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sup /b/ I've posted before, same drill, I'm sure

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sup /b/

I've posted before, same drill, I'm sure some have seen the post. I'm looking to pay a fem anon or two to do some private camwhoring for me. Anything sent to me will be held in confidence, and pay can be up into the triple digit range, more or less depending on looks/what you're into. The more fit the better, but I don't expect to find a perfect 10/10, if I do, sweet, let me know and we'll work something out. I expect to find a 7 or 8.

Age doesn't matter to me, as long as you're below 30, beyond that I couldn't care less how old you are. I can pay via paypal, amazon, mailing a check, steam games, whatever, doesn't matter to me.

If any fems are interested, let me know and I'll post my email. In the meantime, Imma dump some pictures of girls I find attractive for my /b/ros. Feel free to ask any questions.

tl;dr looking for some femanons to do some personal camwhoring, will pay.
I'll leave my contact info while I dump, and since I have some time, I'll do a Q/A sorta thing if anyone is interested in thread.

Kik: wasinizate
e: [email protected]
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Kik me at 5110710087 too ladies I also have money and would purchase pics
Bump for OP
nigga, is your kik str8 up just numbers?
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You should pay her to do PUBLIC camwhoring...
Now why would I do that?
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Hero derp
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Oh snap! Lol
Fucking bomb ass right?
Underage bomb ass. Kek
And how do you know that?
Seen the set
whoa whoa whoa, there's a set?
Yep. It's nearly impossible to find. Saw it about a year ago. Hot as fuck.
do you recall the name or something?]
No. I wish I did. I'd give anything to see it again. It's like a fucking unicorn.
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Brightened it up for you. Now you can really see that butthole.
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lmfao what a nice guy :p it's almost like you KNOW what I want to see.
Bonus points for Australian or NZ girls btw
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does this work well op?
Oh absolutely, love the freckles. She's gorgeous.
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lol, I meant does asking for girls like this actually work out? How many people will text you on kik on an average post? How many are genuinely attractive? And what does the average femanon look like?
Depends on the day, back in the day, it was much more effective, the userbase here just isn't the same anymore, and people trust each other less. I used to get probably 2-3 responses a thread. If I wasn't a moron posting at 5AM I'd probably get more tbh lol. Almost every girl that's ever contacted me has been VERY attractive which is surprising tbh. Average girl, 5'5" 120 brown or black hair, white, around 19. That's the Norm of all the girls I've worked with over the years. I wouldn't mind changing it up sometime though, but I take what I can get, and we typically always have fun. A number of girls I've met like this are real life friends with me now. Few even got their friends to do it too.
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How much does this end up costing you over any given period of time? I'm interesting in doing something like this since I got a raise and have some expendable income. Also do you ask them to chill out on skype, play league, that kind of thing?
That's the story of how I got into this too ha. Depends, a lot of girls wind up just doing it for fun (crazy right? you give them an outlet and they run with it) But the REAL dimes want cash, because they know they can get it. Those it depends, 100$ for a video, 60-80 for a photoset. Some have wanted stuff like 150$ a week and you'll get snaps whenever you want a video on sunday, did that for a few months with one girl, I'd REALLY like to do that again, it was great.
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Thanks btw for the q and a anon, I appreciate you hanging out for a minute
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The snapchat idea I like a lot. I hear what you're saying about some doing it for fun, makes sense to me. You said some became friends with you through this, do you mean friends with benefits, or just friends? If you don't mind me asking, what do you look like as well?
No problem man, my sleep schedule got all sorts of fucked up, and I just don't sleep at the right time anymore.

a few now with benefits, a few others are like, facebook friends and we occasionally meet up and do things. It's pretty awesome, once you're both upfront about the kinda stuff your're into, there's a ton of pressure taken off the whole friends/with benefits situation.
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Good to know, you may see me post something like that pretty soon around here, probably won't be able to do 2 or 3 at a time, but just having a girl around might be fun. How do you avoiding getting scammed?
You kinda get a feel for it, girls that are legit aren't in a rush, don't mind if you take a day or two to decide things and aren't that upset if you want proof. If they have 0 limits, want to move right now, and aren't okay with payments that can be refunded, they are probably a scam.
Cool that's about all I had as far as questions go. Anything else I should know before I head out of here?
Not that I can think of, but shoot me a message if you ever come up with any others. I'm always available.
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