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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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OP [Grape].jpg
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Diving, diving, diving, diving

off the balcony
I actually miss her, she was a real gangster
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gotta get ready for bed
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I just keep letting me down, letting me down, letting me down
Jesus. It costs so much to import DVDs.
Guess I'll just rebuild my Zorori folder with rips.
oh nooo
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I will consider it. Missionaries frustrate me; the spread of faith through overwhelming force seems so much more expedient.

tfw you have to reckon with your own mortality but don't even get to cast sick black magic

life blows
Makes me want to play FF7 again.
Would have been cool to see him in Dissidia.
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Nothing demonstrates the superiority of the christian god like a good old fashioned crusade.
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You mean ff9?

And I mean that little elf thing in dissidia was basically vivi, at least in terms of playstyle. All black magic spells. Didn't quite fit the aesthetic, mind.

If we kill more of you than you kill of us, our god was probably right.
Yeah. That one.
And she was a tool. Shantotto had awkward combos that fucked her against anyone with more mobility than Ex Death.

Prish was a nice addition though.
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Finally, someone who understands.
How goes living? Its been a while.
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right that was her name

yeah she was ass

jhect master race

lovely crossover

It goes. I've gotten really friendly with alcohol recently.
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Why is everyone I enjoy becoming an alcoholic.
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I played Zidane, Tifa, Onion Knight, and Kuja.
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It's a wonderful way to pull yourself out of your rolling mind into a more blissful abyss.

I always wanted to play kuja but could never space his orbs correctly to land reliable followups. Jhect is stupid technical for dissidia but I play fox so I made it work.
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Here we see the rare LA roof korean in its natural habitat.
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Last time I drank I almost shot myself so Im keeping away for now.
'Juana and cocaine all the way.
I use to just fight Chaos at level 1 and shit.
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I'm surprised I haven't almost shot myself since I keep playing with loaded guns after drinking. No NDs so far, boys.

yeah, it's too bad dissidia was before really reliable online play was a thing
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You better be playing polish roulette
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And what guns do ye own?
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I don't INTEND to shoot myself.

Glock 19, ar 15. The rifle is basically never loaded though.
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What the fuck is going on with the proportions in this pic?
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Your firearms are boring but serviceable.
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Why must sleep be so necessary
Acknowledged and frankly accepted. I have a thing for boring guns. That's why I bought them.
I'm scared.
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Ive dead set to get a revolver as my next gun.
Then i can live out my Deer Hunter dreams
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629KB, 694x1200px
that other pic is a bit frightening I suppose.
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I sort of want a chiappa rhino since it's cyberpunk as all hell. Damn the various poor reviews of it.
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Man up and piss your money away on what you REALLY want, the meatball unica 6.
Never cared much about the rhino. If i came across a snubnose one for cheap id get it on a lark, otherwise i would never bother.
>First result
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Gun Cosplay Weapon

I think I know why
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Honestly they're basically mutable to me, I literally only want one because of how it looks and I don't think the mateba looks any better.

I have never seen that movie.
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Well, i think the rhino looks like ass anyway.
Looking to get a ruger redhawk or a s&w m19/27/66
It's a almost legendary awful movie.
Also you'd get it just for the looks and not for the fact of the recoil-dampening design?
I think the Unica 6 looks better
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clearly the problem is you just don't adam jensen hard enough

like I said, I like both of them. Also, I'm INSANELY shallow.
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Is raccoon still here?

This is still very much in early sketch stages but I went all out without referencing anything (aside from Woo but this was an original pose). I'm trying to move away from "redrawing" existing pictures without coming up with anything original. I'll reference but I don't want to have it be a crutch where I can't draw anything original.

Soooo, yeah.
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Leak/see any snapchat users private pics/nudes with snap leak .cf! /b/ros use it before it's patched and don't share it.
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sent ;)
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Adam Jensen is a homo and i dont remember the rhino being in any of the games, not to mention the revolver barely resembles it.
Hes asleep and doesnt lurk much anymore.
Dang. I'll have to show him later then
it wasn't but it's cyberpunky and reminds me of the diamondback and also sort of the gun from bladerunner

Hey I get you, I play fashion souls myself.
but I would take it to another level it's pretty sad to admit
if I were gonna go hardcore irl nerdfashion I would paint my ar with mandalorian insignias and shit
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Thread images: 57

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