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ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship? what was it like?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship? what was it like? did you get caught? any advice?

thanks, anons. i don't feel good about it but it's very hard to say no.
It was awesome, she didn't use rubbers, made me nut inside her..
Was caught from the get-go because her bf knew I was trying to bang her, all he had to do was fuck up and piss her off.
My advice would be play the long game, it takes time and effort. & a lot of saying the right things.. Unless she's some slut then just be careful not to get AIDs.
>ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship?

what was it like?
like SO HOT

did you get caught?

any advice?
try it. infidelity gets you diamonds
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Fuck it. Is some other dude going to give you the same consideration? Here's my married fuck
Are those hand tattoos? The fuck?
Its henna
Whatever. Post more of this slut
half of the women i fucked were "in a relationship"

honestly. most of those women would never fuck me if they were single. a lot of the time some uber beta bought his way into some sluts pants and shes just kind of stuck with him. and then someone [me] comes along whos not a total loser and the comparison makes me look alpha as fuck

it was usually awesome and the girls are horny as fuck. did i get caught? i litterally was taking my shirt off and flexing/showing off my tattoos in front of the cuck. any advice? yeah. most of these girls dont like being with the loser but they feel sort of bad ditching his pathetic ass. just fuck em for a week or two. its great and chances are if they dont fuck you theyll fuck someone eventually
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>ever fucked a girl...
No, now fuck off
Phah. Also checked
be me.
be 20.
go to party.
meet girl at party.
half-white, half-latina.
very much attract.
we will call her "Ana".
talk for most of the night, and drink heavily.
friends tell me time to leave.
make rounds saying goodbyes.
about to walk out front door of house.
friends are already outside getting in the car.
girl catches me at the front door.
grabs me, one hand on belt buckle, other on my dick.
"can't believe you'd leave without saying goodbye to me, or at least getting my number, anon"
instant boner.
we exchange numbers, and also saliva.
exit the house.
friends are still out front.
friend : "so you talked to Ana most of the night. that's cool"
me : "yeah man got her number, etc"
friend : "you know she's married right? yeah. to a total dickhead. and right now he's doing his second tour of afghanistan. or maybe third who gives a shit anyway."
me : "hey man wait a second i think i left something inside"
instantly run back inside the house.
find Ana, still at the front door.
engage in sloppy makeout in the doorway.
leave because friend needed to get home bc drank too much.
fast forward two weeks later.
we've been exchanging not-so subtle texts.
invites me over to her house.
is very clear about the fact she is alone.
come over.
she answers door in a while near-see through shirt and shorts.
opens the door with a coy smile, turns and walks into living room.
Usually don't share, but to hell with it.

Yes, after I broke up with my ex, I asked her point blank if she still wanna have sex, she said yes. After sometimes she stoped it, but few weeks in with her new boyfriend she asked to see me.

Fucked her a lot, she said she would be my whore for the rest of her life. 6 years in, still my little whore.

She is now a crazy feminist that dates only other females, and I still fuck her everyday I want. I also do whatever I want. So yeah, if the girls acts as a saint on social media, treat her like a harlot and you will have sex for a decade in the very least.
forgo small talk because our exchange has made me uncharacteristically confident.
instantly begin making out on her couch.
take her pants off.
she's wearing a jet black thong.
its summer and shes so tan, but no tan lines to be seen on her impeccable figure.
finger in vagoo.
its so tight.
engage maximum boner.
we turn over, shes on top, straddling me.
begins to suck on my neck while unbuttoning my shirt.
kisses the whole way down.
gets to my waist, gently bites on the top of my jeans.
grabs belt buckle just like the night weeks prior,
then unbuckles, unzips, pulls jeans and boxers just below my ass.
engage blowjob.
holy shit the best head i'd ever had in my 20 years.
sloppy but idgaf.
asks if i want to fuck.
tell her i don't have a condom. what the fuck was a thinking?
"its okay anon, im on the pill and IUD, etc. it feels better without one anyway"
what a time we live in...
not sure if its a trap, but hormones, etc, so i go for it.
we begin to fuck.
holy shit she's so loud.
really turned on, 10/10.
she wants to move from couch to smaller chair in same room.
we plan accordingly.
small chair is next to an end table.
there are photos of her and her husband on their wedding day.
she's in a white wedding dress and he's in full dress regalia of his branch of service.
kind of start to feel bad.
not that bad.
keep fucking.
god this is amazing.
she asks if i'm about to cum.
begs me to cum inside her.
generally keep a policy not to do so. but its so hot and at this point im literally living the plot of a porno, so i dont care.
bust inside of her with the fury of a thousand suns.
can feel the walls of her insides twitching, pulsating around my dick.
Yeah fucked a (then) friends girlfriend. She was hot and wanted it. So I gave it to her several times. Once in public toilets at the mall.

Yeah got caught. Guy was too much of a faggot to do anything about it.

I'm older now so good friends are harder to find than good pussy. Would shag a blokes girl if I didn't know him but not a friend's.
Went to bar
Met gril
Asked for number, she has boy
See her again a couple weeks later
Ask her if she has boy, it's not serious
Text for a week
See her out, bar hop with her
Says she wants to cuddle
I ask about boy
Says no title, just exclusive
I say bet
Take her and her friend home
I say no to threesome, fuck gril
Wake up next day, she say I never there
Her boy is a ranger, fuckmyass
I say bet
that's actually sad, meet new ppl anon.
(cont 3/3)
i must've shown some remorse or something.
immediately begins kissing my fact and neck.
holy shit she's a good kisser.
im still inside her.
pull out and roll off of her.
we both collapse into the chair in a pile of sweaty human sex funk.
i can literally see my cum dripping from her ladybox.
she rolls onto her back, begins masturbating, flicking the bean etc.
shes spinning one hell of a dj set on those turn tables.
same coy smile.
jesus christ she's pretty incredible.
dont know if i should feel alpha as fuck
or fear for my life because i just cucked a very scary military dude.
suddenly i notice all the pictures of the two of them, and him in various shades of military dress.
mind is reeling.
what do, anon?
she excuses herself to the bathroom "to go get cleaned up."
consider just leaving her house without saying a word.
but have to continue this alpha flight trajectory.
she comes back out, still sweaty, but wearing short shorts.
her hair is shoulder length and everywhere.
my god.
i might've cucked a man's wife but holy shit she's beautiful.
and smart as fuck.
we talk for a little while.
not 20 minutes later, heavy petting begins again.
engage boner.
we fuck for a little bit, then she climbs off.
throws her hair back in a way that could make any man bust.
begins sucking my dick.
taking the whole thing like a pro.
my god.
ask her if she wants me to tell her when i'm gonna cum.
common courtesy you know? because i'm a gentleman.
with my dick in one hand, she looks up. same coy smile.
"lol anon, why would you do that?"
head continues.
goddamn shes toying with me, bringing me to the edge and back.
mustve happened a dozen times.
finally she it all down, i can feel the back of her throat as i bust.
i thought she had drained me from when we fucked an hour ago.
not the case.
mfw she swallows it all and wipes her lips.
asks how it was.
no complaints, ma'am.
I fucked a married woman once that was just lonely and wanted attention. She drove 2 states just to take my cock. I also blew inside of her. No idea if I knocked her up or not. I never heard from her after she left. So my advice? If you're going to fuck a taken woman? Make sure she doesn't live around you. Have her come to you. Fuck her, and send her packing. Good luck! :)

>no greentext
>not gonna read that shit
I fingered my friends gf when she was passed out drunk next to him in bed.
I read it, it's pretty hot. Got a boner
Wow, name?

>ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship? Yes
>what was it like? Like having sex.
>did you get caught? No
>any advice? Go for the older sluts, They're filthy
>ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship? what was it like? did you get caught? any advice?

She was filipina and madly in love with her husband, but lost control when I kissed her neck unexpectedly. Seduction is more powerful than faith.
ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship?
>Half of girls I fucked were in relationships

what was it like?
>They were mostly better than who weren't

did you get caught?
> Once - she told him

any advice?
> No advice
that's a sad life you've got. you need to meet new people and find yourself a proper woman..
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(Cont 4/4)
we hang out casually in her living room for another half hour or so.
still cant believe what just happened.
her body is incredible, and i just keep looking from her face, to ass, to tits, and congratulating myself in my mind.
forget her husband.
forget the fact he's very scary and knows how to kill people in highly creative ways.
forget the fact that i'm living the plot of a porno.
this girl is so cool, cant believe what just happened.
i'd totally date her if she wasn't married.
but we just fucked and she sucked my dick, so what difference would it make?
that was one of the best summer flings of my life, and it continued off an on for the next 2 years.
I often panicked about what if he found out and came to kill me, etc?
but turns out guy was a real asshole and treated her very badly, cheating, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse.
they later divorced. no surprise there.
i no longer carry any guilt for any of it, and never really did outside of the fear that i might get my ass kicked by this dude.
it was well known among friends that she was unhappy and got into the marriage more or less out of obligation...they dated in high school and when he joined the military it was the "next step" or some bullshit like that.
we still keep in touch, like i said she's an awesome gal.
she's with a dude in another state and from what she says, she's very happy.
i'm happy for her, because she's a great girl and she deserves it.
we've never actually talked about the summer when we fucked like rabbits.
even at the time i don't think we ever talked directly about the sex.
but it was awesome. we both had fun. no regrets.

now that i've shared my story, re: OP...at the time i didnt see anything wrong with fooling around with someone in a relationship, but that's not something I would do now. granted, this was several years ago and i was much younger, more impulsive, etc.
I've now been in a relationship for almost 5 years. no complaints.
Give me some advice.

There is a girl I've known for a long time and she is recently going through a divorce. We have hung out a few times and I can tell her position toward sex has changed, a lot.

Should I go for it? Or nah?

Best advice or dubs decides.
Also interested in name
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>met this half asian american girl in college with a bf
>talks bad about how her bf mistreats
>make out sensually
>naw on her tits (they were beautiful light brown not out of place like most asians)
>I finger and eat the bitch out
>take my pants off
>says "we're not gonna have sex"
>I tell her give me some head
>She doesn't agree
>lotion up, I stick my finger up her pooper and she lets out a passionate moan
>I get up to leave (in campus dorm, so I can't force my way into that plump pussy hole so I let it go)
>She says "you didn't make me cum.."
>I don't respond

Idk what in the world she was thinking after how far we took it.
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And on the next episode of things that never happened, I fucked Hillary Clinton
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>have a GF
>go in Edinburgh alone
>last night in the city
>aussie girl tell me we should fuck for my last night
>went back at he hostel
>mad fuck
>don't use candom
>back home
>add her on fb
>3 weeks later
>she married with a guy
>1 month later
>announce she's pregnant
what does your heart tell you?
Well had a threesome at first but after a while we fucked non stop for months. Eventually she got guilty and we stopped, started again then stopped for good.
I was friends with this chick and we would both cheat on our bf/gf and fuck each other. Never used protection, sometimes nutted in and sometimes out. We had always been friends with benefits and we never let a relationship stop that.
Fuck her so hard she can't walk for a day, and then nurse her back to health just to fuck her twice as hard.

But "hurr durr lissen to ur hart" is fucking stupid as fuck advice.

What I originally posted is the PG version. My heart is really just screaming "rape her until she can't not love you." Just seems like that won't work.
why did you ask then? .., sounds like you're wrestling with your conscious.
The best girl I have fucked was in a relationship. 9/10 Tight. Thin. Good smell, a fine girl and I came inside her without condom in his bfs bed. I met his bf once before. IT FELT GREAT. I kinda regretted it but it feels good that I cucked some dude. The best thing, he was a german hahaaha. Cliche.
Since they are roomates from a friend of mine I met both of them a year later when visiting. 20 awkward seconds, nothing more. We even added each other on fb and I saw how a week before I fucked her he posted a pic of both of them with the caption "I miss you and I love you. Really dying to see you again". Feels good and feels bad at the same time.
>ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship?
Fucked my best friend's wife twice
>what was it like?
The hottest sex i ever had, knowing you are banging your friends wife is amazing especially when she loves it and moans like a whore asking for more
> did you get caught?
No yet
>any advice?
Start slow, test the waters, work your way in...
I started from rubbing her feet once..worked my 'attention' all way to a kiss, then making out, then banging
Took 6 months
Good luck. Best sex you'll ever have
I fucked a married+2 woman while she was pregnant with the third
yh, she didnt feel bad so i didnt. she also dated a guy i didnt know, if it was a friend of mine i would feel bad. i wouldnt cheat on my gf though. but i dont see any reason to feel bad if she wants to fuck you. maybe if you raped her, id feel bad
I fell for her and she chose him after 9 months. Ripped me in 2. Tread lightly.
Why did I ask? Why not? And I am really am. I've liked this girl for a long time, secretly wishing everyday that she would either get divorced or her husband dies or whatever. Now that it actually is happening I'm in a panic.

What if she still just sees me as a friend?
What if the divorce is cancelled and they stay together?
What if what if what if.

I guess where I feel anxious is there is potential to both lose a good friend or gain something much, much more.

It's like a god damn Filipino Flip Book cartoon and I have no idea how to act.

Never had a relationship last longer than a year, and her marriage was creeping up on almost half a decade.
Always cum inside her, she tracks her bfs phone; adds to the excitement when you have to finish as he's coming home. Fuck her on his sofa. Shower, use his towels, bodywash etc. ..
It's wrong and I feel bad for the guy, but also, fuck it.
>good smell

Calm down fido.
you can't lose see where it takes you.

Maybe you'll be happy together.
Solid advice, fam. I totally appreciate it. Really. I do. Genuinely. For real. Real talk.

Fuck it, let's flip a coin on this. Worst she can do is say no and never talk to me again.

What else is there to lose?
what you're doing right there is self sabotage.

You want the fruits of life you gotta own the responsibilities of it. That's what being a man is, stop lolly gagging around what you want.
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It was honestly a very interesting experience.

Long story short, she was using me to piss off her fiancé at the time and basically to try to get him and I to fight for some odd sadistic reason. But instead, we figured it out and teamed up, and instead got him full custody of their kid and shit. So in the end, she had what eqs coming to her. Don't fuck anyone in a relationship unless you want to be a part of their drama.
>Maybe you'll be happy together.
Whoa, slow down there. OP if she cheats on someone with you, make no mistake she will do it to you too.

Fuck her brains out but understand that she is a cheating whore. Don't flatter yourself into thinking she won't do it to you first chance she gets.
Lost my V card to married older woman. Met her via my job as DJ at radio station. Fucked first time we hung out. she taught me much about what and how to please woman. Her hubby was truck driver she found other girls panties in his truck. So lucky me. She loved feeling me cum in her. After a month she just disappears, she did contact me latter, told me she was ok, just moved off 3 States. Had fun and have used much of what she taught me about women.

I actually forgot about that. Thanks anon for pointing that out.

She will cheat on yo ass
All i have to say OP is that if she or He will cheat on their SO they'll more than likely do the same to you if it gets too deep giggidy
Not him, but rather the guy trying to smash this divorcee.

From what I can tell she is loyal. Granted I wasn't living with them for 5 years and am pretty in the dark about how deep their relationship was. All I know is that one thing led to another, and before their arguments turned physical they decided to divorce.

She was always the "innocent" type, she was one of the few people who saved her V card for marriage. Something I was unable to do. But I can TELL that after her marriage and having sex her position to it has changed.

And yes, I want to smash like an autistic kid on Twitch, but that isn't ALL I want.

Eh, maybe I'll wait till the divorce is finalized and then make an advance.
Had a chick from Louisiana catfish me once before that was even a term. Used her friends pics. Thing was I thought she was ok. Little chubby but that's how I like them.

Didn't really know she was married with kids and her husband worked for weeks at a time on an offshore oil rig. Went down to meet her found out the truth and all that shit.

Ended up fucking her silly in every hole, cumming inside her repeatedly for two days while her kids were with grandma. Drove the four hours back home and that was that.

Did I feel guilty? Yeah of course but she was a filthy whore and he should have known that about her. Women are generally disgusting sluts who just want a man's attention. Give it to them and let them be your whore. Slut shaming actually hurts us. We need to encourage it.
Yes, a friend of mine who came out for my brother's funeral. She was meh, I'd had better but the fact she was cheating made it better. We hooked up a few times but never got caughtn even fucked on her couch when waiting for her boyfriend to get home. My advice, dont get attached and remember to wear protection even if she says shes on the pill.
Once. Then the dumb broad told her boyfriend and I had to defend myself (I kicked the ever living shit out of him) to this day, I don't trust females.
Her name's Emily, and she's still with that same guy.
That gave me a good chuckle.
You've also got a gf right? Other wise that's REALLY pathetic. If you do then it's all good

>knew a girl in high school, 6/10 kinda slutty
>gets knocked up by a couple guys, last one is someone i know
>fast forward a couple years after graduation
>we're around 22 at this time
>get in contact randomly due to the near death of a mutual friend
>wants to talk to me in person to talk about
>meet up, holy shit she's an 8/10 milf now
>we talk, she cries in my shoulder, blah blah blah
>eventually she ends up texting me all the time
>get bold, start asking her for nudes. she does
>confesses to me her boyfriend, baby daddy, doesnt appreciate her, makes her feel ugly all the time
>tell her to come over, i'll make her feel better. she says yes and meets me at my house around 11pm
>we netflix it up, eventually have incredibly kinky sex. slapping, biting, choking, etc
>after that she would wait for her boyfriend to go to bed a few times a week, then leave and come to my house and fuck all night
>would leave in the morning around 5am to get home and make him breakfast and get the kids up
>this lasts for like 6 months
>eventually bf wakes up one night and notices shes gone, calls her
>she answers while im fucking her doggy, plays it off like her sister's bf was drunk and her sister wanted her to come over
>her bf is pissed and says she needs to stop getting involved in her sisters shitty relationships
>fuck a few more times but she starts wanting to be with me and leave her bf
>i say fuck no, this was just sex and stop talking to her

shit was cash
yes. she was bi and was dating a girl at the time. we fucked a few more times till the gf found out. they stayed together. i lost
A girl kissed my forehead once after making out with every guy at the party. I didn't want the germs so I ducked when she went for it. Then I found 20 dollars
i was living in a city 2 hours away going to college, roommate was pretty into me at the start, but married. we started hanging out smoking weed together and 2 days of doing that we fucked everyday before her husband came over. He was a really nice guy also. Found out after i left because i was done college that she was pregnant, got a paternity test secretly with her, its mine, this was 2 years ago /b/.still don't get to visit my son. They are still married and he has no idea
Fucked a few married girls and a few who lived with their bf. Two of them felt guilty and chickened out of taking the dick. The rest fucked me like I was their last fuck ever. One of them whose husband was working on the gas rigs off the coast of Africa,was 8/10 she only married him cos of the money he earned. He was 10yrs older than her, chubby manlet. She had a daughter who was jot as fuck as well. Anyways I used to come in her 3 holes regularly. She said my cock was twice the size of her husbands.
>the best bit is the daughter knew
about us fucking
>she told me she used to listen and it made her hot
>Instaboner, she confessed she was still a virgin though
> she also said she wanted to lose v card to someone experienced
>like me!!!
> fml being a gentleman I offered my services for free
> she was hoping I'd say that, she confessed
> took her clothes off, fucking perfect
> got undressed showed her how to masturbated me
>then coached her how I like my dick blown
>this was unreal gently fucked her with my throbbing cock
> that was it she wanted the dick 24/7 after that
> I was fucking her for 3 years until I bumped into her mother
The mother didn't know I'd been fucking her kid and hit on me again. Fucked her raw all night in the morning as we were at an hotel she says I'll have to get home quickly. I've left my daughter on her own all night. I said she'd be fine it's not as though she's a kid. The mother turns to me and says I know but she is only 15.
>I'd been fucking her since she was 12
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>ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship?

>what was it like?
Pretty good, but I didn't know it during the sex. I only learned she had a bf afterwards. Then it felt pretty neutral, but I thought of her as a piece of shit. I look down on such people.

>did you get caught?

>any advice?
Don't stick your dick in crazy.
It felt great while we were fucking, and playing footsie beside her husband, and when he swapped cars with her from my parking lot (he didn't know which apt.)
It was less fun when she started seeing someone else, but at least I didn't have kids with her.
File: IMG_4968.jpg (181KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 750x1334px
Been trying to get a stranger's big dick inside my wife for months but it's harder than you'd think.
Op remember this and take it to heart. Not all men have a problem going to jail. As long as your fine with the fact you could get hurt, raped, fisted, shot, beaten, or killed its cool go for it. Learned long ago don't go fucking with another man's woman. Me I'm like there's the door better be out in 60 seconds. Nothing funnier than two scared naked people running out the door and not knowing what to do.
Hi Anon
I used to be pretty much a beta, political correct fagnerd like you, who "didn't feel good about it"
I'd rather not explain what happened to me- but the experience within what you are addressing.

>girl I used to dirtysnap with about 1 year ago sent me a snap and asked if I wanted to come over
>wtf she has a boyfriend
>i go and we lie in bed watching movies
>notice she keeps staring at me
>i tilt my head towards her
>she kisses me
>she turns me over and lays on top of me on my stomach
>i reach up her sweater and unbra her
>i go home and we never talk again
Don't worry, she won't be your wife for much longer.
>ever fucked a girl who was in a relationship? what was it like? did you get caught? any advice?

>yes, kinda eh, no, advice is have a cool car I guess?

Story time:
>Be me, 17, unemployed at the time, living in a new city alone
>get in some random facebook argument on a friend's post.
>Call girl a bitch
>Nothing happens
>Month later this same girl messages me out of the blue
>We should hang out
>I mean, okay, I'm lonely as fuck out here.
>She drives an hour to meet me for the first time
>We hang out, go to A&W, she lets me drive her car
>80's Dodge Daytona Turbo
>She thinks this thing is fast
>She thinks it's faster than my Mustang 5.0
>This was why we argued over facebook
>I had a good laugh when driving it, even when the boost hit that car was slow as balls
>Okay now get in my car
>Punch it and she squeals as it pushes her into the seat
>plus that "performance" exhaust made the V8 sound wicked
>She conceded my car is way better
>We hang out a while longer, she says she has to go home, but says we can go to a movie this friday with her and her friends.
>I'm down.

That's encouraging, but I think your wrong unfortunately.
Oh, and we worked at thesame place (footsie was at Christmas party) and she blew our cover at work by continuing bitch session into building after returning from lunch (in separate vehicles). I didn't care, I wasn't the one with a secret.
take her to a public park. Have her wear something accessible and no panties. Spot random guy and ask if he wants to take her back to your car and fuck. It won't be hard.
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this is the real MVP of the thread.
>I drive up, meet her and her friends
>I should make this clear, I knew she had a boyfriend all along, I wasn't going into this expecting anything, just a friend
>little did I know girls hate being friendzoned
>After the movie, she says she still wants to hang out, friends all go home.
>She runs home, sneaks into her boyfriends place while he's asleep, and steals a bottle of Wiser's Whiskey.
>Drinking at my place, hell yeah, I'm 17 I haven't had much chance to drink.
>We drive the hour to my place, her in her car, me in mine
>Turn on The Hangover and start popping back gulps of Wiser's.
>She's getting close and closer and is eventually sitting on my lap on my single-couch. Like a loveseat I guess but for one person only.
>She says "It's not my fault if I'm drunk right?"
>"No I don't think so"
>Makeout leads to groping leads to fucking
>Fuck for what feels like hours.
>It's daylight by the time I give up because I can't cum.
>Thanks, Whiskey.
>She gets up, hungover as fuck.
>Goes home
>Day later she comes over and blows me in my kitchen
>Eventually, she stops talking to me
>Wants to say I raped her
>Lol bitch you came over 3 days ago to blow me, I still have the texts
>She shuts the fuck up
>A few weeks later mom give me some money so I can move back to my home state
>Fuck YES.
>Before I leave, I feel like I should hit her with some Karma
>Find her bf on facebook, tell him his girlfriend is cheating on him.
>How do you know?
>Because I was the guy who she cheated on you with.
>okay. thank you for letting me know
>Never felt worse or more guilty in my life. Poor guy. He seemed like a cool dude, and he was also a Car Bro. Owned a Shelby Turbo Z.
>I leave the next day so she doesn't have a chance to drive down and kill me.
>I hear from another friend that her bf kicked her out of his house, she had to stay with her mom, and her pile of shit car blew up a month or two later.
>This one weekend my girlfriend had to work, so I drove Alone to the lake.
>I lay just half an hour at the lake and sunbathed myself, as
>Suddenly Arlet stood before me.
>She took off the skirt and the shirt and stood now
>Only in String tanga and sneakers before me, lay down and Sunbathing.
>"Do not you want to take off your shoes?" I asked
>Which would be unpleasant for her, because her feet were so stinking.
>Alone the Thought of her cheese feet let my dick grow, too
>Arlet does not close, because I do not wear swimsuits.
>She stared at my cock and said:
>"But maybe you can They yes clean lick?"
>that I did not let me say twice and started
>Eager to free them from the sneakers.
what the fuck are you saying
>just because you green text doesn't make ur english better
I met some chick at a party and ended up hooking up with her and fingering her. Some dude kept interrupting us and even sat down next to us. I thought it was weird as fuck but after watching us for a bit looking kind of upset he got the hint and left.

I later found out it was her bf when after several times fucking and hooking up. He came up to me at a party and politely informed me that I was getting too close with his gf.

Me and her still bang but tone it down around him. He gets all mopey when she cuddles me around him so she has to stop.
Kek, moronic madman
>She had not lied, the aroma, which of her dainty Small feet was Breathtaking.
>I lay down on the Back, while she stood above me and right me their sweaty Foot lubricated under the nose.
>I smelled the scent of her feet deep inside me Opened her mouth and sucked on her toes.
>The nail at her Big toe was crazy long, I nibbled on your nail and bite Him finally.
>I sucked all your toes extensively, Absorbed almost every perspiration and lint between Her toes.
>But the best thing was that she was now also laying down
>At the same time lick my feet.
>Her warm, soft, moist tongue Between my toes was more than horny.
>My cock Jerked and the horny-juice ran already in long drops of my Oak
>I grabbed your shackles and put Arlet on me so I put on her Slip smell.
>Eagerly she began to blow my cock, she Took him so deep in the mouth that they lick my balls with the tongue
>She could swallow my penis into the esophagus, she Snorted and choked.
>Now and then she sucked at my nail and Jerked me the shaft at a speed.
>I sucked her hot juice from her panties ripped this and wanted Just stick my tongue in her twitching flesh
>as I am Tampons.
>I pulled out the fat bloody tampon
>Her slimy pussy and put it in my mouth.
>I chewed on the tampon and sucked the warm liquid out
>Him out.
>Apology for poor english

>when where you but maybe you can they yes clean lick?

>I was at home shitposting when fred call

>'they yes clean lick"


>and you??????????????????
just fuck off the internet you delusional fuck. learn to type or learn the language properly
>In the meantime, I pushed her both pointing fingers deep into the cunt,
>so, her hole was apart, pushed a few more fingers and tore her Hole apart.
>I could see exactly their twitching mother's mouth,
>Which she now pushed out more and more.
>She made her mother's mouth
>A good slit out of her cunt and I licked like one, Obsessed with it.
>Through the whole presses ran me Menstrual blood in spurts over the tongue.
>Her mother's mouth turned With a particularly large bloom
>opened wide, I pushed You my show finger in the beaded ring.
>Every time I Fingers moved shot small milky rills from their vagina, which I greedily licked.
>The whole procedure I gave her three times in the Mouth injected without which she would have to suck or mine
>Tail was only a little smaller.
>I pulled her finger out of her mother's mouth and began to give her the piss hole to lick.
>She probably understood this as an invitation
>injected me A jet of dark yellow urine directly into the pharynx.
>She always held her piss for so long that I had enough time To swallow their juice.
stop., we don't want to read this.
>his bfs
Uh... Anon, traps don't count.
>"Come," she said, "I know what's more awesome,"
>she knelt down and Her ass cheeks spread apart.
>First I kissed gently Her hot cheeks, but my kisses steered more and more to the center.
>I licked her asshole very gently, then with the tongue always Researchers.
>She was totally relaxed and uninhibited
>Opened her horny cracked hole.
>Deeper and deeper my tongue thrust
>In her bowel and the best part was that Arlet squeezed.
>The small one Wanted to actually poke me in the mouth.
>I let them do it and Soon came the sausage from her horny hole.
> I licked her sausage and Took her into my mouth.
> "You have to swallow everything and afterwards in My throat shit, "she says
>squeezing me all her shit in the mouth.
>I had to hurry while swallowing, because the next Sausage swelled her already from the ass.
>I swallowed everything and as Nothing more came I put her my cock in her asshole
>Took a few shocks and pushed her my shit smeared latté Slowly in the cunt.
>This game I repeated so often until her one Mixture of shit, sperm, menstrual blood and piss ran from the pussy
>I put her my now slack brown sticky Tail in the mouth and began to brew the brew from her cunt.
>She cleaned my cock with her tongue and slowly went to it
>About to lick my balls.
File: IMG_4989.jpg (129KB, 617x1224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 617x1224px
It has to be someone we can verify as safe and sane. Not some average sized Joe with STDs. Not easy...
Are you me? NJ here. Same deal.
How old are you? What the fuck

I streamlined my sexlife. Also I do meet new people but I can't stand the modern female that much, either they are too stupid, too ugly or suffer from the gold standart ( they think their vaginas are the rarest material on earth ).

Also, I praise efficiency too much.How much time do you have to spend to have sex ? If you are good looking, avarage of 5 hours per girl, dozens if you are a normal dude. I just spent 30 seconds sending a message and use the rest of the time to make money or doing whatever I see fit. I am too old to waste time.

Happy new year b/ros.
oh you want the safe route. Make a couples profile on fetlife. Post her pics. Join the groups. Go to your local meetups.
Find guys who have done what you want before and go from there. The safe route is more difficult but if that's what you want give it a try. Maybe you'll get lucky and in no time she'll be down for a gangbang.

I had one back in October with a friend. Took her as my guest to a friend's family lake house. Me and two other guys. She had fucked all three of us at some point in the last ten years so convincing her to suck us all off before dinner was pretty easy.
I slid into her cunt while she was blowing the last guy and came inside her. We had dinner. After dinner she pulled the train and again with all of us the next morning. She's a champ.
>have sex buddy into bdsm
>daddy/rape/degrade kinks
>we fuck for some months and stop talking slowly for different reasons
>2 years later we meet again and start talking. But she has a vanilla boyfriend now
>within weeks we start fucking, after a couple of times I start calling her slut/whore for having a bf while we fuck, she starts crying

I didnt feel bad because shes not the dating type. She probably only knew him for 6 months and dated for 4 months. Wr didnt have sex after that time but she broke up with him a month later and didnt seem heartbroken
any more of this???? please continue anon
>taming the slut

Keep going.
I have fucked a married mother of two. Had dinner with the family, the whole shebang. It's odd to sit and have interesting dinner conversation with a man and his children knowing I have been balls deep in the woman at the table and that she was wet with anticipation while she cooked.

Also had another one who was engaged to a Marine come over and ask politely if she could blow me.

Was not caught. Would do again.
I would always degrade her and she liked it but it got personal when she had a bf
>She had all my cloak in my mouth
>And sucked what was going on.
>Her fingertips stroked my rosette and she says,
>"I want Now be fed out of your ass "
>She starts at my rosette too
>Lick and I press her my shit in her mouth,
>first you run Only liquid shit in the neck but then follows a beautiful brown Sausage.
>She swallowed everything down to her mouth.
>The rest,Which she still had in her mouth, she munched with her spit into a thin Mash
>which she spat in my mouth.
>I spat it back to her
>The face and spread the poop with her tongue up over her Breasts.
>Now Arlet had to poop again.
>We smeared your droppings Over our bodies
>fucked a little
>and slept
You could be her slut guidance.

>she gets a new bf
>"Do you even love him?" as you pound her from behind, pulling her hair so you can look at her red face, brimming with tears
>"Does he know what you are doing right now?" looking right into her eyes as she chokes on your cock and coughs up cum
>"He must really trust you, what an idiot." while she climaxes and goes full ahegao
My dad's in the army and been over seas like 3 times. Remarried to a Honduras woman named Ana. Also wore his army dress blues to his wedding. Wtf. You fucked my stepmom anon.
As a freshman in high school I was in band class. Not a nerd I played football and baseball too but
the band whores were so fine and they partied hard.
So there is a junior who is so super petite but has huge natural D cups. I mean she's not even five foot or a hundred pounds but she's stacked.
Says she's a virgin. I was clueless that she liked me and each year went after a freshman.
So we cool off and she's dating a friend a teammate of mine. I throw a party. She's wasted off two beers and her BF has to be home by midnight. Asks me to take care of her
because she's the only chick left staying overnight and there are like 15 guys. I say sure as she is standing in only a bra and panties and he's cleaning the spilled beer off her. What was he thinking honestly? I was good. Gave her my bed.
I'm in the chair on the other side of the room and she says this is silly come get in your bed with me it's fine. She starts sucking and biting on my earlobe breathing hot in my ear. I fingered her. I should've fucked her so hard but she wasn't ready. We talk on the phone, her older sister picks up other phone and listens. Tells the BF. He asks me. I say nope. He believes me and thinks the sister is just jealous of him lol. Man I wish I had gotten to fuck her.

Did you get caught? Also how did she reacted after it happened?
Yeah. Didn't know until afterwards though when her bf showed up at her place and tried to fite me. He threw on lame ass punch, missed, and then ran away crying. Was worth it

Interesting because she was a lesbian and her gf was drunk and asleep in the other room.

No, her gf was too wasted to get up

Fuck a lesbian, alot of the time they secretly want to get off with a guy
she is hot Anon. are you wanting another guy to double team her or just see her getting fucked by a strange cock?
yup. fucked a married latina that worked in the same office. i fucked her less than a year after she married the guy that she had dated for like 5 years. It was easily the best sex ive ever had.
>sloppy seconds whore
No thanks, enjoy your stds
Dude he said listen with your heart. Not your dick.
My heart tells my dick what to say.

But really, my heart is screaming at me to try.
I've fucked two girls who were in relationships. One had been with her guy for a few weeks, the other for 2 years. It was the same as any fuck but it makes you misogynistic, especially if you later see her holding hands with him like nothing happened.
Second that motion.
File: IMG_4961.jpg (100KB, 404x1195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 404x1195px
I wouldn't mind either way. I want to find an older dude so there's no relationship potential with her.
Never heard of fetlife. I'll check it out.
inb4 murdered and raped
name wasn't really Ana. I'm not your dad, Anon. Fear not. This one was Puerto Rican.
pretty sure this girl's ex was a ranger too. idk. wasn't trying to memorize details of the dude but he sure as shit had a ranger tab on his uniform in a couple of the pictures.
worth it.
all the time, most of the white girls or women I fuck have bf's out of convenience or are in boring marriages and looking for some excitement, glad to provide!
Yes. Great. No. No.

This girl was in an open relationship. She ended it a month later and is with me now, in a strictly monogamous relationship. It's pretty good.

>inb4 she's cheating on you, now

Possibly, but she'd be a very good actor. She felt super guilty at first, even though the openness of her relationship was established.
Nope & nope, pretty amazing how many Emilys there are who cuck their boyfriends.. But I guess any chick falls into that category these days.
>ever fucked a girl...
sorry, nope, you lost me there
funny, you right, most of the Emily's I know where sluts or cucking their men
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