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>broke up with gf 2 months ago >we were 4 years together

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>broke up with gf 2 months ago
>we were 4 years together
>we study together at the same college
>has a new bf, they are always together
>he even comes to her house for weekends
>always get to see them
>how can I overcome this?

Tell your break up stories /b/
Remove them from your life - trash that social media, dont go to the same school or classes, move to another town, etc.
Get a new girl and show her that you moved on.

On a side note, this bitch dating someone new after a 4yr relationship? Man that's cold.
now this kind of girls, thats why im afraid to commit into a serious relationship
Better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.


Don't be a faggot. You know we're all animals right? You will find a new pussy to pillage if you try. You just have to try to not be such a faggot.
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if it's painful and you can't avoid them, move to a different campus

how long have you got to go before you graduate?
She got a rebound cock, so it's the same as being single, only she will miss you.
Don't take her back. Throw that shit to the curb because now that you've watched some beta fuck be with her she's not worth your time anymore, she's tainted so to speak and you will never see her in the same light.
That being said, invite over that nerdy girl in some class that has been hiring air traffic controllers to signal towards her crotch for the past 6 months.
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have u anhero anon?
I've got one for you anon. I broke up with my gf this past November. I hadn't gotten any since August. Less than 48 hrs later she was with someone else
If someone moves n that fast, the she was probably cheating on you while the relationship was still happening.

Move on and be glad you didn't fully commit to her shit. She wasn't worth it from the beginning.
I'm depressed as fuck and lonely. I just broke up with my girlfriend, she cheated on me multiple times, including New Years. There's a backstory to it. I'd like to share, cause I can't talk to my friends cause i feel like I bother them enough. You guys mind if I vent ?
Sure go for it. I've been cheated on before, maybe I can help you. I'm >>717684903
Please anon go on
the fact you know she has a new boyfriend means you're doing it wrong. Please follow this anons advice >>717681356
Is love real? We've all been in love. I was, not anymore str8 up. It wasn't love, love is lust, we are programmed to fuck. It's some in your head bull shit fucking wit u. Rise above, focus on getting Dem grades and dat paycheque
>be me
>date a big tittied bitch for 6 years
>23 now
>moves in with me for 2 years
>she cheats on me
>i cheat on her
>get feelings for her again
> she cheats on me again
>don't want her to move out
>she moves out with her cunt friends help
>sad seeing room empty
>fuck her friend after she leaves year later
>find info about her sexting my best friend
>now has ex best friend and ex girlfriend
>ben jerking off for months and doing heroin to have fun since she's ben gone
Ye why not
Thanks bro's

It started in October, but it was so special to me; this girl was the first one to make me forget about my first girlfriend, someone I was with for 3 years.
>go out with a few friends one weekend
>at pre-drinks, I see this absolutely gorgeous girl sitting on the lounge
>could not stop staring at her, she was perfect! Her eyes sparkled when she smiled, and when she smiled, she would look around the room and it was just infectious
>too nervous to talk to her
>anyway get really drunk, and go out clubbing
>dancing with friends, this girl was making out with some dude earlier in the night so I kind of just forgot about her
>after about an hour, she comes up to our group to dance
>she literally grabs me pushes me against the club wall and makes out with me
>go back to my room (we live on the same base)
> tell her I would text her next morning (didn't plan to, but something about her sparked my interest)
> go for a date next night at the town markets, talk for hours it's going great
>go on 3 day OP overseas
> come back she tells me how much she's missed me etc
> go out that weekend with friends
>she's cuddly and won't leave my side for about an hour and a half
>she asks me to get her a glass of water as she's drunk
>go get it, look for her, disappeared, find her at bar making out with some dude
>I tap her on the shoulder and said what the fuck, and walked out
>she came over to my room the next morning and apologised, said she blacked out and remembered nothing from that night; doesn't remember even seeing me.
> forgive her as we're not even together
>fast forward 3-4 weeks, we were exclusive but not official, all friends knew
> went out again with friends, we had an argument as she hadn't talked to me for like two days (ignoring texts)
Just going to mention we literally had spent almost every night together, and she kept telling me how quickly I was becoming an important part of her life
>anyway, out with friends, we had an argument about not talking
>she goes home with my friend (lives in room next to me, we'll call him S)
> I had gone home early cause I had work next day, but stayed up talking to a friend (call them C)
>walked past his room, heard her moaning
>started screaming for S to come out, he refused, til C came out, took me downstairs to talk
>went back up to my room, found S hiding in C's closet
>ripped him out and started laying into him until C pulled me off
>next morning ignore the girl, and all day
>Sunday comes (we went out Friday)
>she comes over and says that it was the biggest mistake and wake up call for her ever
>she tells me she only wants me and no one else, and that she would never lie to me or cheat on me again
>goes out next weekend, some guy tries to kiss her she says no. I believe her
>hear from friends a few weeks later that's not how it went down; she grabbed him and kissed him, then she saw our friends looking, pushed him away and told them not to tell me
>forgive her again, because I'm fucking pussy whipped and I really like this girl
>She met my mother a couple weeks later, got along really well, spent the night together; pillow talk about how she can't wait for us to be serious and how happy I make her and she's never had anyone treat her this well
>Few days later, she tells me that she is not ready for commitment and that I deserve better, but she doesn't want me out of her life because I'm too important to her
>find out the next from a friend that she went out the night before meeting my mum and hooked up with "multiple guys"
>she denies it and starts crying
>decided on Thursday that she and I are not going to have any communication for a week, so she can decide exactly what she wants from us
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>she went out couple weeks after that, with four dudes and snap chatted the whole night to me
>i cooked dinner for a few friends a few nights after that, and she came but she was vegetarian so I had to make her a different dish.
>as I was cooking up her meal, she literally got in her car and left
>she texted me an hour later telling me she had to go see her sister and she was on her way back
>so I finished cooking her dinner
>she went straight to bed, didn't even come get the dinner, so I took it to her room
>she ate it and didn't even thank me
>Stopped talking to her for about 3 weeks
>I'm leaving the state for a different posting
>Hear stories about her dating a new guy.
>she texts me asking if she can say goodbye to me before I leave, and make everything better
>she asks if she can come over to my place, I say no, and we meet for coffee.
>she tells me I drive her crazy, all she's thought about is me, she's totally in love with me and wants me back
>ask her about new guy, she says they were just a fling, nothing more
>she was just staring at me all during the coffee. I lent over and kissed her, got passionate, realised immediately my mistake, excused myself and left
>she texts me two days later asking if she can come over and talk
>accept, she comes over and we end up sleeping together
>she comes over the next day after that and says she wants to continue us having a relationship, but doesn't want to be exclusive and wants to continue dating his other guy, because she thinks she has feelings for him
>told her to fuck off and get out of my room.
>she texts me later saying she's changed her mind. (This is December 31), and wants me to be her New Years kiss.
>happily accept. "Maybe things will be different and she's changed"
>get to the club with a bunch of my friends at about my 11:45, get a drink, see girl with her friends, I smile at her, she just looks away.
Pic related to next part; have another photo to add to next part as well
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>30 seconds to countdown, I go to walk over to her, she stares at me and wraps her arms around some guy. Continues staring at me.
>stares at me and kisses him.
>completely destroys me. My friend sees, and gives me a pity kiss, to make me feel better (did the opposite)
>start dancing with my friends; the girl keeps getting close to me and kissing this guy making sure I'm watching.
> I walk out to the smokers area with one of my friends, she follows me and sits 5m with guy and continues making out with him. Waits until I look over, takes him by the hand and leaves the club.
>I left and went and slept in my car; got a text from her the next morning saying that she hopes I'm happy and I made her jealous and that's why she did it
>her friend told her she saw me kissing some girl, and she should kiss and go home with the guy to make me jealous.
Ever since then, I've just been so broken, no idea what to do.

Decided to be a cunt, cause that was the most pathetic apology ever. No idea what she was trying to achieve
Ignore her anon. Seriously. Don't reply to her, don't let her in your house, don't meet up to talk to her. Had a bitch like this before she got busted for shoplifting Kek. She doesn't like YOU, she likes the power she holds over you. Maybe start something with that friend, she seems interested. Best relationship I've had was from a woman like that
Thanks /b/ro. I'm moving to a completely different state at the end of this week so that'll help with cutting her away. Nah my friend isn't interested, she's in love with someone else in our group, and ended up hooking up with someone else that night, plus I'm not really interested in her either
That's some evil shit, avoid her as much as possible
Ah ok. Good luck anon. At least your ex isn't your best friend's 19 year old sister
Nah but she is 19. Probably why she's so immature to be honest.
Yeah, I honestly have no idea what she's thinking. How can someone be so cruel?
Age has nothing to do with maturity. Women are immature because they don't have to usually face the consequences of their actions
God, you text like a bitch. You deserved that shit.
So they don't get better with age ?
This happened a few years ago:
>be me
>high school
>second year
>meet a cute new girl
>we instantly took an interest to each other, not necessarily a romantic interest but more of friendship
>sit together in class, hang out all the time, texting 24/7 etc
>one day she just kinda starts sitting a lot closer to me
>puts hands on my lap, even her legs sometimes
>one day we were just playing around mid class, eventually our hands meet
>we both hold on, neither of us lets go
>idk why I did it, just kinda felt good?
>anyway we start doing that shit on a regular basis
>eventually we start dating
>meet parents, all of that crap
>everything seems fine despite the normal arguments that might occur in a relationship
>then comes my most hated summer to date
>summer started off well
>just same old with her
>then mid way through it she just stops texting as much
>first I thought she was busy
>till she only became available at late hours (midnight)
>she goes away for 3 weeks
>while away she tells me her mother has been having issues, suffers from depression and such
>also says she (the girl, not the mom) is going to have heart surgery
>comes back from trip
>doesn't say she's back or anything, doesn't say anything at all
>I text her and she just gives quick responds, you know, those responses that kill off the conversation without being rude
>get mad
You do realise this was after she was a cunt. I was just repaying the favour
>don't wanna talk to her either at this point
>try to distract myself
>succeeds too much and ends up forgetting surgery
>day of said surgery, no text from her yet
>all of the sudden
>around midnight
>"surgery went well, if you're even wondering"
>feel like shit
>she forgives
>still keeps ignoring me
>eventually I wanna meet up to find out Wtf is going on
>says due to the stress of her mum's illness and such she wants to break up cause the relationship is also causing stress and she can't take it
>see her a day later with a dude who she previously called "just a friend" on a local fair I went to try and distract myself

Worst experience of my life, but even worst was next, but thankfully final, year, since we were in the same class and such
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i agree in my country (uk) women can go out get preggers and then live off of welfare, all without needing a man to be in their lives, so they don't need any commitment what-so ever
fuck her best friend.

thats what i did to my bitchy ex. i think it may have caused her to become depressed, serves her right.
It sucks bro, they always seem to just move on so quickly and not even care that you're left behind, completely broken and forgotten
Dude, come on. Fucking get over it. There's no reason to act like that. That chick was a stupid retarded whore. Better yourself and move on. No reason to act like that and feel bad for yourself.
Yeah I know. I realise now I was being immature myself. I probably should have just ignored her text and left it
Not really that she just moved on, people joked around about them two having an affair, obviously I didn't take it seriously at the time but after that it made sense
Yes. Don't get sucked into that shit. Any chick like that isn't worth your time. Stop posting on this shit hole and have some confidence in yourself.
You're right. I've been on /b/ since '10. I've had breaks every now and then but I always find myself coming back
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lol no!
they just get saggier and baggier and usually have more emotional baggage (i'e kids to different dads who they are emotionally tied to )
Next time just try and not let your emotions get the best of you. Not all women are cunts. Good luck. You'll find someone. Just stop wasting time on stupid whores that don't derserve it.
Thanks, that's really helped. I prefer the brutal honesty to be honest, also
Ahh damn man, that sucks
I'm on mobile so no greentext. Been dating this girl since she was in high school (she was 17 I was 21). We got along great, we were together all the time. Then she started going to college. Local CC, she actually ended up closer to where I lived. At first, I thought her not talking to me would pass. As it kept going on, her never wanting to talk or be together, I started getting suspicious. Then my sister's friend sent me a pic of her with another guy's arm around her (I also hadn't gotten any since she went to college). Shortly after this we break up. The real kick in the ass is she was seeing another Different guy less than 48hrs after we split. Found this out from her brother, who I'm still good friends with. He hadn't believed what I'd told him about her, then that opened his eyes.
>be in a weird relationship
>not even sure how long it was cause it just sort of happened
>both of us claim we're together but we routinely take these weird breaks where we don't see or talk with each other but one or both of us fuck around with other people
>seems like we come back to each other more out of habit or boredom or maybe for a sense of normalcy
>sex isn't great, relationship ain't great, and my emotional health seems to suffer when around her for no particular reason
>decide to call it off
>she seems okay with this and we both sort of fall back into fucking around with random people
>life for whatever reason suddenly seems like shit no matter what i do
>on top of that every "boyfriend" my ex gets tries to kick my ass in cause apparently she's spreading rumors that i beat her or generally mistreated her
>luckily shes into small pretty boys and i grew up in country so its more of a hassle than anything
>"attacks" eventually peter out and life goes on but that empty emotionless feeling is still there
>next 3ish years suck
Luckily i fell in with 2 chicks with a similar empty spot in their lives and 6 years later we're still together. Family even welcomed both of them with open arms this christmas.
>Be relationship with girl for year and half
>She wants to go to college, I think about going to do postgrad
>Get in to a program about an hour away in a different place
>Excited to move to a new place and start new lives
>Relationship always been very up and down. One minute great, the next screaming arguments
>Never should have happened in the first place
>Over summer she starts getting very close with one of my good friends I've known for years
>Don't want to be that guy, they hang out whilst I'm hanging out with others
>This motherfucker smokes my ciggies and drinks my beers whilst I'm hanging out with him
>Relationship goes to shit, she breaks up with me
>Or at least I think I did
>Go on Tinder because I'm in an emotional mess
>Someone doesn't know background tells her they saw me on the app
>We were living together so despite her telling me it was over many times, it usually just worked itself out
>She goes spare
>Weeks before she leaves are nice, we get on well
>Tells me she wants a break before she leaves

>At airport, both cry at each other telling each other its gonna be ok.
>Tells me when I get to my college, we will meet up and talk about things.
>she is going to this guys place (he is at the college she is going to) to stay a month before she can move into dorms
>See pictures of them - loads had been appearing over the summer anyway
>a week after leaving, she messages me whilst I am at work on facebook telling me it is over
>Luckily am in server room
>Lock door, panic attack
>Remove both from my social media
>Paranoia for weeks they were seeing each other
>A month or so after, brother tells me he sees them go 'facebook official'
>Misery gets worse
>Come home for christmas, see them both a couple of times
>Both just stare right through me, ignore me
>Paranoid what she tells everyone about me
>Fucking hate everyone

Like, I wasn't perfect at times, but neither was she. And he fucking just betrayed me. I'd be happy to forgiv and forget as I should, but part of me wants to violently murder the fucking pair of them and then myself.
>Met girl at work
>We were perfect for each other
>I had a girlfriend
> After friendship got to be too intense I had to break it off
>Didn't want to mess things up with girlfriend
>A month later girlfriend breaks up with me to go join the Navy
> A month after that I wish the other girl happy birthday
> We meet up the play some vidya gaems
> A few months in I knew this was the girl I was gonna marry as soon as I could take care of us
>2 awesome years later I get laid off in a big corporate merger
>we live in a small country town so not a lot of opportunity
>we decide to move to a large city in the state hours from anyone we know
>we struggle for the first year as we try to find work and get on our feet but we survive
>her mom moved a few states away and she went to visit her
>while she is gone I accept a great job and buy the ring
>she comes back different
>she accepts
>2 weeks later I come home for lunch and her shit is all gone
>she met a guy when she was with her mom for five days and she moved with her mom to be with this guy
>Boom, headshot
>I move quickly to forget 3 years and look for the rebound
>3 months and two girlfriends later she comes back
>grass wasnt greener on the other side and we all make mistakes
>we are better than ever we get back on track with the ring
>we get a lot off our chests and things are great
>notice her taking an interest in one of our guild members in the MMO
>don't take much stock in it until she begins acting weird
>confront her and she gives legit reasons for contacting this guy outside the game
>try not to be the jealous guy I was in round one because that is one reason she left
>wedding ring is getting upgraded
>she is supposed to pick it up
>call to see if it is alright
>no answer
>never picked up from store
>go home to find all her shit gone again
>she drove to move in with this guy 1100 miles away she only met in an MMO
>he's married, kicks his wife and small child out
Of course I still have the ring, which btw you can hardly give away let alone sell
She has contacted me many times since then, but even though I still feel the same way, I can't go through that again so I keep her at a distance.

Clearly the fact that you know that she has a night boyfriend and how often they see each other is an indicator that your obsession is the healthy way to go. Keep up the suffering op, you're doing great. Keep cucking yourself each time you F5 that Facebook page. You're the real MVP.
Take acid and simply.. break free
Also this, for ever winner there is a loser
If she ever comes back, kick her fucking whore head in.

Fucking manipulative bitch. My mother did similar things to my father, and fuck me I want to murder her.
At least she didn't betray you for an art major. Mine thought an ART MAJOR was an improvement over me. What do you think that's done to my self-esteem?
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Do it. Kill them now.

You're a bigger man than I am, anon. After the first fuck up I would have completely shut the fucking door. Hope you have the capacity to learn, because clearly she doesn't.
hahaha she did tho

I hope her mental illnesses start acting up and both of the faggots suffer.
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Thread images: 11

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