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Have you ever been outnumbered in a fight? Did you face more

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Have you ever been outnumbered in a fight? Did you face more than one person from the start or did more people jump in after the fight started? If you train some kind of martial art or just play a sport and lift your input would be appreciated.

Also ITT: general fighting stories / discussion
fighting is degenerate
I've never been in that situation, but I do have a fight story
>be me
>18 years old, circa 2015
>visiting business client
>almost done with meeting when one of clients employees comes rushing in
>"there's some crazy dudes outside, they're gonna..."
>interrupted by the sound of a guy shouting "WHERES MY FUCKING MONEY"
>client, his employee and I all go outside to be met by 2 guys in ski masks
>one has a baseball bat
>don't even think and just right hook the fucker with the bat
>other goon swings for me and I duck it and take him to the ground and pound
>other guy is getting up so client goes and picks up the bat while I fight to keep them both on the floor
>clients employee already called the police
>16 minutes later the cops show up
>give statements
>no charges, all is good
>turns out my client owed one of those two guys money from a bet
>a fucking bet
Yeah, I went home feeling like Mike Tyson after that
Respectfully bumping this thread
Got jumped by my at the time girlfriend's ex. 3v1. They sucker punched me and got me on the ground. I put one in the emergency room though so that's nice.
That's badass, you have a background in martial arts or sports?
wtf man that's a pussy move, why did he jump you?
>Go out with mates an get high
>guy phones and ask for a j
>say sure and go to a park to meet
>guy phones people we have beef
>30 people around us 2 of then close the nearest gate
>jump on bike and try to get away
>they kick me off and start beating the shit out of us
Jesus what did you do to have 30 people mad at you?
Cause I was fucking his bitch. He was still hung up on her. Called her all the time when I would be there. Have another funny story about him using a fiddle bow to try and hit me at a bar once. Ended up hitting my buddy's bear while I was holding it. He ran off right away though before we could do anything.
I fought two people once and won...

Well by winning I mean I walked away barely while they were helping each other up

I also once pulled a gun on three people(nigs) trying to fight me and they all ran off.
Was he autistic or just one of those trashy people?
Good thing you sent one of them to ER, how bad was the damage on you?

Also if you're still with that girl you gotta watch out because crazy people dont give up easy.
Im 26 years old.
Im an amateur boxing champion with a record of 32 fights 23 wins and 11 losses. Did judo for 4 years and have been doing mixed martial arts since. I love these sports I love to stay in shape and compete. I fucking hate being in bad situations but ive been in a few. I grew up in ballyfermot rough part of Dublin. Often youll see a bunch of lads kicking the teeth out of some poor fucker you do what you can. So im coming home and theres about 8 , 7 scumbags kicking the literal teeth out of a lad I know very nice guy and his girlfriend is on the ground one of the fuckers has his foot on her face to keep her down. Ive competed been in 1 on 1 fights in school I was like I can do this. Ran in pummeld one of the fuckers in the back of his head sent him flying pushed one fella off of gf and then the funnies thing happned. The scumbags looked at me like I was van damme or so I thought they all ran off. Then I noticed the burning sensation in the back of my right shoulder where one of them had stuck a knife in it. I dont get into fights the ones of been in outside of that where 1 on 1 and im not gona lie they went my way accept for the one with my bro. Dont be a van damme walk the long safe way home. Training and staying in shape means most ppl think twice before getting in your face. If you see someone being a scumbag and you step in make sure you can step out in one piece. If its fisticuffs outside of a pub grab em in a headlock and punch there fucking faces in dont be fancy spit bite the fucker get the job done. With groups dont be fucking stupid. Best of luck to you.
My friend who was with me had a fight with one of theres one on one he won which pissed them off
Another one just a few weeks ago
>with friends walking into bar
>drunk at this point
>bros hanging outside start asking for our id's
>wat. This bar has never had bouncers
>start asking them questions
>they are full of shit
>push past them into the bar
>one of them has food in his hands follows me in
>grabs me by the collar
>I knock his food down and push him off
>he punches me in the head a few times before I can react
>grab his head and drag him to the ground by his hair while punching him
>friend jumps in but ends up getting rocked by another guy
>bouncers come and break it
>some drunk asshole is saying he's a detective and my friend is going to jail
>look him in the eyes and tell him to go fuck himself, we are leaving
Sounds like your "client" was in the wrong then.
Texas Department of Corrections, I'm one of 4 CO's that go into a dayroom to break up a fight. It's an ambush and we are attacked by a group of 8 inmates. I get hit over the eye with a masterlock being swung on the end of a belt. Got another deep laceration on the top of my head - don't know from what. Never lost my feet - we fought our way out of the dayroom.
I had to go to the hospital for a concussion multiple stitches - but you can't imagine the beating that those niggers took.
Just super trashy. Came from a small town where everyone was Eskimo brothers with everyone else.

And it wasn't too bad. I had a headache for a while, but nothing too bad. I was surprised actually because when I fell down they started kicking me but I got up pretty fast.
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>parking lot after concert
>me and animal heading towards our car
>pack of 6 or 7 wild niggers stops us
>stare at each other for a few seconds
>head nigger smashes beer bottle against car
>animal whispers "just play along"
>animal starts grunting, falls to ground, twitching, starts chewing on car door handle
>i say "he'll be okay, he'll be fine, no no he'll be okay"
>help animal up and get to my car and peel out

This martial art is called "not wanting to die fu"
I beat a whole bar full of punk rock kids up one St Patrick's day. I'd done judo and kickboxing all through highschool and they were all drunk amateurs. The fight got started because I had been laughing at a fat one and he rightly realized that's what I was doing, which was rude, but whatever.

People don't understand that unless weapons are involved no untrained person has a chance in the world against a real fighter. I have 100% confidence I could take out a 350lb pro linebacker so long as he was never trained how to fight.
thats some good advice tbh
did you get knocked out?
I once kicked the shit out of like ten dude during a karate practice but I have a black belt and they were yellow belts. needless to say my teacher got in a shit load of trouble for letting me go ip man on their asses
That's some scary shit. I would've quit the job the next day
i live in staten island. people here are pussy, they always need to fight in packs, it's rare that you get a 1 on 1; and doesnt matter if its whites or blacks or anything else, they're equally cowardly and need their group with them here.

because of the general bullshit that goes on here, i've been in multiple fights where i've been outnumbered by a large margin. i grew up taking americanized karate as a kid, more so as a babysitting service than to actually learn to fight, but i can stand my ground in a legit street fight if its fair. sadly, all those skills go right out the window when facing multiple attackers.

and since everyone can't fight fair here, i resorted to carrying weapons to even up the odds. but even then, if you use a weapon in a fight, people will further seek retalliation against you, all the way up to mutually assured destruction.

tl;dr the moral is, learning a martial art is good. but life isn't a movie and you will not be able to kick 5+ people's asses of they're all pounding on you at once.
They kicked you in the head when you were down? That's so fucking low, nigger-tier begavior
In other words your a giant pussy.

I'm a cop I have been in NUMEROUS fights where I was outnumbered, although the Tazer does seem to make people think twice about continuing the fight.
you a big guy?
>inb4 banepost
>everyone can't fight fair here
What do you mean?
Also what initiates these fights usually?
Adding on to the Irish bar story it's important to remember that some martial arts are not worth training in. If there is no active opposition the sport is worthless. If you score points rather than fight rounds it's probably worthless. Real fighting trains you for real fighting, any abstraction is worthless.

The most reliable ones are western style wrestling, boxing, and judo. Every other sort you have to judge school by school, even brazilian jiu jitsu. Do their fighters compete is the number one question you should ask. If that kind of test is not what they're training for then what you learn there will not help you in a fight.

You should avoid 99% of Tae Kwon Do and karate schools. Even if they cast themselves as the darkside hard training competitive sort of place no punches to the face is not fighting. That's the absolute core of human conflict.
any interesting stories? Were you attacked in uniform or unmarked?

There is no such thing as a fair fight outside a ring or something set up. Fighting fair is doing anything you have to do to win. You dont know what that person is going to do to you if you get knocked out. Fight to win, do anything necessary.
>Be at house party
>Shit is cash
>GF is outside visibly upset
>Says her friends boyfriend spoke to her badly.
>Go inside to make peace
>he kicks off
>Punch him, he falls to the floor for a few seconds
>jumps up, his friend trys to hit me
>boxed for a few years so slip the first punch
>OG dick trys to hit me and I jump back
>pick up chair and skull fuck that guys friend
>throw chair towards the guy who gave my gf shit
>run towards him and push him through a door
Sounds like a movie thinking back on it... before it happened I took a fat slug of coke so my heart was pounding super hard afterwards so I went outside and threw up. Good times... at the end of the night we super glued glasses to this guy's wooded floor... we were dicks
No disrespect but the amateur boxing scene in ireland is shady as fuck or so ive been told
No but I couldnt move I was hit by bike seats
>That's some scary shit. I would've quit the job the next day
About 4 months later I had enough. A riot broke out in the building when I was in the dining room with about 400 inmates. The doors slam shut and it's me and 400 inmates looking at each other. The trustees that work the food line start pulling out their hidden shanks and clubs.
The niggers in the dining room start trying to work up the courage to jump off some shit, they are climbing up on tables and it's starting to get dicey. I was very sure that I was about to die. Then that door opened up and the riot team came in with a pepper fogger (industrial strength tear gas).
A week later I was living in Florida.
the fights are always over girls. always.

>"maria sucked vinny's dick in the bathroom at the club"
>"what!? i'm gonna kick his fucking ass, as soon as i get tony, vito, johnny, and mike to help"

oh, i meant fair as in 1on1, no one jumping in, no extra help, no weapons, just hands.
So that means you have some success with girls lol, at least there's a good side to it. Still, it's very cowardly to round up your mates and jump someone over a girl. Does this happen in the streets, parties or what?

Nothing too dramatic, I work in one of the higher crime/call rate areas and with my unit expected to stop out with people so I get into a little more shit than most.

>Stopped out with 2 on drug/prostitute corner
>1 runs, of course I chase, its fun
> catch up, he swings, I duck we go to the ground
>I do MMA ground fighting training so this shits fun to me
>get on the ground I take top mount get about 2 hits in
>his friend runs over pushes/knees me off
>figure he was just trying to stop it
>trys to kick me in my face as I get up but he misses, pretty sure he was drunk
>get to feet square up telling them to get on the ground
>runner gets on the ground 2nd guy squares up
>he throws a punch I take him to the ground with an arm bar.
>continues to struggle so I knee him in the ribs 5/6 times and he eventually gives up.
>I had so much fun I only charged them with resist not assault on government official.

I got a couple more not nearly as good though. interested? Got chasing people with a gun stories for days too. No shooting though
That's exactly what a bitchmade pansy would say. Enjoy never sticking up for yourself or your friends.
Yep they started kicking me when I went down. I got up pretty fast though and made my exit. I ended up sending one to the hospital and bleeding another. Cops got involved but I ended up not doing anything since one of them Had a $900 medical bill to deal with.
You ever been ambushed?
Boxer guy here.
It really fucking is.
Ive fought traverelers and had there corner stool fucked at me mid fight cause I was mangling his boy. But I met all my best pals really good people are fighters. Fight outside the ring make enemies fight inside you make pals. Its clean at the higher level I mean thats the way it is in amateur mma as well.

No that hasn't happened yet, 97% of the time as a street cop they just want to get away from you.
Another story.. so I was a soft bastard when I was about 16-17 and was in love with some girl and so was another guy.

>Comes down a back alley saying he wants to fight.
>I used to fight alot in school but never really liked it, I just did it to be popular.
>Ask him if he really wants to fight me
>Says yes
>I boxed at the time so kinda got into a stance and he laughed, stood still and directly facing me
>Thought to myself fuck you and elbowed him as hard and as fast as I could in his face
>turns out one of his boys and this girl were around the corner.
>His mate has a knife in his hand
>should have shit myself but blood pumping I just ran at him like a special needs kid yelling "reee"
>Tackled him and the knife went flying
>put my hands up ready for some ground and pound and he was covering his face cowering.
>I saw sense got up and walked off.
>Felt like a king

6 years on I get into trouble with this guy, he told all his friends I jumped him because I kicked his ass. Been at parties were I had to convince 5 or more of his mates that wasn't the case, or luckily enough to have some big fuckers with ne so I haven't needed to
No not a big guy at all. My adrenaline kicked in like crazy though and I just overpowered him. I seem to be attracted to fighting even though I want nothing of it. It's kind of a running joke with my friends.

I've saved numerous people from getting beaten out on the town. Planted a knee into some dude who was on top of another guy pounding his face in. Another time saved another dude who got his nose broke, although he deserved that one.
Would you say amateur mma is more difficult?
That's pretty badass. Too bad it happened because your client was a douche bag though
I don't have a lot of ACTUAL fight stories. I got picked on a lot, and shoved plenty of people, but only a few actually fought me. I think it's probably because I've always been a <Bane meme>, and most people were aware of that. But oh well, here's mine:
>be me, big kid, fat, do McDojo martial arts
>end of 7th grade
>get picked on by basically everyone in gym class
>mostly by two basketball player kids
>both really skinny, meaning they hate fat kids
>be total assholes all year, but never do anything more than say "haha, nah fag, bye"
>playing basketball one day
>8th grader pal, me, other 8th grader, two bully guys
>try to guard the one who was basically the other's sidekick
>I am white
>sidekick was not
>starts "breaking my ankles"
>fakes like he's gonna hit me with the ball
>"ha, back up fatty"
>""accientally"" smack him on the forehead while "trying to steal the ball"
>he mad tho
>scores, goes to check the ball to me
>"check, fag"
>throws it at my face
>grab him by shirt, ghetto punches to the face
>try to throw in an elbow, but he slips away and walks off
>sidekick's buddy is laughing his ass off
>I have big autistic grin on my face
>fast forward to end of class
>going to get water after long period of not being able to play basketball
>sidekick pulls up to my left
>"the fuck u hittin me anon, fuck u hittin me bitch"
>"well, you're an asshole all the time and hurt my feelings and I really don't like it and-"
>throws literal actual anime swing
>get in close, quick left to his body
>grab him by face, put entirety of my fat weight into it
>slam back of sidekick's head into a big stone support pillar, do it twice
>pituitary freak sneaks up behind and holds my arms back
>try to kick sidekick in face, he isn't there
>he's running like hell
>everyone in class giving me an "oh shit" look
>teachers busy ogling kids, didn't see
>never crossed me again
That's about all I've got for ACTUAL fights. I have meme stories tho
Well no training but yeah a couple instances as a teenager

One of them tried to jump me but his his didnt take me down so I turned and hit him. First hit he collapsed and 2 of his buddies then tried to jump in they went down almost just as easy and i was just standing there with them all laying on the ground and me unharmed.

Other time friend of mine had a deal go wrong over some weed with some atleast wanna be bloods. Few days later we go to leave a local gym and walk to his place its me, him and another friend of ours. We run into my estimate is around 20 plus of them and i was a white kid wrong place, wrong time. They stomped the living hell out of all of us so then spent the rest of the year trying to get them back 1 at a time while trying not to get jumped by them again. Gets so bad school puts them all in alternative school and then i graduated that year and never ran across them again.
Oh, there's more to this thread. I'm >>717153494.
>currently train boxing, at it for almost 5 years
>did wrestling four years
>done McDojo martial arts throughout middle school, learned a little judo/jiu jitsu
>took memekido class second year of uni
Amatuer Boxing I loved as a sport.
But the training and pain I went through transitioning to mma was fucking nuts.
I did both and judo as well the mixed martial arts training was way more intense.
Boxing gives you auto pilot skills which are amazing but mma everyone fights different fuckers cut weight rampant abuse of steroids I was lucky. Just thought me how to stay on my feet and I had an easy time winding most lads I fought. Mixed martial is way more difficult mentally . Physically the training is different but painfull. I would come home from boxing and practice combos. I would come back from mma class and im trying to figure out how someone strangled me with a bit of sleeve of there gee.
Its tougher if you make it tough but I enjoyed doing it its not for everyone im not gona lie. We would get a lot of people with the heart and we encourage them to train get in shape learn to defend themselves but we wouldnt allow them to compete. I would recomend starting with a base style like western boxing or karate and then go to mma so you have some tricks up your sleeve.
Yeah people roid a lot in MMA apparently. Which is unfair if you're up against a roided freak. Does being in good shape mean people are less likely to start shit with you?
No homo but people who train combat sports are aesthetic as fuck

I've been in a all out brawl at a party once.

>Some dude kicks people out of a party
>they didnt like that
>one swung
>others joined in
>people started backing up both sides
>soon whoel house is brawling
>see one person get roundhouse into the garage
>others choking out others on floor
>one guy swinging on people with a broom
>me one on one ing with some one ive never even seen before
>think we are just like fuk it don't know u gotta fight
>i get hit with a chair from behind
>randomly some one says cops
>everyone scatters
>no cops though
>half party gone
>party continues
>every one bruised/ bloody
>laughing as no one knew really why they were fighting
>people black out from drinking
>wake up and laugh about previous night
Had 3 kids in middle school try to jump me. They were very uncoordinated, sportsless, unpopular kids. I pushed on down in a muddy spot, hit the other one a glancing blow that stung his ear, and knocked the third the fuck out. First two took off running and left their friend there. I rolled him and he had like $17, an original iPhone, and a house key in his pocket. Took it all and left. Walking home I met a girl in my class that liked me. She was kind of plain, but not ugly. Told her about it. She asked me if she could have the phone. I told her she could if she sucked my dick. She did. I videoed it on the iPhone, sent it to my email, and gave her the phone. Threw the key in a street drain. Told my friends the next day at school. None of them would believe me until they heard the girl talking about the phone I gave her.

and no none of my martial arts training or wrestling background really helped me in that fight when I was piss drunk.

Kinda just was drunken irish fighting at that point.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
should have used your wrestling skills
I had 4 niggers try to jump me once, but I pulled a pistol and they disappeared into the night. If they had rushed me, there's no way I could have taken more than two of them out, so I was glad they got the ape out of there.
Im 5 ft 10 and about 14 stone.
Boxing and training from a young age left me toned and scrawny for a while but I was lean. When I hit 20 I packed on weight and it went to the right places. Big shoulders and a big square jaw. It does I still live in the area and when I was younger id run a lot from ppl now they take a look and go no thanks. Big shoulders Big patatoe head most scumbags think twice.
>be me 15
>boxing for 2 years
>bunch of faggots jump me 4-5 dunno i was drunk
>its for girl ofc
>beat me
>no big deal i have taken worst beating in 1vs1 boxing ring
>a lil bruise on the cheek bump above the ear
>friend tell me lets go get my big bro from another party and his friends to shit them on
>no man no worth it
>his bro was 18 boxing for 5 years his friend was into body building big ass dude also they are good friends of mine because we neighbors
>one of the faggots friend know they can get fucked up so come to me and sorry bro they are drunk pls forgive
>whatever.jpg im not even that hurt
>jokes on them 1 week later i fucked the girl they beat me for she was 15 Tightest pussy ever had
Have you ever been headbutted in a street fight? Always wondered what that would feel like lol.

What's the most painful technique you experienced?
Yeah a couple times

>Be with drunken friends
>long story short one of my boys hook up with some other dude's thot
>they have 8 guys ready to kill
>there's like 4 of us, my friends cant fight for shit
>Their main guy and I are arguing and we eventually make peace between the two groups
>Main guy's right hand man is mouthing off at me and I'm trying to tell him "dude fuck off"
>Main guy pushes me once, I say "dude wtf." pushes me again, and I say "If you push me one more time, I am going to fucking kill you.."
>he pushes me
>Instantly drop him, his brother and another friend
>I get rushed by 5 other guys
>I get up and run
>I end up getting caught alone 4 on 1
>The main guy agrees to 1v1 me
>We both miss pretty much 90% of our punches
>While this is happening two of his friends start creeping on the side for a cheap shot
>I backtrack and say "Nah fuck this, I'm not gonna fight if you're gonna try that weak shit."
>I trip over my own fucking leg like a retard, they stomp the fuck out of me
>I get up screaming "fuck you, I'm gonna find you cunts and kill yous"
>Cops talk to me, let me off because they know my friends
>Blood everywhere
>We get more alcohol from the car
>I drink more and laugh about it

It was pretty fucken exhilarating. Good experience, looking back at it. I've been in a few fights, but I'm not a tough guy I just find myself and my friends in some real fucked up situations.
Sounds completely fabricated.
Hey, sorry for late reply. It happens at both types of places. More often than not, people will gather a group and come straight to your door and call you out of the house to fight, that's happened no less than 3 times already to me. Other times were at house parties or clubs, wherever people can get their friends together easily. It's ridiculous.
I fought a lot when I was teen. Been in many outnumbered situations either multiple guys on me or at the most two friends. The only advice I will give you is straight up go into it expecting to lose and hurt bad afterward. You are no action hero. The best strategy is pick ONE person out of the groups jumping you and just go after that one person like a madman. Pick the weakest ones, the one who is counting on their friends to save them. You will be taking some nasty hits the whole time, but if you can channel all that adrenaline and anger onto one face it doesn't hurt AS bad, and later on you can laugh knowing that ONE guy is wondering WHY ME? and not fully celebrating with his pals about them kicking your ass.
I loved headbutts very effective.
headbutts hurt like fuck but I was good at playing that minigame. When they load up to swing down just drop your head they end up hurting themselves more.
Most painfull thing that happned to me.
I got a flying knee to the head I was then smacked with a hook to the solar plex and as I was falling I was thrown into an armbar and cranked and then dragged into a crucifix. That happned on my third mma class. I was trying to play tough guy well that fixed me real quick. My elbow still clicks everytime I stretch it out.
Getting jumped in a club sounds bad, nowhere to run. That happened to you?
man a hit to the solar plex hurts like a mofo, dont know why people dont use that more often in street fights
Not saying this about you, although maybe it applies. But seriously tasers have made cops into pussies for the most part. Like seriously when you see a cop just immediately go for their taser instead of trying to physically bring a person down or just subdue them is sad. I get in some cases it's better to just finish it quick but just using it all the time like you see in videos is weak as fuck. Lil Wayne said it best.
> guns "tasers" turn you boys into pussies.
In order to land it and wind someone you have to time it for when they breath in. When some angry stranger is loading up on or your get jumped its hard to swing. Best example I can give of how to do it is from blood diamond leos character does it a few times he slips lands it. Breadbaskets are effective against people with 0 grappling. its a standing neckcrank.
another story
>be 16 this time
>with boxing bro 19 and 2 girls we wanna bang
>at some food place
>eating beer having fun
>2 faggots 35-45y old with some old bitches cheap ass low class people
>faggots mess with my buddy try to impress the old slots
>jokes on the boxing bro get mad
>beat them bout 2vs1
>one of the faggots stab my friend in the leg bellow the ass it was some small knife nothing 2 bad
>i join we beat the shit out of them
>old sluts leave them
>go to hospital few stitches on my bro leg
>all good
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I got into quite a lot of fights in my 8th and 9th grade years for being an anti-social silent freak. I was seen as an easy target and all the bullies wanted to make an example of me. These are just a few of my stories.

>8th grade.
>Sitting in the back of the Home Economics class, doing my best to not be noticed.
>Class asshole, we'll call him john, decides it would be funny to poke the back of my head with his pencil.
>I ask that he stop it, but he tells me to "make him" and proceeds to poke me.
>Others began to notice and are giggling.I again ask him to stop.
>John pokes harder and tells me to shut up.
>I pickup the keyboard on the desk next to me and proceed to beat the shit out of johns face with it.
>Johns giggling buddies decide to help him. One decides to grab me from behind while the other charges from the front.
>Take advantage of being held and use this opportunity to kick the shit out of the charging retard. I then use force and weight of the previous attack to cause the guy that's holding me to fall on his back.
>After I've broken free from the hold, I beat the shit out of the third asshole with a chair.
Security came rushing in at that point. I was suspended for 3 days, the other boys got 6 days. Those boys never fucked with me again.

Kek. Boxing bro referring to someone else as low class.
Protect your nose at all cost. Once someone breaks your nose the fight gets about 500% more difficult for you due to eyes swelling.
Yes, but i was too drunk to think clearly. Was able to connect a couple of punches before i was knocked to the floor and kicked like a hundred times.

3 ribs broken and a few missing teeth.

3/10 Would not reccomend.
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>9th grade.
>I'm still known as the silent kid. Anyone who knew of the previous incident knows not to bother me, but the older kids only see me as fresh meat.
>It's Friday, the school day is over, and I'm getting on the bus.
>Two 11th graders approach me from behind.
>I get sucker-punched out of nowhere.
>I quickly put some distance between us as I try to understand what's going on.
>However, before I can get far enough away I'm tackled from behind by one of them.
>"He's such a fucking pussy!" "You are the kid dating Clair right?! Why is she dating such a weak faggot?"
Explanation: I was dating a 10th grader named Clair. she was an 8/10 and super kind. Most boys wanted her, but she'd often turned them down. One day she asked me out and I accepted without putting much thought into it.
>I take one of my sharp pencils from jacket pocket and drive it deep into his leg. He rolls off of me while screaming in pain.
>As the other one approaches I send me backpack flying at his face. The moment it strikes I spin-kick his dick. He falls to the ground holding his face and dick.
>I return to the stabbed one and proceed to curb-stomp his face.
>Suddenly a chime goes off over the PA system and the buses began to leave. I grab my backpack and head for the bus.
>As I step on the buss I spot a security guard heading towards the 11th graders. The buss driver gives me a thumbs-up and the other kids are too shocked to say anything.
I never got busted for the fight. The 11th graders never bothered me again. I had two more fights that year, but the rest of my school life was peaceful. By 12th grade most of school staff loved me and the gangster kids knew not to fuck with me.

I learned to fight from my cousins. They spent years taking martial-arts classes and would teach me things. We often spent our summers beating the shit out of each other. Since I never took any classes I became more of street-fighter over time, anything was a weapon and nothing was off limit.
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agi vs str build.webm
1MB, 600x338px
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Can BJJ beat boxing on its own?

I know /asp/ would be the best place to ask but they're too slow.

Dude on the left trains BJJ and is a purple belt, on the right is a boxer with some years experience. Long story short: both guys work at a small construction company and boxer has been spotted a few times stealing tools (he probably resells them on ebay or whatever), usually that would be nobody's business but the company owners', but shit has become so frequent it's affecting everyone's ability to work. Whenever an essential tool goes missing work slows down and everyone lose money, so BJJfag called him out and said next time he gets caught he will be reported to the owner. Boxer got mad and has been threatening him ever since even though he hasn't attacked him yet.

So is it almost certain boxer would rek bjjfag? I'm no martial art expert but that's what I think is most likely to happen.
Why dod you get jumped?
me and my cousin beat up 7 portuguese kids when we were 13
You glued glasses to his floor xD
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Dont be one of those retards that puts a spider in with a scorpian in all of these hypothetical bs. It was solved with cagefighting look it up you fucking retard judo boxing wrestling muay thai krav mega who gives a shit.
I used to do embassy shit in Moscow
>be me
>be coming out of a bar from day drinking with my friends. there were about 7 of us
>come out together but somehow far behind pack
>group of slavs squatting
also I'm black.
>lead squat slav stands up and yells nigger at me
>when keeping it real goes on
>"fuck me? nah motherfucka fuck you?"
>Lead squat slav takes of studded belt and swings
>training kicks in
am Vetfag
>lean back just far enough to miss and come forward with crushing straight right
>slav stumbles backward
>friends come running back
its about 7 on 7 racist muscovites
>chaos all around
>head slav still on ground
MFW just got some new timbs from dr jays dot com
>something says "nows my chance".
>reverse American History X stomp his ass
>hear my name get shouted and look back
Russki busts me in the head with a shit Baltic bottle.
>whew not bleeding
>in that exact moment my friend hurls a handful of rocks
>hits the guy in the head/lips and destroys windows on 1 or 2 nearby Mercedes cars
>militia sirens
>haul ass back to safe zone.

When my buddy kind of half ass saved me with the rock throw, so many rocks hit the guy and i saw the slow motion of them pelting him, the face curling and blood. slow motion. i havent talked about in a while. cheers /b/
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story is
The guy is a Russian boxer whos wife was offended by thoses guys or some like that. I think he was in the Russian olympics team
Lots of fights, some one on one, others in a group. No fancy shit, just straight tackle and beat in the face.
File: 1480483172858.png (334KB, 605x816px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The saddest thing about your story is that it's not copypasta and that you put all that effort into that bullshit
Being a good fighter doesn't mean anything when you're outnumbered. Brian Harvey wrestles for fucking West Point and got wrecked on spring break.
>Brian Harvey wrestles

Seriously, if you're outnumbered fucking run. Anyone who has any sort of discipline in fighting will tell you this.
/asp/ poster here

Depends on a lot. Athleticism/instinct will be most important, because even if you chimp out, you can beat most people if you chimp out well/hard/long enough.

Next'll come experience and how the fight plays out. If the boxer has been at it since he was a kid and BJJ guy has been at it for a few years, the boxer will have an advantage, and vice versa. If they just strike, or BJJ can't close the distance/throw boxer, the boxer will win. If the boxer can't keep a distance and BJJ grapples him, BJJ will probably win.

You should also take into account the fact that BJJ is a martial art where a single mistake can result in you choking yourself with your own technique or some shit, so if BJJ has just been training at a mcdojo, he will more than likely git fukt
im a brown dude, I know it has nothing to do with shit but these guys are fucking monkeys, honestly. Anyway, my white dude got heart. I have nothing but mad respect for him, and would fightwith/10. Also that woman needs a fucking ring, if my girl standing up to 10 dudes for me while I'm down you best believe I'm making her mines forever.
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whatever nigga that shit happened. keep actin like black people don't get harassed in moscow. lol. even big ol white dudes get fucked with. nationalistic hooligans.
Not an alcoholic degenerate waste, so I don't end up in serious fights...

First "fight":
>7 years old
>12 years old chinese shit face in school
>had the masterpiece idea to learn how to say "fuck you" in chinese to piss him off
>chinese fag was fucking Yao Ming high
>to make matter worse he called a couple of friends
>they kicked the ass out of me but earned the appreciation to be both the hero/retard to face ching chong shit face.

Second fight:
>be 15
>at school doing shit with friends
>see 18 years old looser guy pretending to be cool
>his t-shirt said "there's nothing to laugh about" with a sad smile
>laughing with my friend I say out loud "I believe it, with that faggot face..."
>girls around start laughing
>that retard said like "you're fucking dead shit head"
>at the break he came in my class with two friends to "kill me"
>I was bigger than those retards put togheter,
>throw a chair at the dangerous one while punching the other two and ending the first.

Third fight:
>With a friend
>Got approached by three guys
>Manlet shit face put out a knife and go to friend
>"If you send another message to my girlfriend I stab you in the balls"
>They go three on him while he was closed on the wall
>Know that guy that is pretty much a show off retard
>Still has a knife in his and
>Go totally red or black and start pushing away a guy
>"Leave alone my friend and fuck off"
>Start fightning and keeping blow of the 3vs2
>we pretty much attracted the attention of people in their car, people in the shops, people everywhere
>fight ends
>"I stab you, I fucking stab you"
>Never see that faggot again.
Agreed being a good fighter requires brains and if you dont use em to not get into stupid fucking situations then your not a good figher.
Got jumped at a park by 4 guys. Got the fucking living shit beat out of me. Probably because I kept fighting back.
were they trying to rob you?
>be 16
>high as fuck
>down at the river
>a group of assholes decide they want to kick my ass
>follow my group back to truck
>cab seats 2 and we're 4
>owner drives and semi cripple guy in passenger
>I'm standing in back shouting at a group of 8 fags who want to kick my ass for literally no reason other than they're all drunk
>guy in back with me is in fetal position sobbing
>biggest guy in their group prolly like 6'4 walks over jumps up and hits me in the face
>hits me again
>I ain't here to fight you assholes
>"you either get down here and fight me, or I'll climb up there and kick your ass"
>at this point in my life I am 5'9 130lbs and he's a whole head taller than me
>I ain't gonna fight you
>he starts climbing up
>I kick him straight in the face as hard as I can
>he falls off the back of the truck flat on his back
>some asshole had parked in the middle of the road with a car and its a steep drop of rocks on either side of the truck
>driver picks this moment to gun it
>I nearly fall out
>his buddies start throwing rocks and shit at us
>my face looks like shit and I'm laughin hard

just another day as Florida man
While in Nam I got separated from my squad in the dark, killed 5 gooks in hand to hand. They found me in the morning covered in blood and bodies laying everywhere. That was a adrenalin rush.
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Have a sick Friday on me go leak your ex gf or sister now at snap-leak-cf
used to live in marines harbor back in a days. What you say is absolutely true. Never had a fair fight, only against groups of niggers.
>was walking to my apartment with a black girl
>dat ass seriously like biggest horse booty
>get jumped
>three niggers
>hit in my nose, spit blod at them
>tell nigs i have aids blood.
>hit one against the carport and drip blood in his eye.
>he presses charges.

No i didnt have aids and i didnt give it to him or his gang, but he did call the cops. Thought i would go to jail for fucking his gf even after they jumped me.
Footage of what happened to me
I have been in way too many fights. Last one was my second year of college and I got worked over pretty bad by four guys. They fractured my jaw, broke two ribs, and my nose. I was in the hospital for two days cause of a concussion and they were worried I had a micro bleed in my brain. Four adults vs one is pretty hopeless in my opinion unless you have some serious training. I know that I needed to stay on my feet for as long as possible but thats easier said than done. Any one or two of the guys would have given me much more of a chance as they really didnt have a clue. I think Krav focuses pretty heavily on how to fight multiple people but idk I have been in at least 25 fights, am 6'0, 190lbs, and I take lifting seriously but virtually zero fighting training besides boxing with friends which I dont count as training or fights. My brother is an olympic level judoka, trains in various forms of martial arts and has taught me the basics. I avoid fights at all cost now because I realize how fucking stupid they are but if I found myself squaring up with someone who I knew didnt have any training or weapons I'd would be confident. If I thought they were more experienced or bigger than me I'd pretend to attempt to diffuse the situation while closing distance with my arms up. As soon as I got close enough in one motion id clinch and headbut with all my force right on their nose and go from there (could knee, dirty box, or pull guard and sweep) But street fights are as unpredictable as humans so its better to avoid them.
What cut of beef did you have?
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In highschool there were about 10 rednecks who were out for blood cause I called their friend a "son of a bitch" and they took that as me calling his mom a bitch and I guess they felt like they needed to make a big deal out of it. They were pounding on me, I didn't really try to fight back there were too many and it would just draw things out if I further provoked them. I was lucky though, none of them knew how to fight and were hitting me with the bottom part of their fists (like the part you pound a table with) So I actually walked away with some whelps but no bruises or injuries to speak of. Of course they still made out like they were badasses who really showed me my place and kicked my ass and made a big deal out of it but I didn't want to push my luck and provoke a bunch of psychotic rednecks a second time. Boarding schools for trouble makers are pretty rough.
>I got worked over pretty bad by four guys.
Story on why they jumped you?
fucking someone he wasn't supposed to.
>a gangsters wife

Wasn't me, but a friend of mine.

>be at a party getting drunk.
>my friend is a short manlet but stocky as fuck and strong
>girl kinda likes him
>3 dudes get mad and attack him in the parking lot all at once
>friend punches first guy in the throat ignoring getting hit in the face
>guy goes down, making a sick gulping sound, can't breathe
>grabs second guy around the neck and just drops him backwards (skull CRACK)
>ends up wrestling with the third guy for 20 seconds before getting on top and punching him repeatedly in the face until we pull him off

Help him walk away, decide to never fight my friend.
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