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Good evening /b/ She kissed someone different at midnight

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Good evening /b/

She kissed someone different at midnight

How does this make you feel?

General feels thread
feels bad man. feels bad.
whats her name op
OP here, never had a her so to speak. always thought I'd be better not to, this way I could never be disappointed.
get mad. go into denial for 5 minutes.
accept that all women are whores and go on r9k/ for therapy.
shoot up a school montreal polytechnique [look it up if you have no idea what im talking about]

and have some good feels with the caucasian group in jail.
And it starts...

my gf ditched me for a party and people tells me she got kissed by 5dudes and one girl... happy new year
not all women anon, just most
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This is what marriage represents to me now. I have lost all faith in the childish fairy tale known as "true love."
I don't even have a she can or a her so I think that means I'm winning
by the time r9k therapy sessions are over its all women REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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D-did you hope to kiss her? "Anon I won't make the same mistake in 2017. yes I love you Anon. Kiss me!"
bro i had a 21st birthday with my family nad random friends of my parents.. but we didnt tell them it was my birthday bcs then they would feel bad for not getting me anything.
i left early in my car to go back home and study.
u the bro that was sick and the gf said shed kiss her flatmate? Sucks man, at least u aint me, drinking alone because my bros all doing their own shit and i alreasy spent new years with my fam.
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is not that disappointing in itself?
i would die
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Well, whatever makes her happy. Not like I'll be seeing happiness anytime in this life.
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Women would not be such degenerate sluts if
Hitler won.
sometimes i feel like im still 18... like ive never grown up... and even when random people ask me how old i am i sometimes forge my age. Not celebrating your birthday.

just sitting here and a listening to this song alone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBDkTVWnksM
its not true. dont fall for the pol meme. his party was reactionary and was bound to fall.

you cant go to an extreme it works for short bursts and just in moments of chaos and hardship.

people have to find the in between and learn a lot more philosophy. many problems are easily fixable, but people lack of knoweldge on general things like philosophy, human psychology, etc cause them to jump to conclusions.
People need to learn of what philosophies? The philosophies that merely got us here in the first place? The liberal philosophies of the 1960's that are activity destroying all that we hold dear? Such though is the reason our country, hell our entire world, is such a globalist laden festering shithole.
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Bump, keep this thread alive please.
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How can I keep a thread alive when I'm myself barely living?
There is no 'she' and am doubtful there ever will be. No brakes on this feels train
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you see what you have done... you have fallen into the same hole those who think know everything have fallen in.

Think of Plato's Republic and Socrates. Think Lao Tzu, Confucius, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche... There are philosophies out there that will make you commit suicide and others that can convince you that you have it all.

And remember that all world knowledge, Social Systems and Economical Systems are flawed. Not flawed on paper, but are flawed because of man kind. We are the problem in each and every decline of a system. Whether its sheer greed or the idea that securing a race is more important than our well being and comfort.

I have read Mein Kampf Volume 1 and there are lots of fallacies.

But if you want to live in your Utopian society, in which Hitlers Joseph Goebbels pictured, then i suggest you fix your family. Live close and respect your parents. If you have girls and boys teach them morality [through what ever means possible (God, Deism,Nihilism,etc...)]
Because you cant force a whole society to conform. You have to start from yourself to lead the example.
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2017 looks like it's going to be a pretty good year for me. I hope it goes well for you guys too. Don't be afraid to vent, sometimes you just need someone to listen. Or read, in this case.
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damn son.
you triggered?
mankind ain't flawed ya shit.
your perception of its survival is whats flawed.
conflict is as much a part of life as sleeping.
lions eat gazelles and shit everyday, you finna get all sjw over that?
same to you anon.

that pepe is using some sort of mac because his mouse is connected to the screen [unless pc 's are turning into that]
not so good pepe
Likely the computer is underneath his desk with the monitor on top. That's how mine is set up.
You are right. Mankind in and of itself is flawed. Which is what lead us to this era of decadence and degeneracy. To that end, our devolution into degeneracy can only be remedied by canceling it out in a similar manner to an algebraic equation with authoritarianism.
>There are people on /b/ who genuinely confide in others
>There are people on /b/ who genuinely think other people aren't the same breed of hideous monster as they are
>There are people on /b/ who trust other people
>There are people on /b/ who think having some empty vessel of a whore on their arm will dull the agony of being a misfit outcast
russian detected
doesn't matter. 5 year relationship ended a year and a half ago. ive moved on, wasted too much of my life on someone else. right now its me time.
Oh no once again you misunderstand me.
I'm saying war will without a doubt happen, however "he who can win the war without a physical battle is the stronger one" -Sun Tzu [paraphrased].

we aren't lion and gazelle as most southern nationalists try to make it seem. The saddest and most disappointing part for most nationalists was the internet and the 21'st century. Since it goes to show you that yes we can live together; nevertheless we need to make sacrifices. Even when you get married you need to make sacrifices for your loved ones. The sooner you come to accept that, the easier life will be.

Then again if we look at Europe the influx in nationalist rise only occurred because of rash and very ill choices leaders are making. There is nothing wrong with refugees, but when you let everybody in its will create an immediate reaction by the populous. Control the refugee, with good vetting and you should be fine. Next step would be assimilating them into your culture [ those who dont like it will leave], etc...

This isn't SJW talk, but beware that when people rise to power, they tend to build the SJW personna.

Look back at the bush administration:
You cant question war or else your a traitor.
Dont question 9/11 or else your a traitor, etc.
[note im not saying that 9/11 was an inside job just saying that mere questioning made you a crazy]

and same with the Obama admin.
SJW liberals were on the rise... i wont list their crazy acts since they are well known and numerous.

Anyways back to the main point:
Man is flawed, we will forever be flawed if we push away history, philosophy, psychology [not all psychology is good],etc...
Those are the things that make us superior to animals, our intellect.
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>there are people on /b/ who genuinely love themselves and their significant other
>there are people on /b/ who aren't bitter
Doesn't make me feel anything, TBH. There's no "she" in my life.
feels good man she will sleep 24 hours if she stays up this late
I just hope whoever she kissed makes her feel happier then when she was with me...
absolutely not.
For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. You don't want to keep that sin or cosine function going. What you want is to use non-similar forces, exterior forces to slowly manipulate your function so it reaches the middle line [x-axis] and stays stable.

if you go for authoritarianism you will get revolutions, etc.
Look at Iraq. Bush thought that we can simply beat democracy into their brains. But that's not how it works. Those ideas of a republic and democracy come with loads of education and people making mistakes and learning from their mistake.

Never act irrationally to fix the previous mistake.
If they kill one of you and you go for revenge. The cycle will live on forever and be passed on to your children. Be wise, evade the problem. Start by fixing your acts of degeneracy before you fix others.

The last and final solution if all else fails is using your primal instinct to kill another human.
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see, you say man is superior to animal, but what proof? i see no animals fucking up, maybe thinking you can do better than survive and be happy is what perpetuates your unhappiness.
maybe man is animal.
maybe animal is good.
Why are you talking about war? I think he's just saying women under hitlers rule REGARDLESS of everything else, just fucking forget it, we. Are. Talking. About. Women. And women ONLY. Under a certain rule.

And yes they would not be sluts, they are taught to conserve themselves for marriage or for a man who is aryan white.
Don't care, I was busy fucking her friend in the parking lot
File: feelsbadman.jpg (11KB, 277x329px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw girlfriend broke up with me on the 30th, a day before our anniversary

She kissed no one,but that no one still wasn't me
See your saying that cus animals arnt doing bad things and humans are that animals are somewhat as good or superior, except what your supposed to be thinking about is not the bad but how much good man has done. All you have to do is look at a history book and read all of it and you'll realize it. Fucking moron.
bruuuuh, "women" is a concept, are you "man"? do you identify with everything being a "man" entails?
people are individuals, go be friends with one.
some of them are really nice, just like you anon-kun
I'm learning to live with it slowly.

I think my biggest thing was I always knew it would never work out, I think I was just a rebound relationship for her after she got done with her "military" boyfriend and when trying to make him jealous actually turned into a slightly "meaningful" relationship, she realized how "real" the world could be.

Though I would never bode myself a "catch" by any means. Even I know what a useless piece of shit I am. I know that I'm destined to stay by myself forever alone. But I tried /b/ I really did. And when it ended I knew what little chance I had of recouperating. I just wish I hadn't talked myself into trying to stick it out as long as I did. I'll be better in a few more months/years. I've really started bettering myself again, finding more ways to be kind to myself and workout out.

I lost 20 lbs this year /b/ since my break up and sometimes it's so damn hard to remind myself of why I'm really needing to do this. But you've all been there for me, even if in some cynical way to try to keep egging me on to work towards something. Even if I'm single for the rest of my life I want to try to do something with myself.

And I hope I see you all there in the end.

I'm too chickenshit to an-hero but I know that eventually we all see the same shit afterward, and I want to hug each and every one of you to let you know how much I love you, even if I don't ever get to see you till then, I love you guys.

I hope she's happy though. And I hope I can eventually be happy, even in my perpetual loneliness too.
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I feel you Bro.

She's already in another bed, tho.
I'll pray for a fast recovery brother. I know it's tough I know it seems endless and who knows it might be but just remember that I'll be thinking of you and praying for you this year. I know it doesn't really help you but who knows, maybe it will. Stay strong man. Keep fighting the good fight. Be safe and always be kind to yourself.
you think physically. I think mentally.

Our conciseness is what differs us from them.

At this point your are baiting and its evident.

There is a very famous arabic proverb that says "Everything that is banned will be wanted."
You still dont comprehend human psychology, which leads people like you to think that outright force will put people in place.

Just look at the simple example of the ghetto life and so called gangster life. How deprived must one be to want to leave his family, his safe home and town and live in a city filled with killers, uneducated, people hating cops, etc .

But they fought so hard to ban it and hide it that it slowly took over the minds of those kids running through puberty. The rebellious sentiment rose in there hearts and minds...

Instead of teaching our kids why it isnt good and showing them them the flaws. We just yell its evil and degenerate.
"Come to me with logic and I will listen;however, come to me with irrationality and force and I will fight you with my sword" - Anonymous.
n-no need to call names, just saying there's happiness without a superiority complex man.
and personally i don't see whats so wrong with prehistoric life, id trade this computer to be in a close knit community of survivalists with the knowledge of countless generations to prepare me to survive and live in harmony
thanks /b/ros, i appreciate it, luckily i've had alcohol helping me through it lmao

but seriously, thanks.
Same here man. I've been hitting the gym, so you should do the same if you have access, otherwise do what you can to make yourself feel better about yourself.

I am so sorry this happened to you though as it also happened to me several months earlier (september), I lost my family over it in the process too.

Either way, regardless of the details, I know you'll find something to take your mind off it, and if not then keep fighting for it. I hope you'll find it either way.
Then you simply believe that "Ignorance is bliss."

Therefore you are ignorant.

You are like the kid that cries I wish I had no computer, because the computer shows me sinful things.
You are the person who can't use his surroundings to better himself and when he fails he cries that it's the fault of the system and not his.

You without knowing are the degenerate one.
Those who cry to change society and others around them in a free world like the west have their own issues that they have not come to terms with. So they evade fixing themselves, and are mad at the world around them.

I highly suggest you read:
Plato's Republic.
Books from Nietzsche, Schopenhauer.
Lao Tzu
Sun Tzu (Art of War)
Mein Kampf Volume 1
and many others but read in that order

If you don't like reading then listen to the audio books.
But listen carefully because they are complex.
My crush rejected me the other day. Her friend is in town and staying at her place and they have been fucking. I've been giving her the cold shoulder, and ignoring her the past few days and she keeps blowing up my phone saying shit like "I need you in my life" "why are you doing this to me." Earlier she started kissing me and grabbing my dick but i wasnt having it and telling her to fuck off. Later she was all over her friend right in front of me.

What do?
File: 1468377904921.jpg (391KB, 500x994px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get her out of your life. Start 2017 without her!
The thing is i do enjoy being around her and i love her as a friend, it may have to come to that though. I'm hoping if I ignore her long enough that shell come around and fuck me.
would you believe i've actually read most of those books? could you believe that there is wisdom in the world, outside of civilization? i do not cry to change society, for society is change, nothing is static my brother, life is change, and i am alive, therefore i am change, it is all well to honor the wisdom of those who came before us but do you forget perhaps that true enlightenment is acceptance? the buddha found it without those books, because happiness and love are universal constants as surely as plank's, everyone knows these things but it takes true awareness to realize that the awareness is not something to be conquered but accepted, peace is acceptance, acceptance is wisdom
is the making fuck your goal?
File: IMG_1984.jpg (369KB, 1280x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Starting the year off alone once again. She left me 2 years ago because she got pregnant with another man. I think about her all the time. Love of my life. It's My fault because I was too busy with work. Now I'm here with a bottle of Jameson and listening all my neighbors going crazy partying. I'll be fine. I can't stop thinking about her, I wish I can stop.
yes. limited acceptance. acceptance with rational [as to say not like angela merkle]

but for people who havent left there country or city its hard to see those things. Ive lived in the middle east for three years and saw what life was like outside of north america. Therefor for some its hard to see wisdom.
At this point yeah. At first I wanted to make her my gf but that didn't work out
I've recently started doing exercise because i cant run for shit and have the body of a concentration camp survivor so yeah that plus weed has been helping me through alot of shit recently.
File: 1479971837984.jpg (15KB, 284x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Since I quit dxm, I feel like I have an empty spot in my soul; like I lost someone very near and dear.
I know it goes away, but christ I feel empty and it's gnawing away at my brain and heart.
Pic related, part of me wishes I never got into drugs in the first damn place.The other part wishes I could go back to when it was still fun and do it again.
yo man, was at your point, really helped me to think about it like i was building up my ability to love, as in for each time i loved i loved deeper, and one day you'll meet someone who you can love so deeply that everything leading up to it will have been a worthwhile endeavor
>Be me, 17, senior in small high school in CAL
>7/10 at best, total betafag
>Really starting to hate myself
>Mom dead
>Dad calls me a faggot for no reason
>23 year brother is trying to get me to do weed every time i see him.
>Shit grades so I'm not sure what i'm going to do when i leave high school.
>Final year so i say fuck it, i'm going to a dance for once.
>Rent tux, probs looked like faggot, but to me it looked pretty nice.
> Go to dance see a group of semi friends talking/chilling
>"Friends" surprised to see me there.
>Say i look "good"
>Say same shit to them
>Kinda just standing there thinking why the fuck did I come here while they had a conversation.
>Some funky ass song comes on and everybody be like "Dis my jam"
>*"Friends" run out onto dance floor
>Look like fucking retards, I'm not a dancing Fag but they were having fun and i got a little jelly.
>About to leave (Thinking about suicide)
>Slow song comes and i'm ready to pull a gun out right there and do it
>But then this girl Talia asks me to dance
>This girl is ez 9/10 and i've fucking daydreamed about her sense 4th grade.
>I could barely get yes out before she had pulled me onto the dance floor.
>Be me, so beta i don't even know how to slow dance
>She has to put my arms on her hips
>Never knew dancing with a girl felt that good
>She put her head on my shoulder and said you looked lonely.
>I'm still not getting what the fuck is happening so i just say yeah.
>Talia says shes always liked me but was just to shy or some shit to talk to me.
>Tell her i liked her to
make america great again

also i see where you're coming from anon, i know there is indeed suffering in the world but i also know that (to paraphrase you earlier post) all i can do is be the change i would like to see in the world, and that change is love brother, i know it would be difficult to love someone who had unleashed bombs on my home for years on end but i also know that as humans we all are simply doing what we think is best, and are therefore not to be condemned for our actions, i believe if i had lived the life of the man dropping bombs i would have done the same, such is life, and it makes of us what it will. that being said, hats off to you gentleman and scholar, may you find peace with your fellow man
nah, i popped a pill in her drink now she's asleep
more pls
more... this is good. willing to bet it'll say at some point
>she was wetter than a nigger when he sees a cow
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Nah I'm playing, I know what you mean.
I don't have a she, I don't feel that way about anyone, I just fuck em.

It feels great spending time with actual family.
>She didn't say a word all she did was smile at me and put her head back on my shoulder.
>^That was so fucking hot to me idk why.
>Song ends and she asks if I can drive her home.
>Drive her home and walk her to the door. (This girl brought the gentleman out of me)
>Awkwardly I tell her goodnight
>All she does is kisses me on the lips and giggles. Then run inside.
>^So fucking hot to me
>Next day i get a text from her
>Thinking back on it, it was kinda weird cause i don't remember giving her my number, but i was to fucking happy a girl liked me to give a shit.
>It was crazy, i had a actual conversation with this girl. Nothing like the bullshit i experienced talking to the fags at my school.
>She starts hanging out with me.
>Kisses me often
>I'm happier with her then i've been with anybody in a long time.
>Really start to open up to her.
>We talk like this for like two or three weeks
>Then one day she asks about my mom
>Mom got Rekt by cancer while back, don't talk about it at all.
>Trust her enough to tell her
>Normal cancer story, i was like 13 and it really fucking sucked.
>Dad became alcoholic and brother went fucking crazy
>After i tell her she starts to cry
>Tell her i shouldn't have told her the story.
>In tears she said there's something i have to tell you.
>I'm thinking her mom died to cancer or something but what she said next fucking destroyed me.
File: 6e1.jpg (173KB, 1200x1188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She said this whole relationship was just a punishment to a bet she lost.
>I thought it was like a fucked up joke and asked her what she ment.
>She told me how she had lost some bet and she had to date some dweeb or someshit for a month.
>in denial tell her she's lieing
>Bitch shows me her phone and the texts are telling her things to say to me.
>I started to cry like a fucking pussy. (hadn't criend sense mum died)
>She tells me how she's so fucking sorry but i don't give a shit.
>I tell her to get the fuck out and never talk to me again.
>I could see how she was really sorry but i didn't give a shit.
>Tell her to never talk to me again and to this day she hasn't.
>After that i didn't go to school for like a week.
>Depressed as fuck but im to puss to an hero.
>So i just lived my fucking life as a turtle.
>Till this day i still feel hurt.
god fucking damnit that went straight to the feels
File: 2016.jpg (40KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was dumped by the only girl I ever loved at 2:00 AM, January 1, 2016. Since then, I've had a year. I'm in shape, and at least average looking. But no matter how hard I try, I can't forget or move on. My family liked her, and blamed me for the relationships failure. They still remind me that she's with someone else. Sorta demoralizing boys.
Shit. And I watched her do it. She literally stared at me and kissed someone else
File: dead.jpg (48KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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respect for the conviction.
but seriously bro, forgive that girl.
she obviously liked you, why are you denying yourself the potential to be happy?
File: 1482895022408.jpg (72KB, 470x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Conceal, don't feel.
she didn't like him. it was a bet made by a friend. i've been on the same end of it. you can't just forgive somebody after something like that.
I'm not looking forward to 2017 I'll just do the same thing I do everyday stay in my house 24-7 and play vidya and talk to one of my friends online because I dont have any friends irl he's cool though
Yeah same for me thats why my new years resolution is kill myself in march
You won't do it faggot
File: 1481207206491.jpg (47KB, 481x481px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 481x481px
>inb4 normal fag

Instead of killing myself, because I hate everything, I plan on just doing something that in the long run fucks over every person I hate; suicide is pretty fucking boring, why kill yourself, when you can have /b/itches, and money?
man if she didn't like him she wouldn't have cried and confessed, that's an act of compassion, just forgive her for your own sake, as in maybe you might find comfort in release
before you shoot up a school
I pretty much don't have any other option at this point. Some people really are born to die by their own hand.
I posted this story a lot and one anon inspired me to talk with her, turns out she got raped a year after highschool by a bunch of niggers. She got h.i.v. and shit. I sat down and talked with her and she seemed pretty fucked up. We talk occasional but i'm not gonna fuck with that.
You say a lotta shit, but i don't think you got what it takes my dude. If you really want to go ahead.
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