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Foot fetish story thread?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Foot fetish story thread?
This one time I saw a foot at the grocery store and I did big cums in my pants
you know what i

that's ?????

??? ?????
the smell
the ???????

your drooling...
Does anyone have any smelly foot fetish stories?
I went to kindergarten with my cousin and my mom used to pick us up and babysit. When we got home, I used to lick her sweaty feet straight out of those school socks. Then when I was around 9 years old, my buddies would come over for to play PlayStation and they would sit on the bed and I would lay on the floor and stare at their soles, then when I messed them up they would smack me in the face with their feet. That was bonerific
This is a foot fetish story thread not a confession thread faggot.
more stinky foot fetish stories!
My one buddy, wore sneakers with no socks and they had that wierd stench that is tolerable. It's that smells that gives you a boner and leaves you wanting more. I would have my face in his shoes and breath in the sweaty fumes from his foot all day if I could. I'd pay for it.
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Dont know what you guys mean by stories but ive been lucky with my gfs.

First one was 16, a litte overweight and a spoiled brat. She loved to wear sandals in sommer and original Uggs in Winter. Cuz the overweight she sweat a lot. I loved it. after a long day at school she took her uggs off and right in my face. dat smell was unbelievable. one time she gave me a bj and pushed her socks in my face. came buckets

if you call that a story i have dozens of that from each one.

second gf was 18, worked in a large shop, had so stocking or refill the shelves. was a side job besides school. about 20h a week so sometimes 4 hours a day. So she waled a lot. had to push some heavy trolleys. Hard work. Everytime she came home she wanted a massage. sometimes she just got into my bed and liftet her feet in my direction. They were also sweaty as hell cause the work. Loved to massage them and kissed them. One time in sommer where it was super hot she was so sweatet that she gave me some fj with them. came buckets too.

Would post pics but have all pics from my exes burned on a cd and my new pc dont have a cd rom drive. what a shame
more stories!
when i was 19, i sucked the toes of a big titted 14 year old girl. then i licked her nipples, licked her shaved pussy, and then she sucked my cock.
>have soccer player gf in hs
>previous history of femdom stuff (lots more stories unrelated to the thread, but if enough people want)
>she knows I'm really into the idea of "cleaning"
>licking dirty feet, ass (not shitty, just not washed either), post all of it
>never really done good stuff tho because it kinda weirds her out
>one day after a soccer game
>at her place chilling on the couch
>she takes her shoes off
>lays down on the couch
>forgot to mention she always has smelly feet after games
>basically has her feet right in my face, instant boner
>brings me into her room, takes off socks
>tells me to wait while she goes to the bathroom
>pick up and shove dirty socks right into my face
>horny as fuck
>comes back completely naked
>tells me I'm going to give her a bath
>with my tongue
>start with her upper body, tits, arms, pits
>already hard
>tells me to do her legs, not feet, and her ass cheeks first
>has me luck in between ass cheeks, but not asshole
>tells me to kiss her dirty asshole
>diamond dick at this point
>kiss it gently
>"haha, you'll do anything I tell you to, won't you?"
>yes mistress
>"just what I wanted to hear. DO it again"
>tells me to clean her ass, then pussy
>pants bursting at seams
>tells me to lay down on the floor
>sits on the floor and shoves her smelly foot in my face
>tells me to start jacking off
>"what are you waiting for? Lick my dirty foot bitch"
>lick from heel to toe several times
>so salty but so good
>start cleaning in between toes, sucking on them too
>licking the top of her foot
>she grips my balls so they're sticking out with nowhere to go
>starts lightly slapping them, all while calling me a bitch who likes her smelly feet
>switches feet and makes me finish cleaning the other one
Afterwards we did more non-foot fetish related stuff. If you guys want I can post.
>No footjobs like sweaty footjobs

more please!
File: IMAG0024-1.jpg (298KB, 1728x2310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is the little slut who sucked my cock
It's blake you cuck
Hey she's hot
If two more anons want I will post more. I just don't wanna derail the thread
File: IMAG0134.jpg (518KB, 1728x2592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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her covered in chalk
i got an ass pic somewhere
don't you wanna be without sex in 2017? a lot of horny young girls of your city on https://surl.im/L7MK
Any pics of her soles?
keep going!
don't you wanna be without sex in 2017? a lot of horny girls of ur city on https://surl.im/L7MK
Wish I had a girlfriend with sweaty smelly feet so I can worship them T.T
File: IMAG0032.jpg (1MB, 1728x2592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no soul, only ass
here's the only other pic i have of her (on the right obviously) with some other less slutty bitch
10/10 would lick toes
yeah, sadly that was a onetimer. after that only nonsweaty.

depends of what you want to hear. 2nd loved to tease me alot in public but thats mostly non sweaty ones.

well my 3rd and now gf is 18. big titted and works as a geriatric nurse. and that means lot of walking. she has perfekt feet and mostly keeps them in good shape. she sweats a lot too. sadly shes more passive than the other 2. shes somewhat shy about it an i have to take her feet or i dont get them but when i do it she loves it. She sadly dont like to wear sandals so all year closed shoes and now think of the smell they have high summer on a long day. sure keeps me crazy. them to worship is the best. can kiss or lick or smell them for ours but often she gets so horny from that, that it will fast lead to sex. rare times when shes not in the mood shell ask if i want her to put her feet on my face so i can jerk of to that and that is awesome. sadly no fj from her but sometimes she get confident and experienced enough.

i somehow got lucky with my gfs to have sweaty feet. or such shit jobs with a lot of walking
Question, would anyone worship sweaty, smelly feet from a guy?
Personally, no.
no, guys feet are a absolute turnoff
Have any pics of her? Just to see what she looks like
i know shes here sometimes too, so sadly not yet.
will do if we break up
One more question, would you guys be a cuck and worship a pair of feet of a couple? One girl and one guy
still not
I'm just asking these question out of curiousity
Depends how badly I wanted the girls feet tbh
Femdom pt. 2
>she gives my balls one last hard whack and tells me to stop jacking off
>says she wants to take an actual shower with me (this was pretty common for us)
>she's making me wash her hair
>"wait stop I have to pee"
>knows I have a fetish for piss but just wants to see me squirm
>makes me beg her to piss in my mouth
>"fine lay down in the tub and open your mouth"
>normally she's kneeling right over my mouth
>now she's standing above me, looking very dominant and powerful
>look up at her
>"you don't deserve to look me in the eye, bitch. Stare at my pussy so you can see it coming"
>30 seconds of anticipation
>first stream hits me by the eye and moves to my nose
>finally in my mouth
>it's the dehydrated piss from her playing soccer
>tastes amazing
>"God you're such a little bitch. Get back up here and wash me"
>clean her whole body
>says she wants me to cum with my face in her ass
>bends over with her hands on the wall
>get in there and start jackin
>couldn't cum, always had a hard time in the shower.
>I'm pretty sure she knew and just wanted me to fail
>"well then you're going to have to be punished"
>makes me wait in her room while she finishes in the shower
>comes back with a hair brush
>"I'm sure you know what to do with this by now"
>start sucking on the handle
>"good boy"
>she straddles my face, asshole pressed up against my nose
>pulls my legs back missionary style
>hands me hairbrush
>"I want you to fuck yourself with this. I hope you gave it a good sucking, because you'll need the lube"
>also tells me to start jacking off
>she starts paddling my balls like she did before
>fucking myself good with the hairbrush, jacking furiously
>all while she's laughing at me, telling me "only a little bitch could get off to this, what kind of a man are you?" And smothering me with her ass
>cum pretty quickly, maybe 5-7 minutes in
>"I didn't tell you you could cum"
>oh fuck
>end up sitting funny for a few days because of all of the lashes I got with the belt
I don't really have any more stories that could top that, just a few little femdom type things she did here or there that I still get off to sometimes.
I mean I'm bi so I would suck the dude off to let him cum on her feet but I still wouldn't touch a dude's feet. I really don't know what it is. Women's feet are just better.
Tell us!
Well glad to know that im not the only one and btw happy New year Dear /b/
To each their own.
>one day be at public library
>notice something out of the corner of my eye
>old man on youtube looking at foot fetish videos
>i try not to laugh
>im one of the biggest perverts alive and ill never understand this fetish

theres my story
As a person with a massive foot fetish, I don't even understand it.
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Got bound up and forced to worship these once. Girl also kick-started a pretty huge giantess fetish, too.
File: img222min.jpg (981KB, 2592x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Was forever ago, trying to think of stories... Here's this in the meantime. Big thing I remember was she was really into the forced worship and then the idea of vore/insertion on the giantess side.
Femdom got me into foot fetish, wasn't interested before that

Femdom pt 2.1
Most of these stories happen in her room because her parents just didn't give a fuck, I'll let you know if that changes
>says she has to pee really bad
>give her that look
>"no it's gonna be a lot"
>don't say anything, just lay on my back
>she kneels on my face with her pussy pressed into my mouth
>can always smell/tastr it coming first
>I'm used to a light stream in my mouth
>tells me that I can't swallow it until I cum
>fucking super soaker holy shit
>get one mouthful, have to swallow to avoid spill
>another mouthful oh my god I'm in heaven
>swallow again with some difficulty
>mouth half filled after that
>she's giggling the whole time at my struggling
>jacking pretty hard, but not getting anywhere
>she gets off and watches, sees that I'm struggling
>"swish it around you perv"
>alright that'll do it
>tells me to cum on her feet
>pretty big load on both the tops and bottoms (she had them sideways almost pressed together)
>swallow and say thank you mistress
>she tells me to shut up and lick my cum off of her feet
One time (unrelated) she made me wear a bikini and dance for her lol
Keep going. Post whatever you got.
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Not feet, but this exchange on messenger was like the start of her getting real, real into vore.

>her: we could always play with my tongue ring
>her: you holding onto it for dear life as you slip towards my throat
>her: or i can just push you around with it
File: img_9.jpg (691KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pt. 2 of that
File: img_0.jpg (604KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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last part.
A girl that was into vore? Lucky dude! I assume she was the pred?
Nice... got any more pictures?
45 yr old, and just last night after taking my woman out to dinner, and chilling for a few hours, I removed her nylons, and buried my face at the spot where the soles meet the toes, and smelled and licked them for 20 minutes before even stripping her down the rest of the way.
Hell, I probably still have her faint odor in my mustache.
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here's this. her perfect scenario was having me shrunk, stuck worshipping her feet/being her insole when she wore old sneakers sans socks/being her human dildo, and then getting devoured when she eventually got bored.
File: 1457446607623.jpg (74KB, 609x452px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1464986390811.jpg (350KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Femdom pt. 2.2
I don't have any pics saved, but here's a pic that I've seen posted here, actually. (I didn't take it, and that honestly makes it much hotter for me)
>first year or so into the relationship (we dated for 3)
>finally get some time alone at her house
>smoking and watching a movie
>tell her I want her to keep smoking and sit on my face
>she does but doesn't realize I can't breathe
>struggling to get out
>she laughs and acts like I'm playing
>end up passing out
>laugh about it afterwards

>be me
>live in open apartments, so hallway was open to outside
>crush also 13 lived upstairs from us
>rode the same bus home from school
>warm weather, get home, then come back out to sit on stairs
>she'd come out in her socks, sit on stairs above me
>would get whiffs of those wonderful 13 year old girl feet
>she'd playfully kick at me, putting her feet on me
>once in a while, she'd take off her socks and stick her feet in my face
>one day she had her feet in my face and couldn't help it
>licked the bottom of her foot
>she let out a moan/slight squeal
>i just about came right there
>she got up and ran inside
>felt intoxicated
>finished school year playing with her feet after school almost every day
>she moved that summer - was devastating
>here's this. her perfect scenario was having me shrunk, stuck worshipping her feet/being her insole when she wore old sneakers sans socks/being her human dildo, and then getting devoured when she eventually got bored.
Please keep going. Post whatever you got, including pics.
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One of us I don't think has ever been online for proof. Come and get me faggots.
Pic related. Me
You need to find her.
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Here, have another sole pic and a failed attempt at bargaining with her.

>me: you know, if the whole foot slave bit turns you on, eating me seems like it'd be a waste.
>her: naw
>me: i mean you'd be out someone to kiss your toes and force inside you
>her: i'd find someone new
>me: to use as a sex toy?
>her: sure
>her: once i've eaten you
Fuck, this girl is awesome!
File: imagejpeg_0-9.jpg (727KB, 3592x2694px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yet another failed attempt. (Believe it or not this relationship eventually got really unhealthy!)

> me: how about you just enslave me for life instead of eating me?
> her: no
> her: wait
> her: it will actually be for the rest of your life
> her: so okay
> her: just without the instead
> me: :(
> me: why do you want to eat me so much?
> her: dunno
> her: just do
> me: isitjusteatingmethen?
> her: what do you mean?
> me: not half-smushing and all that beforehand
> her: haha
> her: of course that's first
> me: :(
> me: are you still naked during all this?
> her: yep
> me: just naked then
> her: ?
> me: no makeup, or being sweaty or anything
> her: haha
> her: i always wear makeup
> her: and i'll be nice and sweaty for you, don't worry
more feet and vore please!
Dayum... . This is my fetish... .
File: imagejpeg_0-11.jpg (918KB, 3592x2694px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>her: i could do it slow
>me: there isn't really any reason to
>me: could we just maybe like do the almost crush thing and tell me not to mess with the computer again?
>her: maybe
>me: smushing me the first time seems a bit harsh
>her: actually, since you now know that is a consequence, you get smushed.
>me: not getting off while you do it, please?
>her: yup
>her: that would be a shitty way to die
>me: yeah, pretty much
>me: no moaning really loud?
>her: pff, definitely moaning really loud
>her: i want that to be the last sound you hear as you die, except for maybe your bones snapping and being crushed
>me: could I get you to stop somehow?
>her: no
>me: licking or something?
>her: nope, but i'd appreciate it. :)
Was she into digesting?
more vore!
File: tongue2.jpg (2MB, 1148x1474px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1148x1474px
should answer that.

me:  what would you want me to be doing anyway?
her: dunno
her: but it better feel good
her: :-p
me: I mean you'd be forcing me into you, that'd probably suffice.
me: woo, I win.
her: how so?
me: because, forcing me into you would be good enough.
me: you didn't argue against it.
her: oh
her: no it wouldn't
her: i just didn't find it worth arguing
me: pff, it would too.
me: dildo = not moving.
her: vibrator = moving
me: shh
her: i win
me: :( at least you can't come up with specific things I have to do.
me: so kind of hooray for me there.
her: that's your job
me: eh, you have to put up some guidance.
her: nope
me: hmm, fine. if it feels really good, maybe that'll keep you from deciding to eat me.
her: perhaps
her: but i doubt it
me: you could just spit me back up. it'd be just as satisfying.
her: nope
me: ugh, what's fun at all about digesting me
her: the digesting part
me: how
her: just sounds fun
That's hot...
please, more stories!
This is the best thing I've seen and read on 4chan in a long time.
She's hot. Got anymore of her? Got more soles?
File: imagejpeg_0-12.jpg (711KB, 2592x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
711KB, 2592x1944px
pt. 1

> me: you wouldn't start running
> her: it could become a regular occurance besides the eating bit
> me: nothanks
> her: i wasn't asking
> me: ugh, how regular?
> her: not sure
> me: well, running more than 4 times a week can cause shin splints
> me: glad we agree.
> her: ok
> me: so 3 times a week?
> her: ok
> me: 2?
> her: no
> me: bah, you were agreeing
> me: you don't expect me to be worshipping you during all that, right?
> her: dunno
> me: you'd already be getting five hours of worship a day
> her: i know
> me: youdon't need me worshipping then
> me: hooray
> me: andyou don't even have running shoes, do you?
> her: i do
> me: oh
> me: wait
> me: I am not going in those
> me: while you run at least
> me: ok?
> her: dunno
> me: that could kill me
> me: lots of impact and all
> her: oh
> her: so?
> me: you wanted to eat me?
> me: if you were going to keep me alive and in your shoe, you'd have to be like super careful with where you put me
> her: i know
> me: also, making me worship you as you half crush me is kind of fucking ridiculous
> her: oh well
File: imagejpeg_0-13.jpg (744KB, 2592x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
744KB, 2592x1944px
and here's a semi-blurry pov of getting shoved in her sneaker. also pt. 2.

> me: ps: you really don't want to eat me
> her: no
> her: i do
> me: :(
> me: you don't want to make me worship you after running then
> her: yes i do
> me: do I _have_ to start between your toes?
> her: yes
> me: 
> me: can i just start at your heel.
> her: no
> me: please?
> her: nope.
> me: :(
> me: ugh, it'd be all hot and wet and smelly
> me: I might suffocate?
> her: naw
> me: between every toe gap?
> her: yes
> me: wait
> me: this isn't allowed with lotioning too
> me: one or the other
> her: pff
> me: ugh. hot, sweaty, smelly, and really soft? no.
> her: yes
> me: Both feet?
> her: yes
File: tummy2.jpg (77KB, 424x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 424x801px
And this was a taunting pic she sent at one point. Annnd part 3.

> me: wait,so I'm getting smushed under both feet?
> her: yeah
> me: would you like me to kiss your toes while you do? /sarcasm
> her: sure
> me: not really
> me: makeup should just be like eyeliner, by the way.
> me: putting on a bunch of makeup after running while still sweaty probably wouldn't work
> her: i could wash my face first
> me: also,I really appreciate the effort,but you don't need to dress up to torture me
> her: no, i want to
> me: just makeup then?
> her: what else?
> me: not all pedicured?
> her: ooo
> her: maybe
> me: maybe the polish would chip while you ran
> her: i doubt it
> me: ugh, you don't need to look perfect for torturing
> me: it's not a date.
> me: ...that wasn't an idea.
> her: could be
> me: no.
> her: i'm naked
> me: can it just end with a kiss goodnight?
> her: haha, it will be goodnight for you
> me: ?
> her: it will be all dark in my stomach and you won't wake up
MOAR! Also moar feet!
anymore taunting stomach shots or mouth pics?
File: imagejpeg_0-14.jpg (927KB, 2592x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
927KB, 2592x1944px
So eventually she decided she was "Goddess", so this is cringe-y. And this is blurry, but I've always loved the nonchalance.

> me: actually, just no making me do anything other than lick and kiss in your shoes.
> her: no
> me: what else could you even have me do?
> her: not sure yet
> me: there is not a lot of space.
> her: i know
> me: so I can't do a lot of things
> her: nope
> me: fine, one other thing I could do, smartypants.
> her: massage my feet
> me: how?
> her: with your hands
> me: you would barely feel it.
> her: i better feel it
> me: :(
> me: yes goddess.
> her: :)
> me: and anyway, that's an obvious one kind of.
> me: if you can actually come up with another, I'm food whenever you want me to be.
> her: ok
> me: don't come up with another.
> her: haha
> me: woo.
> her: shine my toe nails
> me: how?
> her: with your mouth
> her: oh, and clean under them if there is anything there
> me: ugh
> me: no
> her: now you are food whenever i want
That's not cringey. I love worshipping girls like Goddesses! This is awesome
File: imagejpeg_0-15.jpg (184KB, 576x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 576x1024px

> me: hmm, I re-changed my mind. I don't really trust you not to smush me or eat me either
> her : haha
> me: I feel like you'd be teasing and have me in your mouth and then decide what the hell
> me: and just do it
> her : probably
> me: i mean if you actually really could
> her : i know
> me: i think the eating me would probably be more likely than the smushing
> me: since smushing would take longer
> me: I hope
> her : :D
> me: you wouldn't actually just crush me under your foot...
> me: you'd feel guilty a bit into it
> her : naw
> me: fuck. ugh, wait.
> me: i just realized if you're willing to do that, I'd actually wind up your foot toy...
> her : yeah
> me: like if you really could shrink me
> me: it wouldn't be for too long?
> her : naw, it'd be a while.
> me: wait, you wouldn't really use me as a sex toy, would you?
> her : haha of course I would
> me: like if you really could shrink me. you'd actually do that?
> her : yeah
> me: :-/
> her : it'd be fun
> me: and you'd actually eat me
> her : maybe
> me: I don't think you'd leave me shrunk for more than a day or two
> her : eh
> me: maybe a week
> her : at least
> me: could I get out of the whole thing some how, or is this just "Oooooh, fun" on your part?
> her : just oooh fun on my part
> me: :( Would smushing me be that too?
> her : dunno
> me: wait, making me worship is not "Oooh fun"
> me: I hope
> her : haha
> her : is too
File: tummy.jpg (54KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 640x480px
one more.
>no one besides me prefers socks over barefeet

life is hell
There are a few other pics and tons more chatlogs but going through logs/removing personal info takes a while, so it'll be for another thread, probably.
When? :O
in THE FUTURE. no idea, though. whenever there's a thread like this again and i'm bored and drunk enough to post for a while.
more tattoos?
Can you just post some more pictures?
sorry dude, done for right now. stay tuned to random /b/ threads. those were most of the good ones anyway.
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Fucking KEK.

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