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Tell a story about that time your mom caught you jerking off.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tell a story about that time your mom caught you jerking off.

My friends mom caught me sucking her sons dick
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Once is an accident. Twice smacks of carelessness.
Lol sauce?

I never got caught by mom my jacking off but I have bee caught.

Ever since I started jacking off, one of my favorite things was to go for walks late at night to parks and schoolyards. Then I would strip completely naked and walk around in the nude for a bit before finding somewhere to jack off.

Well one time I was lying on the bottom of a slide, completely naked, my cloths about 50 feet away from me on a swing.

I was extrememly horny and was stroking my cock furiously when all of a sudden I felt something around my feet.

I looked to see what it was and saw that it was a dog. I started to shoo it away when another movement caught my attention and I looked up and there was an older man standing about 20 feet away just looking right at me and he was rubbing his cock through his pants.

We just looked at each other for a bit and since he was clearly rubbing his cock, I started to do the same and we both jacked off while looking at each other.

This lasted about a minute before he came walking right up to me and reached down and grabbed my cock. I pulled my hand away and let him fondle me.
I reached up and started to rub his cock as well and he undid his pants for me and finally pulled out his penis. So we started jacking each other off

The more we played with each others dick the more I wanted to suck him off so I finally just sat up and took his dick in my mouth and gave him a blow job.

He never warned me when he was going to cum and ended up cumming in my mouth. And as soon as his orgasm subsided he quickly pulled up his pants and walked away leaving me lying there covered in cum and hornier than before.

I masturbated to one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Never saw the guy again.
never been caught jerking off by anyone, but my sister caught me watching porn and just laughed and told me it wasn't a big deal and i should've just showed her. also caught my stepbro having phone sex when we were sharing a room in college

The first time his mom caught us, we were swimming in his pool.

It was at night and was very dark so my friend started pulling down his bathing suit and dong handstands to flash me his dick.

I started doing the same to him and this lead to us compeltely removing our shorts and we started skinny dipping.

Once we were naked, we started swimming between each others legs and as we did it more and more we started playing with each others dick and then one time when I was about to swim through his legs I stopped and took cock into into my mouth and started sucking him.

I sucked him until I was out of breath, so as soon as I came up tor air my friend swam over to his deck and climbed out of the pool and told me to come with him.

We went into his shed and closed the door behind us so it was completely dark and I just dropped to my knees and took his dick into my mouth.

I was happy with just sucking his dick but he wanted to suck mine too so we started taking turns sucking each others weiner for about 2 minutes each. We repeated this over and over and I guess we lost track of time because we ended up being in the shed for over half an hour.

I was down on my knees blowing my friend when all of a sudden the shed doors opened up and his mother was standing there with a completly shocked look on her face.

We were both completley naked so she could clearly see my hard cock, but not only that he sons cock was still in my mouth so she clearly saw me sucking off her son as well, before I could react and pulled my mouth off of his dick.

She started appologizing to us right away and said that she didn't see us in the pool so she got a little worried and came out to check on us.

She never seemed mad about it at all though and kept on appologizing until she finally said we could go back to doing what we were doing and she closed the doors again and went back into the house.

My mom caught me jerking off, said sorry and went away. That night, she fucked the shit outta my dad...i even heard my dad say "what came over you tonight?"


Me and my friend were both to freaked out to continue sucking each other off though and it was extremely embarrassing for both of us, especially the next time I had to see my friends mother. It was very awkward but thankfully she never mentioned anything about what she had seen.

Then during the same summer we got caught again.

Me and my friend both loved sucking dick so we continued blowing each other even after getting caught.

Both of his parents worked so we especially liked having sleep overs when it would be a weekday the next day so that we could just stay in bed all day and suck each other off over and over again while his parents were at work.

Well it was a Sunday night and I was sleeping over my friends house again and as usual as soon as we went to bed we started fooling around and blowing each other.

We slept in his bed together compeltely naked so when I woke up in the morning I just reached over and stared playing with my friends penis.
He was still asleep so I slipped under the covers and took his dick into my mouth and stared blowing him and he started to wake up.

once he was awake he wanted to suck my dick too so he suggested we get into a 69 position. This sounded good to me so I climbed on top of him but instead of getting right into sucking each other off we got to wrestling a bit and tickling each other so we were laughing pretty loud.

This lasted a couple of minutes before we settled down and took each others dick into our mouths and we started blowing each other.

Suddenly the door to my friends bedroom opened up and his mother was standing there with the same shocked look on her face as when she had caught us in the shed.

Once again she started appologizing for bursting in on us but that she had heard us laughing so she came up to ask us if we wanted some breakfast.


When she finally closed the door and went back to what she was doing me and my friend looked at each other and wondered why she was home. And it then dawned on us that it was a holiday and both her parents were home from work.
Checked....also hot as fuck
How old were you guys?
>used to house sit for a girl and her family down the street occasionally
>made me my own key
>i used to spend hours over the when they were out of town, sniffing panties and jerking off
>realized one day "shit, they work and have school"
>start skipping school a lot and going over there during the day
>one day i'm in the middle of a session, in the daughters room, both mothers and daughters panties and bras spread out around me
>beating it like my name was michael jackson
>hear a gasp from behind me and a "WTF"
>mother stopped home for some reason
>now i know what a heart attack feels like
>i panic, apologize profusely, cover myself up
>she's looking up, shaking her head
>i start getting my clothes together, shaking
>as i'm putting my boxers on, she sits on the bed and asks me to sit down
She closed the door immediately and nothing happened
its from a movie called something Kevin.
we need to talk about kevin

About 14
Hurry up nigger i have to go back in to work soon
>at this point i'm crying. literally.
>i can't look at her
>she starts by telling me she has no idea what to do, or think
>i'm perverted
>i'm disgusting
>how could you, anon?
>i'm completely silent
>she stops talking and i ask if i can go
>she says not til we figure this out
>i say i'll never do it again, take the key, somethings wrong with me.
>i look up and make eye contact. pleading for this to be done
>suddenly, her tone changes
>puts her arm on my shoulder
>tells me she doesn't understand what i'm thinking, but for all she knows this is normal
>shes glad she only has daughters
>asks me if any of the panties are from her younger daughters
>no just yours and _____(shes my age)
>her hand starts moving on my shoulder
>she's talking about puberty and hormones and the idea of fetishes
>i still feel terrible
>she smiles
>Beating off in my room
>Laptop on chest, laying on bed
>Nothing much going on in the house
>Headphones on
>Bad time for headphones
>Mom opens door
>Looks at me, dick in hand, laptop on chest
>I don't notice her for about 30 seconds, according to her
>Eventually see her, freeze up
>She laughs at me
>"Anon, god dammit, I thought you were doing homework. Wash your hands, dinner is getting cold."
>Closes the door
>Three days later
>Given a bundle of porn DVDs and vaseline in a gift bag
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more pls
>i'm so confused
>she says she knows what it's like to be so horny you make fucked up decisions
>shes been divorced for years
>she doesn't want to use the word flattering, but she's feeling better about this
>asks if i think shes attractive
>i say yes
>she tells me i'm cute
>she wants to say something but doesn't want to make me uncomfortable
>i say that isn't possible
>she asks if i'd be open to finishing
>she'd like to watch if i don't mind
>my mind reels
>i'm like a fish on land
>she can tell
>says i'm of legal age, and if we both consent its nbd
>definitely a secret though
>i'm still sitting there like an idiot
>her hand makes it down to my chest
>i start getting hard again
>she's sitting there, staring me in the eye, smiling, waiting
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Keep going
hurry damnit
>says i have to hurry and make up my mind, she has to get back to work soon
>fuck it
>should be the time of my life, but i'm almost in shock
>i stand up and start to take off my boxers
>she leans back on the bed
>dick pops out, he ain't confused
>she asks for my hand, spits in it
>i start jerking again
>look retarded i'm sure
>she's touching herself here and there
>moving around restlessly on the bed
>starts giving me instructions
>slow, enjoy it, focus on the head
>hard! fast! look into my eyes!
>i'm starting to relax
>suddenly she gets up and leaves the room
>tells me to stay put and keep that dick hard, she'll be right back
>i'm standing there, stroking it slowly
u need to put more in each post damnit
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>be me, 12 or 13
>2am, in computer room
>computer room is between my room and moms
>her door is kinda squeaky so i knew I would hear her if she was coming
>jerking to some teacher porn
>about to bust
>door flies open
>i fly out of chair onto ground, putting my dick away, porn still playing
>press power off button and run to my room praying it was all a dream
>next day she gives me a talk
>"there's nothing wrong with it but keep it away from anything deviant"
moarrrrr you slut
>she comes back and sits back down
>sticks her hand down her own pants, starts rubbing herself
>sweet jesus
>i start feeling the cum bubbling, say so
>she tells me to wait, she isn't ready
>pulls a pair of underwear from her pocket
>hands it to me
>it's wet as a baby seal
>she tells me to sniff them
>as soon as it hits my nose i'm convulsing, trying to hold out
>we're both going hard, staring at each other
>i beg to cum
>she nods
>i take a deep whiff, shove the panties in my mouth and explode like mt st helens
>she starts twitching and cumming too
>my cum goes straight across the room, some over her head, some on her
>she moans
>i'm still hard
Moar pls
i cant take this seriously anymore XD
somebody's new here
>she smiles and tell me its the best lunch break she ever had, she needed this
>i'm standing there, not sure what will happen next
>round 2?
>she laughs and points to my dick, ''i cant believe youre still hard, anon. i wish i had more time"
>she asks me to come over
>sticks her two fingers near my face
>i open my mouth a little and she shoves them in
>still diamonds
>she takes her panties back
>tells me to clean my stuff up as she leaves the room
>comes back and helps me pick up all the panties, cleans up my cum off her daughters bed and wall
>i point out she has some on her pants and shirt
>oh i know
>she tells me again how nice this was, but reminds me to never tell
>tells me to keep the key
>gives me a kiss on the cheek
>sends me home
>i jerk off twice more

i ended up messing around with her a few times after that, i'll share another if you're all interested
do it
more you cuck
stfu.Diamonds are the hardest metal known to man. It's only natural that he would refer to his boner as diamonds
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You fucking reek of newfag
this guy too
>few weeks later, haven't gone back but haven't gone a day without thinking about it either
>saw her once but she pretty much completely ignored me
>nbd, family was around
>one day i'm sitting in my room when my mom knocks on the door
>says "anon, mrs ______ is on the phone. she says something is wrong with her computer, could you run over there?
>she owns her own business and has a lot of important documents on it, it's important
>my mom is genuinely concerned
>at the time i believed it too
>damn shes good
>i head on over
>she let's me in, all smiles, tells me to sit down. do i want anything to drink or eat?
>i say no thanks, lets see this computer
>shes laughing
>''anon, that was just to get you over here"
>"figured it wouldn't arouse suspicion"
>shes straight devious
>sits next to me and asks me if i've given any thought to what had happened a few weeks back
>uh duh
>play it as cool as i can
>certainly, how could i not?
>she asks if i had fun
>she says "good i've been thinking about it too. i had so much fun, made me feel like i was young again. slightly naughty too"
>she asks if i'd like to try that again
>fuck. yes.
>says her daughters are at their fathers, so no chance we'd be disturbed.
>i feel like all the blood is draining to my dick
>i'm much more comfortable this time
>she takes my hand and we head up the stairs
>be about 15
>Jerkin hard
>Mom opens door
>we both freak out
>she closes door
>we both awkwardly say sorry about it later

So close to bangin'

also that pic??? what the fuck that kid has mad confidence for a teenager caught mid jerk off.
Goddamn this story is amazing!
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My gfs mom caught us yesterday screwing around
he's an actor, it's from a movie
just type it all out in notepad and post it at one time mane

I know but what the fuck is the context autist.
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>Hardest Metal
do you even logic
>we go into her bedroom
>she sits me down on the bed
>she smiles and says she isn't ready for sex, just wants to fool around like before
>hey whatever
>i tell her it's fine, i don't want to do anything she doesn't want
>she tells me to lay down, she'll be back
>i love the smell of a woman's room
>my dick is straining against me pants
>she comes out of the bathroom
in a robe
>she tells me i can take my clothes off
>i slide everything off in .5 seconds
>she turns on some music, idk what. sexy shit
>she closes the curtains, turns on the lamp
>tells me not to touch myself, just lay there and watch
>she starts swaying to the music, rubbing her body, telling me how good she feels
>she unties the robe and lets it hang open
This made me laugh
>all these newfags
but kek
holy shit is this bait or are there really this many newfags
>We get upstairs we go to her room she closes the door and takes her shirt off
>Mfw she gets on the floor and dances the dinosaur
Mind finding a pic similar to her so we have a visual?
so many newfags in this bread
Never happened and from 12 to 16 or so I fapped once or twice a day on average.
For some reason my parents totally respected privacy and never once walked in my room unannounced. Sadly, neither did my sister, who was the reason I fapped so much.

I miss dinosaur stories.
Diamonds is referring to either his or her eyes, ecstasy, children.
My eight year old nephew and his friend walked in on me fapping today. I was mad at first, but now its kinda funny because of their reactions of seeing my little cock. My mom has never seen me fapping thlugh
i hope this is bait
File: Cover-tom2.jpg (38KB, 565x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the new Justice League. Flash origion story part.
cont please
File: 1466350296238.jpg (33KB, 319x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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30 seconds is a LONG time
Never been caught, which is lucky cause my aunt always comes in my room unannounced.
I fell asleep gripping it and she walked in and woke me up. Slapped me, cried and said I lost my innocence. Get my ass kicked outside, so pissed I start wanking like a cranky raccoon. Passes out again, my dad comes to check on me after he hears what happened, I'm crying. He wakes me up and tells me it's ok and laughed it off. Slept in his room that night. Christian home, I was 11.
She walked in on me in my room when I was 13. I tried to cover up but she said, "no, by all means finish I insist" kind of mean like and crossed her arms.
She just stood there.
So I stared at her while I finished up and came buckets.
She was mad that I didn't stop and that I watched her while I did it.
Shut the fuck up summerfag, Google some hentai or anime and tell me diamonds aren't a reference to eye's ecstasy. Take your shit outta here.
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I really hope that isn't true
She wanted to finish it for you obviously.
File: smash.png (1KB, 94x21px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Slept in his room that night.
File: 1469216949442.jpg (82KB, 473x716px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i'm catching glimpses of underneath
>blue bra and panties too match
>i have busted in them before, but i don't tell her that
>she says she had thought alot about how i had all those panties and bras around, at first it was weird, but now she's into it
>drops her robe
>never had much pre-cum before, but my stomach is like the river nile
>i'm wondering if you can come without touching yourself
>i rub my hand across my stomach and grab my dick
>don't want to touch it but honestly, cant help it
>she's turned around, swinging her ass back and forth, running her fingers through her hair
>i'm catching flies
>she unhooks her bra, turns around, and gives me a questioning look
>she takes it off, but keeps her hands over her tits
>throws the bra at me
>i cover the bottom half of my face with it, smelling and licking
>suddenly, i can't stop, i cum
>no control, it's everywhere, mostly bed and on me
>she laughs and says "i'd be worried, but i remember last time. keep it hard"
>yes ma'am
>still dancing, she takes her hands off her tits
Moar faggot
I wish. Many a load has been sacrificed in her name or into her panties I can tell you.
File: 1464748630019.jpg (88KB, 820x774px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I never get caught
File: 1 (94).jpg (106KB, 643x597px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 (94).jpg
106KB, 643x597px
from a halloween party a few years ago
File: 1468462033228.gif (522KB, 514x478px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck ANYONE who grew up in a house that didn't have a 'computer room'.
I honestly feel like we'll have this new brain dysfunction, like computer room PTSD, all the fucking stress from jerking off in a common area, and always having someone might be coming in, and there's no reason you could be naked, like you could in your room, claim you were changing or something, fuck that shit
Yep. seems quite fuckable. Ever get to that point with her?
File: 1464464023693.png (170KB, 316x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haven't been caught, but I once left our computer afterwards without exiting off the porn. Dad came home and saw what I was watching and that I had clicked like every link on the page. He just told me that sex is great, but it's really not like it is in porn usually. I was probably like 9.
I actually take a few minutes to jerk off sooo, it was kind of going to happen sometime.
But it wasn't too bad, she just said that I should have done it when she was out for work to avoid shit like this.
She's pretty thick. You better had smashed.
File: l7COB3V.gif (809KB, 250x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (24KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 13
>moms out of the house
>computer in the living room
>searching for fap material
>come upon "gaytoons.com"
>start fapping
>car pulls up
>don't hear door open
>asks me what im doing
>it was my buddy
>bringing his 360 over
>close window and pull up pants
>too late, the damage is done
>"uhh, aren't you supposed to knock?"
>"your mom told me to go on in"
>"oh ok"
>we play vidya
>never speak of it again
i really really really like this image.
>He just told me that sex is great, but it's really not like it is in porn usually
You have the coolest dad
Save it! It's all yours, my friend!
Thanks. I'm still surprised by his reaction to this day. If it had been my mom, though. No clue what she would have said.
>tits are nice, b cup
>tiny little nipples, just my type
>i'm back, baby
>trying to keep my hands off though
>she comes over to the bed and crawls up
>stops at my feet, still swaying
>i tell her i love her tits, but could she turn around?
>she turns around and waves her hips
>i can practically see through the bottom of her panties they're so wet
>can smell her too
>i start jerking again
>i ask her to take off her panties and give them too me
>"i've been waiting for you to ask"
>she puts her hand between her legs and presses her panties up against her pussy
>literally peels them off
>throws them to me
>goodbye bra
>panties are in the same position as the bra was, over my mouth and nose
>i'm licking and smelling
>the taste is...no words
>she is still turned around, her hands still between her legs
>i can hear her she's so wet
eventually, that's a different story
We want that aswell, after you finish this one obviously
>>696777777 #

>be in basement
>family computer room
>door is shut but not locked
>jerking it off to images from google search because im 12 and paranoid as fuck
>suddenly door opens
>my back is to the door
>lean forward so mystery person doesn't see my dick
>shut the browser
>wait to hear them panic or something
>its my mom
>talks to me normally
>"Why did you freak out when I entered?"
>reply i was just really surprised
>she laughs
>hold a couple minute conversation with my mom while desperately leaning forward on my dick
>gets whatever it is she wanted
>leaves and shuts the door
>hurriedly seal penis
>have to deal with family laughing about me being so easy to surprise for the next few weeks
>pretty sure I got away with it without her noticing because shes the kind of person who would have made a big deal about it
Yeah I can see why
My mom would always say shit like, 'What are you looking at, that's an awful lot of clicking!'.
Like, how the fuck do you watch porn clicking so fucking much? Unless your new-tabbing everyone on /gif/, you're not really clicking that much.
>jerkin it on laptop
>Laying on bed
>Sister knocks once and comes in
>hide laptop and dick under blanket
>No time to pull up gym shorts
>Small bed
>She decides to lay kind of like a plus sign
>Her waist is on my legs under blanket
>Sits there for 15 fucking minutes
>Doing random shit and talking
>Please leave
>Eventually leaves
>Don't finish
>i reach out and grab her butt
>she snaps up, says she isn't into it
>maybe someday
>i ask if i can just touch her pussy, real quick, i want to use her juice as lube
>she nods
>i ask her to back up a bit, so she's on all fours over me
>i want that shit as close to my face as she'll come
>she backs up, slowly
>the heat of a thousand suns radiating off that snatch
>i reach out and, real gently, give it a complete hand wipe
>she shudders
>i stroke my dick a few times with it, reach out again
>she doesn't stop me
>i keep rubbing, whole hand, over and over
>she starts moaning and gyrating
>i'm jerking off with my bad hand now
>this goes on
>suddenly she grabs my hand and presses it into herself, grinding into it, her legs slammed closed
>she cums
>she's twitching and moaning, finally relaxes and loosens up
>my hand is full of liquid, which is now dripping onto my chest
>never even thought a girl could cum like that
>i'm still jerking, but it's kind of pointless, i'm so focused on her
>And it then dawned on us that it was a holiday and both her parents were home from work.
File: 1469075015739.jpg (2MB, 3008x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3008x2000px
I like this story
You're doing the Lord's work, anon.
File: 758477485698.gif (185KB, 844x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185KB, 844x475px
t h i c c
Damn, nice Anon
File: 1 (93).jpg (45KB, 264x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 (93).jpg
45KB, 264x644px
another pic for you guys while i type this
pretty jealous of you, anon.
Underrated post

>be 11 or 12, sleep over frequently at my friend Micheal's house, he has a hot mom, but more importantly at the time two older sisters aged 14 and 16, and a dad with a whole section of the basement by the furnace stacked with Playboy, Penthouse and Oui (Canadian porn mag at the time)
>Would sleep over and set up our area in the basement, his parents either didn't care about us being around the spank mags or didn't think about it, but it was gold for me
>We would grab a handful of pornos each, rifle through them and share the best bits, getting hard cocks as we did so.
>Things escalated over time, we were never embarrassed about having hard ons, just would eventually strip, laugh about having hard cocks and do stupid things like hang a towel or robe off our cocks, seeing how much weight our dicks could support, that sort of thing.
>could have stayed innocent like this, but Georgina, his older sister discovered what we were up to one day
>she came down one night I was over, she couldn't sleep, wanted to watch some tv on the sly and discovered us nude with a pile of penthouse around us
will continue in a second
Stop advertising shit face
File: 124988_0.jpg (13KB, 240x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>get home from a night out, drunk as fuck
>pop in a burnt dvd with porn on it
>put tv on mute and start fapping
>fall asleep from still being too drunk
>wake up with mom standing in middle of room
>dick still in hand
>mom sees porn with this big fat black bitch
>(we europeans and white as fuck)
>mom walks out steaming
>continue fapping while being so fucking ashamed
Keep this alive lurkers
>Georgina said she had watched us from the stairs before coming down and suprising us, and I think she was more freaked out that we were acting like dweebs and not actually masturbating
>asked me and Micheal if we'd even tried to fap, I knew about it from older kids on the bus but I guess had never really done anything, Micheal hadn't either.
>His sister sat on the chesterfield and selected a bunch of magazines, and looked at them seriously and silently for a long time
>we were a bit nervous with her presence (I had a major crush on her and thought she was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen)
>Micheal and I went back to looking at the magazines, still hard with our cocks sticking out
>Georgina sighed, and told us "Ok, looks like I have to tell you what you're supposed to do." I was super excited, I felt like this was a big moment
>She made us both sit in front of her on the floor, up on our knees, cocks at attention and started giving direction.
>"Ok, spit in your hand and start rubbing up and down"
Never caught per se, but one day my parents sit me diwn to have a talk. For some reason I had forgot to delete comp history and my parents saw.


Parents asked what these are. Claimed ignorance, blamed it on ad popups because they dont knwo computers good. They believed me.

Evrything went better than expected.
We were around 15
>Spending night at friends house
>He's in the shower
>Fuck it and start using his computer
>About to bust
>His mom comes in to clean up
>successfully put away dick and close porn
>already too late
>start pumping cum into my underwear while she cleans behind me
>asking if i'm having fun
>No idea if she knows or is asking about sleepover
>Had to sleep with cum all over dick
Fucking hot. Moar
Both your moms sound like cunts.
Bump bump bump
>i want to ask to stick it in, but i'm taking it slow
>how does she feel about fingers?
>i run my hand over her legs and ass
>use my thumb to massage her butt hole real quick
>no complaints
>fuck it, here it goes
>i take both hands and tap the inside of her legs
>she spreads them wider
>i take my hands and stretch out her lips
>i can see paradise
>with one hand keeping her spread, i insert my index finger
>she's lays her top half down on me and the bed
>my dick is nestled kind of between her tits
>her head is between my feet
>i move my finger around a bit, rubbing her walls, sliding in and out
>bump up to 2 fingers
>same shit
>bump up to 3 fingers
>shes grinding
>use my thumb to massage her clit, pumping my fingers against her g spot
>she picks her head up a little, reaches underneath her chest and starts stroking me
>we're both silent
>only sound is her wetness and her breathing
>i'm going hard, really pounding that spot and rubbing hard on her clit
>she cries out
>clenches my dick
>she has it pointed downwards, towards her face, idk if that's on purpose
>she's cumming and i'm half a second behind
>as i'm watching her pussy contract and her juice run down my arm, for a second i almost black out
>both our hands slow down
>her whole body collapses on top of me
>i put my fingers in my mouth, suck em dry
>she rolls off and lays back next to me
>she grabs her panties off the bed and starts wiping me up
>telling me how great that was, but it's still a secret
>kind of the same speech as before
>we're laying there, her arm across my chest and her leg across my legs
>my dicks getting hard again
>suddenly i realize, shes sleeping
>i wake her up, hoping for a round 3.
>she laughs and tells me there's no rush, she's free every other weekend
>suggests i take a shower, doesn't want to send me home covered in/smelling like our cum
>shower real quick
>when i come out shes in her robe again
Learn how to green text fucking hell
>the chesterfield
Lold so hard. To me that is an incredibly antiquated term. Caught me so off guard
Hard as diamonds
Hard as trips.
File: 1469623358963.jpg (200KB, 850x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200KB, 850x1280px
Edging my seat
Never been caught jacking but dad found a couple open browsers and just told me to be more careful and that my mom would flip shit if she saw. She's deeply religious.
I thought this was hilarious, but did as she directed and watched as Micheal lubed up his hand and started rubbing his cock.
>Georgina had this appraising look on her face, and I remember her sitting back on the couch, totally at ease and completely in charge of the situation. She had her legs pulled up and askew, and she was sliding her finger tips up and down the insides of her legs. Had no idea she was stimulating herself too
>She'd pull up a magazine picture, make us look at it and describe what we liked while telling us to go faster, or slow down. She asked me if I wanted to touch Micheal's dick, but I didn't, but Micheal said he'd touch mine
>He spit in his other hand and started pulling on my dick at the same rhythm as he did his own
> I remember Georgina pushing one leg out towards me and telling me to stay where I was but to rub her foot while Micheal wanked my cock, and I was sooooo fucking excited to be able to actually touch her that within seconds of rubbing the arch of her foot I spewed cum all over Micheal's hand and my thighs
>Micheal and Georgina both thought this was the most hilarious thing and started laughing so much I thought they'd wake everyone else up and I actually got embarrassed
>Georgina assured me it was supposed to happen and then we encouraged Micheal to cum next. She put her bare feet out directly in front of Micheal's cock, maybe an inch away and held them there and he fapped like there was no tomorrow, before groaning and spraying a rope of cum over her toes and onto the top of her foot
>I remember thinking everything had changed that night, but also being so crazy excited that we had something else to do now beside hang towels off our dicks
>I remember thinking everything had changed that night, but also being so crazy excited that we had something else to do now beside hang towels off our dicks

11/10 story writing
Caught by dad a number of times, but theyve never caught me. Amatuers.
File: 8733485.jpg (28KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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moar plz
Did you ever do any more with her
cheers brother. the kind words are much appreciated
File: 1 (91).jpg (61KB, 284x438px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 (91).jpg
61KB, 284x438px
>she walks me to the door
>tells me again how great it was, but no one can ever know
>grabs my hand, and puts that pair of panties into it
>"don't you dare let anyone find this"
>tells me to plan on coming back in 2 weekends, she has a feeling her computer will be busted again
>kisses me on the cheek and i'm outside
>get home, mom asks how it went
>took a while
>might have to go back sometime

that was the second time. it took two more visits before we had sex. i'll type it out if anyone wants. i know my story has been going on for a while now. here's another pic of her for you guys
Yes, I want it, moar you glorious bastard
You sir deserve a nobel peace prize.
Tell the sex story
File: asianspidey.jpg (44KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 500x375px
how 'bout yeah
will bump with spiderman while you type
File: nirvana.jpg (30KB, 480x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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god yes
I want every god damn outing you've had with this woman holy fuck
File: e7c.png (188KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am so sorry to say that no, nothing much ever came of it beyond this. They had an outdoor pool and there would be fun, kind of daring times where we'd pull off our swim trunks, but if Georgina was in the pool she'd maybe occasionally remove her bikini top for a minute or two but never longer. Things in the basement never escalated with her unfortunately. This is actually a true story, so as much as I'd LOVE to turn it into some belabored green text thing, it stayed pretty innocent overall. There were lots of times Micheal and I got nude and goofed like kids, but not much like this happened again.
how awesome were your parents.
Which one, it's happened a few times
First time, and then next time
File: 1421045873483.jpg (33KB, 300x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The one where she walked in, hesitantly and slowly closed the door behind you, and having noticed she caught your attention, reached her arms over your shoulders from behind, and softly whispered comforts into your ear as she took over for you, gently at first, gradually burrowing her face into your neck and gyrating at the same rate as you, closer and closer to orgasm, until the moment when your lower back clenched back and she moved her face from your neck to put her cheek on yours, both of your breath wildly out of control, until this wordless encounted turned into a deep minute-long gaze and her stammering out something about dinner being ready soon. But that didn't matter. What mattered was her eyes telling you that what just happened is but a prelude to that night.
He is a psycho and hates his mother so he did it on purpose.
The movie is We Need to Talk About Kevin
>went over the next time her daughters were away
>kind of the same thing as before
>only major difference was she turned herself around the second time i came and stared me in the face
>think she could see my soul
>as we lay there, i asked if we could take it further
>she said she'd think about it and sent me home
>fast forward another two weeks
>get to her house and find her sipping wine
>she offers me a glass, sure why not
>i can tell something is on her mind
>she tells me she wants to take it all the way, she thinks about it all the time, but something in her feels strange about it and she still isn't comfortable
>i tell her that's fine, no rush, i enjoy what we do and just want her to have fun
>finish our glasses
>as she finishes rinsing them in the sink, i start to get up
>she comes over and straddles me
>puts her arms around my neck and stares me straight in the eye
>says the real problem is she's worried if we have sex i'll be disappointed
>she hasn't had sex in years and, yeah she knows she's being ridiculous, but she's feeling self conscious about it
>doesn't want to ruin what we've got going
>i cradled her head in my hands, and kissed her full on the mouth
>first time
>at first, i'm doing all the work and the thought flashes through my head "did i just fuck this up"
>then her lips start moving and i feel her tongue crawling around in my mouth
>we sit there for god knows how long, just kissing
>eventually i grab her body, hold her close and stand up
>she's throws her legs around me
>we're looking at each other, faces inches apart
>she smiles and says "i'm ready. lets do this"
>i hear heavens trumpets
The one where she walked in, you shamefully averted your eyes, and her face became as blood. You began to scream, though your mouth was shut, as did she, but not out of fear as you were. The room became as flame, and the sun descended from its beautiful perch in Heaven and was extinguished in the Great Black Sea. You came into a tissue, and she left awkwardly.
Toppest kek
>not saying zozzle
>i hear heavens trumpets

You fool! You've caused the End Times with your cock!
Still kek.

Bite me!
File: 1469672168060.png (2MB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 750x1334px
Im fucking dead
>i hear heavens trumpets

I hear the constant pecking of Satan's vultures.
File: 12.jpg (75KB, 431x637px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 431x637px
sorry had to step away for a sec. here another halloween pic while i type
File: ~.gif (957KB, 350x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is that tilda swinton?
>carry her up the stairs
>mans man
>shes kissing and sucking on my neck
>go to the bedroom and lay her on the bed
>i take off my shirt, kiss her
>take off her shirt, kiss her
>take off my pants, kiss her
>take off her pants, kiss her
>as i mentioned before, i have a thing for lingerie, so i took a second to appreciate the view in front of me
>tell her to start touching herself
>i'm rubbing my dick through my boxers
>i reach in and, while i'm kissing her, i unhook her bra
>slide my hands down and pull off her panties
>push her legs aside
>she's freshly shaved with a slight glisten between the lips
>i make eye contact from down there and give her a big smile
>she smiles back, but i can tell shes still kind of nervous
>seems like i've been waiting for this my whole life
PLZ more
tilda ~
File: ITS KEK.jpg (700KB, 1257x2256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
700KB, 1257x2256px
Summer fag
I lift , i would have trouble carrying her up any stairs, you were a young kid, defying gravity in your story ,i have to reduct a point for that.
Fuck off kek fell into the hands of normies zozzle is where its at
File: 5% mad.gif (111KB, 160x157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5% mad.gif
111KB, 160x157px
You are a summer fag , it has never been zozzle , some niggers faggots and cucks said it sometimes.

Look at the fucking quads , its kek and if you would be around more here you would know that.
I know how you feel anon. Oh how I know.
Topkek is a Turkish snack, kozzle zek
I bet you fags dont even know the actual origin of kek
Hint: its from WoW
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