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Today is just a shit day, anyone down for a feels thread?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Today is just a shit day, anyone down for a feels thread?
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I like this one anon.
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Thank you
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CUCKS: The Thread
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The 27th it ends the 27th september
The anomaly grows, it all ends
Im sorry /b/, nothing lasts forever
Overuse of the word cuck
Thats not what it means dipshit
Yall obsessing over some chick who's probably licking someone else's ass right now. Sounds a lot like cuck behavior to me.
Not a girl that has me down tonight, good guess though anon. :)
Tell us your story
Just a big fucked up life I lead. I'm not pining for girls, I want friends. Thank you for asking Anon.
I want friends, too. Maybe someone to cuddle with, it doesn't even have to be romantic.
Cuddle is always romantic tho.
Exactly! It'd just be nice to have someone there. That's why I said I liked this earlier.
What do you like about them?
>met the girl of my dreams
>everything is going swell, couldn't be happier
>tells me we need to talk
>turns out she was raped when she was 8
>been raped multiple times since
>one rapist gave her herpes
>my life is in shambles right now i dont know if i should stay or leave
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I dunno, never cuddled.
What the hell are you talking about?
My whole life I've always wanted to be in a relationship, I've always wanted someone to think of me as more than just a friend, but I've never found someone that I liked in that way, either. Luckily for me, nobody has ever been interested, either. But I recently fell in love for the first time in my life. All those songs and movies make sense now, and I understand what they all mean. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way about me. I want to go back to not feeling again.
It's really nice to have someone that close, for their arms to be wrapped around you.

You can come over :)
Shit anon, I know exactly what do you feel, 19 yo not a single relationship, stay strong my friend, things get better eventually, at least that's what they say...
What's wrong, OP?
I'd love to Anon, thank you! :)
My life is just going terribly. I'm lonely, I have a borderline emotionally abusive girlfriend who I love too much to leave, no friends, and thoughts of suicide every night.

Thank you for asking anon.
Today really was a shit day. Then again everyday is pretty much a shit day
Who wants good feels
I'm sorry anon. I'm here for you, what's wrong?
I'd love some anon!
I'm sad /b/ros
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That hits me right in the feels, anon.. Reminds me of a certain someone. God I miss her :/
OP, itll be ok. Last year i was the same, i attempted so many times, i should be dead rn. But you can get out of it i promise.
What's on your mind anon?
Where do you live?
Don't give up man. Life might have strong punches, but they aren't stronger than ours.
I promise it is much worse to have had something truly special and then lose it because you fucked it up.
Thank you for the kind words anon, but there's no future for me, even if i make it a couple more years.
Canada, 306. You anon?
I can confirm, that's my life right now.
Thank you anon, but you're right. People hurt the most.
I know this feel. God it sucks.
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Please go back to where you came from, cheers
Here's my faggy story
>9 years ago
>playing an obscure Korean mmo
>meet dude in it
>he's pretty cool
>we end up becoming friends, leveling up together, creating a guild, etc
>I'm 13/14 with summer to spare so this goes on all summer
>school gets closer, we exchange skypes and steam acounts, then part ways.
>we don't talk as often but keep in touch over the years.
Fast forward to now
>just got out of unhealthy relationship. Not abusive, just unhealthy
>decide to focus on friends
>get back in touch with old friend, we'll call him C
>it's the summer and I've had surgery recently, so I've neither got work nor school
>C and I chill like old times
>C introduced me to his online friends, I introduce him to mine
>C and I both vent and support each other about our past relationship issues
>C and I plan a meet up (we only live a few hours away from each other and have known each other 9 years after all)
>C starts flirting with me
>I'm not feeling it but I let him do it
>one night I get upset over something dumb. C comforts me
I don't know why but that night changed things. My feelings really became apparent to me. I liked him. A lot.

We're together now, meeting up next month. It's weird and I'm not sure what to say about it
Suicide, I think
651. It's a nice state
That's a happy story Anon! :) as long as you're happy. I'm glad that you've net someone and I wish you both many happy years to come.
Interesting. Right where she lives.. what a coincidence
Who is she?
Give yourself more time man (if you are really planning it). Time can be a pretty good medicine... But please elaborate.
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im serious man, everyone has a future! never give up on yourself. You control you man! fuck that bitch or that guy or whoever downed you. Make life your bitch, i believe in you
Unfortunately yes, but every wound can heal.
he is talking about the anomaly. we don't have much time left anon.
Borderline emotionally abusive gf.
May the dubs bless you.
I hope you'd girlfriend figures her shit out.
Dead and bloated
If only I could believe in myself.
I like this anon.
Thank you anon, but everything is my fault so she wants me to figure myself out. Heaven forbid it could be her.
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Fucking weak feels thread. I feel like awful right now and I just wanted to feel worse and this isn't doing anything for me
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Tell us what's on your mind anon. Please, let us help.
Nothing is on my mind i just want something to push me over the edge already I'm so tired of waking up feeling sad every day
I'm doing this right now. I haven't even met him and he's all I can think about
Want to wake up with me?
Anon, as much as I feel the same, please reconsider. You are loved. What is making you sad?
quads plz
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I feel you man today is shit, tomorrow is going to be shit also, and I decide to stay up late on b
Amen anon. Preaching to the choir.
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A chemical imbalance in my brain is what makes me sad. I have no reason to be sad but I sure as fuck can't be happy
I'm very sorry to hear that anon. I know that feeling. Some days you just feel good until depression hits you like a ton of bricks, right?
too many first world problems?
I shared this before, but whatever. Time to vent and die a little on the inside

>be me
>been dating literal 9/10 named Rachel since sophomore year of highschool
>she's perfect and I love her
>graduate high school
>I plan on asking her to marry me
>3 weeks after graduation, she breaks up with me
>she wont tell me why
>feel lost and heartbroken
>hound her for days on why
>she finally tells me
>apparently she found out that she was actually lesbian Junior year
>she started secretly dating a mutual friend of ours since senior year
>she didn't want to live a lie anymore or to lead me on
>I'm devastated
>2 years pass
>crippling depression and constant suicidal thoughts
>it seems like she ignored me for that duration
>try my best to stop loving her, but I can't

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>get a call from out of the blue
>it's her
>she's clearly upset
>she tells me that she is going to get married to her gf, but her dad and brother don't accept her so they won't walk her down the alley and give her away
>she asks me to do it
>says I'm the closest guy to her
>tell her I'd think about it
>friends and family tell me not to do it
>I don't really want to do it either, but I still want to marry the woman I love and this is the closest thing I can get
>tell her yes
>she's ecstatic
>day of the wedding
>her family shows up begrudgingly
>give her away and do my best not to cry
>feel kind of happy since she's happy
>during the reception, I sit alone and just kinda watch everyone
>former gf's new wife walks over to me
>she's kinda irritated
>thinks that I was upset for years because I hated them for being gay
>do my best to hold back anger
>spill my heart to her
>tell her how much I loved her, how I was depressed and suicidal for years, how I wanted to marry her
>she looks like she's on the verge of tears
>quickly apologizes
>she hugs me
>I tell her to take care of Rachel
>then I left
>get a call a few days later
>Rachel's crying and apologizing saying that she didn't know how much I cared for her
>we're all good friends now and often go out to watch movies and stuff

I'll never get over losing the only woman I ever loved, but seeing her happy makes me happy.
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I'm very sorry anon, that'd a terrible thing to go through. I don't know if I'd be able to do that. Stay strong friend.
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Maybe I'm just emotionnally stunted ot autismal as fuck, but could somebody explain to me why people get into serious relationships ? Here's the faggy story of my life for context purposes:
>Be me, 18
>Have first relationship with very kind girl
>Not really in love but she was gentle and understanding, and she wanted to be with me
>Her first LTR too
>Both virgins
>Discover relationships together
>Fast forward a year later
>We break up because things have gone sour
>Get new gf 2 months after that
>Unstable hipster bitch
>Gets knocked up by a "friend" of mine
>Tries to pass the child as mine
>I find out all of this bullshit and make her life a living hell
>Fast forward a month after that
>I'm in a band with my best friend
>Go to a rehearsal
>End of rehearsal, hear the bell ring
>Best friend opens
>It's first gf
>Shit enough bricks to make The Wall ten feet higher
>Mexico will only have to pay for its construction now
>Go to party eith friends and her that night
>We kiss
>And here we go again, second LTR with her
>Fast forward a year and a half
>All emotions are gone for me
>Relationship gets suffocating
>I'm completely alcoholic
>Get piss-drunk every night for a month
>Gf finds out
>We break up
>I decide to get my shit together
>Stop drinking, start working out, focus on hobbies etc.
I don't feel sad anymore, but I wonder why people commit to each other, how they can be in "love" and open up to their partner when relationships always end like shit and leave you a broken mess.
I believe that both parties have to be stable and love themselves before they can even think of a relationship. Thank you for sharing anon and I'm sorry for your bad experiences.
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Front Porch.png
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You're right anon, but what I do not understand is how this thing they call "love" can stay forever. I feel like I'm always gonna get bored of the relationship at some point in time, and it always end badly, no matter how good it has been. It's always a sure way to suffer. And don't even get me started on marriage and having kids. Even moving together with a girl seems stupid to me.
>I'm sorry for your bad experiences
Don't feel sorry for me anon, those experiences have been enjoyable amd made me grow up, even if I'm disillusioned now. Thanks for reading this.
Thank you for sharing with us anon. It's hard to say exactly what makes people including myself become drawn to love. I think it might be that people just want to be wanted by one another and enjoy each other's company.
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>be me 15
>today sep 18 16
>very sick coughing up blood
>mom and pops argue alot
>pops says he is leaving
>mom flips her shit
>pops took all his clothes and his duffle bag
>he is leaving tomorow
>i hated my mother for all my life
>she constanly tells him to leave
>lazy piece of shit wont get a job and pops is the only one to pay the bills
>mom yells at me
>blames me for the reason why pops is leaving
>i dont even know what to do
>im sleeping on a mattress right now
>i gave my blankets to my dad so he could sleep in his truck
>cause i love him
I honestly would kill myself if my dad really leaves
I fucking hate my mom she always favor my sisters, my lungs hurt bad
I dont know /b i want to kill my self but im poor and i have no gun
>inb4 jump off a cliff, tie a nooce etc etc
I dont want a painful death
Don't kill yourself lil'anon. Is it possible to move out with your father?
I really want to but if i go, mom going to call the police and say he abducted me
That's a possibility. But what is really "love" ? That's such a fucking vague concept. Like a mathematical curve without a frame, or a language without grammar. So many people talk about it and it means so many different things about the same subject: a "special" relationship between a man and a woman (or whatever the fuck somebody's into).
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Is your word worth nothing? If they're splitting wouldn't you be allowed to choose who you stay with? I think that it may be more work in the beginning but you should go with your dad. Either go to the police before saying you're going with him of your own free will, or wait until the shit hits the fan and try to explain that you want to be with him.
I think that love is an abstract concept. It's just the same as liking something except so much stronger.

i love you brother. hang in there. i'm hugging you in an entirely platonic manly way right now.
Thank you anon, I really appreciate it.
My mom and dad are not married and my mom has my 2 faggot ass sisters who will say some bullshit like "his dad convinced him too" even if i did go i have to change schools by myself because pops didnt grow up with public education. But thanks ill consider that
In my mind it is being OK with getting boring with someone. That's love, you don't mind become a boring person with them and doing average day to day shit with them and stuff.
Firstly, do not commit suicide.

Secondly, and this one is serious, shooting yourself in the head is not painless.

From reports, shooting yourself in the head is awful. What happens is, as soon as you pull the trigger, you feel an intense heat and pain go through your head. You feel blood pull into your head and all you can do it look up. You're only alive for MAYBE 30 seconds after that, but the pain and blood make it feel like an eternity of waiting for the final sweet release.

Fuck, I'm tired
Changing schools isn't too bad, but the problem is your sisters. I've never been in this situation, but if you're alone in a room outside of anyone else's influence wouldn't they know what you truly want? Couldn't you claim unhappiness with your mother. Please, just don't give up hope!

Thought I was gonna get a good job, so I put in my two weeks at my shitty toxic workplace job. I just found out that I got thrown out in one of the final rounds of the search. Now I've got to go back to my shitty toxic workplace job in about 6 hours.

Hows it going, anon?
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932KB, 864x748px

>she has rape fetish
>get the herp
>have disgusting open sore rape sex e'ry day
>problem solved
I'm very sorry anon, maybe there's another good job right around the corner! :)

It's not going very well, this was me.
Thanks anons, but I think your answers are satisfying pieces of a much larger answer. What about mutual exclusivity ? Sexual attraction ? Cuddling ?
If I'm correct, that's Theodore Roosevelt the day his wife passed away....
Knowing you have something or someone rather that no one else has. Attraction is instinct. Cuddling is the closeness that you feel from it

These are all what I think.
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Actually this may be the answer. I'm trying to rationalize shit that nobody has been able to since the birth of mankind. Maybe it's just meant to be a vague concept tied to a lot of instincts.
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>19 yo not a single relationship,
you have no idea about the meaning of pain, i have 30 year old virign friends. hang in there youre perfectly normal
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You can do it anon. Didn't get a gf until 21. Been friends for 2 years then I caved and kissed her randomly, she kissed back. Been together almost a year now. Best feeling in the world anon. Godspeed
Yup, my brothers in jail and his bail is 10k .. Who's tryna pay?
helping out family is fine but siblings who require constant attention are nice way to get your life ruined, youre not their father, set a limit they must have responsibility over their life.

also, 10 points to gryfindor for showing this virgin boys what a real problem looks like.
He's 19 and I'm like 15 rip
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It's all based in hormone release that occurs as a response to stimuli. That's what "love" is.
Stay in school, underaged faggot.
File: virtualhug.gif (709KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck u grandpa
>yes I just assumed your aged
this one always hit me in the guts. To feel that this guy honored this silly promise. To make one last stupid thing for his gone bro. To mock death as she takes one of the most precious beings you know. Kudos to you Barry
try to help him out if its reasonably possible and it doesnt screw up your life. But its not your obligation to do so.

based on what you say, theres no way you could come up with that money but if there was it would proabbly screw up your life. He got himself into jail this is not your mess.

Also, get ready to be banned for saying youre underage haha

nah, that's just a common comfort for (jealous) people who havent experienced it. What youre talking about is LUST and that is part of love. but love carries on when lust is gone, anyone who had a true gf knows it. And some rare cases there are cases of love without lust.
>be me 12 years old
>class clown can make anyone laugh
>grade 7 my friend groups change a few times because my best friend started hanging out with other people
>get a girlfriend and hanging out with her group a lot
>slowly realize over this time that nobody actually liked me
>they only wanted me there for jokes
>8 years later and I've never stopped feeling like shit
>have had friends for the past 3-4 years but don't see them often
>haven't had a girlfriend in years
>every chance i get with a girl i stop talking to them because i don't see the point

so how are all of you?
>Mfw two 15 yr old in this thread, me being one of them


Sorry to hear, man. I've been down that road as well. Abusive relationships are a double-edged sword. If you spend enough time in one you fool yourself into think that's what you deserve. They suck you in and rewrite healthy responses to negative situations and vice-versa. And as much as things suck you can't imagine yourself without them. And whenever people tell you get out of the situation its frustrating because it's patronizing and they don't understand.

How exactly is it borderline abusive? Is it something that can be worked out or caught before it becomes a problem?
ive fealt true love, it was great, that doesn't mean it isn't a chemical release lol, just because something is truly biological in nature isn't a bellitleing factor in any way
File: 1472105310229.jpg (200KB, 723x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got a date with a girl I've had a crush on for a while a few days back

However, based on how she was actung tonight, I don't think it's going to happen and she only said yes to be nice

Waiting on a text
>>every chance i get with a girl i stop talking to them because i don't see the point

you have a lot to learn in life

bros before hoes

that has nothing to do with having a relationship, friendship and romatic relationships can coencide completely, although i almost never see one of my best friends now ever since he got a girlfriend so I guess most people don't see it your way
Just lost my girlfriend of 6 years over the fact that I sent a friend flowers for her birthday cause she posted shit about it on snapchat. Now I'm just here lurking while I'm contemplating moving on or just getting shit face drunk to make myself feel better.
..please ;-;
Just got bamboozled and it kinda gouged out a piece of me violently yet i keep my head high can't gouge out what isn't there anymore hahahahahaha
well if you want to believe that (even tough theres no serious evidence for it) then go ahead. Love is like conciousness, science isnt even close to figuring that out so for the time being trying to rule it out as that is reductionist at best.
True love is intellectual,it doesnt go away when youre not feeling horny, it doesnt go away even when the other person is long long gone.

>most people don't see it your way
proof im right
dont do it anon
I'm down.
I can usually handle it but lately the joking put downs from my friends really fucking hurt.
Especially one who talks shit on everything I do and enjoy. Talks down on this place, my interests, how I do things, music I like. It's just exhausting and I have to wonder why I'm even friends with him in the first place.
I go home feeling like an idiot and a fuck up because that's all I hear all day, I just wish I was surrounded by people who showed even an ounce of positivity towards me every once in a while so I know they don't mean what they say.
>most people dont think something therefore its true
so gravity isn't real?
if youre feeling things that strongly you need something to wait it out, distractions.
Never underestimate emotions you cannot override them completely, ever, you can only recognize them and ride them out. Control them a little when they are at a bearable level.
be straight up with him, ive done this countless times and NEVER had a negative resposne, people almost never realize they're actually upsetting you with what they're saying
more like
>most people are idiots and live lives filled with pointless suffering

if you wanna be like em go ahead
>even tough theres no serious evidence for it
There is.
Jesus, you're like a fucking creationist.
I hope you're still a teenager and not this pig ignorant.
that reasoning is abosolutely and completely retarded
just because most people think something doesnt make it false
i understand the general idea and somewhat agree but that logic is objectively false
...allright, i'll try....
thanks, anon...
i owe you a lot...
...love ya...
>True love is
something that which can be induced with prescription drugs. I'm sorry to burst your little supernaturalist bubble but the human ape is no different to the rest of the mammals.


enjoy ignorance (also getting your ass blown by my logic)

please please reply. at this moment you have 0 dignity but if you reply youll have negative
Yeah only problem is every time I try to talk about my actual feelings I either cry or make it a joke.
Because in all reality I'm not tough and funny like I try to be, I'm a little bitch and just don't let anyone know it.
not that guy but please kill yourself fam, like we all sad hear but i hope you're the most sad
tell them via text or a message online
I want too
>im sick
>gf dumped for whatever reason and strated to talk mad shit but idc
>pops is leaving
>i dont want to live with my mother
Not a bad idea.
Last time I went into some emotional stuff I asked him not to mention it in person and he did anyways, so I just don't want it to come up in person.
File: Capture.png (27KB, 1195x394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 1195x394px
dont make it some gay paragraph just say
"when you say those things it makes me upset please stop"
and if he doesnt stop he clearly isnt worth being friends with, if that weakens your bond with possibly your only friend group than that sucks but its better than the current situation
grow balls, youre gonna have to do it eventually, if not now 20 years for now, the sooner the better
most of /b/ is underaged dude and nobody gets banned for it ever
Lurk moar.
Got another like this?
I've never related to something so hard in my life. If I were to express feelings it would only be over texting or something like this
Get better friends holy shit
i stopped browsing here like 4 years ago and started 4 years before that
go fuck yourself
File: 1462426586849.jpg (55KB, 719x623px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 719x623px
find one scientific paper that includes the word "love" in the abstract and ill resign. i double dare you piece of shit
File: suicide.jpg (22KB, 383x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 383x250px
I'm sleeping about 12 hours a day because being awake is painful and difficult and I don't have any good reasons to push through them. I don't know how to create any spark of motivation. I really just want to wrap things up in life and die peacefully in my sleep.
>Max kek
I don't usually post in feels threads, but shit's really starting to hit.

>Be me this past spring
>Senior in HS
>Thinking of life after HS
>College and shit, you know how that goes
>Friend of 10 years puts me on to the school I currently attend, he's my roommate.
>Forever indebted.
>Fast forward after graduation
>Meet a girl from /soc/ that lives around me; she's cool as shit and easily an 8/10.
>Won't go into the details, but I come to the realization we were just "summer friends"
>Become depressed around the middle of August
>Band here is the only thing keeping me remotely happy.
>Music major, so I'm glad I'm majoring in something I love.
>Fast forward to now
>Lonely as fuck
>Only like 10 friends on campus
>I miss everything from home
>College is 3 hours away, can't just up and leave when I want
>Band isn't fun anymore
>Music isn't fun anymore
>Considering dropping out after freshman year

I really need some type of motivation. I can usually get over a lot of this, but I'm having some trouble with it rn.
If you did, you wouldn't be so upset.
Lurk moar, newfag.
depression fam, seek counceling through your school, most schools make it easy to get and dont ask questions much. as far as motiviation goes the only motivation is to solve the depression issue
sure dude whatever you say
File: 1471534749896.png (511KB, 540x438px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
511KB, 540x438px
This is exactly how i feel bro thanks
why do all these philosophers make such esotieric bullshit statements that imply that life has some kind of meaning and completely ignore the fact that the intrinsic fear of death is biological and has nothing to do with our mental awareness of how pointless life is
every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance.
what do you play anon?
File: 1467180156642.jpg (105KB, 416x567px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 416x567px
Life has made it clear. I don't deserve to be happy. I get no enjoyment out of anything since we broke up. I hate myself and just want her back.
But I'd rather she be happy. Guess that's what love is. Rather they be happy whether with or without you.
>i dont deserve to be happy
nobody "deserves" anything except what we take
life is a joke stop taking it so seriously and do whatever you want
File: 1461542249824.jpg (662KB, 2816x1760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
662KB, 2816x1760px

Get reading.
Keep responding in that passive aggressive tone, it really helps improve the validity of your dubious claim, anon.
So what's that song that always reminds you of her? In my case it's
looking foward to listening to yours
Except I don't want anything anymore. I don't find enjoyment in anything. Gaming does nothing anymore. What was once my dream, I don't care for. I've lost interest in life.
my emotional response to a 4chan post doesnt represent that im new (because im not) it represents that im some pathetic basement dweller sitting in a feels thread listening to sad music thinking about how pointless life is, im glad you can find the time to le troll me on boards.4chan.org/b/ during your youthful years but you need to work on your logic a little
I play a few things. Marching alto sax rn, but I play alto and tenor sax, percussion, and a bit of euphonium.
It's 4am /b/. I am going to try and sleep. I have class in a few hours.
Keep it up, newfag.
The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
>GF broke up with me back in May
>Self evaluation
>Work on trying to get shit done for me.
>Been getting shit done
>Got a raise and a promotion with another raise

I've been feeling pretty good about my progress but sometimes it's a struggle. Aside from people at work the only people I really interact with are my two older brothers and they drain the fucking life out of me. One is a worthless self absorbed junkie who's not willing to put any effort into anything and wants everything handed to him. The other is your standard NEET who basically hasn't done anything except play video games and watch movies for the past 6 years. The former is insufferable and the latter just doesn't have the drive to do anything.

It's incredibly infuriating knowing that between the 3 of us we could handle things fairly well if the other 2 would put in even the barest amount of effort. What I really want more then anything is to get myself to a position that I wouldn't have to deal with them at all.
Keep responding in that passive aggressive tone, it really helps improve the validity of your dubious claim, anon.
din no this was a ylyl thread
I'm that friend that walks into the school with an assault rifle.
File: 1464514488004.gif (993KB, 924x507px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
993KB, 924x507px
rip in peace anon
What's your setup on your alto? I'm playing a shit alto with a lebayle on 4s in marching atm
File: 1462946643976.jpg (206KB, 1242x1229px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 1242x1229px
File: 1461296580427.jpg (27KB, 482x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 482x521px
I'm using a professional Yamaha with a 4C. It's awful to march with. GREAT horn and everything, but it doesn't give you that marching sound you want outside. You get a better outside sound from a beginner model honestly. Trying to upgrade the mouthpiece when I get some money though.
can confirm that dank method delays suicide by a whopping 3-5 years
Nope, I've been feeling down all week, I just started feeling up.

I kind of want to dance rn.
Cracked a smile there. But am also unsure whether it was meant to be appreciated or just another sad, bitter picture?
That's good to hear, I just started marching for the first time and some friends lent me some gear to use. I'm a bassoon player mainly and it's easier than I thought to adjust to single reeds
Hey man, I'm not gonna lie, if you feel like shit today you're probably gonna feel like shit tomorrow. And the day after that. More than likely the day after that as well.

However you will eventually get out of this funk, and you'll feel like a fucking god afterwards.
Dawg single reeds are dumb easy to play on. I'm not trying to touch any double reed instruments unless my major requires it. I'm probably gunna end up destroying at least 3 reeds in the same day.
File: 1473992683103.jpg (44KB, 712x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 712x528px
her life is wonderful and my life is shit

she was the only one I let get to me, she was the one, and she stabbed me right in the heart with her rejection

First day on campus feels depresed as fuck.
Get ready to spend $20 a reed lol. My directors used to tell me all kinds of stories of how they bullshitted their way of playing double reeds when they had to learn it for their teaching majors
File: kek.png (683KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
683KB, 900x900px
Got kind of a funny/sad story.

>Be me
>Meet cute new girl first day of school
>We're dating by Wednesday (school started Monday)
>Thursday, I just look at her and say "You have the most beautiful eyes."
>She writes a poem that afternoon, texts me about it
>Next day, I am rewarded with my first kiss and hickey
>Parents see hickey
>They proceed to wig out, as expected
>Tell me to break up with her
>Take my phone to keep me from contacting her
>Weekend goes by
>Don't break up with her but continue to go out with her secretly
>About a week later she breaks up with me
>She says "I can't handle a relationship and a new job"
>Okay whatever
>Less than a week later she texts me saying I miss you
>She says we should get back together
>Yeah, whatever, sure
>Next day (Wednesday)
>She says we're not officially back together until I find a cute way to re-ask her out
>I personally feel like I'm being pussy whipped but I do it anyway
>End up rewording a song for her
>She likes it and as far as I know we're back together
>She's hungover Monday so I leave her alone
>I meet her between class and make an innuendo about us
>She says "Nice try, friend."
>"Oh yeah sorry I don't think of us as officially together."
>Nothing more is said
>I just leave
>Next day I see her making out with some other guy
>Weeks go by
>Hear that the guy that she was making out with is now her boyfriend
>Hear he cheated on her with his niece
>Hear that she sucked off his best friend as revenge
>mfw I realized I just dodged a giant bullet
File: Untitled.png (75KB, 323x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 323x195px
>tfw my concentration is education

Welp..time to fuck it up lml.
I've grown so tired /b/
23, plans can seem to come to fruition, anxiety, depression. It's hard functioning. Ignored what I felt & flowed with what other people said was best for me. I don't think I can recover from this. It's far too late. I'm not sure how I'll survive. There's a point to where this feels like fate, rather than just bad luck. If this is all it's ever going to be, I don't want to go on.
File: 4YS3JuD.jpg (71KB, 620x510px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 620x510px
>Only like 10 friends on campus
Holy fuck, you have no idea how lucky you are you spoiled fuck. I have no friends, not a single one.
you are weak anon. grow some balls take some action with your life. the only way from the bottom is up. so start doing shit
It kinda happens when you're forced to be around the same 80 people from 4am - 11pm for two weeks straight, on top of them being the only people on campus too?? Yeah that's gunna happen. Getcha weight up.
I know that feel anon. I used to have 2 friends (as of a year ago). But now they're gone and I'm all alone. Most days I dont talk for more than a total of 5 minutes
sounds pretty shitty
you're still too young to be here
>mfw 23 y/o virgin
all my "friends" if i can call them that had sex at like 17
are you me?
Having sex at age X doesn't matter, your life isn't fucked because you're a virgin at 23. Try not thinking about it, learn about seduction, work on your (probable) shyness and you'll get laid. Doesn't matter if you're unexperimented, if she really loves you then she will teach you how shit works. And if she bitches because you're a virgin, then she's not worth your time.
File: 1469215431783.jpg (130KB, 1280x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 1280x1440px
>graduated from culinary arts with my bachelor's
>working a pretty sweet job in a bakery
>looking back every so often, lonely
>my first girlfriend back in the 8th grade cheated on me and dumped me on Valentine's Day
>3 turn downs in high school, one girlfriend only that ended up dumping me for another guy almost immediately afterwards
>confess on graduation to one girl, she humiliates me in front of family and turns me down while making a scene and laughs at me
>became a little jaded but kept trying
>no luck in college, stop bothering after graduation
>finally met one girl at my current job that is really sweet
>we chat up and I fall hard for her, she does lots of nice things for me and even gives me a smile i never see on most girls
>find out after confessing to her she's married and has a kid
I'm hopeless. I'm not bad looking but my confidence can't possibly be any lower. Should I bother trying anymore? I'm still a virgin and have never gone past kissing.
she's already cheated on you bud
how the fuck does one move this fast in a relationship?
meet on monday together on wednesday
holy fuck anon you should take shit slow
Really though lad, there's much more to the background story. More than I would want to explain, such as us kissing, the insane flirting and weird things she does with me, her dropping a movie with a guy that liked her(she didn't like him back) to hang out with me and tag, a time we were in a pool by ourselves and we were up on one another. I see this shit pointing towards us being a relationship.

She knows I would curbstomp the dudes she hangs out with because of some shit they tried to pull, and she knows I want to curb stomp them.

But besides that, should I see if she wants to hang out?
test her to hang out
don't be a pussy fucker and just ask her "hey what is with you and X, are you into him?"
if she asks why you want to know say she is hot/sexy/something and ask if she is taken

best of luck anon confidence is key
God fucking dammit /b/. It fucking hit me

>flashback to 4 months ago this May.
> Been with my gf for 5 years. (6 years in june)
>planning our anniversary trip plus planning on getting our own place.
>one fateful day in may, she calls me in the morning to wake me up
>asks if she can grab some of her stuff out of my car.
>she shows up on my doorstep.
>looks visibly upset
>wtf? i ask her whats wrong
>she asks to grab the stuff from my car
>I say ok, but I ask her whats on her mind... why do you look so upset?
>she silently proceeds to gather her stuff and put it in her car.
>after shes done she turns to me and just stares at the ground.
>she finally lifts her head and says that she thinks we should break up.
>Totally thrown off guard, ask her wtf is going on. ask her why she wants to break up.
>she looks at me and utters words that completly shatter me
>says that she just doesnt feel the same anymore... says that she doesnt want any hard feelings between us..
>she even fucking told me that i was still her best friend...
>Im absolutely stunned, I ask her if we can talk about it...I love her and i want to work things out or at least get some closure.
>she says she cant talk to me right now and to my protest gets in her car and drives off...

fuck /b/... theres more. cont?
I'll probably hit her up tomorrow after my job interview. The night we argued, I called her, and she really was sad, cried too, asking if that was it between the both of us. Ever since then she's been distant from me, never the same.

Also check this post here >>704544133

Also thank you lad, I like this girl and I want to try something before I leave for the Corps.
Any new people she may have met that could've sparked a different view of you?
File: 1474227442497.png (130KB, 443x429px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 443x429px
bro she's already cheated, you'll find out sooner or later

>"nah but not me anon, you don't know her"

uh huh, I'll await the feels thread when you snap out of this pussy whipped mindset and brought back to reality
Fuck bro. This just happened to me too. I haven't been able to even speak to her since.
she is into you
if she dropped something to hang out with you and has been flirting then just go for it
Shiet nigga, tbh fam, I'm not in that mindset, I was until I got angry at her for some shit.

But tbh, I'm just still trying to see what's up between us now. If there's still something going on between us. Also, I just came here for advice lel, only time I get into feels is whenever I reminisce about times me and my best bud had before he left to boot camp.
Any oc here or just the Facebook pics and some faggots complaining?
File: img-thing.jpg (21KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 300x300px
File: 1473746817190.png (713KB, 500x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
713KB, 500x680px
Want me to post more?
pick one
also 90% of feels threads are complaining nigger, lurk moar.
File: Late.jpg (62KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 500x500px
File: 1444602652704.png (28KB, 673x871px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 673x871px
File: 1435455075466.jpg (94KB, 582x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 582x259px
Guess my confidence can go lower, even on an anonymous image board nobody gives a shit, hah.
It's okay bud, I read your post. Don't give up, one day things will be better, but you have to make them better. Find a cute girl who's worth it and bake her a nice cake.
can confirm grills love a guy who can cook good shit

although maybe i'm not the best person to ask when it comes to girls
Seeing as most of you are depressed, can anyone help me with this?

My gf is mentally unstable and stops speaking to me for long periods of time, during which she's just at home in a dark room sobbing or whatever. I know she's locking herself up because I check on her.
I don't understand why she won't come to me for comfort? Ffs that's what I''m here for? No, instead she shuts off from the world and doesn't speak to me for a week, sometimes up to 2 weeks.

I don't get it. What's the mindset here? Why isolate yourself when you can go to your bf/gf for comfort and support?

I feel like a stupid fag, like she isn't taking me seriously
my dog died tonight
I'm so fucking sorry
That's the fucking worst.. :(
At least you've had a Gf or sex.
Rip poochie
you probably have never been in a place like that so let me help you out

people like that usually feel like they are a complete failure in life and that everything they try to do just ends up failing, and i'm willing to bet she also feels like she is a burden on everyone because of failing all the time.
Of course this is all untrue but that's just what she thinks, thats why she sits alone in a dark room and just cries, and thats why she won't talk to anyone, not even you. It's because she feels like her existence is just a big burden on everyone she interacts with, so i suppose just try to get her to open up more and more and eventually she will go to you for support when this shit happens.

You're pretty lucky, some people lock themselves away for not just 2 weeks but months and months.
Rip pup
may he rest in pup heaven

dumb dogs, always dying too early :(

I've given up and now I'm considerably more happy. Used to be all locked up in my head because I was a kissless virgin and had no gf, until I realized I want no gf and I really want sex only after 2 weeks of nofap. Used to be grumpy and gloomy all the time now I just don't give a shit. So all of you lonely anons ask yourselves, do you really want a gf? I mean she requires time, attention, money plus it's unlikely that she shares your interests so you'll just have to pretend that you like the things she does? She'll get upset about shit and not tell you and make you do shit you don't want. Sure you'll get to have sex, kisses and hugs but is it really worth it?
File: 1474228243176.jpg (84KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 600x800px
My first dog dying was the most soul crushing moment of my life. I had raised him from a baby and I had to carry him to the garden and dig a hole because no one else in the world would bury him.
Thanks for explaining man.
I tried opening up but with emotional subjects she just freezes and shuts down. This one time she disappeared for 4 months, during that time she contacted me just once to tell me she was volunteering in Syria, and sent me pics of bullet-holed cars and ruins. I was worried sick and fail to understand that mindset.. It's difficult dealing with mentally unstable people.
No day is shit when you have some drugs to take
It's the scariest fucking thing to that after a 4 year relationship that think she can be so fucking happy while I'm in pieces. It's scary to think that she won't miss me but I will never know.
File: 1474226185019.jpg (80KB, 600x836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 600x836px
Sooner or later the drugs wont work.
well if she froze up either she is really depressed and probably about to kill herself (which would explain the random trip to syria since she might have wanted a purpose, like helping those war torn peoples) or that she has just been hurt so much she wont let anyone in anymore

either way just go to her and hold her, then start having a talk about how she feels in life etc etc
Sooner or later the depression won't work. Happiness always want to show itself. The drugs don't work. The drugs just open what you hide.
lies, a metric fuck ton of LSD will never fail me.. never.
Feels thread?
More like YLYL thread amirite?
That's a scary thought that she's suicidal. I know she wanted to commit suicide when she was 8-10 but never expected that the idea still floated in her head.
I'll try holding her and talk like you said, thanks. And I'm sorry you were/are in this situation too
it's fine
the least i can do is help someone else :^)

Maybe she needs time to herself and can't deal with other people.

Maybe she feels that she'll bring you down too, and doesn't want you to see her like that.

Or maybe she's fucking a nigger on the side.
if she spends weeks alone in here room crying i doubt she has been taking nigger dick

i'm pretty sure it's mostly this >>704545927
although i'm just drawing from my own experiences and from how others have told me they feel so i might not be 100% right
either way go and have a talk with her

When I took nigger dick I spent a whole month alone and crying. It's a traumatic thing to happen!
Its my birthday. Im at work, and i will be alone afterwards.
happy b'day anon, i hope you manage to get shit faced drunk after work in celebration
I messaged my ex, because I realised how much I fucked up and she was perfect. She replied that her new boyfriend makes her really happy and just wants me to be happy for her. Then she asked me for snapchat and we've been talking heaps and she's asking me what I miss about us and the says that she just remembers the memories like we were good friends. That the love she had is all gone
File: 1473647049801.jpg (56KB, 432x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 432x417px
Happy birthday my man.
Life is fucked
Alcohols kill
thank you for making my day better buddy!
happy birthday my dude i hope you have a nice day maybe watching a good movie after work would make your night better!
>Its my birthday. Im at work, and i will be alone afterwards.
Being alone is the best feeling in the world!
I assume this was wrote in a positive note with a happy vibe if not, you suck
Ausfag here.About to start HSC in 3 weeks (18 already). Know maths ain't gonna go down well and drag my overall mark down. Been called a failure my whole life by everyone i've ever known, never had any friends, parents treat me like shit, bullied constantly. Just wish i could end it.
fellow ausfag, dropped out in year 10 after failing year 8 and 9
you're doing much better than me anon, who gives a fuck about maths, at least you have a HSC.
Yeah, but with parents who originate from Turkey and India, the standard is pretty high and they refuse to let me attend college to get into my preferred course. I'm pretty much fucked and they won't let me get a job or anything. I don't even have a driver's license.
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