>it's slowly rising and stands at attention
>i'm hesitant
>he presses it into my mouth
>says to watch teeth
>it's salty at first but then it's not so bad
>hands running through my hair
>he begins pushing in and out of my mouth just a bit
>something is slowly leaking out during
>look up and he just has a big grin on his face
>he's slowly pushing farther and farther into my mouth
>hands on his thighs at this point
>he finally bottoms out, just before the back of my throat (he wasn't very big)
>feel his nuts on my chin
>can feel his cock throbbing at this point
>my face is flush, and very hot as I'm being used as a slut
>can feel every vein across his cock and feel his pre dripping down my throat
>this goes on for awhile and he begins telling me how to use my tongue on his cock's underside
>tongue wrapped around his cock's underside and he's grinding his head against the roof of my mouth
>sucking on him like a baby
>his hand is pressing my head in and out as he fucks my mouth
>my tiny dick is hard at this point
>after awhile he finally reaches his limit
>tells me to drink as much as I can
>I feel a lot of strong pulses and something thick shooting into and rolling down my throat
>involuntarily start swallowing
>feels like a lot but he finishes before I start gagging
>puts his dick away and thanks me
>tells me to keep it a secret
>we go back to playing but I have this insistent feeling of being used
>never speak about it to anyone
File: I39.jpg (117KB, 800x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 800x533px
>Meet Russia escort for session
>Skinny and hurts when I pound her ass bone
>But she's wild and takes iniatitive
>Twists my nipples, fingers my asshole, bruises my tongue,
>Takes a load like a champ
>Once she riding me cowgirl
>I spank her
>She goes nuts
>Bites me hard on the shoulder
>She apologises but I love it
>Miss you Tonya
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