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Hey /b/ Is TPB safe? They have changed so much over the years

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Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/

Is TPB safe? They have changed so much over the years and now i know they had a lot of legality issues..i don't know if i can trust anyone now.
bump because i'm wondering the same thing, wanna dl whiplash. any other good sites?
It's happening. Now that the entry-level sources are becoming suspect, the normies and the newfriends have been separated from the rest of the sphere.

Only those who know what they're looking for will find it, now.
yeah because assholes like you dont share
Good riddance. Faggots like >>717214108 no longer clogging things up.


fuck this is SO good. 14 y/o idiots thinking TPB has been relevant at all since 5 years ago
I don't need to share anything to you; I don't owe you anything. Besides, it's right there in front of you, anon. If you aren't willing to go a step beyond a few simple visits to Google and some patience, you're a lost cause- you don't deserve to find anything. It's not for you. You'd probably leech, too.

It's not even that hard, especially if you're a normie looking for normie things.
We've taken back what's ours. All the summerfags like OP can go suck my dick.

If you have to go googling where to torrent or asking on 4chan, you don't deserve it.
sure i could go blindly fishing for a while or someone who doesn't choke on monkey cocks all day could take 30 seconds and suggest their favorite torrent site to another stranger on the internet
you forgot to put pic related in the op
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git fucking shrekt you newfag piece of shit
Yes, I could. But I won't. And I shouldn't. Especially not after some stranger who I am not engendered to care for suggests that I suck monkey dicks 24/7.
what the hell are you talking about you grammatically retarded ingrate
also i always seeded cuz i'm not a shitlord
> suggest their favorite torrent site

This is why you fail.
jesus no wonder none of you get laid
You're scum OP, how about you fuck off I'm not telling some normie about my favorite torrent site just so he can tell all his normie friends.
not even op, bub. enjoy your garbage heaps, grease boy
>being this upset/thirsty
Hahaha. You definitely deserve this.
I remember having to download shit from irc
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You are all that is wrong with the universe.

If you react with evil because you witness evil then evil abides. If you treat others as YOU WANT to be treated then we have a sliver of a chance.

But fuck it greed and evil have pretty much won.

All we need now is to lie to one another declare peace and wait for the Anti Christ to arrive and fol everyone in to bowing to himself.

PROTIP He will NOT be a human being but instead an Angel or Alien like being.
You can't tell me that I'm all that's wrong with the universe, because then you would have no clue what you'd be talking about.

I'm not reacting with "evil". I would rather others teach me how to learn for myself, and discover my own self-evident truths, than to spoon-feed me concepts and ideas that I can not meaningfully identify with, and potentially find issue with, so as to further keep me from learning. As I've kept saying, if you don't know what you're looking for, you don't deserve to find anything.

Only you know what you want. So the anon should, literally, learn how to navigate the world they seek so badly- which isn't too hard by the way, especially if you're determined and not a shitty human being with no ambition/underage- such that they can operate to their fancy, and theirs alone. Such that they don't have to ask questions, and would be free to do as they please when it would come to sharing that information.

They would have earned the right to that information, at least.

This isn't "greed". This isn't "evil". You're an evangelizing nut.
But it IS greed and evil.

You react in kind to evil instead of seeking to snuff it out through kindness and generosity.

It is all about YOU and forcing others to do as YOU want them to do.

It is no real cost to you to answer questions.

Sure he can do the work himself.

But how does that benefit all of mankind?

He will then think you and yours should do it yourself all the time too.

It is a great way to make the world just as heartless as say China.

Sure I am put upon and striven because others depend on me. Welcome to the true brotherhood of man.

Either you are my brother or you will eternally be doomed to be dust.

Choices,I hope you learn to make them well.

Your current path is a very poor choice.
nigger im talking about how you forgot to include "pic related" in the original post to let everyone know that the picture you posted of a 14 year old in a slipknot shirt is you
Okay, so get me get this straight.

I'm supposed to share my information on the basis of generosity and kindness, after the demands to share that information against my will, where I personally believe that it will lead to greater negative affect and no real positive gain to anyone who definitely shouldn't be handling the information I possess at this very point in time?

Do you give fire to a pyromaniac?

He can do the work himself. This benefits mankind, because autonomy is the greatest gift. If nobody did the work themselves, you would not be typing here. Nobody would. Everyone would be dead, because no one would do the work themselves, no one would self-sacrifice for something earned.

You don't have a right to know what I know. You only have the permission to know, should I grant you it. And that is it. Choices, I hope you learn to understand and accept them. Damned be you, the world isn't heartless because of self-sacrifice and self-knowledge- it is better for it. Teach a man to fish, do not force him to rely upon you.

You can demand nothing from me. Go sodomize yourself.
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I regret that you choose greed and worse try justify it as education.
You stoke your own eternal fire.

You will be missed.
i'm not op buddy
People are missed every day. More people are forgotten.

I don't care. You yourself are trying to justify your position with no give, as if it is inscrutable and infallible. Your motives are loaded with greed. You're as dishonest as they come.
I use it for old games and shit, like PS2 games and sometimes older anime like Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm Canadian.
dude i just wanna watch whiplash wtf
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>I don't care.

I am not the one who said that..

You did.

And it is your personal failing that will be your doom.

I am simply a warning sign.

I actually do care.

But you have made your own choice.
Likewise, it will be your own personal failing that will be your undoing. You're a warning sign to those who take you that way, and to yourself, because you believe it, or want to. I take you to be something that I should avoid being. Not by principle, but by nature.

It doesn't matter if you care. You know what I think. I don't care.
I'e been using TPB/uTorrent damn near exclusively for probably over 6-7 years and have never had a single issue with viruses or ISP issues. Probably over a few thousand albums, movies, games and professional applications in total.

Then again, I'm a complete mouliyan who also exclusively leaches...so....
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to idealistic (perfect world)
even though you had to search a lil longer, you seem to be forgetting that some left that information somewhere for you. at some point in the chain someone also told you.
You're too stupid to be on 4chan. Back to facebook.
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tbp is shit now. https://yts.ag/ is legit
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>to0 idealistic

Unless we strive for that perfection and idealism?

We fall to evil.

We give up far too easily declaring all as being too hard to do.
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also try http://movie4k.is/
Sure. Which, if we circle back moments ago, we will find that I have already suggested that the information the newfriends seek is already there for them to find. I did not approach someone and ask for said information. I found it. I learned how to utilize it with respect to my own goals. There was no feeding with the spoon.

You can't, or shouldn't, reap the rewards when you have the attention span to ask where to torrent things, as well as bother to use a web browser or have files in folders.
Yes, strive for perfection. Not achieve.

So my giving anon the info on how to better enjoy an existence regarding torrenting, the right way, would be to cheat them. It would do nothing but give them an out, a way to declare that it is all too hard to do, to give up.
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Well shoot you shouldn't drive unless you can build a motor from scratch and drill your own oil.

You should not eat unless you can make fire with bow or flint and steel,

We all learn from "others"...

Either their words spoken or written for our enlightenment.

Certainly you have a right to be less helpful the 3rd time a person ask you the same question. They are not really listening to you and so you should stop helping them.

But always answer a simple first question.

Right, so if you are ever ill and unable to feed yourself we should just let you die..
Heck why wait for you to be ill. We should just let you die on principle right this moment.

Why should anyone care or be kind to you?

Pull yourselves up to the top of the mound and kill all the others to eat! This is MY WORLD BITCH and you do not matter at all...

Thank goodness I have learned all this wisdom from you anon...

May you learn to suffer and die all alone.
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Yes TPB is safe just watch it
False equivocations.

You shouldn't drive unless you know what the motor, let alone the entire car, is doing, or know when to replace the oil. Otherwise, you will pay for it.

You should not eat unless you know what can be eaten, or how to prepare food in the most basic sense. Otherwise, you will pay for it.

If you know how to use a web browser, put files in folders, type web addresses, click hyperlinks, post on /b/, or run a torrent client, the fact that you would ask where to torrent something is at best, misguided. As such, if you continue to torrent in poor form, you will pay for it. And so will you pay if you're incredulous in your attempts to learn how to torrent better.

If I am ever ill and unable to feed myself, I will most likely die. Because I am ill, and unable to feed myself. I will only live if others choose to cure my ails and feed me. It is their choice. I can also choose to do so for someone else. It is my choice. I will choose, and so will they. Some will live, some will die. These things happen. No one should have some overbearing reason to care for or be kind to me. In fact, I believe that I must earn the privilege to reap kindness, care, or help. And I will choose as to whom I work to gain that privilege from, because not everyone will provide the same/right kind of help, despite their best intentions.

If you believe that it is your world, and no one else matters, go for it. That's not what I think. But, you're free to believe that, and free to... choose. Where those choices get you, as you've bemoaned over and over again, is another story.

And to be honest, I would not mind dying alone. I would rather die alone. I would rather not drag others down with my suffering. If I had the choice, I would choose to do these things, and know full well the consequences that come with them.

For someone who is about the greater good, you're quick to deliver judgement. You're very black and white.
>TPB not relevant
Faggot, name a place that can completely replace the bay. I still get all my stuff there. It's an easily accessable, public tracker. All the new releases still go up there. FBI still can't do shit to stop it. What's the problem with it?
>Waaahh anon won't spoon-feed me on how to steal copyrighted works
>He's evil and Hitler waaahhh
The new administration looms ever closer to muh freedoms. The consequences will never be the same.
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I am not black and white.

About any topic.

As I said I am simply a warning sign.

My past post was 90% sarcasm. No I do not believe this is my world.

I was accusing you of that.

I happen to believe my pourpose here is simpy to listen to those around me give tham answers to questions or requests for help with no strings attached (If I am able).

I would desire it for myself so I freely give the same to others.

It is really just the extension of the Golden Rule nothing more.

"Treat all men as brothers. Do unto them as you would have them do unto you."

I do not treat others as I have been treated but as I would want to be treated.

It is you and folks like you that are allowing this place that could be a utopia to instead become a staging area for hell.

Be different do not be the same.
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It isn't about providing OP with an answer for torrent.

It is about smacking OP verbally and saying "Nah Nah I know the answer to your question but you can not have it."

Christ never said to teach a man to fish. He multiplied the loaves and fishes and fed everyone who was there with out prevarication or qualification.

His offer is free of charge.

This anon wants to lord it over another or worse to sell him an answer.

I simply pointed out the obvious.
You're pretty black and white about many topics. You state clearly that you are a warning sign. You passive-aggressively take everything I say to be ultimatums, all in or all out. I am the big bad. You're evangelizing as if you are the unspoken greater good, a paradigm of virtue and being.

"Good" and "Evil".

You accuse me of being something that I am not, and insist that there can be no other explanation. You assume that my intentions aren't compatible with your chosen or inferred purpose, as if to say that I ultimately will not give answers or provide help to requests, with little to no strings present, if I think it appropriate. You believe in a utopia. The word utopia translates into unreachable road. You do not reach a Utopia. You do not enter a Utopia. You can never do so.

And in doing this, you insist that I am the same, to a "they". Surely, there's no leeway for me to be fairly different enough from the majority, seeing as I have put my cards on the table for all to see. But, if you think that way of me, decidedly, then who am I to change your mind? You chose.

And I will make the choice to treat you as I would want to be treated, were I doing what you are doing right now.
My state of being is pure evil.
I struggle to resist it.

I share what I have learned freely.

I am not insulting or mocking you.

And as you have now stated you choose to react to evil and to treat it evilly.

So be it.

You have made your choice.

You say you can never obtain utopia.

I say you can be a small step toward it.

Yet you accuse me of being narrow minded.

Simply because I suggest you can be the best option instead of being just another asshole among many.

Yes Good and Evil are black and white.
In every single choice you make, you can do your best, or you can simply not. One of those choices IS actually evil.

Again it isn't because you did not choose to help OP. It is because you chose to mock OP with the Whole "learn to fish for yourself."

You did not share the brand of pole, the lake of choice, the bait.. You provided absolutly nothing except.

I know the answer and you should find it for yourself.


That you have eyes and yet are so blind is why you doom yourself.

I chose simply to point it out.

I don't have an answer to provide OP.

But I did not come in here and call him evil did I?

Time for this foolish thread to 404,, I am out..
You say you aren't insulting or mocking me, but you've said that you accuse me of things, already.

You suggest, imply, that my statements are of an evil nature and dictate that things must be treated in an evil manner.

Saying that you can be a step towards Utopia is fine. No one will argue with you on that note. But you are narrow minded if you assume that you are not acting in your acclaimed natural state right this moment. You are narrow minded if you attempt to sell the idea that, here and now, that there is a better option that only you can be privy to, and that no one else is capable of, or has never, taken that road before. Or, that it is always the best road. A sort of, Utopian choice that can be made. There's that sentiment again. Best. Perfect. Utopic.

And, are you entirely sure that I simply said what you say I said, and nothing more? Because if you do, you might be mistaken. I gave them more than mocking, if you can even call it that. And you would be quick to forget their replies, made of nothing but mocking.

I'm not blind. And you just called me evil several times in this one reply, alone.
get a room you two
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