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itt: ask incest anon anything. all serious questions will be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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itt: ask incest anon anything.

all serious questions will be answered.

>i have like 1 hour.
Who was it with?
How did it start
Start greentexting
Are you still watching "House, M.D."?

> Continue watching
> Exit



her body got attractive and i started to find her attractive.


i will try.


i am not going to be alone on new year eve.


continue watching.
Will you post pix
Do you think Snoke is Sifo Dyas?
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i dont have nudes.


i had to google that. probably not.
How old are you now and how old were you when it started?

i am 30 something. i was 19 when we started.
How specifically did it start? Ie did you just walk in and ask "Hey wanna fuck?". Do you keep it a secret, or are you open publicly? Have you ever broken up and dated other people?
Are you greentexting something already?
Please tell the story from te beginning to the first sexual encounter
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>This rich guy comes to your house and and invites your sister to his neice's birthday party
What do you do?
>How specifically did it start?

sometimes she would sleep in my room. she had her own room but sometimes we would watch tv and she would just stay there and not go to her room after. so we would sleep together. and then when she started getting a body i would hug her and get erections because of how curvy her body got.

>Have you ever broken up and dated other people?

we never dated like boyfriend and girlfriend. we were just like any other brother and sister except we had sex when parents not home or asleep or she stayed with me later on.
>What do you do?

sounds like a movie. is it a movie?

if not: i dont know. i guess if she wants to go she can go. i never tell her what to do.
Story of the first time you did it?
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Oh it's no movie
>start of 21st century.
>have cute little sister that sleeps in my room with me sometimes since we are younger.
>little sister gets puberty.
>nice legs and butt.
>start having thoughts about her.
>when she'd sleep with me and id hug her i would get erections.
>sometimes before falling asleep we talk about secrets and sex while laying down in bed.
>she starts asking me questions about sex.
>tell her everything she wantes to know.
>talks get me horny so i continue trying to have them every time i can.
>one day alone in house we're talking about sex.
>asks me about guy's dick size.
>because she had seen porn at her friends house.
>(that was one of her secrets)
>"do all guys have big dicks like in porn?"
>i tell her no
>i tell her most guys have normal size penis.
>she asks me what normal size is.
>i tell her: "5 or 6 inches."
>(but we have metric system so like 15 cm.)
>conversation makes me horny obviously.
>so i tell her im average/normal.
>and because horny i offer to show her what average/normal size is.
>she says "no thanks".
>but laughing.
>but later on she changes mind and "wants to see".
>i say we trade and shes not like happy but agrees.
>agrees to show me her boobs if i show her my dick.
>i tell her to wait till no parents around.
>when parents not around i show her my dick with erection already because of situation.
>she laughs cause its hard.
>not joking. she laughed.
>i tell her its hard already because of situation.
>says "ok".
>she looks at it up close.
>she asks if its ok to touch it.
>i tell her its fine.
>she sort of touches it with her fingers.
>like two fingers.
>nothing like sexual, but inspecting it or something. like a sausage.
>she stops grabbing after a bit.
>says i can pull pants up because she's done.
>i pull pants up but im still horny and aroused by situation
>i ask for her side of the deal.
>she pulls her shirt up and her bra down.
>i see her new boobs for first time ever.
>i go to touch them with my hands but she says no.
>i tell her she touched me so i can touch hers.
>she rolls her eyes. says like "ugh, fine."
>i reach out and grab her new boobs.
>they were like soft but pointy up.
>i touch them for a brief time and she says "are you done"?
>i say yes but really wanted to keep doing it.
>she pulls up her bra and fixes her shirt.
>we didnt do anything else that one time again.
>but i wanted to.

i am lost and dont know what you are talking about.
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Look up "Grace Bud" letter
Good start, please continue
>be me.
>dial up internet days.
>little sister sleeping with me in room.
>we're in bed.
>late hours.
>parents in their room.
>we're talking about random stuff.
>(like mostly her school stuff)
>but we start talking about sex again.
>(i started)
>she asks me mostly anatomical questions about sex.
>asks me about when i first have sex.
>i tell her how old i was.
>asks me questions about it.
>(with who?, what it was like, how it felt, etc.)
>i was already horny, but conversation getting me more horny.
>we keep talking about it.
>when i was telling her about my first time...
>she asks me "how do guys know when they're gonna cum?"
>i tell her about the sensation of cumming.
>have big erection im hiding at this point folding my legs on bed.
>really horny, not thinking with head.
>i ask her if i can see her boobs again?
>she says "no"
>i ask why.
>she says "because we have to turn on the lights".
>i say ok...
>so i ask: can i just touch them then instead?.
>and stayed quiet for like a bit...
>then says: "ok, fine"
>but in kind of an annoyed voice.
>i am laying like sideways on bed.
>we're under covers.
>i slide my hand up her shirt and under bra and start touching.
>but her bra made my hand fit tight
>i feel around for a bit on her new boobs.
>i remember really really horny.
>she asks if "are you done?" in kind of annoyed tone/whisper.
>i tell her i am and pull my hand out.
>but i wasnt and didnt want to stop.
>she fixes her bra and shirt.
>then she tells me "you touched mine so i can touch yours".
>i immediately say yes and agree to it.
>but i was surprised she even said that because i thought she was annoyed before.
>so i let her touch....

good shit. please continue
>and she starts touching like patting my dick over my sweat pants.
>(i used to wear sweat pants to sleep when cold)
>(still do sometimes)
>anyway, again she mentions my erection.
>("its hard. lol")
>i am super horny and not thinking because of moment.
>so i ask: do you wanna touch it under my pants?
>she stays quiet for a bit.
>then says "alright".
>i pull the elastics of my sweats down on front with one hand
>and i guide her hand with my other hand.
>now her hand is touching my dick skin to skin.
>but she doesnt masturbate me or anything.
>she sort of just touches it up and down and touches my balls.
>mentions my balls having hair.
>thinks it funny or something.
>she pulls her hand away
>tells me she's done.
>i pull up my sweats up but im still horny and hard
>we lay there talking more about random stuff.
>and i wanna keep doing stuff
>but she just keeps talking about school, her friends, etc.
>my erection goes down.
>i didnt push her for anything else.
>(i never did.)
>then she eventually just like stopped talking and fell asleep.
>i fell asleep after cause tired too.
>but really horny.
Please dont stop
bump for more
go on
so rock hard
fucking traitor to the kaiser.

>be me.
>year 2000 something.
>its the "not everyone has cell phone" years.
>sister occasionally still sleeps with me at night.
>[it is old cultural family habit]
>she has touched my dick few times now
>but not masturbated me yet.
>but at that point i when we slept together
>i could just ask if i can touch her boobs while we're laying there in bed.
>and she would let me.
>though sometimes she'd say no and i wouldnt push it.
>but most of the time she would let me.
>so id lay there touching her boobs while we talked in bed.
>touchin her boobs escalated over the days/weeks.
>and she would sometimes just pull down her bra or take of her shirt sometimes.
>(but not always)
>because my hand under her bra would make it uncomfortable.
>this one night we are in bed
>she's laying down in bed next to me
>she is face up with the covers to her waist.
>her shirt is up and her bra is down to low ribs.
>im laying next to her on my stomach.
>i am not putting all my weight on her. just one of my arms over her torso.
>and im grabbing both new boobs with my hands.
>i pretend to be inspecting them / looking at them
>but im really just working up the courage to suck on them.
>[id been touching them for a while now...
>but i really wanted to suck on them by then.]
>again, really horny cause of situation
>so i ask her if i can kiss her boobs.
>she asks me "why?".
>sometimes she would sleep in my room. she had her own room but sometimes we would watch tv and she would just stay there and not go to her room after. so we would sleep together. and then when she started getting a body i would hug her and get erections because of how curvy her body got.

Exactly how me and my sister started. I'd feel her body gently as she slept, and started poking her with my cock as soon as she climbed in so she would ask what it was, and it led on from there.
this is good!
Still going good, i like it!
>i tell her "i dont know. i just want to."
>(seriously, thats all could think of right there and then)
>she thinks about it for a bit as im still holding her boobs in my hands.
>then she says "ok". but in like shy tone.
>i remember heart pumping fast and hard.
> like its gonna pop out of my chest.
>thought she might even be able to hear it then.
>but she never said anything.
>i start kissing soft brand new boobs/nipples ever.
>just kissing though
>i was horny by then though.
>so figured i'd already gone this far...
>so I go for broke and just start sucking her boobs.
>i do one...
>then i suck on the other one.
>my whole attention is drawn to sucking her boobs.
>lose myself in it. like not thinking.
>but then i look up at her and see the half shadow of her face looking down at me >she had this sort of horny and confused look.
>but she didnt say anything.
>so i keep doing it for a bit more.
>and then i sort of take a pause/stop doing it.
>and right there and then she pushes my hands away from her chest
>and tells me "eww, you left your drool all over me".
>she wipes my drool off herself with her shirt.
>i am very very horny at this point and really want to have sex with her.
>or at least get blowjob or something.
>(being honest, i was ready/wanted to have sex)
>but i dont wanna push it too much and mess things up.
>so i get a stupid idea.
>i tell her "i need to go to the bathroom."
>and she asks me if i have to go pee.
>i tell her "no. im gonna go do something else"
>(implying i was gonna go masturbate)
>but she just said "ugh" and turned around from mw.
>i am dissapointed/sad/still horny but she wasnt willing to do anything else.
>so i realize im probably really pushing it now.
>i was sort of just standing next to room door then.
>decided not to pursue anything else and got in bed with her again.
>i hugged her and stopped trying.
>just layed there till we fell asleep.
>super horny still.
Hi mexicanfag this is the fourth time this year that I'm bumping into your thread
The buildup to the main event
1 hour until what? the popos are coming to your house?
don't stop sharing
>be me.
>i think i was 20 already.
>sometimes when we'd sleep together...
>regularly sucking her boobs if she'd let me.
>i have been sort of badly jerked off once but i didnt finish.
>(she wanted to see what cum/cumming looked like IRL.)
>but we stopped because our parents door opened while she was doing it and we heard it.
>when parents back to bed she didnt want to keep doing it.
>so we just went to sleep and i didnt push her or anything.
>another day, (like 2 or 3 days after) im watching tv with her in living room.
>my parents are home.
>mother is in kitchen talking to father at kitchen table.
>(kitchen and living room connected)
>i am not paying attention to their conversation because TV.
>suddenly mother approaches me and asks me if I need something from the store.
>i have no idea what she is talking about and ask her what?
>she says my father is taking her to store and if I want something.
>im still sort of distracted so i just tell her i dont want anything.
>then mother asks sister if she wants to go with them or she just wants them to bring her something.
>sister says she wants to stay home and watch tv.
>and i remember she asked them for something.
>but i dont remember what it was. but it was food.
>so parents leave to the store saying they be back.
>it is just the two of us in living roomand we are sitting on different couches.
>we're watching S Club 7.
>(i only used to watch that show with sister because of girl named Rachel in the show)
>we are alone, so my mind goes sexual
>i realize this is good moment to bring up what we were doing nights before but didnt finish
>cause parents woke up.
>I call sisters name, and she turns her face towards me away from tv.
>(i was to her right)
>i ask her if she still wants to see what cum looks like IRL.
>she pauses for a bit and says No.
>tells me she just wants to watch tv.
>i am dissapointed to hear. but i dont wanna push her though cause she'd get annoyed.
>i figure better leave it alone for now
Come on OP, don't stop, I'm waiting to finish fapping.
Somebody has to screencap it
Are we calling this a 4chan epic?
Just copy paste document here:
Tinyurl / allthewincest
Keep it going OP

>so i just keep watching tv.
>then like maybe 5 or 6 seconds later.
>(maybe less or more)
>she turns to me and asks me if: "will it take long?".
>and my heartbeat goes crazy fast.
>i tell her "it probably wont", like right away.
>and she says "ok then, or ok fine." (i cant remember exact words)
>she asks me "where are we gonna do it.?"
>and since i had been thinking about doing it it for days, i already know where.
>i jumped up from couch to lock the house door
>(which was literally like 5 feet behind couch i was sitting at)
>and i lock the door with both locks.
>she's just standing there in the living room in front of tv
>still looking at it tv, like sort of waiting for me.
>i tell her to go with me to the bathroom and she follows me.
>and when we get to the bathroom I tell her to leave the bathroom door open
>in case parents come back, so we could hear them.
>my parents house back then had a long sink, and the toilet was next to it.
>and she leaned against that long sink waiting for me show her.
>i already had an erection by the time i got to bathroom.
>so i just pulled my pants down and started masturbating over toilet bowl while she looked.
>my penis was doing all the thinking for me by then.
>and i tell her to "help me" while i was masturbating.
>she asks me "how."?
> food for all of us.
How old was she?
>so i grab her hand and tell her to do it like she was doing it the other night.
>(when parents woke up and we had to stop)
>and she grabs my dick and starts masturbating me.
>and it wasnt really good or anything
(most fucking awkward hand job ever)
>but it was all it took and i started cumming really fast
>into and outside of toilet bowl, and even some on floor.
>the feeling of cumming euphoria subsides
>and reality starts rushing back in.
>i look down at my dick/ her hand and notice she's got some cum on it.
>she brings her hand up to her face and starts sort of inspecting/looking at the cum
>sort of playing with it with her fingers
>(like it was rubberbands on fingers.)
>then she brings her hand up to her nose and smells it.
>and she tells me "it kinda smells like chlorine".
>then she grabs some toilet paper and wipes the cum off her hand.
>i grab some toilet paper from her and start wiping myself down too
>then she says to me that "it was cool".
>(probably cause she had never seen it before)
>i told her to wash her hands before she went back to living room
>then she went back to watching tv
>i stayed behind cleaning cum from bathroom floor and toilet bowl with toilet paper
>and i was paranoid i was gonna miss some cum on floor.
>so i kept looking and looking and wiping.
>then i finally went back outside to living room and unlocked the front door.
>parents showed up maybe 30 minutes later with

a dinosaur?
>food for all of us

OP, I know you have all of this pretyped. Post faster!
>be me. 20.
>Osama Bin Laden is now famous man all over world
>handjobs from sister in bed are kinda regular occurrence now
>usually at night when parents asleep and we're under the covers
>also mostly in a hurry cause waking up early for school
>i had been asking her about trying oral
>but she kept saying No and just do it with the hand
>then i noticed she suddenly stopped staying in my room/sleeping with me
>like she'd just sleep in her room and i wouldnt see her at night
>so i stopped asking about oral or anything because i thought maybe she was mad or something
>anyways, few weeks later one night we're playing ps2 in my room and it gets late
>mother comes into room and mumbles on about mundane family things
>(she's standing at door frame while she's talking to us)
>she asks sister if she's just gonna sleep there or she's gonna go sleep in her room.
>sister says she is staying there with me as she's playing PS2
>im confused she i staying / or if she is staying cause i thought she was mad or annoyed at me
>mother says ok and tells me to lower volume cause father in bed already, and then she leaves
>me and sis keep playing PS2 till late
>finally she gets tired of playing and says she's going to bed
>[putting the controller down on the floor and gets under covers on bed.]
>the bed literally behind me. im sitting on the floor. tv in front
>sexual thoughts obviously arise.
>but i dont know what to think if i should cause she hadnt been staying in the room with me cause pissed, etc.
>i dont wanna push my luck or anything so i keep playing PS2. (but i was really tempted to)
>then maybe like, 3-5mins minutes later after she "went to bed" I hear her voice behind me asking: "what time are you coming to sleep"?
>im more confused and slightly aroused cause i dont know if what im thinking is what she wants, or if its just my dick thinking for me like always.
>i tell her i can go to bed right now if she wants me to. i can turn it all off.
>she tells me to "just come to bed."
Dude your dister is alot of effort and hard work tbh.

YO YO YO skip to the part where u put ur dick in her
>i think "ok. fine" and i get up and turn off the PS2 and the tv and get in bed with her.
>(it was mostly dark but my old bedroom window at parents house had a light fixture next to it, and some light would seep in so you could still see things.)
>i get in bed under covers and spoon her with my hips away from her butt, to avoid erection.
>cause I wasnt sure if I was imagining things or thinking wrong and didnt wanna piss her off or something.
>so im just laying there in bed with her quietly and not trying anything with her.
>and im starting to get sleepy.
>start to sort of forget about sexual thoughts.
>suddenly she sort of moves around and tells me she likes sleeping on my bed cause its softer than hers.
>i figure this is good time to ask cause she sounded not mad/ok, and i ask her if she was mad at me.
>tells me she wasnt mad at me.
>ask her if she minded the hand jobs.
>tells me she didnt mind.
>i ask her if she was mad cause i was asking her for oral.
>tells me she is not mad about that or anything.
>i figure im pushing my luck again, so i just stay quiet and kept sort of just spooning her with my hips away from her butt.
>then maybe 5 seconds laters she says to me: "If I do it to you, do you do it to me?".
>(anons, those were her exact words i'll take to my grave)
>i tell her right away: "i'll do it if you want me to".
>but she doesnt say yes or ok or anything.
>she just says "I wanna know what it feels like"
>i ask her if she wants me to do it now?
>and she says i need to close the door first.
>my heart is beating fast again like the times before.
>probably the one thing i remember most was that. how fast my heart would beat when things happened.
>anyway, i got up from bed and closed the door reeeealy slow, so the knob and the hinges dont make a lot of noise when I lock it.
>then i get back in bed with her and i ask her how she wants to do it
>she says that I have to do it to her first and then she does it.
File: 1483038624291.jpg (8KB, 186x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP what do you think of this?

did you get a phonecall and you went to kill OBL?
What the fuck is this?
His story has already been screencapped.
I, as well have a story. Mobile fag so please dont mind the spelling incorrectness, i'll try my best to keep it up there, but no promises. As well as the time. I have about 2 hours before im done with work and people start showing up. Also if captcha doesnt fuck me over (which it will)

A little back story. My sister is the most beautiful woman on the planet. She has long dark brown flowing hair, beautiful blue eyes, and has tye body of pure sex. 11/10 in my eyes. Probably more in other peoples eyes. I dont have a picture because mobile.

>be me, just barely 16 at the time
>my sister is 4 years older than me, 20
>she's already matured to the point that she's 5'3, has an amazing bubble butt and one size up from C's i bet
>perfect body
>does swimming, so she can hold her breath for like 3 minutes just fine
>no joke, this girl once swam a 300m swim completely submerged in a compitition. You can guess where this would become helpful
>and it does, just you wait
>parents are rich fucks
>Dad is a business accountant and tax filer for several companies
>makes almost 7 digites anually
>so naturally, we live in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a Honda Fit and an old BMW he bought off craigslist for $1000 and fixed up himself when he had time
>the rest was saved for when they were gone and it was just us left
>have 3 sisters. The first, we'll name her Shanon. Odly spacific, but it rymes and is easy to remember for me
>the second born is Kelly (also fake), tge goddess, tge love of my life (whome i still fuck around with occasionally)
>then a sister a year older than me, lets call her Hannah
>im the youngest of the bunch
>but my bond with Kelly is the strongest out of all of my sisters
>treat her like my girlfriend
>always buy her nice things, even saved up enough working for my dad to buy her a Chevy Tahoe
>buy nice things for my other sisters, but Kelly just connects with me on a deeper level, and gets my awkwardness and general autism (not really)
nobody gives a shit faggot fuck off
whoops this
their biological twins
who cares
Post it?
>I think we bonded so well because we shared a room
>Hannah and Shannon shared on, and Kelly and I shared one
>up to this point, we'very had some awkward encounters with each other
>I've walked in on her button assume naked, as she did with me multiple times
>start to become more frequent from her, though
>almost as if it was on purpose
>start to notice her eyeing me more and more lately
>she has always admired me, probably because I buy her expensive gifts all the time
>One da-

>im already sporting a massive erection under my sweats for obvious reasons.
>so i tell her its fine i do it first
> and i ask her to take off her pants
>she's laying on bed face up and takes the covers off of her.
>then she lifts up her butt and takes off her pants down to her ankles.
>i tell her to take off her pants all the way or I cant do it right.
>but she refuses to take them off completely
>and leaves them on on one leg at the ankle.
>i layed down on my stomach when she spread open her legs.
>and that the first time i ever ate my sister out.
>i wish i could tell you her pussy smelled like roses. but it didnt.
>it was very musky and it sort of smelled like piss.
>but i ate her out with the biggest hard on of my life up until that moment.
>whole time im going down on her, the only thing she ever said to me was: "that feels good".
>and then moments later she told me to stop
>i asked her if she liked it and she just said "yeah. it feels good"
>then she started putting on her pants (sweats) and said to me "ok now me".
post faster
fr go away fag
fuck off already
I think my hot cousin and I fucked when we were like 12-14 but I don't know if the memory is real or for some reason my brain just made it up?

How would I bring this up with her and finally ask "did we fuck?" We're not super close anymore. Just see each other at family stuff.
>im was very ver horny as fuck at that point trying to sort of process everything.
>she's sitting next to me waiting for me to lay down.
>i lay down on the bed with a pillow behind my head while trying not to make too much noise with the stupid bed springs as I moved.
>and once in postion... i lowered my sweat pants and my erection sort of just sprung out of my pants.
>she asked me "how do i do it?"
>and I told her to just lay down on my stomach "like this"
>and she sort of positioned her upper torso on my stomach and grabbed my dick.
>and thats how i got my very first blowjob ever from her.
>cant even describe how erotic the experience was when she first wrapped her mouth around my dick that night.
>but i have to be honest and mention that it was very far from a good blowjob.
>but like the handjobs, it didnt matter.
>I still had to constantly keep telling her to stop or I was gonna cum too soon.
>then I tried to make it last as long as possible, but the whole ordeal probably lasted maybe couple of minutes
>until I could no longer hold out
>and i pulled her face away from my dick before i shot into her mouth.
>came all over my stomach and own my own hand.
>then after the euphoria subsided we cleaned up a bit
>and we took turns going to the bathroom to wash up.
>cause i figured that way it wouldnt look too suspicious if our parents heard us getting up at same time.
>that started a routine of blowjobs in bed at night when parents were asleep.
>or me going down on her.
>sometimes she wouldnt even want to go down on her after she gave me a blowjob.
>but i never turned down her blowjobs.
>(though sometimes she would turn down my requests for one)
>until we finally had sex one day after i gave her oral.
No no continue. OP takes forever to post.
Why do you keep saying "new boobs"
because i have autism

i never pushed anything. i just took whatever she wanted to do. eventually everything happened.

because they were brand new boobs.
i kek'd
Cause of plastic surgery between each time he saw them
How many years younger is she?
So she's 14 years younger
Guilty fapping now
OP this thread has been going on for more than 2 hours. It's 8 AM here and I'm feeling a bit tired so if you could do all us ANONs a favor and post all this pretyped shit faster it would be appreciated
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555555 (2).jpg
55KB, 520x800px
>be me. 21.
>phones take really really small pictures years.
>sometimes eating sister out and getting bj's from her in bed at night.
>and sometimes, when id eat her out, sometimes my jaw and tongue would get tired
>so i had this stupid routine of rubbing my dick at the entrance of her vagina to "rest" my tongue/jaw.
>but every time i did that and i tried to put my dick inside her, she'd stop me.
>and tell me not to put it in.
>and i'd always back off cause i didnt want to ruin a good thing.
>but then there was this one time
>where she was giving me a blowjob.
>(i was standing up. she was on her knees next to my bed)
>and she asked me to go down on her too.
>("es mi turno")
>and she laid down on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging from it.
>and i kneeled in front of her
>holding up her legs when i started eating her out.
>but before i licked her once...
>i noticed she was really really wet (as im facing her pussy) and i hadnt even started licking her yet.
>like, she had just given me a blowjob and was wettest i had ever seen her until then..
>so i figured she was probably really horny but didnt wanna say cause she is embarrases or something.
>so i start eating her out...
>and after a while my tongue started getting sore like many times before.
>so I kneeled up in front of her pussy and started rubbing my dick at the entrance to rest my tongue.
>and im expecting her to immediately tell me not to put it inside.
>but this time, she didnt say anything about not it.
>she didnt say "dont put it in" and it sort of threw me off because i noticed right away. cause she's always always say it.
>so i just kept rubbing my dick on her pussy expecting her to stop me at any moment.
>but she still didnt say anything
>so i start pushing my luck cause i figure shes really horny or something...

6. almost 7.
Nah. Not gonna ruin ops fun

Are you completely retarded?



>and she still didnt tell me to stop.
>i asked her "does it hurt?" and she told me it didnt.
>so I think "ok", and i keep doing it.
>then i remember the only thing she said: "it burns a little".
>so I figured "ok maybe this is it"
>(like the time she's gonna want to have actual sex)
>and I told her to get up on the bed completely so I could get on the bed with her too.
>ans she bringed her entire body on top of it.
>i swear i noticed right away how she kept her legs open as she laid down.
>so I climbed on the bed and got on top of her missionary, but not putting all my weight on her.
>just our bottoms touching. but not upper bodies.
>so i put my left arm/elbow next to her head for support
>and i used my right arm to sort of guide my dick around her vagina entrance.
>probing around with my dick every time.
>pushing in a little more and more.
>and this is when it finally happened...
>i remember she grabbed my arm (the one i had on the bed for support) and hugged me from the neck with the other one.
>our bodies weent completly touching missionary position when she hugged me.
>and i started gently pushing in my dick inside her till the whole head of my dick went in.
>again, i asked her if it hurt and she didnt even say no.
>she just sort of shook her head "No" and kept tring to look down at our crotches together for some reason.
>then I kept pushing in till I felt the wetness of her vagina down on the shaft of my dick.
>so I figured my dick had finally gone all the way in and i just started pumpin in and out kinda carefully and slow.
>then maybe a minute of so later she started humping me back too.
>so i figured it probably wasnt hurting her at all anymore cause of how she was humping.
>but then the urge to cum started raising real fast
>and i had to onstantly keep telling her to stop cause i was gonna cum.
>so it was this stupid sort of motion of grinding/fucking and then telling her to sloww down.
>but i still came pretty fast anyways.
>even though she would slow down.
>i came on bed sheets on top of some blood stains.
>i remember she looked down and asked me if i had cummed.
>told her i had.
>asked me "did you cum inside?" and i told her i hadnt.
>i tell her im sorry i came so fast.
>tells me its ok.fine.
>im trying to regain my composture.
>she's sort of just laying there looking down at semen/blood stains on bed.
>tells me she needs to use the bathroom.
>i tell her ok.
>she puts on her underwear and leaves to bathroom.
>(which made no sense cause parents werent home but ok).
>i start looking for rag to clean up bed stains.
>find a towel.
>try to sort of clean sheets with it.
>blood and cum not coming off.
>realize dont have time to wash, etc.
>take sheets off bed and replace them with clean ones.
>throw towel and dirty sheet in bag in closet.
>sister comes back in room.
>asks me what i was doing.
>tell her sheets are stained so im just gonna throw them away.
>tells me "thats a good idea".
>(cause our mother did all the washing)
>ask her if she still wants to mess around.
>if she still wanted me to go down or her or something.
>she tells me no.
>she wants to watch tv and lays down on bed.
>figure its fine and dont push anything else considering she just lost her virginity to me.
>i put on my clothes and leave the house with the bag.
>threw bag in trash dumpster few streets away from house.
>had this worry that my mother was gonna notice the sheets missing.
>but she never said anything about them.
>maybe didnt care.
>true story.
Its funny reading this. I am the first brother of 3. All through out this time we beat the shit out of each other at night. Mostly me whopping them until younger brother got strong from beatings and started wailing on me. Just to think what would happen if I had a sister.

are you incest1 anon?
Did you ever make out with her ?

we kissed once in heat of moment of sex but we never made out. we would just hug during sex. like with our heads in shoulders or kiss on the cheeks.
how old was she
You mean secrets1 anon? yeah.

See this all you beta neckbearded retards?
Be assertive and get results!
>Be Alpha
Is that it?
Foreplay like kissing her neck and going lower and lower or did she just took off her pants and you ate her out ?

oh yes. secrets1. lol.

i like you. i want to show you something. hold on.
File: 1482659974009.jpg (19KB, 316x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 316x400px
smooth work OP

you get to do her again? ever go down the poochute?
so she was 13 and you were 19? hot as fuck

just take her pants off and eat her out. it wasnt romantic. like if she was giving me a blowjob she would tell me it was my turn or i would finish and she would say it was fine and i didnt have to do it. it was different like every time.
OP's age now?

i am old now. 30 something. it was a long time ago. last time we did anything was 5+ years ago.

what was her age when you started?

>Did you... did you not read the fucking story?

when we first started doing stuff we tried it but she didnt like it so we stopped. never really did it again on purpose.
Oh cool. Is it a present?
Sooooo by accident?

kind of i guess. hold on. i am cropping.
how'd she ever agree to that? just a curious little girl i guess. and were you attracted to her then? i think most males would be but most also wouldn't admit it
So do you consider yourself a pedo?

yes. by accident.

she was trying to get me to pull head out and in panic she backed up and it went in.
how did she react?

no. she looks older.
do you still fuck her?

dropped to floor while i tried to hold her up cause still inside. then she rubbed her butt, laughed and said "that hurt". kept laughing.
fake as fuck
You said she was just starting puberty though to the point where you noticed. Couldn't have looked that much older - or at least her body wasn't.

no. we stopped many years ago. we dont do anything anymore. not even oral.
File: cl.png (740KB, 905x584px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
740KB, 905x584px
That's not her at 12/13 when you started.
Did you guys ever hate have bad times together?

too old
File: oooo.jpg (56KB, 336x731px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 336x731px
File: 247237256.jpg (60KB, 728x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 728x740px
aaawwwwwwwwwwwww fuk yis
Looks like shes white as a sheet compared to other pics?

i am not trying to fight or be offensive, but have you never been in the sun? like at the beach or something?
>different skin colors
No I've only heard rumors about it.
I recorded my little sister in the shower, and i didnt like what i saw.... She was on her period
secrets1? still here?
how old were both of you at the time, jw
can someone post the full shed fag story please
got any links or screecaps
How did it feel the first time you came deep inside her pussy with the force of a thousand suns
>and then when she started getting a body i would hug her and get erections because of how curvy her body got.
how old were the two of you then?
How do you think it felt fuck wad, use some imagination.

i dont have words to describe it, but....very very very very very erotic.?

but then after there was a lot of regret because i was worried.

see >>717195366
We were both 0 because I lied about it all.


See ya losers.

before it happened my heart was going really fast even though i was trying to slow down. it was crazy, and its really hard to describe to someone who has never experienced something like it.

i think i said already that sometimes i felt like she was gonna be able to hear my heart too.
What were you gonna post spanish anon?
File: dscn3232.jpg (54KB, 373x582px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 373x582px

we talked about clothes before.
Thats the present moment. You literally biologically bonded with your sister. I can imagine it, my imagination is really good.
File: SnapLeak_5344.jpg (106KB, 240x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106KB, 240x426px
Just found this amazing tool....see what celebrity you can leak lmfao snap-leak-cf
>You literally biologically bonded with your sister.

i just call it really hard or high sexual euphoria, or very erotic, but i think i will describe it this way from now on. thank you.
yeah okay what about the clothes?
I need some help, how do I tell if my sister is into me? This chick will just walk in on me while I'm showering or using the bathroom in general. She has caught me naked a few times. Said she didn't mind because when we were little we bathed together. She finds excuses to bend over a lot when I'm around, I've recently started spanking her when she does this. Very recently she has tried to kiss me. I'm not really interested in her but I would love to tease her if she is interested in me. Almost forgot she gets super upset whenever I bring a girl over and is very vocal about her disapproval.

well, nothing. just stuff i bought that she wanted but my parents wouldnt let her have.
>Help, I slap my sisters ass and she kisses me but I can't tell if she's into me

Bad bait. try again another time anon.
Could spell trouble Anon, proceed with caution.
Oh. I thought you were going to post a new pic or something. Oh well.

hold on.
It's just how she responds, sometimes it's positive some times it's not. I can't get a good read on her. One moment she is doing this then the next she is hitting up guys late into the night.
Same with cousin ecept she thought I was asleep and she would put my hand in her pajamas she knew if she started playing with my dick that I would start rubing her vagina. We had a lot of fun together but no sex unfortunately.
File: DSC411.jpg (76KB, 336x657px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 336x657px
Damn, very nice, thanks. Every time I see a picture of her I always think how much it must suck not to be able to fuck her anymore.
File: IMG_0223.jpg (63KB, 320x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 320x253px
How do you deal with your Down syndrome?
Dude look at his fucking sister.

she has some strech marks because of my nephew but i think she still has a nice figure. just not as slim. but i still think she is pretty and wouldnt care if she wanted to.
There's not a man out there wouldn't want to. She's beautiful. Anyways, it's 6 am here for me and I gotta run. See you around.
What number was this i mean fucking session number

What about bc so you can cum inside everytime

i was really worried in the beginning but the more i did it and nothing happened i started to worry less so i would just keep doing it.
>Be me, 14, wanking furiously
>7 yo sister walks into room
>Turn away and try to hide
>"What were you doing? Let me see"
>Still crouching to hide but still stroking cock
>"Show me what you were doing"
>Stood up and continued stroking cock as sister watched
>She knelt in front of me and I couldn't hold back
>Came all over sisters face
>She thinks it's funny and I wipe my cum into her mouth
>Doesn't like taste but swallows
>Continue a few times and she starts opening her mouth when I cum
>I usually squeeze the last few drops into her mouth and suddenly she takes the head of my cock in her mouth and sucks it
>Feels amazing
>Ask if she wants to try sucking it properly
>I slide my cock in and out of her mouth as I hold her head
>She sucks my cock for 5 minutes till I tell her we have to wait a while for my cock to get ready again
>She goes to her room to play but comes back 30 mins later
>Tell her it isn't hard yet, but if she sucked it she could make it hard
>She kneels between my legs as I get my cock out
>Sis starts sucking, diamonds in no time
>Put hand on her head and push her down a bit harder and faster
>Cum in minutes and sister swallows it all and keeps sucking
>Carried on for 4 years and I stroked and licked her pussy whenever she wanted
>She sucked me off every morning before school, every afternoon after school, and most nights
>Said she loved feeling my cock cum in her mouth
>I rarely wanked for 4 years, just called my sister instead and she sucked me off and swallowed
>No mess to clean up - win!
haha, you wish
hot though
what did she look like? Like name a celebrity so we atleast get a similiar face

she doesnt look like any famous people i know. but im thinking about it...
what number? you came in here after fucking how many times

i dont know. i never counted. 30? 40 times?
damn best wincest story I've read so far.. i've also had some sort of wincest experiences with my little sister but no even close what u had. Thought about greentexting it but never really got the courage to do so since im extremely paranoid.

i want to hear your story. post please.
you should have cum inside the first time
I'll wont post it successively like OP did. I can post some experiences that has happened so far.
First I'll describe what she look like. She has brown hair, 5'1,not fat at all but curvy in the right places. I know this will sound like made-up bullshit but she rally look like Tomb raider in the newest game.ESPECIALLY when she wears her tight cargo pants. Maybe a little curvier. I even told her her she look like her a few days ago while I was playing it and she just laughed said "yea right"
This. Totally worth it.
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