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Anybody have experience with drug dealing? I've never dealt

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Anybody have experience with drug dealing?

I've never dealt before, but the opportunity to smoke for free is temping. I already have a decent job anyway, but the extra cash would be nice too.

It's a risky business, but I have a family to look after.

What would be the safest way to deal and make a little money on the side? I've done some research and my target goal is moving 1oz a week, with my stretch being 2oz for it to be good money.

I live in Canada, so I can order an oz of medical grade for $160 from a site with free shipping.

Any general advice for dealing?

Risk vs reward?

Thanks in advance.
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Here's some chill tunes to jam to.

don´t do it it´s a fucking pain in the ass
if you want to smoke for free build yourself a good growbox either for growing in there or just for motherbonsais and grow it outside over the summer

Thanks mate. I'm in an apt complex so growing is more difficult, but I'll look into that for sure.
You won't make good money selling that small of an amount. You will need to move at least a half pound a week to make any kind of real profit.
at the same point.
I have a decent education but after time banged up innocently I dont feel like participating in anything that a majority approves of anymore.

I have superb growing skills but I seem to just be in the wrong social circles to just hit up my buddies if they want some dope.

So I wonder if one should run an eepsite or hidden service ... im not in favour of the usual tor markets
It's not worth the hassle.
Having people call you and beg you at all times of day and night.
Trying to chase people that owe you money.
Having randoms know you sell because mates recommend you to them (increased chance of getting robbed).

I sold for a while with a mate but it just wasn't worth the other in the end even if we were getting free smoke out of it.

Bear with me here:

1g = $5.71
1oz = $160
Retail Price: $10/g
Gross Income: $280
Net Profit: $140

Thats 560 a month so far for 1oz a week.

I'm not sure if thats good or bad, but even that money would be nice.
to keep little motherbonsais alive you don´t need that much space 40x60x40 is enought

and if you need the money gorw it sell big batches preferbly to guys somewhere "far" away
so you have to travel with weed only every 3-4 month and way less person know that ur are dealing
>make good money
>slinging a zip a week
Dude, you're gonna have to get into the pounds if you want to see any kind of serious return
I used to sell to coworkers, friends, and friends of friends so I could smoke for free. It worked really well but don't get carried away, don't be blatant either. You will also run into sketchy and stupid shit that you won't expect either.
>Be me
>16 years old
>Decide I want to smoke for free by dealing
>One of my friends vouches for a black dude that wants to buy
>Sell to him, he won't get out of my fucking car
>Starts lighting up in my car
>Still refuses to leave
>Drove to the side of the road, reached over and pulled the door open and literally had to push him out with my foot.

And also never, under any circumstances, sell to someone under the assumption that they will pay you later.

I would have a strict set of rules, I don't front, and I don't answer my phone after hours. It's a business, I'm not just "the guy".

In terms of randoms, I would only be selling to people I trust, and if they're friends want some then they can sell it to them themselves.
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Don't do it. Nope. Seen multiple people get FLITHY RICH in the matter of a year or so and then shorty after, lose
EVERYTHING and then some by fucking up some how. 100% of the time this happens every time.

Not worth the risk for the small profits you'd be making. The legal burden is a life changer and can impact 5+ years of your life, regardless of the punishment.

Pic related.

If I had my way I would be wholesaling 50lbs a week, but unfortunately I have to reach that point.

The general plan is to make enough and buy enough that I can just start supplying a few trusted dealers.
Cuffing is fine. So long as you know the person well enough.

New people? Fuck, no.
pretty easy way to get killed
My friend deals and she does well by knowing a lot of people. Her friends just text her when they want some. Never give them your address though, just meet at a parking lot or something and only sell to people you or your friends trust.

Shit man. What the fuck?

I have the quality product, I'm not going to stand for dealing with sketchy people. But I can see the possibility that it could go wrong quickly.


I appreciate this advice as well. The risk is high and I understand that.
Boi real life isn't like the fucking movies

Do you know any of the logistics of something like that? That would be a great starting place, I just want to have my ducks in a row financially and business strategy-wise before I start up.
never bring em to your house
I did it for years, and just like everyone else is saying, it's not worth it. You have to constantly be on your toes and it makes you paranoid about getting caught/robbed. I dodged both of the bullets multiple times, it fucking sucked. Handling and smoking a shit ton of weed is fun, of course, but not worth the risk. Let's lay out the pros and cons...
Free weed
Not very much profit
Friends expect you took hook them up
Getting robbed
Getting arrested and going to prison
Losing your family over dealing
Constantly being paranoid
Being hit up 24/7
Getting ripped off

That seems to be the number one people have been telling me. That and don't front.


I'm hoping that if I go into it knowing more than the average stoner it will help minimize those risks. I've already looked into starting a small home business for services and like I said, no fronting, only to friends (no freebies) and trusted people. My wife actually recommended it.
growing is OK in an apt complex all you need is 2ft*2ft area or 1m*1m if you have a lot of place.
You can then buy a 400w bulb with deflector and ventialtion system with carbon filter. This filter very important, it will neutralize the smell, you will smell 0 odor from the vent system thanks to that.
It's a big ammount of cash, but in one harvest, it's more than refunded.
I personaly got a 1*1m a 400w bulb and I managed to get 340g from my first harvest of White widow, but it's abnormaly a lot. You can hope for 0.5g/W so 200g, if everybody goes well, with nutriments, in earth. You can achieve more with hydroponic system or aero systems, but it's more tricky or more expensive.
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>Having people call you and beg you at all times of day and night.
>Trying to chase people that owe you money.

I can say this is truely the hardest part, aside that you can get robbed or put in jail. Not in my country cause is too easy to deal.
>Anonymous 01/10/17(Tue)13:48:11 No.718448959▶
She'll try to meet up asap (like always within at least 2 hours) after they text her and make them pay upfront
ex dealer here

>I already have a decent job anyway, but the extra cash would be nice too.

Go drive for uber or something

>I have a family to look after.

Then don't get into dealing
spain ?

What kind of payout are we looking at here for something like that? Cause I just realized my bathroom closet is perfect for that.


On the same note as a above, would it be better just to have a small grow box and sell that crop to a friend to deal it?
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Is weed legal in Spain?
I have somoked since i was a kid and have only known like 1 or 2 dealers that got busted for it and they were guys i didnt buy off of cause they were usually strung out on harder drugs and were always sketchy as fuck. If youre not a total fucktard youre probably not gonna get caught. Whats funny, they didnt get snitched on or get caught in the middle of a deal, they were just walking around with a lot of drugs on them breaking into cars and doing stupid shit like that.

My motto is "dont do stupid shit and you wont get busted for doing stupid shit". If youre gonna do something that is illegal just be smart about it.
Growing your own
"free" weed (i pay like 2-3$/g)
control over your product
choose your strain
hight starting costs(ca.1000$)
some planing needs to be done
maybe getting paranoid
Losing your family and friends over addiction
nice bud !
Don't listen to this faggot>>718448039
Even if you're only dealing small amounts you'll make enough to smoke for free. The risk is equivalent to >>718447843 but the hassle is far less if you do it right.

Deal to friends and trusted acquaintances. No in and outs at your pad. Go to them or have them stay and kick it at your place for a while. No selling dubsacks, if they wanna buy dubs they're fucking niggers and junkies and not worth your time. Maintain a small sustainable circle that lets you flip whatever quantity you need to smoke as much as you want for free in a reasonable amount of time. Resist the urge to scale up unless you're serious about it. Dealing above this scale without scaling up big is a waste of time and more trouble than its worth.
I can tell that no matter how many people tell you not to, you're still going to (which is a bad idea when you have a family) so here's some advice.

1.) Don't front
2.) Don't sell at your house
3.) Only sell to people you completely trust and/or people that the people you completely trust can vouch for
4.) If you can, measure it out in front of people to show that you are being legit, they will appreciate it and take you more seriously.
5.) Be ready for any kind of a situation and have an escape route or plan B planned.
6.) Don't let people push you around but be as nice as possible.
7.) It's a business, so run it like one.
8.) Don't get carried away and think you'll be the next Pablo Escobar, you'll end up either dead or incarcerated.
I could tell you a whole lot, but that would be counter productive. Get?

Thanks mate. Solid advice. This was what I was aiming for. I could go bigger but it doesn't seem like a single person has ever thought drug dealing was a good job, so I'll stick with dealing to my friends.
you can also use the closet as your grow box, the ventilation system will be more difficult to deal with, but if you don't mind make an hole into the door of your closet, your fine. If you don't use ventilation, you will have a problem with the smell, and depending of your bulb technology, with heat. You can find on the internet a shitload of tutorials concerning growing indoor, and also growing into a closet. closet are a cheap begining setup, it's fine to harvest some weed with not a lot of invest and not a lot of expectation. We can start with that and then go on. At first you may just control heat and then, through more harvest you will look for water acidity, humidity of the room, and more.
I don't know english speaking website with tutotials and advices, but I'm sure there is tons. Go luck growing weed
you think getting beat up only happens in movies?
Dont listen to this guy. Any profit is still profit, if youre trying to become a millionare off selling weed then youre selling the wrong drugs and if you sell harder drugs the risk goes up considerably.

Ever heard the phrase "the bigger they are the harder they fall"? If youre trying to make the big bucks, rather than a little extra spending cash, off selling weed then youre gonna end up getting busted.
No matter what, if they want you to deal to their friends and acquaintances and you don't know or trust the people they're talking about you make them middle man it. Nobody new, and if they fuck up and bring them over or tell them its you then you cut them off. Keep it sustainable and small.

Also have an exit strategy. This probably isn't going to be something to do indefinitely so maybe have a set period to try it out for and after that period reassess if its worth doing.
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Nope, but the fines are low and police don't actually look for it,
op, my advice:

don't front, ever, never ever. you'll get burned eventually

be careful what you text to people and what they text you (calling is safer), have burner phones, don't deal to scum/trash/niggers, don't carry a firearm, don't have people come to your house, carry weed in pre-weighed and vacuum sealed bags, don't try talk up ur shit too much if its good it will sell itself

Probably. It's on the bucket list and I need a little bit extra plus being a mostly stay at home dad gets pretty boring. Thanks man.


This might be something I'm interested in. I've found some tutorials and such already. I appreciate it!
what makes you think people wont just get medical pot themselves.
I have some tips for you.

>buy bulk for lower price and sell everything off in the course of a day
>don't smoke the shit you order from your website, you can acquire the stuff you smoke from money made - shouldn't be a hassle since you live in canada
>don't have a scale or other shady stuff laying around at home
>be careful what people you sell it to and this is probably the most important tip I can give you
>find trustworthy dudes who will sell it off fast
>keep your hands away from any other drugs, government.exe will fuck you up bif time if one of your customers gets busted and spills his beans
>don't buy from the same sources too frequently, switch it up so it's harder to predict - if you're on some kind of watch list that is

You literally will make so much money you don't know where to put it.

I sold half a kilo up to a kilo per week for a year and probably 90% of what I made disappeared into smoke and I still had enough money to do whatever the fuck I wanted

It always works on paper, OP...

$160 (even canadian) is pricey AF, bro, and anyone with real-life friends/connections will laugh at you when you tell them 10/g...

You should be paying ~$1200/LB (16 OUNCES) for top shelf. Thats canadian $ not US..
this is sound advice
Get a burn phone with a prepaid, just trust me. You don't want to give out your real phone number out there for everyone to share. Also, whatever everyone's saying. Just keep the produce in an airtight container and get a precision scale for measuring.
I really do wish you the best of luck OP, especially for your kids. It goes without saying, but don't forget that you're a dad and a husband before anything else
People are lazy stupid niggers, not even OP but that much is obvious. You're getting paid more for doing that bit of labor for them than anything else, these idiots will buy a dubsack a day most days of the week instead of buying 7 grams at once because of how fucking dumb they are.
Oh, canada? I, >>718450077 ,
Got nothing for you then.
You can actually grow your own in Spain without any repercussions if it's only you in your own apartment that's using them and you have less than 5 plants if I remember right. It's not legal, but rather decriminalized. If you grow in a place that's out of public, like your own house etc. it's legal to grow and use by yourself.

I'm looking into picking up a small prepaid, if everything works


Because some stoners are dumb as shit. Online hasn't really caught on in this town yet, and a lot of people think it's a scam.


Family and business seperate. Always.


Well maybe I can find a better hookup, but I actually need to KNOW hookups here.

I've been smoking for a while, and I have never smoked anything like this medical shit. The weed in this town is shit compared to that stuff.
>Cig filter spliff
That's fucking vile
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