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Story thread incest is appreciated.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Story thread
incest is appreciated.
Came into girl,after i said i didn't
Made her lose the baby when she was preggo
came into a milkshake and fed to my cousin
this has potential
Contacted a guy on craigslist looking for adult models in an attempt to get my daughter an audition.
and did you succeed
Didnt pay bus fare
be born
I've manipulated a girl for 4 months, I trick her to suicide, but she didn't, now she's lesbian.
I had a guy come over to jerk off and cum into my sisters panties
dealt drugs and beat people up when they didnt have my money.
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When i was 8 my house had a staircase that in the center went down 3 floors. My cat would always play along the rails on my staircase on the top floor and I thought it seemed dangerous as the cat had already fallen down it once before.
The cat was playing on the staircase rails on the top floor again and I saw it and went up there and what did I do? I pushed him off of it.
He fell all the way to the bottom screaming and meowing all the way down.
He ended up being okay but it was still the most evil and fucked up thing I've ever done. I still don't know why I did it.
Stole a friends gfs nudes off her phone and posted them online and also stole a pair of her panties
He replied and we're trying to work it out. He doesn't want to copy me on the video/pics because his ad was for a private collector. It's been back and forth. I also asked to be blind copied on all the emails, as he would be emailing her. Not sure if this one is going to work out or not, but I learned from the experience.
Fucked my girlfriend, her sister and her mother all in a span of two days.
Then her best friend two weeks later.
This was after I found out she was cheating.
How the fuck do you lose a baby?
The same way you lose your car keys??
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Because some people just want to see the world turn
Are you retarded? They aborted it.
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>Be me
>Playing Pokémon go
>Taking over a gym as this little redhead boy walks up to me
>''Hey man what team you on?''
>''haha me too, i'm Andy look i'll help put in my best pokémon''
>He pulls out his phone
>Take over gym, he keeps talking about shit doesn't shut up
>We take over gym, suddenly Andy pulls out 3 more phones from his pockets
>Ask him about it, it's his own phone, his brothers phone, his sisters phone and his mothers phone
>Damn, all new iphones as well
>''Yeah we got them for christmas!''
>MFW I got shit for christmas
>Really want to rob this kid for some reason, no idea why never stole anything in my life
>Come up with a plan, ask a friend if he can take over the gym seeing how he is in another team
>He takes it over, around 10 at night.
>he heads home since i'm not there because ''I ran into troubles and can't make it to hangout''

second guys need to do something
abort? as in aborting a program??
what the fuck
Make white people uncomfortable with my browness
I stole my my friend's charizard pokemon card
Jizzed on a photo of my step sister and hid it in my dads drawer, step mom found it and kicked him out, she was a fucking b-hatch.
I fucked my former best friend's ex who he was still completely, hopelessly in love with. Wound up dating her. Their relationship was pretty toxic and it fucked her up pretty bad, she said she was with me because I made her fell good about herself again.

Anyway, when he found out and confronted me, I dunno what the fuck came over me, but I started dancing around laughing like the Joker and singing "you broke her, I fixed her! You broke her I fixed her!" over and over again.

He tried to punch me, but I'd been doing Muay Thai for about 5 years at that point and had about 5 inches of height and at least 60 pounds on him, so I wound up breaking 4 of his ribs with knees. Left him on the floor crying, went back to his place, she came over, and we fucked all night.
well, you killed her descendance
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>Bud takes over the gym and leaves
>I watch him walk out of the street from a corner, wait till he is all the way gone
>Go near the gym, hide in between some cars (It's in the middle of a bunch of apartments)
>Adrenaline is pumping, what am I doing I am asking myself pretty loud
>After sitting there for two hours, I see someone walk up
>It's Andy
>No no no stop dude walk away
>He starts taking over the gym, with his phone
>I watch him like a creepy mother fucker
>He is done, he sits there for a minute and then I see him reach into his pocket
>He grabs the three other phones like before
>I dont remember much since I just adrenaline rushed black out
>I remember it as : I run up to him, push him grab all the phones and run for my life
>How it really happened : I ran up to him, sucker punched him took the phones and ran for my life

I stole 4 phones from a 11 year old /b/
MFW pic related
I'll take shit that never happened for $500
I was 19.
My little sister was 11
Parents left us and we had a pool out back.
It was 89 degrees out so I told her to wear her swimsuit.
After we played a few games in the pool I took her back in the shed behind our house.
She asked me what I wanted to do.
I told her I wanted to play another game with her.
I told her she cant anyone what we did because we'd both get in trouble.
I reached up an grabbed my Father's antique chess set his father gave him before he died.
He never wanted us to touch it.
we played Chess.
i taught her how about castling.
We went back into the house and watched TV
Parents never found out.
It actually did. It sounds like bullshit, but it actually fucking happened.
Pool out back, i bet $500 bs
Every second I don't help promote Pink Season
... I don't do evil things. What kind of fuckos are you guys?
Most evil thing?

>Found /b/
race-mixed :D
The ones that do bad things

I do not blame her
I. Funking. Love. You.
>be me
>be 16
>dating a chick one year younger than me
>kinda desperate and alone
>known slut
>was molestered repeatedly between ages 3-8 by stepdad
>stepdad used to tell her what a good girl she was while he diddled her
>asks me out
>spend time together
>she falls in love
>im enjoying the weird sexual things she lets me do to her
>after maybe a year find out shes been messaging some other guy
>talking about sex and hooking up
>well shiiieeetttt nigga
>decided to fuck with her
>we get into some kinky shit
>have her tied up
>on her stomach, hands tied above the head, pillow under the hips to raise dat ass up and legs tied together
>plowing the fuck out of her when i whisper into her ear thats shes a real good girl
>she starts freaking out
>keep saying it while fucking her
>untie her
>punches me in the face and i get dressed and leave
>she goes into downward spiral of depression
>loses her shit constantly
>tries to kill herself a month later

tl;dr: I forced a chick to relive the most painful part of her life and she almost killed herself.
Back in high school, I sexted a girl who had a huge crush on me (I had a girlfriend too) and eventually she asked to hook up with me. I got her to message my girlfriend asking if she could blow me while my gf watched. She and I thought it was so funny we sent the screenshot of her asking to all our friends and she became known as a turbo slut. In the end, she ended up giving in and fucking the whole marching band and now gets gangbanged on the reg at college. I wonder how much was my fault.
Lol Andy and his parents had it coming
The way I see it you taught that kid a lesson
>First I told her to close her eyes
>Uhh what are we doing anon?
>Carefully I slid my cock into her mouth
>eh she seemed surprised
>dick out still, she opened her eyes, and ran away screaming
>just as I got my dick into my pants I heard her crying to her mom
>oh shit
>having to get the hell out of there, I ran
>now I was being chased by her brother and Dad
>can't seem to get away
>enough is enough, I'll fight
>nigger punched me so hard I dropped
>assholes raped me as vengeance

Read the first letter of every sentence
Ooh, also, I fucked like, literally the nicest dude in the world's gf for a while. The three of us were hanging out one time and got hungry, so while he ran out to get subway (about 15 mins away) she gave me a blowjob. I kind of feel bad about this one actually. I mean, it's good for him they ended up breaking up, but I fucked her like a half dozen times while they were dating.
Hahahahha sure you did

I reckon enough for you to be proud of it anyway anon
why did you punch him? it was a defenseless child.
Put hand sanitizer in my English teachers drink when she wasn't looking. Thought I killed her.
Have found multiple sets of car keys on the sidewalk, I take whatever keychain I want off the keyring as a keepsake before throwing the keys into the trash.

Found some dudes glasses in a dorm bathroom and smashed them, not even 5 minutes later he's walking the halls blindly asking where are his glasses. I ignored him.

Went on the deepweb, found CP, fapped, then went back to it a few more times after. That is what I think I feel worst about.

I work in kitchens, I've definitely served food that his fallen on the ground, and I make food for foreign people extra shitty so they have a bad dining experience because learn to speak fucking english.
sold methamphetamines to a recovering drug addict ex-con and ruined his life for a second time
> I make food for foreign people extra shitty so they have a bad dining experience because learn to speak fucking english.

That sucks.
They break up because she was a cheater?
Not for white people.
Had sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation.
There are foreign whites.
There are non-foreign whites.
There are foreign non-whites.
There are non-foreign non-whites.
There is no correlation and you're a shitty fucknugget.
>be 18
>have to walk to train station to get to work every morning
>there's this dog that sits outside its drive and barks at me
>makes me jump and feel inadequate
>I cross the road one time to avoid it
>stupid dog decides to cross
>almost gets hit
>mmm idea
>cross the road as a car is coming
>dog runs over and skids across the floor

Plenty of white foreigners.
Deliberately got my little sister fat so I wouldn't want to grope her.
Groped her anyway.
Fucked my dog

fucked the neighbors dog.. Dogs give great head but its extra difficult putting it in there ass.
>Dogs give great head
Sure, buddy, but only if you don't need your dick anymore.
I had my dog eat my pussy. Still the best head I've ever gotten
rafering to the way they lick and have a rough toung
this needs green text version
sandniggers. I will undercook your chicken and try to give your kid food poisoning.
It's called bait, kids.
File: 1483099013682.gif (2MB, 286x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Probably having a quickie in the car with my noe ex in the parking lot 20 ft from a candlelight vigil of a kid who OD'd on heroin.... found out after we got out of the car and a dude handed us a candle.... felt kinda like im going to hell after that
That's ok anon
You seem like a good brother.
That fucker could have had any number of high levelled pokemons.
He OD'd; it was his fault, fuck him.
I watched a girl become naked.
>be me, 18 y/o at college
>become friends with this foreign guy
>he is the popular guy around college, friends with everybody
>super chill personality
>4 years later we are best friends
>hang out all the time, almost too much
>slowly sense him beginning to turn into a cunt
>he gets with some cancerous bitch who completely converts him to maximum cunt
>dumps the bitch 2 years later but maintains his cunt personality
>still hang out with him but it isn't the same
>leaves me alone with his laptop one day so I get his fb and email passwords
>stalk his account almost everyday, log in every now and then to see his messages
>meanwhile irl we start to drift apart due to him being a cunt
>continue to stalk his fb and find messages of him talking shit about me and a bunch of other people in his class
>screenshot the shit he has been talking and send it to the people
>also looks back through his messages with former cancer gf and finds not only her nudes but his own
>sends his nudes to his friends
>completely ruins him
>waits patiently for him to kill himself

I once made a mean comment on 4chan.
post nudes.
did you watch the girl become clothed too,
did yo watch the girl become a boy?
She became a fruit drink?
Post nudes or it didn't happen
TOO FAR anon
Pretty scummy shit man.. but you got dubs so you're forgiven.
>be in middle school
>Pokefag, playing Diamond version at the time
>Kids think I'm cool for playing Pokemon and being older than them (they were like 5-6th graders)
>They ask me to trade
>Get idea
>Tell them I'll trade them legendaries for their starters, rares, etc.
>"Ahh crap, I've got all my good stuff on my copy of Pearl. Let's just trade some of my shitty stuff for your good stuff, and then I'll trade ya when I switch the games out"
>"Lol okay!"
>Get hella good shit from these kids
>Hop on bike and ollie the fuck outtie

i asked for MODS on a pic that wasn't cheese podestapizza
tits or gtfo
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very rotten.png
36KB, 160x160px
I stole candy from a baby
It was squishy.
Kek is amused
the same way you lose yourself in the music the moment, you own it you better never let it go
you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
>12, on a church trip to see old churches with youth group
>Hated every bit of it, had to go bc parents very Catholic
>We attend Mass at one of the churches
>Some kind of special mass or something
>Just ate 2 burritos night before and ready to blow
>Indegestion, super gassy
>I'm holding it in with every bit of strength
>"God if you're listening, don't let this happen"
>Never prayed before that moment
>Kid next to me pokes me with a donation basket
>Literally scared the shit out of me in the middle of a silent moment meant for prayer
>all the other kids laugh
>I'm fucking devastated, I can no longer show my face at school anymore
>Chaperone comes over, smells the scene and nearly throws up
>Yells at kids next to me
>I'm fucking saved
>Everyone thought it was this popular kid
>First moment I get, I go to bathroom and throw out underwear
>Actually made some friends by making fun of the kid who got blamed
Then Randy Orton comes out of nowhere, but JesusGod tries to stop him, but Randy is too powerful and, OH SNAP! Is that Abradolf Lincler?(He is basically Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln in the same body, I have no time to explain)OMG is helping JesusGod, and OH BOY! Abradolf is trying the holochaos, and nails it BOOM! That's the end of Randy Orton, and since this is an erotical story, they went to a stripclub afterwards, and fuck with Trixie and Donna, they had so much erotic fun and sexual sex.

The end.

How does your family expect her to survive if she can't play proper chess?
Godspeed anon
Stole all my roommates dope (heroin) and refilled the bags with pancake mix.

It was a good amount, I got high for a week. She didn't get high, but apparently it's not lethal to inject pancake mix directly into your bloodstream.
while cycling a dog looked at me and came running, metal part at the bottom of the cycling shoe pierces it's nose.
noticed blood pouring on the pavement and a part of the dog's nose dangling.
Picked up a quater
You're evil just for existing you nigger
You live a very sad life
I was just never very mean anon ;_;
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> small gathering at my place
> lots of booze
> eventually just four left
> tiny jailbait, coke dealer, beta clinger, myself
> jailbait is passed out drunk on the bed
> five foot zero.. 90lbs.. About 15 or 16
> all drunk.. Start posing her for funny pics
> start undressing her.. Not a joke anymore
> she's naked from the top down on her back with her head hanging off the bed
> coke dealer unzips and sticks it in her mouth
> I stick my hand in her pants and feel around
> beta male "uh.. I'm gonna just get going guys"
> hell no bitch.. You're in this too so you'll keep your mouth shut.
> we force him to fuck her mouth too
> meanwhile we pull her pants off
> all three of us stayed dressed..
> but took turns violating her
> beta actually came on the floor after a while in her mouth.. Retard
> dealer fucked her pussy and blew on her non-existent chest
> I fucked her pussy for a bit and played just-the-tip with her ass
> came all over that tiny pussy and ass.. Rubbed it in a little
> cleaned her up.. Dressed her.. Swore secrecy
> she never hung out with us again.. And we drifted apart too
> see each other in public sometimes.. Always that "I remember" stare
Those "911's" tho
>be me
>wife's mom is a big bitch
>find out from a friend she is cheating on wife's dad
>so i get into here pc and find all the email's she has been sending to other dudes
>send her anon email's containing the mail's and telling someone knows what she is up to
>begs me to just delete them and leave her alone (does not know it's me)
>decide to keep them and leave her hanging
>be a bitch to me agen week or so later
>send some of the mail's tot wife's sister
>watch as sister and mom are fighting
>rofl fucking bitch
>send so more and pass it along to her boss (husbands friend's wife)
>here the mom bitch and wine how it's all fucked up at work dose not say why
>show my wife the email's and sy i can't keep it botteled up anymore and i have to tell her because it's eating me up in side
>find so much plesure in seeing this go down(wife does not rat on me)
>send email to wife's fathers co workers
>someone tells him she is cheating
>they have a huge fight but no evedince of it so he dose shit
>i finnaly decide to send him the email's all of them
>meentime i'm still colecting more email's
>about a week later get a call from my Father in law asking we must please meet him at his house tonight he wats to speak to all the children including the sisters boyfriend
>tells the family he kicked the bitch out on the street
>she got fired from her job for being such a cheating cunt
>I fucked up this cunts life and am so happy
>hope she kill's her self

Ps no one knows it was me they all think the email's was sent to me by someone idk think it is some person know one knows. Hahahaha
They might know it's you by your terrible spelling.
One time I was not kind and did not rewind
That seems reasonable though.
English is not good i know by in didn't have it in school, or uni so what!
I wish i had friends like that. My friends are so formal, even when drinking or smoking weed. Dont ask me how that works
>be in 7th grade
>Bullied by basically everyone in school because 5th grade classmates were sociopaths and told EVERYONE I was gay
>Being in wrestling didn't help
>Have to partner with asshole from 5th grade
>He was a <Bane meme here>
>Acts like asshole til I beat him every day at practice
>Starts being nice, we listen to music on the bus together, laugh about dumb Godzilla movies, etc.
>Tells me his mom committed suicide when he was a kid
>Bond because deep dark secrets
>Keep going to wresting practice, get picked on by everybody but big guy friend
>One day, he joins in
>Feel betrayed
>He laughs
>Decide to try to put him in place
>"Hey cunt, have you considered thinking your mom killed herself because she had a son like you? Talk shit when you beat me, faggot."
I killed 3 people. The first time was an accident but after I realised you can get away with it. Fuck there is nothing more arousing in the world. It's like as the life leaves their eyes you can feel it enter your own body. It's euphoria like nothing else. A whole body orgasm. A pure moment of enlightenment
I went on disney.com... without my parent's permision!!!!!
The perfect revenge.... I also like to fuck 'em up mentally with their deepest desires or insecurities when i argue with women, but what you did... Its a step beyond. I envy you.
edge lord
>Be me. Bi-Curious, all my friends are homophobes.
>Suck this gay kid's dick to try it out.
>Kid tries to talk to me at school, call him a faggot, etc.
>Suck kid's dick again outside of school, this time let him fuck me, regret it even to this day - makes me sick to think about it.
>Gay kid gets cancer, dies.
>Secretly happy that he's dead.
>Friends joking about him after he dies, I join in.
>Wish I was dead because I know how evil this all is.
lol fag
t. persofinication of evil
ahahahahahahah and they never tracked the phones via their serial numbers right? bullshit
Naughty little Timmy!! Go to your room!

no u
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>Cousin wanted me to fuck her
>only two years younger than me, I was 16 she was 14
>didn't think it was right, but she said she was curious
>eventually thought she was onto something
>down by the lake at our shared summerhouse
>Grandpa offers to take us over to a small island
>return to pick us up 5 hours later
>explore, have a picnic, takes some photos of the island
>everyone thinks we're too immature for anything but innocent family time
>near the center of the island and make sure we're all alone
>take out blanket and lie down, talk about stuff
>everything is peaceful, start to make out, hear some weird noises
>x-files shit, grunts, snuffles, crashing through undergrowth
>take another look around
>still all by ourselves
>Again weird noises, wtf is that!
>really small island maybe 300 by 150 feet
>everythings peaceful again
>Finally calm her down, she's back in an amorous mood
>unzip her shorts, unbutton her shirt
>cup her perky C's, dueling tongues, she's a good kisser
>kicks off her shorts and moves down the blanket
>immediately remove my shirt and hers
>nuzzle her tits, she's going for the D
>gently strokes, but diamonds an age ago
>Really escalates quickly
>everything she's curious about is tried, only one exception
>totally against the anal
>after an hour or so of fooling around
>relax lying on our backs in the sun
>didn't feel tired, uh-oh!
>eventually grandpa comes back over to get us
>did you look at the first letter of every line?

That's not how it works faggot.
I shot a man in Reno
Sure it did bud, sure it did
File: You'reAFuckingJoke.jpg (41KB, 500x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No mate, your sentence structure is fine you've got all the right words in the right order and the whole thing is lucid.
You're just some retard who can't spell for shit.
Story was shit too.
post again pls
thx newfag
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>be in arguement
>reply "not that anon but..."
>I actually was that anon
stole birthday money from an autistic kid i babysat to pay for heroin
put ass hairs on a friends cheeseburger and watched him eat it
Just to watch him die?
Faggot kid deserved it. Don't feel bad
I put LSD in the dean of discipline's coffee as my high school senior prank. He thought he was suffering from another concussion and left during lunch.
Thread posts: 136
Thread images: 11

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