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ITT: Greentext your first kiss.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Greentext your first kiss.
wtf kind of sissy shit is this? grow a pair you pansy
>my mom
>cuz I was a good boy
OP is either a femanon wanting to strum herself off to a romantic free text or is just a regular faganon which we have way to many of these days.

Either way, fuck off
*greentext fucking autocorrect
>be 16
>get drunk with my best friend and a friend of him
>after a while his friend decides to leave
>alone with my best friend, both very drunk and ready to go to bed
>he starts to watch porn and pulls his dick out to wank
>I do the same, we both come
>I kiss him on the lips, he kisses me back and we go to bed
>we talked about this once, joking about it but never did it again
>be me 9
>me and female cousin also 9 playing hide n seek
>cousin says she wants to try something
>cousin kisses me
>penis gets hard and confuses me

From 9 to 12 we kissed, madeout, fingered her tons. moved away and never got the chance to take it to the next leve. also made out with her sister who was 1 year younger.
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Same here, /b/rother.
>My mum
>Shit was so cash
>Mfw I got 5 extra GBP
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Nice double dubs, mobilefag.
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>be 17
>drunk on trampoline with grills
>we all lay down bc it's cold
>Start screaming "NOOT NOOT" and touch noses with everybody.
>one of the grills starts makin out with me

pingu the real ultimate wingman
>be me with friend,is a girl that i love
>under a tree in a nearby park
>she sitting left to me and has a basket of food next to her
>look her in the eyes
>she looks back
>keep doing this for like 3 more times
>reach for a sandwich from the basket
>bend my body to get to the basket
>she suddenly moves her head forward
>we crash heads lightly
>say sorry
>look her again in the eyes
>stare for like 6 seconds
>she bends her head a bit to the right
>move in for the kiss
>just as my lips touch hers i wake up from the dream
>remember i'm a fat fuck and a failure at life
>cry myself back to sleep.
It's fictional but i hope u fags laughed at the end.
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>be 8
>at fair
>go on rollercoaster
>brother who's supposed to be looking after me stands by to watch
>girl about my age sits next to me
>starts making small talk.
>kinda just nod and smile the whole time
>end of rollercoaster
>she gives me a huge kiss
>don't even get out of the rollercoaster for a full five seconds, don't know how to react
>never even knew her name
>mfw my first kiss was from a complete fucking stranger
Those last two lines seem autobiographic
>still hasn't happened
I'm in my happy place.
I'm in my happy place.
I'm in my happy place.
I will leave that for you to interpret :-)
what's your age
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hii dis hppy plac./ we kic u out byee
oh man yes. keks
Checked and keked
Pushing mid twenties.
Am I done, anon?
On phone

Be 5
Going to franklin institute museum
Sitting next to 5yr old indian girl
We talk and laugh
She gives me a strip mint
I say "tank you"
She says "wanna do a grown up ting?"
I say "yea sounds cool"
She gets in close and kisses me on the lips.
I laugh and say "that tickled"
She laughs

Had one hellava time on the bus ride there.
>be me 15 years old
>walking down with soon to be gf to the bus stop
>we wait for her bus to come so she gets home
>while we wait I ask for a gum
>asked her do I know why I'm asking for one ( right after she gave me)
>b4 she answers I go in for the kiss
>later as we see the bus coming she gave me another one
>takes me around the corner of a circle k
>wanna see my butt
>shows me anyway
>laughs the most course crackle a choking donkey could cough
>hideous teeth too
>open mouths me
>now have herps
>been afraid of people since then
ur mom idiot
>be 15
>at a classparty in a little cottage
>drunk as shit
>go out to vomit
>sleep near my vomit
>about 30 min later go back in
>there's this landwhale
>asks if i want to come cuddle with her in the dorms
>nearly fainting agree
>make out
I did

>be 15 seeing a girl who was 14
>she was born again Christian, me agnostic
>first love
>wanted nothing more than just a passionate kiss
>she limited us to hand-holding and hugs
>while hugging her goodbye one time, I kiss her neck
>she moans softly
>I move my head back and ask if she is OK
>she looks at me with repressed desire and kisses me deeply on the mouth
>feel dizzy for the entire walk home

Her name was Flora.
> be 5 year old me
> Cousin same age likes to watch romantic shit on TV
> She tells me she wants to try something
> OK sure
> She kisses me
> We lived in same house
> Slept together sometimes
> Got naked a few times and made out
> Too young to know what secks was
> Never spoke about it ever again when she moved

>Invited qt chubby redhead to my house to watch LotR
>Halfway through the first movie we make out
>Sucked my dick there too
>Finished up cuddling on the couch

It was a good day, /b/
greentext newfag
>be me 15.3 years old
>spend time with this girl after school in the school chilling
>on the laptop watching some shit about girls' make up tutorials
>we talk and the topic of kissing comes up
>tell her i've never had my first kiss
<"oh really anon?"
>surprises me with a kiss
>lips are touching holy shit
>I start blowing into her mouth because I thought the point of kissing was to send all the fluid to each other
>what the fuck anon.
>never hung out with me again
girls are overrated
I got my vidya and you /b/ros, a infinite source of porn and a good body, bless this life
>be me, young boy in 3rd grade
>kiss girl under cafeteria table in 3rd grade

Wow what an epic tale.
> be 15
> in a resort for holiday during summer
> this cute girl by the pool in next sunbad asks my uncle about me
> he introduces me
> we talk a bit
> we later swim and hang around the resort
> she asks if I wanna try that indoor pool over there
> yewhynot.gif
> we go there and start swimming, not many ppl
> there's a little island in the middle and a bridge that connects it to the rest of the land
> we go under bridge
> she roosts me, playing with my hair
> I put my back on the pool wall, still under that little bridge
> grab her belly, pull her to me and kiss her lips
> she wraps me with legs and arms
> godthisisheaven.jpg

8 years since then and still the best kiss of my life. she was 14. only thing I know of her is her name which I cannot remember at the moment lol. we spent the rest of the day together, making out and such. never saw her together afterwards
That's the kind of optimism I like to see.
Enjoy that single life my friend
>be me 23 nerd antisocial
>land a date with a whale 18
>take her too hookah lounge
>nervous as fuck, oh shit my dick boner
>she sees it
>says she wants to blow smoke in my mouth
>oh shit first kiss
>leave hookahnlounge go to park
>start making out, about to take her cloths off
>she smells like shit
>cop out of no where stops
>tells us we have to leave
>awkwardly took her home
>never kissed or got laid for another 5 years
thanks my dude
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>be me
>read half the greentexts itt
>Realize i'm going to die a virgin
>will probably cry in my last moments


t. 33kv neet
>hookah smoking shit smelling land whale
that's great stuff
i feel with you, anon. its the burden of us non-chads in this cruel age.
At least we aren't some sort of pushover, r-right?
Saddest part is looking back, i would have fucked her I would have loved to have some 18 yearold pussy. even the ugly ones I wish I could have gotten some young tail. Oh well my gf treats me good.
>be 14
>invited to local teenage disco by chad cousin
>have a good time talkin shit with people but no woman
>on bus home chad arranges his gfs friend to kiss me
>I'm psyched
>she's cute but with awful frizzy hair
>she accidentally gives me the chewing gum in her mouth
>get teased for kissing pube hair girl
>dgaf. Kissed a female.
cruel age? this age is the best in the history of humanity in terms of almost everything. in other "non cruel ages" its debatable if you or any other anons would be alive now
>12 years old
>go to my friends house to spend the night
>he's 11 years old and has a babysitter
>she's 14 year old
>he has a crush on her
>i flirt with her all afternoon
>everyones in the living room, it's dark
>friend goes to sleep on the loveseat
>i'm sitting on the couch with a big pillow in my lap
>babysitter lays down and puts her head on the pillow
>totally looking down her shirt at cleavage
>gets closer
>we kiss
>full on making out, tongues and all
>for like 20 minutes
>friend wakes up
>"are you guys kissing?"
>babysitter is like "no, go back to sleep"
>keep on making out
>friend gets up and goes to the kitchen
>grabs box of cereal and throws it, making a mess
>goes to his bedroom
>babysitter and i get up and clean up the mess
>friends parents come home
>his mom drove the babysitter home
>go to my friends bedroom
>friend laying in his bed crying
>sleep on the floor
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>girl from college
>almost identical taste in vidya
>go see a movie
>i say good bye as her mum picks her up
>just before her mum arrives she looks me in the eye's and says thank you before giving me a hug which translated to a kiss
>go home and think about her for the next 30 hours
Probably kissed a girl before when I was a kid but this is the first 'proper' kiss

>be 18
>have a few friends over house for drinks
>7.5-8/10 girl been sitting on my lap the last hour
>we all start telling drunk stories as you do
>she asks if I've ever kissed a girl before
>say no
>drunkenly dares herself to kiss me
>we kiss, nothing too special as we were both drunk
kiss a few more times throughout the evening but nothing else ever happened
>be me
>16 just got my license
>took a girl I liked to the movies
>after the movies she told me she wanted to talk
>got into the back seats of my car
>she admitted to me that she liked me
>I kissed her
>she kisses me back
>I push her onto her back as we continue to french kiss
>break the kiss and I take her home
you can fuck my boipucci
I'm 18 yrs old
40 keks
that dude is a little cunt
hope he grew out of it or you dropped him
>Be 15
>Hanging out at a youth center kinda place
> go out for a smoke with friends
> one of them is my buddys ex
> on our way in, she stops me just inside the door
> talk for a sec, then she asks if she could kiss me
>inside im shooting spaghetti everywhere
>trying to hold it together, say sure
>we make out for awhile
>after a week of similar stuff, she said she wasn't "ready for a relationship..."

got to fuck her two years later tho
oh yeah, i saw him once by accident after that.
Fuck story plz?
to be young and cucked before you even hit 12
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File: 1481511590215.png (2MB, 1409x1633px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was about 9 she was 7, out of the blue she kissed me on the lips and told me we are girlfriend and boyfriend now. relationship went on for about 2 years then ended.
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>error 404: kiss not found
Not much to tell really

>17 at the time
>having a party since my parents weren't home
>it was ok, people leave, start going to bed at around six am.
>Sleep in my room, a guy friend and her stay in my sisters old room just beside
>can hear them talking for quite awhile, annoying as shit
>finally silence, about to fall asleep
>Then she knocks on the door, asks if im awake and if she can sleep in my bed instead.
>said its too light in the other room (it really is a bitch in the morning over there)
>sure, get in. About to fall asleep again when she starts talking
>Feelings of rage and thoughts of violence surge up. so FUCKING tired..
> she has been talking about how she hasn't been laid in 3 months, and it's so horrible etc.
>She pretty much straight out asks if we should have sex
>only had sex 3 times before this. suprisingly reluctant, as im irritated and tired.
>But penis comes up, and it has to go down somehow.
>Ended up cumming inside her during doggy.
>felt Goodman
>Be me
>13 at time
>8th grade in a private Catholic school
>Rich white religious girls anywhere
> I'm into porn at this time
>Get balls to ask girl out
>Go on few dates normal middle school stuff
>We've never had our first kiss
>School field trip comes along to watch documentary at movie theater
>Whole class comes along and of course they know we're dating
>I get some friends to move seats so I can sit next to her
>Sitting next to her like past dates at movies
>Grab her arm
>She looks at me
>Both heads come together
>Start kissing... terribly might I add
>We don't know what we're doing and it's really awkward but she doesn't care
>Teacher sees us pulls us out of movie and lectures us
>Go back inside this time sitting next to teacher
>Proceed to do it again in front of teacher
>Both of us get 'conduct referrals'
>20 and still with her to this day
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thx for deliver
>be me
>4 days old
>with my girl
>she kisses me
>drink her milk
>best day ever
I heard later she had a pregnancy scare from that night. I was not a very bright kid. I did ask her where i should shoot, and she told me to choose. I never asked if she was on birth control though..
>be me 20
>at pub with mates
>know a girl in class that's always flirting with me, she had boyfriend at time
>they broke up so we went out
>kissed infront of all my mates
> i put my hand up in the air with my thumbs up
>little did i know that the guy she was now dating was watching
>he goes home depressed as shit
>regret putting thumbs up in air
>New year's party at family friends house
>Chatting to 6/10 femanon for a while
>New year o clock
>Make out
>Feels ok

A year later
>Out at a club with anons
>Older woman is chatting to me
>Get horny
>"So you like a fitter younger guy?"
>"I wouldn't throw you out of my bed anon"
>Make out. Infinitely better than first kiss
>Go back in taxi to her house
>First ever blowjob and fuck in the same night
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>8th Grade
>Fat girl
>My Birthday
>At a park on a bridge
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Thread images: 13

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