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first gay experience /b/

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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first gay experience /b/

Sucked a guys dick in a park bathroom. Really want to bottom some day. Wish that was a picture of my ass.
So hot. First time shit especially gay or trap is fucking cool.
Glory hole in a bath house in France.
>Be 6
>Friend 9
>Jump in moms bed
>He tell me it feels good to hump
>I'm not gay wtf
>It's ok if we do not touch
>He starts stuffing his undies with stuffed animals
>Start stuffing my undies with animals aswell
>Hump away for 10 min
>Mom comes home
>Quickly takes the animals out of undies
>We say we just had a pillow fight with the animals
>This continued a few times untill I said I wasn't comfortable with it
>Never talked about it again
>be me 15yo
>have neighbor same age
>parents invite neighbor and his parents
>go play vidya with him
>he gets horny and starts jokingly asking to bj me
>im like wat no haha
>he gets more serious and rubs his penis
>i end up imagining whats its like
>ok its on
>start fapping with him, he faps me i fap him
>feels great, i then go to topic
>ok you suck me first i say
>he proceeds to suck me really badly, still feels great as fuck
>i cum a lot, i surprise him but he swallows
>my turn, i suck his dick like porn taught me, he cums buckets
>dryhump eachothers jeans till we cum in our jeans

So that was my first and only gay experience. I felt like shit afterwards and never spoke with him about it.

Ahahahahahaha faggot. In Saudid Arabia you will be killed for that.
Ass is for exit only not for a dick. Did you expect to have kid with your anus? Silly faggot
>be 20
>have a clearly gay roommate
>drunk passed out on the couch one night
>I wake up to see my roomate sitting on my naked rubbing his ass on my crotch
>kinda lay their shocked
>have a boner
>he just looks over his shoulder and reaches down and pulls my basketball shorts down
>I just sort of go with it
>he lowers himself ontu me
>I grab his waist and let him bounce
>end up pounding my faggy roommates ass for a few minutes
>he leaves
>i go to my room and have a shower.

we never spoke of it or did it again. only gay shit ive ever done, I have a long term GF now.
Blowing dick is better than blowing yourself up Jamal.
not gay but that's kinda hot when read.

In reality it might be weird
Nobody cares what a paki shithole thinks

My girlfriend uses sex toys on me. That's about as gay as it gets for me.
>be me 13
>stayed the night with a friend
>his sister was gone, so i sleep in her room
>find her undies and stuff
>put them on
>friend catches me
>he says it's cool....he does the same thing
>he gets dressed in her things
>we notice each others boner
>start fapping
>end up 69ing
>both cum at same time
>both swallow
>he goes back to his room
>i lay there in sis's bed and fall asleep wearing her panties, pantyhose, and bra
Moar pics with cumfilled assholes!!!

Today, on Things That Never Happened!
i kekd
And the opinions of brain washed religious goat fuckers that fund terrorism is superior in what way...?
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closet stories.png
152KB, 1252x740px
File: 1455085103186.png (258KB, 457x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>dryhump eachothers jeans till we cum in our jeans
nice, thanks for sharing
awww....someone sounds jelly
>be me, 16
>staying at friends house for the night
>up late watching HBO, and Real Sex comes on
>horny teens, of course watching and getting harder
>I start rubbing hard cock through pj bottoms, look over and friend is doing the same
>start switching between watch tv and watching each other
>eventually the cocks come out and we're just jerking it in front of each other
>look at tv and some chick is jerking off a guy and then goes down on him
>really curious now, so I reach out and start playing with friends cock
>he's half black, so nice looking cock, hardly any hair
>he leans back and starts enjoying hand job
>I see beautiful cock I figure "why not", lean down and take the head of his cock into my mouth
>not bad, I can taste a little pre cum, he's really digging it, so I start working it like the chick on tv
>friend starts moaning and squirming, obviously enjoying it
> after a few minutes he lets loose a massive load straight down my throat
>fucking delicious!!
I don't know why it tasted so good, haven't tasted cum that good since.
>he "falls asleep" right after, I finishjerking of
>he gets weird with me afterwards at school.... doesn't want to really hang out
He asked me to suck him off a few months later, and I did, but then we drifted apart.

>>tastes good

Lots of fruits and water. Probably didn't eat out much or eat a lot of greasy shit food. You haven't tasted anything that good because it's rare to meet someone who doesn't eat garbage 50% of the time.
So only boy on boy?
i'd like to hear a girl on girl story
> In Saudid Arabia you will be killed for that.

don't you dress young boys as girls and fuck them?

that's literally the best thing about the 3rd world
>be me
>have a guy ive had a crush on since gradschool over, we'll call him Thomas
>became good friends in highschool
>both 16
>my parents are out of town
>Thomas: "i'm bored anon"
>Anon: "what do you wanna do"
>Thomas: "well... i know something"
>starts pulling of his shorts and boxers while laying on the couch
>the couch is a fold out couch is it is pretty much a big square cusion at this point
>he's already hard
>make eye contact for a second
>fuck it
>possision myself in between his legs
>grab by the base of his cock then lick its head
>look back up at him and then stick it in my mouth
>can feel him getting harder in my mouth
>getting really turned on
>after about 5 minutes he say "wait here"
>he gets up and gets his bag that he brought
>i had notice earlier that evening that he had brough an extra pair of cloths, i though that was a bit weird
>pulls out a condom
>asks "do you wanna"
>i nod yes
>fully takes ofhis boxers and puts on the condom
>has a little trouble putting it on
>must have been his first time too
>i get on my hands and knees on the couch
>he sticks his dick in my ass
>hurts like a motherfucker
>kinda slide forward to get away from the pain
>he asks me what wrong
>i say that it hurt a lot
>realize that that made me seem like a total pussy
>i had never had anything that big up my ass before
>i go to find lube
>best i can find is baby oil
>get back on my hands and knees
>he re-enters
>much smoother this time
>he fucks me slowly for a few minutes
>he must be getting into it becuase he grabs my sides and starts fucking me a lot harder
>starts to hurt a little but i wasnt about to stop him now
>he eventually cums and pulls out
>he says "there is shit everywhere"
>im embarressed out of my fucking mind
>didn't bother to do any cleaning prior to him comming over bc I didn't think I would be taking it in the ass :/
>i didnt think i would be getting fucked in the ass that night so i didn't bother to clean up there
>say im really sorry
>he says that its alright, it is a asshole afterall
>also out of the blue he says he is not gay or bi
>comfused as fuck i decide to go take a shower while he cleans himslef up
>come back down stairs
>"hey anon, wanna play a game"
>"uhh sure"
>play gta
>have never talked about it or done anything else like that with oneanother since
I think young girls messing around with each other is more common though.
Like every sleepover we'd make out with each other.
When I was young young a childhood friend and I would roleplay/ kiss play with each others nips etc.
All this young gay reminiscing is getting me wanting to go down to the local porn theater and get a little guy on guy action.
File: dude.png (79KB, 181x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 181x218px
I've never shared this story with anyone

>be like 11 or 12
>hotel across street and owner lets us swim at their pool sometimes
>be there late at night with best friend and brother
>they start sucking each other off, because hurdur horny 12 yo
>this goes on the next few times we're there
>I always just tell them it's fucked and never join them
>one day they somehow convince me to join them
>tfw I sucked my brothers dick, and my best friends
>some time later my brother even convinced me to enter him, just once
>tfw I did

I'm no longer friends and my brother is a junkie. Man what a life. I wish I could go back, just, holy fuck, fuck me. I can't belie I have to live with this.
File: 12425353645.png (516KB, 1021x839px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
516KB, 1021x839px
oh you HAVE to greentext some stuff

Homosex is rampant in muslim countries due to guys not being able to hang out with girls. Once puberty hits they start jacking each other off (no other option)
Allahu Akbar!
>sleepover at mary's
>rich girl with large house
>we always have bottom floor to ourselves
>as the night drags on we always somehow get into a circle and start talking about lewd stuff
>I've got everyone fooled and they think I'm the most experienced with lewd stuff
>I teach everyone to kiss making out with each friend
>one girl is really bad and drooly so I give up on her
>later when we finally sleep I spoon and kiss one girl rubbing her through her pjs

Not a good sexy story teller really
Was nice in memories though
I was molested by my doctor from age 8 to 13...I guess that counts
Why didn't you finger in the pooper?
Logged onto 4chan in 2009, gayest thing I've ever done
m/f ?
>later when we finally sleep I spoon and kiss one girl rubbing her through her pjs

goddamn i'm hard

Any more stories? when's the first time you ate another girl's pussy?
Didn't get into bum stuff till I was older.
Plus we were like 12? Kissing and rubbing was lewd enough.
kek, we all homosex now.
You're on /b/ 12 was plenty old enough kek.
First time I did that was really young with my little sister. Dunno why but I just let her do it. Felt odd like I needed to pee.
I was In Vegas and had a hungry hole even back then. I bottomed for a nice silver haired daddy. Now I have a bbc fuckbuddy who loves pounding me <3
>few months ago
>set up meeting
>go to his house
>watching tv and talking
>start taking off my clothes
>put his dick in my mouth
>instant regret
>go home

I want to try it again but I dont know why i couldnt do it.
>be me
>hang out at friends house play super smash for Wii I
>2 in the morning
>everyone's sleeping
>not much room so sleep next to bro
>start feeling myself
>notice bro moves closer to me
>slowly put hand on hip
>inch forward
>grab dick
>he grabs mine
>end up 69ing
>other bros don't wake up
>both cum at same time
This continued for months
greentext some anal story anon :3
I met a guy off Craigslist and sucked his djck.
details/greentext. did he get caught?

Congratulations, you are a raging homosexual faggot
>be 11 or 12
>best friend same age
>best friends since age 5
>hang out daily and have sleepovers constantly
>at my house
>hanging with my older brother (maybe 14)
>decide to play truth or dare
>hesitant at first, but we do it
>innocent stuff at first
>show dick
>show ass
>strip to underwear
>brother is really the one going farther and farther each time
>me and friend end up completely naked for rest of game
>brother had both of us bend over and spread our asses apart multiple times
>dares my friend to let him suck his dick
>tries but friend thinks he has to pee
>brother says he doesn't mind
>sucks friends dick while drinking his piss
>i'm uneasy with the whole situation
>brother keeps daring friend to do more and more
>dares friend to fart in his mouth
>kept getting weirder from there, so I stopped and went to bed
>never played truth or dare with my brother again
>kept playing truth or dare with my friend afterwards
did you return the favor on her?
>be me
>be 12
>suck 12 yo friends dick in toilet
I've jacked off and made out with other guys in the shower before

One of them turned me on to wearing jockstraps and now that's all I wear. Well trunks too but I love jockstraps.

I bought myself a dildo and I've been training myself to use it, so far it's been my favorite thing to do when I'm horny. Practice my oral and riding skills
Nah wasn't really into it.
Knew it was weird/ wrong. Didn't want to get into trouble etc.

>cute friend
>blond, blue eyes my first love
>we are 14 and 15
>talk about everything and do everything together
>browse 4ch download lewd shit off emule
>eventually start being lewd with each other
>know they're not a virgin and have had stuff in their bum
>ask if I can eat him out
>silky wonderful and I love how obviously good it feels for him
>proud and excited
>continue on till he cums
>v nice would do again
>continue to eat boipucci whenever I get the chance

later I did bum stuff with my own, wanted to do lewd shit with older bf and wanted to save my puss for someone special kek
turns out I loved butt sex still my favourite thing to do.

>next time
>only me and my friend
>he suggests truth or dare
>first few were innocent enough
>flash dick
>moon each other
>fourth or fifth round in both completely naked
>raging hard little boners
>ask him to bend over in front of me and spread his ass
>stare at his asshole while starting to touch my dick
>he requests same thing
>makes me stay a little longer
>can hear him rubbing his own dick and breathing heavily
>i eventually turn back over
>game kind of stops and ends up with us both jerking off
>keep taking turns turning over and spreading our asses while the other rubbed his dick
>realize I have an asshole fetish
>it gets late so we stop
>sleep in bed together naked
>took turns rubbing each other's asshole and rubbing our dicks together until we fell asleep
Where you from? the use of the word "bum" makes me think britfag.

Eventually started playing "truth or dare" every day we'd hang out, which basically resulted in us going to my room and stripping naked and touching ourselves and sometimes rubbing on each other.

If we were home alone we'd break into one of our dads' porno stashes and jerk off side to side while looking at the pics or watching a video.

We both became different people after we started high school and kind of drifted apart. Talked a few times afterwards, but we weren't really good friends any more.

About 8 years ago over AIM I asked him if he remembers our truth or dare games. His reply, "haha yea." That was it. Haven't talked since.
>be 8 or 9 the first time
>go in for sore throat
>says I need a physical
>"get undressed"
>ok...do so, lying on the table on top of that shitty wax paper stuff...
>Dr comes back in, starts checking my head and neck
>moves down to my sternum, then stomach
>goes to my feet and legs, testing reflex
>then he warns me that he has to go "inside me."
>I'm very confuse but nod.
I'm thinking back now and...who the fuck as to give an 8 year old a prostate exam....
>turns out I loved butt sex still my favourite thing to do.

your first anal story?

And lewd.

Something I wrote up a bit ago:
This was some 14 years ago. I don't know exactly when it was, but both of us were around 10 years old.
I've known him since we were like five years old. He lived a few minutes far away.
Eventually my family moved closer and I hung out with him almost every day, doing the usual stuff children do - playing outside next to a stream, building burrow systems and forts out of old mattresses and furniture, watching movies, having sleepovers etc.
As I used to do track and field and he played handball, we were both slender and not too muscular.
After returning from a competition one day, I visited him immediately.
We started to build one of these burrowing systems a day before, so we continued our work on it.
After finishing it, we went inside there and played.
We had one central chamber with two or three additional tunnels and one way outside. These tunnels were cramped as we used chairs to make them, so we had to crawl pretty much all the time.
Some time later, he wanted me to come over to adifferent spot. I crawled over there, not knowing what he wanted. He told me to move up further, which I did, we laid right next to each other.
enjoy your hiv faggot
To have more space, we rolled onto our sides, facing each other. I could feel his breath on my face as he stared right at me.
Somehow we both got hard, no idea who was first to. He said something, I don't remember what, but he grabbed my dick and told me that my hard on showed that I was enjoying myself.
We moved on into the main chamber and showed our dicks, touching them, pulling back our foreskins.
He wanted me to suck him, but back then it was too disgusting for me and him, so he laid down with his legs spread, demanding me to lay on top of him. At first it was quite awkward, but somehow it felt really good and we started thrusting our hips.
This lasted for two or three minutes, then he took my hand and we interlocked our fingers. Soon after, we both came, both of us had a dry orgasm.
After this we fooled around regularly. Like jerking each other off. This usually happened in his room, but sometimes we went outside, in corn fields or forests.
I was educated overseas.
I reside in the states atm.

Just crawled on top of him one night while watching X-Files and fooling around
rode him for awhile till he was about to cum and wanted me to get off for some reason.
got off
Kinda don't remember how good it felt or didn't sadly.
yes,how did you know !!!OMG
File: toothbrush.jpg (494KB, 1346x2064px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
494KB, 1346x2064px
File: 4678341535.jpg (27KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Getting a blowjob from a guy on Craigslist. Wasn't that great because it turns out I'm not really into strangers
>I don't know why it tasted so good, haven't tasted cum that good since.

Black dick tastes better, dunno why.
>he lubes his finger up, no gloves (fucking creepy)
>sticks his finger slowly into my bum bum
>hits my prostate....
>instant boner, don't understand
>he starts rubbing it with his other hand...
>"this is normal anon, don't worry"
>takes his right hand out of me, pulls down his pants and has a fat boner..."see? It's normal"
>super confused
>he continues to rub me while he jerks off
>he cums on my leg, gives me cough medicine and tells me not to tell anyone
>that was just the first time....
To answer your question, I'm not sure if he got caught eventually. I should have ratted on him in hindsight. I kind of want to kill him
> 17 years old playing video games home alone with a friend
> Tries telling me how he can't get laid (is a virgin), his girlfriend thinks his dick is too big for her
> I joke around saying he's making that up
> He shows me, and it really was huge
> I joke around telling him he can bang me since I've already gotten laid, and he hasn't
> Wants to see my dick, I show him
> He strokes mine for a little bit, I cum quickly
> I suck him and swallow
> We later have wild butt sex
>Black dick tastes better, dunno why.

Years of oppression.
>Be me, 10-11 maybe 12 idfk
>stay the night at bestfriends house
>normal for me
>mom says go take a bath
>we take bath together
>both nervouse to get undressed
>pull my pants down to reveal boy dick
>he does too
>get in tub with him
>play little games
>games turn into us rubbing each others cocks and asses
>hes got a nice butt for a little boy my age
>start playing with his buttcheeks, moving them around
>finish bath and go to bedroom to sleep

Any wild butt sex stories?
I was 6 when my 12 year old cousin took me to the bathroom several times. He has a baby penis so he had to grind my mouth with my head against the wall. He humped my mouth while I held my tongue put against his tip. He came a few times in my mouth while he told me to hug his legs.
>I have a long term GF now
funny you added that. As a way to calm yourself
>continue games in bed
>get fully undressed
>we play "horsey" or whatever we called it
>(Horsey: one of us gets on hands and knees while other rides on our back butt naked
>He is horse first
>sit on his back while smaking his ass from behind
>He likes it
>finish game
>ask him to sit on my penis
>He says no so I ask him to sit on my ace instead
>he does
>really hurts my nose but I love the smell of his ass
>go to bed shortly after not thinking about it
Really cute and nice story anon, thanks for sharing.

My one 5 or 6 year old cousin tried telling his parents, my other cousin's parents and my parents that the cousin (15 or 16 at the time) sucked his dick and forced the 6 year old to suck his dick a few times while he babysat. He had some oddly detailed stories.

He pleaded and pleaded, but nobody believe him. He started crying and he got punished for being a cry baby and lying. Their reasoning?

"Fucking kids say 'suck' and shit all the time these days and don't even know what it means."
>recently 18
>meet guy off craigslist
>Old dude, gray hair, big gut, picks me up in his old school cadillac
>Go to his place, its behind a church
>Slaps my ass as we walk in
>Get into his room, he pulls off my clothes, and fondles my twink body
>I pull down his shorts and very gingerly put his fat cock on my lips
>Suck him slow
>He moans "that feels good baby boy..."
>He dry humps my ass for a bit, really like the feeling of a fat old man on top of me
>I ride him, grinding our cocks together
>grabbing onto his fat belly as I do
>He fingers my hole, I cum on his hairy chest
>He cums on my face
>Have hooked up with old guys ever since
shit anon that fucking sucks, but do you have anymore stories?
I'd love to have fun with him again, but I'm too shy to message him and I doubt he browses /b/.
Just a little

> I took some lube from my parent's room without him knowing
> Parents were asleep now, and we were in my bedroom
> Showed him nude pictures I had of my girlfriend at the time, offered for him to bang me while he could fantasize about her
> Told him the lube I used for fucking my gf
> He told me my ass looks like a girl's ass, so he'd try it

We ended up doing it several other times in various places until we moved away

Hahahah. "I'm so sorry that you got raped by an older man as a child, but can you please go into detail any other encounters so I can jerk off?"
>be me
>be around 6
>be with a kid under a balcony the same age as me
>be half naked
>rub my self against him
>do it numerous times during a week
>never talk about it again afterwards
>remain as friends

I probably had my first boner when I was closer to 10, still felt good.
Yeah that's kinda the point of a gay experience...
I hope you do someday.
I like the way your story was atmospheric and kinda natural.
Hope you can.
Yeah, it happened a few more times. But a bit more extreme

did it feel good tho?
Thread posts: 96
Thread images: 8

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