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Can we have a feels thread guys? This girl is seriously out

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Can we have a feels thread guys?

This girl is seriously out of her head
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here is something for you
Cool beings
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Fuck man, nobody goes to feels threads anymore?
I do, every thread. I come here and stay refreshing untill it 404s just in case someone I can help shows up, before I dumped images but the filesize limit wrecked my gallery
Do you ever just feel like you're not getting joy from anything, and the only times when you do feel something it's because you're high or drunk?
My not-quite-gf is talking about turning her kitty into an outdoor kitty because it poops inside in the wrong places and is noisy about it... I am worried about the kitty and about what this says about her

I think now I can date her as long as I know she doesn't want kids
>caring about anything in 2017
oh I posted a picture that makes me tear up but it's not actually sad

same with this one
this is what a girl wrote me

>actually pretty ok as long as it isn't love-related. my life is awesome atm, uni, work, training, health. couldn't be better.
>thinking a lot about us lately, about you especially, whether you would actually be able to keep certain promises or whether it was all just "Fassade" to convince me. yea, been doing a lot of them thinkingsss.
>but he's still present and in many aspects, compared to him, you just don't cut it i guess. i would like to be able to stop comparing you two, him to you, you to him, but it's impossible. as much as I can't stop thinking about you when he's around, I strongly believe that I wouldn't be able to stop >thinking about certain nice things with him if I was to be with you right now.
>the big problem is that both of you came so closely one after the other in my life. it's impossible to see you without considering the other. sometimes i think a break from both of you would do me good.
>i hate hurting you with these texts and mood/opinion-swings but you wanted the truth: that's what my brain looks like. maybe it cheers you up to know that i feel comfortable telling you the truth. he can't handle the truth, rages, i feel sorry because the only reason he rages is because he loves >me unconditionally and i hurt his feelings, i feel guilty, i apologize, and it all starts again until the next time I bring up the truth, he rages...
>now i feel even worse cause i told you. but you wanted the truth

>i really wonder how this situation will look like 50 years from now, maybe i can laugh about this when i'm grey and old
>i am "doing this to myself" because I believe - or i try to believe - in certain values like loyalty and unconditional love and yea. can't bail out of a relationship whenever you're unhappy, because that would result in regular partner changes, wouldn't it? >inb4 your answer how, if it's the right one (aka:you for me), it wouldn't result in breaking up

>i may add:
>maybe i'm assuming veeeeeeeery hard here but well:
>you don't know or can't seem to understand why i'm "doing this to myself", this staying with him even though it's hard, being loyal and everything. maybe this is a result of our different family backgrounds. no judging here, just saying that maybe for you, it's easier to understand or to accept a >break up, but for me, coming from a traditional-marriage-'happy'-life-together home that's been like this for generations now, with my grandparents falling in love very young and staying together, to my parents also marrying very young and still being together... maybe this somehow influences >me in thinking that breaking up equals giving up. i don't know.
>and maybe it's what i was afraid of: that you would brek up with me easier than for example he would, because he also comes from a similar home like mine.
>assumptions over

>was his first, he learned everything about relationships from me: maybe I was the one who fucked him up? maybe i taught him to rage in front of the truth? and now i should just drop him because i'm not happy anymore with what I created?
>maybe it's not that way, he's probably also responsible for himself, but maaan, my brain tells me that it's like this.

what in the everlasting fuck?
No, first of all because I am completely against drugs and alcohol, the very smell of alcohol on someone's breath brings back too much shit to my mind.

Also I do find joy sometimes, not in the things I'd expect of course, maybe it's a few moments when I discover a new song that's amazing and I hadn't heard before, maybe a few hours playing a new game or reading a really good book for the first time. Sometimes there's a few moments I enjoy with other people, like looking at a friend's eyes and knowing he/She is as wrecked as I am and that it does not hold us back from laughing.

nothing like hugging someone you love and have missed, but sometimes some things get close enough
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90 year life.png
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Pretty sure my mom's pissed at me for not being as enthused about the new year as she is. She's always having these little fits about things; needs to realize that, no matter how old she gets, the real world isn't a fucking Tyler Perry movie or a book by Oprah Winfrey. I like to see the world as it really is, not as how it 'should' be.
Sounds like a girl in love with some guy
Thank you, that's what I needed. Someone to relate to. I'm gonna head off to bed now.
which one
her bf or the other guy?
>was his first, he learned everything about relationships from me: maybe I was the one who fucked him up? maybe i taught him to rage in front of the truth? and now i should just drop him because i'm not happy anymore with what I created?

Whoever she is referring to in this
That's what we're here for bud, good night
that's her bf
you think she's in love with him even though he has rage fits when she's telling him the truth?
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Man I love feel threads I can never find these due to the endless FAP threads and edgy threads but in the light I see that /b/ still has humans still is somewhat sane and that makes me happy since 2009 I've been here and I've seen this shit hole go down hill since then I've been alone I'm currently 29 and haven't been with a women after a break up with my ex's I came here to mope and now 8 years I come and do it again to feel what I lost thanks
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Which is valid grounds for making it into an outdoor kitty.

Why are you saying she's out of her mind?
That's exactly what she told you, see sometimes being in love is tough, no one is perfect and the person she's in love with isn't exempt form it, he's her 505
i srsly dont believ that
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I just think if you adopt a cat it's a serious commitment, and this is an indoor cat. There's no telling if she'll really come back after being let outside.
Dude, if you've ever been in love you already know it, no person is perfect, we love despite those imperfections.

It's not any of that "Your flas make you unique" bullshit, your flaws make you flawed, what's beautiful about love is that people can see past those flaws
They guy she's now with sounds like an asshole that will fuck it up at some point and she'll be done with his shit. Whether you want to wait around is your call.
OP, move on. If that scenario plays out you can make that decision then, don't mope with no one else in your lfe thinking this will happen.
Life's too short.
bitch fucked him up in the first place.
why don't ya'll go to couple's therapy and try to work this shit out.
don't puss out now
and remember it's YOUR fault
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gonna post some general shit
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thanks anon
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I wouldnt even mind work at this point in my life
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Same. Seems like no one wants to hire though, despite taking applications and allowing for interviews.
>you must have 5 years experience for this entry-level position
>did you have any experience before *your* position?
>get out of my office
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yeah, thats the exact situation. I managed to get a job at a cafe and was fired after a week.
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I applied to a bakery that was hiring last May. Had a sign on the windows that said, "all positions! now hiring!" on the front door. I applied, went in for an interview, and yet....wasn't called back. Looked over again just last month before leaving Uni, and the sign was STILL in the door. Had been there all year.

Earlier, applied for a job at a book store. Got called back, went for the interview in a suit and tie (was supposed to be a group-interview, but I was the ONLY one who actually showed up), and still didn't get the job. The ones interviewing me had a Master's in Journalism no less!

Guess I was overqualified....but I'm still broke. The worst part is when you see new people working that same position you applied to.
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here is an old story that i never see posted anymore. It's quite a good one.
that's tough man. Have you finished uni?

Maybe its worth going into something that doesn't ask too much of you other than people skills, like real estate?
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Yes, I finished Uni. Wasn't smart enough to major STEM though (did Poli Sci, though not *entirely* by choice). I'm trying to leave the country for work now.
yeah im doing aeronautical eng, not by choice either. Probably going to have to go to russia or the military.

I with i had done some sort of pol subjects.

Poli Sci has the one 'perk' of being aware of everything that's going on, politically. The drawback, is that I can't enjoy things anymore without realizing the reality behind....everything.
>started out innocently enough, but now feel like I'm living in 1984
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ignorance is bliss

im gonna fuck off and try get weed. thanks anon
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