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fluffy thread part 2

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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fluffy thread part 2
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fuck you autist asshole
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Bumping so the anon who was writing the awesome fluffy tower defense story can get in here
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>You wait now until they're within two-hundred and fifty yards
>The question will be answered now
>As they step over and ontop of the black rods sticking out of the ground, a small flame pops up on each one
>This flame lights a fuse, and almost all at once a loud BANG shakes the ground
>Screams of pain are abound
>Bits of fluff and pieces of gore fly into the air
>Bigger sized M80s caused the most damage in the initial explosion, you wrapped steel pellets around them
>They fly through the air, ripping holes in every fluffy thing that hits it
>Thank goodness the crane was protected by elevation
>And thank goodness you ducked your head!
>You can hear them impact on your Cinderblock wall, leaving themselves embedded or cracked into the surface
>Sector 1 has been depleted, and yet still more come!
>You have the RC aim more towards the tree line, and have it set to strafe in an arc to thin out the numbers coming into the park
>But they just keep coming!
>You don't need binoculars now, you can see the tear stains on their cheeks and the blood on their ragged fur
>Some in the front were limping, and when they stopped for breath they were trampled underfoot
>When they reached the two-hundred yard mark, you opened fired with the roman candles again
>These were the smaller but more numerous hundred-shot candles, the big boxes you get that fire in staggered amounts
>Long chains of brilliant little darts were launched into the crowd
>And long chains of brilliant explosions slowed the tide of advancing balls of shag and rainbow
>Their cries could be heard for miles away, and along the edges of the park, along the roads and to the houses that boarded, you could see people just standing there
>Watching it all
>Taking it in
>Filming it for youtube probably
>But you wondered what they would say
>It's not like they were going to risk their lives to stop you now, they're just.. spectating
>Spectating the savior of their town at work
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joy buzzer.jpg
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no amount of autism shaming will take your autism away, friend
you must make peace with it
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And this is when this comic stopped being good and started descending into shitty weirdbox territory.
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Are hydrangeas poisonous?
>You load up your next roman candle box when you start to notice something
>They're stopping
>Slowing down
>Grinding to a halt
>Insert adjective here
>What? What were they doing?
>They were pulling back, back to the treeline
>No, no no no!
>You don't want to do this, people were here with their children, but they can NOT be allowed to leave
>You turn on the megaphone again
>The herd stops slowly, remembering WHY they were doing this
>Their babies needed them
>And so, over hundreds of bodies, the fluffies resumed their death march of doom
>Running like wild beasts, hoping that this time, maybe it's over?
>With a dark overcast above and a freezing wind at their back, you know just how wrong they were
>You set the box back on the wall
>Light it
>And pepper the advancing fluffies in a ray-storm of ruby darts that explode into flechette shrapnel
>You haven't even launched the second row of embedded fire-crackers yet
>Better still, the RC Rover still has more then half it's ammo
>This might go as well as you hope, so long as you keep the megaphone on at least once in a while
>Hell, lets just keep it on the whole time?
>To agitate them further, you punch the rocket
>It doesn't harm the foals inside, most of whom died from the pressure of just being locked in a transparent cylinder
>But it does harm their psyche further, forcing their cries to whine out even harder
>You look toward the people on the ridge
>Some shake their heads, others nod and clap
>Parents hush their kids and bring them into the cars
>Yeah, those are some good parents
>No one deserves to see this.

man I really hope there are some mortar shells involved here, gotta break out the big guns kek
>One-hundred and fifty yards and the stampede ain't stopping
>They're now well within Sector 2's blast zone
>But there's a problem
>The remote transmitter that lights the fire-crackers isn't working
>You knew you shouldn't have bought your Wires from Wang's Wire Warehouse (If its not Wangs, it's not for your Mangs!)
>You decide, fuck it, you're going to trigger them manually!
>You reach into your bag and pull out that discount Heavy Roman Candle you bought from Jim
>You had added weights to the balls to make them arc and hit the ground
>If anything, you made an impromptu mortar
"Fire in the hole!"
>You shout out like some loony
>The burning spheres blow out of the tube with far more force, and just as predicted they don't just fly upward
>They fly a little up and over your cinderblock wall and land right in the middle of the fluffies
>As they waddle-run over the balls, burning their hoofs and catching fire, you hope that a chain reaction from the explosion and burning fluffies would be -just- enough to set off Sector 2
>You were right
>Within small patches inside the rampage of those vile little beasts, loud bangs and bright explosions launch several into the air
>Some with all limbs
>Some without
>Hell, you even spot a new type of Pillow-Pet flying right toward you
>You stand up straight, hold the empty roman candle, and bat the ugly fucker into the lake
>Home-Run mother fucker
Let me push this thead
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somebody should screenshot this for the booru
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Mills has quickly become my favorite fluffy.
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Two of these were posted last thread I know but does anyone have anymore of these if more exist?
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>There are roman candles set up outside your wall
>Small ones, that hold up to ten charges
>They were meant to be fired when the herd first broke the tree line, but you thought that wouldn't just scared them away
>But now that they were well within their line of fire, you didn't think it much mattered now
>One-hundred and twenty-five yards and the candles go off
>You had their fuses changed, to explode in mid-air above them
>Now besides having to the content with the ground above them bursting into fire and steel, they must now deal with threats from the air as the sky above them burst into life
>Brilliant alien spheres shot out in a staggered line, one after the other
>Fluffies on the fringes of the the herd but still within flaming distance of the charges, leap out of the stampede, their fluff aflame and burning them to the bone
>Most roll down the hill, onto a series of sharpened stakes you made for just such an occasion
>By the time this is over, you reckon, the whole edge of the lake will be drenched in Fluffy blood
>But your attention comes now as they reach the final line of defense you have
>One-hundred yards
>You take hold of the grip of your four turrets
>You have your finger steady on the button for the cannonades
>You have your foot on the pedal that will have that rocket launch into the air
>You can see them now, and hear them clearly too
>You almost feel pity for these poor creatures
>They didn't want to die
>They didn't want their children to die
>But you knew that if they lived, then this whole town would die
>You made a choice, and so did they
>You slip your finger into the trigger
>And at once, all four barrels open up with steel BBs into the faces of the stampede before you
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artist:mutagen - in the search box.
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i imagine this gif for this part, just with more fluffy pony death and screaming
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This is beautiful so far anon. Please continue to write so us lurkers can have our blood lust sated.
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>>713049030 OP from previous thread. Keep it up.
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>No Call of Duty game could ever recreate this moment
>This moment of shear exuberance as you mow down tens of hundreds of Fluffies a second
>Blood being flown across the gray Earth below
>The sound of explosions from your roman candles still going
>From the fury of the M80s at the last second going off one by one
>If time froze here, and if one could inspect everything
>The roman candles launching their charges
>The stakes taking in more burning and lame fluffies that fall and tumble down the hill
>The RC rover in the back running down fluffies as it shot into them
>And the look on your face, as you pour every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into every shot from your four muzzles
>They would swear to all mighty God
>That this might be the most brutal moment of Man vs. Fluffy
>And if it wasn't -the- most brutal, then by Canada's gay Prime-Minister's silly hair, it would be up there in the history books
>The time when a man said 'enough!'
>And poured everything he could to stop the menace that humanity had created
>To protect their traumatized Earth from any more mistakes
>They're within fifty yards, enough for the heavy shrapnel charges to finally detonate
>You stop firing and take cover
>These things have sharpened darts taped to them
>When they go off, they'll go through anything, even wood
>The cinderblocks are your only hope
>When they explode, you hear them whizz through the air
>Unstoppable pieces of carved and sharpened metal you spent ages making
>Spear heads flying out in all directions
>Impaling the fluffies
>Running through them
>And through the ones right behind
>All five charges explode at once to send their payload out
>And once you hear the last one go off you resume your mowing
>Twenty-five yards
>You stamp the pedal
>The rocket is lit
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It's like the battles in WWZ (the book) and how efficient and brutal they were
for a second i thought it said "Horse-Run" lmao
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Is this fluffy enough?
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>You keep the megaphone blaring
>It's time to see if the rocket full of a whinning, crying, dying foals will actually lift off
>Congratulations Anon Anonderson
>You're going to be the first person to launch a dumbass into space
>The ones that were still alive in that cramped cylinder of meat, fluff, feces and urine feel the tube shake
>That's just you, being a dumbass and shaking the tube for dramatic effect
>All rockets are a go
>Arranged in a circular formation and mounted behind you, the fluffies have had no choice BUT to come to you
>They have too
>To save their babies
>The ones that haven't been blown to bits, ripped apart, killed with flechette or runned down by the RC rover watch now as the rockets suddenly blast to life
>Streams of fire sear the ground behind you, and even burn your back and legs from the radiant heat
>The rocket begins to shake on it's own...
>It's not moving...
>It's... Not... Moving.
>Aw shit
>If that thing can't move, it'll explode and take you with it
>You could take on fluffies by yourself, but if you're harmed by burning plastic? Disabled, maimed? No, no it'll be too much for you to bear, and you'll be left at the whim of those beasts
>You let go of the trigger and the remote control
>You run past your laptop, careful not to knock it down
>You kick down the supports, realizing that they were the only things keeping the rocket to this Earth
>And at first
>It looks like you just made the biggest mistake of your life
>It begins to dip, almost touching the wall
>Everything freezes
>The people on the ridge are shocked
>Cover their mouths, their ears, their eyes
>The herd stops, staring in abject horror at the noise and sound
>The foals inside cry and whine even louder, their faces now petrified in that look forever
>It's all over, it's all over now.

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This. I'll keep the thread bumped. I'm also filling a req.
Thread posts: 92
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