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Dear /b/, a while back I started a wincest thread which people

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Dear /b/, a while back I started a wincest thread which people seemed to enjoy, but I had to stop in the middle and that led to a lot of pissed off anons. Today, I have taken the liberty of finishing the story, and will now post the final product for your enjoyment.

>Be me
>Just got 2nd gen iPod touch for christmas
>volume buttons bc fuck the chinese sweat shops
>at uncle's huge mansion on christmas day
>never been here
>uncle founded his own oil company
>is loaded with dolla dolla bills
>wears flannel and ripped jeans everywhere he goes
>humblest rich guy you'd ever meet
>playing pool with uncles in downstairs living room
>have to use baby pool stick bc 14
>"looks like your pecker"
>fuck off uncle Herbert
>door opens
>enter people-I-don't-know
>fat chick with small baby in her arms
>slowly devouring the child with her succulent rolls
>followed by blonde dude, a little younger than me
>followed by tasty af looking piece of ASS
>blonde, perky tits
>perfect kind of perky
>like a large C-cup
>so not floppy but not small by any means
>cute light freckles all over face
>super tight jeans
>crocodile skin purse
>lol fuck PETA
>ask grandpa "who the fuck are these people"
>left the "fuck" part out of that actually
>"Anon, this is (fatchick) and her kids (blondedude) and (heavenlyass)
>"they're your uncle's new wife's grandkids
>ponder for a moment
>so that makes them step-cousins
>or something
>who the hell has time for that kind of mental planning
>we'll call her "Riley" and her brother "Nathan"
>anywhore, Riley looked like sex
>not like an actual thingy going in another thingy
>the people kind of sex
>bullet for my valentine blaring in my ears
>only had 5 songs on that iPod
>installed them that morning
>listened to the same 5 songs on repeat all day bc I was so goddamn proud of that device
>fat momma hugs everyone and introduces herself and kids
>small baby still breathing, fortunately
>Riley kinda waves and mutters "Hi"
>shy as shit
>Nathan fist bumps meh
>before the bro fist was gay
>hear mom yell from upstairs that dinner was getting close to being ready
>oh fuck yes, ham
>I can devour an entire christmas ham in minutes
>or at least I think I can
>let everyone else in front of me
>get a glance at Riley's scrumptious ass on the way up the stairs
>pitching a huge tent
>mMMM need that in my life, gurl
>make it upstairs with my third leg weighing me down
>afraid I might turn too fast and knock somebody down
>"911 what is your emergency?"
>"Cock club mk. II"
>make it to kitchen and the sweet smell of ham fills my lungs
>and some cigarette smoke
>how the fuck do people do that in a house this nice
>uncle doesn't give a shit
>he's playing cards at the end of the counter with other uncles
>first in line for huge slice of ham
>stuffing, corn, bunch of other shit
>hawt damn
>realize I didn't leave enough space on my plate for Riley to hop on
>shuffle into living room bc dining room table full of old people
>old people that smell
>old people that blow their nose in a handkerchief and then put the same goddamn thing back in their pocket
>because that's appetizing
>heart drops into gut when Riley comes through the doorway
>she must not like old people smell or snotty hand rags either
>but she must really like ham
>I love me a woman who knows her ham
>sits beside me on the couch
>important info because there were 4 couches in this room
>I told you bigassmansion.jpg for a reason
>bc this shit is big
>silently eat
>awkward children
>awkward because I want to vigorously plow the gorgeous creature sitting next to me stuffing her face with ham
>should be stuffing herself with my ham
>blurt out "jesus mom makes a damn good pig"
>wtf anon
>you don't just mention your mother's ability to roast hogs to people you want to be inside
>she giggles
>oh shit she's cute
>"yeah I think so. Mom can't cook anything right. She's not like Maw-Maw. Dad always cooks everything at our place"
>Dad? Didin't see a man with fat momma
>"He's back at home working, couldn't get off long enough to come down"
>lol nope
>awkwardly sit in silence again bc don't know how to follow up that amazing ham comment
>watching a girl eat is so sexy
>no I don't know why dammit, just is
>the way she moves her jaw muscles
>the way she handles her silverwear
>the way her tits jiggle every time she cuts her ham
>I need that. now
>toss plate aside and straddle her on the couch
>no that's not what happened at all
>start asking her about school
>which is always an awful conversation
>who the fuck wants to talk about school when you're 14?
>made decent grades, had decent friends
>my life is decent
>she was a cheerleader, omg
>had the body for it
>would love to see that ass bounce around in a skirt
>she laughs at my dumbass jokes
>the only people that do that are my friends and my left hand
>grandpa walks in a cock blocks
>"hey we're gonna open presents in here when everybody is done eating"
>conclude dinner about 30 minutes
>after tons more ham
>I really fucking love ham
>old people pour in with wrapped boxes
>jesus they're like kids
>one uncle gets really weird dog hat
>crawls around on the floor barking at people
>why has God abandoned us
>unwrap a yo-yo
>secret love for yo-yo
>grandparents know this
>grandparents are good
>grandparents provide me with yo-yo
>after everyone is settled in talking, retreat outside to play with yo-yo
>see Riley and Nathan making snowballs
>Riley gets nailed in the face
>at least 50 mph
>houston, she's done
>point and laugh
>Nathan points and laughs too
>Riley growls and throws huge pile of snow on Nathan's head
>he's dead, Jim
>nah but he was down for the count
>she smiles all evil-sexy like
>pelts me with one when I'm not paying attention
>oh it's on girl
>take off after her while she runs around backside of house
>snowball in hand
>ready to strike
>nail her in back of the head
>her hair gets wet
>girly scream
>make fun of girl scream
>"you scream like a girl"
>no shit, anon
>she runs up and pins my arm behind me
>do I grab like a girl?
>pretend yawn
>she's getting agitated
>lol mad girls are cute
>"nope, you grab like a chihuahua"
>she bites my shoulder
>oh shit why did that turn me on?
>she barks
>oh no my uncle has transformed her
>RIP Riley
>gotta put her down
>marley and me all over again
>nah but she tries to pin my other arm
>flip her around and shove her back into garage
>easy bc icy ground
>shove her back into huge couch/chair thing
>like it was some kind of outdoor couch but it wasn't quite big enough to be considered a full couch
>but it had cushions and shit
>and it was in the garage
>in front of the fireplace
>the fireplace in the garage
>mfw uncle is loaded
>Riley looks up at me
>laying down on the couch
>dirty blonde hair a mess
>breathing heavily
>tits rising and falling
>unzip pants and shove cock in her mouth
>no no no but that's what you guys want isn't it?
>impatient fuckers
>flop in smaller couch/chair beside the one she's on
>an entire living room set and a fireplace is in this goddamn garage
>right in front of the four-wheeler
>"you wanna try something like that again, woman?"
>them's fighting words
>Riley shakes her head
>"nope, looks like you win this time"
>figure Nathan went back in the house
>thought about going myself but too tired
>too many old people
>the smell
>the snot
>just, no
bump, gotta fug that Riley
>just kind of lay there for a while
>silence again
>fire hisses
>gas fireplace
>no crackling wood sound
>still warm as fuck
>uncle lives in arizona
>he uses this house like twice a year
>Riley poking around on her phone
>first generation iPhone
>jesus christ I want
>playing the toilet paper roll game
>we all had that game, don't lie
>tell her I can beat her score
>she calls bullshit
>I can't ignore this challenge to my manliness
>prepare to lose, woman
>grab her phone and swipe faster than I've swiped ever before
>which wasn't very fast since I just got my new iPod
>still, beat her score into the dust
>"wtf user, how did you do that?"
>had actually played the game on friend's iPod but told her that it was all in the finger technique
>"I could show you how to git gud"
>lol excuse to hold her hands
op if you want i can make a text to speech of you wincest story
Use Microsoft Sam.
File: cockinmouth.jpg (77KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 720x960px
Bumping for rolling dinosaurs.
>grab her hands and swipe her finger down that virtual toilet paper roll like my life depended on it
>beat my previous score with someone else's hand
>"jesus I could never move my hand that fast on my own"
>"lots of practice"
>"eww, anon!"
>lol wut
>"what do you mean ew?"
>"Some people don't like to hear about that kinda stuff y'know"
>aw hell
>dis bitch dun thinking I tell her I beat my meat at hypersonic speeds
>which I do
>and I was gonna do it later that night while thinking about that gorgeous pair of tits
>but not at that moment
>but a chance to talk about my dick with pretty girl
>can't pass that up, silly
>"what if I do?
>oh no
>the point of no return
>we were either about to have a conversation about my foreskin travelling at mach speed
>or she was about to leave the room in disgust
i just need you to post the full shit
>"I mean you're not the first guy I hear go on about it"
>"I don't talk about it all the time y'know"
>"Guys at school won't shut up about it"
>"What can I say? Feels good lol"
>feels GREAT
>especially when its going all over your face
>shhh not now, penis, not now
>"but why talk about it so much?"
>"don't girls?"
>freckles get darker
>oh shit she's blushing
>oh shit she's cute
>oh shit this boner is coming back
>actually he had been there since we began talking about him
>but now he was hellbent on making his presence known
>bashing against the walls of my denim prison
>seeking to claim the power of the world as his own
>to broaden his horizons
>fuck bitches
>acquire currency
>get a nice quiet place somewhere in southern florida with his wife
I remember the old thread. Post moar op
>"Do you even do it though?"
>"Wuuuut, I told you"
>oh shit I just winked
>bad move
>looks like a 5 year old trying to flirt with another five year old from across the room
>and he doesn't know what a boner even is but he just knows that he wants to lick her inner thigh for some reason
>whoa, that almost went in a weird direction
>Riley kinda sits there and just blushes for a minute
>tick tock cunt I'm not getting any younger
>start to turn to walk away
>"A few times"
>head fills with images of Riley fornicating herself with a shaved carrot
>maybe not a carrot
>maybe she has to use a carrot though
>can 14 year old girls afford dildos?
>think about asking her what color hers is
>"Like just once or twice?"
>Pretend like i'm writing on a note pad
>"Just like 2 or 3 times..."
>"Yes...and how does that make you feel?"
>She giggles again
>My boner detects giggling in the immediate vicinity
>he thirsts for the chance to pounce
>down, boy
This op tells stories better than dr suess
But can he make you do the Dinosaur?
>"Kinda hurt"
>lol what
>sex can't hurt
>bitch, you're broken
>the fuck you talking about
>no idea how vaginas work
>thought you just stuck it in and humped til good feelings
>"How? You're doing it wrong!"
>"Am not! I know how it works"
>"Guess you're just broken"
>could see she was visibly getting flustered
>didn't wanna piss her off
>but didn't wanna drop the subject either
>keep in mind this all started because of a virtual roll of toilet paper
>"It's supposed to feel good"
>points at my tent, which was now fighting tooth and nail to escape his prison
>"See? It feels good when I rub mine. That's how I know."
>then she does it
>she just fucking grabs it
>this is not a drill
>this isn't where I say "no no that didn't happen" because it fucking DID happen
>frozen where I stand
>this beautiful freckled blonde creature who I had recent thoughts of carrot fornication about had her hand firmly on my denim-covered schlong
Moar op
>and I fucking came everywhere
>not quite yet but damn did I want to
>up until now, my left hand had been the only palm to grace this particular appendage of mine
>"Like this?"
>rubs her hand up and down
>awkward handjob through jeans
>feel like cock is going to explode
>"Jesus we shouldn't..."
>okay sorry
>stood there in silence while getting my dick rubbed through my jeans
>just did it
>didn't think about it
>just reached down and grabbed one of those yummy looking organic milk bags
>boner intensifies beyond all possible measure
>shivers all over my body
>step back
>WHY THE FUCK did I step back
>dunno lol just did
(this was where I had to stop last time)
I was here for the original and was for sure pissed op took 40 mins to post parts
You better not stop again OP
>she looked really sad
>oh fuck no
>no no no
>don’t cry you sweet angel
>see tears well up in her eyes
>dash forward and hug the fuck out of her
>”why’re you crying? Did you not want me to touch you?”
>penis goes “Idk about her but I sure as hell did”
>we’re not talking to you right now are we, penis
>”I just thought..”
>and get CLOBBERED over the back of the head by Nathan
>”Where’d you guys run off to, oh god what”
>sees Riley
>sees Riley crying
>sees Riley crying in my arms
>sees Riley crying in my arms in the kitchen with the steak knife
>”Anon what are you doing!!!”
>totally not what it looks like
>she was crying when I got here
>she was crying when she was born
>I swear
>most people do
>it’s science
>”I slipped and hurt my ankle on that ice out there”
>Riley points at the ground outside
>”Oh ok”
>sister falls and hurts body part
>doesn’t give a fuck
>I like this kid
>I like Riley too
>like a bend-her-over-a-truck-bed-and-make-woopie-with-her-like
>don’t share that same kind of liking towards Nathan, sadly
>she pulled that out of her ass
>I love me a woman who can pull things out of her ass
>wait what
>still that was good
i remember when you posted this originally. thanks for finally giving me closure
>go back inside with Nathan and Riley and shoot the shit with family
>talk about school
>talk about the old days
>ignore snot rags being place in perfectly clean pockets
>the more I think about it, the angrier I get
>watch fat momma cuddling baby from across the room
>want to save that child’s life
>want to make one of those sad commercials
>like the ones with the sad African children
>”for just 50 cents a day, you can do this shit”
>but make it about saving infant children from whales
>use pics of Riley’s mom
>use Jennifer Aniston as the spokesperson
>people will listen to Jennifer Aniston
>really tho how did Riley come out of that thing
>with a pickaxe and a shovel
>Riley sits beside me the whole time
>grandpa whispers in my ear at one point
>”she’s real purdy, ain’t she?”
>he’s got the southern drawl to a science
>a painstaking, picked apart with scalpels and tweezers science
>but he’s damn right
>she is pretty
>she also touched my no-no square earlier
>let’s not tell grandpa about that part
>shooting of the shit becomes less and less fun
>eventually everyone retreats into various rooms to talk amongst themselves
>a large quantity of old people now asleep on the couch
>the sheer amount of snoring threatens Haiti once again
>retreat outside onto upstairs balcony to escape the noise
>connect to wi-fi
>sudden realization
>jesus Christ
>I can look at porn on this
>this was a big deal for me
>didn’t have a laptop or anything at that age
>smartphones were just getting started
>little iPod was the first wi-fi enabled device I ever owned
>looked at porn on desktop PC when parents weren’t home sometimes
>PC was ancient
>slower than old people fucking
>hopefully not on the couch
>because there’s at least 4 of them on there alone
>but it was a slow PC
>forgot to delete history one time
>had to awkwardly admit that I looked up “big boobs” on google
>look up “big boobs” on google
>do it on iPod this time
>haha no one’s checking my history here
>boner resurfaces
>still angry over earlier incident
>so excited about sacks of chest fat that I didn’t hear the door
>but I felt Riley’s chin on my shoulder
>”whatcha doin?”
>fuck you Greys Anatomy is a good show
>I bet some of you will stop reading this now
>just because of that
>lol bye
>but she scared the fuck out of me
>throw iPod in the air
>oh fuck iPod in the air
>oh fuck iPod in the air on a balcony
bump gotta go take crisps and read in 5 mins
>inb4 OP has a foursome with Riley, Nathan and Grandpa
More text per post man, this is agonizing
Hurry OP, my boner is dying
Hurry OP, my heart is failing
File: CYaBh4qUQAAUQxr.jpg (23KB, 599x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 599x399px
come on OP this is gr8 stuff
>catch iPod
>also grope Riley’s magnificent tits several times
>bc flailing arms
>not really oops
>she laughs her ass off
>what the fuck bitch
>I could have died
>my iPod could have died
>then I would have died
>do you know how much my parents paid for this
>I had no idea
>but it was a lot
>can’t articulate words
>suffering PTSD from what just happened
>”Caught in the act!”
>oh no she saw my screen
>”I wasn’t doing that!”
>”wasn’t doing what?”
>”touching myself”
>she sits in one of the chairs
>the fuck does she mean “good”
>sit down too because don’t wanna be awkward
>a bit cold out but actually not too bad for Christmas
>it was a warm year overall
>wind wasn’t blowing
>clear sky
>stare at the stars like a faggot
>the sky in Skyrim looks so much prettier than this
>Skyrim was like a month old at this point
>but damn did it have a pretty sky
>looks a lot prettier now bc mods but that’s past the point
>feel hand on my leg
>what the actual fuck
>look over
>it’s not Riley’s
>it’s that gahddamn loch ness monster
>tree fiddy
>it’s Riley’s
>she’s staring me in the eye
>that crazy kind of “please mount me” stare
>trails fingers up to my scrotal area
>nervous sweat
>sweating in December
>she gets out of her chair
>oh god
>ohhhhh god
>what’s she gonna do
>she gets down
>into a ball shape
>rolls continuously in place
>building up speed
>Green Hill Zone theme starts playing
>she spin dashes through me
>rings go flying everywhere
>nah but she actually crouches down
>slides forward between my legs
>looks up at me with the cutest damn eyes I’ve ever seen
>for a moment
>fuck all those perverted thoughts that I’ve had about her all day
>or at least brush them aside for a second
>I might actually love her a little bit
>nah but she is hot tho
>reaches forward and unbuttons my pants
>I’m breathing at like 800 mph
>my left hand gets jealous
>I tell it to shut the hell up
>my jeans and boxers are slid down enough for easy access
>erect cock springs forth
>okay, now maybe you should start sloOO-
>she runs the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft
>lol that’s a funny word
>I sharply inhale bc sudden feeling of ohmygodthisfeelsgood
>she jumps back
>squeezes my cock
>I jump
>Van Halen says “MIGHT AS WELL JUMP”
>cum spews out of my cock
>fucking geyser
>old faithful
>it gets on my legs
>it gets on Riley’s hand
>it gets in Riley’s hair
Dropped because Riley wasn't the Loch Ness monster in disguise.
this is the best greentext I've read in recent history.
Drop the lame joke and talk about how you nailed your cousin ffs
>oh fuck
>oh fuck
>oh fuck YES
>mfw just came for the first time ever
>with assistance from another human
>preferably a girl
>by god it was a girl
>oh fuck
>mfw just came in my step-cousin’s hair
>mfw she’s just staring in shock
>mfw my boner doesn’t even go down completely
>mfw I came in 12 seconds
>real manly
>snap my fingers in front of her face
>her shock changes to a smile
>a smile
>she gets that grin again
>oh god that grin
>stands up
>unbuttons and takes off her own pants
>how is she not freezing
>women always bitch about being cold
>guys never do
>probably because she’s so hot

Fuck you, this is solid gold entertainment, Jerry.
>walks forward and sits in my lap
>”Is this what you were thinking about?”
>lol she thinks I can form words right now
>a simple, yet effective word
>she reaches down and pulls her panties aside, and begins to rub her pussy up and down my shaft
>lol there it is again
>seriously just say it out loud
>my boner has returned in full force
>throbbing under her soft, warm body
>trying to squeeze into that inviting pussy every time it passes by
>grab her hips with my hands and lift her up a little
>she reaches down and grabs my cock
>how do we even know what we’re doing
>like we have it down to a science
>slowly lower her pussy onto me
>and cue the “OWWWW”
>lower her a bit more slowly
>it hurts
>a lot
>but she adjusts slowly
>eases down until I’m all the way inside her
>people who lost their virginity after skyrim came out are old enough to be posting here

i wish i could leave
>tfw Skyrim came out and I'm still a virgin
>she opens her eyes and looks into mine
>gives me the “hey look you’re inside me, good for you” look
>you know that look
>to me, that was the “please fuck the brains out of my poor skull” look
>start thrusting my hips up into her
>she starts screaming
>woman if you don’t cut that shit out
>cover her mouth with my hand
>and it’s gonna be me
>she bites her lip and muffles her screams of ecstasy
>continues to bounce up and down on my cock
>feel her enormous ass jiggle every time she slams down
>like jell-o
>ass jell-o
>oh fuck this is hot
>oh fuck she’s hot
>oh fuck I’m gonna cum again
>oh fuck I’m cumming again
>oh fuck cum inside her
>brain goes completely numb
>body goes completely numb
>I have become comfortably numb
>Pink Floyd guitar solo
>those solos last a lot longer than that sex did
>tfw Skyrim came out before I was born

>not really mods please don't ban me
You want to stay for glorious greentexts like these
>awaken from trance
>how long have I been gone
>about 20 seconds
>oh fuck I just came inside a girl
>oh fuck I just came inside my step-cousin
>oh fuck how do I tell her this
>wait I think she knows
>”So….are you….done?”
>man they never tell you how awkward after sex is
>like I just fornicated you, would you like to discuss the weather now
>she gets up off me and niagra falls spills forth from her lady parts
>oh goddamn
>here I go again
>I’m gonna cum I AMMMM
>not really already did
>Eminem lyrics lol
>does she know what just happened?
>can she get pregnant?
>can I get people pregnant?
>had only just began to hit puberty
>maybe my sperm doesn’t work yet
>yeah that’s gotta be it
>sit out on balcony for a LONG time so clothes can dry and such
>don’t say much after that
>eventually Dad walks out and finds us
>”anon, let’s get moving it’s almost midnight”
>look at iPod clock
>oh fuck it’s almost midnight
>turn to Riley
>she gives me a half-assed hug
>do I tell her she could get pregnant now
>lol nope
>leave uncle’s house
>scared out of my goddamn mind for a long time
>eventually forget about her being pregnant
>don’t see her or her family again for 4 more years
>next time I see her we’re both 18
>she’s married
>to a guy she barely dated
>still see her sometimes when they come visit on holidays
>never spoke of wincest shenanigans again
Aaaand that's it ladies and gentlemen. I wish there was more, but that was the gist of it.
I usually lurk on this website but this story made me comment and say thank you
Second time you have posted this story and so far it seems to take you an hour each time.
thanks for finally finishing the story. i wish you well, anon.
I'm getting the feeling like I just finished a huge book
Good story mate
Someone screen cap this nao!
This was a great story. Can't wait for the movie adaptation.
Very good story anon thank you
10/10. Wish I could save this somewhere.
Nice writing anon.
I'd put it together but I'm on mobile :/
agreed god damn
you're definitely not an faggot OP. made me laugh several times already.
Il be uploading a fucking text to speech of this shit i just need to know a site where i can upload the audio file
"Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact"
shut the fuck up moot
it's a fucking greentext you fucking autist.
and it's well written too
File: 1438094122989.jpg (64KB, 400x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 400x425px

Nice story OP 8/10
im kinda lazy to make a whole screen cap mate :p
Honestly one of the best greentext stories on this fucking degenerate site. Well done OP
lol I love how shitty the actual wincest part is and yet the story is still solid fucking gold.
Good shit OP, laughed several times
Someone screen cap this shit
I lold, but seriously, who do you think you are with this writing style? storybro?
Great post OP, clearly not a faggot. All you need to do know is give your masterpiece a title.
Everybody is storybro
>mfw this greentext is better than the last book I read.
fus-roh-disappointed cousin
>>dis bitch dun thinking I tell her I beat my meat at hypersonic speeds
>>which I do
Who's screen capping this, though?
we need someone brave
i screencapped it kinda into 25 on what site can i upload it im a lazy fag to put them all together
into 25 pictures
>Bitch gets you off twice
>you don't reciprocate
Yep, sounds 14.
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