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>green text your sexual experiences

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>green text your sexual experiences
>be 15
>live alone with dad in a tiny appartment
>dad starts dating a jap
>she has a 13 yr old daughter
>qt3.14, petite, nice tits
>doesn't talk much with either dad or me
>shy or attitude problem idk
>have akward encounters with her over the course of my dad's courtship
>dad gets married, they move in
>"Anon you'll have to share your room with your new sister for a couple of months until we can move"
>have a single queen size bed in my room
>ah well, cant help it
>try to start adjusting to the changes in the household
>living with my 'sister' is a pain in the ass
>would barely interact, would give single word answers, often times ignoring me
>drove me nuts
>on the plus side the meals really got good (step mom is an amazing cook) and i had a nice piece of ass sleeping next to me everyday
>live to spot my step sister in states of undress
>often camped in front of the wash room to catch a gilmpse of her in a towel or something
>tried to walk in on her changing
>never got a chance
>going crazy cause my fap time got considerably less as the appartment had only one bathroom and my room was always occupied
Continue fucker
>summers begin
>her clothes just fucking shrink
>Katie(let's call her that) starts wearing thin sleeveless tops, mini skirts, booty shorts
>skimpy clothes on dat figure
>my sexual frustration knows no bounds
>go to sleep once in nothing but my boxers cause hot night and no ac
>Katie tells me 'Hey anon, can you wear some clothes?' in the bitchest tone
>tell her to gtfo cause its my room
>gets irritated but doesn't react
>get up in the middle of the night with messy boxers
>must have been a nocturnal dream jizz shit
>think nothing of it, change and go back to sleep
>happens again the next night
>and the night after that
>*sigh* assume it was the consequences of not fapping in weeks
>the next morning
>cant find fresh boxers looked everywhere
>getting irritated
>katie already left for school
>look in her drawer
>two of my used boxers
>something is fishy
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that bra looks shooped
nice copypasta
Sounds like bull already
>think about how to confront her
>can't outright blame her for this
>why would she steal my boxers anyway
>getting confused about the situation
>decide to keep mum and be extra alert in case she is pulling some shit
>drink coffee that night before going to sleep that night
>im usually a heavy sleeper so in case she's doing something my only bet is to stay awake
>pretend to go to sleep that night
>getting anxious with every passing minute
>taking deep breathes so it seems im sleeping
>katie has her face turned to the other aside and seems asleep too
>oh well, guess i was wrong
>must be a mistake
>she suddenly moves and i close my eyes
>try to catch a glimpse and see that now her face is turned towards me but her eyes are open
>the bitch is awake
>shut my eyes tightly for what seemed like hours till i suddenly felt her shaking me
>is she trying to wake me
>shaking stops
>she starts touching my hands and stomach
>what is the sadistic bitch upto
>keep moving her hands down towards my groin slowly and gently as if caressing me
>i guess she didn't want me to wake up
>pulls the waistband of my boxers up and slides her petite hands in
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3MB, 480x270px
keep'er goin
Don't feel discouraged, were waiting patiently
Donald Trump 1? how many do you have?
>her hands so soft
>first time someone else touched my dick
>soo good
>starts playing with my soft dick getting it hard within seconds
>dick is now pulsating in her hands
>getting uncomfortable though cause she didnt slide down the boxers
>slowly starts twisting her hands around the head of my dick
>i can't help but let out a moan
>the hand removes itself from my dick in a flash
>oh damn, what the fuck did i do
>but i cant lament for long as her hand moves back to my dick after making sure i was asleep
>starts moving her hands up and down my dick
>oh jesus
>i cant resist this
>letting out little moans, but she doesnt hesitate this time
>quickens her pace
>this is the best feeeling ever
>jizz in her hands
>holy fucking shit
>best handjob ever (not that i had ever recieved another hand job)
>get up after 15 minutes and check my watch
>go change and throw my boxers in my laundry bin and pretend to go back to sleep
>see her get up after a while and stash my boxers in her drawer
>plan to make my move in the morning
>be me, oblivious philosophical type
>talking with the gf about Sartre late one night at her house
>Usually she enjoys it, but this night she was having none of it
>Trying to kiss me and get frisky, but I'm pumped about a connection I was making
>See, Sartre's idea of Radical Freedom can be used as an argument against Determinism while staying in a Neo-Kantian worldview
>While I try to explain this, she is disrobing me
>She tells me, in no uncertain terms, that she just wants to have sex
>I ask if I can jot down some notes about what we were talking about earlier so I can write an essay about it later
>She doesn't let me
And that is how I lost my virginity.
>Be me
>Laying in bed
>See hand
>It's looking back seductively
>I know what it wants
>I slowly slip it in my pants
>Feels good man
>wake the in the morning
>fuck yeah
>dad and step mom already off to work
>katie sitting in front of the tv eating cereal
>go sit next to her
>'Hey, i wanted to talk to you about something'
>get a nonchalant 'What?' while she's glued to friends or some shit
>"I've been missing bits and pieces of my laundry for the last couple of days'
>she gives me a quick glance with corners of her eyes
>her cheeks start to get red
>still staring at the tv answers back "so?"
>"And I've been feeling its something to do with you..."
>she tries to look unfased but i definitely have her attention
>"What are you trying to imply?"
>i grab the remote and shut off the tv
>"Don't try to fuck with me. I know what you've been doing for the last couple of nights."
>completely catch her off guard
>her face is a shade of red unknown to man
>i have her now
>she stammering and replies "And what's that asshole?"
>"I found my used boxers in your drawer yesterday"
>"you don't have any proof" still stammering
>she's visbly upset now and seems almost afraid
>never seen her this emotional
>"Do you want me to pull my boxers out of your drawer"
I don't know honestly.
File: 1459238258189.png (413KB, 800x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had more than just a giggle
Man, how do you faggots get all the good chicks?
Why didnt you just pre-type it

>her face changes from being worried to the an experience i have rarely seen on her face
>she let out a grotesque screetch and ran into her (well, my) room not before throwing a wild punch in my direction which missed by a large margin
>the dam had been broken and the waterworks had begun
>went into the room 15 minutes later
>katie was still crying
>her cries slowly turned into sobs as she tried to talk to me
>the conversation sluggishly strecthed out for a while as katie was hesitant divulge why she was acting this way
>i asked her why she started jerking me off
>"On the first day you slept in your boxers, I felt something poke my back"
>no wonder small bed
>"I thought it was a remote or something so I tried to pick it up and throw it away"
>"I hadn't realised you had crept close so I got a little taken aback when I realised what I had touched"
>"I was grossed out at first, but it was the first time I had felt a penis....."
>"Curosisty got the better of me and i ended up doing that......"
>"I was hiding your boxers hoping you wouldn't remember what happened at night"
>"Please don't tell mom about this...she'll kill me" and she broke into sobs again
>fair enough
>"Don't worry, I won't tell her about anything...tell me one thing though...."
>I got a suspicious 'Yeah?' between her relieved sobs
>"Why did you do it again after the first night? Did you enjoy it? Don't lie...."
>She blushed and started stammering again
>I grabbed her and gently pulled her close "Did you enjoy jerking me off?"
>She started staring at the ground unable to reply
>"I really liked when you played with my dick....I just wanted to know if it was mutual..."
>I could make out a soft 'Yes' as she freed her self from grip and ran off
>oh boy
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Anon you sly dog you
cuntt tin jew plleesswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Very nice anon, keeper comin
IDK, chicks just like philosophers, I guess?
Cont you cunt
File: DonaldKissie3.jpg (14KB, 236x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey give him time to type, if he doesn't get enough time he'll fuck up or something.
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>be me 21
>go to pool party at my parent's house
>mom's hot friend is there, she's 48
>everyone starts to drink
>start hitting on my mom's friend she too gets
>ask her if she wants to go upstairs
>"haha I don't know if we should anon"
>she eventually goes upstairs to use the restroom
>follow her up
>drunk as fuck
>open bathroom door and start jerking off
>she likes it and sucks me while on the toilet
>she finishes and we move to my parent's bed
>no condom but fuck it, start fucking
>someone comes in to use the restroom, keep going
>somehow didn't see or hear us
>cum in her, says she's fixed
>We head back down and act like nothing happened
>she invites me to her HS reunion tomorrow since her husband won't come
>fuck her that night also

Happened two months ago and still fuck her every now and again. Also dating her daughter.
>our relation considerably improved after this
>we were much more friendly after that
>even the parents commented on this
>started watching movies etc. togther
>she even sat with me when i played vidya
>ofcourse the nightly handjobs carried on
>they got much better cause i could finally remove my boxers and give her instructions
>One of the nights i asked her if she wanted to me make her feel good
>it ended with me fingering her
>so we had mutual masturbation sessions almost every night
>hot as fuck and parents had no clue
>was playing vidya once and she jumped on my lap
>"Watchu playin anon ?"
>fully engrossed and not giving a fuck
>"Anon stooop ignoring meeeeee"
>and she started jumping up and down on my lap
>"Hey Sto-"
>look away and see she's wearing a tight top with a little skirt underneath
>continue playing while making small talk with her while secretly trying to control my urges
>moves around animatedly while talking and watching the game
>dick is diamonds
>"Anon why is your thing poking me...."
>"Errrr.....you have a skirt on and you are sitting on me and uhhhhh....."
>gives me the nastiest wink "You like it anon, dont you ?"
>starts gyrating on my dick
>oh god
>move her little foward and take my dick out and pull her back again
>rubbing my dick against her panties now
>oh god so good
>fuckwit anons mom
>an hero
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you dutch? are dutch girls that easy?

Spent a year in NL and didnt get to fuck a dutchie. so ashamed.
Nope American in the Midwest. She was just a slut who wanted more than her cuck husband
the bra is real, the nood is shooped.
Pics of em together
File: 1453833635270.jpg (104KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 500x750px
shite, man.
Any pics of a celebrity, or someone else she resembled?

sounds hot.

dating a girl 5 years my senior atm, I'm 29.

she turns me into diamonds just with the age-gap thing. additionally, she's still got a german tight body, which I don't mind.
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>date girl
>fuck off to Idaho for a bit
>feelin' lonesome
>come back
>flirting with ex on phone
>throw huge party for ex
>she spend all night with her lesbian gf
>so i fuck her mom for the next 5 hours in the room next door
>banging the wall frequently to make extra sure she knows
>shit was cash
>Be me
>15, probably a 4/10, maybe 6/10 on a good day
>Moved into the suburbs, my mom married my stepdad recently and I hated them for making me leave my home and friends
>I get so angry and sad that I stop fapping, stop eating most days.
>Cute girl starts talking to me in gym
>8/10 qt 3.14 named Alice, let's call her that. Filipino girl with a beautiful smile and HUGE breasts. I'm talking like, 40 percent of her was boob.
>She found my address. somehow.
>I wake up, Saturday, get ready to go on a run
>Get a text
>"Look outside!"
I need this thread to not die.
Keep going
>"Hey want to see something nasty?"
>close the game and open up some porn
>Her eyes are fixated at the screen
>start fondle her while watching
>move my hands to her tits and start playing with them through the cloth
>this while my dick is rubbing against her butt
>oh dear god
>move my hands down to her panties after playing with her tits
>start rubbing her pussy through the panties
>wet as fuck even before i touched her
>she starts moaning a bit as i fingerfuck her
>still staring at the porn
>"Hey do you want to remove those panties"
>slides them down without saying a word
>i get a look at her pussy properly for the first time
>she had cute little bush
>oh good my dick against her soft ass felt so good
>i resumed my fingerfucking
>"An-anon... im about to cum"
>quicken my pace and start rubbing her pussy faster as she muffled her moans and cums
>her contracting pussy sometimes locks my fingers in place
>her moans get heavy as starts to subtley shake
>keep rubbing my dick with her butt
>my precum and her sweat made an amazing lubricant for my dick to slide around
>jizz on her butt within the next 30 seconds
>she heaves a sigh as if to tell me to let go
>gets off in a while and walks away after giving me a peck on my cheeks
>first sexual experience
>girl is asexual
>doesn't want to be fucked in the pussy
>get permission to try anal
>tight as fuck and she gave up almost instantly because of pain
>be 14
>get cute fit 13 year old chick to come over and watch superman
>she cuddles with me
>feel her ass with my dick
>she backs up a little
>I whisper in her ear
>she squirts
> be me
> really like this girl
> invites me over
> she's dressed sexy
> giant 6'5 nigger sitting on couch
> she introduces Tyrone
> they start kissing
> to beta to stop it
> they start having sexy
> start crying and jerking off
> clean Tyrone off when they are done just to taste her
> bam. Instant alpha status for me
File: lexeigh_fhg_016_7.jpg (110KB, 566x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My pic in my OP looks like her a bit, here's another tho.

I know the age gap makes it so much hotter. Better than her daughter too.
>Came home from work.
>Fucked wife right in the pussy.
>Went to sleep.
>fucked a paki bitch next to my boy in a hotel
>shes now in love with me and we're in the same class
>Works at a banquet server at a hotel
>Assist 40-ish looking Filipina
>Tell her she looks identical to my "girlfriend"
>Start flirting
>Tells me I'm a good flirter and meet in the back parking lot to "help" put her things away
>Finished packing her belongings in her car and escort her to one of our banquet rooms, which I have all the keys to
>Go down on her
>She goes down on me
>Fuck her on a table I spent 3 hours setting up + getting paid to fuck on the job
>Has one fine ass - to reference - she has a more compact version of Tianna Gregory's ass and long Filipino brown nipples
>Get her contact info and meet at her house the same night
>Found out she's 50 and two years younger than my mom
>Fling last all summer until we're invited to a pool party where she catches me swimming with another girl
>Still fuck till this day whenever she needs help with her technology, oftentimes on purpose so she can get her fix
If by alpha you mean faggot, than yes, instant alpha.
>be 19 yo virgin
>been dating this girl for a month
>finally get into my room
>start getting my first blowjob
>I've seen some porn in my day
>she has zero technique
>I'm a champion jerker so I'm a little desensitized
>she sucks for twenty minutes
>yeah, you're gonna have to spread
>put condom on
>can't feel shit at this point
>excitement keeps me hard as diamonds though
>absolutely cannot believe I'm lasting this long
>get a little alpha
>demand she put her big ass in the air
>fucking rail her until I blow with a handful of asscheek in each hand
>whole session lasts nearly an hour
>mfw she bought my lie that she was my third
>mfw I just repeated moves from porn vids for forty-five minutes and used my fat ass fetish to finally nut
>mfw she fucking married me
>mfw if you don't respond to this your mother will die in her sleep tonight
>be 13
>dick gets hard
>envelop it with hand
>move hand up and down
>clean dick
>repeat once a day for 11 years
That's my complete sex life.
>be me
>be 14, freshman varsity swimmer, Asian with blond hair
>home alone
>tripping on dxm in room, while blasting loud ass vaporwave
>door busts open, its annoying sister in law
>"what the fuck man, we brought you food, get up"
>Hear older brother's gf moaning in the next room, sister in law still trying to drag me out of bed
>Pinch her decent ass
>She gets pissed and tries to fight
>Tell her that's hot
cont pls
>a few days later
>dad calls us all togther
>he got a new job in another smaller city
>allowed him to work from home and only make a few site visits every week
>he had talked about this before, knew this was in the works
>step mom also had some family there so that was a plus
>she was excited that her daughter would be exposed to her heritage
>Katie goes red when she hears about the move
>the atmosphere the room grows tense
>i guess her mom expected that reaction
>katie yells a very painful "I hate you" at her mother then runs away to my room
>she always did that when she felt hurt
>i was pretty mad too, but i knew my dad had been pushing for that job and the perks that came with it, for a while
>stick around for some time, dad explains how expects us to be packed by the end of the week bla bla bla
>go up to my room to talk to Katie
>can hear her sobbing
>"Katie, open up."
>"Go away"
>bitch its my room
>knock on it for 5 more minutes
>no response
>try to act like an understanding elder brother and give her some space
>have to sleep on the couch cause she still won't open the door
>what a bitch
>twisting and turning on the lumpy couch for hours before falling asleep
>feel a jerk and get pulled out of sleep
>thought i was falling of the couch
>breathe a sigh of relief when i open my eyes and realise im still on the solid couch
>look carefully at my side as my eyes adjust to the dark
>someone is crouching alongside me
>still groggy, try to figure who it could be
>"anon, are you awake?"
>its Katie
Man. Those boots!

That's my one real fetish. Just seeing a girl buck-naked doesn't do much for me.
.But add the boots, and I'm beyond hardness.

Very good descriptive picture, is what I'm trying to say.
File: TrumpMajestic4.jpg (736KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
736KB, 1920x1080px
Damn it anon, you got me.
> be 28
> hitting tinder like and alcoholic
> fuck a mates mates mother of his kids
> fucking her and the daughter comes in and goes your being loud
> leave house only to realise ive torn that chicks vag because all the lower balf my shirt is just blood
> says she has cysts and ive prob torn on
>mfw vag cyst blood on favourite shirt
I made it a point to fuck with shirt and socks on for ease of get away
>She's there, standing next to a tree in my yard
>My parents aren't home, I forget the reason why.
>I invite her in, cook her food and grab her a soda
>We start talking
>She tells me that she went to a mental hospital or something, I wasn't really listening at the time
It sounds funny now, but seriously kids, don't stick your dick in crazy
>Comes over three more times, we end up cuddling and watching Pirates of the Caribbean on my dvd player
>She gets in bed with me to cuddle, like normal
>Starts stripping
>She keeps her bra and panties on
>"It's just really hot in here, anon"
>She's whispering, my stepdad is in the next room over, sleeping
>I know she likes me, and I use that
>She starts tickling me, I don't take the bait
>I realize I fucked up by not tickling her back
>Start caressing her dark hair, she smiles
>I ask her to teach me how to take a girl's bra off
>She actually fucking does it
>I lay there, dumbfounded with her for like three minutes until she finally grabs my hands and wraps them around her breasts
>She tells me to squeeze hard and begins to moan
>Fucking. Diamonds.
File: 1469688428304.jpg (61KB, 720x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 720x540px
Why'd you delete the post breh?
>Here you go my man. Gf is 27
>(6 years old than me)
Looks like some grade A poon. Good job, mah dude.
>in highschool, go to dumb FFA haunted house thing because my sister wanted to.
>into though the thing and I go sit outside because I'm bored.
>this chick I knew from marching band comes up and sits next to me.
>she's in the grade below me and is about a foot shorter than me, and she's about a 6/10
> I ask her "hey, do you want to go explore some cool shit around the campus?"
>she says hell yeah, and we go to the football field.
>we are sitting in front of the scoreboard, and I made some dumb joke about sex.
>she says "I'd love to, but I'm in a relationship. I guess I can do oral though"
> I was a beta at this point, and I've never gotten this close at all. I was so excited, I was almost shaking.
>she kneels down in front of me and pulls my cock out. Its not hard at this point, so she starts licking and sucking my head.
>she starts sucking, and that shit was cash.
>her mom calls halfway through it and she picks up and starts talking. When she stops talking she sucks and that was so amazing.
>I finish down her throat and we walk back to the haunted house.
> on the way back, I'm like "can I see your tits?" And she goes "fuck it" and pulls her shirt and bra up and I grab them.

We never really did much after, and that infidelity led to her trying to kill herself a couple of times, but that doesn't matter, she sucked my cock.
your a nigger
File: Trumpster5.jpg (42KB, 750x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 750x490px
Damn dude, that had a dark ass turn.
any follow up on "dont stick your dick in crazy"?
i like those kind of stories
>socks on
exactly the thing girls dislike about htis is because guys can/will get the shit away faster.

Originally I thought we men just look ridiculous in socks-only.

>Game-over Yeeeeaaahh.
>letting her sit on my chest and slap the shit out of me
>actually feels good
>grab her chest and feel for nips
>"what are you doing anon"
>beat me up, it feels good
>"uhhh eww, weirdo"
>rub panties with dick, hard as fuck
>guess that turned her on
>grinds panties on dick
>take off gym shorts and sit up to kiss
Post pic?
>Works as a banquet server at a hotel
>Text ex-girlfriend to come by the hotel
>Ask one of my front desk homies to give me a passkey, and tells me not to mess anything up or else he's fired lol
>Invite her to room 118
>She's Ukrainian church girl wearing a mini skirt and Chanel Number 5, unf
>Undress her and play some music in the background
>Have her lay stomach down on the bed and spread her cheeks
>Ate her out and realizes she's extremely fertile at the moment
>Didn't have a condom at the time and decide fuck it
>Slide my cock in and ride this bitch like a cowboy
>I start to feel her pussy pulsating and her legs start quivering with me grinding my cock on her gspot
>About 10 minutes in her dad calls asking why she's at a hotel just as things start to get good
>How? Her dad tracks her on Find my iPhone, smh -_-
>Night ruined and now she's married to some other Ukrainian dude named Vlad
>Go figure
Yeah, it was a bunch of shit though. Her brother attempting suicide, and her gf was a fucking slut and cheated on her, and she was molested as a child and it was still fucking her up. If I had pushed she said i'd've been able to fuck her that night, honestly I should've said no, but hindsight is 20/20.
Finish, faggot
I don't have any, sorry bro. I promise she's real though.
>get up and turn on the table lamp
>first time this day katie got of my room
>her mom was out side the door for hours
>katie even skipped dinner
>her eyes are all red and tired
>looks disheveled overall
>sit down on the couch with her
>ask her what's up
>starts telling me about the place where we're supposed to move to
>she often went there for her vacations
>talks about her controlling grandparents (they were dead at this point in time though)
>felt really pressurised by the general behaviour they expected from her
>always compared her to her cousins even she was a kid
>she goes on for a while
>pretend to listen
>still groggy
>then gets to leaving everything behind
>was shy
>had trouble making friends since childhood
>only pulled it all togther recently
>her eyes get watery again
>she tries to talk but the sobs start again
>no idea how to console people
>stare at her crying like the fucking beta i am
>finally man the fuck up and tightly hug her
>whisper in her ear that it will all be okay etc
>she stops sobbing after a while of crying on my shoulder but still holds on to me
>the situation was surprisingly turning out to be a bit steamy
>...until her stomach loudly groaned and i started laughing
>"I guess someone missed their dinner"
>she laughs along too
>warm her some leftovers and turn on the tv
>end up sleeping sitting on the couch with her while watching a shitty nic cage movie
File: 1468890869473.jpg (140KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 1024x768px
I mean, I could just pull up a pic of some random slut online and say its her.
File: DonaldTheRonald7.jpg (56KB, 342x465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 342x465px
I hope she's fine now, did she end up killing herself? or was it just a bunch of attempts?
What about face book?
>feel her tongue
>she stops grinding to take off shirt
>no bra underneath, just perky tits
>yank her shorts and panties off
>eat her out while on bottom
>hmm, pussy doesn't taste that bad..
>be me
>had two relationships in the past, both were bitches
>both used me, cheated on me
>still virgin
>whatevs at this point
One day
>best friend is snapping this crazy bitch
>dyed hair, nipple piercings, tattoos
> she's hot, but it's every indicator she was fucking insane
>which I already knew from his experiences
>he gets me in the snap, she seems interested
>sends me about 60 nudes in the span of a month, it was pretty cash
>she's still fucking insane, super clingy
>decide to fuck her because at least I already know that she doesn't care about me
>go up to college orientation with family, was gonna take the car and fuck her
>"omg anon my friend just got robbed she's staying at my house sorry you can't come over."

I maybe could dig around for a pic of her. She isn't really active on Facebook, though. It might actually be from around the time it happened.
A bunch of attempts
>be 16
>watching nextflix with cunt gf
>step dad goes downstairs
>looked at her
>pulled her pants down
>licked her hair pussy like it was icecream
>heard step dad coming back upstairs
>pulled her pants back up
>acted like nothing happened
what do you mean by that? like tried and failed or?
Kaite anon type faser
Bruh you just mad I got to taste Mercedes' juices and you didn't
Post a snap
Yeah, the first time she tried a bunch of pills, then the second time was pills, then the third time she slit her wrists. Honestly I'm surprised she didn't die. Her mom had a nervous breakdown because of her and her older brother attempting.
holy shit
File: 229469.jpg (366KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
366KB, 1920x1080px
>Evening, Summer 2005 in West Texas
>Wind is blowing warm and dry over the plains and agitating the wind chimes and shell casings and empty bottles that hang from the awning of my uncle's trailer.
>Inside my cousin and I are playing San Andreas on my uncle's PS2.
>Uncle is out at a jobsite. Won't be back for days.
>I'm 16, tall, skinnyfat with mophead hair perpetually covered by some stoner-themed beanie hat
>My cousin, 12 or 13 from my recollection, I will describe as I remember him from that night: Round-faced, slender and scrawny. Barely a shade over five feet even as he neared puberty. Blonde hair cut shorter than mine but curly and always messy. Dressed in athletic shorts and a t-shirt with some sarcastic phrase or another scrawled across the front.
>When we started playing, there was a respectable few inches between us, sitting on the floor in front of that old-fashioned fat-backed television. And though I don't notice it immediately, after an hour of gameplay, he has slowly scooted closer so that his arm brushes up against mine every time he moves in reaction to the game
File: 66661.jpg (264KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264KB, 1920x1080px
>The hour is 2300 and in the middle of a gang battle, my cousin suddenly pauses the game and tosses the controller in my lap.
>He says, "I don't want to play anymore".
>I look down at him. Now I'm aware how close he's been sitting. Just turning my head to face him, I can smell his skin, his hair...
>I say, "okay", somewhat confused but not surprised as he'd been acting strange ever since my uncle left that morning.
>I get up and walk to the kitchen, grab a glass from the cabinet, and fill it up at the sink. When I turn back around, he's now laying on the couch, one arm stretched across his forehead, staring off into space.
>I ask if he wants to watch TV
>I ask if he wants to listen to some music
>Before I can make another suggestion, he gets up and goes into his bedroom, I assume, to go to sleep. Fair enough, I think, it's getting late, he's tired. That's it.
>I get a cigarette from my uncle's stash in a drawer under the kitchen counter and step outside.
>After three drags, my cousin appears at the doorway behind me, asks for it.
>I hand him the cigarette and he takes a long drag, hands it back to me.
>I take a drag and my cousin steps down from the doorway and stands in front of me. He leans forward and rests his head on my chest, his arms hanging down at his sides.
>Not sure what to do, I stare out at the lights of the cars, still passing down the highway one or two at a time in the distance.
>Throroughly confused at this point--never seen him act like this before--I ask if something is wrong.
>Long silence, five seconds, ten. Then he says, "I'm just really glad you came out here." I feel his arms slowly crawl up my sides and around to my lower back in a sort of weak embrace. Down below, I feel the first stirrings of an impending erection. I take another drag.
File: 1509422.jpg (823KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
823KB, 1920x1080px
>With half an inch left on the cigarette, I ask if he wants another drag
>He shakes his head, swiping his face side to side against the front of my shirt. I toss the cigarette into the dirt and look around. The nearest neighbors are over half a kilometer away, but I'm still worried someone might see.
>I put my hands on his shoulders and gently push him away.
>He looks up at me, eyes wide and mouth hanging slightly open
>I tell him I'm going to bed.
>"Oh," he says. His face falls and he looks away.
>I open the door and step inside the trailer.
>In the bathroom down the hall, I'm brushing my teeth and between bursts of the faucet, I hear my cousin enter the trailer and walk into his bedroom. I rinse off and put away my toothbrush and open the bathroom door.
>Across from me is his bedroom, the light's off inside so I can't see him. I close the bathroom door and shut off the hallway light and step inside.
>While I stay there, the two of us share a queen size bed that takes up over half his floor space. I get under the covers and scoot closer to him. I know he's not asleep.
>"Hey", I say, "what's wrong?"
>He shuffles back towards me until I'm spooning him.
>The two of us have always been close, since his uncle's divorce, since his mom had her crazy religious conversion and moved overseas to proselytize in China or Albania or wherever. But tonight it's different, in a way that I felt but couldn't really explain.

>It's just him and his uncle out here, in the desolate, ugly, beautiful wasteland of the old Southwest. His entire grade at school in the double digits and mostly twats, by his judgement, the nearest neighbors half a click in either direction. I'm all he has, that's what he doesn't have to tell me.
>"Alright man," I say. I tilt my head downward, bury my nose in his messy blonde hair and inhale, and it's like I'm taking the whole of his spirit into the dome of my skull. He bends his knees downward over mine until the soles of his feet are touching the tops of mine. I reach around and wrap my arms about his chest, gripping tightly the front of his shirt.
>"Anon", he says.
>He sniffs and says, "please don't leave."
>I clench his shirt tighter.
>"Not yet", I say, and release.
>I feel one of his hands come over the top of my own. My other hands rubs up and down from his chest down to his stomach. He's warm and soft even through the t-shirt. My hand wanders down to his waist and over his thighs. He inhales deeply, but offers no protest.
>I ask if he's okay, he nods lightly.
>"omg anon you should totally come up here I want you." Bullshit
>drive an hour and a half to the college
>hang out with friends brother, get a backup place to sleep if I feel like she's gonna stab me in my sleep
>go over to her apparent
>we walk straight to her bedroom, start hooking up
>start to finger her
>"just fuck me"
>she pulls down my gym shorts
>start to fuck her
>surprisingly tight
>start pumping missionary position
>"bight me anon"
>well ok
>bite her neck, ear
>she starts scratching my back
>her dog jumps on bed and licks my ass
>push the dog off the bed
>feel orgasm coming after like 5 mins
>stop, she gets on top
>she starts working her hips, just going on the tip and sort of gyrating side to side
>feels good
>biting my lip and shit
>flip her back over, start fucking her again
>power fucking her at this point, biting her neck
>couldn't feel my orgasm coming, keep power fucking her
>cum inside her
Slept at her place

>she texts me like 8 times
>ignore her
>hope she didn't save my nudes
>fucker her friend after that.
>she finally squirts
>"lemme handjob"
>grab her head and force my dick in her mouth during handjob"
>she gives up and suck
>lay in bed for rest of night, brother and his girlfriend drunk as fuck, parents out for weekend
>feel her tits and ass all night
we started dating and just kept getting closer after that
File: P1toDJ5.jpg (150KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 1920x1080px

>Encouraged now, I slowly shift my free hand back up and underneath his t-shirt. He's breathing faster and I run my hand over, mapping every warm contour of his chest and stomach.
>He lets go of my hand and I reach down towards the waistband of his shorts, then pause and reach lower, toward his crotch. I can feel his cock, small but rock hard, pressing up against the front of his shorts. I squeeze it lightly and start rubbing it up and down through his clothes.
>His breathing quickens and I crane my neck forward and begin lightly kissing the side of his neck.
>He presses his ass back into my crotch. I know he can feel my dick through my pajama pants.
>Bored now. I surge up and throw the covers aside--too hot anyway--even in the dark I know exactly where to go.
> I reach down and pull down his shorts and underwear in one tug, he kicks his legs and flings them across the room.
>Bending down, I place one hand on his chest, he grabs it with both hands and holds it to his heart. With the other, I feel for his cock. Hairless but for a barely perceptible tuft just at the base, circumsized and though it's hard to tell in the dark, just over four inches fully hard.
>I put my mouth over it in one go and slowly pull it out, my tongue riding the bottom vein up to the head.
>He arches his back, and I can barely make out a "yeah", escaping between breaths.
>Like a depraved whore, or a wild animal mad with feverish lust, I go at his cock such that I'm barely paying attention when he says, "wait".
>Then he gasps; his dick twitches and warm, salty semen spills into my mouth. I'm surprised, but managed to fight the urge to gag. Four, five, six strings. I start to think he could go on forever.

>the next few days were pretty busy
>packing and saying goodbye to everyone takes up all my time
>katie was still being whiny
>argued alot with her mom, however ended up understanding that her bitching won't change a thing
>katie, too, ended up keeping herself busy throughout the week, sleeping over at one friend or another's house
>her mood improved over the course of the week
>but we didn't do anything sexual that week
>masturbating after weeks of glorius handjobs felt fucking vanilla
>anyway, the day of the move finally came
>leave early,3-4 in the morning
>supposed to be there in the evening
>get into the backseat, throw a blanket over myself and go back to sleep
>wake up cause feeling cold and loud old timey music playing
>a part of the blanket has been pulled off me
>get up a bit and see katie staring out of the window at the rising sun with about half of the blanket over her
>bitch no one takes my blanket
>pull on it
>catch her by surprise and manage to pull the whole of it of her
>"Gimme back the blanket. I'm feeling cold."
>"Should've brought your own"
>i pull my legs up to the seat of the care while leaning against the door
>wrap the blanket around me and close my eyes
>Katie trys to snatch it back
>back and forth goes on for a minute until my dad intervenes
>tells us to shut the fuck up cause step mom is asleep
>it ends with half the blanket over katie and the other half over me
>start to pinching and poking her under the blanket as revenge
>she does the same
>her hand grazes across my dick
>hard as fuck cause morning wood
File: image.jpg (89KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 750x1334px
Right here
>I use my other hand to reach down, to rub hers and all.
>Feels kind of like feeding a baby food from your hand, if the baby had a shaved beard. That's the best metaphor I have.
>She's moaning the entire time
>I realize my stepdad's gonna hear
>Take the hand that was touching her vagina, put the hand over her mouth
>She puts my wet fingers in her mouth, sucking them one-by-one. I don't have literary skills good enough to describe it but that was when I decided that there truly was a God.
>I tell her "i wanna try something..."
>Bite her nipple, suck on it, bite, suck, again and again
I really wish I let the foreplay last longer, but anyway I took my average, 5" cock and put it in
>Looking back, it was REALLY loose.
>Couldn't cum, no real friction.
>Not using a condom, Idc, I didn't actually know exactly how the stuff worked at the time
>About ten minutes later, I take it out and she starts rubbing it
>First time anyone's really touched my penis
>Fucking diamonds. I don't get that phrase, but it was really surreal. Felt like a dream.
>She starts rubbing both of her breasts, leaving me to jack it off
>I'm basically sitting on her, rubbing it
>Can't really do it
>It's dark in the room
>It's taking kind of long, not really feeling like cumming - I think I was too scared
>I looked down, and looked into her eyes
>Some fucking Asari/Night-Elf fucking magic.
>No celebrity or pornstar could ever make THAT exact look
>Cum, yelp "YES!" with my beta 15 year old voice
>It's all over her face
>She looks at me, smiling
>Cleans it off with a sock, all I had to give her.
>She gets dressed and I walk her outside, she leaves
She never really talked to me again. Turns out she had a boyfriend in the same way the Queen of England has knights. My hormones fucked up the rest of the year, fapping never felt as good and I ended up with terrible acne.
She cut up her legs one day, with a razor blade, and sent me a picture of it.
> american
> using metric system
> somethings fucky
File: Stadium_Night_016.jpg (168KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 1920x1080px
>FInally, he finishes. Against my instincts, I swallow every drop and with my tongue, clean every inch of his still twitching cock.
>I lay down next to him, my dick still throbbing with anticipation; I wonder if he'll return the favor.
>Still naked from the waist down, he rolls over and lays his head on my chest, saying nothing. I put my right hand on his back and grab his hand with my left.
>He's adorable, I think, even in the dark he seems so content. I'll let him rest for a minute.
>Having other ideas, he pushes himself up and reaches across the bed, switching on the light.
>Now, for the first time since I laid down, I can see him fully. He's sitting on top of his feet and looking down at me with a half smile on his face, almost expectantly.
>I reach down and begin undoing the drawstring of my pants and, taking the cue, he reaches over to help me.
>I think, here and now, this is crossing the moral threshold
>Sucking my cousins dick to climax and swallowing every drop, you could write it off to teenage horniness
>But we haven't stopped, we won't stop.
>Now he's got my pants off and he's pulling off his shirt
>I decide that I'll dive in
>I sit up and wrap my arms around his neck, pull him down to the bed so I'm on top of him
>I kiss and lick his neck, I nibble his ear, his hands are rubbing my throbbing erection and he makes soft little moaning noises as I rub my hands up and down his slender frame.
Some Americans actually like the metric system, even though the customary system is more common.
I can't post pic rn sorry. Gimme a sec to resolve the problem.
File: image.jpg (109KB, 1336x749px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 1336x749px
File: 1456593620631.jpg (107KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 1920x1080px

>This went on for some time. How long, I can't say for sure.
>We woke up, naked and embracing, some time after sunrise the next morning.
>Still not ready to leave the bed, we turn on the TV and watch some dumb cartoons for an hour or two
>I get up, buck naked and walk to the kitchen, water first, then coffee, then breakfast for the both of us
>Somehow I can't bring myself to just pour us some cereal
>Scrambled, eggs, thick bacon, tortillas, beans, and jalapenos
>I bring them in and he's laying there on the bed, stomach down, propped up on his elbows and his feet hanging over his ass
>He sees the food and his face lights up and just seeing that I immediately gain a half-chub
You fucked up by not continuing to fuck her
I swear to fuck anon finish this shit
Fiuuuuuuu any good lips/mouth/tongue?
I second.
Will wait.
File: image.jpg (127KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 750x1334px
Lmao she threatens my friend and black mailer him.

Glad I got out while I could, her friend was hotter anyway
I third
i fifth
File: image.png (15KB, 278x510px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 278x510px
Haul ass on the Katie story pls. I'm getting close...
So remember kids,
Don't stick your dick in crazy.
u know this is based off a sex novel right by Bj mcruff
File: SmugTrump9.jpg (19KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 480x360px
Great read so far anon, look into posting some of this on other websites, I'm sure you'd find general success.
I kekd
Can you fuck off you cousin fucking gronk
it's fucking 3:30am here, good for you for jerking, too fucking tired man
No dude you can, just don't leave it there.

I'm >>696809610
Someday you need to give her her own thread, these pix are glorious.
File: FierceTrumpu10.jpg (114KB, 1200x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1200x630px
Wait really?
Don't make it any less good shit. (But what novel?)
File: JFyU7XS.png (132KB, 228x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 228x350px
been close for like 20mins now JUST FINISH HER!!!!
Her on the left, her brother on the right. On the football field where she sucked my cock.
I absolutely hate imperial, its so arbitrary
>be me love Shrek
File: image.jpg (168KB, 541x405px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 541x405px
I can only edge myself for so long anon...
Shes gross
Kek so some nigger is fucking your girl, and your answer is to suck his sick?
fuck the nay sayer
waiting for more op!
So do you think she's fucking her brother?
She sucks a good dick. So whatever. Her tits aren't spectacular, either.
Beggars can't be choosers you virgin
Looks like a good little hoover
Well, her brother sucks dicks, so....
Think its called
little osu names have been changed and its been shortened but its been taken from that >little girl moves from japan with mother because she marrys boys father there relationship blossums out of controll she has his baby family disowns them she kills her self and he writes this book there u go fgts storys over
She was submissive. She was super affectionate to me the rest of the year after she blew me, but she never put out again. So meh.
> just had sex
> it felt so good
> a femanon let me put my penis inside her
> 10/10 wouldnit go back to the not-having-sex part of my life
File: image.jpg (33KB, 280x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 280x246px
Anon plsss, I...can't...hold it!!!
So you're fucking them both?
>she starts consciously moving her hand over my dick
>stare at her with the stop this shit look
>she replies with a smirk
>look in the front
>dad full focused on road, step mom sleeping
>music in the background
>can't be that bad
>what if we get caught though
>give katie the stop it look again
>staring at me with devilish grin, she slowly slides her hand into my track pants
>she is having fun teasing me
>the bitch
>gotta get her to stop
>but oh god my dick
>starts to play with rock hard dick through the thin fabric of my boxers
>just grazing her hand or rubbing my dick for a second before moving her hand away
>going crazy with the teasing
>stop giving a fuck to consequences
>grab her hand firmly and guide it under the waistband of my boxers
>bitch still hasn't stopped teasing
>pulling my foreskin down a bit and rubbing the head
>playing with my balls
>softly jerking my shaft
>fucking tease man
>she moves properly jerk me off after satisfying her sadistic tendencies
>no sudden/flashy movements because it will be suspicious
>slowly starts rubbing the head of my dick by twisting my foreskin around it
>then starts to jerk it up and down
>the situation is so fucking hot
>signal her that im about to cum
>starts to go as fast as she could without drawing suspicion
>jizz with the force of a thousand sons on her hand
>dad was none the wiser
>she grabs a tissue from her travel bag and hands one over to me
>rest of the day goes uneventfully
>stop over for lunch at shitty diner in the middle of nowhere, the drive straight to our destination
File: YouGoTrumpu2k16-8.jpg (64KB, 664x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 664x441px
Thanks for the help anon, can always count on you.
Thank fuck
Atta boy anon
Tbh if I could fuck him, I would. Yeah yeah, call me a faggot, whatever. Maybe go make fun of the cousinfucker first, though.
Moar now anon pliz
Here you go OP
File: image.jpg (25KB, 327x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 327x338px
There it is
>"An-anon... im about to cum"
File: cececec.jpg (57KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 600x800px
please finish the story anon!
Legit one of the better stories I've read so far 8.5/10
Still here?
>be me love Shrek
> Pray to Shrek
> People on farqchan don't understand
> don't respect Shrek
> I pray for forgiveness for they do not know what they do
>Hear a faint voice
>The orgelord does not forgive non believers
>They should have checked themselves before they Shrek'ed themselves
> Shrek is love Shrek is life
you sly fuck
File: 1462219428483.gif (1MB, 360x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 360x240px
You've done something right been cause you're driving people fucking crazy xD
Im fucking running around in vault 88 doing nothing WAITING FOR MORE

>reach our new home
>quaint little city, nothing like where we were before
>drove past a lake which was apparently just a 30 minute drive from our house
>kinda like it
>new house is pretty cool too
>Katie and i get bedrooms on the upper floor cause my dad has fucked up knees and avoids stairs
>obviously parents take the bedroom on the ground floor
>garage on the frontside of the house
>nice backyard with a (non functional) hot tub
>get settled in etc.
>dad gets obsessed with fixing all the little problems in the house including the hot tub
>Katie and i barely had any time for ourselves now
>dad was essentially working from home
>step mom looking for a new job
>and we had no excuse to be in each other's room at night
>also, parents constantly checking in on us to see if we were okay with the living situation didn't make the privacy situation any better
>we still got a little frisky though but no solid action
>the restrictions we had to place on ourselves got to her too
>she slipped into the bathroom once when i was having a shower
>our parents had gone out that morning to get a grasp on the grocery situation
>it was one of the fleeting moments we got to ourselves
>i had never seen her properly naked before
>she shyly walked into the bathing area, crimson with embrassment
>my dick was diamonds the moment i saw her
>cute budding tits
>a bit of bush above a perfectly shaped pussy
>petite body
>pert ass
I'm spent, but I'm gonna keep pushing. Dehydration is starting to set in.
Damn you. Moar
Step-dad? Bullshit story
nice anon 10/10
> arrive at destination
> giant 6'5 nigger sitting on couch
> Katie introduces Tyrone
> Tyrone and Katie start fucking
> to beta to stop them
> cry and jerk off while Tyrone gets Katie pregnant
> Clean him off when they're done, so he can't take her juices with him
> bam get married to my step-sister
>Fucking diamonds. I don't get that phrase
what are you still 15 or something? it doesn't get much more literal than that.
Nice try Chad.
File: sad.jpg (80KB, 766x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 766x960px
File: 1448124060817.png (2MB, 2976x3767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2976x3767px
File: 1469497218953.jpg (16KB, 398x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 398x500px
10/10 the dream is real
File: 1469499994591.jpg (8KB, 250x243px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 250x243px
anon teasing 4chan right now
Someone lied on the internet?
what? Never.
>be 19
>living with gf in a shitty little apartment
>have a terrible shift at job and come home exhausted
>no sex, no cuddling, just out like a light the second I hit the bed
>feel sunlight on my skin and realize it's morning
>also feel rustling next to me
>gf slowly moves her hand into my boxers and starts caressing my balls
>surprised as fuck, she's never taken the initiative like this before
>I'm still pretty groggy so I've yet to open my eyes all the way
>when I do I see her staring intensely at me
>start to ask her a question but she shushes me
>"shhhhh... mommy needs this.."
>cock is now very much awake
>"MMmmm... who's my big boy?"
>cock is at 120% attention, never been this hard in my life
>gf gracefully moves herself into position over me and lowers herself
>realize she has no panties on, realize I have no condom on... we've never done bareback before..
>we have now
>slide into her warm and silky pussy... pure heaven
>I put my hands on her hips but she quickly grabs them and pins them above my head
>she's riding me agonizingly slowly, blue balls times infinitely but I love it
>gyrates her hips and teases the tip of my cock by popping it in and out
>maybe it was the early morning grogginess, but she breaks before I do
>starts slamming her hips down and taking me to the hilt with every bounce
>at this point I am incapable of forming words even if I wanted to
>scrunches up her face and starts to come violently, pussy just about clamps my dick off
>my breathing gets heavier and she must have known I was close
>"come inside me baby.. don't you dare pull out!"
>fuck this dominatrix shit, I need to hold you woman
>grab her hips, thrust with all my might and cum with the force of a thousand suns of hateful fury
>she collapses on top of me and we just cuddle/breathe for several minutes...
>she moves her head, stares into my eyes with the most motherly/loving smile and says she loves me

Best morning of my entire life, bar none.
Sister in law? You were married at 14?
File: obnlib.jpg (54KB, 589x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 589x490px
>friends always telling me how hot they think gf is
>gf hates friends
>have shown them pics and vids in the past, but they wanna see her for real
>one night i tell the boys to come over and have a peek in the bedroom window, but to be quite about it
>seduce gf and get her on bed, hands ties and blindfold on
>turn on loud music
>open curtains
>start to just finger her a bit, fire her up until they get here
friends come into view, shit eating grins all round
>fuck gf for as long as i can, as hard as i can
>probably best fuck of my life
>made her cum twice, and blew allover her tits and mouth.
File: wp2.jpg (81KB, 500x674px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 500x674px
Here you go fellow brogre. I printed this and stuck it on my wall in my bedroom.
Someone saving this Katie story? Because holy shit
>be me
>jerk off
>the end.
>had gf once
>had sex
>the end
i haven't had sex in a year
> be me
> fuck hooker
> she smells like garbage
> get herpes
> win, still got pussy
File: image.jpg (106KB, 750x1019px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106KB, 750x1019px
Just for you anon.
Damn nigger
It's weird but I came.
>fucking gf on sofa in living room
>about to cum
>ask if i can cum on her face
>she agrees to try it
>go to bathroom
>bust the biggest nut of my life all over her face
>came so hard felt so good
>look down at what ive done
>clean her up
>put her to bed
>jerk off 3 more times thinking about it
Pleases my armpit fetish.
I think Anon is a Pedo
All stories with stepdads are BS?
>send text to fuck buddy
>she asks me to come over
>get there go inside
>she's half naked on the bed studying
>I'm already hard
>uh oh.gif
>fart in coming
>shit my pants
>turn around and leave
I'm saving it but I'm on fucking mobile. Just go back and screenshot.
anon no
I think you are a skeleton and member of ISIS
>she has the perfect body, never got to see her fully nude before
>she gets into the shower cabin with me
>its been a while since we had gotten frisky together
>asks me if it's okay to shower together
>she stands in front of me and slowly starts grinding up to me, my dick in the small of her back
>can tell shes nervous from the way she's moving
>suddenly turns around to look at me
>gives me my first real kiss
>kisses my neck and chest, slowly moving downwards
>all of a sudden the bathroom door opens
>mom walks in
>gets on the floor
>everyone walk the dinosaur
Fuck u kid
>call her under the shower
>she slowly makes her way towards me
>guide her infront of me
>start soaping up her body
>begin at the neck
>slowly go down to her shoulders
>then her little tits
>start to caress them
>buckle my knees a bit and start kissing her neck
>my dick is constantly coming in contact with her soft skin
>that shit is driving me over the edge
>continue to move down leisurely while fondling her body
>stop at her pubes and start playing with them
>sudden obsession with her pubes
>let my hands wander over it before moving to her pussy
>rub her around her pussy for a bit
>I whisper to her "Do you want to try something new?"
>the only answer she can give in the throes of passion is yes
>make her lean against the wall
>get on my knees
>start to lick her pussy
>or, atleast try
>the only idea i had was from watching porn so idk how bad my technique
>kept asking her for instructions and what felt good
>felt her back arching over me, must be on the right track
>kept going at it for while, licking in and around her pussy
>she suddenly grabbed at my hair
>i could make out the word cum in her light moans
>i felt a light tremor go through her body, after which she collapsed under the shower
got me
fuck you
not op
shitty bait
Kek'd if real
Was any of this true D:

Did you lead us on a ruse, anon?
>Be 21, gainfully employed, and having a crush on the boss's daughter since high school.
>One night she calls
>Anon, I'm in trouble, I derped my car into a ditch.
>Ride to the rescue with my competently equipped pickup.
>Bring snacks and drinks for her comfort while I act manly with the rescue.
>Find her parked on the shoulder, no emergency.
>Tube top, short skirt, wistful smile, huge fuck me eyes.
>So the emergency involves easy access clothing? I ask
>Suddenly very glad I showered.
>Anon, is there someplace we can go?
Dude idk if that shit was real but if it wasn't BECOME A FUCKING WRITER ILL BUY ALL OF IT
I actually screamed no when I finished reading it
Does this story involve a 6'5 bigger named Tyrone? Cause I think it does.
dude this will wake for a great visual novel, somebody make this story into one
>she gets after a minute
>looking at my rock hard cock, she knew it was her turn to please me
>she always joked around about sucking my cock after watching porn with me
>ask her if she wants to try it
>obidiently gets down on her knees
>tell her suck on it like a popsicle
>pulls down my foreskin and starts licking at the head of my dick
>carries on for a bit
>follows through with the popsicle instruction and takes my dick in her mouth
>holy fucking shit
>first blowjob
>starts bobbing her head on my dick
>too teethy
>tell her that
>eager to please, quickly fixes her mistake
>ask her to pay attention to my balls
>does that
>tell her to start twisting my dick while sucking on it
>understands it well and executes it like i visualized
>this gurllllll unh
>start moaning
>it was sight to behold
>my cute step sister chokin' my dick (well metaphorically) in her little mouth
>holding it in place with her tiny hands
>tell her i'm about to cum
>keeps on sucking my dick like a champ
>unload my jizz in her mouth
>i lose count of how many times my dick spasms in her mouth
>keeps on swallowing it
>my semen is now leaking out of her mouth
Damn you
A ruse ma'am: a clever attempt to trick me
>"How did it taste?"
>"Weird. Salty but not bad."
>she goes and washes her face and mouth
>pull her and hold her against the wall
>start rubbing her boobs
>she makes the sexiest expression while bitting her lower lip
>go down to her boobs and start licking on her nipples
>always wanted to do that to a chick
>could check one of the fetish list
>start sucking on her left breast while groping on her right one
>carry on for a while
>look up while groping her breasts
>she still has that sexy expression on her face but her eyes are closed
>can't resist
>plant a kiss on her lips
>first time we did that
>she opens her eyes, surprised
>however, she instantly retaliates
>never kissed, didn't know how to
>but, this felt just right
>playing around with tongues now
>made out for 5 more minutes
>tell her to stop cause parents could be home any minute
dick is diamonds because i'm visualizing it perfectly
>our forbidden moments of bliss took a sharp cut for the next few weeks
>katie and I got busy with integrating ourselves in our new lives at school and the neighborhood
>this combined with no unsupervised time at home made it difficult for us to fuck around
>once i got up in the middle of the night to piss to find step mom randomly checking up on katie
>dejected, i had to resort back to comforting myself with my right hand
>one fine night, I was sitting in front of my computer with porn, trying to fap
>all my attempts to jerk off were bringing no pleasure
>i got too used to someone else's hand on my dick
>act on the only alternative i could think off
>text katie
>exchange all the regular plesantaries, and drive the conversation to a sexual direction
>'leave the panties you used today in the laundry room ;)'
>'ewwww anon nooooo...why would i do that'
>'because i want to smell you'
>'do you want my panties to masturbate anon...that's creepy ;)'
>'don't leave me hanging. i really need them'
>be cheesy as fuck and convice her to go along with my plan
>go down at the decided time and collect my prize
>stash that heavenly piece of cloth in my pockets and run back up to my room
>lock myself in and take a long whiff of her scent
>close my eyes and try to visualise the blowjob i got from katie
>instant boner
>start to rub her panties on my dick
>mind wanders to her petite body
>her cute little tits
>that flithy bush
>better than any kind of porn
>keep rubbing my dick with them until i blow my load
>that was... satisfactory
>get a text from her later
>"give me back my panties if you're done with them perv ;p"
>her mom was busy cooking dinner so we had respite for a few minutes
>head to her room to hand them over
>knock on the door
>she opens it up a bit and sees whose out there, then sticks her hand out
>"won't you let me in?"
>"nuh uh"
>i force the door and catch her by surprise
>i get inside and push her against the wall she's standing next to and start kissing her
>she is dazed by my sudden advance but starts reciprocating
>carry on kissing and groping until her mom calls us down for dinner
>think of the panties bussiness as one time thing until i get her text the next day
>'anon i left a surprise for you in the laundry room'
>it seems me jacking off on her panties turns her on too
>make the underwear exchange our method of taming our libido
>Chatting up this girl that lives in a poor rural part of the state I met
>She wants out of the shitty town she lives in, she is a HS dropout and works as a waitress
>Drive out to see her, fucking her on the first visit
>She is so starved for love and is desperate to get out of her poverty
>Start slowly building her to do more and more kinks
>Start with pleb shit, like ordering shitty tripper spandex outfits off ebay and making her wear it to the supermarket and what not
>Make her wear diapers for days on end
>Take her out to Atlantic City a few, she is blown away by a shitty Casino hotel room
>Start talking to her about incest, she seems to be really into it
>Says she would make love with her own kids
>Talk her into fucking her cousin
>Have her talked into stopping her BC pill and letting her cousin get her pregnant

This is where i'm at now. Im trying to think of any kinks/fetishes before she gets pregnant since that be the end of my involvement
All of you please see
And stop being stupid faggots
>NZ'der, 17, still virgin
>Do an exchange to Germany, become insanely popular in my school and in the circle of friends I make.
>Exchange company does a trip around europe to see the other countries
>Go through France, Switzerland and Luxembourg, nothing really happens
>Go to Italy, stay in a beach town outside of Venice for a couple days.
>Hotel restaurant booked out because of another group staying there. Have to find our own.
>End up on my own, find a small restaurant run by this macedonian guy.
>Get treated like a celebrity because I'm from New Zealand. Manager ignores the other customers just to talk with me.
>Waitress comes in, 10/10 smoking hot romanian girl.
>Manager gets her to talk with me, starts doing his job and pays attention to other customers.
>Constantly gives me and the waitress shots of Limoncello and raspberry vodka.
>Stay til closing, and end up going to some of the clubs along the beach.
>Was supposed to be back at the hotel by midnight, but as long as I was on the bus the next day, they didn't give a shit.
>Stay out really late, we sit down on some of those beach chairs that they hire out during the summer
>She gets on top of me, takes of my clothes and fucks me there and then. At this point I was pretty wasted and my memory is blurry on the details.
>Get dressed, go our separate ways, I stagger back to the hotel and continue on the europe trip the next day.
Fuck off
I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right, he uses Kantian logic as the basis of our responsibility to act in a way that sets an example for all mankind.

I'd actually want to read this paper.
>nic cage
Too fucking good anon, keep going
Moar. This shit is top.
> Anonymous 07/28/16(Thu)19:59:49 No.696814062 ▶
>Fuck off
> Anonymous 07/28/16(Thu)20:00:04 No.696814098 ▶
>I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right, he uses Kantian logic as the basis of our responsibility to act in a way that sets an example for all mankind.
>I'd actually want to read this paper.
> Anonymous 07/28/16(Thu)20:00:38 No.696814142 ▶
>>nic cage
> Anonymous 07/28/16(Thu)20:01:04 No.696814185 ▶
>Too fucking good anon, keep going
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So all of you are not fazed by the fact that this story is the one you all have been whinging for?
File: jo.jpg (39KB, 284x361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 284x361px
>be 15
>in the backseat with my 17 y/o girlfriend on the way to a concert
>her sister is driving with her bf in the passenger seat
>gf starts giving me a handjob under a blanket
>sister and her bf start having a conversation so they're distracted
>gf starts sucking my dick under the blanket while I keep watch
>let's me cum in her mouth
>she takes her sister's Monster drink and spits into it
>mfw my gf and her sister both have my cum in their mouths
Is her cousin a 6'5 nigger named Tyrone?
Please hurry
>I lead her to a friend's house.
>He's got rich parents and his place is an old converted barn on the property.
>It's where I take women i want to impress.
>She melts when she sees the hot tub.
>Off go the clothes as she rinsed off under the pool shower.
>In the hot tub we snuggle, She straddles me finally and I find my personal cock surrounded by the tightest, softest pussy I ever felt.
>She's moving up and down, moaning and sighing.
>She rides slowly up and down.
>I'm finding myself feeling good but not edging, i'm not going to be a two minute wonder this time.
>She starts to tighten a little more as her vagina pulsates with orgasms.
>It gets so tight the muscles cling to my cock as she pulls on the outstroke.
>Feelsfuckingfantasticman.jpg, but still not edging.
>She rocks faster and faster, soon the water is splashing all over
>Suddenly her back arches and she let's out a moan, then collapsed against my chest.
5'6 white dude name Chase
(not anon, this shit is pasta)

>things progess like this for a bit
>we find our moments when we can, but they few and far between
>one fine night
>dad wakes up me at midnight
>"anon your great uncle lardass has died. I need to go to head over there to his place.....etc etc"
>I'm groggy as fuck so i couldn't give much of a fuck
>see dad off to the door and back lay down again
>oh wait
>step mom is a nurse and had a shift tonight
>sneak back down and check their room
>oh yus
>head over to katie's room and lie down next to her
>start whispering in her ear to wake her up
>move down to her face and neck to kiss her in between
>she starts stirring
>move my hand under her top and rub her tits
>"a-anon....stop...." she says sleepily
>"no one's home katie"
>she doesn't respond but i keep on fondling her body and kissing her
>she finally opens her eyes
>stares at me,disoriented
>before she can say anything i plant my lips on hers
>she struggles and get my face away from hers
>"anon are you crazy? Someone might catch us"
>explain the situation to her
>this time she attacks me
>rolls over on top of me and we start making out
>we manage to take of our clothes in the midst of all the kissing and fondling and groping
>i've waited so long for this to happen again
>all our communication is in the form of grunts and moans
>my hands are straying all over her soft skin

>then, she moves away in the sultriest manner and turns around
>her pert little ass is now facing me, basking in the glory of the moonlight
>and then i feel her mouth on my dick
>holy fuck
>she starts alternatively bobbing and licking it
>slid down a little and reach for her ass
>get into a comfortable position and start licking her pussy
>her going to town my dick hardly enables me to focus but i still try
>feel the sensation at the base of my dick
>im about to cum but cant move away as my face is buried
>clench her butt and stop
>surprise her with my jizz
>keep licking her till she cums too
>she goes to bathroom to clean up as lay down in the bed
>she comes back up and cuddles up to me
>we go to sleep naked, in each other's arms

thats all she wrote
File: Feline laughter.jpg (120KB, 497x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Feline laughter.jpg
120KB, 497x640px
Cock sucking fag
Anon is that...is that it?
Pls have mercy on her soul
I hope not!
Wheres tge penetration gayboi???
>one time I sucked a dick
It's got what one might call a happy ending. I'm satisfied with this. Would have like more and see what is happening now, but this is fine. 7/10 op
I wasn't anon, this is a pasta from like 2015, nigga played us.

also, thats all that was written.
I came thank you very much
>gf sucked my dick in the back row during church
Anymore full body?
File: foto_no_exif.jpg (41KB, 338x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 338x600px
I'm reposting my own story fag
here's the typewriter from >>696811732

>then, she moves away in the sultriest manner and turns around
>her pert little ass is now facing me, basking in the glory of the moonlight
>and then i feel her mouth on my dick
>holy fuck
>she starts alternatively bobbing and licking it
>slid down a little and reach for her ass
>get into a comfortable position and start licking her pussy
>her going to town my dick hardly enables me to focus but i still try
>feel the sensation at the base of my dick
>im about to cum but cant move away as my face is buried
>clench her butt and stop
>surprise her with my jizz
>keep licking her till she cums too
>she goes to bathroom to clean up as lay down in the bed
>she comes back up and cuddles up to me
>we go to sleep naked, in each other's arms
File: 1469142679168.jpg (13KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 225x225px
So theres no more?
>I'm still hard as iron.
>She looks at me in dismay.
>Didn't you get done anon?
>What do you want to do?
>Break my dick off fucking you.
>She looks a little scared.
>I turn manly and pull her to me.
>I want you on your back, on a bed, with your legs spread wide apart, so I can ram my cock so deep I hit china.
>I lead her to a day bed
>Lay her down.
>Kiss her.
>Then plunge straight in.
>Warm, slippery, tightly clinging.
>Now she feels me hit bottom and she explodes.
Well you suck a 6'5 bigger named Tyrone's dick
Fuck thank you anon my dick is pleased
Pls anon moar
holy shit, my bad nigga.
Shoulda timestamped earlier .
Any actual noods?
Pls moar anon
> best friend's girlfriend
> get drunk with her
> end up at her mom's house even though we're in our 20s
> go down on her
> powerfuck her with whiskey dick in her mom's living room
> she starts crying
> 'i have a boyfriend'
> jerk off on her back
> still crying, but also laughing
> tells me best head she's ever had
> says she will break up with my best friend
> i tell her not to
> next day i thank him for telling me to fuck his girlfriend
This is obviously fake and bait and I do not bite.
there isn't anymore...yet
i plan to write it all down now that i have a bit of time on my hands and you guys seem genuinely interested
>be 16
>its new years and family is over
>friend and i are on the phone talking while just plying video games
>it late grown ups are drunk the kids bored
>cousin wants to sleep over
>shes 14
>but all the over rooms too cold she wants to be in mine
>i don't mind
>see me playing gta and she wants in
>she lays in bed with me shes cute i didnt mind
>we talk about her bf and sexual experiences
>get a little closer and talk about bras and boobs
>suddenly im in her shirt messing with her bra
>slowly take it off and touch her boobs as her if its weird she says no
>i continue she didnt seem to care
>i get a little lower start touching her pussy ask her again if she wants me to stop she says no
>i can shes into it because she starts grinding on my dick
>i pull of her shirt and suck on her tits things get heavier
>shes moaning and grinding im figuring her and still sucking her tits
>she cums pulls my hand and gos to sleep
>do it again in the morning and never spoke about it since
Nah they're all busy sucking my dick and taking my semen in their ass
Better hurry

>Be 19
>Have decent looking gf
>Go Strip CLub with homies
>Get Private Dance
>Hottest Black Chick Ever jerks me off
> I shove dick in her as she rides me
> I cum a shit ton and stain my own paints
> So drunk I wake up passed out in grass front of gf's lawn.
>She sees pants.
> she dumps me
>first night with current gf
>met on tinder
>get us a hotel room with the sole intention of hooking up
>take a bunch of drugs to enhance my sexual prowess
>opiates to make me last, cialis to let me keep goin all night
>tantric sex for about 12 hours, slept maybe an hour or two
> i came five or six times, new record
>cant get her off even once, but shes lovin it all the same
>we end up dating
>fast forward a few months
>can make her cum with my fingers, my tongue, or my cock, within minutes
>figured out how to make her squirt
> literally horny 24/7, she has a higher sex drive than i do, which i had previously thought to be impossible
>mfw i can make her cum as many times in a row as i want
>mfw i once made her cum 50 times in one day
>50 fucking times
>mfw every time she comes over my bed is completely soaked down to the mattress
>mfw shes into everything im into

Life is good my friends
All over a nigger, proud of yourself anon?
sounds like you deserve it
Well she was like the hottest girl i ever fucked and will probably fuck so yea ha
Not as good as step sister story
File: image.png (34KB, 830x662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 830x662px
>ooga booga

Pick one
Dubs work?
>ooga booga

Pick one
File: 1465801040271.jpg (149KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 600x600px
>be me
>be on golf team senior year of HS
>freshman girl on team, starts talking to me alot during practice
>one day asks me for a ride to the city I live in, which I thought was weird since she lived in the next city over (we both went to school at Edwards Air Force Base)
>after golf game tells me her dad is busy having dinner with coworkers and asks to come home with me for a couple hours
>ok whatever
>realize on the way home she tryna fuck
>get to my house and see parents are home
>drop her off at the restaurant her dad is at and go back home
>next day is last day before spring break and she doesn't come to school
>finish practice, see a text from her
>"anon i've had a crush on you for the longest time but i've been too afraid to tell you"
>tell her that i'm moving in a few months for college so it would be best not to start anything
>be about a month later, at a golf match and she is texting me saying how she wants some man meat
>"I can give you some"
>"ok ;)"
>tell her to let me know when
>"you tell me when"
>start to flirt with her over text, tell her to blow me
>be chilling in town adjacent to AF base and get text from her
>"wish I was with you right now"
>tell her its boring over here
>"it would be fun if I was there because i'd give you head"
>a couple days later, practice cancelled but dad isn't picking her up for a few hours
>tell her we're gonna go fuck around
>fuckboy friend tells me the skate park on base is a good place to screw around
>go there and start making out/groping all that
>tell her to give me succ
>sitting in car, pull pants down and whip dick out
>car starts pulling up
> turn engine on, drift car 180 degrees and peel off towards the opposite end of the park
> no exit, had to turn around and drive past the car to get out
>go to trail behind nearby dog park
>sucks me off
>first blowjob, it was amazing
>continue getting bjs till school ends/turn 18
>this was all about 2.5 months ago
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