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Feels thread? Feels thread. Lets do this

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread? Feels thread. Lets do this
bump for interest
I went outside, which just means browsing /b/ on my phone
hold me, /b/ros
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I came here to find cool pictures and got lost in a feels thread
Good game
Dude no joke last time I looked in the mirror I saw Cthulhu
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I have so many people texting me, except the one I want to
Why is it that, regardless of how many people want to love me, Her love is the only one I want, and yet, the only one I can't get. I hate feeling like this, its happened so many times before, but never this strong. I cant help but fall in love, and they never love me back. She could destroy my entire existence with her eyes alone, my entire essence is held by her hand, my heart beats for her, and her love is as far from my grasp as the fucking sky. All I want is for her to feel even a fraction of this for me, if she feels for me even a tiny part of the love I have for her, then I would be happy.
But it never happens.
No matter how much I want it to
No matter how badly I love her
She'll never love me back
And It destroys me
I'm watching south park while working out. You lot should try it. It helps
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I dont mind the physical pain, it is nothing compared to the pain inside my soul
The blood running down my arms will never quench the thirst only she can satiate.
And so
I will die
Never knowing
What its like
To be fullfilled
To have this burden be lifted from my shoulders
To know love
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worst than no gf is have one and she don't spend new year with me. Feels bad and cucky
Fuck mane, i know that feeling
And i fucking hate it
happy new year my feels friend
Well guys, this has been the worst year of my life. But tonight, I'll drink, and smoke until I don't know my own name. Fuck you 2016, I hope next year will be a bit better.
No u
Always think in the present.
How do you mean, friendo?
shit m8 I feel you

I like this girl a lot I mean shes fucking perfect in every way

>qt 3.14, blonde hair
>perfect body all you can do is stare in awe
>stunning personality
>always happy
>seems like a soulmate to me
>me not being social never text/snap her
>long greentext story not sure if to post it or not
>feel like she doesn't like me as much as I like her
>trying to lose feelings for her to avoid immense sadness
This is a lot like the girl I fell for
>multi colored hair
>hazel eyes
>perfect body
>great personality
>we make each other laugh constantly
Why does she like him?
Nah dude, you don't love her. If she doesn't love you, you can't love her. Sounds like you haven't even been in a relationship with her.

Love isn't something instantaneous like lust. Love is truly getting to know someone after years and years spent with them. Knowing their hopes, dreams, idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes. Love is when you know everyone of their flaws and well as they know yours and neither of you mind putting up with them. Have you two supported each other through bad times and celebrated the good? Have you had your fights but still know that nothing you fight about would be worth losing the other one?

I don't want to say you don't know what love is, but you don't love this girl, you are in love with the idea of her.
I've posted my greentext story explaining everything and a femanon told me that she's keeping me back and keeping her options open

this girl's relationships don't last long (probably guys wanting in her pants) but my being introverted af don't have confidence to ask her out somewhere so I just build a wall up and block every feeling from everyone of course if she does ask me out I'll say yes
It's New Years Eve and it's another year that I am still a virgin and have not had a gf. This year however, I managed to get a date (a couple actually) with this qt and we even cuddled on the couch. She later told me that she wants to be friends. I am going to a friend's party later where everyone will have a New Years kiss but me. I am thinking about going to Amsterdam or Vegas and fucking a hooker. I just want to get it over with. I don't want to be like Elliot Rodger. I am already 23 turning 24 in April.
I have no idea whether I do or not, I just need her in my arms.
She was dating the other guy for a week then they split up, and I hoped I might have a chance but now she's saying she misses him and its pissing me off. If she gets back together with him I'm done, shes out of my life. Beyond that she might want this guy across the country right now and she says that she's just gonna see what happens. I have no idea what to do anymore
Dont reflect upon 2016 and dont fall into the "this year will be better" meme. You should always be thinking about bettering yourself, starting with this week or day.
>I have no idea whether I do or not, I just need her in my arms.

Dude don't get hung up on someone you don't even know. If you fall in love with every pretty face life is going to be very long and very hard.
I understand. I don't think the next year will be automatically better. I'm just taking some steps that will at least bring me some change.
kind of looks like giant dad
Ive known her for months, and I know I love her, but we haven't had a real relationship, just close to one.
Just make sure to stick with this stuff dude. You have to envision and see why whatever you are doing will make you a better person.
at the beginning of 2016 i was working as a dog walker, barely making money and contemplating moving back home. had no qts, or any intrest from girls at all.

then, in the spring get a great job doing what i want to do. somehow get a qt asian gf. things are going good, start think my life will sort of work out.

summer 2016: gf is starting to get distant and shitty, hanging out with lots of her dude friends, and starting to be shady. step in, say that i can't have that and i love her, but i'm not a cuck

she says: "okay, don't worry anon, i love you more than anything. nothing will stop that, i want to be with you forever. i'm sorry"

fast-forward to october: she dumps, is with her best friend who she told me not to worry about. said that she wasn't sure she really loved me as much as she thought or said she did.

two days ago: asks me to come to her NYE party, that we should try to bury the hatchet. i accept.

i'm going to a NYE party tonight with the girl that shit all over me, because i'm actually a beta cuck who has no one else.
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>New years fireworks right now
>No friends
>Estranged from family
>No reason to live
>Still carry on
Happy new year too, try not to be sad, shit will get better soon
>idiots shooting in the street
>wake up
We'll I'm taking some positive steps and then some negative steps. But I haven't talked to her, and I haven't even tried so I think that's positive, well that's what everyone tells me
Welcome to the club
It is bro. Last gf of 3yrs took me 4yrs to get over. She was the one...
Oh you are grieving over an ex? Cant help you there. Only thing i can say is that it isnt the end of the world and when all of is millennials are in our 30s, the only thing that will matter is who has made it further in life. Thats why i dont stress about having a gf for nye or partying or drinking, etc.
She obv wasnt the one if she didnt feel right with you. Im not experienced in relationships so my perspective is unique to this problem. To me, love should be mutual bud
2016 so far...
>mom diagnosed with cancer
>4 family funerals attended (1 more later this month) all family members were ones i was close to.
>nephew who is only 2 diagnosed with eye cancer
>aunt whom i'll see tomorrow is dying as i type,
>gf whom i really loved cheated on me, (now 3rd ex)
Shit, 2016 was terrible
>all of is millennials are in our 30s,
But I'm in my 30's and relationships are far deeper, hence harder to get over with.
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Betty White will die on January 19th, 2017.
Perfect opportunity to fuck her and drop her like a sack of shit
Fuck.. I'm 130 days without talking to her. We were together for 4 years, all she wanted was us to get married. Fuck. This is gonna be a lot harder than I thought. Should I try to talk to her? I know she's at least asked about me.
We'll more than just an ex but that was just the straw that broke the camel's back. It broke me. And damn it, I just miss her on top of it all.
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How many texts will you get?
we had a bunch of lolis next to us but we were to scared to ask them out, what an missed opportunity of underage pussy

ya, if only it weren't a party at her new bf's bar...
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She jut wants you to see her with Chad. And how they are happy.
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Thread images: 14

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