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Hey /b/ It's late and I need to pour my heart out to someone

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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feels bad.png
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Hey /b/
It's late and I need to pour my heart out to someone so here it goes, greentext of course
>be me
>7/10, never really had a problem attracting girls, but i'm kinda awkward so i usually blow it
>morning of first day senior year of high school
>away on an exchange trip all last school year and this is my first day back in the US (don't ask)
>find group of friends, say hi, hugs and all that.
>chatting up my friends about my time away when
>there she is
>will never forget the feeling i felt when i first saw her face
>10/10 most beautiful thing I had ever seen
>perfect body, front and back
>We'll call her Autumn
>ask friends about her
>"oh yeah that's Autumn, she started going here last year while you were gone. She's part of the group now"
>go to class
>she doesn't leave my mind all day
>go to lunch
>turns out her and some of our friends have the same lunch period
>go home that day, go to sleep with her still in my head
>days pass and she's still all i can think about
>things are actually going pretty good, we flirt a lot at lunch
>then one day, she's telling a story and mentions her boyfriend
>turns out she's been dating him for 2 years
>feel like my chances are absolutely ruined
>keep my chin up and try and do as good as i can
> then one day she comes to school teary eyed and emotional
>hear from a friend that she and her boyfriend broke up
>give her a hug and ask if she's alright
>it takes everything i have to hide my excitement
>fast forward a few weeks
>she's staying single for a while by choice
>since she and her boyfriend broke up i didn't really hide my feelings very well and everyone knew i had a huge crush on her
>we text and snap pretty much daily
>then one day
>i get a snap from her in the bathtub
>just the legs tho
>play it cool and respond like i normally would
>she starts sending things that are more and more, let's say revealing

moar pls
Do it
Cont now
Nice dubs

Continue OP
Why do you fuckers ask to cont just fucking write
Shut up faggot
just write this shit ,you nigga
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>get as far just above her nips up to her kneck
>oh lord muh dick
>keep playing it cool
>eventually she gets out and dries off and we go back to regular snapping
>right before im about to go to bed she sends me this wall of text saying how much she appreciates that i'm not like other guys who just like her for her body and stuff like that, super personal
>tell her "i'm just glad i get to be the person you needed me to be
>3 days later she invites me to a movie double date with her and her friend
>get dressed up, do my hair as nice as i can get it, colon, mint, the works
>her friend picks me up at around 5
>friends date didn't show, just me, Autumn and her
>sit in the back with Autumn
>on the way to the theatre she lays back on me and i put my arm around her
>hearts beating like a drum, i felt like i never had before
>we get there, i pay for the tickets and we find our seats
>this was a kind of special theater that had chairs the reclined all the way back, perfect for dates
>She lays on my chest and we cuddle for the whole movie
>cant believe it's happening
>movie ends
>get in car to take me home
>two minute into the drive she looks and me and I look at her
>lean in and kiss her
>we make out the whole way to my house
>she's an amazing kisser, love every second
>she walks me to the door, i kiss her goodnight
>next day, she she's me in the morning says hay and gives me a kiss
>act like a couple pretty much the whole day
>next day
>we're talking during lunch and she asks me what we are
>I tell her we can be whatever she wants me to be
>she asks me what i want to be
>i want to be hers
>we kiss and hug for a little while
>next day she posted a picture of the two of us on her insta
>things are moving really fast with her
>fast forward two weeks
>i feel like we've been dating a lifetime
>she's everything i ever could have dreamed of and more

It feels good telling someone about all this
just finish green texting this shit, you useless piece of shit
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life gets better bro it can always get worse I'm headed to prison on jan 9trh fort 18 to 36 months
>hope this helps
Or semi-colon ; ?
>She she's
C'mon man

That smell won't help you, faggot.
What'd you do, smartass?
probably cologne
>All the while we're dating she tells me how shitty her ex was to her and how he cheated on her
>We couple costume as Danny and Sandy from Grease
>her in those leather pants god damn
>She comes over the next Sunday around 5
>put on netflix, we get hot and heavy
>get to third base, then second
>she's loving, it i'm loving it
>she moans and tells me not to make her beg for it
>we go in my room
>she's on the pill so no rubber
>this pussy holy jesus
>last about 5 minutes, she tells me later that night through text that i actually made her climax twice
>fuck yeah
>autumn invites me over to her house
>oh shit i know where this is going
>leave house with my yugioh deck and pokemon, just in case i come across some filthy plebians who wish to duel
>arrive, autumn opens the door
>"oh hey anon! come in"
>enter house wearing my blue vest and black turtle neck
>out of the corner i see a man in the closet
>he jumps out of the closet, wielding a deck of yugioh cards!
>oh shit
>it's carl from 1st grade
>i remember him, I kicked his ass in the national championship of yugioh
>"carl, I see you used autumn to get to me... I should have known."
>autumn appears besides carl, wielding a deck of pokemon cards.
>"That's right, Anon, it is I, NINI THE LEGENDARY POKEMON MASTER!"
>she throws off her skin suit, revealing a blob of flesh
>how does she move?
>wake up
>jizz stains in blanket
>realize it was all a dream
>curl up and cry
>go back to sleep you lardtard
thought itr would be cool to buy a hartley bar hop drag race shit like that
>crashed with a buddy we both got hurt bad I had priors so took a deal for 18 months
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fucking kek/10
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>>717415609 lol i fucking wish
Real OP here
>fast forward a few weeks
>election night
>been Trump supporter since day one
>he fucking wins
>go to bed that night realizing how happy i am with my life
>Week later, my birthday
>Gf has to work all day but we hang out after
>gives me a card
>funny her to him card with a cute little hand written note
>realized then what I knew all along
>I loved her
>inb4 everybody walk the dinosaur
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>fast forward a few weeks
>things are going amazing
>we hang out a couple times a week after school and go on dates on the weekends
>One day I start to notice she seems a little distant whenever i'm around
>She doesn't kiss me goodbye anymore, unless i kiss her first
>this goes on for a day or two
>and then, tuesday before winter break
>Her last class of the day is right next to mine so i always walk her to her car
>walk with her and hold hands like normal
>tell her goodbye and lean in for a kiss
>she stops me
>tells me she wants to break up
>says i'm not "mature" enough for her
>can't stop thinking about it
>run it through my mind over and over and realize it doesn't add up
>friday before winter break
>text her, tell her i need to talk to her after class
>confront her about the reasoning behind her dumping me
>at first she denies it but eventually she gives in
>she had been talking to her ex boyfriend on the side and decided to get back together with him
>fuck me
>Takes every amount of strength i have in my body not to cry then and there
>she tells me i'm a good guy, but i'm just not "the one"
>gives me a light hug and says goodbye
>whole world is crushed
>spend whole first week of break drinking and smoking, trying to forget
>listen to songs that reminded me of her, brought out some tears
>try my best to start moving on and not thinking about her
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>last Wednesday
>she starts posting pictures of her with her ex
>says she wants to be with him forever
>keeps posting pictures of them together through the week
>my emotionally fucked self can't handle this shit
>buy pack of cigarettes, smoke for first time in two years
>smoke whole pack in a night, sitting out back thinking about her
Alright, since high school faggotry is the theme this year, I'll help you out

>All the while we're dating she tells me how shitty her ex was to her and how he cheated on her

This means she's not into you, she just needs someone until she gets back with her ex. Most grown ups know this, but... yeah.

>buy pack of cigarettes, smoke for first time in two years
>smoke whole pack in a night, sitting out back thinking about her
wew lad

It sounds like you need to write some cringy emo poetry about heartbreak or some shit
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>New Years
>Alone at home with family
>Parents letting me drink so i'm getting hammered
>Welcome 2017
>Go bed
>wake up
>feel like shit all day
>food has no taste, music has no sound
>i feel so mad and melancholy at the same time
> but mostly just feel empty
>and now here i am pouring out my heart to a group of strangers on the internet

I've never felt this feeling before /b/
I honestly feel like I want to die sometimes
This girl was my world, my everything
She told me, we couldn't be together because I wasn't the one
But she was my one..
She was my one

took my advice rather quickly, didn't ya?
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Hey man you got kik? Im willing to talk to you
Morr you faggot there better be something good at the end of it all
I'm sorry OP. We've all been there, myself included. Thank fucking God The Trump presidency is coming, that's really all I'm living for rn.
top kek!
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That's what you get for trying to he an norman.
did nini look anything like this?
Any normans here?
Pic of autumn?
Lmao I guessed right away that she would get back with get ex. PREDICTABLE ENDING, OP! 2/10
File: pandas.gif (431KB, 500x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Damn, OP. Honestly, that was a tough read. I'm real sorry about everything. I can't really relate, nothing like that's ever happened to me, but I know it can't feel good. 4chan is a shit place and lots of people call lots of other people faggots, but I'm gonna be nice here. I really feel bad for you and I wish you the best in the future. Have a hug. Faggot. <3
yes, but with pokemon cards and autism levels raised a little bit higher than your average feminist
Honestly, I don't even feel bad. It had to happen to you busy like it has to happen to me about 5 months ago and just like it has to happen to everyone. I went through the exact same shit and everyone does eventually. It's a learning curve. You'll get through this, give it 3 months. That's how long it took me to get over the girl I went through something similar with. Stay strong, OP.
this OP

It happened to me too, 2 times actually. It's all just emotional bullshit, you'll get over it eventually. Of course, it can happen again anytime. Not going to say shit about the girl, she's clearly emotionally unstable even if she got them 10/10 looks.

What I can tell you is - think about yourself, boost yourself up somehow... read, learn, workout and shit. Over time you'll be better person, waiting for someone better than she is. MARK MY FUCKING WORDS
wow took you 5 paragraphs to explain how you realized how cold women can be... welcome to the real world kid
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