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Most intense sexual experience you have had.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Most intense sexual experience you have had.
sucking my girlfriend's feminine penis
Sucking myself
>I came
you first
mdma by far
Had a 3-way with 2 of my exes when I was 20.
Shit was wild.
>be me at 13
>have younger cousin about 11 at the time
>my parents are out of town
>get sent to aunts house for the weekend
>older cousins go out to movie
>Aunt falls asleep
>just me and younger girl cousin
> start paling house with her doll house
> she decides im going to be the husband
>fucking this slut
>bitch had tiny pussy
>dick wouldn't fit
>"it's to big"
>felt like a god
I'm sure you made her feel like a woman again
Making my girlfriend squirt for the first time, I got so horny I made her masturbate me and came like never before.
Uh, having my dick sucked by my cousin when I was 8~?

Thats about it.q
>be me
>edgy 14 year old
>at my friends birthday party
>my crush is there
>we lay down on the couch
>she puts her legs on me for 10 seconds

I'm 20 years old and still a virgin help
> im plying with ken doll to represent
> she says shes tired of playing house
> i say ok
> she says lets watch tv
> i say ok
> they have direct tv in early 2000's
> turns to channel 595
>= play boy channel
> im like wtf is this
> she starts trying to emulate whats on tv by grinding on her stuffed animal
> idk wtf is happening
> she turns to me and asks if i want to try
> i think she means on the stuffed animal but then she gets on top of me
> she starts grinding on me
>about ten seconds more and i bust for first time
>she takes off her pants and asks if i will put my mouth on her
> i say no cuz freaked out
> still weird when i see her to this day
> never said a word about it to anyone
It hurts because this happened to me too
I will fuck you
>implying anyone on /b/ has had a sexual experience
lol logic is strong with this one
Either when my wife myself and two friends had a foursome or back in high school when during truth or dare I got to see my sister's tits and her friend jerked me off while my sister watched.
>believing anything on /b/

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Masturbating after 3 days.
Tell us more about the four way
More! Did she look you in the eyes? Do you talk about it today?
my girlfriend pulling me into a conference/study room in the university library pulling down my pants, pushing me on to the table and riding me until i came buckets
a foursome after 2 hits of E. Having my balls sucked while I fucked.
I was out clubbing in Newcastle on ecstasy and picked up this 6/10 and she took me back to her hotel room. She gave me head for a bit and I went down on her, munching her pussy like I just crawled out of the desert and found a river. Had two fingers in her pussy one in her asshole and sucking her clit she spasmed like an epileptic and squirted in my face. It was super hot. I then went and had a shower and as I walked out she walked into the shower, as she walk past she said I'm so glad I met you. I waited until she closed the door, took $120 out of her wallet and went back to the club just before lock out. True story

ya blew it. no pun intended, just a tim and eric reference without the gif
I used to be with an 19yo redhead, hot slim, amazing figure. I told her everything I was into and she loved it, consequently she ended up getting fucked by a dog while I watched
Is that stolen from like a porno because that sounds too fake to be true
a girl kissed me on the lips back in high school.
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Doing cocaine off a short sword before having a 4some with three other beautiful people
Redheads are genetically huge sluts. Science has proved it
>vacationing with a female friend
>we've fucked before
>she puts a finger on/in my butthole sometimes
>staying at an airbnb
>before bed, take a shower
>there's 2 bedrooms, but she offers to share a bed
>before long she's playing with my dick, then sucking it
>licking my balls
>licking my taint while jacking me off
>holy shit this feels great
>she moves lower
>oh my god is she gonna?
>moves lower, gives my butthole a lick
>I'm shaking now
>she gives it a few more licks
>I flip over, ass in the air, and she goes to town it, still jacking my dick underneath
>best feeling ever
4some with a milf two years ago. We all had sex for 2 hours straight taking turns fucking her. All of us having more orgasms than we ever had in our life. When we were too tired to continue and all out of cum, she still was wanting more.
I still have sex with her to this day. She's fucking great. Best girl I've ever had sex with and she's 13 years old than me.
woke up from a dream where i fucked a girl with extreme self loathing, then went to school ...
I cant deny that, and neither can she. Shit was awesome anyway.
>i go to the fbi tell them my son is terrorist
>they say he is not terrorist
>i say okay
>now they say he is terrorist
>i say okay
We have exactly the same penis. My nigga
It was after my son's birthday party. Another couple that came to his party stayed the night. After we got the kids to sleep, us adults got to drinking. My wife and our friend female type are very close and flirty. Drunker we got the more the girls kissed touched and played with each other. Clothes started coming off everybody was touching everybody. We all had sex and a lot of fun.
Nah it happened. We were whiserping to each other and everyone kept poking fun at me and her. She whispered to me "should I put my legs on you". Yeah obviously that's an odd question, but I said back to her "if you want to" then she did, and then she stopped after 10 seconds from embarassment. No sex. Just that and a hug when she had to leave
When I was 16 I took the v of my sister's 11yo best friend
I was invited by a professor to give a guest lecture at his university. I fucked his wife four times. Twice before the lecture, once at night while he was sleeping, and the next morning after he went to teach. The time at night was the best sex I ever had.
I will forver be envious
stop doing this shit
the sex its self wasn't that great but the whole experience was still awesome
Its that dominance of sexual inexperience thats attractive beyond words
3 way with two women
Finished in both of them
>came, pulled out, put in the other, came
Fell back and both of them hoped up and started licking my dick like a goddamn ice cream cone

Best nut I've had in my entire life.
I was 14 my sister and her friend were 13. Truth or dare started out tame but got more daring as we continued. We all ended up without shirts on or pants, just underwear. None of us wanted to chicken out and lose. It was my sister's turn and she figured she would win because she thought the other girl wouldn't do it. She dared her to jack me off. I was hard as a rock anyway, this was my first time seeing tits in the flesh. Well Amanda pulled open the hole in my boxers and started jerking me. My sister blurted out: "Right here, in front of me?" Amanda just giggled and kept going till I came. My sister watched the whole thing and said wow when I came.

We talked a couple times about but not in probably 15 years now.
When I was 20, my wife was 18, and we briefly lived with her aunts (my wife and her aunts are Hispanic, and her aunts are easily 8-10/10, and my wife is a 9/10. COMPLETELY out of my league), but we were in the driveway, mid-day, in pur car, and one of her aunts was outside with her 6 year old son, and her boyfriend. As a joke, I asked my wife to give me head, and she did it.

Also, we never spoke about it, but Im pretty sure her aunt caught me fucking my wife, doggystyle, and like 3 in the morning. We were sleeping in the living room, because we just moved there from out of state, and I bent my wife over the couch and just started ramming her, and her aunt came out of her room, and we like panicked and put a cover over us, and acted like we were just sitting, and her aunt paused and went ".........ok.........." and went to the bathroom.
probably, plus it was my sister's best friend
I found a super, super drunk girl at the bar. Got her to get in a cab to her house.
I then helped her strip and get into bed.
I helped myself into her bed too.
No making out cause she was mostly passed out and I had to go get a pan from her kitchen so she could puke in it.
Of course I'm still going to fuck her.
Played with her, and fucked her for a long time since she was out most of the time.
She would come to sometimes and puke, dry heave.. shit was awesome cause her pussy would tighten so much.
At the end, she was face down and i was sitting on her and doing my pussy fucking. Looking at her asshole....
It looked nice and tight.
So while fucking her pussy, i started lubing her ass with spit and got it real nice and wet.
When i was close to blowing my load, I pulled out of her puss and shoved it in her ass. There was a lot of resistance, but i got in and was working toward full balls deep strokes plus about to blow when she came too again.
She was not happy my dick was balls deep in her tight asshole and started to try and stop me.
She was way too drunk plus i had the advantage of position. Her resistance made my dick even hard and stretched her ass even more.
A few strokes later, i came deep in her ass while she was yelling and trying to get up.
Best orgasm ever. Ever.
She didn't remember the next day, but I'm sure her ass was so sore.
You had me at 11
that's what she said
Who did you fuck?
Kek you shoukd try and fuck her again. You tried it when it was veal now go back for the jerky
Fucked my aunt for about 7 years, beat that. BTW she was hot for most of those years.
You misspelled ass
Was driving home from a party once at around midnight. My girl was really drunk and out of nowhere puts my hand on her titty and then starts sucking me off.
>animal waste product was so currency
she is married now. I fucked her quite a few times when she was 12-13, last time i fucked her was when she was 19, was good but still disappointing compared to when she was younger
Both girls. Nutted in my wife while making out with the other chick as she was being fucked by her husband

I had a gf for a few years in college and when I moved off campus I had this huge queen size bed with black sheets and a giant dark red comforter and pillows. I remember when I bought the shit and my mo saw it she commented on how it looked like a bed from a porn video lol. Anyways, she went to a different college a couple hours away so she would come visit every other weekend or so. And those weekends we would just throw giant parties and both get trashed and sneak away from the party and fuck like savage animals in that gigantic pornstar looking bed for hours (drunk dick life). It was so intense I would be physically exhausted afterwards like I had ran several miles. And I loved this girl, like a lot so the passion/chemistry only added to the intensity.

Also another good one was I had a random drunk hookup with my friend's ex girlfriend. Nothing crazy as far as sex stuff but god damn, the combination of her being the hottest girl I've ever been with and the fact that it was so wrong bc she was my friend's ex made it so incredibly hot, however typical the sex may have been.
i convinced an ex gf to finger her younger sister, rubbed the best one out to that
Did ya stick it in her slime pipe?
bump , how did u do that
i fucked a walnut before
> 2012
> My gf, her friend, and I are all drunk and high as shit on spice
> They start making out
> Next thing I know they're naked
> Gf getting munched on
> I enjoy the show for a few mins
> Lay down and gf climbs on my dick
> Her friend climbs on my face
> Didn't last more than 5 mins like that
> Busted deep in my girl
> Her friend ate it out of her

Fucking amazing.
That's just impressive
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Definitely when I tried E for the first time. I fucked my fwb for three hours, only stopping when my dick couldn't stay hard any longer. Woke up with a bruise on my dick.

Thing is, she went crazy on E. After fucking her in the ass and cumming down her throat a few times I left her naked in the tub and peed on her before I left.

Shit was cash, she ended up on 2E the next day. Mental breakdown apparently.
Dick in pocket pussy and mouth toy on my balls. Sensation on both areas and a cock ring attached to my anus while edging for 2 hours. I had one of those orgasms where you can't help but grunt and I shook a bit. I doubt a woman could ever replicate that feeling
my ex was madly in love with me, shed do anything for me. it helped that when i opened up to her and told her about my fetishes that she had always been attracted to her dad and had had some fantasies about getting eaten out by her younger sister too, so it wasnt too much of a stretch
Not on that particular occasion. I have on several others though. But that was the most intense orgasm of my life.
When my younger brother made me blow him and then fucked my ass in front of his friend... I have aspergers, first and only sexual experience.
long ass story short:
>meet this girl off OKC
>she is kinda chubby
>mcfukken HATES herself
>is an arrogant hipster so she won't admit it, but it's obvious
>she knows I'm bisexual from my profile
>says that turns her on
>tells me I'm hot, but says it with a reckless abandon I've never experienced before
>begin to realize she thinks I'm better than her, she is fetishising her own self-loathing..
>she gets off on making me feel like a god because she wishes she could feel like a god
>one night she says to me "I know what you need..."
>fondles my balls until I'm hard, then blows me
>half way through she gently eases a finger into my ass
>my hands are on her head, buried in her long silky hair
>she is whimpering so softly I almost don't hear it, it's not something she can only stifle... she can't fully control it
>tell her I'm going to cum, she just murmurs "Mmm-hmm" and pumps her finger a little faster
>I cum, she doesn't move her head an inch
>stays there for a solid minute, then moves her head off, sits up on the bed and swallows
>tell her that was amazing, kiss her (zero fucks given about semen)
>she has the most conflicted facial expression I've ever seen in my life
>tells me to go to sleep, then turns away from me on the bed and ignores me
>we never spoke of that night again and broke up shortly afterwards

That girl was THE most broken person I have ever met...
I will say this: she succeeded in making me feel like a god.
Fuckin channel 595
*it's something she can only stifle
fucking extra "don't"
damn my autism
one time i took meth with my gf and she said my dick literally tasted like candy and blew me for 6 hours. she could hardly sit up straight the next day because she was bent over for so long
Honestly it was last Friday
>My college has this barn where people in bands can practice and perform
>At show last Friday, some local bands
>Had just gotten job offer to do audio work for activity council
>Girl who offered job's friend shows up
>Pretty qt upperclassman who is in another club with me
>Ask if she wants to go back to my place after show
>We watch Kung Fury and then start getting into it
>While we're fucking, I make her cum
>She was LOUD, and I'm pretty sure some people on my floor could here but I didn't care, i was getting pussy
>She asks to take a break and suck me off
>I tell her I hadn't cum in about 3 weeks
>She swallows all of it anyway

Honestly it was the greatest nut I've ever had
You're a piece of shit. Not cool.
Shit, I'm tired. I said honestly twice
I was about to say, sounds a bit rapey
>on carnival cruise
>13 years old
>arcade area
>drunk woman (30ish?) asks if I want a blowjob
>"uh... sounds like a great idea!"
>end up spending a lot of time in her room
>no condoms
>never saw her again the rest of the trip

still kinda worries me
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Pics please baby
File: randyy.png (73KB, 232x211px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fucking someone's wife at her house...even taking a shower...goddamn that was so risky...I was a virgin thats why I didnt care at the time
No kidding. I mean it's sad that anon can only get unconscious pussy but still
>I doubt a woman could ever replicate that feeling

don't give up
Fucking this married Peruvian chick I met at work. Her husband is a cop. I'd go to her house late at night when he was gone and fuck her on the couch in her basement. Shit was super risky cuz he was cheating on her, and thus was super paranoid about her cheating all the time. She was worried he had cameras hidden in the house so it made me super on edge. Shit was hot though, she had big tits and that sexy South American accent.
Samefag: also fucked my fuckbuddy in a truck at a dealership last week. Place was closed and we found one of the trucks open.

Before that we fucked in a dressing room at Kohl's with ladies walking around outside of it shopping. Big fantasy of her's.
>defense contractor in kyrgyzstan
>120k a year, local women make like $1200 a year
>bitches everywhere, go to club, bring 3 home
> lay on bed, i say whoever does best bj gets a $100
>1 meh
>2 licks my asshole with my cock down her throat
>3 swallows
>give all 3 a $100, marry #2

Damn, Jon, is that you? lol

Buddy of mine married a chick from Kyrgyzstan......
That is a massive cock

Fucking during an acid comedown
>im seventeen at the time and have a gf thats a freshman i think she was 15
>ask her to come over one night
> we start making out
>we stop and just chill for a bit
> mom comes in says its getting late
> i pretend to taker her home but we just got to get pot
>she sneaks in and we start making out again
> i check to make sure parents are passed out
> coast is clear
> go back to room and she has top off
> start making out more and felling her up
> she takes my pants off
> starts sucking my dick
>i cum quickly (virgin at the time )
> but i warn her so she lets me cum on her chest
>she wants to fuk
> start to put it in her pussy
> shes like no .. i want it in the ass
> im like fuk yeah
> soo tight when i put it in i almost cum but way too high to at this point
> she tells me its ok to bust in her ass
> cum buckets
> been together for a year
> still have not fucked her pussy :((
Does 'she' have a pussy?
Pretty much every contractor that went to Kyrgyzstan ended up marrying a local.
>be me, 19
>night time
>parked in front of gf's house
>fucking her in the front seat
>super hot sex
>cum buckets so hard I felt dizzy for a few seconds

god damn, those were the good old days.
yes :( and now she wont put out at all fml
posted on cl offering a massage. chick emails me back, go to her place. 2 minutes in, my tongue is down her throat. 10 minutes in, her tongue is my butthole. fuck all night, literally until the sun comes up, in every room of her apartment.

sorta date/fuck for a while after, fizzles out, i bail

that first night though
im pretty sure u fucked a dude
>Be new frat president
>Party night
>Balls deep in chick from party
>Knock on door, won't go away
>"Anon, we have a situation downstairs"
>Go downstairs, some fuck is making a scene looking for his gf
>"IDK who the fuck you're talking about. STFU and get out of here."
>'Escort' him to front porch 'gently'
>Go back upstairs, girl says that's her very new ex
>MFW I just told this dude I didn't know where his gf was when I could still taste her pussy on my breath and my cock was still semi hard and coated in her cum
>Threw her back onto the bed and we both came super quick
>Railed the fuck out of that dumb slut for weeks
Bro you're so badass bro
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Not most intense but pretty intense

>be photographer
>occasionally shoot house parties
>think project x
>after party around 4 am
>house owner/friend asks me to stay
>she's 5'3, busty and fat ass
>decline b/c picking up booty call at 5am from airport
>says she wants to "lay down" with me
>phone starts ringing at 4:14
>tell her gtg
>she gets on top of me topless
>"how about now?"

I had an orgasm once.
i did that at 16
>talked to S first, loved her for years (still do)
>cheated on first ex, L, with A
>cheated on second ex, A, with S
>L and A hate each other
>all of my friends hate S
>L and A find common ground and blame it all on S, hate S intensely
>S breaks up with me temporarily over bs reasons
>haven't fucked S yet
>i fuck L and A TOGETHER drunk at an afterparty for a junior prom i didn't go to because of S
>S finds out
>masterfully lie to her, hand of god reached down kind of shit
>everything works out, fuck the girl of my dreams (S) and take her v card

Who the fuck are you replying to, you dumb fuck?
I was chilling with this girl I used to date she stayed the night took a shower and stayed naked afterwards laid in my bed and started talking shit about some guy shes staying with I cut her off and we fucked
I fucked my ex on LSD. We were fighting as to whether or not our friend was going to come up to a festival with us or not. We each ate a hit of some "white on white fluff". In the midst of our fighting, I rubbed her feet then her pussy. I ended up fucking her ass as I saw us as two interdimensional octopus like beings enveloped in each other. Between her wetness and me fucking her, I for a moment found enlightenment. I still crave that experience and wish it could happen again.
I guess there's two, kind of different ends of the spectrum

girl 1:
>invites me over when parents are out.
>answers door wearing just a towel
>takes me to her room, lights candles
>we fuck by candle light and it was pretty awesome in that romantic sort of way

girl 2:
>this one lived with me so sex was kind of regular
>at one point anal became a normal thing after she got used to it
>both drunk on absinthe
>go in for anal. no resistance (like less than normal)
>goes right in her ass like it was a soaked pussy
>going at it when she says "fuck me harder"
>literally first time I've heard her say anything during sex that wasn't just moans
>take her to pound town and she loves it

the fact she said it during anal made it over the top
Forty-one year old mother of two called me in the middle of the night to tell me how bad she wanted me, and proceeded to masturbate to the sound of my voice while whispering my name. She was on the couch in her living room with the washer and dryer running, while her husband and daughter slept upstairs. She came, snapped me a picture of her fingers, then crawled back into bed beside him.

Obviously most of the physical sex I've had has been shit, since my most intense experience was phone sex, but theres a lot of shit like that between me and her, so I guess its what makes it better.
Gf sucked me off through her nylon ankle sock after a playful foot massage.
Sex on LSA
File: 1470201580867.jpg (113KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>weekend after courses at my CSU
>decide to pass the time by smoking
>sitting on edge of my couch
(crucial as how this came to be)
>half an hour passes by
>stoned off my ass
>get up to see what I have to eat
>something feels weird.gif
>dick feels numb
(imagine the feeling you have when your foot, leg,or hand falls asleep, except it's your entire dick)
>highdea enlightens me
>decide to jerk off instead
>find some old porn video that makes me diamonds each and every thing
>start jerking
>feels absolutely amazing
>have no idea how much time has passed now (way too into it)
>get close to finishing
>slouch down some to cum into extra napkins from a meal earlier
(just does it for me)
>too high to notice I'm about to cum
>too high and into it to realize I don't have anything to cum into or on
>try holding back as much as I can
>euphoric feeling of cumming is like water spewing from a broken hydrant
>cum is actually just spewing from my dick in a continuous stream like water from a running hose
>I say fuck it and just succumb to cumming as long as I can
>orgasm was strong enough to make my entire body feel this amazing shit for a good 20 seconds straight.
>keep cumming ropes
>look up and see where it all landed
>living room table is now a new breed of wooden zebra
>sweats have heavy soaked spots
>clean everything up
>knockout almost immediately after sitting back down
>mfw I'll never be able to cum like that again

Looking into it, sitting on the edge of the couch or any hard surface caused me to numb my prostate and in turn, lost some feeling in my dick. Being high exponentially lessened what feeling I did have. I was able to while high and with my prostate without having anything up my ass to stimulate and I'm still angry to this day that I'll never be able to cum like that again
*cum while high
The drunk hookups are fun but I don't really remember most of them.

Oddly the hottest sex I've ever had was with a girl I barely knew at work and we just fucked like animals in the bathroom. Then we pretended it never happened
>Clubbing in Newcastle
>Took $120

Sounds legit
might be an indicator for sexual abuse
>be me, this past weekend
>co-worker I fuck regularly wants me to go over to house
>her family is there, fml
>end up cuddling in bed instead since sister shares same room
>sister is 8/10, chubby but not fat, proportioned with thick thighs and a fat ass
>coworker and I watch Netflix while sister is on her phone in her bed.
>mom walks in
>talks to coworker for a while
>as the mom leaves, she looks at me and makes the hand gesture to slap her daughter's ass basically
>I figured she did it for shits n giggles but for some reason I slap her daughter's ass
>mom gestures again for another
>slap my co-worker's ass again
>"lol wtf I totally can't believe I'm getting away with this"
>mom coworker and I all laugh and mom leaves room
>mom offers me to spend the night if I'd like to since it's late anyway
>"hnnnngggg muh cock"
>I say yes
>eventually it's lights out
>get naked with coworker under covers
>fuck silently since co-worker doesn't want sister to hear us
>spring mattress so can't stealthfuck
>totally horny since sister is right across from coworkers bed
>I assume sister is sleeping but I hear sister toss and turn
>"I lowkey want to intentionally fuck my co-worker harder and faster so sister can hear"
>proceed to fuck co-worker harder and faster so sister can hear
>I can't help but feel sister is faking it when she's tossing & turning
>I can't help but feel sister is perhaps trying to hint at me that she is indeed awake, watching me fuck her sister
>only assume this so I can get dick diamonds
>room is dark but moonlight enters thru cracks in curtains
>floor is rug so I convince co-worker to fuck doggy on floor for more stealthfuck
>purposely stealthfuck under moonlight exposure
>spread coworkers ass, pounding harder and faster
>sister tosses in bed, now facing moonlight
>hoping she's awake so she can witness me fucking her sister, possibly even getting turned on
>while fucking coworker doggy I look at sister and signal her to come over with index
Continue this epic work of fiction
>don't know whether she was awake or not, did it for measure
>pound harder since my spidey senses are tingling
>cum inside coworker's pussy
>go back to bed and sleep

I hope the sister saw. If the mom is freaky enough to gesture to me to slap my coworkers ass AND sleep over, if my coworker is that much of whore to fuck in the same room as her sister, then I can only hope the sister is also down to fuck.
fucking all night
fucking all night on drugs
ego death while fucking
fucking 9 times in a day
fucking a hooker in the ass while breaking house arrest
hookers in general, at first. especially street hookers
fucking virgins
fucking girls with double Es
sex in the morning light is always memorable, for some reason
File: dspgasm.png (328KB, 794x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
328KB, 794x498px
>doing improvised sensory deprivation at home
>was horny all day, didn't fap
>mind filled with sex instead of being blank for normal meditation
>cock gets harder than diamond and stays that way
>feel like I'm on the verge of orgasm for about 45 minutes
>almost came from just thinking about it, no physical stimulation whatsoever
>managed to fetishize sensory deprivation
>/d/eviant level: infinity
You really think I'd waste my time, to make up a detailed story, to entertain you betas? C'mon anon. Stop being a faggot.
I held hands with a girl once.
I was fucking this one girl, and she started crying because she missed her husband that was currently deployed, so I had her get on top and ride me while she cried... came diamonds.
Fucking her asshole and fisting the pussy at the same time
Was she your wifes son?
File: 1341791516548.jpg (441KB, 1680x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
441KB, 1680x1050px
I took some LSD and fucked my woman. Her body was changing with every thrust, she went from being a woman to a man to a woman. Her face and body and hair length and color would change with each thrust. All these body shapes and forms kept changing underneath me. I realized I was having sex on a spiritual level. I proceeded to focus on only my own orgasm and my own inner thoughts, no more looking at the person allowing me to fuck them underneath me. I then came harder than I ever had in my life. Being on LSD made it come in waves where I felt it off the bat but then it would ebb and flow every few seconds which became minutes. It was the most intense sexual experience I have ever had. I do not recommend it with like a one night stand or a fuck buddy. You have to deeply trust and care about that person to achieve an orgasm. if not you leave the situation over analyzing your performance.
There's a Newcastle in Australia too you know.
Living in Japan.
Fuck buddy from Korea comes to visit, but I've got another fuck friend staying over. It's cool.
We go for drinks together and everyone has a nice time. Fuck buddy from Korea passes out and I fuck Japanese hottie who's afraid of waking Korean girl passed out next to us. Fucked the Japanese girl gently, with almost no sound. Japanese girl passes out. Turn around and fuck the Korean girl while Japanese girl sleeps. Then I made some instant ramen and watched both girls sleeping naked in the pale moon light.
Apologies anon
Went on a camping trip with some friends. One of my friend brought his cousin along. Everyone ended up gangbanging her including him. The look on his face in the morning when he realized he fucked his cousin Lol.
i know you lol
Masturabting for first time. Masturbation is my only sexual experience.
Fucking Op's mum.
She sucked me dry

I'm at work now but i have a greentext story of one of the most intense sexual experiences and it involved MDMA and my ex's best friend. Here is the gist of it.

>go to party
>ex is there with new bff from uni
>have some grade A mandy
>new girl hasnt tried it before
>give her some and 'babysit' her
>start making out with ex and new girl
>take dabs of mandy of her nipples and shit
>fuck new girl with ex encouraging it and topping us up with drugs

i have a huge greentext with a lot of detail because she was fucking 9/10 at least, i get a semi just thinking about that night, everytime.
>be 19 M San Diego fag
>living close to the USA/Mexico border
>dad allows mexican migrants to use our garage as a safe house a few times a month
>$100 per person which includes one meal and a shower
>dad comes home late one nite with a van full of them
>at least a dozen
>most are working age men, a mother and son and 3 teenage chicas
>2 of the 3 were pig face
>the 3rd was a solid 7 in the face with a great tight body
>they all camped in the garage that nite
>around 1am I woke up to go pee and i bumped into Laura who had just showered
>we talked a bit in the hall in whispers since everyone was asleep
>she spoke a little english
>i invited her to eat cereal with me in my room and to watch some tv
>we watched comedy central and ate apple jacks
>around 3pm is when she we began to flirt
>she told me she had a bf in LA and that she was going to live with him
>she began to stroke my ego and told me that he was not as well off as me and that i had nicer things, etc...
>i knew she was trying to manipulate me but for some reason this began to make me horny
>it made me feel as if she was an object for my amusement
>visions of me raping and strangling her passed through my mind
>they disgusted me, scared me but made me feel so alive...
>i offered to take our empty cereal bowls to the kitchen
>when i stood up i had an obvious erection showing through my basketball shorts but i didnt care
>i knew she seen it
>when i came back to my room we continued talking and flirting
>our talking turned to whispers
>she was wearing tight dark denim jeans and a heavy sweater that smelt like sweat and cigarettes from her long journey across the border
>she had thick thighs and a nice round ass...i saw no curves in her sweater so I knew she had small breasts
>a nice tight package
>we laid on the carpet facing each other
>she looked so delicious
>the urge to hurt her was so strong but i controlled myself
>she inched herself close to me and began to whisper softly
>i felt her warm body press up against mine
>she placed her hands on my hips and pulled my crotch closer to her
>i began to grind my already hard dick against her stomache
>she matched the rythm of my movements
>i felt the urge to squeeze the life out of her
>i closed my eyes while we grinded and i could see myself chocking her and biting her face
>i grabbed for her thigh and squeezed her ass cheek firmly
>she moaned sweetly and i buried my head in her neck and smelly sweater
>she ran her hands down my chest and began to trace the head of my dick with her fingers
>she squeezed my dick really hard and bit my neck
>i could feel the precum already
>i fumbled to undor her jean button and zipper...it agitated me and made me want to hurt her even more
>as i began to slowly inch her tight jeans down her thick thighs she playfully resisted
>we wrestled a bit on the carpet but i was finally able to pin her on her stomach
>after some negotiating she let me slide her jeans off her round ass exposing a pair of red bikini underwear
>i crawled on top of her and began to grind against her red bikini..she moaned and called me "papi"
>that name disgusted me...i was better than her and her trashy language...
>in disgust I pulled her hair back and told her to shut her whore mouth...
>she laughed and arched her back into me....
Had sex on Molly with the hottest cheerleader of my college four months ago. We fucked like pigs or night, "all holes, any roles" kinda stuff. Seriously, my life is complete. Best day of my pathetic life.
>I felt the strongest yearning to bash her head in while fucking her asshole
>i whipped out my dick and hotdogged it between her ass cheeks
>she jumped a bit when she felt my warmth aganist her ass crack but I had her firmly in place
>with one hand on her hip and the other on the back of her neck I began to slide up and down her ass crack
>i quickly began to drip precum
>she tried to buck me off but i was persistant
>i felt a hate for her that i never felt towards and other person
>she began to cry in fear when i began grunting and growling with ever precum covered thrust i made up her ass crack
>her crying and begging excited me
>while slapping against her ass i knelt down and bit her hard againt her neck
>she screamed loudly in pain but she covered her own mouth...out of fear of being deported
>i felt cum began to build up so i pressed tighter against her
>she was sobbing at this point with her jeans down past her thighs, rug burns on her knees and bruises all over her pack
>knowing that she was never report me i took both my hands and chocked her from behind as my load flew all over her ass and lower back
>i felt her fingers prying on my knuckles as my body released from orgasm
>I was the most intense, mind blowing orgasm I ever felt
>i was shocked at what i did though..i am not a violent person but I was so close to killing her if I gave in to my perversions
>she was gasping and crying for a few minutes before i offered her my bed....
>i could tell she was terrified
>she cleaned up in the hall bathroom and then left to the garage
>i could hear her talking about me to her friends in the middle of the night
>i was scared that i was going to get reported...but in the early morning their ride came to pick them up to Los Angeles
>That was over 11 years ago and I have never heard from her again
>be me
>going to new years party 2005
>gfs brother bothering to get high and drunk with him
>gf not approved
>idgaf because the guy in the relationship
>get high as fuk with some medical marijuana
>Havent used in years special some medical shit
>gf mad and starts drinking
>I'm designated driver so cant drink
>gfs brother starts fighting with his uncle because mexicans
>time to drive gf brother home because hot head
>high as fuk but ez drive
>drop gf brother at his house
>start to drive home
>gf unzip my pants and bj
>never had road head or road head while hi
>gf always frisky while drunk
>my whole body is tingling
>the feel is amazing
>park and rush into house
>gf pushs me on bed and proceed with more head
>her skirt made it easy access for 69
>so wet and the feels bruh
>the next 3 hours of fucking was the best I've ever had

I believe it was because i was able to feel and control the inner nerves and pleasure sensors. The best way i can describe it is the feeling you get right after your arm or leg falls asleep all tingly and shit but of pure pleasure and special right on my dick.

Next step is sex while tripping on xtc
> Be me 20
> With qt3.14 kinda chubby fat assed GF
> Begin with a nice date on the town
> Typical romance bullshit
> FINALLY get home
> Get the sexy business shes blowin me a lil
> Get round to putting on a condom and fucking
> I have to piss mid bone
> Go back to get another condom whiles shes clearly horn af
> My room, dark as a nigger
> Rooting around my drawer for a condom
> "shit I cant find a condom"
> GF whispers something faint ends with the word ass
> wat.PNG
> GF "Just put it in my ass"
> "Ive never done that before I heard it feels good too"
> Me "oh-ok"
> She lies flat on her belly with her legs out straight my (my fave position for anal cause the butt cheeks smash your dick too)
> Try to put it in like a noob
> GF "ah thats too dry come here"
> Fucking slobs my knob till its goopy as some carbonara
> Go back to mount her hind end
> Slips in, she moans out of pain
> GF "ah fuck that hurts a little"
> Nothing is registering with me cause that shit feels so good it makes my whole entire body break out into a cold heat
> She says its ok to continue after a bit
> Start pumping slowly
> It is the TIGHTEST, MOST SLIPPERY orifice I have EVER put my penis in
> Keep pumping and after a couple minutes I'm about to blow my fucking lid off and drain my soul into this chicks butthole
> I say "Babe I'm gonna fucking cum"
> I pull out
> She says "NO, Put it back in me and cum in my asshole"
> I happily oblige and bust my load in her butt
> I rolled over and passed the fuck out sweating my balls off over 6 minutes of sex...
lucky fuck. weed only ever makes it impossible for me to get hard now
My first and only anal orgasm i passed out after spasming for 2 minutes straight. Feltgoodman
I cri everytime
>be me 14
>girlfriend calls wants me over
>edgy skater fag
>makes it to her house smelly sweaty dick
>make out rubbing on my dick, I play with tits
>parents gone to their farm to feed horses
>says her parents will be a while
>she comes up with idea to go in the shower

>>>continue if you guys are interested
a 45 minute handjob from a dom
Why is that, I have never experienced this... Not the same anon, but had to comment.
you probably think that's the best sex you've ever had because you've never fucked pussy raw before, it's way better texture than anal, by a long shot. unless the girl had a loose vag then GG up the pooper
I wish i knew which it was. Because i know some have higher thc level and than others and some are meant for different uses.

Bruh, it's a trial and error type deal but once you find it...another level sex magic.
not even remotely interested please hang yourself
Giving rough anal to a girlfriend in her childhood bedroom.
I think it's the same concept with having a bad high.
Current gf is on BC, I feel like im living in japan because of the amount of raw pussy i get.

butthole is just mega mega mega tight
>be 14
>fucking a girl in middle of back yard
>super slow grind fuck
>absolutely loving it
>start to get close to jizz time
>starting wondering where i should cum
>still super slow fucking
>look at her face
>her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations
>thinking "i doubt she'd swallow it..."
>still super slow fucking
>thinking "i guess i can splatter her tits..."
>look down at her chest
>"nah, i have nothing clean up with..."
>regret not having paper towels or a towel or something
>still super slow fucking
>think "i guess i have to pull out and cum in the gras--"
>she reaches her arms up to pull me in and kiss me
>still super slow fucking
>suddenly jizz time
>feeling it in the urethra
>stop fucking
>pull to pull back but her arms still around me
>orgasm starts
>stop breathing, holding absolutely still
>dick feels like it's so full of blood that it's literally painful
>feel jizz creeping out the tip of my dick
>that sensation immediately starts a second orgasm before the first one's finished
>buckets of cum inside her
>collapse on top of her, gasping for breath
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