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Story time/b/ Here's how I cucked my only and best friend

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Story time/b/
Here's how I cucked my only and best friend
>First, how I met them.
>Be me, 14 at the time
>Have no friends, gf or anything, pretty much autistic, the one who people point at and think he will shoot up the school
>Spend most of my time on stuff like videogames, anime, memes and music
>Pretty good student, get good grades regularly(No, it wasen't teacher pitty), and I didn't even study back then, some said I was blessed.
>My carelessness for studying ended building up with fucking around in class drawing, and using the library computers at lunch.
>One day, I was gonna use one of the computers and this older guy was gonna take the same chair as I.
>He looked menancingly towards me, I was intimidated for I am a little pussy, until some girl called him, let's call him Bob, and let's call this girl Naomi
>Bob, what are you... are you seriuosly fighting with some kid over a library computer?!
>He awkwardly answers yes
>I have no idea of what is going on right now
>How old are you?- she asked me
>He jokes about it and they're both cool
>They talk about something and laught about it a lot
>He mentions me and I just got dragged into the conversation with asking "what?"
>we properly introduced eachother
>after that we were just talking and watched a video about cats.
>Think nothing out of it, it will be probably just be a hello how ya doin goodbye moment
>Next day, see Bob standing next to a door
>He waves at me at signs me to get closer
>Well fuck, I just made a friend
>I don't know how to handle this, I just hope my inner autist doesn't kick in and I end up talking about nerdy shit only nerdy fags on the internet know
>He wants to show me a video on his phone
>"Do you like Final Fantasy?"
>answer with a confused "Yeah?"
>Watch this then
>It's a Final fantasy parody, I didn't understand a lot because I was stuck to the first games, but still laughter
>Turns out Bob is just like me, same interests, same taste in jokes(That includes dark humour and memes) and music
>Basically a copypaste of eachother, even in looks
>Later on, he introduced me to his girlfriend, let's call her Julia
>Julia a huge fucking Nerd
>One of those cancerous parts of a fandom, we're talking Steven Universe, Undertale kind of shit
>Draws Oc's,writes fanfics, but it's ok I guess
>She isn't a hellspawn nor a landwhale, I can see why Bob picked her
>Nervous that I was gonna say something stupid at first
>Suddenly, she shows us a Nico Nico douga video.
Look up Nico Nico douga remixes, weeabo shit.
>She knows about all the nerdy shit you could imagine
>The GF any loser like me would want
>Wouldn't dare to ruin the friendship tough
>We grow as friends, I started calling Bob dad because of how I would ressemble his son, so did his friends
>Also called Julia mom just by law.
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go on...
>Fast forward one year
>I learn more about them
>Bob is ok with a few friends, including me and Naomi
>Julia hates being alone
>Her parents are divorced, has no social skill, and it was kinda hard finding friends to talk to about memes, anime and that kind of stuff back then, it was a trend at the time, it was hard to make a real friend out of it.
>Often I see her crying, Bob always asks me to keep her company while he gets us lunch
>I'm mostly silent until one day I ask a random thing
>Have you ever seen eddsworld?
>Old as fuck newgrounds animation I used to watch when I was younger,tough she would like it
>She says no
>Look up a video on youtube, our school allows free wifi during lunch
>Show her a episode
>She likes it, watches another and another
>Bob comes back
>Notices her watching eddsworld
>"I used to watch this when I was younger! is it still running?"
>After a little chat, Julia seemed a lot happier around and talking to me, basically my first move.
Bump for more?
>The year goes on
>They're still my only friends, and few of Bob's friends
>She started making Oc's based on eddsworld, named one "Charlotte"
>She ships it with a character from the show
>D I S G U S T I N G
>Keep in mind, she was 17 then
>anyways, Roll with it.
>Usually thanks me for showing her Tomska content
>Talking about it would forge a friendship in between us
>On september, she turned 18, no one on their said anything
>However, Bob and me planned something
>I gave him the idea of "What is her favourite pokemon? Favourite food? etc"
>Chicken nuggets, some Shaymin plushies, BBQ sauce
>She loved our 2 man 18 party
>Bob says "It was all anon's idea"
>She looks at me and hugs me, letting out the warmest "Thank you" I've ever heard
>Don't want Bob to get the wrong idea
>C-Come on Bob! join us!
>Bob hugs us too
>For the first time, Swap my number with hers
>recieve constant prank calls from her
>Even tough I knew it was her, I acted like if I didn't, that seemed to make her happy
>The year goes smoothly, we reinforce our friendship, Bob doens't seem to care.
go onnnn
>As the end of the year draws close, she and Bob start to have problems, but eventually helped fixed by convincing them they needed eachother
>I don't care about fucking Julia, nor do I wish to screw my best friend,so I was cool being the guy who sits and watches as they kiss
>This was annoying sometimes, sometimes she would sit on his lap and move her ass.
>It was a tease for me
>They finish their last year of Highschool
>Sad as fuck, my only friends, I still have some years left
>They still keep contact with me, So I am cool with this
Just a reminder OP, you're still 14 in your story. I swear to god if you're still 14 irl Imma find you and tell you to go to bed.
please continue anon
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Give more
>Eventually, they both got jobs
>Bob is a waiter
>Julia made a joke on her facebook
>"Now I work at a company that serves drinks to suicidal Children, also known as clorox!"
>Guess she would never grow up
>After that, they cut contact with me for a while
>They got in a fight, and broke up
>I was Bob's drinking buddy, even tough I was underage bait, I would have a beer and help him
>Julia seemed a lot more broken, she knew she couldn't get someone like Bob again
>Eventually, I get a call from her
>I heard a voice of depression trough the phone
>"H-Hey anon...would you like to come over to my house?"
>Say yes and take a bus to it
>Don't expect to fuck, just give her moral support, I was rooting for no one.
>When I get there she greets me with a hug and guides me to her room
>Needs to talk to someone
>Mom hasen't been supporting her
>Job is exausthing
>Broke up with BF
>I knew she would end up like thi,s but my whiteknight ass still felt sympathy
>I Hugged her and told her everything would go for the better, trying to calm her down
>breaks down and cries on how she's a failure and should end her life
>"Why are you even in here?? I'm not worth anyone's time anymore"
>If I fuck up, she might kill herself, I think with caution what to say
>Oh shut up, you know that's not true, I know you can achieve and blah blah blah, full of moral bullshit
>She gets a bit quiet
>Hold her in my arms and tell her everything will be ok and that I would be there for her.
>After that she seems more comfortable and shows me some drawings, some of them are porn of her oc being fucked by tom from eddsworld.
>Actually kind of hot, love her style
Btw, will post pic later, must fetch it from my phone
>I realize it's late
>Bus stations are dangerous at night, I must go now
>As I'm leaving she says "thank you for coming.."
>Pull her into a kiss
>She blushes out and just says "I-It's getting late, you should go now"
>Nod and get out of there
Cunt uuuh cont
i b4 walk dinosaur
>She keeps inviting me over, we just talk and see random shit on the internet
>We start going out, it's kind of awkard for me, because she looks a lot younger, most people think she is my age, but I know she's not
>Nothing romantic, mostly anime cons and sutff like that
>One day, she calls me at dawn
>"Anon... please come over..."
>It's too late, I can't.
>"I'm... bleeding, and I don't know what to do"
>What the fuck
>mfw she said that
>I'm freaking out and don't know what to do
>Grab 10 dollars out of my wallet just in case I need them, my keys, a jacket and bolt the fuck out of my house
>Smash her door like if I the girl who dies at the end of a horror movie
>She opens the door and I got in inmediatly
>Push her onto the couch
>Take off her t-shirt and luck for cuts injuries
>She says "Calm down, I was just joking"
>I'm about to burst in anger
>She responds with "Yeah I know but..."
>"I wanted to give you something..."
brb, taking fat shit
Cmon take your shit let's go
Hurry up op
Fuck you
My name is Moose! Put me in screencap lol

Btw this is more of a feels thread atm
>>717410353 or at least just alot of feels thread fore play before the good stuff

Abandoning thread.

>Doesn't know how to post on the toilet tier.
>Who doesn't have a phone these days tier.
I know right he said he was getting pics from his phone anyways
Op is giving birth to a food baby
implying phone posters have anything to contribute
Fukin bulshet.
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It's fucking 4 in the morning I garentee half the people on /b/ are using phone rn
>what whats that
>Turns around and looks at me
>knows im traped since its dark and the weekend
>Shes got something fucking really weird behind her back
>Trying to look but shes dodging thinking its a knife or some shit
>Anon...she blushes here
>Fucking bowl of eggs
>"You have to eat all the egs before you can leave"
>Implying people on /b ever leaves the house
>Implying /b needs a phone to connect with anyone

We are all fat fuckin faggots jerking it to anime, we dont need a phone since we have no use for one.
This is the most true thing anyone has said about me in years
Fuckin kek'd so hard i nearly pissed myself
you better finish that.
Where is the true op
>She takes my hand and guides me into her room
>Gives me a drawing of a character that resembles me with one of those glasses that have a moustache and a big nose, don't know what they're called
>Not bad at all, but holy shit was that worth make me race my fucking heart?
>Awkwardly say thanks
>She seems kind of nervous and fianlly asks me "Would you like to stay? It's too late to get out..."
>I might be retarded, but I know where this is going
>Say yes
>Call home, my dad answers
>Asks "do you want me to pick you up or...?"
>Interrupt him by saying "No, I'm staying over a girls house"
>Had to state the fact that she was a girl, my dad would be alot more supportive then
>He gives me a "I know what you're gonna do" laugh and cuts me
Yes, my dad is really irresponsible, I once broke my leg and he didn't bother until my mother saw me and told him to take me to a doctor, he wouldn't mind if I came back home with a scar on my face
>Tell her I'm staying
>She gets a bit pumped
>Her mom isn't coming home today, busy at her work, brother is camping somewhere
>we watch some youtube videos, she showed me stuff like homestuck and steven universe, but didn't care that much
>I was here for the cake
>Suddenly she aks me
>"Your birthday is coming next week right?"
>Fuck I forgot about my own birhday
>Spent too many of them eating pizza on my room to care
>"How's been your year of highschool?
>That was out of the blue...
>Very good...?
>"How are your friendship's going?"
>Sigh and answer : "I've got no friends besides you and...
>Realize mentioning Bob would be a mistake
>hold and eat my words out
>No one really, me and bob broke our friendship...
>She is surpised
>"I guess you're in my position huh? divorced parents!"
>that was a terrible joke, I know where it came from, but I laughed anyway, awkward silence would do no good now
>you called me over to give me something
>it's something really important anon
>she reaches in the couch cushion and pulls out a small 6x6 box
>here anon
>open box
>there is a note
>note says "OP IS A FAG"
This is good, I won't let it die
I use my phone for browsing since I don't have to get my lazy ass out of my bed, otherwise I just use for storing porn for fapping while in bed.
mutha fucka
I use my phone for everything since I don't get alot of access to my computer I guess it doesn't help that me and my roommate share it
Shit, I'm curious. Now I really want to see those fucking pictures.
continue pleaseeee
Where the fuck is op
Op Deliver
File: 1479549934268.gif (830KB, 350x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thread is ded
It's been 11 minutes, I think OP passed out. fuck
We're loosing to many people what do we do Lord Danny
this thread is poo let it die
bigass turd :/
Or he may be writing alot hopefully
Op please cont you phag
Give moar op

Nice one
I hate using phones, at least mine, so slow, I hate typing on the thing, whatever
>She asks me "So, you don't have a girlfriend either, do you?"
>Nod sadly
>Silence again
>"Are you a virgin...?"
>Think to myself
>Kick my problems into a furnance and burn them
>Can't talk right now
>let the "Yes" slip trough my mouth
>She grabs my hand and tells me "I could help you with that, as a birthday gift!"
>My dick is steel hard right now
>I don't know what to say
>My beta ass just sits there
>She says "Wait here" in a really calm voice
>Don't know what to do
>Emotions and tough flowing like a river
>Just sit there
>She goes to the bathroom and comes back in her underwear
>I'm still dressed
>She seems kind of dissapointed, but still determined
>"I know you don't have experience, don't worry..."
>I'm a virgin, but Bob wasen't retarded, he took her virginity
>She undid my pants and exposed my dick
>I'm nervous, is it too small? is it big? insecurities are hitting me inside
>"Not bad, better than your father's I guess"
>I pray that wasen't just pitty
>"Just lay back, relax, just follow my lead, ok?"
>Nod and stare
>She kisses the tip of my dick
>Nohing like wanking, a little kiss felt so much better
cont, getting charged phone to post pic
He requires more praise. He has spoken through me to tell you this.
I think it's officially ded
Not giving up on this thread
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hurry dont leave me hanging
>inb4 Bob hid in the closet the whole time
>inb4 Bob storms out of said closet and fuck anon in the ass while the girl watch
It's really weird viewing webm on iPhone
They don't work unless I open them in Google Drive
If you have iOS 9.3 or lower just jailbreak and get the app Fortune
Kinky but she'd like it though
I don't under stand
Nah I Figured out a way I just have to load it weirdly
Old out dated PCS that were getting thrown out but they didn't want dumpster divers using the hardware for their own gain.

The same reason you see gamestop employees destroy any game they throw out.
I'd I worked at gamestop you better be damn sure I'm keeping those games for myself
File: 1481523880929.webm (2MB, 640x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 640x428px
if you buy a shitty phone then expect shitty features
File: Hey guys.jpg (36KB, 520x756px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hey guys.jpg
36KB, 520x756px
Here it is, that is charlotte.
>This goes for a while, my mind is blank, but keeping one tough on my head
>This is happening
>Her phone starts ringing
>She gave it a quick look to see if it was something imporant and then turns her attention back to me
>She says "I guess you're ready" In the slutiest, yet cutest voice ever
>Gets on top of me
>Don't know what to do, just let her do whatever she wants to.
>Starts grinding her pussy agaisn't me
>This is what Bob must have felt
>Fucking amazing
>Finally takes my dick and puts it in her pussy
>Oh god, that sensantion
>I can't describe this, it was just so good, I tough that I was ok doing nothing but wanking everyday until now, this was so much better
>She starts moving and grinding on me
>I'm about to cum
>Too early, can't do this
>Roll and geton top of her
>Imitate all the porn I've seen to this day and start to lick her clit
>She moans
>Keep licking, must cool down
>didn't recycle
File: 1481519023837.jpg (35KB, 570x570px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 570x570px
I actually don't really have much of a preference in terms of iPhone or Android but I use I phone because it's much more secure than android will ever be
Like where this is going even if it is going in the pace of a dead snail...
Op you've given me hope that maybe I can lose my virginity, thank you
I'm not saying all of this us true but I do genuinely believe this is mostly from ops own experiences and I fucking love it
File: 1481499436316.jpg (6KB, 160x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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please elaborate
Just get tinder
only reason i got an android was so i can put an emulator on there
Post moar faggot I'm interested
>She pushes my head off and then says "Come up here"
>Go up and give her a kiss like no one else would ever do
>Must be the dominant now, or she'll make me cum early
>start sucking on her plank tits
>She doesn't seem to like it that much
>Pushes me back and gets on top of me again
>Guess I gotta be the submissive one
>About to cum
>Tell her so she stops
>She keeps going
>Cum inside of her
>Regret invades me
>What did I just do
>I'm in trouble, I'm too young to work
>She lays on my chest and says "Don't worry, I took my pills"
>Sudden sigh of release
>We took a shower together, she was acting flirty with me during that time
>Gives me one of her brother's pajamas and tells me to go sleep
>Get on her bed, wondering
>Is this just a dream? will I wake up and want to kill myself? Or did this really happen?
>She gets onto the bed and lets me wrap her with my arms
>She says goodnight and goes to sleep
>Respond with "Goodnight, I love you"
>Did I go too far? I mean,she said this was a birthday gift and...
>She cute all my tough with a "I love you too"
>Calmy fall asleep
>Wakeup, 7 in the morning
>She's up, cleaned my clothes from yesterday and made me a sandwich with a cup of tea
>Tells me to eat and go back to my home before her mother comes back
>Apparently, there was some trouble at her mom's work
>Don't know what she works in, but believe her anyways
>Eat and give her a goodbye kiss
Post faster OP
>Charlotte starts to moan even louder
>tounge us to good I guess
>"anon don't stop"
>eat the Fuck out if the pussy
>Bob jumps through wall
>sees me eating her out
>I made her moan to much Bob heard it
>me and Bob then have a duel
>since traditional duels are illegal we just played tetris against each other
>beat Bob at tetris
>Fuck Charlotte all night long as Bob us chained to the wall forced to watch
Too autistic to talk to lady's
>tfw depressed because no gf
>tfw too autistic to solve that problem
Op beat you by 24 seconds
I need sleep but I want to know how it ends
Thread us going to die soon
Fucking same. It's tomorrow over here and I've got to wake up at 7 and I'm only gonna get three hours of sleep. Hurry OP, I'm dying over here.
right? OP is taking his sweet fucking time

Type as fast as you cum
I'm aborting this fetus while I still can
>Next day, recieve message from Bob on facebook
>"Dude, have you seen Juliet? I called her all night long yesterday and she didn't answer"
>Reply "Probably was sleeping" with a smug as fuck smile on my face
>He responds "I don't think so, she is always awake until 5 am"
>Not this time bucko
>Say "I don't know man, probably should call her now"
>He agrees and logs out
>3 days later, still happy about this
>My birthday is tomorrow
>Surprised at me remembering, but it's all thanks to Julia
>Bob calls me and asks if I want to share a few beers
>Probably depressed
>Say yes and join him
>Still maintain Friendship with Bob
>Eventually Julia becomes my gf, or fuckbuddy if you will
>Life turns brighter for me
>Bob tries to get back with Julia, but she just says no, because she found someone better
>Obviusly referring to me
>Is good
Hope you enjoyed this, anons
gimme ur kik i screen and send u that stuff
nice Anon, hope life keeps on moving in a good direction for you, Thanks for the story
Op finally pulls through, hope you're relationship goes well goodnight

This isn't cucking anyone, nigger. This is just them breaking up and you being a fag and banging your friends ex behind his back.
Dude, yeah it takes work but tinder increased my social skills, however I am still an autistic virgin
i dont get it is she julia, juliet or charlotte?
OP is a back stabbing beta bitch
File: 1481525504726.webm (273KB, 450x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273KB, 450x360px
nice story op.
File: 1478689988278.jpg (69KB, 1200x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 1200x675px
Good job OP
I made up the name Julia and Bob for the sake of protecting identities, Charlotte i sht ename of her eddsworld OC
Someone screencap this.
Wow. Great. Story. Amazing.
I guess if I really tried I could lose it(Maybe kek). Just want to lose it so I can be full homosex and be submissive twink

Submissive twinks are hot af, tbh.
They'd split up. You cucked nobody you autist.
slick as fuck, OP.

good luck to you
i was expecting feels
its fucking 2:06 am right now for me
Nice read while talking a dump op
someone better screencap this. this is fucking amazing
OP here, heading to sleep, I needsome rest, it's 7 am here, have a good night
I am my "half-brother's" father.

>mom and dad are divorced
>dad remarries years later to this beautiful brunette, looks like Patricia Heaton (Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond) and Winona Ryder
>a few years go by, my dad is 40 and my stepmother is 33
>I'm 21 at the time
>I go over to their place to do some shit with the sink because my dad wasn't there to do it
>fix sink, she tells me she has to talk to me and it's important
>her voice and hands are shaking she's tearing up
>we sit down, I ask what's wrong
>she says that she needs to ask me if I'll do a favor for her, but no matter whether I say yes or no I can NEVER tell ANYONE about this
>uuhhh ok....
>she says "I don't have kids. I'm 33. I love your father, I want be able to say I gave him at least one baby. We've been trying so hard, but nothing's happened. We went to the doctor and it turns out he might have a problem, but he won't look into it any further. He's stopped talking about it completely, even though we're still trying and nothing works."
>she's crying now
>"I don't have much time left to have kids. It's been 3 years now. I was wondering...you can't tell anyone EVER...I was wondering if you could help us."
>I realize she's saying she wants me to knock her up and we'll pretend it's my dad's baby
>I'm nervous as fuck but she's beautiful and she's being denied kids
>long pause while I think about it and decide that it's basically his DNA anyway
>She's sobbing and says "I never should have brought it up, I'm sorry" and stuttering
>I'm semi hard now
>I say her name, she looks at me
>I say "come here..."

more or no?
File: 1483129329445.jpg (347KB, 616x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347KB, 616x768px
Go on
You just have to be OP samefagging.

Either that, or it's your first day on the internet
No. What is a turkey baster?
good on you mate, glad ya lost the V-card, just saying though this is gonna come to a head at some point though, be prepared to have to chose one or the other because it *will* come out and when it does its gonna be a bit of a shit storm, so i would just prepare yourself for some future fuckery. who knows maybe it will just kinda go away but i don't think so tbh, just a word of warning
What year of high school were you in at the time, OP?
anyone gonna mention OP is probably still in highschool?

>she's shaking, starts moving toward me
>I reach out and pull her into me
>she squeezes me and I kiss her neck and tell her it's ok
>I kiss the tears off her face and she kisses me on the mouth
>we undress each other, I can't believe how perfect she is, thin with big tits, wide hips, nice ass, pale skin, trimmed pussy
>she takes my pants off, she looks surprised by my cock (8 in long, 7 thick, thank god)
>she feels it through my underwear and keeps whispering "ok...ok...oh god..." over and over
>she takes my underwear off and my cock flips out at full attention
>she sucks it for a few minutes slow while she works my balls and I run my hands though her hair and tell her everything's gonna be fine
>she moans and drools on my cock
>tell her to come up
>she says "I shouldn't have done that, we should just do as much as we need" she's shaking and nervous again
>she almost straddles me, I say no, I lay her down and lick her pussy, tastes good as far as pussy goes
>she says it's too much, I tell her it's ok and we're safe and no one will know
>keep eating her out, she soaking wet so we lay a blanket down for the wet spot
>I get on top and part her pussy lips with cock and slowly push it in
>her breath is shallow and she moans "oh god it's huge..."
>I almost shoot right there
>I go balls deep and she's getting louder
>fuck her missionary, kiss her and she tries to stop me but I make her, she gives in after I tell her everything's ok AGAIN
>kissing hard and deep, fucking hard and deep, slow then faster
>hold her legs up bring her knees almost to her tits, and then just pile-drive my cock into her while we kiss and she's screaming
>then I could feel her pussy clenching on my cock, it was amazing. She's just moaning and making crazy noises
>I stop, she cries and holds me
>I get back to pile driving my cock into her and cum balls deep, a 2 week load
>she cries and we kiss and just stay in that position while I go soft inside her

>3 weeks of this

keep going nigger
why ask when 40+ lurkers are thinking yes? fuck.

Basically she originally wanted to stop once she was pregnant, but we still fuck. I love her. Our baby is perfect and my dad is happy. Crazy fucking whenever possible.
Nice story, but pic m8 pl0x

Good story OP except I find it hard to believe that someone with literally two friends in the world would not be more socially retarded than what you portrayed. Almost had me but still not bad for a made up story.
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