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First gay experience stories. >Be 13 >New school new friend

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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First gay experience stories.

>Be 13
>New school new friend
>Staying at his house
>Sleeping on floor next to his bed
>Hear steady fabric rustling
>I ask, what are you doing?
>He says jacking off
>So I start doing the same
>He asks what are you doing
>I say jacking off
>He says prove it, I say give me you hand
>I guide his hand to my cock
>My hand finds its way to his cock
>Slow soft handjobs are happening
>He starts moving off the bed
>He crawled under my blankets
>Holy shit, warm mouth on my cock...
i told you never to tell anyone we did that
wtf steve you know that at least half our class uses 4chan :'c
why is /b/ so gay?
Summer 2010, my friend. The consequences have never been the same since.
At my cousins house when i was younger. He was about seven years older. We were laying in bed and he takes my hand a puts it on his hard dick. Idk what to do so i just leave my hand on it. He tells me to turn around and sticks his hand down my pants. Hes feeling on my ass and starts playing with my dick. I get instantly hard. We take turns jacking each other off. Later he had me suck his dick. It was okay.
But nothing special happened summer 2010?

>He sucks me off for a while
>I tell him to lay down on his bed
>I slide his cock in my mouth
>I can't believe this is happening
>After a minute or so he spins around
>We are now in a 69
>That's all it takes
>We are simultaneously cumming in each other's mouth
First gay encounter
>be 14
>staying at friends house overnight
>truth or dare with him and his brother
>jack eachothet off
>suck eachothers dick and balls
>I end up on all fours while friend jacks off onto my asshole

No more gay encounters for 10 years (I am bi but 99% go for women)
>random craigslist guy
>he is old 50+ and fat
>comes over, blows me, I fuck him fir a bit.
>I make him drive me to gas station for beer, (too drunk to drive) blow him on the way back home.
>he tries to fuck me but he is too much of a bottom to get it in and I am too tight
>we did basically the same thing one more time then he moved

3rd gay experience
>another random craigslist guy
>young but really fat
>mostly a bottom but a couple times he managed to fuck me
>after fucking me once I did AtM and let him cum in my mouth, it was gross af
>blew him until he came in my mouth one more time, still gross af
>not sure if cum is gross or just unhealthy fat guy cum

Last gay experience
>fat guy and 9/10 hot girl approach me at bar
>end up going to her parent's giant lakeside mansion
>we all go skinnydipping in lake and hottub
>fool around with her all night
>all 3 of us go to her room
>I eat her out while he sucks my dick
>she gets turned off when he starts eating my ass
>we go back to his shitty mobile home, I fuck him, he can't fuck me
>hook up with him a couple more times, he is too much of a bottom boi to ever do anything to me so I grow bored (with women I am dominant but with men I prefer to be a bit more submissive however I can only ever find fat bottoms)

That's all of my gay experiences
yo know this is a story thread but should I start jacking off to gay furry porn or do keto to get fit or both
That was when the summerfags showed up and never left.
Gods above, how new are you?
>be 16 and a virgin
>download grindr
>talk to daddy-type guy, mid 40s and into the same things I'm into
>talk about jockstraps and whatever
>he's down to deflower me
>before going there he asks if he can do so and so to me
>long list, but basically he ended up wanting to shave my hole, tie me up and loosen me with toys
>agree wholeheartedly to this
>get there, he had me undress immediately
>takes me to his bathroom and gets my ass all nice and smooth
>he's also fingering me whenever he can
>end up in his bedroom and handcuffed to his bedpost
>asks if he can fuck raw since it's my first time
>sure lol
>get hiv
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Too embarrassed to sue at that time right?
My first experience was with my father when I was about 5 or 6.
>Thinks they showed up and never left in 2010
>being this much of a newfag
>be 15, virgin, week long camping trip with parents
> go to shower house first night
> 45-50 yo sees me and says "nice dick"
> uh, thanks
> he asks me how big it is hard
> he starts jerking his dick, much bigger than mine, maybe 8 inches
>he sees me staring
> "come over here" he places my hand on his cock, cant fit all the way around
>he guides me into jerking him
> he starts jerking me at the same time
i think /b/ has become a haven for everyone. we've shitposted so much here, shitposting no longer exists. it's just normal posting
For real?
always remember kids, practice safe faggoting
good friend of mine blew me in a bed when i was blackout drunk, havent talked about it since and he now has a boyfriend.
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only touch another man's penis if you're in a committed relationship with him
there's porn for every other feeling you have

>tfw no bf
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My experiences go from boring to nearly unbelievable

Here's some context before starting: I discovered masturbation when I was 8 and from there became a horny little freak, fapping twice a day, thinking about it all the time (but of course not without its share of guilt and self-promises that I would stop, but this part is not the topic). It took me years to accept my high sex-drive and my fantasies, and to "connect the dots" to understand and embrace I am just a horny sissy slut with weird transsexual desires.

>be 10
>field trip with class
>share bedroom with two friends
>first night
>have last talk before bed
>show each others dick and laugh
>puberty had already started for me
>my dick started developing while theirs were still tiny
>they laugh at my "weird" adult penis
>we turn the lights off and go to bed
>time to fap
>an idea gets in my head and I can't get it out
>heart is pounding
here is the moment I consider I switched from childhood to adulthood sexually
>"You guys wanna see something gross?"
>I get out of bed
>I turn the lights on
>I'm standing before them like pic related, completely naked and rock hard
>they're laughing but can't stop watching
>I pull my foreskin as a last act of nakedness
>my cock is throbbing, my glans is swelling, I'm shaking like a leaf, offered to their stare
>I'm too shy to do anything more
>I go back to bed and fap as silently as possible thinking about what I just did

There was this twink that lived on the same floor as me in our college dorm. He'd always fucking sing while taking a shower. The dorm had a bathroom on each floor, with four curtained shower stalls each. Anyway, I was curious and he was a pretty attractive blonde guy, and he'd playfully hit on me before. So, one day, I heard him singing in the shower from my room and decided to go over to the bathroom. I brought a condom, stripped down, and jumped in with him. He was very surprised. And then we fucked.
I was 20 I was talking to some guy that was 18 we met up were he lived he gave me head in his hallway while one of his neighbors walked in and saw him on his knees to me it was funny cause he never saw me again
>craigslist guy wants to jerk me
>go to office building, quiet, go in.
>his bosses office
>jerk each other, i cum on desk and we stop

>3 years later I pretty much do phone sex with other guys every week.

which, btw, i'll give you my number right now if you want to hear me cum.
I've never done it before what country you in
>Be 13
>Go camping
>Cousin with me
>We sleep next to each other
>Everyone are sleeping
>Get horny
>Dick solid hard and horny thinking
>Start to jack off
>Cousin wakes up
cont ?
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cont. >>717567158
>be 11
>whenever I can find porn this unconsciously happens:
>rarely identify with the actors
>get envious of the actresses
>fascinated with the female body and female pleasure
>want to experience sex as a girl
>have first ejaculations
>just as my penis, my loads quickly get "adult-sized"
>like 4-5 big ropes of cum
>parents' tissue budget doubles
>have fun with my newfound ability
>give myself self-facials
>cum in my mouth and swallow
>to do just like in porn
>new fetish unlocked: cum

>enter middle school
>make a new friend
>go to his place for the first time
>parents not there
>play vidyas
>show each others dicks
>his is still tiny
>he tells me he can't get it hard (maybe a lie)
>he tells me he never faps (maybe a lie)
>get myself hard to show him
>ask him to touch it
>surprisingly, he grabs my cock without any hesitation
>his soft hand around my hard cock feels like heroin
>heart is pounding
>can't believe what I'm about to say:
>"You know I can shoot sperm?"
>he doesn't believe me (or maybe it was a dare)
>I undress
>lay on the floor and start stroking in front of him
>spurt a huge load all over my chest
>still remember his look and gasp of surprise
Gay men are men tired of women holding out on giving blow jobs and anal sex.

Lesbians are women to ugly (physically or emotionally) to get a man.
you could just listen if yo ureally wanted.
>hang out with mexican friend
>he sucks me off in my closet
>i was 9
>hang out with school friend
>i jerk him off in his sleeping bag
>we were 13
>hang out with Asian friend
>jerked off in his mouth in middle school bathroom
>he almost fucked my ass in shower on a band trip
>cuddled with him all night in the hotel
>we were 15
>my first true love
>hang out with druggie friend
>i jerk him off on our friend's bed
>we were 16
>first year of college
>dl grindr and bareback fuck black guy in showers

I have so many more, holy shit.
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First gay experience was kind of gay but not really at the same time

>Be 15
>sitting in car with friend in empty parking lot at 1 am smoking pot
>very illegal, can't have another minor in the car on a driver's permit, + pot is illegal + DUI
>see cop pull up behind us and get out of his car
>didn't realize it at the time, but it was kind of really suspicious looking, a lone car parked in an empty parking lot of a store that was closed
>throw pot on the floor
>pull shirt off
>pull friend's shirt up
>Start kissing his chest
>cop arrives at window
>sees what we're doing
>knocks on window
>tells us he'll give us 10 minutes to finish and if we're not gone by the time he pulls back around we'll be in trouble
>cop leaves
>friend and I laugh our asses off and leave
>mfw first gay experience was "fake gay" to hide a crime
Greentexted in a thread yesterday how I had lewd twink sexytime with a Melbourne boy from 4chan yesterday, but I forgot to save it. It was a pretty shitty greentext anyway, I guess.

tldr: where the qt aussies at
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Well we all start somewhere. Im a trans/mental patient/ faggot now and 19. Started like this
>be 13 with friend who is 12
>playing runescape at his place all night
>go online fir tutorial
>porn tab open to hentai on his computer
>lmao whatever both good buds and chill about it
>watch some together
>little boners engaged
>we compare sizes l
>mine was bigger, bout 9 inches now
>just paling around in the nude now because fuck it
>hentai on the monitor and dicks out we start talking about girls
>hes little chubby and im bone ass skinny with long hair
>both cringe lord faggots
>he pulls up a trap video
>"look anon same hair and eyes and bone thin, looks like you in a dress but anime form!"
>laugh it off and he gets an idea
>family was at a halloween party and they drink a lot so just us all night
>gets a small dress from his moms room
>i jokingly wear it
>actually looks good on me
>i look passible and feel cute
>he gets upset says he never had a gf and wont get one bwcause fat looser
>offer to be gf for the night
>we cuddle and play runescape
>feels really good
>hour into wc training he is bored switches to hentai trap
>both pretty horny
>wth here goes nothing
>i lean over and put his dick in my mouth
>feels awesome
>he reaches and plays with my ass
>sexy time

We fooled around a lot that night and did that shit for a while before he moved away. I loved being a bottom and dressing up. Thats me in the picture. Cont>>>>
On tonight's "Shit That Didn't Happen", a lifeless shut-in shitstain tells stories from TV or Film as a substitute for his own non-life.
>friend and I are horny 15 year olds
>hanging out in basement late one night
>parents are upstairs
>conversation turns to porn and jerking off
>friend says he's so horny he could jerk off right now
>heart starts racing
>say go for it
>says he needs some porn
>quickly find some shitty pics on computer
>he starts jerking off under his sweatpants
>say I'll join and start doing the same
>complains pants are too restrictive so he whips his cock out
>I do the same
>computer is on a desk open to the basement so we turn it off and go to my room
>he suggests jerking each other off
>lay naked beside each other
>pretty bad handjobs, simply jerking the shafts up and down.
>says he's going to cum
>I don't let go and get his load all over my hand

I have more stories if you guys are interested
everybody posting, no one reading
Please go kill yourself.
im impressed you actually look girly.
>that sharp chin can cut through iron
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Continued. So im 19 now i never took estrogen and i have fucked a couple girls to test the water. Still like guys more. Even got my ass to a good fit point and buy my own clothes.
no really guys, i can no longer cum alone need at least someone on the phone. 2015034440
itt: faggots that belong in gas chambers
holy shit
any more?
That's gay.
you're beautiful.
>be in 6th grade
>entire class goes on a week long trip to a science camp
>everyone stays in cabins with 6 boys together with an age 16 to 18 volunteer counselor.
>at the end of the day, each cabin takes turns using the showers.
>too shy to use the showers with everyone else, so make up an excuse to get out of it.
>later that night around midnight, need to use the toilet badly
>Wake up the counselor because you need to have an escort to be out after dark.
>get to the bathroom and try to pee, but he keeping watching
>"I know you didn't shower earlier like you were supposed to"
>"um no but it's ok I don't need to shower"
>"Yes you do. Get in there and do it now."
>"I don't wanna"
>"I didn't ask of you wanted to!"
>He grabs me and starts stripping my clothes off and pushes me in the shower.
>He gets naked too.
>He's putting soap all over me and touching me all over.
>His dick is rock hard and pushing into my back the entire time.
>It's finally over and he throws my clothes at me.
>"You better shower next time or we're going to do that in front of all your friends"
>Never told anyone what happened, but made sure to use the shower with everyone else the next night.
cont. >>717568054
At this point it gets a little repetitive for a while.
My friend was living next to our school and his mom was working late so we were at his place all the time.
It quickly became a habit for me to jerk off, or have sex games like strip poker. We were really shy and awkward though.
It lasted for 2 years then he changed school and we drifted apart.
Here's the highlight of these 2 years:

>at his place
>playing vidyas
>start fapping while he's playing because why not
>takes a quick look at me from time to time
>ask him to touch my cock
>he does
>ask him if he wants to make me cum
>he says yes
>get naked
>lay on the floor
>he kneels next to me, fully clothed
>grabs my cock and gives me my first handjob ever
>don't guide him
>let him do it all
>don't even tell him to slow down when I can feel the orgasm coming
>my brain is half fear, half red hot horniness
>look at his hand stroking my cock the whole time
>moan like a slut in front of him for the first time
>feel my cock cumming inside another hand for the first time
>ejaculate on my chest
>immediately feel awkward
>clean up and get dressed
>he sucks a drop of cum off his finger when he thought I wasn't looking

Unfortunately it never went further than that with him. I eventually gave him his first handjob too, but it went pretty much the same and is not worth telling.
>be me
>9 years old
>have a good friend,real short
>i was real horny kid
here goes the real story
>i come over to his house
>his mom isnt home,neither is his dad
>both really horny
>watching stuff on youtube grows into watching porn
>both really horny
>begin jerking off
>after a few jerk minutes,i suggest bottom shit
>he agrees
>i buttfuck him

not into gay shit anymore.
holy shit you're sexy as fuck
File: 1478781306685.jpg (61KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 633x758px
>mfw no straight but curious Boris to suggest bottom shit to me
just fuck my shit up fam
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1MB, 1536x2048px
Thank you haha i really try here i got nudes i took.
I'd do anything you wanted me to. Very nice
no shits given
i enjoy racist jokes
pls no boris
i drank too much vodka that day
I'd fuck you, even though I have a gf
Mmm hot as fuck, got any pics in the nude..?
He almost looks like a chick actually
You've become the thing you memed.
Nice peen and dubs.
Noticed you got guitars, what do you play?
100% agreed
what's your analslut xp level?
Your face is really attractive, I like your lips very much
>those lips will never kiss my dick
why even live
Where are you from ?
Interested in a guy with a 8 inch dick ?
this thread
>racist jokes
I feel bad now. Sorry rus anon
God Damn girl.
I'm "recently bi" And you make my dick diamonds...Almost having trouble accepting how sexy i find you....
Nigga don't lie. Fucking truth bombs
dont feel bad,i enjoy that kek
Only people who haven't worn off the novelty of being called a newfag give a shit about /b/.
New people didn't kill the board's "culture", the old people grew up and left with it.
File: 1483458011790-new.jpg (106KB, 640x854px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Great dick, where are you from?
> I will never suck that cock
what is the point in life anymore?
Ive never had a guy last over 5 minutes in my ass and i developed a fetish for cum deep inside... like far as you can push your dick in then cum. Plus you avoid the period shit and im low maintenance like a guy. Gamer too. Im better than a gf mayn
What state you in if you don't mind sharing?
I'd love to try and last longer
Where do you live?
Show your us you tiny hole pls
File: IMG_1507.jpg (125KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 960x960px
If you are in the detroit area maybe
Sorry anon you will find a trap one day
Mostely alt rock and prog metal, i like blues style. Imagine primus rage against the machine the black keys and jack white had a gay child...
File: IMG_1502.jpg (321KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321KB, 1280x960px
Its really hard to keep up with replies on mobile sorry if i miss some
fuck, wish u were in MN

i know i could last more than 5 minutes lol
What amp you play on?
got your music up anywhere?
never been hornier for a trap
great job
What's your name, gorgeous?
show boi pucci
>freshman in college
>nervous as fuck
>get dorm assignment
>paired with RA
>he's a junior
>not thrilled to be sharing his room
>i try to stay out of his way
>come home early because test day
>he's sitting in the living room on couch
>jacking off to porn on his laptop
>close the door in a panic
>head back to the stairs
>hear him call my name
>he starts bitching me out
>can't stop looking at his half hard cock in his boxers
>he notices me looking
>pulls his cock out
>I'm insanely embarrassed
>try looking away
>too late
>i start getting hard
>he starts stroking it
>"suck it. You know you want to."
>he puts his hand on my shoulder and pushes down
>i fight him at first
>get on my knees
>close my eyes
>start sucking
>he runs his fingers through my hair
>i relax
>thick cock swelling
>i can only suck on the tip
>he moans and grunts
>cock pulses in my mouth
>i taste cum for the first time
Any aussies looking for experiences?
Peavy and ive been playing 12 yrs but no recording. Kinda my own worst critic.
>>717570518 pic related>>717570948
No real name set i like Sophie
do you have any pic with painted nails? pls pls pls
>Be me
>Be 13
>Live rural, but not remote
>Hang out with guy I rode the school bus with that year.
>Usually just rode bikes and use his swimming pool
>Usually two more people too, but we were the oldest and hung out alone together more.
>His dad always working, mom usually home. Wasn't today.
>He suggests skinny dipping
>Sounds fun
>Jump in pool
>fucking hell its cold
>I crack a joke about his dick being in shrink mode.
>He responds by starting wrestling
>*sneaking suspicion where this could end up, since we watched porn together before*
>Picks me up
>Cock pretty much in his face
>He let me slip down, but kept close
*its gay now because our cocks were nice and snug next to each other
>my hands were on his chest, his hands were around my waist
>big old internal "fuck it", kiss him.
>My first experience was with my father when I was about 5 or 6.
will you chop your dick off and go full trans? :(
No i love my dick and females suck, trans people annoy me with there liberal shit and im broke. Im a gay cd guy who likes guys
That's a shame, you piqued the hell out of my interest with your description of what you play.
Personally I use amplitube, got literally over a hundred usable tones, it's pretty lit.
And again, nice peen.
>Brotherhood of Steel tattoo

I'm in Detroit area. Probably won't last more than 5min with you. Haha
My kik is throwmeaway987
Not sure if this is gay but here's my story: for New Years I went to Mexico to fuck some strippers, I fucked her real well however, her pussy was just too loose. She told me I was great and even thanked me for how great I was in bed but I learned she had 8 children and it all made sense. My dick was still ready for fucking and I went back across the border, found a decent looking tranny on CL and said fuck it. I felt dirty but once I got into her house I became a ducking machine. She wasn't super passable but I could not but he help slurp on that Dick and rub our dicks together. I turned her over and fucked and absolutely pounded that ass doggystyle. I grabbed on to her bra and was literally riding her like a horse. After she couldn't take my pounding anymore she took the condom off and began worshipping my Dick with her mouth to which I exploded in her mouth and she came on the rug. Trying to see her again tonite
so hot. Do you have a kik?
>hookup with this gay kid in my class after school
>friends with benefits type deal
>do it in the back of my car somewhere quiet
>foreplay time
>frotted cocks for about 5 minutes while kissing and feeling eachother up
>nice and wet now
>he's uncut and im not
>stick start licking his tip and moving his cock sleeve up and down
>start giving him a shitty blowjob
>really horny as fug now
>wanna fuck him so he lays on his back and pulls his legs back
>start pounding that ass
>blow my load in him
>finish him off by blowing him and he cums all over my face

Pretty much for the rest if the year we fucked like rabbits until he left for college
I'm gonna dump a few boybutt pictures a guy I talk to on Kik sent me.
Damn i would spend hours in your ass fucking you in so many positions but mote than anything i wanna cover both our cocks in oil and frot them together.
Btw your cock is now my new favorite cock
Do you have a kik or snapchat youre willing to share?
don't you respect the privacy of people you're talking to on kik?
Huge bos fan other tat is Rage against the machine.

Maybe we can meat up ill hit ya with deets
Haha ill record one day

SORRY GUYS i gtg i only get so much time for lunch break. No more replies from here
He won't mind, considering I found his Kik in a thread like this.

I wouldn't do it if I thought he'd have a problem with it.
Mental sick since you're 13? Kill yourself
Im in the Detroit area i didnt know they had traps here
>he moves his hands down to my ass and squeezes.
>omg tongue
>now fully making out
>quick pause to take a breath
>"let's go inside"
>get out of pool, start walking to pool house (more a garage, but it had a closet for towels and toys, and an upstairs with sofa/tv/vcr).
>tells me we're going to his room
>heart rate increases
>get to room
>start making out again
>I grab his cock
>get on knees
>start sucking
>*own that
>jerking/sucking/spitting on it like I'm eating food after starving
>tells me to get up
>he lies down on his back
>tells me to let him do it too
>little awkward, not going to lie. It was my first time getting head, and giving it at the same time felt kind of tricky
>He starts running his fingers around the rim of my asshole
>I moan
>He gets hard as a rock
Thread posts: 114
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