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Well hust just read little goat. Anyone else feel like commiting

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Well hust just read little goat. Anyone else feel like commiting mass suicide?
Dunno how "guys" turned into "hust" but okay then
Also cringe thread
give me a sec
Nah, it was not that bad
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Second slide. Yes he literally fucks a goat. I guess the middle east has a porn industry now
Glad to know that the japanese made a manga about muhammad
You know when the liberals said we should be culturally diverse I don't think this is what they ment
Dunno. I bet theres more than a few goat fuckers in the liberal party

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Sheliked melol.jpg
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careful, the freaks are always waiting for you to bend over
OP here, all this reminds me of a story. So storytime buckos, strap in your butt plugs and down some exlaxx cuz you're in for a ride.

>be me, first year out of highschool, first year out of home.
>manage to get into decent college
>go to dorms to check in.
>find room, its a double.
>move my shit in, not much i pack light.
>roomates not here yet.
>set up some personal items, pics of family, my gaming system along with my clothes and whatnot.
>notice theres two beds. Ones much newer than the other obviously. And i take that one, first come first serve.
>pass out on my new bed. Life is good
>few hours later im shaken awake. Landwhale stands over me
>should have mentioned the dorms co-ed but whatever.
>shes not actually all that fat but she reeks of smug entitlement...and nacho cheese.
>lets call her cheese
>cheese stands over me, greasy black half cut (half her head is shaved)
> "hey you must be anon" she smiles and i can smelll the nacho breath from my place on the bed
>"uh, yeah are you my new roommate?" Pleasesaynopleasesaynopleasesayno
>"yeah! Lets have a good time together!" My soul drains from my body.
>cheese waddles away and carries in about a dozen huge suit cases.
>starts opening them and unpacking her shit.
>"hey could you move i need to unload my stuff"
>"thats my bed"
>"uh, no its not? There was no one here earlier i even asked the RA."
>"yeah but ladies first right?" Bats her eyelashes at me.
>"yeah no"

thus sets the mood for my month with cheese. She eventually gets kicked out but not before some fun adventures
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hey guys, I have a problem and I need advice.

So about one year ago I had a gf, at that time I liked flat-chested girls, she liked memes and she was pretty chill, I fucked her quite a lot of times and because of that I got bored of the flat chest thing.
My friend, on the other hand, had a gf with big fucking tits, but since I was into flat chested girls at that moment, I didn't find her attractive at all, She broke up with him like a month or so before me and my ex gf did.
I started to notice that the ex gf of my friend was into me, did nothing because friendship
>a year passes
>ex gf of my friend is still into me
>my misses her, but I want those tits
>literally the biggest tits on my city

wat do /b/

pic not related
Cheese was a intresting specimen

>first week, cheese is mad because of bed situation, complains about her back, say under my breath that maybe if she wasn't such a whale that maybe her spine wouldn't compact.
>think she heard but doesn't say anything.
>i had night classes and alot of training during the afternoon so she was left alone all day.
> some days id come home to find my bed messed up and stinking of cheese.
>decide to test this theory.
>sprinkle thumb tacs under my bedsheet one day.
>while im between classes and training i get a call from the homeline i installed in the room.
>calmly i say "oh those are there for the same reason you were in my bed, they shouldent be"
>unintelligible screaming before hanging up.
>anon: 1 Cheese: 0
>after this incident my bed never stank again.
>get home one day.
>theres a foul stench in the air.
>not uncommon with cheese but this is a new one.
>smells like a fucking horse barn.
>walk into the bedroom and see cheese laying on her bed.
>in a fursuit...
>a fucking full body 1k fur suit wrapped around her cheesy frame.
>"oh i didn't know you'd be home so early"
>god help me.
> "uh what the fuck is this?"
>"its the real me!" She says giddily "do you like it?"
>"god no" with obvious disgust.
>she screams at me to get out then.
> yell at her that this is my room too and not to bring that nasty shit in here.
>she sprints down the hallway crying still in the fursuit.
>its a dog btw. That'll be imprtant later.
This is a cringe thread. Thanks for the contribution
Fish with a side of cheese.

>so cheese had a friend.
>a much thinner but still fucking disgusting friend.
>lets call her fish
>fish stank like fish.
>like she never fucking washed her pussy.
>she literally bragged about it, she said it was degrading to women and that "women had smelly vaginas for hundreds of years and men still fucked them"
>fish takes an interest in me.
>meanwhile i take an intrest in this 9/10 across the hallway.
>lets call her emma. Cuz that was her name.
>emma is F.I.N.E.
>near perfect, cute, flirty, and actually not a total bitch.
>start getting to know her. And ask her out on a date.
>fish has at this point been following anon around for weeks.
>fish does not like emma
>i decide to tell fish off. Ive made it clear before but she never took the hint.
>she rages. Goes to attack emma standing a few feet away.
>now when i said fish is thin i mean a fucking Mcskellington.
>emma however, takes mma classes and is in perfect shape.
>safe to say fish walks away with a broken nose and i walk away with many laughs and a new GF.
> all works out right? Except this is only a week in still.
Seems like thread is ded. Maybe i should stop
I'm lurking.
hurry its good
What is this manga call?
Bump !
little goat is the shit my nigger how have you newfags not fapped to this already?
Enjoying so far
Its call Little Goat

post the whole thing. dont be a cocktease.
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Page 2
Lord Jesus
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Page 4
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Page 5
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Page 6
Oh shit you guys are back! Conting then
Please keep going
I've been screenshotting for fph on /fit/
nice doubles
is this a thread for muslims?
Getting cheesy with it

>so cheese liked cheese if her name didn't give that away.
>i caught her several times laying on her bed eating nacho cheese out of one of those tubs you buy at sams club.
>a fucking gallon of nacho cheese.
>before the tac incident. I found cheese on my bed.
>one day cheese lost her cheese. Literally.
>there were countless people in the dorms who hated cheese.
>shed spout her leftist propaganda to all who would hear.
>even the other fems hated her.
>someone ended up stealing the 3 gallon tubs of cheese out of her personal minifrdge.
>cheese went balistic.
>while people were away she ended up breaking into half a dozen dorms to find her cheese.
>when i say break i mean she used her gargantuan girth to break the cheap doors.
> cheese never found her cheeselings
> nearly got kicked out by the ra.

Yeah i stole her cheese but she spilled it on my brand new speaker. Dont judge me
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A toast to cringe.
i'll just leave these here
Where is page 3 OP? Or did you just mislabel your posts?
stupid sexy goats

What the fuck dude
>sandfag spoted
Is there more?
We represent, the cheesycheese kids

>so cheese had a following
>abouthalf a dozen other smaller landwhales. I called them cheeselings after the cheeseacre (the offical name for cheeses breakdown)
>never remembered their names so its not important.
>now cheese was radical radical left.
>she was so left she was nearly going right.
>and her little cheeselings followed her every whim.
>fish was her second in command.
>fish still liked me and would come over often.
>emma hated her of course so when fish was over i was usually at emmas, who was lucky enough to score a single. Doing the dirty.
>emma liked to make it loud so fish could hear. I didn't really mind.
>one day i found my underwear out of the drawer.
>it was crusty.
>smelled like fish.
>you can guess what happened.
>emma found out and was ready to kill a bitch but i told her id take care of it.
>found out what class fish was in. At that time
>gender studies of course.
>walked right in in front of the class and plopped the crusty boxers on her desk."you left these in my room, dont touch my shit again. And stay away from me" quite giggles and shocked faces all around..
>fish was mortified.
>ended up getting shit from cheese.
>worth it.
Gross fuck
Go on
Born, by the cheese. Made men, by the cheese.

>so cheese had to have payback for that stunt.
>she and her cheeselings hatched a plan. Apparently they planned on spiking my drink and leaving me in the commons naked.
>prolly would have raped me too. Nasty as fuck.
>well fortunately the one in charge of the drugs was someone id like to call rocks. Namely cuz she looked like a sack of literal rocks.
>now rocks had a pumice like complexion and a hunk of granite for a brain.
>she bought horse tanq from a dealer around school
> apparently she was supposed to get something weaker so it woudent knock me out all the way.
>so their plan was to drug a drink and give it to me.
> now i have a small liquor case in my room with my assorted whisky and scotch and whatnot.
>they broke in through the flimsy lock while i was in the kitchen and drugged the liquor.
>all of it.
>but they didn't know that cheese liked her cheese a little irish.
>apparently she had found my key and snuck sips once in a while.
>after they left cheese came back from whatever alibi she had.
>i was watching tv and she slipped into the room
>i walked twords the sound of a dying elephant and found cheese passed out on the floor with a spilled bottle of burbon next to her.
> call a emt, her overworked heart nearly stopped apparently.
>rocks was banned from the group
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bumping for more cheese
File: V9cWjrW.jpg (31KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1477443882257.jpg (350KB, 1094x821px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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... sauce?
A cheese to remember.

Unfortunately guys this is the last story i have of cheese. But it is by far the most entertaining.

>now i had always wondered what happened to cheeses costume.
>after the first incident it never showd up again.
>finally at the end of the first month. I found out.
>now, me and emma had been together for nearly a month now and it was amazing.
>sex was great, life was great, she was honestly the sweetest girl id ever met.
>one day while over at her dorm having a good shag. (For the britbong posters) i hear a loud scream from the dorm.
>run into my room hoping i can save the bedspread when i come upon the most hedious thing ive ever come across.
> cheese. Half naked, the upper half of her body is in the fursuit.
>her ass is up in the air
>theres some mangy stray rottweiler going to town on her cheesy pussy.
>my friends girlfriend stands next to me in the doorway. Her scream was what i hear. I had left my headphones at his dorm and she had come to give them back.
>cheese looks up in her fursuit. The dog shivers and pulls out. Obviously having cum inside cheese.
>cheese sits up, takes her fur mask off and is in tears.
>"what are you doing this isn't your dorm!" She screams
>from what i gather cheese had captured some stray off the street to fuck. And had snuck it in the dorm in a duffel bag.
>i saw they were on my bed.
> i saw cheese was leaking on my bed.
>i saw the carpet as i dumped what was in my stomach on the ground
>i saw emma in the hallway peeking out of the dorm askinf whats wrong.
>i saw our ra. Staning in horror.
> cheese ran twords us and we all backed away.
> she slipped in my vomit and landed in it, got back up and ran down the hallway, her lower half naked and leaking dog cum.
> her upper half in a fursuit covered in vomit.
> people watched the event from their room (Cont)
Literally called little goat. Google it
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>doesn't read the post
>doesn't read the thread
>wants sauce for goat porn

this is the true cringe
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hey, fuckface.gif
2MB, 320x177px
holy fucking kek
The death of a great cheese.

>emma stared at me in horror.
> i nearly vomited again.
>cheese got kicked out of the dorm,
>she dropped out a week later.
>i got a new dorm and a new roommate. A sweedish guy named Harold. Hes studying culinary arts and makes good food.
>i ended up being forced to take the dog to a local shelter.
>me and emma had been concidering buying a house and a dog.
>we own a cat now.
>called cheese.
>fish ended up dropping out because of harassment over the cheese incident.
>im not sad.
> made good friends with harold before moving out. We still hang out quite a bit and hes joined my group of friends. Hes a cat person as well.
> he makes good pasta.
>still cant stand nacho cheese.
>i actually like dogs but i feel uncomfortable around them now.
good read, thanks for posting
you are based, sir. I wish you the best in life.
Was a good thread. Thanks for the story anon.

Seriously. That was it?

Thank gawd you've never read the tails comic...
now you know we all want some pics of emma or the cat
Bonus cheese. Cheese falls in love

Actually guys i got one more cheesy story. Its not as good as the other ones but its still fun

>so about two weeks in cheese got a boyfriend.
>lets call him butter.
>he was so greasy and sweaty that i swear he bathed in butter.
>i find out about cheeses boyfriend by finding them making out on the couch.
>walk back out again.
>wait in emmas dorm until i hear him leave. This is one cheesy adventure i do not want.
> later the next morning i walk out to find butter on my xbox.
>the fat tub of margarine was playing lego batman, the game that came with the damn comsole.
> he smiles back at me like he pitys me
>" i had sex with cheese last night.
>"good for you, dairy products go together well dont they"
>he frowns and doesent understand
>throughout the week to come butter consistantly had sex with cheese.
>i always made myself scarce of course.
> come to find out he thinks i like cheese and that hes somehow fucking my girl.
>one night while butters over i hear a different type of screaming
>butter bursts out yelling " thats so nasty fuck no!"
>apparently cheese had asked him to yiff with her.
>he looks at me "crazy girl you got there"
>that was the last we saw of butter
Not gonna post my girlfriend on a thread like this but heres lil cheese
If anyones doing a screencap, post it, i wanna save this for later
This dog has achieved enlightenment
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isis weebs.jpg
49KB, 600x300px
isis is trying to recruit weebs
I should have called one of these

The good, the bad, the cheesy

Or is that just low-hanging fruit?
good filename
File: worry.jpg (28KB, 246x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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someone screencap

also include me pls
based lil cheese
for the love of god someone cap cheese story
Post screencap, i wanna save for later

Gettin cheesy wit it
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UPDATE: so this is the closest girl i could find to good ole cheese. Imagine her with half her head shaved and dyed black hair and near unrecognizable acne covering her face and you get the picture
You still with same gf?
You should've gotten into a threesome with Cheese and Fish -- then we'd have a true greentext
Can someone screencap this? This is fucking brilliant.
File: 14615275479450.png (796KB, 1021x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh gawd
Why not make it a foursome?
Lmao please do. I wanna save this shit for myself
if quints cp
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Thread images: 28

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