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Soundcloud thread? Constructive criticism is welcome https

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Soundcloud thread? Constructive criticism is welcome

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watch this.

listening to your first track. it's shit. listen to good music before trying to make your own.
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haha u rite

its not about being famous though its about making music that I love and am proud of
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nice b8 m8
if you become a shitty no name with absolutely no growth in the next couple of years, its not like i'll care
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Its not like Ill care either. I make music because I like to make music, thats really about it
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download (1).jpg
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What about mine?


Two more new tracks up including new years freestyle
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god dope man
absolutely mediocre
it sounds like you're afraid of leaving your element. try doing that and putting more feeling in your music.
>>717627561 Not bad, it's a good start.

Check out my shithole
Some quick feedback on my first studio track?
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I like it. Especially your chill shit man. You should focus on more of that in my opinion
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Its different but I feel it m8
Sounds like kayne but worse. Kinda goes hard occasionally though.
Fuck, thanks man! I'll take note of that and start making chill stuff
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>said that to $uicideboys
now look at them
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haha love it man
Also, do you use Logic Pro X by any chance?
Chill stuff, will now check out your stuff

That fuckin slaps. I actually like that.
Aha. I always find good shit on these threads.
Some songs are in Logix Pro X on my laptop but most through FL studios ill admit im a scrub
Love the mood your shit is putting me in
Hahahah glichy and cool shit. Dig the overwatch samples
agree with this guy, best in the thread so far
Yall can't sing like me, Yall suck, I'm lit, Get on my level.. I wanna die hard

Havnt stopped laughing
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I got another. https://youtu.be/xtmDhgAV54g
Anyone use bandcamp? I was thinking about adding my tracks for free on there.
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I dig the retro feel youve got going on. Ive never thought of using anything outside Soundcloud. Anyone else have any experiences?
Well damn, looks like I need to buy a shitbook pro to run Logic Pro X again and make more stuff to put on soundcloud.
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I tried a few tracks on bandcamp. Actually made a few bucks. But im not sure how exposure works. Im not into soundcloud as much anymore since they took groups away. I found a lot of cool shit in group shares.

One last one from me.
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I made this after a 3 year break up with my girl. It was a while ago but a lot of real emotions and drugs went into this one
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Ill take youre advice anon and try out bandcamp. Love your retro shit man
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Thanks man. If anyone needs followers just follow me and ill repost ur stuff for a while. Good luck guys. https:// soundcloud.com/dos-88/tracks
Pretty sweet man. Whats this type of music called? Followed you
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This is a capture of HIgh frequency radio traffic from the Global Thunder 2014 STRATCOM exercise. This is what a nuclear war sounds like as it starts.

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https://soundcloud.com/flumpymusic i'm pretty awesome for dubstep.
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>Spaghetti Western

Been working on this for a while now, could really use some fresh ears on it. Any feedback would be super appreciated
Kill or be killed is literally the real estate song in the thread!

your welcome
I dig it keep it up
/b/ros check out my playlist, drop a like

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Thank you!, I do not know, ambient or chillout maybe
Dirty Herb x Nasty Nate - It's Lit (Prod. KingWill Music) - SoundCloud - Listen to Dirty Herb x Nasty Nate - It's Lit (Prod. KingWill Music) by Dirty Herb #np on #SoundCloud
eventually vocals will be added over the top, for now it's just instrumental
Music video to spraytan

bumping again ffs
can you give it a listen please? i'd like some useful input

Anyone feel free to give my recent a listen as my mom said it was super talented.

I never really post my soundcloud anywhere
constructive criticism welcome!
ok, while i don't agree with the message, i really like this song. it's catchy, the rhymes are good. not really a fan of country in general, but i like this
Check out my new music video!

Also here's my SoundCloud.

Will return all feedback on SoundCloud.

>hip hop for people in forty Facebook groups
>rappers who own body pillows
>headphone album that'll bump your trunk
>what if Mase was into shoegaze
>double proto post ironic drone rap
your music sounds like drag music
this isn't a youtube thread mang
Thread posts: 62
Thread images: 30

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