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Good evening, Anonymous! Is anything troubling you? Maybe I can

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Good evening, Anonymous! Is anything troubling you? Maybe I can help.


>Want a tarot reading? Great! Just roll some dubs. Or trips. Or quads. (GETS)
Ask me a question, and I'll use the cards to answer it. Name a topic, such as career or love-life, and I'll interpret the reading based on the topic. Tarot readings take time to craft, but you can remind me if it looks like I missed you. Just don't be obnoxious!

>GETs can be donated to others.
If you see someone else failing to GET, feel free to give them your dubs. Just make sure it's a specific person. Offering them up vaguely to everyone leads to confusion.

>Can't GET? Give us a name, and my junior shrine maidens will deliver to you a fortune cookie.
A fortune cookie is a short blurb about your luck for 2017. The name can be made up or real, doesn't matter.

>Advice is free, give and receive as you wish.
>Be patient. Be kind. I love you all very much.
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Smoking 1.gif
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Yay another thread!
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Could always use more thread
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Lurking while playing Dark Souls 3~
Lurked through the first thread, time for the second.
- Cirno
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Don't know why I'm here
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stomping phones.jpg
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>4:30 am
Just one more thread!
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Imma just leave this here.
Yadda yadda, where is Uzume? ;^;
love life reading get
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Should I touch myself? y/n
you have to do more than just show up if you want (you)s
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try: deuce
That's a picture, dude.
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I tried talking about toher things before like getting the game rabi ribi but people just float over me.

Sometimes I reply to others also and it sometimes goes on for a few more.
He is missing a sense of unity.
Complete trust in another human is hard to carry these days... I know a decent number of people can't invest themselves fully because they don't want to be hurt if their relationship crumbles.
OP, explain me some dating truths with yo magic cards
I haven't appreciated a video like that in a long time, thank you, anon!

I've received threatening pictures before!?

- Cirno
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I find y our pictures pretty cute tbh
This little thing has always struck me as kinda odd.

In my Spring Semester I had two people in my class. A girl and a guy. They seemed to be good friends. I ended up hanging out with them once. After that day I never really spoke to the guy again, but I still spoke to the girl on a semi-regular basis.

For some reason on the last day of class the Guy very directly said "Goodbye (Name)" but he didn't say it either person near me, who he spoke to as well occasionally, if not more. But the girl, who I actually was friends with did not look at me or say a word to me at all.

Don't really know what happened there. Just seems kinda odd.
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Smoking 2.gif
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landing my dream job
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Marrying Reimu-chan and sleeping using Reisen-chan's tail as a pillow~

- Cirno
Ayo roll me dat tarot reimu.
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Just a Reminder

Is that a statement or a question?

I have good taste in finding pictures, I guess lol.
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Mmm, holiday season does make things a bit tighter..

Sometimes, I wish the shrine lived close to each other. ThenI could pretend I know how to cook and cook dinner~

au au no~
you are on the radar too!
Taking back everything that I've lost.

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Roll dubs
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Nothing really. I don't really think big and the biggest things I can think of will just come off as self loathing.

I guess start a major art project and get off my lazy ass? Maybe get clear contact a good also
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Probably! What are those odds, though...

Nep is right about her backside
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I want to cook a nice dish.

Gotta be more proactive, jump into conversations yourself!

That's true, there are lots of people like that. Usually because they've had bad experiences in the past... we're never quite as vulnerable as that first time, unless someone has taken the time and effort it takes to build reliability.

You sure? You'll have to GET if you want the cards to do it.
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Hello friendly anon.
I just got betrayed by my gf (1 month ago, she didn't do sex with anyone but she sent a message saying "maybe you're the right one for me to another guy)

I lost everything (moneys, friends, the city i was living in) and i had to start from zero.
In 1 month now i have a good paycheck and i'm lifted up again


I think i'm in love with a girl that now hates me. She was my Girlfriend 4 years ago, and i literally hurt and destroyed her mentally at the time, because i was an edgy faggot piece of shit.

I always think about her and whenever one of our common friends talks about her my heart races.

I tried to talk again with her but it's a wall, and it's strange because i'm a very good casanova with girls most of the times (had 3 "relations" in this timespan but i dumped them)

wat do
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Rolling for a dope ass future rn
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Yeah i second that

Awoo to you too
How embarrassing......
Better luck next time

Rolling with the luck of a rabbit with 3 feet
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hey, carlos-man here, just came for my daily thread chats
I have returned

A distraction forced itself unto me

15 or so minutes dowh the drain

-Sweet Roll
aight, get for cards, non-get for OP's advice to a drunken and tired Canadian before he heads to bed
It only works when you don't want dubs.
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I'm so happy to not be you.
Neither would talk to me with my approach to a situation like that.....

Then again the closest memory I have to something like that is of being about 12-13 and finding two peers who accepted me (one male and one female) after about 3 days I started to feel like they were much closer to each other than I was to either.

So one day I simply stopped being around them.
It's what they would have wanted in the end anyway.
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Reimu's orgasm
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Kitty 4.png
664KB, 792x718px
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Thread images: 46

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