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Last one was bretty gud architecture, sculpture, paintings etc welcome

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Last one was bretty gud
architecture, sculpture, paintings etc welcome
pretty spoopy, is that the full picture?
im pretty sure, franz von stuck he had lots of spoopy paitings
Posting Corradini again.
>be me
>Art enthusiast, 1300, Fuck yeah
>Go meet mah /b/ro gallileo
>he asks to "shape me"
>mfw I am david
pic relivant, is me
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>skinny ankles
>giant hands
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>Milk fetish
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Mona Diesel.jpg
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Is this art?
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This is not a post.
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heres my last im out
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It's too bad that India is such a shit hole but has such cool ancient ruins.
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Some Pablo.
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Shōmei Tōmatsu.jpg
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02 - 6pmj70H.jpg
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These bridges are multi-generational, taught how to make/maintain them from parent to child.
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I wish I had more paintings.
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It was meant to be place on top of a building with other pieces so certain parts of him were made larger so that you could see them better, IIRC.
Agreed. I would love to visit it. But so much poop... They say the best parts of india are poop free
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Jakub Schikaneder4.jpg
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I thought the reason was that you make them larger so that if you fuck up, you can redo them in a slightly different position/size?
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Max Ernst 4.jpg
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Don't know where this is from
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LV FW2011.jpg
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Fashion is art, though
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I love this type of architecture.
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aubrey beardsley6.jpg
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bellmer 36.jpg
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I'm done
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You might be right. Wiki doesn't say for sure, just mentions the possibility.

>The proportions of the David are atypical of Michelangelo's work; the figure has an unusually large head and hands (particularly apparent in the right hand). The small size of the genitals, though, is in line with his other works and with Renaissance conventions in general, perhaps referencing the ancient Greek ideal of pre-pubescent male nudity. These enlargements may be due to the fact that the statue was originally intended to be placed on the cathedral roofline, where the important parts of the sculpture may have been accentuated in order to be visible from below. The statue is unusually slender (front to back) in comparison to its height, which may be a result of the work done on the block before Michelangelo began carving it.

I also never realized how big it is. I assumed it was life sized, but's almost triple.
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Que liiiiiiiindo!
These always mess with my head. Those sculptors were so good.
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Screen Savers (6).jpg
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anyone wanna share propaganda art? From any era and from any country.
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Vai te foder
Cala a boca
Vou merdapostar por sua causa
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most art in the fashion industry is ugly as hell. if a girl showed up wearing that on a date id make her change it
Fashion is not necessarily casual. The fashion industry could be mainly divided into the commercial world and the runway shows. The runway shows can be extremely avant-garde, for example, push boundaries, presenting themes.
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Yup. A lot of it is about the theatrical and the performance of the clothes/model.
>No Man's Sky
>Desktop shit in an art thread
Jesus, have some pride in yourself.
yeah, forgot that it was a screencap. woops
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